Arson Attack on Mosque at Borupane Road in Ratmalana Ends in Failure Causing Minimal Damage.

A clandestine attempt to set fire to A Mosque in the night at Ratmalama failed due to the vigilance of the Mosque trustee’s wife who alerted her family and neighbours who jointy together doused the fire before it could spread out or gain intensity.

The Thalayan Bawa Jumma Masjid on Borupane road in Ratmalana was the latest target in the sporadic wave of anti-Muslim attacks continuing to trouble the country.

It is learnt that a group of unknown persons had gone to the Mosque on Borupane road after midnight around 1. 30 am.They had propped up some old clothese at the entrance and then set fire after pouring some fuel on the door.

The fire had started blazing when the wife of the Mosque trustee caught sight of the flames and alerted her family. An alarm was raised and the gang attempting to set fire ran away. Several families in the neighbourhood gathered at the spot and together in a joint effort fought the flames and doused the fire.

Fortunately the fire was put out before it could spread or gather intensity. Hence the damage caused has been very minimal.

The Police was informed and routine inquiries have commenced.