Police Arrest Five Persons Who Questioned “No Limit” Apparel Store Chain Management Why They Were Not Closed on Muslim Hartal Day!


Ifham Nizam


The government yesterday announced tough measures to deal with attempts at provoking violence by individuals or organisations.

Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana, addressing the media in Colombo, yesterday, said the police would not, however, interfere with the people’s right to conduct religious ceremonies.

In this regard, the SSP said that laws and policies would be adopted from countries like Singapore and Japan, if necessary. He urged the Muslims not to get involved in rallies that were planned with an ulterior motive to discredit the country.

Meanwhile, the SSP said the police would submit a report on the cause of the fire at NoLimit clothing store, in Panadura. He said samples obtained from the gutted shop had been already sent to the Moratuwa University as well as relevant state institutions, to find out the real cause of fire.

The Police Spokesman said all 27 CCTV cameras in the shop had been destroyed by the fire, but the police would do their utmost to retrieve everything possible from what remained of the clothing store. He said that the police would also try to find out whether something had been thrown to cause the fire.

Four employees living on the second floor of the shop had said a fire erupted from the ceiling and there had been no outsiders, the SSP said. The two security guards also had no idea as to how the fire had started, the SSP said.

The Police Spokesman said a group had asked all Muslim shops to be closed on Thursday but NoLimit in Wellawatte and Dehiwela had remained open. Six persons, four in a three wheeler and two on a motorbicycle had met the managers at the two shops and demanded to know why they remained open while other shops were closed.

Five of the six persons had been arrested and police were in the process of identifying the sixth, SSP Rohana said. Investigations had revealed that the sixth had links with a Provincial Councilor in Maligawatte, he added.

Courtesy:The Island

Courtesy:The Island