Mosque and Prayer Room Attacked in Jaffna After Tamils and Muslims Unitedly Demonstrated Against Anti-Muslim Violence in Aluthgama.

While anti-Muslim attacks continue to occur in the Southern provinces of Sri Lanka two anti-Muslim attacks were reported in the Northern town of Jaffna in a fresh turn of events.

Demonstration in Jaffna-pic: TamilWin

Demonstration in Jaffna-pic: TamilWin

The prayer room used by Muslims for worship at the University of Jaffna in Thirunelvely was vandalised during night by unknown persons who poured waste engine oiland defiled the premises.

In a separate development a gang of helmeted hoodlums riding on motor cycles thre stones on a Mosque in Jaffna after nighfall and damaged several windows.

The Kamal Mosque situated in the “Muslim Vattaaram”(Muslim ward)of Jaffna near the Jaffna-Manipay road was the Islamic place of worship that came under attack. No one was injured.

A large crowd of Muslims gathered at the premises immediately.Police and Military personnel also arrived on the scene.

Both attacks occurred in the wake of a joint protest demonstration held by Tamils and Muslims in Jaffna condemning the attacks on Muslims in Aluthgama and Beruwela.

Political observers opine that the anti-Muslim attacks in Jaffna were perpetrated by sinister elements unhappy over the ethnic unity displayed by Tamils and Muslims of Jaffna in jointly condemning the Aluthgama anti-Muslim violence.

Contrary to the expectations of those who launched the attacks relations between Tamils and Muslims have not been strained as most Muslims are aware of the “forces” behind the attacks.