Police Obtain Court Order to Prevent Anti-Muslim Rally Being Held at Mawanella by a Proxy Organization of Bodhu Bala Sena



Bodu Bala Sena, or Buddhist Strength Force- pic via BBC

Bodu Bala Sena, or Buddhist Strength Force- pic via BBC-(file pic)

Attempts by the Ethno Religious Fascist Bodhu Bala Sena to instigate Anti-Muslim violence by holding a rally through a proxy organization in the town of Mawanella seems to have gone awry due to preventive action taken by the Police.

The Bodhu Bala Sena(BBS) that had brought about violence directed against Muslims of Aluthgama and Beruwela by staging a rally cum demonstration on Sunday June 15th continued on its destructive path despite the universal condemnation of the BBS instigated anti-Muslim violence.

The BBS acting through a proxy outfit called the “Maithree Sahana Padanama” made plans to hold a rally on Tuesday June 17th at Mawanella a town with a large Muslim population situated in the Kegalle district of Sabaragamuwa province. Inflammatory leaflets critical of Muslims in Sri Lanka were widely distributed in Mawanella and surrounding areas.The chief organizer of the Mawanella event was reportedly a person who went by the name Manchanayake.

Given the havoc and destruction brought about by the Bodhu Bala Sena in Aluthgama the Muslims of Mawanella in particular and all right thinking Sri Lankans in general were extremely perturbed by the rally to be held in Mawanella. Terrible violence was anticipated.

Representations were made to the Police by several peoples organizations that much violence was anticipated if an anti-Muslim rally was held in Mawanella.

In a commendable move Senior Superintendent of Police(SSP)Piyal Dissanayake went before the Mawanella Magistrate’s court seeking an order to disallow the rally being held in Mawanella. SSP Dissanayake stated to courts that a major breach of peace and violence would occur if the rally was held in Mawanella.

It was stated that a tense situation was prevailing in the country in the aftermath of the anti-muslim violence at Aluthgama. It was also pointed out there has been Sinhala – muslim ethnic violence in Mawanella on earlier occasions.

The courts accepted the Police plea and Mawanella magistrate Chandrani Bandara issued an order forbidding the rally. It has also been decreed that the Police could open fire and disperse mobs if the organizers defied the court order and went ahead with moves to stage the rally.

Following the court order, the organizers of the rally have announced that they were cancelling the rally scheduled to commence at 4 pm on 17th.

However in a fresh development an organization calling itself “Mahasen 969″has distributed leaflets saying it will conduct a “Satyaraha”in Mawanella condeming an alleged attack on Buddhist monks in Aluthgama.

A heavy police presence is visible in and around Mawanella.

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