Why Music Composer Yuvan Shankar Rajah Converted From Hinduism to Islam Seeking Solace, Inner Peace and Happiness

Popular music composer Illayaraj’s younger son and a famous composer himself Yuvan Shankar Raja Monday confirmed that he has converted to Islam, adding that he is proud of the decision which got his family’s support.


Though the rumour was going around for quite some time, Yuvan, confirmed this in a tweet.

“Yes, I follow Islam and I’m proud about it. Alhamdhulillah,” Yuvan Shankar Raja posted on Twitter.

There were rumours that Yuvan, who was married twice, was now going to marry a Muslim woman.

However, he has denied the rumours.

“I’m not married for the third time. The news is false, and yes, I follow Islam and I’m proud of it,” India Today quoted him as saying.

Yuvan also tweeted: “My family supports my decision and there is no misunderstanding between me and my dad”.

Yuvan, 34, has composed music for 100 films till date.

His 100th was a Tamil movie, Biriyani.

Sources close to Yuvan say he first informed his father about his decision to change his religion.
“Initially, Ilayaraja was shocked but later he reconciled,” says a source close to Yuvan.

tweet by Yuvan Shankar Raja-However he is no longer on twiiter with the handle @Raja_Yuvan

tweet by Yuvan Shankar Raja-However he is no longer on twiiter with the handle @Raja_Yuvan

Yuvan got married to his longtime friend Sujaya in 2005. But they got divorced in 2007.

In 2011, he married Shilpa. But the second marriage also went through turbulence.

Sources in the industry say his second wife has gone to London and is living there with her parents.

A source close to him has revealed that Raja has reverted to Islam almost a year ago following the death of his mother.

“Yuvan was very attached to his mother and soon after she passed away, he started missing her a lot,” the source told Times of India.

“He also met a spiritual guru, but we cannot say what exactly made him follow Islam,” he added, maintaining that he was not inspired by fellow composer AR Rahman who had reverted to Islam.

Yuvan Shankar Raja talked about his decision in an interview to a journal:

“It’s not a sudden decision. I have been reading books and acquiring knowledge about Islam for nearly two years. Then I started reading Quran, which slowly gave answers to all my dreams, doubts and misgivings about life. I feel that it was Islam that chose me, but no one influenced me to convert to Islam (…) It was a shock for my dad, as is a Hindu spiritualist, but later he reconciled and accepted it. At the same time, I just want to put all rumours to rest that I have not married for the third time.”

It was Islam that chose me:

Speaking to a daily newspaper Yuvan said ” No one insisted/recommended me to Islam, in fact I didn’t choose Islam it was Islam that chose me”. Yuvan said “Intitally I got some random dreams very often and I didn’t had any clue on it, later I found out that I’m experiencing spirituality. When I started reading Holy Quran I got answers for those dreams which I was experiencing, so I will say that it was Islam that chose me”

Yuvan also said that initially his father Ilaiyaraaja was shocked later he understood my decision and at the end of the day he wants me to be happy. Even Karthik Raja and Bhavatharini have understood my decision and we are good as a family.

Yuvan said “No I haven’t married anyone for third time and the news on me marrying a Muslim girl was a rumor in fact it was all started when I attended my friend Kreshna’s marriage and we took some pictures with my friend and his wife, later someone posted the picture”. Yuvan said ” the lady in the picture is my friend’s wife”

Will Yuvan change his name to a Islam based name?Regarding this question Yuvan said he would let his decision be known soon…

Background to Yuvan Shankar Rajah’s Decision to Embrace Islam

Success, fame, money or relationships and not even one’s profession do not give peace of mind for any person in the world. It is acquired by different persons at different places. It is not necessary that it should be same for everyone. All it wants is a place where the person is at peace and can re-live his inner thoughts.

Searching for peace of mind comes at different ages for different persons. More importantly the person would seek for it. The situation that leads to get that depends on one’s own wish or it may be depend on the circumstances that there is nothing in the world that he or she has to achieve any further.

Our own super star Rajinikanth seeks solace and peace going to Himalayas and spends time with his Baba. And when he is at home he gets it from Guru Raghavendra. That does not mean peace and solace are available only at those places. It is available everywhere. If the person thinks it is available at home, it is available there.

Same way our own Mozart of Madras AR Rahman was seeking solace and peace due to the untimely demise of his father, when AR Rahman was at a young age. He found that in Islam and Allah and now he is bestowed with everything he wanted. However high AR Rahman flies, his feet is firmly grounded, and never forgets to thank his Almighty who gave him everything he sought or not sought.

In this connotation we believe that our own music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja is seeking solace and peace in Islam religion. Kollywood insiders who do not want to be named say that of late Yuvan is more comfortable and at peace in Islam.

Yuvan the youngest son of Maestro Ilayaraja was found to be drawn towards music at a nascent age itself. He observed the melody, rhythm and ragas his father has created very intensively. Slowly and steadily he started his own creations in music world. Surprisingly he has developed knowledge of western style music too. Whether western based or ‘gramiya’ isai or folk songs, he has produced wonderful tunes making his father very proud.

Like every youth in their teens, Yuvan too was drawn to ‘love’. His father was happy that his son is interested in married life, and gave his consent to marry the girl of his choice without any hesi