Sri Lankan Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva Drinks His Own Urine Daily Like Ex-Indian PM Morarji Desai




The secret behind the good health of Minister of Public Relations and Public Affairs Mervyn Silva is due to his emulating former Indian Prime minister Morarji Desai who lived up tp a hundred years

It is now known that the controversial politician elected as MP from Gampaha district drinks his own urine every day just as Morarji Desai did.

When Morarji Desai went public with this revelation it created much mirth on a global scale. The Indian leader however steadfastly defended his unusual taste of liquid by stating it was an ancient Indian practice that bestowed good health. He spoke highly of the medinal benefits of drinking one’s own urine.

Now Sri Lanka’s Mervyn Silva too has revealed to a Colombo newspaper that he has a daily drink of his own urine. But apparently he does not sip or gulp it down neat.Nopes he needs a chaser for this potent brew. So Mervyn diluted his urine with plain water.

He says that he maintains good health due to this daily drink.

Mervyn however does not say anything about whether his erratic conduct is a side effect of this unusual drink. We do not know whether he had consumed his own urine before tying up a Samurdhi official to a tree or dragging a Rupavahini Journalist by his collar or squeezing the private parts of former Jathika Hela Urumaya MP Ven. Akmeemana Dayaratne Thero in Parliament.

Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva & Ex-Indian PM Morarji Desai

Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva & Ex-Indian PM Morarji Desai

After Morarji’s disclosure about drinking urine he became the butt of many jokes.

One went something like this –

Does Morarji Desai take Liquor ?

No! He is a Gandhian.

Then why does he look drunk all the time?

Oh! That’s because he did take liquor once in his life and has been recycling it ever since then.

Morarji Desai was also asked questions about his preferred beverage by impish journalists at times

Morarji was Prime minister of India from 1977 to 1979. I remember the press conference in Colombo when Desai was the chief guest at Independence day celebrations in February 1979.JR Jayewardene was the president then.

The irrepressible ABC de Silva who later became chairman of state printing corporation under President Chandrika Kumaratunga was a reporter attached to the SLFP newspaper ”Dinakara” then.

ABC as he was known asked Morarji about the medicinal properties of drinking one’s own urine. An unflappable Morarji Desai answered with full seriousness. Most journalists had a trying time to keep a straight face. The minister in attendance was Lalith Athulathmudali who was not amused and glared at the questioner. But ABC was unperturbed.

Now one wonders whether Mervyn too would be asked questions in similar vein and whether he would be the target of urinary jokes.

There is however a difference. Morarji was an old school politician inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. Mervyn Silva with his pretensions to Dutu Gemunu ancestry is………….well, Dutu Mervyn!

One thing however is possible.

After Desai’s disclosure ,the chattering classes in India began referring to Urine as “Morarji Cola”.

I suppose in Sri Lanka it could be “Mervyn Cola”.

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