Six Former Ambassadors Under One Roof to Discuss Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy Issues

Six distinguished former Ambassadors will be converging under one roof on Wednesday March 20th to discuss various issues concerning Sri Lanka’s forign Policy. The event will held at 6 pm at the CPA auditorium in Colombo is the fifth in the series of discussions organized by the Liberal Party on Ideas for Constitutional Reform. The event programme is as follows –

Presentations by two former Ambassadors/Permanent Representatives to the UN in Geneva on how foreign policy should be developed and what it should prioritize:

• Dayan Jayatilleka (PRUN Geneva 2007-2009)

• Tamara Kunanayagam (PRUN Geneva 2011-2012)

Critiques by four former ambassadors

• Karu Jayasuriya
• Javid Yusuf
• H M G S Palihakkara
• John Gooneratne

Wednesday March 20th at 6 pm at the OPA Auditorium

All are welcome