Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva Warns”Any one Attempting to Stir Religious Hatred will not Escape Me”

Minister Mervyn Silva

If anyone is attempting to stir religious hatred and out to destroy unity and peace, its is a warning to desist from doing so otherwise it would not be possible to escape him’ says the Minister for Public relations, Mr. Mervyn Silva. The minister was speaking at a ceremony at the Sri Wardanarama Temple in Katana.

He said that monks should act and speak in the manner of normal laymen adding that they should be more exemplary conduct.

He said that hitherto he ha been silent in the ongoing discussions pertaining to the Halal certification issue.

In the past, in the gaining of independence for the country, the monks have played a great role and they should render their services to the problems arising in the country in a decent manner based on the Dhamma.

When tackling any national issue the Buddhist clergy should work together under the advise and directions of the Malwathu and Asgiri Chapters, he stressed, and said that it was an insult to Buddhism when they are segregated as group and begin different discourses, which is an insult to the Dhamma.

When the Muslims came to Sri Lanka the Halal issue was not there, and for a long time both the Sinhala and Muslim communities lived in amity and unity, and religious and communal divisions should be allow rear its head once again, the Minister said.

Muslims brothers should carry out their practices and customs as before.

Beliefs and practices should not be imposed on others and create unnecessary racial tension, the minister said.