Sri Lanka Muslim Media Forum Wants “Vishwaroopam” Movie Banned After Watching it in Special Screening

By Sulochana Ramaih Mohan

Sri Lanka Muslim Media Forum (SLMMF), which was entrusted with the task of giving a final report on whether South Indian actor Kamal Hassan’s film Vishwaroopam is suitable for screening in Sri Lanka, said the movie should be banned because it depicts Muslims as ‘barbarians,’ the ‘most hated,’ ‘notorious people’ and basically filmed to ‘please’ the West.

Minister of Mass Media and Information, Keheliya Rambukwella told Ceylon Today, “If the SLMMF comes up with the recommendation to ban the movie, then Vishwaroopam will definitely be banned in Sri Lanka.”

Treasurer of the Forum, H.M. Faiz said, the SLMMF undertook the assignment from Senior Minister A.H.M. Fowzie and they gathered 25 persons; senior Muslim writers, movie directors, veteran film reviewers, and the clergy to watch the movie before writing the final report.

He said the Muslim sentiments are mocked at in the movie and in fact, the whole movie is not suitable for release, but be banned or censored.

He added if censored, only the first 20 minutes of the movie is worth watching and thereafter the whole reel is full of controversial issues and ‘one sided.’

He said 90% of the characters in the movie are Muslims with Muslim names and dressed in Islamic attire, and added, “Even if it is based on Al Qaeda, Kamal Hassan has not portrayed even a little bit of about the atrocities the US troops committed on the Muslims.”

He also said, “One good Muslim, that is the hero Kamal Hassan, against all ‘villainous’ Muslims is unjustifiable,” and “no sane human being will appreciate someone mocking at another religion.” He added, “In the movie, the Muslim prayer is recited before going to war and how can anyone watch it? We don’t know what the government would decide, but our conclusion is that Vishwaroopam is not suitable to be viewed as the country is already in a tensed situation with regard to religious and communal issues.”

Meanwhile, the Hindustan Times reported that Kamal Hassan had been asked by the Tamil Nadu State Government officials to edit his film Vishwaroopam by about an hour, if he wanted it to hit screens in Tamil Nadu.

However, the controversial film was finally released yesterday in the State of Karnataka in 40 theatres, after the State police gave an assurance to provide adequate security for the multi-lingual film. Acceding to the request of a delegation of Muslim leaders, who met City Police Commissioner Jyothiprakash Mirji of Karnataka, they had appealed that a line stating ‘All Muslims are not terrorists’ be inserted in the film and that has been inserted. COURTESY:CEYLON TODAY