Mawbima Janatha Party Leader and Presidential aspirant Dility Jayaweera Addresses Party’s Colombo District Summit and Unveils Plan for a “New Era of Transformation and Prosperity”

The Mawbima Janatha Party (MJP) and its presidential hopeful Dilith Jayaweera on Saturday at the Colombo District Summit, revealed plans to soon launch an ambitious action plan aimed at transforming Sri Lanka›s socio-economic fabric.

This announcement came during a significant gathering at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo, which saw an impressive turnout of nearly 10,000 people, including party supporters, senior politicians, professionals, and prominent businessmen, showcasing the event›s massive success and the broad base of support for the MJP.

Jayaweera, a distinguished businessman from Colombo with aspirations of running for the presidency, has been an outspoken advocate for a more developed Sri Lanka, a vision he has harboured since his university days.

The summit also featured speeches by notable figures such as former ministers Dr. Sarath Amunugama, Hemakumara Nanayakkara, and MJP Secretary Ranjan Seneviratne, who together underscored the party›s dedication to spearheading the long-overdue transformation of the nation. Criticising the persistent lack of political vision that has characterised Sri Lanka for over seven decades, Jayaweera is adamant about ushering in a new era of politics; one that is marked by significant, visible, and tangible changes. He envisions a collaborative effort that combines the dynamism of the youth with the expertise of seasoned politicians to catalyse a profound impact on the country.

Central to Jayaweera›s political agenda is fostering an entrepreneurial ethos throughout Sri Lanka, with an aim to transform grassroots creative entrepreneurs into some of the nation›s most successful figures. This initiative represents a shift from conventional political campaigns towards a more action-oriented and detailed plan that promises to meaningfully improve the lives of Sri Lankans.

Through dialogue with scholars and continuous discussions, Jayaweera is committed to formulating a policy framework that not only meets the immediate needs of the people but also sets the stage for sustainable growth and development.

The MJP›s forthcoming action plan is envisioned as more than just an election manifesto; it is a comprehensive blueprint for a thriving and prosperous future, enthusiastically endorsed by its supporters. Jayaweera›s message is unequivocal: the moment for transformative change in Sri Lanka is upon us, heralding a collective journey towards progress and prosperity, starting with the Colombo District Summit.

Courtesy:Daily FT