10 Member Executive Committee Elected for Akhila Ilankai Tamil Mahasabha at Party’s 10th National Convention. Dr. K.Vigneswaran Elected Leader and Prof.Selvarajah as Chairman

(Text of Media Release Issued by the Akhila Ilankai Tamil Mahasabha on 30 January 2024.)

The Akhila Ilankai Tamil Mahasabha, being a recognized Political Party since 20}6, held its 10th National Annual Convention on 28th January 2024 at the Sarvodaya Auditorium situated on Nilaveli Road, Uppuveli, Trincomalee.

After repealing and replacing its Constitution, the Party elected the 10 key positions to the Executive Committee as follows:
1. Leader: Dr. Kasilingam Vigneswaran
2. Chairman: Prof. (Emeritus) Manahappody Selvarajah.
3. Vice Chairrnan-L: Prof, (Emeritus) Subramaniam Mohanadas.
4. Vice Chairman-2: Mrs” Sugandini Naguleswaran.
5. Secretary: Mr. Sebastian Arokeyanayakam.
6. Tleasurer: Ms. Xavier Catherine
7. National Organiser: Mr. Thevaretnam David Nitharshan .
8. Deputy Secretary: Mrs. Dorin Priyadarshini Aravinthan.
9. Deputy Tbeasurer: Dr” Maximin Francis .
1 0. Deputy National Organiser: Mr. Paramanathan Achchutharaj ah.

The initial Executive Cornmittee consisting of the ten offtce -bearers will, at its very first meeting select the subject-wise Consultants and Coordinators and the District Organisers, all of whom shal{ be part of the final Executive Committee.

Dr.K. Vigneswaran