If No One Comes Forward to Contest the Next Presidential Election, the Incumbent President Can Continue in Office and Bring about Economic Stability says UNP Chairman Vajira Abeywardana MP

By Yohan Perera

No one should contest the next presidential election for the sake of the nation, UNP Chairman and Member of Parliament Vajira Abeywardana said yesterday.

“It is better if no one comes forward to contest the Presidential election next year as it would help the nation to stabilize,” MP Abeywardana told a media briefing.

“The incumbent President can continue in office in such a scenario and see that the country moves forward. Also anyone who is contesting can submit an economic programme to the budget office which is instituted in the parliamentary complex. Budget office can go through the proposals and then state whether any proposal is realistic or not. No candidate can present to people any programme at any election when such a programme is rejected by the budget office. Besides it is also clear that there is no alternative in a situation where it is officially declared that Sri Lanka is bankrupt. In such a situation one could wonder whether it is wise to spend funds for a presidential election,” the MP said.

The MP also said the UNP will adopt a whole new constitution In line with the amendments that are to be made to the country’s constitution at the convention. “ At present if a candidate of the party is elected President he or she must be appointed as the party leader. However our party leader intends to give responsibilities to the younger generation. Therefore the party constitution will be changed at the convention on Saturday October 21 2023,” he said.

Courtesy:Daily Mirror