Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa calls for an International Investigation into the on Easter Sunday bombings of 19 April 2019; Says it is embarrassing that a foreign TV like channel 4 has to push for a probe to reveal who the masterminds were.

In the wake of the UK’s Channel 4 documentary uncovering details about the Easter Sunday attack of 2019, Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa, during a Parliamentary session yesterday, called for an International inquiry into the incident.

The Opposition leader urged the Government to permit such an investigation without causing any additional offence to the Archbishop of Colombo and the Catholic community in Sri Lanka.

Premadasa said while he contested as a candidate in the Presidential election in 2019, the Archbishop of Colombo called on the people to vote in favour of Gotabaya Rajapaksa instead at the time.

“I comprehend that this decision stemmed from the profound anguish experienced by the Cardinal and the Catholic community during that period. It was a time marked by grave apprehensions regarding national security. The call to support him was made with the expectation that he would ensure the nation’s safety,” he said.

He expressed his dismay that a foreign channel through an International investigation has had to force the Sri Lankan Government to uncover the masterminds behind the attack, considering it a matter of great embarrassment. “Do we require guidance from foreign sources to accomplish this? Are our leaders devoid of compassion?,” he asked.

Courtesy:Daily FT