President’s Office Directs Four Provincial Governors Including Eastern Province Governor Anuradha Yahampath and Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda the North -Western Province Governor to Step Down Due to Complaints Received from MPs

The President’s Office has directed four provincial governors to step down following complaints received by parliamentarians representing the provinces.

Accordingly, the decision has been conveyed to Eastern Province Governor Anuradha Yahampath, North Western Province Governor Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda, Uva Province Governor A.J.M. Muzammil and Sabaragamuwa Governor Tikiri Kobbekaduwa.

New governors will be named soon after President Ranil Wickremesinghe returns to the country after attending the coronation of Britain’s new King Charles III in London yesterday.

Eastern province Governor Yahampath told the Sunday Times she had been informed by the President’s Office not to go ahead with a development plan under the brother province concept with Yunnan Province in China.

She said she was not aware whether this was the reason why she was called upon to quit.

The Governor of the Yunnan province was due to meet Ms. Yahampath next week.

Mr. Muzammil told the Sunday Times he was ready to step down from the post, as he had been officially informed of the decision.

The Sunday Times learns that decision to request the governors to step down had been based on parliamentarians’ complaints about the governors’ unwillingness to work with them in the provinces.

Courtesy:Sunday Times