Remembering Neelan: Tenth death anniversary

Hello Friends

Ten years ago on this day (July 29th 1999)that Dr. Neelakandan Tiruchelvam known generally as Neelan was brutally assassinated by a suicide killer of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) near his office on Kynsey terrace.

I was perhaps one of the last persons to speak to him on that fateful day. I spoke with him on the telephone from Toronto for 50 minutes from 7.50 am until 8.40 am (Sri Lankan time). I used to call him almost every week then.

Usually he winds up the conversation after a while saying you are going to run up a massive phone bill. But on that day he was in a mood to talk and was quite reflective of maters.

Beginning to blog after thirty two years of journalism

I want to begin my first post on this weblog with greetings for the new year in my mother tongue-Thamizh.

“Vanakkam! Puthaandu Vaalthukkal!!

Let’s hope the advent of 2009 will see a bright future emerge for us all.

As for me the dawning of the new year heralds an exciting new venture.

After considerable thought I have launched my own blog under my own name.

My by-line will be the name of the blog with of course the mandatory “”

So friends , you have to click on

Hopefully the new year will see me blogging away as much as possible.

A friend somewhat unfamiliar with the word asked me “What is a blog”?