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LTTE Cabal opposes “KP” as leader of re-structured Tigers

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The politico-military organization known as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has virtually ceased to exist within the borders of Sri Lanka.

Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran and most military cadres including senior military leaders are no more among the living. Thousands of other tiger cadres including senior members of the political and administrative wings are incarcerated by the Sri Lankan authorities.

Small groups of tigers are holed up in the jungles of the Northern and Eastern provinces trying to engage in guerilla warfare of a minor scale where and when possible. Their impact is negligible.

Meanwhile covert tiger operatives are being systematically hunted down in various parts of the country by the security authorities who prefer to keep this aspect away from media attention. Likewise tigers who sought refuge clandestinely in Internally displaced person (IDP) camps are also weeded out regularly.


While the LTTE has been practically demolished in Sri Lanka it’s overseas structures remain lethal.

There is a tendency to describe the tiger elements abroad as “remnants” or as a “rump” by sections of the media. This description is inaccurate.

The overseas structures of the LTTE remain intact and are as strong as ever. The LTTE continues to enjoy support and influence among substantial sections of the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora.

Despite this vast potential the tiger and pro-tiger elements have been unable to mobilise or channel these resources in a realistic or productive manner so far.

The main reason for this is the disunity which surfaced in overseas LTTE ranks after the demise of Prabhakaran.

The problem in a nutshell is that of leadership stakes in a post-Prabhakaran scenario. With the overseas tiger divisions being the sole “survivor” after the military debacle there is a greater responsibility on these sections to move “forward” with the cause.


In order to do this there must firstly be a realistic appreciation and awareness of the exact nature of current LTTE predicament. Secondly a pragmatic, feasible approach has to be adopted and followed. Thirdly an acceptable efficient leadership has to evolve. There is no agreement so far on any of these.

These differences have erupted on a crude, personal level. Who leads the LTTE now? Is the fundamental issue. Factionalism is rampant.

Aggravating the crisis further are the questions about lucrative sources of income abroad. Who controls them now? Can such control be effectively maintained? Can fund raising continue as usual? Will they dry up? How is fund raising to be sustained?

Among LTTE leaders known to be “living and free” Selvarasah Pathmanathan alias “K.P.” aka Kumaran is the most senior of all. KP was at one time the chief arms procurer of the LTTE. He also supervised overseas tiger branches and fund raising campaigns of the LTTE.

[On the occasion of LTTE leader’s wedding, “KP” seated at Right]


The role of KP was undermined in the LTTE after the ceasefire of 2002. He was relegated to the sidelines while others were groomed to replace him. Former tiger political commissar, Suppiah Paramu Thamilselvan and ex-overseas administrative head Veeragatti Manivannan alias Castro led the vicious anti-KP campaign.

Various charges of corruption, inefficiency, sexual impropriety etc were brought up against KP. The veteran tiger referred to affectionately as “Kazhuthai” (donkey) by Prabhakaran proved his innocence after protracted inquiry.

After clearing his name,a “hurt” KP went into “voluntary” retirement abroad in 2003 but maintained links with Prabhakaran.KP also married a Thai national and became domesticated.

The LTTE began suffering military reversals from 2006 onwards. A major factor was the inability of KP’s successors to procure and transport arms and armaments effectively to the northern mainland known as the Wanni. The Sri Lankan Navy aided by information provided by friendly governments destroyed eight or nine tiger ships.

A desperate Prabhakaran turned to KP in 2008 and requested him to do something. KP came out of retirement and after frantic efforts managed to send three arms shipments. One of these was blocked by the Lankan Navy but the other two reached the LTTE thereby giving much needed oxygen to the LTTE.

A grateful Prabhakaran asked KP to re-join the LTTE. Pathmanathan said he would do so if the tiger leader placed him in charge of overseas tigers. So in January 2009 a new LTTE division called international relations dept was formed and Selvarasa Pathmanathan was named its head.


The new international relations head was in practice an euphemism for global tiger chief. At least that was how KP interpreted it. But Castro who was in charge of administering overseas tiger branches was not willing to relinquish control. He instructed overseas branch officials not to co-operate with KP.

This led to a “cold war” in the Diaspora between KP and Castro loyalists. It did not receive adequate attention by Prabhakaran as the beleaguered tigers were in a last ditch stand in the Karaithuraipatru AGA division of Mullaitheevu district. So KP found himself stymied by Castro.

KP himself was deeply involved in moves to bring about international pressure on Colombo and enforce a cessation of hostilities. He also attempted to bring about an arrangement with international backing through which Prabhakaran and several senior tigers could flee abroad with their families.Prabhakaran refused to comply until the last. When the LTTE supremo changed his mind it was too late.

Meanwhile KP’s quiet diplomacy in mobilising international support to bring about a respite in Sri Lanka was seriously hampered by Castro and his minions.

KP had asked overseas tigers and supporters to stage demonstrations in western cities urging humanitarian intervention in Sri Lanka. The pathetic plight of the civilians was highlighted.This was to bolster his efforts to influence western governments.

In a puerile attempt to outshine KP his rival Castro ordered the Diaspora Tamils to demonstrate in support of the LTTE and Velupillai Prabhakaran. Diaspora Tamils began carrying placards supporting LTTE and portraits of Prabhakaran. Western governments and media were shocked. The Diaspora tigers shot themselves not in the foot but the head.

Contact between the Wanni and tigers abroad was under strain as the war escalated. So Castro appointed an international representative on his behalf. This person was to be in overall charge of the LTTE overseas branches.


Castro’s nominee was a 33 year old named Perinpanayagam Sivaparan. He bore the nom de guerre “Nediyavan” meaning Tall man. Nediyavan had joined the LTTE when he was 18. He was sent to Russia for higher education by the LTTE but apparently Sivaparan did not complete his degree there.

Nediyavan functioned in the LTTE’s political wing and accompanied SP Thamilselvan for the 4th round of peace talks in Thailand. Thereafter he re-located to Europe.

The LTTE during the peace talks period from 2002-2005 had sent a number of operatives abroad. Most of these cadres were from the political and intelligence wings. Nediyavan took up residence in Norway.

Sivaparan alias Nediyavan married Sivagowri Shanthamohan. Her father’s brother was Gnanendramohan alias Ranjan Lala. Gnanendramohan was one of the pioneering members of the LTTE and a trusted confidante of Prabhakaran. Ranjan Lala was shot in Jaffna by the Army when riding a motor cycle.

This matrimonial alliance strengthened Nediyavan’s clout within the LTTE.With Castro’s authority he spearheaded resistance to KP taking over as global tiger chief. The cold war erupted openly abroad after the LTTE’s military debacle. Castro himself committed suicide in Mullivaaikkaal.


Realistically all that was left of an “active” LTTE was its overseas structure. Thus the overseas chief would in practical terms be the head of a post-Prabhakaran LTTE. When KP tried to don the leadership mantle, Nediyavan opposed it. He was supported by an assortment of Diasporic tigers united in being against KP.

The anti-KP sections launched a vicious campaign maligning and vilifying KP.

He was charged of betraying Prabhakaran to the armed forces on the one hand and on the other, of hiding the truth that Prabhakaran was alive. KP was accused of being in the pay of various international espionage agencies. A story was also spread that KP had passed information about tiger “cargo” vessels to the Lankan navy.

Though KP and his bona fides was well-known to informed circles of an older generation the younger elements of the LTTE abroad and most Diaspora supporters knew very little about him. So it was easy for his opponents to attack KP.

Besides with the LTTE overseas offices and institutions being controlled by Nediyavan it was virtually impossible for KP to put his point of view across. Most tiger media organs blacked out KP while several websites kept on attacking him. KP was even compelled to start his own website and express his opinion.

[A woman walks past a portrait of the late Vellupillai Prabhakaran, leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, in Chennai July 7, 2009.-Reuters pic]


A major setback for KP was the attitude of Tamil Nadu tiger supporters like Nedumaran and Vaiko. KP reportedly spent hours on the telephone explaining his position. After seemingly agreeing both went on to criticise KP publicly and take up the stance that Prabhakaran was alive.

KP’s weak point was his hasty announcement on May 18th that Prabhakaran was alive in a safe place. Later he revised his position but KP’s detractors keep on questioning him as to why he made that statement in the first place and why he went back on it subsequently.

Initially, KP’s opponents scored on the Prabhakaran being alive issue. With many supporters unable to accept reality or reconcile themselves to Prabhakaran’s death there was a widespread state of denial.

In that mood KP’s proclamation that Prabhakaran was dead and his declaration of a week of mourning evoked hostile reactions.Anti-KP elements refused to comply with Pathmanathan’s directives.

As a result there has been no public event paying homage to Prabhakaran or senior tiger leadrs so far. This from a movement which makes a fetish out of death and glorifies its departed cadres in a ceremony called Great Heroes day.

The intra-LTTE divisions were clearly brought out in the different opinions expressed. KP and his supporters acknowledge that Prabhakaran and other seniors are no more, commemorate them and move forward. But those opposed to KP refuse to admit the leader is no more.

KP and associates want to transform the LTTE. They make a virtue out of necessity and say there cannot be an armed struggle. They want to pursue the struggle through accepted non-violent and democratic means. Most anti-KP elements refuse to accept reality and engage in rhetoric about continuing the armed struggle.


Against this backdrop of a divided Diaspora, KP began initiating a series of discussions with prominent LTTE supporters abroad. He explained his position and even provided copies of correspondence with the LTTE leadership.

Audio tapes of conversations were also supplied. As a result KP managed to convert several to his point of view.

While some loyal old hands ralled around KP, the veteran tiger received support from others too.

Earlier the LTTE’s overseas intelligence wing had issued a statement contradicting KP on the question of Prabhakaran being alive. This strengthened KP’s adversaries.

But in a remarkable reversal the intelligence revised its position and admitted that Prabhakaran was no more. A senior intelligence wing official issued a statement under the name Kathirgamathamby Arivazhaghan and cleared KP indirectly.

Arivazhaghan had earlier worked closely with Lt. Col Charles head of LTTE’s military intelligence division. He is reportedly in a location outside Sri Lanka.

Furthermore the intelligence wing operatives also conducted an opinion survey among tiger supporters abroad. Most of those interviewed were vintage loyalists who stood by the LTTE in the early years and not those who flocked to the tiger banner in later years.

The majority of those interviewed opined that KP should be the interim leader at this juncture.

Another branch of the LTTE with operatives abroad were the sea tigers. Some sea tiger representatives involved with “purchasing” are scattered in various countries. These cadres also threw in their lot with KP.

Thus the intelligence wing and sea tiger cadres supported KP in full force. Gradually several political wing operatives also began spurning Nediyavan and turning towards KP.


The intelligence wing then expanded its role by promoting direct dialogue between KP and Nediyavan. There commenced a cycle of conference calls between KP and his supporters and Nediyavan and cohorts. The proverbial midnight oil was burnt in many countries as globally dispersed tiger activists in different time zones conversed among themselves via telephone and Skype.

Interestingly,what transpired during these discussions was the fact that Nediyavan and most of his coterie were fully aware that the leader Prabhakaran and his senior deputies were all dead. This was in contrast to many ordinary supporters who erroneously but genuinely believe Prabhakaran is alive.

In spite of subscribing privately to the truth the anti-KP elements were posturing differently in public. This was due to two reasons.

One was that acknowledgement of Prabhakaran’s death would thoroughly demoralize supporters as he was the solitary sun in the LTTE universe. The immortality myth around Prabhakaran had to be sustained to promote the struggle.

More practically, the Prabha myth was needed to garner funds from the Diaspora and carry on in a business as usual fashion. For this the illusion of a continuing armed struggle was necessary.

The Nediyavvan cabal believed that the Diaspora cash cow could be milked only by the mass deception that Prabhakaran was alive and the armed struggle was going on.


According to sources close to KP the international relations head had stated that Prabhakaran had tasked him with two responsibilities in the last stages.

One was to facilitate the speedy re-settlement of Wanni IDP’s. The other was to facilitate the early release of captured/surrendered cadres and families. KP had played tapes of his final conversation with Prabhakaran to drive these points home.

Pathmanathan according to informed sources had said that the best way to fulfill the leader’s wishes would be to say farewell to the armed struggle.

If the LTTE abandoned violence and democratized itself a strong case could be made out for speedy IDP re-settlement and release of cadres in custody.

Also a non-violent LTTE may be able to shed its “terrorist” image and get the ban on tigers removed in Western Countries.

KP also argued strongly that the death of Prabhakaran and other senior leaders had to be accepted publicly and due homage paid.

This was the least they could do to honour the memory of their incomparable leader and other commanders who had devoted the greater parts of their lives to the cause and struggle.

“We owe it to them. It’s our sacred duty” KP reportedly emphasised.

He also stated that a large amount of funds was necessary only to purchase arms. Since the armed struggle phase had ended massive fund raising was unnecessary.

KP pointed out that the legitimate businesses run by the LTTE abroad along with voluntary contributions by hard-core supporters was enough to continue with the LTTE’s political project.

Quoting Prabhakaran’s speech at Suthumalai on August 5th 1987 where the tiger supremo said that the nature of the struggle could change while the goal remained constant, KP urged a change of policy and approach.


According to KP’s confidantes he advocated a transformation of the LTTE in form and substance. In view of the changed politico-military environment prevailing in Sri Lanka,KP emphasised that a tiger transition was imperative.

KP’s hands were further strengthened by the intervention of two senior tigers of “colonel” rank. One was Suresh a.k.a Amuthan. The other was Ram.

Suresh is from Mannar district and was at one time the political wing head for the district when Bhanu was Mannar military commander. He fell foul of Thamilselvan later and was sidelined for some years

Consequently Suresh became a deputy to Bhanu again when the latter was placed in charge of the Kittu Artillery unit. When the LTTE began de-sanskritising names Suresh adopted the new nom de guerre Amuthan.

He became a full-fledged leader of a fighting formation and was injurd in April this year.

Amuthan was spirited away by sea to a foreign location to receive advanced medical treatment. After recovering Suresh/Amuthan re-located to another country. He began interacting with tiger elements abroad and has been playing a useful role in strengthening KP’s hand.


The other was none other than the Amparai-Batticaloa LTTE military commander “Col” Ram. Hailing from the Amparai district Ram remained loal to Prabhakaran after Karuna’s revolt.

After the bulk of LTTE cadres vacated the East in 2007 a force of 150 -200 cadres remained in the jungles of Amparai and B’caloa districts under “Col” Ram and “Lt.Col” Nagulan.

These cadres engaged in low-intensity guerilla warfare amidst a hostile, adverse environment. After the Wanni debacle the future of these eastern cadres became uncertain.

The Diaspora elements boasting of a continuing armed struggle cited “Col” Ram and his cadres as proof of it. These selfish,irresponsible “vocal warriors” wanted these poor eastern cadres to fight a lost battle so that the Diaspora could fantasise .

To KP’s credit he quietly set about ensuring the safety of these beleaguered cadres. Assistance was provided through an “incredible” channel to disperse the eastern cadres.

While many returned home or to safe places elsewhere a group of senior eastern cadres including Ram and political wing head Dayamohan were shipped out from the eastern coast to a foreign location. A second group got out a few days later.

“Col” Ram too began supporting KP in intra-LTTE discussions.Along with Suresh he also argued for admission of Prabha’s death, acceptance of KP as leader and re-structuring of LTTE and revision of strategy.

Ram also distributed a letter in his own handwriting in support of KP where he stated that former political commissar Nadesan had informed him in the latter stages that Prabhakaran wanted KP to take over as his successor.


Discussions between Nediyavan and KP continued for weeks. Nediyavan’s chief negotiator was “Sinna Ranjith” who had worked as an aide cum secretary for former tiger political adviser and strategist Anton Balasingham.

He was called “Sinna” or small to differentiate him from the Ranjith who headed the pro-LTTE radio “International Broadcasting Corporation” in London. Sinna Ranjith had earlier worked for the IBC. As Nediyavan’s chief negotiator Ranjith called himself “Maran”.

There was much wrangling and both sides refused to compromise. At one stage the intelligence division personnel had lost patience with Nediyavan-Sinna Ranjith stonewalling and declared the talks off.

Pledging full support they asked KP to go ahead on his own without Nediyavan and cohorts but KP was adamant that unity had to be achieved.


Finally an agreement was arrived at. Nediyavan was willing to accept KP’s leadership. Agreement was reached to re-structure the LTTE also.

According to the agreement the overseas LTTE would be re-structured as a single organization with different departments or secretariats (seyalahangal). KP would be “Thalamai Seyalar” (Chief Secretary or Secretary-General) and be in overall charge.

There would be various secretariats in charge of specific functions like human rights, resettlement, rehabilitation, reconstruction, peacebuilding, development, negotiations, political action, policymaking, public relations, media relations, resource management etc.

Sivaparan alias Nediyavan would be in charge of the Dept of Diaspora Affairs.

Thus Nediyavan would be responsible for the day to day administration of the various LTTE branches and institutions of the Tamil Diaspora. While this gives him functional authority and autonomy Nediyavan and Diaspora branches have to accept KP as the overall LTTE leader and acknowledge him as their head.

There would also be an executive committee of the LTTE to oversee various aspects of the organization. The two co-chairs of this executive committee would be “Col” Suresh and “Col” Ram.K P would convene the executive committee meetings when necessary.

The question of paying homage to the LTTE leader and senior commanders was put off for November. Great Heroes week from Nov 21-27th, Great Heroes Day on Nov 27th and Prabhakaran’s Birthday on Nov 26th would be observed on a grand scale. KP wants the Diaspora and supportive elements in Tamil Nadu to commemorate Prabhakaran and other leaders on a grand scale.

Out of respect to Prabhakaran, KP himself refused to designate himself as leader. Instead he opted for “thalaimai Seyalar” saying that the one and only “Thalaiver” can only be Prabhakaran. This to some extent resembled CN Annadurai when he broke away from the Dravida Kazhagham (DK) in 1949 and formed the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham (DMK).

Annadurai said that his one and only leader was DK chief EV Ramasamy Naikker known as “Periyaar”. There would be no President for the DMK until and unless Periyaar himself filled. Annadurai functioned as “Amaippu Seyalaalar” or Organizational secretary. However Annadurai’s successor Karunanidhi amended the DMK constitution in 1969 and became president.


Intra-LTTE agreement was reached on July 20th and a statement was released on July 21st. Ram and Suresh signed the release on behalf of the LTTE’s executive committee. The statement did not reveal too many details but it was implicit that KP was the new head and that unity was established. A re-structured LTTE heading in a new direction was on the cards.

But then things do not seem hunky-dory. Even the best laid plans of men and mice go awry.

While Nediyavan has seemingly agreed to new arrangement and accepted KP’s leadership the anti-KP cabal remains defiant.

The manner in which the “Tamilnet” and “Pathivu” websites carried the press release issued by Ram and Suresh as well as the conspicuous silence of other tiger media organs suggest that the cabal is not ready to compromise.

The anti-KP cabal consists of several prominent tiger activists. The most important person is none other than Jaffna district MP from the Tamil National Alliance, Selvarajah Gajendran alias “kuthirai Gajen”.

Gajendran who got the most amount of preferences in Jaffna at the engineered election of 2004 is now in Oslo and is the pivotal force within the anti-KP cabal.

Among others are the Editor and Managing Editor of “Tamilnet” Namely Jeyachandran and Sreetharan. The former is in Norway and the latter in the USA.

Apart from the “Tamilnet” the Tamil websites “Sangathi” and “Pathivu” are also opposed to KP. “Sangathi” is controlled by Aathithan in France who also runs the Paris based “Eelamurasu” newspaper. “Pathivu” is run by Vaageesan who also heads the LTTE in Germany.

The Tamil freelance journalists Navaneedhan alias Ithayachandran and Paraneetharan alias Krishnarajani are also in this cabal. They write for a nmber of Tamil journals and websites.

The executive director of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) KP Regi is also against KP. Associated with KP Regi is “Root Ravi” one time head of the LTTE’s economic development organization TEEDOR. Both are in London.

[“KP” on channel 4 London-Jul 22, 2009]


Another anti-KP activist in London is “Paamban Ajith” who was at one time the chief bodyguard of Prabhakaran. Ajith who came to London in 1989 along with Krishnakumar alias Kittu is married to the sister-in-law of former LTTE stalwart Sornalingam alias Shankar. Ajith has extensive contacts with Tamil Nadu politicians and is responsible for the anti-KP sentiments in those circles.

Then there is Anbuchelvan who heads the world-wide youth outfit known as Tamil Youth Organization or TYO. The TYO has tentacles all over the Diaspora youth population and played a big role in organizing recent demonstrations.

This then is the situation. Despite the agreement reached between KP and Nediyavan to re-structure the LTTE under the former’s leadership the cabal surrounding the latter is still in a rebellious mindset. Even the bona fides of Nediyavan is suspect.

With influential sections of the tiger media, LTTE branches and youth organizations working against him, the new head of the faces an arduous task. It remains to be seen as to how KP surmounts this challenge.

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at dbsjeyaraj2005@yahoo.com
DBS Jeyaraj………… July 24th 2009


  1. Mr.Jeyaraj

    Congratulations for a brilliant,illuminating article on the exact situation facing the overseas LTTE today

    I have often read articles in Tamil Nation and Sangam websites where a particular gentleman keeps on attacking you as a traitor. Such venom and consistency suggests deep-seated hatred of a personal nature. To your credit you have never ever responded to such scurrilous posts.

    What I admire in you is the quiet,efficient way in which you collect facts and information about the LTTE and present them without fear or favour. Time and again you have demonstrated that you are the most informed journalist on Tamil affairs in general and the LTTE in particular

    This article has once again proved that you are still the authority on the LTTE. I am of the opinion that the real “tigers” respect you and hold you in high esteem. Otherwise you could not have procured such insight

    Mr. Jeyaraj let coyotes howl but you please keep on writing.

    This article is a gem of a masterpiece.

    Thank You

  2. Thanks for the detailed information as always. Why don’t you write some thing about the way overseas tigers are exploiting the sufferings of the Tamils in the IDP camps and raising funds?

  3. Thanks for the update DBSJ. That airport looks like the KL airport. From all indications it appears that KP is in Malaysia.

  4. Dear DBS, Thank you for sharing all the details with us. Now I think I can trust KP. I’ll send all my money to him. Thanks.

  5. the most important task that kp has to do is to get the ban lifted off the ltte from all countries, so that they can freely work there. to this end, changing the name of the organisation and remodelling it may be necessary. image is what he has to focus on. all goons have to be sent on nopay leave, back to karativu or kachativu.

  6. Thanks DBSJ for another useful write up.

    Someone has to take the onus of leading the LTTE organisation and steer it in the right path (if they are serious about abandoning violence) to reform it in to a political organisation. It would appear that the true traits of the LTTE members have now started showing in the struggle to control the multi-million $ income generator. Infighting and puerile deceptions for purely selfish reasons once again (I won’t hold my breath).

    Having said that, all Tamils should bear in mind the cardinal fact that LTTE, no matter who leads it and what policies they pursue, is not going to be accepted in a hurry internationally and most importantly by the GoSL with whom we will have to work closely in order to relieve our Tamil IDPs of their plight. It is every Tamil’s responsibility no matter where they live or where their loyalties lie, the need of the hour is to support and promote an organisation/party who is seen to be neutral and non violent and acceptable internationally and to the GoSL. Right now, this is certainly not LTTE (at least for the next 10 years or so, LTTE should work on repairing their reputation) they cannot perform plastic surgery and change their face from that of a tiger’s to human. KP has some hard work to do. KP has to seriously think of working with others in collaboration rather than sidelining everyone and wanting to be the sole representative.

    Responsibility of all Tamil Diaspora: especially at this juncture when the future of Sri Lankan Tamils literally rests on the shoulders of Tamil Diaspora. They have to carefully choose who they want to support. I hope better sense will prevail this time.

    I am sure there are former and current members of many liberation movements and political parties who can get together and conduct a brainstorming session (or series of sessions) to come up with the most suitable combination to deal with the Tamil question with responsibility and recommend to the misinformed, radicalised Diaspora as to how best to use their hard earned Dollars for a constructive purpose. This has to happen sooner rather than later. Perhaps you (DBSJ) could facilitate the creation of such a forum. What do you reckon? What do the other readers think?

  7. Very illustrative and investigative article.
    I also would like to read one of your od article “behind the cadjans” I was told it was published in the island paper when I was very small. I didn’t have a chance to read it would you please post it in this cloumn?

  8. A very informative and well-researched article. There are a number of interesting points.

    The very fact that KP was able to sneak Ram, Suresh etc out right from under the nose of SLA is indicative of his capacity and resourcefulness. With his ultra six-sigma approach to problem solving KP would have been any global supply-chain manager’s dream. Jack Welch would have hired him in a heartbeat. Despite the expected dismissive attitude of the GOSL, KP could end up being a key player in the final analysis (if ever the final chapter of this conflict could be written).

    The “business as usual” modus operandi envisaged by certain elements in the LTTE’s global network is certainly a cause for concern. We Tamils hope that the outfit realizes the futility of the status quo approach and positively adapts to the dynamic geopolitical landscape for the betterment of their people. Never ever repeat the follies of VP who saw himself as the locus of every solution.

    It is about time the ruling clan (and the establishement) in Sri Lanka breaks out of the medievalist cocoon it has found refuge and comfort in for so long. The members of the clan seems more interested in donning their spotless clownish garb and cat walking in front of yet another military parade than get down to the business of governing.

  9. Wake up Tamils….. be proud of yourself.
    You fought like tigers, almost against entire world, you never gave up, you never begged.
    Now, you need a break.

    Think like a Fox, before fighting like a Tiger.


  10. It is time LTTE activists and supporters of the Eelam dream come to terms with reality. Fortunately, their numbers are far smaller than those Tamils overseas who have little to do with the LTTE and simply want to forget the past. While the latter admittedly suffered discrimination, humiliation and intimidation at the hands of the security forces and Sinhala thugs, they know Sinhalese civilians are no better since the post-1983 period economically and in terms of political short-comings.

    These Tamils do not wish to see the small country divided into two but they certainly support adequate and early devolution of political powers to the North-East. They also see the Sinhala polity and youth of today are more politically conscious and recognize the Tamils have been wronged and want the right adjustments made.

    As to the call of this KP and the lot to re-organise, form a TransNational Govt etc this is simply a call to some of the diaspora Tamils to get ready for another bout of extortion. To claim VP lives and will emerge another day is an insult to the intelligence of the Tamil people. Within the few days KP grabbed some form of leadership he proved he has no talent even to run a suruttu-kadai in Jaffna. Those 10-15% Commission agents of extortion in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia who went into hibernation are salivating to get back to their “business” again.

    The Rajapakse gang is not going to develop the North East as fast as they should and in terms of Tamil expectations. They will play the quid pro game with sham elections with a little development here and there like the thousands of Foundation Stones littering the Sinhala South. Congenital kleptomaniacs they are, this frantic effort to get IMF, ADB and other loans are merely to fill their pockets with development in the Wanni and elsewhere for the IDPs being hardly in their calculations. What I say here in raw terms is the same language Hillary Clinton, the British and French Governments are using packaged in diplomatic terms calling our lot nothing but swindlers.

    The best thing the overseas Tamil community can do is to strengthen the hands of the democratic Tamil political leadership on the ground in Lankan soil. As far as possible, they must close ranks and empower their own favourites here in the renewed battle via the Parliamentary path to regain Tamil rights. The climate is right for this approach both in the South, in Delhi (what a shame they figure in all our calculations) and the international community.

    Let this group of Tamils in the diaspora who visited Colombo on several occasions recently via the auspices of GoSL, be reminded while we have no objection to their waltzing with Rajapakse Inc – they should also get the ruling oligarchy to free civilian Tamils held, close the disgraceful concentration camps and give expression to the many promises to rebuild the North East . President Premadasa assured this to the country and the world many times since he took office.

    This group of Tamils have been pressurised to underplay the need for giving muscle to 13A. They should not give in to this. 13A+ is a must and so the de-merger, the devils play of a judicial maverick now under siege. Anything is possible with an administration that does not know what it is doing. One day they attack the IMF and the next they genuflect before them.

    It is clear without the IMF “oxygen” Sri Lanka will collapse. The terms agreed to is said to be quite painful, according to the UNP. What a lot to happily claim “we are just about to get the largest loan in history” It shall not be long when some super sycophant moves in a Parliamenary Group meeting to nominate someone from here for the Nobel Prize for this “achievement.” What times we live in!


  11. Once again a superb peice of writing from the master. It is well known here in Sri Lanka that it is a matter of time before a clandestine operation of bombings take place. specially against the MR family and the military. People wise LTTE can harness a couple of hundred. Without such activity no LTTE supporter from the diaspora will give funds. There will be clashes between the various factions that will emerge from the death of VP. Some will be for political some for military mayhem.
    It will be upto the present diaspora to keep the flames of hatred alive for another 30 years unitl they too turn 60. Their sons and daughters who have been educated abroad will never return and will be naturalised citizens in their countries of birth.

    In short folks we have watch the situation of the Diaspora for about 30 years. A good example is Yasser Arafat. age mellows and knowledge of what you fought for and achieved gives a good lesson of whats really achievable.

  12. Kp is only taking the light that was handed over by the leader to the next stage.
    From your analysis it says very clearly that the function of the armed resistance has come to an end.
    V P has clearly indicated to silence the guns.
    There is no two words about his instructions.
    It has a profound message to our nation and to the world at large.
    This has to be followed as a mantra.
    He has taken a birth in this land and spent main part of his life for this struggle.
    He himself knows that there is no one capable to carry out the armed struggle other than him.
    He has studied well the commitment of the other organisations who were involed in this struggle when he was young with his intriguing
    eyes and intuition.
    This is why he eliminaed them from the war scene by force or by other means.
    The powderful physchic energy he had he was able to forsee lot of things that is happening today.
    They might be good or bad to his community.
    But no one can stop the events that are supposed to unfold.
    That is vithi we call.
    VP is also subject to this cause and effect.
    By knowing his death beforehand in a battlefield is very uncommon in these days.
    Taking arms in his hands from 1st of May at Mullivaikkal to end the war in the next 12 days or his life will end after 13th of May in the ensuing battle is well known to him.
    But this man has no fear in his life.
    Once he said that fear is the biggest obstace in human mind.Once he liberates from fear of death he is liberated from the mind(see quotes from VP).

    This is exactly happened in his life
    The man died in a direct fight and a bullet went through his head and left this planet.
    This sort of people do not need homeages.
    Homeages are for normal people.

    This is evident even after his death.
    No one believed that he died even after seeing the body.
    After 2 months still people who believed that he passed away thinkthat he is alive somewhere.
    So far no one had shed tears for him.
    Please understand that I am not glorifying him.
    There is no need for that.
    He left this planet with his family and all the senior leaders with him.
    This looks accidental but in the cause of time human beings will know why it happened.

    This mail look non sense to you but it is true that this is non sense(no sense i.e beyond sense)

  13. It is unfortunate that there is disunity among the post VP LTTE factions. One hopes that this is limited to differences in opinion and will not spill over into violence and conflict.

    LTTE should now reflect and reconsider their stance on the solution of the problem of the Tamils. It should not continue to flog a dead horse. New policies and ideas should emerge. LTTE should evolve into a democratic organisation which will really look into the welfare of the ordinary Tamil person. There should be room for dialogue and discussion. There should be some acceptance of realities of the ground situation, not simply harking back on the past. We have to learn from History and profit by it, not be a slave of the past.

    Hope the correct thinking and decisions are made for the future and well being of Tamils in Sri Lanka

  14. I never paid too much attention what KP is doing and what is all the troubles are about surrounding this matter. Very well written, to bringout everything.

    Thanks DBS for this exhaustive report.

  15. Good, let’s not allow the LTTE remnants to hijack the Tamils’ legitimate struggle again. We should throw our support behind newly formed Global Tamil Forum and bring all the Tamils participation through democratic means by accommodating all Tamil Nationalists with different political opinions. If we let Tiger remnants to hijack our legitimate struggle, these nuts will take the Tamils to political neverland.

  16. Jeyaraj (DBS),

    It is with lot of pain and very reluctantly i am making this comment, after observing our Tamils sufferings, which i had witnessed over the last the last 50 years.

    Though i am not condoning all the activities of late Prabakaran, as a Tamil i feel extremely lost to realize that we have lost a magnificent Tamil and the numerous resources, which he built it in a incredible manner.
    He too had made our race and our issues globally and i hope we all would join together and do what ever possible to continue his momentum, to regain our lost rights and lands.

    With our generation the past may be forgotten. There are only few able individuals are left to carry the torch. Therefore, please unite and do whatever possible, to regain our North and South Tamil regions, at least as a federal province so that the Tamils shall be able to live in their homes without fear, while celebrating their traditional cultural events and festivals, as we did during our child-hood


  17. Tamils just dont get it. The karmic forces in Lanka have always been against them. The more they fight the Sinhala the stronger the Sinhala become.

    Sorry folks, Lanka is meant for the Sinhala, and none other than Buddha decreed that. Dont waste time, money and blood fighting the inevitable.

  18. All Tamils should strengthen the hands of KP and help him lead our struggle against the merciless callus dictator Rajapakse who is continuing to torture our people in concentration camps.

    When LTTE was founded by the Thalaivar, there was purity and no discrimination of within the Tamil community based on caste or region. But things fell to the sides as we were apparently gaining strength under LTTE. To make a long story short, whatever has been said, there was immense alienation of the Eastern Tamils due to the deep rooted superiority complex of the Northern Tamils which led to the loss of Karuna. There is still no justification for the LTTEs non inclusion of Easterners in the council of leaders (which ultimately failed and is responsible for our current pathetic state), killing of capable political leaders and scholars as well as military leaders such as Pathuman (Trinco commander) and war hardy fighters such as Robert and others who surrendered on the promises made by Ramesh (who took over from Karuna) on behalf of the LTTE after the Karuna split.

    There is plenty of evidence that the Easterners were looked down upon by the Northerners for no obvious reasons. It should be noted that historically, we all came from India at different times and the Easterners migrated through the North to the East and therefore, they cannot be genetically that different. The greatest Tamil scholar Swami Vipulananda is an Easterner in addition to other Eastern scholars which should be very similar in number to the Northern scholars on a per capita basis. Therefore, this superiority complex is unnecessary and the root cause of our downfall and not the strength.

    My intention here is not to dwell on this subject but the only reason I wrote this is that we should unite as one community and shouldnt make these same mistakes in the future if we want to succeed for all (not just for Northerners or Easterners) of our people.

    My advice to the forming of the next Tamil leadership is to become color blinded in terms of caste and regional differences and act as one nation which will give equal opportunity to any Tamil irrespective of where he/she was born.

    United we will win, divided we fall!!! Please unite behind KP at this our of need and I have confidence that he will lay the seeds for creating the color blinded united Tamil community which will win the rights and help with the prosperity of all Tamils. All who oppose KP should be regarded as Traitors as we have to accept the reality of our losses and the reasons for these losses and the only way now is walk together in unity.

  19. Jay Chambers (22)

    It is the human forces that have been against Tamils because of their disunity. I find it difficult to blame it on the Karmic forces.

    As for “Lanka is meant for Sinhalese”………..will you take “bollocks” for an answer? I have better answers too, just couldn’t care less to waste time on your opinion.

  20. to comment 20-cavin

    i agree with you that the forming of the global tamil forum was a good move. with todays commnication fcilities you dont need face to face contact and the nearly million diaspora tamils can organise themselves into a powerful cohesive force. without putting all eggs into one basket the ltte they should spread it out, influencing everybody and asking the ltte to work with everyone else, without all this sole representative nonsense.

    the diaspora should be careful that the children dont forget their roots and where they and their ancestors came from. whether they assimilate or not and become naturalised citizens of their adopted country, they must be told that when the time comes, thy have to take the baton and carry on. it is like a relay. they should be encouraged to join the forum at an early stage and give their ideas and input. otherwise they will be letting down their ancestors whose restless souls will be crying out.

    the diaspora should have a short term, medium term and long term plan. the current mess should be cleaned up in the short term. in the medium term tamils have to know what exactly happened. if there was atrocitis commited against innocent tamils then charges should be laid in international courts.
    in the long term the tamils must clearly define their objectives. at th moment there are a lot of loose cannon talk of “legitimate tamil aspirations” etc. first when you get into a car you must know where you want to go, unless you just wnt to go for a drive. personally i would say thanks for the ride and get down. there should be only one principal objective a]eelam b]federalism c} something else. principle criteria for the objctive should be
    1. is it achievable
    2. is it worthwile
    3. is it cost effective

  21. I was just going through some literature from the conference in London in 1989 where Messrs Veeramani ,Aladi Auna and Miss Parker and of couse who else Is ther any changes now??

  22. There is some truth in this article.

    Two months have passed and the Tamil National Network is in tact, despite some disagreements between the key players. It gives worries to the enemy. They thought the system will collapse after the demise of Mr. Pirapaharan.

    Everyone should understand that Mr.Pirapaharan’s influence (even if he is dad and gone) would unite the Tamil Nationalists and they will walk forward.

  23. Sinhalese faced the invasion for centuries and saved country for future generations by sacrifice. Past 25 years has been only an extension of the historical invasions. While fighting with invaders for centuries, our national leaders developed country through unique ancient engineering, outstanding administrative structures and prominent agricultural skills that backed by religious discipline. Although there had been rise and fall, one day we will raise our head as a great nation in the world. The form of invasion may change time to time, but we will not let anyone to divide Sri Lanka.

  24. Any attempt by the tamil community to keep the LTTE alive will be the end of the tamil struggle. It is better to go back to the orginal way the tamils fought for s federal state, via non-violent means, thought 25 years of that never brought any fruits to bear. When you deal will the singhalese you are dealing with stray dogs. Stray dogs dont do moral actions, just what is in their own interest.

    The sheer arrogance, anger and lack of mindfulness is seen, once again>>>>>>of the Tamil Diaspora.

    Why don’t you send the best of the people for the next elections and win the democracy? Thondaman (despite all the criticism) managed to do something to him or his people. If Thonda could do it, some international, transnational, or interuniversal, multiversal PERSON can take the lead and bring back the north and east to it’s glory. Not leaving them to Devananda’s, Pillayan’s or Karuna’s thugs.

    This is the case of a headless chickens, which runs and runs until blood dries

  26. Hi DBS

    {According to sources close to KP the international relations head had stated that Prabhakaran had tasked him with two responsibilities in the last stages.

    One was to facilitate the speedy re-settlement of Wanni IDP�s. The other was to facilitate the early release of captured/surrendered cadres and families. KP had played tapes of his final conversation with Prabhakaran to drive these points home. }

    How come Prabakaran was aware of these developments when he was dead before these things became real Issues?

    Please clarify?


    Prabhakaran knew the end was near in his final conversation with KP.He told him to do his best if something happened to him (VP) and others to ensure the speedy resettlement of displaced Tamils & facilitate early release of cadres and families in custody. A few days later Praba and senior commanders made a desperate attempt to break through the army cordon and reach the jungles. They failed.But KP is trying to follow his leader’s last requests.

  27. //When the LTTE began de-sanskritising names Suresh adopted the new nom de guerre Amuthan.

    Amuthan is again derived from Amrutham a sanskrit word. It is akin to ‘immortal’ in european languages.

    Liberal attitude is the way forward in all aspects.

  28. Comment #4 – Raj, you truly understand DBSJ. He is the right person to write truth boldly . He is the only one of the few who can be a fearless Tamil and write about real problems of the Tamils.

  29. #14 Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan writes:

    “The best thing the overseas Tamil community can do is to strengthen the hands of the democratic Tamil political leadership on the ground in Lankan soil.”

    I concur in principle. But, given the ground realities, the emergence of the right leadership in Sri Lanka is perhaps a few generations away. Snuffing out any alternative leadership potential is probably one of the gravest disservice (yes indeed, crime) the LTTE did to the Tamil Nation. At the moment I see no viable candidate(s) who could don the mantle. The likes of Karuna, KP, Anandasangaree etc. who now hog the limelight are far from qualified.

    I do believe the right leadership will eventually emerge from amongst the Tamils of Sri Lanka origin (still in Lanka or domiciled abroad) through the process of evolution. Once freed from the tentacles of the LTTE the diaspora will be more amenable to a cultural transformation that catalyzes positive political action. Currently existing (I wouldn’t say “living”) in the clutches of the draconian Rajapakse clan the Tamils in Sri Lanka are least likely to experiment with the finer points of democracy. Their wretched existence is similar to that of the biblical Jews under Pharaoh Ramesses. To extend the biblical analogy, the leader will most likely come from outside (a la Moses). And it should definitely not be KP or anyone who cut his teeth under VP.

    Having seen the technological prowess and managerial acumen of young Tamil professionals working for MNCs like Microsoft, Infosys and Google, to name a few, I am confident that the diaspora youth would enter the realm of politics sooner than later and work to improve the lot of their brethren in Sri Lanka.

  30. Thanks DBSJ.
    Really an excellent detailed article. The message should reach non English soeaking tamils, too.

  31. Well,A new challenge for the CDS & his SIS unit.Knowing the man’s capabalities,i wont put it above him .He was a pioneer in many malitary/intelligence aspects of the SLDF while in charge of SLA.Many here will say this is a day dream ….then again the same was said about challenging LTTE militaraly 4 years ago.!

  32. Just as we have to give up caste, regionalism etc., we need to give us racism. This whole business, based on being “Thamil”, and asking for politically devolved power or Eelam is racism. It is exactly what was called “apartheid” in South Africa. Chelvanayagam formulated it to compete with GGPonnambalam and pushed it on the shoulders of the Tamils. We blindly jumped onto it even further as a way of defending against Sinhala thuggary – but that was utter folly. The present post-LTTE moves for further political action on the basis of RACE are utter folly. RACE has no place in politics, but benignly in culture and literature. Race or Nationalism, like most things, may be helpful when taken in moderation. But it becomes a poison when the dose is exceeded.
    Jayaraj simply reports the machinations of men, but wisely or foolishly refrains from adding the needed word of WISDOM – get away from the “Thamil Race” concept which has been the curse of all Tamil politics.
    Tamils should embrace mercantilism and avoid open politics, like the Jews of America, and then their power would grow. After all, if KP had used his organisational skills and given each Sri Lankan Tamil even a fraction of the collection for setting up legitimate businesses, we could have bought Sri Lanka from the Sinhalese!!!!

  33. Sri Lankan Tamils are the most oppressed people in the world. They are being wiped out in full view of this world. To prevent this genocide, I REQUEST ALL TAMILS PLEASE SUPPORT K.P.

  34. Sri Lankan Tamils are the most oppressed people in the world. They are being wiped out in full view of this world. To prevent this genocide, I REQUEST ALL TAMILS PLEASE SUPPORT K.P.

  35. The best way for the tamils to win better control of their destiny would be to accept the majority Sinhalese as an integral part of that destiny. It is the non-inclusive nature of tamil aspirations that has always led it to the precipice and easily degenerate into violence. The intolerance of the tamil culture is in its blood and is acknowledged to even by those who comment here; the true Acheles’ Heel.

    Attempting to exclude all others in search of ethnic purity destroyed the much more powerful Nazi Germany. Nazi-Tamil aspirations have never fared better, in a history spanning centuries. As long as even one sinhalese lives in Sri Lanka, an ethnic pure hateland which discriminates on the basis of language and caste will not be allowed on Sri Lankan soil.

    Irrespective of the nature of the struggle potentialy changing, the seperatist Tamils will never overcome this one single obstacle; winning the sinhalese over to their cause. And as long as they fail to sell the idea to the Sinhalese moderates, the goal stands no chance of surviving. The Tamils will need to convince the rest of Sri Lanka that they are capable of civilized cohabitation on the soil of a very small island, a hurculean task beyond the capacity of the present generation.

  36. You cannot simply build something and expect the market to buy it. The product must be one that is liked or wanted by the market, for it to stand a chance of success. The same thing applies to the politics under discussion here.

    The single assumption under which all these people, suffer is that the Tamil minority can come up with any cock-and-bull idea and the world, inluding all Sri Lankans must, and will feel obligated to accomodate. It hasn’t, and there is absolutely no need to assume that it will even in the future.

    Moderate Tamils will do well to understand the aspirations of the majority of Sri Lankans and defines their own destiny in line with those, so that a synergistic existance can be created. Going against the trend is what the tamils have done so far, to spectacularly destrucitve results.

    I realize how naive it is to expect anything better to emerge from the ranks of the lunatic fringe. Sri Lankans will do well to treat all those who aspire to deter her from progress with extreme prejudice, for none else will work apparently.

  37. Finally someone is thinking with some sense. So far, KP has proved himself to be a person who understands the reality, hopefully he can unite all tamils and secure our rights through peacefull means.

    A big praise for KP in saving the lives of those LTTE members of east. We need to do some soul searching in uniting all tamils regardless their origin; be it east, jaffna, wanni or central. We need to unite as a minority and learn to live with singalese.

    The disapora has to stop the fantacy of armed fightback.

  38. One more thing on KP, the fact that he didn’t want to take ‘Thalaivar’s title, tells something about him. Yes, even though VP did screw up number of things, he was truly the best leader Tamils ever had. At least he was true to his cause and highly disciplined, he also made sure the LTTE was the same way. Even though I hate number of things he has done (such as eviction of Muslims, massacring of Singhalese innocents), he wasn’t a corrupted individual. He will forever a king for lot of us.

  39. # 22 Jay Chambers.

    Sri Lanka is a third world country.

    A war of attrition need not necessarily be an armed struggle.

    For all intent and purpose, attrition is primarily targeted at the soft under belly. Unsustainable military spending has consequences that could spin beyond control.

    The more you fight, the weaker you become. Not stronger, especially for a poor country. War is a expensive business.

    If IMF shopping is anything to go by, the country is in dire straits right now. Literally, gasping for breath.

    If we the Tamils can get our act together bereft of the crab mentality and impractical strategy, you are in trouble. Big time.

    The geopolitical equation is variable. Reality of today is antiquity of tomorrow. Detours and policy shifts are not uncommon.

    The possibility of the defectors jumping into the Trojan horse cannot be ruled out altogether. Keep an eye on The Eastern Excellency.

    Oppression and denial of a level playing field, invariably leads to dissent at best and civil war at the worst.

    Inevitably, the price has to be paid, one way or other, for the continuance of the unitary state formula. Until then, tamil issue will be an albatross around the neck.

    Getting off the hook will not be without hurdles.

    Whatever the scenario is, you don’t get a cakewalk. Sorry gentleman.

  40. Wow! What a wonderful dissection of the LTTE.

    There are too many revelations here for me to digest. I have to read again and again to make any comments.

  41. DBS, you are a mine of information. Thanks.

    I cannot speak for the Tamil diaspora but the ones I have met are still in denial that Prabakaran is dead.

    You are right KP does not have the support of the Tamil diaspora.

    But then now that we have lost so many lives and our rights are systematically being eroded by the govt. with overt support from major powers Tamils need a leadership which could address their plight with intelect and mastery and one which is internationally recognised.

    The days of brutal force should be a thing of the past. Let’s face it. Ordinary Tamils have been fleeced out of their hard-earned money, many have resorted to money laundering and credit card frauds in the name of sustaining the LTTE.

    But we also saw the name of Tamil diaspora muddied because of a section of Tamils took to crimes and in the event the social fabric of Tamils has eroded.

    I work as freelance interpreter/translator apart from being a journalist and I am shocked at the number of divorces, domestic violence, drug-taking, alcoholism, suicides and murders among the Tamil diaspora in the UK.

    This is what is happening to the aboriginies in Australia.

    At HFC Jaffna where I had my entire schooling there was only one girl whose parents were separated.

    Sudden gain in economic status for refugees means the Tamil refugees are unable to cope with the new-found ready cash (even though they may be up to their neck in debt) and culture shock on the one hand and the passion for Tamil homeland on the other.

    These apart, the UK govt.’s support for victimised women is encouraging them to divorce their husbands and take up a council house with full benefits for the children.

    These are what I call the ramifications of a war-torn populace.

    These issues need immediate address before we support another war.

  42. It appears from this write up and other video etc, KP has no political ambition as such, though time will tell. But regardless of of his “most wanted” tag by interpol etc, he is carrying sort of a “mystic” identity that LTTE has needed in the past and something that it still needs, due to historical and present ground situation.

    If KP truly is able to transform LTTE into a democratic force for the future, Tamils will not need the “mystic” identity at that time.

    Until then he is bringing that needed “mystic” into the fora, and hopefully he’ll be able to usher a democratic LTTE banner on the ground. And both KP and the “mystic” identity may no longer be needed in a democratic setup.

    Right now no one has clearly stepped up to appropriately provide safety to the remaining fighters and the ones in so called “rehabilitation camps” and god knows where else, needs an “LTTE” brand, to get them out etc. as evident from the above article.

    Hope KP will work with international community to set the tone and work towards fair justice for fighters detained by Sri Lanka etc.

    KP seems like the man who is capable and/or wants to deliver the democratic path to the Tamils amidst all the present wilderness.

  43. Panangkottai Thamizan (24)

    This man is threatening that he can unleash verbal abuse, expletive and everything a sick mind can come up with in response to my comments (22). Not at all unusual since pretty much the same things have been used by others who are unable to grasp the truth about how karmic forces work.

    If Mr. Jeyaraj does not edit out such abuse then I am out of this forum but as long as I have faith in his impartiality I will respond to the above comments.

    For nearly 2500 years of recorded history Tamil have had conflicts with the Sinhala. At times such rulers like Ellalan (Elara), Raj Cholan and lately VP have managed to fight the Sinhala and drive them out and “rule” parts of the country.

    However, the Sinhala have always regrouped, re-strategized and will what appears to be preternatural ability fought back and regained the lost territory, and have been the obvious carriers of the torch of light that Buddha lit and handed over to the Sinhala. The Mahavamsha cannot be relegated to “myth”. In fact teh epic has repeated itself again in May with the total annihilation of VP and the LTTE.

    Just think back to the elections that brought Rajapaksha to power. The best brains of the LTTE and even the Sinhala could not have for a moment envisioned that this man would be the proverbail Dushta Gamini (Dutugemunu) of the modern Sinhala.

    VP wanted Rajapaksha to win and had a sophisticated diasporic strategy to use that win to finally win and declare Tamil Eelam.

    See how it went wrong! See how the assassinations of Gotabhaya and Gen. Fonseka were narrow misses. See how they became the nemesis of VP.

    There were the Gotabhayas and Fonsekas for Dutugemunu and numerous other Sinhala rulers of the country. There has always been and there will always be.

    The Mahavamsha got it right and the Buddhist monks know this. Hence the reason why the Buddhist kids are taught this legend over and over again.

    The best way out for the non-LTTE Tamils is to work with the Sinhala and look beyond the recent events to a future Lanka together. Otherwise they can regroup with the militants in the diaspora, waste time, effort, moeny and ultamately blood and arrive one rung lower.

    Think about it. Think deep and be sensible.

  44. I read most comments – there is a lot of interest about the future of the LTTE, but most are focussed about taking the struggle forward one way or the other. Just like the LTTE, shouldn’t we – the Diaspora, consider the facts and accept reality. Can we really not live with Sinhalese on this Island ? Don’t you think it’s big enough for both communities?

  45. Another great article DBSJ. Thank you!

    Looks like KP is on the right track.

    It is because of people like Nediyevan we are still suffering. Hope KP with the help of God can neutralise them.

  46. The need of the hour is to support and strengthen Mr.Patmanathan .

    We shouldn’t let external forces to exploit our re structural changes to their advantages.

    Please be united and full fill our one and only leader’s and other Tamil people’s ultimate goal of peaceful Tamil homeland.

  47. It is interesting to know from this article about the power
    struggle in the LTTE RANKS.Now the ball game is all over & KP is trying to make a buck from the
    IGNORANT TAMILS living ABROAD.In Sri Lanka
    mighty TIGERS have become DEAD CATS.

    Thilak Karunaratne wanted every one to be SINHALA and wanted A’pura as his capital. He doesn’t exist in Sri Lankan politics. The only other person who talks about Dutugamunu is Mervyn Silva.

    You always look back and teach about Dutugamunu and how he killed the most revered Elara. Only for the sake of uniting Sri Lanka, not based on a virtuous conquest.

    I can’t understand why Sri Lankan’s continue to believe in a book which was written in 500 AD by buddhist monks which is NOT AT ALL AUTHENTIC and using it to justify to kill others. I am not sure how they gathered such a lot of information in the olden days when there was no broadband internet or carbon dating.

    The way forward is YES united Sri Lanka, NO for Terrorism of any form, racism in the form of the majority wanting to name everyone as sinhalese (e.g. Thilak K said, Sinhala Demala, Sinhala Muslim, Sinhala Baudda – SRI LANKIKA newey. (My experience with the JHU creator was that at Ananda College, he was slandering the UNP and everyone cheered, then he was in the UNP, and then he has jumped again and finally the last straw….. the fascist (Thilak may be a more honourable person) politics which prabakaran and JHU, NFF are using to win votes.

    I hope the environment minister, protects the blessed environment in our country. Ex (Axed) JVP member Wimal Weerawanse said “Meka ape mathru bhoomiya, apey mathru bhoomiya hama deyatama wada uthum, (He pointed towards the JHU monk and said) meka agamatath, hamaduruwantath wadaa uthum.

    Everything will cease to exist, look at the great pyramids or any other natabun; nothing exists. What exist is virtues and values of good people.

  49. #41 Velauthan writes:

    “After all, if KP had used his organisational skills and given each Sri Lankan Tamil even a fraction of the collection for setting up legitimate businesses, we could have bought Sri Lanka from the Sinhalese!!!!”

    I say, well, given the dire state of the Sri Lanka economy the Tamils could still do it. After all, didn’t the GOSL claim that KP still controlled some $5bn (not sure of the figure). Instead of begging the IMF for the measly sum of $2.6bn the Rajapakse clan could have just leased out the Vanni region to KP & Co for twice that. Given that man’s amazing skills, the devastated Vanni would have been built-up overnight (so to speak). Strange isn’t it that the outfit of the erstwhile boys still has more money in its kitty than the Sri Lankan state?

    I am no admirer of VP or LTTE. But my perspective is that KP was entrusted with a difficult task (of course, arms smuggling is no teddy bear’s picnic) and, as indicated in the DBS article, he fulfilled his duties summa cum laude (sorry for the use of the academic accolade). He may be a multi-jurisdictional criminal with perhaps even a hand in the dastardly assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. But lets give the devil his due. This guy is brilliant. Now we just have to hope that he doesn’t screw things up even further for our Tamil brethren still languishing in Sri Lanka.

  50. It is the Raw element s who want to see broken-up LTTE without it’s leader.But we have the CHOSEN ONE who is favoured by interlectuals in all communities through out the world .

  51. Based on the comments here, KP is the most suitable person to lead LTTE. His pragmatic approach and his openness in telling the truth made all us to feel that he is reliable. However, VPs diehard fans are incapable of digesting such thought of having a pragmatic person as their leader after accepted VP butcher as their leader for 25 Years.

  52. # 22 & 52 Jay Chambers

    Lanka is only for Sinhala is the initial statement you made.

    The statement is not reconciliatory. Not accommodative either.

    It is confrontational, inflammatory and provocative.

    Whining does not make sense. Civility does.

  53. to comment 52-jay chambers

    dont create communal hatred with comments like “for 2500 years of recorded history tamils and sinhalese have been in conflict”. it is obvious that you have not read the recorded history properly. compared to india where there was continous wars, lanka was relatively peaceful. the dutugemunu saga you mention was a one off event of ancient times. ellara was not threatening the sinhalese, but was peacefully ruling the north. it was dutugemunu who wanted confrontation. in order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed old ellara decided to take on dutu himself and lost. there was such cordiality between the communities that dutu even erected a memorial to ellara. for you to compare ellara to VP is ridiclous.will MR erect a memorial for VP. for centuries tamils and sinhalese have been living in harmony, thogh now even for 50 years we cant.

    the blot on the landscape was very much later when a guy called magha came with an army from orissa. he was known as kalinga magha because orissa was at that time called kalinga. he seemed to claim the sinhalese throne, so i think there must be some connection to vijaya who also came from that region.
    maghas principal objective seemed to be to destroy bhuddhism. he destroyed temples, killed monks and tried to destroy all bhuddhist artefacts. all credit to the monks who risked everything to save the important things like the tooth etc. all credit to the sinhalese who saved their race and religion from this madman magha. the man who hated bhuddhism and created so much destruction on the sinhalese was your own kind. he subsequently changed his name to segerajasingham 1 and became the arya chakaravarthy in the north and ruled there. mahawamsa is quiet on what happened to him after that which is strange because it is full of what he did when he lived but does not mention how he died. prabha could be a reincartation of magha but certainly cannot be compared to other tamil rulers who lived with the sinhalese ruler harmoniously. unfortunately from time to time the sinhalese royal siblings fell out and started was among themselves. then one of them would go to the pandyas or cholas in india and ask for help. the panyas and cholas were ferociciously fighting with each other to rule south india. when one sinhalese gets help from the pandyas and tamil mercenaries and army commanders land in the country the cholas get upset and send their forces to counter this. so it is because of your internal bickerings and cuttroatism that we got dragged into wars. sinhala history is full of brothers killing each other, queens poisoning the kings and even a case of son burying alive the father. if you look at lankan tamil history you dont find these kind of internal wars
    the pandyas who fought for the sinhalese either integrated or settled in the wanni. some of them migrated to certain areas in the peninsula. that is why jaffna people always ask from which part of jaffna you are from. last wanni chieftain who surrendered to the dutch was pandara vannian. he fought the dutch for years and was the last to surrender.pandyans were known as pandara at that time. if you were of royal lineage you were a nayakar. does bandaranayaka ring a bell. anyway the people you have incarcerated in camps at the moment are the descendents of those who fought and shed blood for the sinhalese. what an irony.

  54. To : # 57 ( confused confucius )

    As much as I am about to provide you a retort I must say that you have given thought to what you stated and you seem to have some basics right. I wish more folks can be like that.

    You forget the power of the supernatural, of spiritualism, of the fear or reverence of the unknown that is an extremely important part of the human psyche.

    Let me tell you this : the Sinhala have one of the most powerful legends and “myths” I have ever encountered in my life. Having dabbled in these matters and having studied similar myths of India, Asia, Europe and even the dead and gone Maya and Inca civilizations I can tell you there is nothing more profound and potent than the Sinhala legend and “myth” that is the Mahavamsha.

    This tome is unique in that it identifies a whole people as the bearers of a noble duty, the preservation of the word of the Buddha. It is even more unique because at the time it was written (500 AD) Buddhism was still extand and even flourishing in India, the place of its birth. Only the muslim invasions and the destruction of Nalanda, Taxila, and other thousand monasteries that happend around 1197 AD finally lead to its demise in India.

    Now if the Buddha actually wanted to have his “chosen people” then that thought was already with the monk Mahanama when he penned the legend in 500 AD. In an uncanny way his writing would be a prophecy relevant to the preservation of Theravadan Buddhism since after the destruction by muslims Buddhism never resurrected in India.

    So at the least we have to credit the writer of Mahavamsha with a prophecy that came true.

    Now, you also say ” I can’t understand why Sri Lankan’s continue to believe in a book which was written in 500 AD by buddhist monks which is NOT AT ALL AUTHENTIC”

    I suggest try and find out why the believers of the Quran and the Bible continue to belive in them first before you try and get an answer to that questions. Because the authenticity of those, unlike the Mahavamsha which has an author, are supposed to be beyond our grasp since they are divine words of “God”.

    See my point. The Sinhala are not alone in believing the contents of a book. Most of the rest of the world does the same. In fact the Sinhala have more reason to belive what they belive since they have seen the contents come true over and over again. I wont blame the Sinhala if they feel that somewhere in heaven Lord Krishna is protecting them from destruction and advising them in a telepathic sense so that they develop enough good karma for him to help them out with his duty: the preservation of the Sinhala and thereby Buddhism as he promised to do when requested by the dying Buddha.

    One last thing. The legend of the Mahavamsha and Dutugemunu does belongs to all the Sinhala. Even if they were born into poverty or the lowest level in a village or if they were born to the elite in the cities. Its all encompassing. Every Sinhala is a chosen one of Buddha and Dutugemunu is their King. No barriers of caste, status, even religion. As long as you are Sinhala.

    Now the Tamils have to appreciate that this is what they are up against. The sons of villagers who dealt the final blow to VP had these legends ringing in their ears as they faced the most ferocious and the most determined Black Tigers and others. To these Sinhala they are fighting for something bigger than themselves, no matter what the salary they earn brings to their families or the compensation to the families in case they die in battle.

    In the absence of such legend, or such glue that binds them, Tamils are best off if they just learn to look forward and co-operate with the Sinhala.

    However, the most ardent Sinhala will love the fact that most Tamils are trying to regroup around KP or whoever takes the mantle from VP. This may provide them the chance to deal an even worse blow to the Tamils in another 10 -20 years.

    After all the they are happy that 30 years of patience paid off the way it did. And Dutugemunu’s spirit, while it can take time to re-emerge, has so far never disappointed them.

  55. Dear Jay Chambers,
    You proved yourself as the best teleologists’, I have ever encountered. The stupidest of the comments made in these columns too have some sort of a logic behind it, but not in yours.
    Good luck with your sixth sense, which I don’t have!

  56. If KP wants to make a difference then he should create a movie with the likes of Mel Gibson and other indian hollywood actors of the last months in Vanni. Call the movie the “The UN Genocide” and hit hard at some of the world powers who did nothing but supported the devasation of these people.

    Stop all these trans national rubbish it wont work. Instead use the media like the way the jews did to form their country.

  57. In al d Gr8 wars, Tamils get defeated only becaz of disunity .. We lost our charismatic leader who sacrificed his life for us.. Still v r divided & doing internal politics rather than taking care of our displaced people..

    நெஞ்சு பொறுக்குதில்லையே
    நெஞ்சு பொறுக்குதில்லையே – இந்த
    நிலைகெட்ட மனிதரை நினைந்துவிட்டால்
    கொஞ்சமோ பிரிவினைகள் – ஒரு
    கோடியென் றாலது பெரிதாமோ ?

  58. Dear Miss Vani Kumar #42. from what i can understand you seem to be very young and not in touch with sri lanka.
    No tamils are not getting murdered and wiped out. Many live in harmony with the sinhalese and muslims, actually very many. Due to the war and LTTE the tamil community as a whole suffered greatley due to security checks and some embarassment. But never toan extent of getting murdered or wiped out. The will always be some competition amongst the sinhalese and tamils and muslims and thats healthy. To put your mind at rest NOT all sinhalese are as bad as you think. in fact not at all. have an open mind and read as many letters from srilanka as you can. read from sinhalese people as well if you can. Dont let predujice cloud your world. god bless you

  59. Since VP announced KP as a head of international Relation, I have been following his press reports and articles. It seems that he has right attribute and talent to lead and manage the big organisation. Also he is the most senior member of the team and back bone of the LTTEs battle field success in the past by supplying sophisticated arms and ammunitions to LTTE. He is adopting the right way by telling the truth about VPs death to the Tamil people and continues the struggle in a political way. Most importantly he seeks opinions from Tamil people and move accordingly. His opponents who create the hype as VP is still alive and keep cheating innocent illiterate Tamil people and trying to continue their business as usual. Their only aim is holding the LTTEs wealth other than nothing. But it wont work in reality for a long time. They will have no choice but join with KP. KP also cleverly negotiates with these groups and turn them back to his side. That is very good if everybody come under common working plan.
    VP did hold the LTTE structure with under control by giving severe punishment for even small wrong doing. But KP cant do this now. There will be chances that some members of newly formed LTTE fiddle around and get away without punishment. That will bring bad name to the organisation and people gets frustration against LTTE. My opinion LTTE should change not only policies and strategies but its name as well. Because, in the past LTTE earned very bad publicity in the international level that wont simply go away with VPs death. Also Tamil people in the North & East, especially in Wanni main land have feeling and anger with LTTE as their activities in the later stage of the war was very horrible and unacceptable. At present most of those have feeling that LTTE brought to this misery and we are better off with SL Army rather than LTTE Army. So this point in time, are they ready to accept LTTE? does not matter who is leading? Also in the past we have clearly learned that all the influence from IC wont work in practical. They all concern about their own interest including Tamil Nadu Politicians. Other important think is in the past Tamil Diaspora used the LTTE and their cards as a machine that can deliver the dream land of Tamil Elam. They simply contributed small amount of money and wait for the miracle. Even though some educated Tamil Diaspora clearly understood that our freedom struggle associated with international political destiny, they never come out and guide the LTTE on the right direction. Because they may thought LTTE turn around to say Traitors and give capital punishment. So, that mean our freedom war never be a Peoples war.
    Without seeing newly formed LTTEs policy statement we cant say much about this organisation. But I can see all in all there are lot of issues and matters which KP and his team take into the account and that is not an easy task. If peoples agree with their policy should give their support and strength his hand and guide him to the right direction rather than start worship him. There is no point on forming new forums locally or globally; that is waste of time.
    There should be a one organisation for Tamils. There should be a vision and objective that can be reached.

  60. And Dutugemunu’s spirit, while it can take time to re-emerge, has so far never disappointed them.

    You’ve got something there. Brutality and needless bloodshed in defense of nebulous ideas of honour does seem to keep re-emerging in Lanka.

    The Mahavamsa does contain a mixture. Parts of it are top class historical material, others are palpably absurd, and others are tendentious interpretations of an underlying reality.

  61. # 63 shankar

    u r right even though he occupied northern sri lanka he was a just man in the eyes people who were under him and both persons dutugemunu and elara were much better than VP and RJP’Ks elara didnt order to butcher people nor did he wanted to create a mono ethnic homeland and dutu didnt have WHITE VANS.

  62. My dear Jay Chambers.
    My gosh! You have gone years and years and years and years and years backward. It is not Mahavamasa; it is not the “chosen people” covenant that you believe in helped Sri Lankan Government to win over LTTE. It was India and also other powerful counties that helped this that you have to thank. Over 30 years SLG, Mahasangha, or the Covenant you are talking about couldn’t touch even the tail of LTTE. If SLG won LTTE on its own of course, I would agree with your powerful covenant statement. But again I want to stress LTTE is not dead, killing VP is not a big deal, he was a warrior and he was ever ready for it with cyanide around his neck. It was not a surprise, in fact it is a surprise that he was able to survive this long. However, the million-dollar question is how are you going to kill the concept LTTE stood for. Is it possible? yes it is! Because there are a lot of Tamil speaking people who still believe in ONE Sri Lanka like I do. I don’t want Sri Lanka split into two, even LTTE can’t break this country however much they try, but the Sinhalese Sri Lankan can do it. Are you with us or you wanted to join those traitors who want to break this beautiful country?

  63. Jay Chambers,

    So the Sinhalese have been tasked with ensuring the survival of Buddhism? Buddha did not intend nor did he want a specific ethnic group to protect his teachings. It is absurd. Furthermore, the Sinhalese political majority have not utilized Buddhist teaching nor understood its content, that is why you have self-righteous monks advising minorities to return to Arabia and South India, inciting ethnic hatred, and opposing any power sharing. To be quite frank, if Buddha’s Buddhism was practiced by the Sinhalese political majority, then war would never have surfaced.

  64. dbs
    i have to run to your skirts again unless RS wickremasinghe comes to my rescue.
    if you go to http://www.utube.com and type in skrupulous9999 in search and then click on tamildestinys channell and scroll down the website you get a video”prabaharan is alive.concrete evidence”. please put me out of my misery and say it is false and why. the scars and especially the earlobe are concrete indeed. but i have been taken for a ride so many times that i am sick of it. someone said he was a malayalee, then it was the mystery of the missing finger. these were cleared up by my good blogger friend RS wicks. now we have this.

  65. I would suggest people writing for living should stop writing in order to save the journalism.


  66. Sorry DBS, I am not in the cabal game. and also not participated any of their activities. If you read my articles in Virakesari, you will understand. As a journalist, you should know that, you can not simply fit any freelance [as you mention] writers into these catagories. That is their internal matters.


    So you say but I have evidence to the contrary. You are most welcome to state your position in detail and send it to me by e-mail to dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com . Also include a telephone number to reach you so that I can check it out. Your position can be posted separately on this blog or transcurrents website with my response to it.

  67. Mr jeyaraj,If you don’t know something,do not touch that.i know you are writing for money pls write a fiction,that will be fine.do not writte like this history.Time will answer -your question.


    Mr. Karan we say in journalism -when in doubt find out. If I was to follow your advice and refrain from touching “anything” I dont know anything about I will not grow in knowledge at all. I will always try and find out something about which I know “nothing” about if the challenge inspires, interests or intrigues me. I would advise you to do the same.

    You are not the first person to suggest that I write fiction. Maybe I should do that soon now that I have people like you ready to welcome it.

    As for writing for money what is wrong with that? Do you want all journalists to write for free ? How do you expect them to live or engage in travel or telephone if the newspaper managements do not pay them or reimburse their expenses? Professionals like Doctors, Accountants,Lawyers, Engineers etc Do they not get paid? So why these taunts about writing for money to professional journalists alone?

    Mr. Karan , you should follow your own advice and not COMMENT on matters you know nothing about. In fact there is no need of posting a comment for the sake of commenting. If you have something useful or new then contribute otherwise just read fiction.

    By the way the very same TIME will answer you I hope.

  68. #64 Jay Chambers .. you sound like a phsychopath. Now there is no LTTE, world is going to start watching you people more and they will know who the real terrorist and blood thirsty facists are.

  69. may be it is time to feel free of the veneration to a single leader, but enable democracy to take root, leaders to be decided by their relevance to the needs of the masses. leaders to be scrutinized and taken for account of the decisions they take, before they drive all to graves and refugee camps in pursuing their whims and fancies .

  70. I am sahamed to read the comments and the writing of this person DBS .The entire Tamil Community knows that This traitor KP is the richest person under the LTTE .

  71. #64 Jay Chambers

    Jay Chambers offers a very interesting point of view. I often wondered why while neighboring India was establishing itself more or less as the epicenter of the IT revolution the entire thing bypassed Sri Lanka without registering even a ripple. The ethnic war cannot be the raison d’etre since India also had to contend with more than one secessionist movements vis-a-vis Kashmir, Assam, Punjab, Bodoland, Naxalites etc.

    But if Jay Chambers’ contention is true then I now have my answer. While, as Mr. Chambers says, the verses (mythical or otherwise) of Mahawamsa were being drilled into the cells of every Sinhala man, woman and child the rest of the world was moving in light speed through the flat world (with apologies to Tom Friedman for using the term coined by him).

    So yes, please go ahead and place more and more burden of history (fabricated or otherwise) on poor Sinhala kids. Then as they faithfully recite the mythical verses the next phase of the electronic age will just zip pass the exponentially regressing island nation that is now forever indentured to the dictates of IMF. Next time the Sri Lankan FM may try asking relief loan from KP.

  72. I see that the usefulness of this forum for this discussion may be coming to a slow end. Unfortunately we seeem to have a lot of closed minds which do not welcome constructive debate. Even though there are some Tamils who know that co-operation and co-existence with the Sinhala is the only way forward, they either do not have a voice or do not articulate themselves forcefully enough to be clearly heard.

    Let me see what arguments have been made in response to my last posting:

    (1) # 66. confused confucius – he says my comments are stupid. That is your opinion sir, and you are entitled to it. But it would probably better if you elaborated why they are stupid, don’t you think?

    (2) # 73. Stephen Jones – You are misinterpreting what I was trying to tell. The Dutugemunu Spirit seems to help the Sinhala to overcome the challenges they face. I dont know of one occassion when they unleashed it against anyone unless, there unless there was agression against the Sinhala.

    (3) # 75. Sakthi – You are absolutely right about the geopolitics, the India factors, the entry of China to the regions and all that. My point is, in spite of whatever firepower the Sinhala had, in spite of all the geopolitics, you need totally motivated soldiers on the ground who have Dutugemunu like leadership to win a war. What happened in May was that the stars aligned. Sinhala had true leadership, the military was totally motivated, the people rallied around them and in a short while the mightty LTTE was crushed and VP was taken like a dead wild boar to his final destination by a jubilant military. However, I know you are not planning to learn a lesson from all this. With vindictive fury you will do everything you can to hurt the emerging Lanka. My point is, no matter how vindictive and how sophisticated you can get, historically Tamils end up losing even more everytime they follow that path.

    (4) #76. Anonymous – Please understand that the story about the Buddha entrusting his Word to the Sinhala is a legend from the Mahavamsha. My point is, if He did do that, then the Sinhala have delivered on Buddha’s trust. In spite of the destruction wrought by a multitude of Cholan invaders, and later by the most powerful Western powers of the times concerned (Portuguese, Dutch and English) Buddhism has held sway in Lanka. So, to the Sinhala the legend rings absolutely true. At the hour of their need the gods help them to vanquish the enemy, or as it happened with the English, they ultimately leave. In fact one can argue that the Western powers eventually brought the country together for the Sinhala after the Maghan invasions left the North Central Lanka in ruin. Portuguese, Dutch and finally English – and the latter leaves a unified country for the Sinhala to rule.

    (5) # 81. Sam Morris – I am sure one psychopath know the other when they see one. Meanwhile Sir, the world is better off watching the Al Qaeda or the emerging terrorism from Pakistan that can engulf South Asia soon, instead of watching poor old men like me who occassionally write and tell the truth as they see it.

    (6) # 84. Rajiv – The IT pehnomenon and everything else will look like a lot of firework on Aug. 15 unless India meets the coming terrorism from Pakistan head on. If you could find anything like the Mahavamsha that can bind at least the majority Hindu India together you should use it real fast because every indication is that Pakistan is about to turn into a rogue nation. India has a tryst with destiny coming up soon and my hope is that India will not hesitate to protect itself.

    As for the 18 million people is Lanka, dont worry too much abuot the IT age passing them by. The sheer numbers are not enough to drive the kind of growth IT drove in India in in Lanka. However, despite that you should check out the Lankan literacy rate, employability of Lankans and even the GDP. You will be amazed that Lanak has done extremely well despite the recent LTTE terrorism. Now that is behind them my guess is they will do exponentially well in the peace that dawned.

    In conclusion I am sad that all these folks above, while they took the trouble to respond to my comments, did not suggest in any shape or form that the Tamils should at least now work together with the Sinhala and forget the past and move forward. That is my only point. Everything else., while factual and debatable, was to drive that point home to the audience I see in this forum.

  73. I tried to respond to the above comments by various folks on my postings but when I hit the submit button it seems not to be working.

    Mr. Jeyraj you might want to check that out (unless you are editing before anything gets posted in which case you should let the particiapnts know the process you are following)

    It is well -known that comments are moderated first………….DBSJ

  74. comment 85-jay chambers

    you mention that srilanka has 18 million people. actually it is 22 million, unless you are deletin the tamils. this is the problem when you are immersed in the past dutu etc, you forget that the clock is ticking. time and tide wait for no man.

  75. Stephen Jones (#73) Your gentle language and expressions compared to the cacophony here gives me the feeling you are amenable to reason. I have the greatest respect to the pious Buddhists here and there are millions. I also have much respect for several Venerable Buddhist priests some of whom I visit, exchange views and offer my respects often. In the same vein, I have little patience with charlatans and
    neither am I prepared to stay still while history is being distorted although some of these issues are delicate and hurt feelings. Surely, how is one going to believe that Bhikku Mahinda treks by foot all the way from Bihar-Orissa to our NCP; meets Devanampia Tissa and manages to convert him with all those highly philosophical thoughts of the Indian Princeling Siddhartha Gauthama. The truth is many Sinhalese think the mans name is Buddha while the fact is in most languages it stands for wisdom. In Tamil puththi is wisdom as budh in Hindi. Ven. Mahinda did not know Sinhala and DPT (forgive the abbreviation) did not know Pali/Sanskrit at that time. So how did the vital communication take place? And then how are we to believe Gauthama the Buddha came within days of fights between minor chieftains here to settle them. And, we are told to believe there were 3 visits so far. Now, we know its pretty far from Bihar/Orissa to Lanka (Ilangai) and there was no fast transport (planes, cars etc) then. Unless you believe in levitation. Frankly, I have very little convincing evidence to believe in this. Like many, I think Mahavamsa is carefully constructed history half a millennia after the claimed events of an imagined past. Buddhism is also a set of Codes of Conduct and very eminent and acceptable ones at that. Even Sir Edwin Arnold and Ambedkar do not subscribe it is a religion, which our lot has turned this out to be. It is now turned into almost a MNC here with the JHU pretending to head the Board of Directors. But I have no problem with the beliefs of people. If someone wants to believe in something go right ahead. I am not standing in your way. But, for Gods sake, dont thrust this down my throat. That is not acceptable and so I disagree with the yellow robed mullahs of the JHU. The truth is these Codes of Conduct that originated
    in India are being faithfully followed here as in many other countries of the world by very pious people. And, that should be respected. But to structure various myths and fibs around and expect the whole world to believe in them is a tall order. Why, today there are many going round the hinterland stating MR is a reincarnation of the Buddha – and some simple folk accept the story.
    But, Mr Jones, I am not buying this.


  76. Mr Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan,

    You betray you bigotry and ignorance in your last posting, just because some one starts talking to me with the words ‘ please don’t take any offense’ and then goes on to offend me in a thousand different ways am i not expected to be offended ?

    You start by telling us what respect you have Buddhism etc and then go on to trample the cultural beliefs of many Sri Lanakan. I wonder if you would the gumption to mock Christians, Hindu’s or Muslim’s because there
    are infinitely more ‘unbelievable’ or ‘miraculous’ stories in their holy books than in the rather humble Mhavhampsa, I’m thinking along the lines of Moses parting oceans, Jesus walking on water, Hindu gods building inter continental bridges using an army of monkeys etc.

    Untill you get over your rather base form of bigotry and start respecting other cultures and their beliefs how are you will find it difficult to co exist in most countries of the world let alone Sri Lanka.

  77. Gamini#90,

    I met a Hindu Indian Swamiji in New Delhi,India several years ago. I was fortunate enough to get his “Tharshan,” and he revealed at that time that Sri Lanka except North & East will become Chinized at one point, and there won’t be any Sinhalese people, except those Sinhalese who excaped to North & East. The Powerful Tamils will help Sinhalese gain their lost land from Chinese later. The way things going now points to that direction. Don’t ask me who the Indian Swamiji is, as long as India is on the Sinhalese side, I can’t divulge the saint’s name. May be some of you (I mean from Sinhalese community) who had “Tharsan” with swamiji already knew it.

  78. Ahhh the journalism of the other Kotahena journalist. Another was late Lasantha. Enjoy reading your hard work, so unibiased, informative and very professional.

    Looks like you have taken over from where Lasantha left.

    Well done.

    My thoughts on this whole thing is as follows:

    The actions of the diaspora make me puke. The people who are really affected by the fantasy chess game of the diaspora are the innocent Tamil natives of Sri Lanka. The diaspora has treated them like pawns and like pieces of meat . You (‘the diaspora’) allowed your money to be used to bring sadness and suffering to their lives. What have you done to improve their lives? Why cannot your money be chanelled to improve their lives? Build them houses, buy them sophisticated tools, machinery and tractors instead of arms and ammunition. Make the north and east of Sri Lanka better than Singapore. That must be the goal of the diaspora. They have suffered enough. Please no more, no more.

  79. Such a good writing and such crazy responses. DBSJ do you read all these with a smirk? Sometimes this is like a ‘MALU KADE’. anyway god bless all you folk. and the best ever is by Sakthi #91with his ‘Darshan’.


    Aney Dilshan,

    Not only smirks but chuckles, gasps, deep breaths, twinkles in eye, scowls, growls,and at times with silent prayers to the almighty beseeching deliverance from all this. Still there are many who make thoughtful, deep, intelligent, pertinent comments though they get submerged sometimes in the mediocre muck. My hope is that gradually the quality of comments would increase. Until then we go on. After smelling 15 – 20 stinking mussells one oyster with a pearl would open up.

    Thanks for asking

  80. to comment 91

    some of you diaspora guys provide a lot of entertainment, hope you ppl hang around on these forums for a long time to come….

    now let me tell you a story…”I met the sun god (sitting in his inflatable swimming pool) in the vanni,Sri-Lanka several years ago (Elvis was there as well). I was unfortunate enough to get his “vitriole,” and he revealed at that time that Sri Lanka will become Terrorized at one point, and there won’t be any Sinhalese people,….

    please enough stories and fantasies of a mythical tamizh eezam….time to grow up and accept facts…..your terrorism lost….the choice for the diaspora is simple, are you going become terrorists again or will you try a new path?

    the “tall man” or the “kazuthai” or the “undead sun god”?

  81. Very informative DBSJ. Thanks,
    I reckon Cavin Selvam 20 got a great idea.

    Ms Vani Kuman 43 is wrong when you say Tamils are
    the most underpriviledged people in the world.
    There are people in worst conditions than the Tamils
    in third world Sri Lanka.
    Just look at the plight of the Aborogines in Australia, which is a rich first world country. The blacks in USA (you saw that when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans).
    The natives in Canada. The list goes on.

    Tamil Diasppora is responsible for what happened to
    the Sri Lankan Tzamils.

    Tamil Diaspora would love to see a big bomb blast in Colombo killing some innocent people to restart
    contribujting money to now defunct LTTE.

    Don’t waste your money guys. Just have a good life
    wherever you live.

    God bless you all.

  82. 89. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

    u seem to be a person with gentle words
    U do state that MAHAVANMSA and SOME other events in buddist history is a total hoax right?

    Well u try to sound like a rational person so please then will u state that the MAHABHARATH which is said to be written 1000’s of years before the MAHAVAMSA is also just carefully constructed history half a millennia after the claimed events of an imagined past because there are so many unbelievable BS in it right? like King rawana flying on a DADUMONARAYA and GOD HANUMAN setting lanka on fire with his tail….etc.

    Also please state that the holy bible is also just a carefully constructed history half a millennia after the claimed events of an imagined past, which states that Son of god Jesus Christ rose from the dead,the three stars …etc.

    i cannot comment on the holy quran because i have no knowledge what so ever(even the tiniest bit) in that but i’m sure u’ll find thAt it is also carefully constructed history half a millennia after the claimed events of an imagined past.

    I’m not angry nr hurt that u hv questioned certain aspects because it is a good thing to calrify doubts
    but please state ur opinion about the other major religions history as well so that buddhists (not sinhala buddists thats a stupid term) will not think of you as a person whose trying to vilify buddism.

    P.S: Personaly i do not question the validity of history of any religon because there is one point at which myth and science intersect giving us a blurry picture and if i have offended anyone i do beg ur pardon.

  83. LTTE proved that they are incapable of leading Tamil People. All these 25 years the result of LTTE leadership was total DESTRUCTION. Tamils have to get ready to find a practical political solutions and have to begin the quest for a pragmatic leadership.
    At this moment what is important in not resurrection of LTTE, but survival of Tamils.
    My heart goes to those innocent Wanni people who lost every single thing in the fantacy of LTTE.
    It could be KP, and whoever, please let the Tamil people to live. Tamils lost their land, education, wealth, kin and keiths, their live because of these LTTE. Now it is the time for LTTE to leave and let the Tamils live.

  84. Mr jeyaraj,I have read your feedback.you have to learn lot more.i accept that you are a writter but you not writing the truth.money is inportant to everyone but it is not equal for human manners.


    Mr. Karan, I bow to your superior wisdom. You have indeed enlightened me. But I must tell you that I have always been conscious that we know very little. Did not our great Tamil poet Auvaiyaar say “Katrathu Kaimmannalavu. Kallaathathu Ulahalavu” ( what we have learnt amounts to a fistful of sand. What has to be learnt is equal to the whole world”.

    By the way had you imparted some advice to VP that money is not everything he may not have sold the Tamils to Mahinda Rajapakse for 180 million rupees. Why didn’t you? Also how do you live? Do you work without getting paid? or doyou raise funds for the LTTE?

  85. I think for peace, the only thing SL has to do is:
    1. resettle IDPs
    2. give amnesty to all fighters from the Northeast.
    3. After that the government should give autonomy to Northeast by implementing 13th amendment. If they do all of this, then Tamils won’t fight again.

    Then everybody is happy, Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims, International community, India.

    In war, destruction of enemy by any means is the sole goal.

    Isn’t it better to just implement a political solution, in order to avoid war?

  86. Hi DBS

    Is that true LTTE has so many differences? I can’t believe though I have been living in the west.

    I thought all the LTTE institutions are open and committed to a common goal.

  87. # 15 Dilshan

    This has reference to your “age mellows” observation.

    Now, flash back. To # 22 Jay chambers wherein he declares ” Lanka is meant for the Sinhalese “.

    Well….scroll down to # 85 Jay Chambers.. Here he refers to himself as a ” poor old man who occasionally writes “. and goes on to say that VP was carried like a dead wild boar to his final destination.

    He also takes the high moral ground asserting the need for constructive criticism .

    The way this gentleman bellows does show, age does not always mellow.

    Perhaps you do not see it the way i see it.

  88. I don’t think KP can lead any Eelam Tamils nor the diaspora Eelam Tamils. When interviewed by some international media we should be very pro-active. But KP failed to do so. Look at him how nerve he is! That is because INTERPOL seeking him. He can’t hide very long. He need to face justice (in that case I respect VP, as he usually gives speeches on his martyr-day in front of public). Holding 23 passports worldwide, he is unable to speak proper English even and that prove us how much money he gained from poor Eelam Tamils in back home and overseas. Do you guys think how this transnational government gonna workout?. Believe me, there are no base for it. Even KP is living hiding out. A man should stand as a man and he is not. At some point he will be killed by his revelry and that is PERIOD!.

    Question #1: Why this KP pooped-up now?
    Question #2: Why he is hiding into the international media and lying about child soldiers?
    Question #3: Why do he needs 23 passports?
    Question #4: Why he cannot face the INTERPOL?
    Question #5: Is he leading us to another bloody war in Sri Lanka?.

    An observer,

  89. The organization that leads the tamils struggle
    -should be transparent
    -Should involve tamil intellectuals and well known people (including non tamils) for international recognition and publicity.
    -The leader/central committee should be able to conduct press conference at International standards.
    -should do external auditing
    – finally we need a lot of chanakiyans, spin doctors, king makers. No place for soldiers/warriors as arm struggle is not going to work out in the current global situation

    A lot of tamils including me is willing to cooperate with the GOSL and happy to live in the united Sri Lanka with dignity and equal rights. If GOSL fail to do it …..

    As someone mentioned above Sri Lankans shouldn’t forget the story of great horse of Troy .

  90. To # 53 Nagesh

    Dear Nagesh

    I do not know whether you are a Tamil or a non-Tamil disgusting as a Tamil. I want to give my thoughts assuming you are a Tamil.

    Sri Lanka does not belong to Sinhalese. It belongs to ALL Sri Lankans who are citizens. YES all of us can live in this land.

    But what about the so called discrimination of Tamils? Isnt there discrimination of poor of all communities? In my view if any one (whether he/she is Sinhalese, Tamil or a Muslim) is discriminated in any way then it is wrong. Many people in Sri Lanka are discriminated not because of their race but due to social standing, cast, political affiliations etc.

    We should together strive to get Equal Opportunity Legislation or Bill of Rights implemented in Sri Lanka. This will benefit the lower segments (non-elite, low caste, and discriminated) of the society irrespective of the race. This is the ONLY solution that will benefit the IDPs in camps and poor in cadjan huts who even dont have regular access to facilities or food.

    KP or any other leader or anyone who become MPS or Chief Ministers in the north or the east or if the Ealam is achieved its PM and president etc. will be the beneficiaries of political solutions or separations. Normal people will not benefit from federal state, or an Ealam. I repeat all of us can live in Sri Lanka and in any part of it. Lets work together to seek justice to the down trodden by way of strong legislations and institutions to ensure equal rights. Thank you Nagesh.

  91. Hello All,

    After many years, I recently visited Sri Lanka due to a family emergency. The trip was somewhat enlightening for someone who has spent most of his life abroad.

    To all LTTE supporters, there is definitely no genocide taking place. In fact, a couple of Tamil businessmen told me that the Wellawatte was becoming the most prosperous section of Colombo (I realize that this ancedotal along with I could witness for myself).

    The average Sri Lankan in the south, whether they be Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or other, are just plain relieved that they don’t have to fear leaving their households. That’s the extent of their politics.

    I realize that the problem of the IDPs is still a major issue. I still don’t trust this government. But at the person-to-person level, let me tell you that no one was talking about the Mahawamsa or Dutugamunu. They just wanted to be able to take their kids to the park or visit the beach at sun set.

    To all LTTE Tamils, please think about visiting Sri Lanka and judging for yourself before encouraging another round of destructive terrorism which will hurt everyone and further no one.

    There are definitely many hurdles to overcome, but I still believe a multicultural and united Sri Lanka has a great future awaiting it now that this 30-year period of self-inflicted fraticide has come to an end.

    Nobody in the world really cares about tiny Sri Lanka or its different communities. So we can hang together and create a common future or continue to hang separately.

  92. #104 Nostradamus, see my responce #93. Dont you mind Jay or his comments.

    Sri Lanka is for all who love her. that means you me and even Jay. No one community can lay claim and say its mine and mine only. After all we are only passing by. Keep the land safe for our children to use and then pass on to their children. I have been to Jaffna before the war and have had meals in houses there. I have many many tamil friends and collegues and emplyees. Those who utter crazy things here are those who do not understand humanity.

    So dont you worry Nostradamus. Even jay will mellow in time.

    I personally dont like VP but I know that many tamils still look at him as a savior and i respect that BECAUSE I deeply respect the views of my tamil brothers, even if I DONT agree.

  93. Let me respond to a couple of folks.

    # 88. shankar – you really got that number right ! Its not 18 Million but 22 Million ! My comparison was India to Lanka so let’s see 18 million heads in Lanka to India’s 1150 million versus 22 million to 1150 million. Hmm…. my calculator does not really seem to register a big percentage difference here. But feel free to take your 22 million. But I appreciate you wanting to get the numbers correct to the 3 decimal !

    But I am trying to figure out what that has that got to do me being immersed in the past, present or the that matter the future???

    # 104. Nostradamus – Let me say this one more time. The legend of Mahavamsha states that the Buddha personally visited Lanka three times and relocated some primitive tribes to another island somewhere else (perhaps Madagascar?) to prepare Lanka for the coming Vijayan migration. It goes on to state that as Buddha lay dying he instructed Lord Krishna to take care of Vijaya and his retinue of 700 who were even at that moment setting sail from Bengal and thereafter the Sinhala till the coming of the next Buddha 5000 years later. Then Lord Krishna guides the group through the sea and they land in Lanka and establish Sinhala. Later His Word is taken to Lanka and to date Buddhism thrives in Lanka even though it died out in India.

    YES, IT IS LEGEND!! But the fact is Arahat Mahanam got the legend pretty well close to the real thing. Buddhism did encounter multiple threats from Cholan and later Western invasions but it always re-emerged and the Sinhala continue to rule Lanka.

    As far as VP goes, I am not in shape or form trying to take the moral high or low ground. With his obesity dead VP uncannily resembled a wild boar, shot and mutilated. When his cadaver was carried away it was eerily similar to the way a hunted heavy wild beast would be carried between a group of hunter. Just watch the video.

    That is the legend.

  94. My dear Jay, you’re fantasizing. The success of the government in defeating the LTTE had everything to do with VP’s disastrous handling of the Karuna split, the banning of the LTTE in the West, co-operation between Lanka, India and Western countries to stop arms smuggling (until Congress prohibited it the Lankan navy was using US military satellite imagery to track LTTE arms shipments), and a much more intelligent military strategy than that of Ratwatte’s time.

    The spirit of the Mahavamsa had very little to do with it. In fact what has surprised me about this conflict is how much less use of Sinhala nationalist symbols there has been compared to the 1990s.

  95. Why Tamils and Sinhalese are the same….

    1) You use banana leaves instead of plates, to eat rice and curry

    2) Your parents mark any special occasion by boiling milk until it spills all over your stove..

    3) You get it on to baila music.

    4) You know Buddhist chants, Hindu chants and the Islamic call to prayer..by heart

    5) Your idea of a bathing suit is a conspicuous see-thru sarong around your chest.

    6) You find apples and oranges to be precious commodities while durian and rambutang are part of your daily diet.

    7) You refer to friends by calling them “Machan” instead of “dude”

    8) You have encountered; been pursued; or bitten by a snake.

    9) Catching malaria is like catching a cold.

    10) You learned how to spell your last name by singing it to the tune of the ABC song

    11) You haggle at the dollar store cuz’ you know that chocolate bar just cost you a 100 rupees.

    12) You eat string hoppers ,coconut milk and a three- course curry meal for breakfast

    13) When Arrack is better then any French champagne

    14) You have mastered the art of squatting

    15) You use Siddahelpe, gripe water and Panadol to solve your medical problems

    16) You rock a pimped out three wheeler when you drive down main street to check out the hoes.

    17) People think you ride an elephant or a bullock cart to school.8 )

    18) You tell your parents you got 98%, and they ask you what happened to the other two percent.

    19) You have a Singer sewing machine at home.

    20) You call an older person you’ve never met before uncle or “aunty”

    21) Your relatives alone could populate a small city.

    22) EVERYONE is a family friend.

    23) You went to a university as far away from home as possible and you still came back home to live with your parents after you finish.

    24) You use Kist or Maggi chilli sauce instead of tomato ketchup.

    25) You parents always say “on the light” instead of “turn the light on

    26) When “Aney”.. or “Aiiyooo” or “Alllaaahhh” is a standard word in everyday conversation

    27) You’re walking out of customs with your trolley at the airport and you see all twenty-five members of your family who have come to pick you up.

    28) You go back to your parents’ country and people treat you like a member of the royal family

    29) You are ALWAYS taking off and putting on your shoes wherever you go

    30) Your parents drink 3 cups of tea a day

    31) When the car allows 7 people yet you seem to fit 20 in there!!

    32) .Your parents compare you to all of their friends’ kids.

    33) .When cursing the Government is the highlight of every dinner conversation

    34) No one ever seems to call ahead of time to say they are coming over for a visit.

    35) Your parents worry what other people will think if you’re not going to be a doctor/engineer.

    36) Your parents worry what other people will think when your seen out in public with boys or if your “carrying on with someone”

    37) .Your parents worry what other people will say about you having a girlfriend/boyfriend or better yet “an affair”

    38) .At a function or party your parents say that their leaving, but often take another hour saying goodbye at the door.

    39) You find overlapping last names in the display area for this Groups’ members. (if you dont see this, refresh your page. it’ll happen eventually)

    40) . When u tell people that you are from Sri Lanka and they say “oh the country that got hit by the tsunami” (apparently the tsunami finally put us on the map!)

    41) Whenever something sad happens to anyone or any animal for that matter you automatically say “aney pouuuuuu…”

    42) When your parents talk shit about your non-Lankan friends in Sinhalese/Tamil while standing right next to them

    43) When something gross happens or talking about anything thats disgusting,bad,etc. you say “Chi Chi Chi…”.

    44) When you see guys in Nugegoda walking comfortably on the street holding hands and wearing fluorescent shirts and yellow BATA slip-ons..And hey! no one looks at them twice!!

    45) When u see middle aged guys with the doggiest mustaches and a head full of puffy toupee-like hair.

    46) Every occasion is celebrated with tea

    47) You walk in to a Sri Lankan party with one pair of shoes and walk out with different pairs that don’t even match.

    48) You salt and pepper your mangoes, and every other fruit you eat

    49) You have a Sri Lankan driving license which does not have a date of birth printed on it!

    50) When you tell people you`re NOT from India, and that you`re from Sri Lanka, they say “ohh okay,” but really, they think its all the same thing.

    51) You look for that plastic bowl after taking a dump…cuz’ wiping it is just not good enough!

    52) You go to a restaurant and ask for Fanta, Portello or a chocolate SMAK instead of a Pepsi

    53) When on your 18th birthday, you find out that you are pre- arranged to marry a person that you have never seen or heard-of before.

    54) When your 17-year old third-cousin’s wedding reception is bigger and more grand then the Kandy Perahara.

    55) When the differences in skin complexion within your family can only be compared to a color wheel.

    56) Your parents smuggle tea, juggery and every possible spice into the country when they return home from a visit to Sri Lanka. At the customs office, they would check off “NO” for the question regarding “food, exotic plants, hazardous chemicals or firearms”.

    57) Your parents leave folded plastic bags from expensive stores under their mattress so that they can be reused to make ghetto presents look really expensive.

    58) Your Parents aren’t afraid to chase you down the street and slap you if you talk back…

    59) You cover tv remotes with plastic wrap to the point where u cant even see the buttons

    60) You often went to school looking like a brown mime because your mom smothered your face with talcum powder.

    61) When you were a child, your parents randomly dressed you up for the sole purpose of taking pictures.

    62) You see middle aged Sri Lankan women on the bus with frizzy hair, magenta lipstick and faces that have been liberally smothered with “Fair and Lovely”.

    63) You grew up on Marmite and Glucose powder…and often faked a stomach ache so that you could drink Gripe water.

    64) You know that Cheetos aint got nothin’ on Tipi Tips..

    65) Your parents describe every foreign exotic place in the world as either “down-south” or “up-country”

    66) When you visit your Sri Lankan aunties, they always serve you a plate of lemon puffs and Tang before anything else.

    67) When in Sri Lanka, you find 9 wedding halls on one street while a library is often non-existant.

    68) Your Parents’ idea of a day off is sitting through loooooooong sermons in temples, churches or mosques

    69) When you’d “tap that Toddy” just to get that nice taste.

    70) When every Lankan girl that you meet is the daughter of the auntie whose grandfather is the cousin of the father of your uncle who is the brother of your dad!

    71) When your parents INSIST on carrying an emergency stash of mosquito coils in their first aid kit!

    72) When you’ve had chili smothered in your mouth because you talked back to your parents. : @

    73) When to your parents

    a) Scotch tape is ‘sello tape’,
    b) Washing Powder is ‘Rinso’
    c) toothpaste is ‘signal’
    d) soap is “lux or rexona’
    e) MSG’s are “Aji-no-moto’
    f) and binoculars are “binaCLOSE’
    g) any cellphone is reffered to as ‘Cell Tell

    74)When you know that “NO” actually means “YES” in Sri Lankan English…NO?

    75)When you know that there are people in Sri Lanka who could probably out-bobble a bobble-head!

    76)If you think Sigiriya Rock should be the eighth wonder of the world.

    77)When you know the words to the very annoying ‘Surangani’ and “Oye, Ojaye” songs…(NOTE: and now that you have been reminded, these songs automatically start playing in your head)

    78)You know exactly what your mother means when she holds up a bata slipper and says ” I shall give you one, nicely”…

    79)When your parents say you can be anything in life…but really mean you either have the choice of being an engineer, doctor, lawyer or marrying somebody who is an engineer, doctor or lawyer.

    80) When despite the fact that you have eaten a full three course meal prior to visiting your “auntie”, refusing to eat another three course meal in the same evening may result in dire consequences.

    81) You often see trucks or three wheelers with either people’s names or things like like “Sudhu Kella” or “Sinna Kutti” plastered on the back.

    82) You get invited to dinner at an “uncles” house for 7:00pm; You get there at 8:30 and dinner is served at 11:58 pm; The arrack induced fathers start singing at 1:00 am while the mothers start making idle chit chat about the “old days in Sri Lanka”…By 3:00am your “auntie” forces you to drink coffee so that you can get a good nights sleep when you get home at 6:00 AM.

    83) When you’ve spend at least one afternoon wrapping your school textbooks with “brown paper” so that they don’t get damaged!

    84) When you walk into a crowded room and EVERYONE looks up and just STARES at you for no apparent reason. Along with head bobbing, it is a custom to stare!!!!!!

    85) When you know that Odel’s is the best place to do an entire decade worth of shopping!

    86) When a game of carrom is used to settle minor disputes.

    87) When you know that Thambili is not only a fruit, but a color, a cure for diarrhea and a way to solve hangover-related issues!

    88) When you see aunties/uncles you haven’t seen in a long time they give you the Sri Lankan “sniff kiss” where by:
    a.They bring their cheek up to your cheek
    b. The sniff
    c. Switch cheeks and repeat.

    89) When your version of cookies and milk equals to”Marie biscuits” and Pure Ceylon Tea.

    90) When your mother doesn’t want you going outside at noon because she thinks “you’ll get dark”.

    91) When you know that “short eats” are nothing short of delicious, fattening and extremely addictive…

    92) When “roast paan” is always chosen over “naan bread”.

    93) Your mother makes about a billion different dishes consisting only of coconuts and chilli powder.

    94) When everything is dipped in “plain tea” or eaten with coconut sambol

    95) When finding large chunks of juggry in your “tala guli” is always a welcome surprise.

    96) When everyday is LITERALLY a national holiday and your parents have carried that notion to their new country.

    97) When a faint trail of vomit off the side of a window would always remind you of a public bus ride in the hill country.

    98) Your parents secretly worship the Gypsies and, to an extent, Abba and Boney-m.

    99) Wherever you go your parents will point out to a random person and say “he/she looks like (someone we know)”

    100) “Bombai Mutai” is better than any cotton candy.

    101) When you know that “Days of Our Lives” is nothing compared to the neverending “KOPEE KADE”

    102) When the only thing on your mind after partying all night is a Pillawoos Kottu!

    103) Your clay piggy bank resembled a thambili.

    104) When Hagen Dazs aint’ got shit on Elephant house!

    105) Petty issues are usually drawn out into long, overly melodramatic teledramas

    106) When you misbehaved your parents didn’t give you a time out…they whooped your ass with branches from a “Nelli tree”!!

  96. #112 Jay Chambers

    The descendents of Vijaya are long gone. According to recent scientists. Your information is not current.

  97. Hey Jay,
    “Buddhism did encounter multiple threats from Cholan” muched talked Chola “The Rajaraja Chola I” who ruled Lanka was in fact build the the Chudamani Vihara (a Buddhist monastery) in Nagapattinam. There were few Cholas followed Buddhisim. I guess you are mixing with patriotism and religion

  98. DBSJ,

    Any more details on how this ‘incredible” channel that shipped out Ram and co came about the given the three ring naval cordon and continuous intelligence monitoring by the Indians?

    Maybe “Col” Karuna will enlighten us?………..DBSJ

  99. How come the Ariyan sinhala race invaded and occupying the Tamil Ealom in the middle of the Diravider states???

  100. #115. Haroon

    I’m afraid you are just adding fuel to the fire. If Sinhalese want to believe they are descendants of Vijaya and are the guardians of Theravadha Buddhism let them believe so. Similarly, if Tamils cherish in the thought that North and the East is their traditional homeland and they are a distinct ethnic group from Tamils of Tamil Nadu then so be it. As long as people don’t try to rub their beliefs on those having different view points, everything is fine. These views are so deeply entrenched in our society to the extent that they are far bigger than the people themselves. For the humble tadpoles we are in these waters, all we can do is just put stitches on the wound by respecting each others beliefs and hope that in time the wound will heal itself. These are irrelevant to tacking the issues that really makes a difference in the lives of those who have been affected by the conflict. If the current generation is unable to find an amicable solution to the conflict let them at least agree to disagree and continue to evolve themselves in peace so that at least in future a more mature generation will find a lasting solution. If they continue to fight each other and send their children to the battle field they are just killing the very people someday who have the potential to find a lasting solution.

  101. hi dbs,
    could u pls get answers for comment# 119.

    i typed worng word for the 1st qust.
    What is ‘Kavi nger’s” role?

    lots of peoples like to know the answers….


    I am puzzled. Can you elaborate please?………………..DBSJ

  102. RS Wickramasinghe,
    You were right ON on most of the items. This shows you the life in Sri lanka is unique and carefree… joy came to people from small things!!

    One particular item that I liked is #95 in your list. I am glad that you liked it too!!

    How long did it take you to compile the list?

  103. This is steeling. Tamil version of this article appered in Elanadu weekly newspaper. Perhaps they can sue you for this dishonesty. You ahve tarnished your image.


    MOhan Anthonipillai

    First of all Thank you for alerting me about Eelanaadu. I bought a copy and I find as you have said a “Tamil version” of my article. The “Sudaroli” in Colombo has also translated and published my article. But unlike the “Eelanaadu” the “Sudaroli” has given credit to me as the author of the article

    You have said Steeling but I think you mean Stealing. Anyway “steel” your tender emotions for this.

    My article appeared on Friday July 24th on the “Daily Mirror”web edition and on my blog. It appeared in the “Daily Mirror” print edition on aturday July 25th. By the way it was written for the Daily Mirror – DBS Jeyaraj Column.

    The “EElanaadu” was published on MOnday July 27th.

    So obviously even a moron can infer from the dates that I could not have “stolen” from Eelanaadu of July 27th and posted the article three days earlier on the web and two days earlier on the hard copy.

    There’s a lot of “muttai” on your face. Wipe it off or lick it

    Will you now accuse “Eelanaadu” why they have “stolen” from me?

  104. to comment 120-rs wickremasinghe

    concrete indeed. i was a kothu addict. from the baila music he plays while doing it you know whether you are going to get a good kothu or not. i listen to it keenly. if there is no music you know he is an inexperienced ass and you are going to get a shitty kothu. imagine you can have a good kothu roti for one dollar. in the west what can you buy for one dollar except maybe a rolex watch. now that yours truly is gone little by little the diaspora can get out of their gopher holes and go and have a nice kothu. dont worry about the underworld, the white van is non discriminatory and taking care of all that.

  105. hi dbs,
    u know what i mean..
    u know these information… bring them out
    kp can not act by himself on trans…
    “prof cr”couple – bring out their thesis…

    u can’t be puzzled


    I am puzzled. Why the hell cant you be open and explicit instead of being so mysterious……..DBSJ

  106. Why are the tigers even relevant today? Despite the whipping they got, these tigers don’t know how to stop – simply because this is a cozy process to make money. The stupid tamils (not the intelligent ones) will keep pouring money into this irrelevant machine as long as people keep talking about what the tigers should be doing.

    Is it not obvious that Tigers have to become irrelevant if they are not already because not a single country or Govt wants to have anything to do with them? As long as you keep using the tiger name, the more you will remain irrelavant ………………


  107. If you practice the doctrine of Buddhism then you can become a good Christian, Hindu, Muslim or an atheist.
    But it is sad to see Srilanka is fast becoming a liability to the doctrine which I cherish.
    Buddha and his teachings do not belong to any particular group, the same way the Christ and his teachings.

  108. # 112 Jay Chambers

    How are you. Everything ok on your side.Wondering why it took such a long time for you to address me.

    Did you read what # 115 Haroon has to say. If i know Haroon, he is an Ace. You are no match for him.
    However, do not get disheartened. With the spirit of Dutugemunu on your side, the outcome of the debate could go either way. Given your gladiatorial inclination, you would not fail to come up with the rebuttal.

    Should you prevail, you would earn the rarest of the rare of honor. First meal with Nostradamus.

    Good luck & good bye my friend. Until we meet again.

  109. to comment 122-navin

    a very well thoght out and excellent comment. i agree with you that we should not dwell too much on the past and ty to crush each others beliefs in themselves. as you rightly point out it will only add fuel to the fire. we must be futuristic. a srilankan identity is a must.the idiots who claim that the country rightfully belongs to sinhala bhuddhists are sabotaging this. MR seems to realise this is is working on building this identity.that is why he said there are only two people in the country, those who love it , the patriots and those who dont. i think that is a good starting point for the foundation to build a national identity. ultimately what happens will depend on the leaders. MR has a lot of experience. we have to hope that within his tenure he will make the correct decisions for the country. his predessors were a dismal failure.

  110. Hi DBS

    It was an excellent article. Do you thing under KP, LTTE will get justice for Tamils? will the LTTE’s “transitional Governmet” be successful and is it practicle? You never touch o this. Thanks


    The future of the LTTE abroad would depend on KP consolidating his leadership and genuinely transforming the movement. Otherwise the tigers abroad will gradually fragment and decay with some strands turning into “mafia” type outfits. The “Mafia” had its origins as a Sicilian freedom movement.

    The transnational government concept is a big blunder and joke. KP & Rudra and others involved in this futile exercise should simply abandon it.

    There is SOME future for the LTTE if it renounces violence totally and adopts democratic, non – violent modes. Even then the LTTE can only be ONE of the MANY Tamil organizations. No longer can it claim to be SOLE representative of Tamils.

    The LTTE believed in power through the barrel of a gun and not through capturing the hearts and minds of the people. A truly “Transformed” Ltte has an uphill task

    First of all the “reformed” Ltte must issue a public apology to the Tamil people for having brought them to the precipice of disaster. Then apologies to the people of Sri Lanka -Sinhala, Muslim, Indian Tamil etc are also necessary.

  111. An Open letter to K.P.

    First please accecpt my sincere comdolence for the demise of your leadership.
    I feel that you are a realistic person and a suitable leader.
    I would like to bring the following points to your kind attention.
    1. Hope you may not claim that you are the sole representative for the Srilankan tamils.
    2.As you have called off the armed strugle it might be better to avoid the name Tamil eelam ( separation , new country and all) .However, fight for the legitimate rights of the tamils within the united SriLanka. After one or two years time , you can register your group as a political party in SriLanka. With your strong global network and money power you can really help Srilankan tamils as a political party.
    Your money power will make your party as a strong political party in SL.
    LTTE did so many damages to SL tamils, I do not want to talk about thost at this time.
    However, if you do this, this might be a chance for you to wipe out your sins.

  112. #114 RS Wicks. Spot on brother!!.

    There is more similarity than difference . For those who still harbour a little hatred. simmer down. This country is big enough for all of us. Hot ‘thangatchi’s and nagi’s, Aiya’s and Malli’s.

    Pray for ALL those who died. Let there be peace

  113. #122 Navin

    We had this conversation before and what I said still applies.

    We, here, in this forum, are discussing ideas, knowledge, points of view – as educated, intelligent people. Oh, and did I say … rational? I am assuming Mr. Chambers is one of these, and from our previous conversations I know you are.

    The people whose beliefs we do not want to upset are not in this debate, not in this forum. I am not standing on the proverbial soapbox and shouting out to the millions of simpler Sri Lankans that ‘we are actually all from South India’ or questioning the basis of their ‘religious-identity’. I feel this education will not happen in this generation even among the ‘educated’.

    However, do we accept that to future generations critical accessment of the myths of our generation will be a source of great entertainment? I do. This is normal when people learn and become educated – they become unafraid to confront long-standing beliefs. How about the flat earth? How about Genesis and the origins of the Universe? How about the Theory of Evolution? Or do we ensure that, while the masses are taught to read and write, we will control what they read about?

    Navin, it is commendable that you come to the defence of Mr Chambers, but I challenged his statements on the basis that he is an intellectual. I am assuming he is unafraid to confront his natural predisposition and he welcomes this as an excercise to help explore his prejudices.

  114. RS Wickramasinghe 114.

    Interesting, and these applies not only to Sri Lankans, but to all South Asians. ie. Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladedshis.

    There is one thing that separate SOME Tamils from
    Sinhalese, and that is the love for Sri Lanka.
    There are SOME Tamils who are very happy when
    something bad happen to SL. Diaspora Tamils
    are always trying to undermind SL in the International
    Community. They are even trying to stop Aid to SL
    including the IMF loan. Only Tamil Diaspora has got this
    problem and hatred for SL. They are obsessed with
    hatred for SL. There are Burghers, Malays, Muslims
    etc. who had lived overseas more than 50 years
    and still love SL and like to see SL doing well whether
    it is in Sports or whatever.

    Other than this abovementioned difference, Tamil and
    Sinhala are the same. We look the same, and just
    like the Mossads said when they came to train SLA and
    LTTE to kill each other, we are all Apes.

    Have you thought about why some Tamils feel like that?…………DBSJ

  115. Sri Lanka will be the last place on earth to take place any genocide by Sinhalese. Still some Tamils cry genocide fraudulantly.Everything about LTTE is fake ,misleading ,lies, frauds. They fool thier own people and the world like there is no tomorrow. There are Tamil leaders and people who care about the IDP and take care of thier problems.

  116. Hi DBS,
    VP is extremely extremely careful (more than his goal) on his personal safety and life. Please shed some light on who sabotage VP or gave him an extreme false hope. Without false hope or sabotage, he would not go to piece of land that is not suitable for guerilla warfare or conventional warfare or even to escape. I do not care whether VP is right or wrong but the truth has to be brought out. You are the one of the best person to gather (or you might have now) the truth and revel to this poor Tamils. Can you please do this��..?

    Let the residual LTTE and its minions accept openly that VP is no more………..DBSJ


  117. First thing, KP and his team need to spend the money they have gathered for the the final war from diaspora to the people who lost their relatives and wealth in the final war. It is the time for KP’s team to work on the plans and intiatives towards rehabilitation of the people who are in needs. By this way, LTTE can earn good reputation from the all kinds of people around the world. The second step is, work with the diplomats to pursue a political solution for Tamils. These are the essential works needs to be done quickly. Power gaining among LTTE is not important at this time.

  118. All people of all color and ethnicity!

    As of now, please accept our sincere apology.

    For all the misery we have caused to people far and wide, accept our sincere apologies on behalf of our people

  119. I am extremely sorry DBS. It is all my fault of wrongly accusing you of ‘STEALING’ the article from Elanadu. The reason for this that I first read Elanadu and then your article in Transcurrent. Without checking the dates I made my own conclusion. Please accept my apologies. In fact before your response, I did call the Elanadu editor and inquired about it. He was evasive and said that he had also read your artcle possibly both of you would have got the information from the same sources. But I insisted that it was a direct translation and told him that over 100 people have commeded and praised that particular article and DBS is getting the credit for your article. He simply laguhed and said never mind about that.

    I have been a keen reader of your articles beginning from ‘Behind the Cadjan curtains’
    Once again my apologies.

    Please dont worry. These things do happen. All the very best…………DBSJ

  120. hi
    thanks for the latest on the issues in our tamil over seas community,specially with in the ltte. who ever did the betrayal of the laedership in vanni,that is a bad thing. i was watching the the stuggle for the freedom quiet for a long time,but ended with nothing. so can you write any thing how they were betrayed,and by whom,and how?


    The LTTE hierarchy particularly its supreme leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is to blame for its downfall and destruction. The tigers were not betrayed by “others”. They brought about their own decline gradually.They did not listen to any well – meaning advice urging a course correction and went ahead on their march of folly. Hubris and Nemesis!Such arrogant stupidity had a predictable end. The LTTE betrayed the Tamil people. History will determine that the greatest traitor to the Tamil cause was none other than Velupillai Prabhakaran himself

  121. To :
    96. banu | July 27th, 2009 at 8:56 am,

    I think you have mistaken Ramayana for Mahabaratha. Demon King Ravana & Hanuman are in Ramayana.
    Buddhist Philosophy or religion is different from Mahavamsa. Mahavamsa,Mahabaratha, Ramayana, Chilapthikaram are all epics or mythologies. They are all in a way one sided and glorify the history of the party to who the authors belong. It is sad that in SL even after 1948,even in this modern day world the Mahavamsa is glorified through majoritarian power. Even many journalists have glorified MR a far superior hero than King Dute Gemmunu. Going forward is not easy for SL with this kind of mindset.

    The Tourist Promotion Board of SL is promoting Ramayana or Rama’s trail in Srilanka to attract tourist from countries where they believe in Ramayana.
    Ramayana pre-dates Mahavamsa.

    In a way you are right that all religions have their own mythologies. In a way leaders of China, Vietnam, and some othe EAsian countries follow the right path of not mixing religion with politics. Since SL leaders are now following many of the East Asian style governance in dealing with minorities, will MR regime follow the same with religious preference ?

    Anyway, please visit the following toenlighten yourself further the point ISS made :

    With Tamil Tigers gone, Sri Lanka opens the Ramayana trail for Indians
    Thursday 23rd July, 2009 Zimbabwe Star


    excerpts : “The Sri Lankan tourism department has identified about 50 sites that are said to be connected to the Ramayana that tells the tale of the Hindu god Rama, whose wife Sita was kidnapped by the demon King Ravana and taken to ‘sone ki Lanka’, or the golden kingdom of Lanka.”

    “According to historian Neil Kiriella, there is historical evidence to prove that the epic took place in Sri Lanka.”

    “Rama is believed to have installed a shiva lingam, an icon of Lord Shiva, at Manawari Kovil in Chillaw, which is about 65 km from capital Colombo. It was a remedy to get rid of ‘Brahmahathi Dosham’ for having killed Ravana who was a Brahmin. ”

    PS : What will be GOSL official version of the race, cast or religion of Demon King Ravana / Brhamin King Ravana or Dravidian King Ravana????

  122. DBSJ,

    Ref your reply 132

    In fact, I have been writing emails to KP on this. I requested him to make a public apology for all the killings and atrocities committed by LTTE. I know, I am asking too much. Hopefully, he will have the courage to make such apology.

    I regularly read his blog; he seems to take the people interest first than anything else. This is a good sign, we have never seen in this VP.

  123. Re: # 114
    R.S. Wickramasinghe, thank u for bringing out some positive thoughts to this discussion regarding our similarities, rather than fighting over differences. but my friend, y do u keep silent regarding queries like how long it took u to write this. may be 1 minute?? just to copy and paste from the facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2224325641

    it’s ok to refer from some other writer, but don’t take the credit for somebody else’s writing.

  124. dbs

    you gave a very good response to comment 132 ramesh from you .you hit it spot on. why dont you write anartcle elaboratig furthr on these ideas. let us hope they start listening to you at least now. all this would not have happened if they listnened to you earlier startin with indolanka accord and endin with the karuna saga and elections boycott. from now on advise the tamils every step of the way. we cant afford to make anymore mistakes. let those who dont agree with you have constuctive debate on your blog. the KP fellow is intelligent and clever and most importantly does not seem to be the obdurate type, but i can see he has a lot of problems from within.
    with regard to the apology i feel it may be unnecessary. why start digging up the past . let the past including pograms against tamils be once and for all buried and let us start a new book . the british, germans and french massaccred each other in the millions, but they did not apologize. instead they have buried the past and become the EU.

  125. dbs

    you gave a very good response to comment 132 ramesh from you .you hit it spot on. why dont you write anartcle elaboratig furthr on these ideas. let us hope they start listening to you at least now. all this would not have happened if they listnened to you earlier startin with indolanka accord and endin with the karuna saga and elections boycott. from now on advise the tamils every step of the way. we cant afford to make anymore mistakes. let those who dont agree with you have constuctive debate on your blog. the KP fellow is intelligent and clever and most importantly does not seem to be the obdurate type, but i can see he has a lot of problems from within.
    with regard to the apology i feel it may be unnecessary. why start digging up the past . let the past including pograms against tamils be once and for all buried and let us start a new book . the british, germans and french massaccred each other in the millions, but they did not apologize. instead they have buried the past and become the EU.

  126. 149. senadhi

    I wanted to see how long the famously competitive jealous dimwitted element in our community take to figure out where it came from.

    Do you see a writer for this on Facebook to quote?

    Does this blog look like an essay competition?

    Why don’t you quote your real name instead of giving me lectures on referencing?

  127. RS wicks
    dont waste time responding to comment 149- senathi. instead respond to my comment 77. you cant be giving 110 points and it is obvious to anyone it was copied. so, senathi what is the point of stating the obvious wicks does not suffer fools and has called me that on more than one occasion.

  128. Thank you DBS.
    Tamils need unity. We can only pray for this. The poor tamils in Vanni are suffering

  129. DBS,

    Question from #140 is important. Mr. Thiru who reached TN as a refugee has said in an interview that leadership was hoping that US will broket a deal based on information from diaspora. It is important to determine who gave the false hopes during the last few months? Are they going to be in the future leadership of Tamils?

  130. Great article and good blog for good people wanting to help oppressed Tamil.
    Are there another good bloogs like this one? Please help me to find some.

  131. dbs
    151 is my comment and 150 also mine, though it is named kumar. today this kumar was in my’ leave a comment ‘section and i forgot to erase it whn i sent my comment. yesterday it was nathan and i noticed and erased. i am wondering whether someone is trying to hack into our systems.

  132. We can find a just solution to the chaotic island nation only if we can come to understand the reason why VP the 16 year old Srilankan boy drawn into a youth rebellion, in line of previous youth insurrections, though the reasons may vary, the undercurrent is that Srilankan leaders have failed our children.
    If we can not see through the reason, the nation who boast to hold higher literacy , can only call herself- ” Only nation in the universe where illeterates can read and write”

  133. Hi DBSJ

    There are lot of Sinhala Journalists , who are critical of Mahinda and being targeted by the Mahinda Regime. Lasantha lost his life.



  134. shankar #77

    Had a quick squiz at your link and wanted to ask you this.

    Do own any Beatles records?

    Do you ever play them backwards?

  135. Fran,

    You ask an interesting question, that I believe points to the fundamentals of this and in fact many conflicts: demography.

    Between independence and 1983 the population of Sri Lanka doubled.

    Part of this the state became the victims of its own success in providing basic primary healthcare services and education.

    The economy remained more or less stagnant in that time.

    This means the the same pie was divided among twice as many mouths.

    These are fundamentally hallmarks of a population in disequilibrium.

    Ih what sort of climate did political events occur? One of jealousy, competition, Fear, paranoia, fear psychosis, along the faultlines of Sri Lankan society, north vs south, Tamil vs Sinhalese, but also within sinhalese people.

    Those mouths were often also often hungry,especially during the oilshock years. Hunger is tinderbox of conflict everywhere.

    It was clear by the early 70’s that a generation was coming of age whose aspirations could not be fulfilled.

    This generation almost overthrew the government almost overnight in 1971.

    How much agency did the SL government have to change the economy or runaway population growth. given socialism was in vogue, and population control was not readily or widely available anywhere?

    If the population had not doubled post-independence and the economy concomitantly stagnated would the underlying divisions in SL, caste, class, regionalism, language, division have fomented into outright violence?
    Sri Lanka, or would they have gradually broken down as they have in the globalised west?

  136. Mr .Jayaraj it seems that you know each and every details
    related to LTTE. All kudos to you . Please do remember your disclosures whether it is true or not certainly affects the tempo of the struggle of Tamils to get a right share .
    It is important to be united at present . The goal is one the means are many . Each and every means has got a right justification . Good for one may be a very bad thing for another .
    ” Atra kulathu aru neer paravaiyaga vaendaam.

  137. Re#152: RS Wicks
    hey! i have been a member of this facebook group for more than one year. so it doesn’t take so long to realise where it came from when u mention it here. and i know there is no founder of that group in your name. call it competition, jealousy or whatever, but it is still stealing intellectual property, heh.. heh.. heh

  138. wicks , with regard to your comments 162, you have given only one of the reasons for the 30 year conflict that took place. number 2 is july 83 riots and no 3 is indira ghandhi.
    after the july 83 riots the number of youths wanting to join militant groups was so large that they could not cope. indira ghandhi provided training facilities and arms. she was contemplating invading srilanka, but dropped the idea and instead decided on this course. srilanka had a narrow shave at that moment because what happened to bangladesh could have happened here.

  139. wicks
    i had a think. are you trying to tell me it is some form of manipulation digital technique. beatles were dabbling in something like that at one time, i remember.iam weak in this digital areas, but i know they can do wonders here. i will take your word for it that it is a fake.

  140. The question is SL Tamils still digging the LTTE remaining structures in Foreign soils or start to find a middle path to achieve a permanent peace with Singhalese in Sri Lanka. I think time is running out for Tamils and wasting it on the ‘Mafia’ look a like foreign LTTE structures just make things worse. DBSJ please use your interletual capacity to provide the SL Tamils to find more democratic means to survive in this hostile world. This service by you probable lead to remember histroy.

  141. dei jeyaraj unakku eman naan thanada.you can think yourself as brillent but you can’t think that others ore fool.

  142. Dear DBS,

    Thanks for the info, I always appreciate you articles atlest all these will be one day documented to see the full picture.

    Although I love and respect VP I have to agree he mistakes let the tamils to this stage.

  143. If Ram & Suresh escaped abroad then who’re the two influensive LTTE leaders got arrested by Sercurity Forces recently when they are preparing to flee out of country..

    Their names haven’t been published yet.. But were their anymore other leaders trapped in eastern jungles except these two guys?

  144. Dear DBSJ,
    Your comment on #132 is wonderful. Please keep on writing to educate the tamil diaspora of the realistic approach to this problem.

  145. # 130. Nostradamus

    Haha, buddy, I don’t spend all my life responding to things like the blog here. I will respond in a couple of days, but life has been a bit busy for me lately to even come to see you all here. Gimme a couple more days…

  146. Jay

    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

    This is a quote from Abraham Lincoln. Please do not accuse me of verbal abuse.

  147. Well, time is 01:55 hour 07th August 2009 in Singapore time.. just got back home after a night out to read the “KP chapter” also now comes to end..in Bangkok

    Lets all together and close that HORROR FICTION forever and get together as Srilankans…

  148. This message 4 all tamils ,

    we need 2 re build our organization and our community therefore i request the appropriate leaders to do the neccessary works

    Thanking you,

  149. Srilankan government and army killed 72,549 Tamil in last 187 days alone.167, 000 are arrested and are dumped in jail without trial. Nearly 500,000 homes have been destroyed.
    All is being recorded with army intelligence and president office.

    This is systematic ethnic cleansing of Tamils. United nation is nothing but just a puppet s

    Dont worry Tamilsingam will be back and there will be a payback time.

    Tamil will gain independence from ruthless srilankan killers

  150. Military Struggle ended.

    The diaspora has to do a lot of things now. Attract the attention of international community the untold miseries of Srilankan tamils not only in Tamilnet but international Dailies & National Dailies. You could make Cinemas, TV Serials, Wall posts, Internet, Web pages etc etc. Let the world decide!

    VP got international attention for his struggle but srilankan state was clever to propagandise it as a terrorist activities instead of freedom struggle and srilankan terrorism was categorized as counter offensive.

    Freedom for Srilankan Tamils is possible

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