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SLRFU wants to Resolve Issues A Kandy vs Navy Rugby Match Marred by Violence

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by Chathura Pinnawala

After the disgusting events that occurred after the final whistle of the Kandy SC versus Navy SC’s pivotal second round encounter of the Inter-Club Division A league rugby match at Nittawela on Sunday, Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union (SLRFU) is seeking a way to resolve the issue within their board room.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa and First Lady at “Kandy SC Vs Navy SC”-pic courtesy of: rugby.lk

Both parties have accused each other of malpractices since the finish and SLRFU secretary Rizly Illyas said both have complained to the union about the misconduct of the other.

They have officially received complains from the two heavyweights in the club rugby area and SLRFU will now contact both clubs to decide on a date to have a roundtable talk to come to a conclusion on the matter.

According to Navy’s grievance, allegedly ten minutes after the finish when the defeated Navy players were returning from the dressing room they were on the receiving end of some water bottles and Navy supporters have retaliated turning Nittawela into a battlefield.

Somehow chaos had reigned from then on as the crowd who was trying to flee the scenes of madness was trapped and both set of supporters who were more than happy to flex their muscles had done so until Police and Army took hold of the riot nearly ten, fifteen minutes after the start of the brawl.

Illyas said that in Kandy’s protest they had stated that the hill country club had requested the Sailors about separate seating capacity but they have turned it down. He clarified that though these complaints will be looked into, what is critical in this matter is the match commissioner’s report.

“Still the match commissioner’s report hasn’t come. We are waiting for that. For now both sides are accusing each other but neither side is important to us. The report has a huge footing on the entire thing,” he added.

However the result of the match is in no danger as all the brouhaha appeared after the match was over. Illyas said that he hopes the two clubs will come to an amicable conclusion on the matter after talks and pointed out the incident that happened at Police Park recently during the Police versus Air Force match as a prime example. Police has taken responsibility on their part being the host and has promised to be more vigilant about security.

As per the rules, the hosts are responsible for the security of their home grounds.

The match between the two sides at Welisara last week went without any stains.

In other countries, hooligans who disrupt matches and bring disrepute to the sport are banned to various degrees after the consulting the video evidence and it is about time, Sri Lanka too acts fast about this before something serious takes place. courtesy: The Island

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