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AlJazeera Video: ‘As long as human rights violations continue in Sri Lanka, people will flee and go to a safe country’

About 700 migrants have been arrested so far this year, and more than half of them in the last three weeks. The final segment of Al Jazeera’s three-part series on Australia’s immigration debate looks at attempts to stop so-called boat people from making the dangerous voyage. Al Jazeera’s Minelle Fernandez reports:

Sara Nathan

Al Jazeera interview re: Sri Lankan asylum seekers:

International community worry over human trafficking than human rights violations regarding Sri Lanka will continue to make people get out of that country, says Sara Nathan, A Refugee Rights Activist in an interview with AlJazeera.

“Boat people and human smuggling issue will stop, when there is no need for them to flee, and also if Australia takes on more refugees, then there is no point people paying their life savings or taking loans and getting on boats to come to Australia”, said Sara Nathan in the AlJazeera interview.

‘Worry over human trafficking than human rights violations will make people get out of Sri Lanka’

Jayanath Colombage-Sri Lanka Navy, Trincomalee

Tide of illegal immigrant will continue as long as Australia accepts them:

“People feel when they go to mostly Australia that they are welcome there; and they can find greener pastures. It is kind of a supply – demand situation. Its got nothing to do with the situation here, because situation here is quite normal at the moment”