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I.D.P Camps in Manik Farm: An eye-witness account

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Hello Friends,

The conditions prevailing at the Internally displaced person (IDP)camps in Vavuniya and Chettykulam are far from satisfactory.

Many of those who serve or have served as volunteers in these camps are upset over the continuing humanitarian tragedy .

It is widely acknowledged that the authorities are making sincere efforts to improve conditions as far as possible.

It is also accepted that conditions are improving gradually. But there is a crying need for vast and quick improvement .

Recently a team of volunteers returned after a stint at IDP camps in Manik Farm.

This is a brief compilation of the team’s first-hand experience. Some areas that need to be addressed immediately have also been identified.

This authentic eye-witness account is presented here to provide readers with an idea of the tragic plight of the IDP’s.

The need of the hour is to do all that is possible to alleviate their current suffering and facilitate speedy re-settlement of the people in their original places of habitation.

Once again I ask readers not to engage in ethnic-oriented recrimination about the IDP plight .

Please see a humanitarian tragedy as human beings and not as ethnic beings.

I must also state that this account is not the conventional fact-finding report but more of a sincere attempt to describe first-hand impressions of existential reality.

Here then is this eye-witness account: -D.B.S.J ~ I can be reached at dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

Menik Farm Zone Four

A model of the Manik Farm Zone 4-pic: indi.ca


Condition from camp to camp varies. Zone three camp is comparatively better of the camps. In Zone 03 the shelters at the front are in better condition but as you walk further and further towards the interior , the conditions are not the same. There is a conspicuous drop in quality

Even in Zone 03 the water is scarce and on the day we went the people had received rice and sugar but no vegetables nor any complementary items to cook along with the rice. Brigadier Weerakone who was in charge of the camp was requesting NGO’s to provide vegetables as the inmates were not receiving them.

Another issue of concern was that there were families in Zone 3 who were separated (for example we met a mother and 2 daughters in Zone 3 and they said the father and the other daughter are in Zone

2). This separation is a serious issue and so far authorities have not taken any constructive steps to re-unify the families.

Zone 2 was quite congested and they were making arrangements to move some of the IDPs to the newly created Zone 5. Here in Zone 2 the NGOs were providing food for community cooking.

There were serious allegations of corruption here as one of the Grama Sevakha’s (a Tamil) was in the habit of misappropriating what comes to the IDP’s for other purposes. Some of the community leaders among the IDPs who raised the issue were threatened that they would be the first to be separated and taken to Zone five. Corruption seems rampant in these camps .Sadly those responsible mainly are Tamil officials ( GS’s).

Water queue were seen everywhere. We saw a child scooping water from a filthy muddy drain and take it to their tent. Small buckets, hundreds would be kept in a line near a water source waiting for the water to arrive. There was dirty water running on both sides of the road where drains have been freshly dug.

Flies are in abundance and hygiene is a life-threatening issue. The flies are so infinite we saw merchants sitting inside make shift nets and selling things.

Toilets were inadequate. In one camp we saw that some of the tents had been removed and this area was now being used as open defecating areas. On both sides of the road you could see human waste. We stopped the vehicle to take photographs but the stench was too overpowering for us to stay long. This was in close proximity to where people were staying but in vacant spaces.

Zone 4 was the area where the final batch of IDPs who came out are being housed. This is a high security area and inmates are those who were in the vanni in the last stages of the battle. Most of them are heavily traumatized. We saw a child almost enveloped in sand. Water again was a major problem here. Living conditions in all camps need to be definitely improved.

Unquestionably there is no freedom of movement at all to these IDPs. They are being kept like prisoners. Many of them have well to do children and relatives in other parts of the country with whom they can stay. We saw an official who works in Colombo who had come to see his mother. He drove a luxury vehicle and looked as if he was from the upper strata of Sri Lankan Tamil society. His mother looked like an impoverished,malnourished beggar living in the IDP camp.

There is no registering of people in a transparent,systematic manner. Hence even if people disappear there is no way to trace them. It must be emphasised that the separation of family members is a very grave concern.

Access is not given to NGOs to talk to the IDPs. You go in, give the food and get out. You are not even supposed to take your mobiles in or give the IDPs the use of it. There is an epidemic of chickenpox and hepatitis and other diseases in the camps.

Three of our colleagues who wore open footwear while working in the camps were later infected with various foot diseases. One had to have both his toe nails removed. The other’s soles were affected and is being treated. The third has a rash which makes him walk with a limp.

If this was the case with volunteers working in Manik farm one can just imagine the plight of the IDPs who don’t even have a pair of bathroom slippers to wear. We saw a child wearing footwear made out of hardboard and elastic and another one covering his feet with plastic bags.

The other issue is the Militarisation of the camps. Camp management needs to be handed over to the civil administration. When trees are chopped down , or tents are re-located the soldiers are stand with their guns and compel the IDPs to do the manual labour. These tasks should be done voluntarily by the IDPs rather than being made to appear like bonded labour at gun point.

Other needs are clothes. IDP’s are in desperate need for change cloths. People kept asking us especially the women for clothes. There has been distribution of clothes but these are hardly adequate. Children, pregnant mothers, lactating mothers, infants and the elderly need special care.

Daily people die some time more than 5-10 a day, mostly children and elderly. This is due to disease, malnourishment etc. The malnourishment is not necessarily due to current camp conditions. Even in the Vanni they had been near starvation and the arduous journey has made them weaker.

To bring a body to Vavuniya they are charged around Rs. 10,000. A few weeks back a pregnant lady committed suicide in one of the toilets.

The LTTE detainees are housed in different locations. There are separate camps for boys and girls. There are around 9000 plus boys and 2000 lus girls. Access to this camp can be obtained with defence ministry’s approval only.

They are looked after quite well except when they protest or appear to get aggressive. The girls need a change of clothes, normal amenities such as soap, toothpaste, sanitary ware etc.

The problem is that they need regular supplies and that they idle the whole day. There are also many wounded girls in the camp. Some of them are disabled . They need special medical attention. This is true of the boys too.

Also all LTTE cadres are housed together. The hard core LTTE detenues , those who had gone for even two days training, conscripts who had run away from the LTTE, those who quit the LTTE and returned to their homes, those who got married etc. are all in one camp.

Those married have been separated from their spouses. There were 37 pregnant girls among the detainees. They had left the LTTE and got married but due to the rule that any one who underwent training needs to surrender they are all now kept as LTTE detainees.

The cry of both the boys and the girls were to see their parents, husbands and wives etc. Even for a few minutes they pleaded. The cry to connect socially to their kith and kin was heard every where. This was pathetic.

The boy’s camp had an epidemic of chickenpox and typhoid. They asked for medicines stressing that they had trained doctors among themselves.

There 35,000 children in the camps and out of which around 1,800 are orphans.

We draw attention below to some of the pressing issues and concerns identified at a recent meeting on the IDPS:

1. Freedom of movement and host family options-i.e. many families have relatives, children they can go and stay with. Yet they are forcibly kept in the camp.

2. Systematic and transparent registration-names of IDPs are not registered presently.

3. Transparent screening procedures and information feedback to family.

4. Family Reunification: Families are separated (father and one child in one camp and mother and other children in another zone).

5. Civilian nature of administration-presently the camp is administered by military personnel.

6. Right to information

7. Ability for aid agencies/NGO s to talk to the displaced

These are some of the advocacy issues that should be looked at in the next several weeks and these camps should be revisited in order to ascertain what progress have been made on these issues.

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  1. Dear DBSJ, thank you very much for this post. Unlike the earlier acount from a humanitarian worker who played dirty politics on the situation, (the interview) this is factual, to the point and credible.

    Lets keep NEW coming out of the camps. NEWS. NOT stories… still I think the best way forward is to keep preasure on the relevant parts of the government to resolv them soon.

    the seven points noted above are not things that volunteers or those who send charity goods can resolve. Best thing to do is to get the information out. The bad, & sad as well as the good and the positive.

    This is 1.5% of SL population the other 98.5% should not be allowed to forget them.

  2. This eyewitness account more than proves a comment of Manik farm being the “best camp” made by 3-Kumar SriSkanda in the last article of IDPs. Here is part of the comment again:

    “Since Jan. 2009, many of our brothers and sisters had fled Sri Lanka hoping to reach the world from where the dollars went to put them outside of their homeland. These people are stranded in almost all the international airport detention centres and UNHCR run camps including Accra – Ghana, Malaysia, Beijing, Caracas, Argentina and what not.
    They wish to return to Menik farm but there is no way for them. This is what they would feel I guess!
    Do I know what it means?
    To be a stranger in a strange country
    To hear a new language which I never heard
    To see new human race which I have never seen
    To realise that east or west, home is the best
    To come to terms that Menik Farm is the best camp”

    Manik Farm, the “best camp” !! I am sure those stranded in international detention centers are crying themselves hoarse to have missed the golden opportunity of living in Manik farm. Manik Farm, the “best camp” indeed!!!

  3. This is really disturbing. Someone please do something about this. Can some influential person from any party.group,or religion, come forward to do something about it.

    May God be merciful to the IDPs of SL.

  4. What an unwarranted crime holding these people in this state.

    I’m certain, if the GOSL, just releases these people to walk free, they will find their way back to their homes, and be in a better condition within a month.

  5. This camp should be re-named as Auschwitz pura!
    These are nothing short of concentration camps…
    This article like so many others is proof that these poor people have gone from the frying pan to the fire.

    Its sad that developed nations are condoning this sort of thing in the 21st century.

    Shame on you!

  6. Comment #3 (Dilon),

    See the seven points that requires urgent attention, that can be only be granted by your government unless LTTE makes a come back and liberates the Tamil people (or India walks in with its military strength).

    You need to pray and pray hard that Buddha will come and fix all this mess that you and your people inflicted on the Tamils in the name of Buddha.

    While you are at the praying mood also pray that the Transnational Tamils will be merciful on the Sinhalese when they are done with the ground work for a bigger and more deadlier struggle against you, your racist Sinhalese sisters and brothers led by your majesty the King Mahinda.

  7. This account is very disturbing news indeed but nothing surprising when government machinery is in charge. The problems highlighted are not difficult to solve and only requires dedication on part of those who are responsible. The problem is not the fact that IDPs are held up in the camps but the fact that camps are not been managed in the way they should be managed. For instance why on earth would the government want out source building toilets to UN? Do we Sri Lankan’s not know how to build a toilet? If IDPs are provided with the material and space, I’m sure they will be more than happy to build the toilets themselves. Given that it has been nearly two months since these camps have been established it only shows the inefficiency on part of the authorities into looking into these matters. Now please don’t try to dress this up as discrimination against Tamils by a Sinhalese government for a Tamil government would not have done any better. All governments are like this be they Tamil or Sinhalese.

    What people should try to do is to report these things without getting into political discussions and vilifying the government left and right. Like 1. TCK suggested these problems can only be solved by working with the government. Trying to bypass it (like the Captain Ali drama) would only make matters worst.

    The way things are reported in this article is very good. It reports facts and does not attempt to pass judgments over government policies. I can only pray that this government would not create a humanitarian catastrophe by mismanaging this issue of IDPs. May be it is already a humanitarian catastrophe.

  8. .
    Do you want to be a Good Guy?

    1 – Beat a guy until bleeding
    (give all the excuses … you were drunk, it was an accident, and so on……)

    2- Give the guy some water & food
    3- Give the guy some medicine

    Wow……. You are a humanitarian, You gave water and medicine to a bleeding guy……. You are realy a Good Guy, You are going to heaven.

  9. I will put partly blame on the Tamil diaspora for not helping their poor brothers and sisters in Sri lanka. If they can give millions of dollors to the cruel LTTE war machine why can’t they canalized the fund to these people? Then it will take few months for most of these people to resettled in their native areas.
    Many of those advocating unrealistically fast improve of conditions in North forget one big point. The war has crippled whole infrastructure and socio economic development for more than 30 years. It will take atleast 3-5 years to provide basic facilities to these people. Don’t expect miracles and unrealistic expectations.

  10. Yes it is a shame.
    Any one who violate the rights of others are going to recive very serious punishments in their life and their future decendance. So the German people who did this received their reward and Sri Lanka will not be an exception. So let the leaders understand that moral principles cannot be hoodwinked. When you are drunk in power you dont see it but it will all come to an end.
    Those who can help directly those people should do their best and heaven will surely reward them too.

  11. Dear Sri Shanth and followers –
    It once again shows your rage / hatred / aggression and stupidity.

    I thought you would say something like comment No. 3

    Providing clothes for 300000 needs only 25000 or less donors. It’s a shame that I have a dozen and a half or more clothes that are waiting and I have no way of sending it.

    It costs only £10 for a tea chest size box and I think it can accommodate a decent amount of clothes. If someone who is influential / and utterly trustworthy can organize a mechanism of delivering the stuff the problem will be solved in days and should not arise again.

    I think the “Karaa’s” from Scarborough and London can start this noble act, instead of dancing naked on the street. Chanting slogans against Sri Lankan politicians.

    I think the most stupid thing any Sri Lankan (Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslims and others ) could do is “Thovil Dancing” against the politicians of Sri Lanka. There is no ghost to chase because the politicians are the ghosts.

    Once again like I repeat always, please do understand that you are dealing with the politicians of Sri Lanka and you know what it means!

  12. What a tragedy? Where is the rest of the so call sole representatives and the diaspora? Portion of the yearly collected 300+ million dollars can do some relief here. Instead the Captain Ali media circus do some tangible effort to resolve this suffering. This report claims the government is trying the best so work with them. Set a side the politics in this. Those who played with peoples’ tragedy for their interest is gone. Diaspora, get out of your confusion and help these people. That is the need of the hour.

  13. Dear Sr Srinath – Have you been to Poland or Seen Auschwitz – or read a book abut it. This is nowhere near that. Yes it is bad for your standard in Canada or UK , our standard but they are trying. One Sarana Development Foundation based in Galle recently went and distributed food and clothes to IDPS. collected from Sinhalese. Most Sinhalese know the situation an sympethize with it. Instead accusing the authorities we are trying to help them. Can’t you spare those pounds and dollars that you used to send for LTTE to buy weapons to kill us for these people. They need help. Most Sinhalese wants these people to be released as soon as possible. People who say camp managements should not be army should look Katrina situation in US. US army and National guard were mobilized first to help. There are still problems even though LTTE was defeated. Let’s work together to make these people happy first. Lets argue later.

  14. This is more of an accurate version of events and matches other eyewitness accounts I have read elsewhere. It also completely contradicts the rubbish written by Kath Noble who is nothing but an apologist for the MR regime.

  15. Can you imagine what it would have been as a human shield on the ither side. Every thing is comparative.

  16. What a difference between this account and those by Kath Noble and Malinda Seneviratne in The Nation on Sunday. This account is more credible as it accounts for the government’s refusal to allow pictures to be taken.

  17. Sri Shanth,

    What u want. You want to send them to mined land. Can you take that responsibility. Perhaps you may hope that they go back and pickup stashes of weapons that LTTE left hidden behind and start the previous miserable life. This solution is not good. So help it to improve. There are enough of independent agencies you can work through if not government directly.

  18. Currently government struggling to find funds to send supplymentary food. INGO’s supply staples like rice, flour, salt and sugar. You all we know we sri lankans cann’t eat that alone. Recently southern province government employees one days salary collected about 20 million. Likewise a lot of ordinary people try to do something. I’m you in first world can do more.

  19. I have wondered why the GOSL is keeping the IDPs in these camps. I’ve heard the landmine stroy, but I am not buying that. Why can’t they let them go and live with relatives, if they have any?

    Anybody have a better explanation?

  20. People need to calm down and stop making these highly exagerated claims like comparing to Nazi camps. Even if all these people living in IDP camps set free tomorrow, where are they going to go. Who is going to feed them. Then people will start balming the government and the majority. There are mines all over the north, we need to clear the land of mines. For expatriates, I would like to remind them Sri Lanka is a third world country and the conditions in the country cannot be compared to western countries.

  21. Everyone can find faults in everything or with even Gandhi or Jesus. Here we must look at how they were in Vanni.
    Even with some difficulty they are better off when their life is compared in Vanni. Now they have been preveledged and have a good opportunity to learn Sinhala Language. When of my relation spoke to his sister in Pampaimadu camp, she said she was told to learn sinhala and ask for a Sinhala book from her visitor, now she has the book and learns. Such facility was not available in Vanni.
    Thanks to Karunanithy and India.

  22. I think the GOSL is doing a honest job considering the limited resources they have available. One can think of how many mines have to be removed, and how much infrastructure (police/water supply etc) has to be restored. The LTTE did not even build a tin hut for the common tamizhans with the diaspora money for the last 30 years, and that is a additional factor to consider instead of pointing the blame on the GoSL everytime. Had the LTTE established a infrastructure for the common man, then the situation would not have been so bad and the IDP’s would have had somewhere to return too. If they were released from the camps, they have no where to return to currently.

  23. Yes, the hysteria needs to be curtailed. There will always be heartbreak and trauma specially when government decision making processes get involved.

    What do your expect ? All these people to be released to go out and fend for them selves and for some of them to unearth the buried arms and start a war again ? For others to get blown up in land mines and for others to starve to death because their livelihoods don’t exist anymore ?

    Those who are making comparisons to the jews in world war 2 should also read the stories of what happened to the german people after they lost the war. Unfortunatley “to the victor go the spoils” that is human nature.

  24. some facts may be true..but GOSL has been sincere in the affort to shelter,feed and provide basic needs for 300000 idp s . this should be commended.surely it would take time for the dust to settle.the so called diaspora who protested so much about civilians has done nothing for their welfare.it was just acover to save terrorism.and its not the diaspora who cares for the idps ,but sinhalease in the south.most families has contributed to this cause.while the diaspora was feeding terrorist.all want the idp’s to be settled ..but where???there is no basic infrastructure,,and its a mine feild..all that has to be taken care of.dont expect miracles.
    the GOSL’s point to limit visitors should be commended.most want access to these camps just to make judgements.LIKE THIS

  25. Reply -7 – Navin:

    “If IDPs are provided with the material and space, I’m sure they will be more than happy to build the toilets themselves.”

    Ofcourse!!! With the SL Gov. soldiers holding guns to them like the article claims. These IDPs have injuries, are starving, and have gone through trials of trauma, all they need now is to build toilets.

    “What people should try to do is to report these things without getting into political discussions and vilifying the government left and right.”

    Why then did you vilify the LTTE left and right for treating people badly? Why didn’t you just report these things without vilifying the LTTE? I suppose in your mind, anyone but the Government can be vilified.

    “Now please don’t try to dress this up as discrimination against Tamils by a Sinhalese government”

    If the dress fits…..

    “The way things are reported in this article is very good. It reports facts and does not attempt to pass judgments over government policies”

    Why don’t you report facts instead of passing judgement on LTTE policies? When you call the LTTE terrorists, you are passing judgement on them. I don’t see why judgement can’t be similarly passed on the Government aswell.

    “for a Tamil government would not have done any better. All governments are like this be they Tamil or Sinhalese.”

    Rubbish. Purposely separate families from each other and refuse to reunite them even within the camps as the article alleges? Allow NGOs to give food only and not let them talk to the IDPs? Don’t let phones or cameras in? Refuse medicines even when people are ready to treat themselves? This is not a welfare camp, and it has nothing to do with administration. Its a concentration camp with concentration camp policies. Regarding if a tamil government could do better, when the tsunami hit SL, the international media were shocked to see the difference in recovery mechanisms in both the Gov. held areas and the LTTE areas. Numerous articles came out regarding this. One was titled : “In times of crisis, envy the authoritarians”. The title of the article says it all.

    Reply – 9 Surya

    “I will put partly blame on the Tamil diaspora for not helping their poor brothers and sisters in Sri lanka. If they can give millions of dollors to the cruel LTTE war machine why can’t they canalized the fund to these people? ”

    This lame “diaspora” argument keeps getting repeated. The diaspora is ready to “canalized” their funds to these people, but want direct access to them through international aid agencies to make sure the money gets to the people who need it and not the corrupt officials detailed in the article. You want the diaspora money to get to this people? Then get your government to allow international aid agencies in- Simple. The ball is in the Government’s court, not the diaspora’s.

    “Many of those advocating unrealistically fast improve of conditions in North forget one big point. The war has crippled whole infrastructure and socio economic development for more than 30 years. It will take atleast 3-5 years to provide basic facilities to these people.”

    Your “big point” is as hollow as you are. 3-5 years? This is why there exist international aid agencies in the 21st century. They have dealt with far worse crises than this. Get the government to let them in as they have been clamoring for since the war was over. If you don’t want to do that, then give the choice for these people to just leave if they wish, and I am sure they would live far better lives than in that rat hole.

    “Don’t expect miracles and unrealistic expectations.”

    Given your “big point”, Its a miracle that you know how to use a computer.

    Reply 13- Ajith

    “Dear Sr Srinath – Have you been to Poland or Seen Auschwitz – or read a book abut it. This is nowhere near that.”

    5-10 people dieing a day as the article claims is very close to Auschwitz. Purposely separating family members is exactly what they did in Auschwitz.

    “People who say camp managements should not be army should look Katrina situation in US. US army and National guard were mobilized first to help.”

    The US Army did not separate family members of the vicitms in Katrina. The US army did not keep the victims of Katrina behind barbed wire without the freedom of movement. The US Army did not prohibit cell phones and cameras. The US Army did not prohibit NGOs from talking to victims.

    Reply-15 nandi

    “Can you imagine what it would have been as a human shield on the ither side.”

    In all honesty? Far better than being an inmate in this camp. I’m really being honest here. If I were given the choice, I would rather be used as a human shield and be ready to die instantaneously of a gunshot wound or an explosion than the slow, torturing death of starvation mixed with disease and injury plus the emotional heartache of being separated from my family who I know is going through the same thing. I would rather me and my family had a quick death on the battlefield together than this slow physical and emotional death. I am of the opinion that the lucky ones died before getting into this “welfare” camp.

    Reply-17 Tharaka

    “Sri Shanth,
    What u want”

    For starters, reunite family members within the camp. Then let international aid agencies in.

    “You want to send them to mined land.”

    The article states that there are 5-10 people that die everyday. Do you really think if these people were let to freely move, 5-10 people would die a day of mines? Stop this “mines” bullshit. The excuse is getting lame and pathetic. These people have been living in a war zone for quite some time. They would do far better in mined land than in this camp.

    Reply-20 Jay

    “People need to calm down and stop making these highly exagerated claims like comparing to Nazi camps.”

    I’ll tell you what. Send the above article to the Jewish organizations, and ask them if they can be compared to Nazi camps. I’ve sent it to a Jewish friend of mine who had relatives in the Nazi camps. His answer to me was: Definitely comparable. Starvation was there, just as it is in this camp. Separation of family members was there, just as it in this camp. Refusal to allow cameras and cellphones in, similar tactics in Nazi camps to cut-off the prisoners from the outside world. The Jews were also wantonly murdered in large groups which there has been no evidence of yet in this camp. But with 5-10 people dieing a day, a month’s worth of dead in this camp will equal a comparable slaughter in a Nazi camp. One interesting point he made to me: In the Nazi camps, disease was was very rare, because the Nazis wanted to use the Jews as slave labour and also use the Jews for experiments etc. They were killed using gas chambers, etc. It is absolutely inhuman that with the rampant diseases in this camp, the IDPs cannot escape the diseases by simply walking out of the camps. There is nothing to justify such a ruthless, inhuman act of keeping them as prisoners in this camp to the mercy of these diseases, and use such laughable excuses as mines outside the camps.

    “Even if all these people living in IDP camps set free tomorrow, where are they going to go. Who is going to feed them.”

    Here’s a novel thought: Why don’t you let those people decide? Why don’t you open up the camps and ask the people to leave if they want to. If, as you claim, there is no one to feed them and life outside is worse, they will come back to the camps. These are people, not animals. They have lived in this land all their lives. Surely they have the survival aptitude to live better lives on their own than in this camp frought with disease with 5-10 people dieing every day.

    Let me requote a paragraph from the article :
    “Unquestionably there is no freedom of movement at all to these IDPs. They are being kept like prisoners. Many of them have well to do children and relatives in other parts of the country with whom they can stay. We saw an official who works in Colombo who had come to see his mother. He drove a luxury vehicle and looked as if he was from the upper strata of Sri Lankan Tamil society. His mother looked like an impoverished,malnourished beggar living in the IDP camp.”

    Can you tell me why those who have relatives and children in other parts of the country with whom they can stay are being kept in these camps? Can you tell me why that official’s mother is in the camp? If anyone is going to counter my post, I expect an answer for this question, because if you don’t have an answer for it, your entire counterargument to my post will ring hollow.

  26. Thanks, DBS, for posting this report. With your permission, I’d like to make some preliminary observations.

    1) Several commentators have accused the Tamil diaspora for its failure to financially support these people with the same vigour with which they financed the LTTE’s military machine. This criticism is misplaced. It is the responsibility of the state to take care of people that it claims to be their own, if they really do consider them their own. To accuse the Tamil diaspora for not doing their part to support these people is to also acknowledge that these people are not full members of the Sri Lankan state. I have no issue with people taking this position, but I suspect most of the people doing so are my fellow Sinhalese who lack the conceptual clarity to recognise that they are making a strong case for Thamileelam in the process.

    2) The use of the abbreviation “I.D.P” (Internally Displaced Person) may suit the Sri Lankan state well, but it ignores the fact that the people are being held here against their will, and not because of the state’s ostensibly altruistic intention of ensuring their own safety. If that were truly the case, then the state should not have a problem with the people moving south of Vavuniya on their own accord, if the north needs to be de-mined.

    I believe the phrase “Involuntarily Incarcerated Person” (IIP) would be a more apt phrase and acronym to use.

    3) To suggest that the state lacks the funds to support these people is one of the biggest fibs I have heard in recent times. There is plenty of funds to pay the multitude of ministers and their minions, to launch loss-making budget airlines without parliamentary purview at the cost of billions of rupees. But apparently not enough for the state to support its own people. If finances are really a concern, the UN and ICRC can play a more central role. The state’s reluctance to give them a wider role betrays its insecurity over its treatment of its own citizens.

  27. Quite a despicable situation. Incarcerating 1.5% of our population and asking NGO’s and Diaspora to care for them. I wonder how the people in charge expect to get away with these crimes. They must be really dumb or power drunk.
    Nevertheless as DBJ says, looking at it from a humanitarian angle helping these souls is the duty of all Sri Lankans and we should do whatever we are able and permitted including charity and revealing the truth which hopefully will bring about some change for the better. Maybe some direct efforts of the diaspora like the Capt Ali will help the refugees and awaken our conscience.

  28. Stop whining and protesting.

    Start a mechanism for Scarborough and London to send these people food and medicine.

    Put your energy to good use. If you really care…

  29. Jewish organizations sent parcels to people in camps.

    What are Tamils doing? Tamils are sinister and want their brethren to suffer for political gain.

  30. nice article!
    Quid Pro Quo IDP is such a vile phrase. IIP is more to the point.
    This action on the part of the regime is to control the people. Control the stomach and you can control the mind. I believe that subsequent to this incaceration, the GOSL will re build the destroyed areas and let the people be re housed. However these will be “Ghettos” ie controlled living areas where the Tamils can be monitored and kept under control.
    Wellawatte and other predominantly Tamil areas within Colombo are results of a people clinging together for their safety.

  31. Yesterday I red an article on the same subject by Kath Noble, “A Two – Day Trip to the I.D.P. Camps”

    An elderly lady approached as our group entered the compound, to complain that she hadnt been given any soap or washing powder. –

    By the time I came home, I was convinced that complaints from the United Nations about militarisation of the IDP camps had been counterproductive, because the Army seemed to be the most efficient and dedicated of the agencies involved.

    Whom to beleive and what to beleive?

    I thing the IDP camps are the best place for TRIPS now adays !!!!

  32. This is good account of what the camps are:

    The Previous interview was from a emotional person. So it didn�t attract many people�s attention.

    I feel like these are the final stages of suffering of these people. I feel the pain as a person who have lived in refugee camps in Sri Lanka. I pray to god to relieve these people from the sufferings.

    As a person sitting in the east, I observe one thing. Everything is being done for the POLITICAL STRATEGY of Rajapakse. I am in Valaichchenai, here despite your religion, race and profession, you belong to one three people
    1. Pillayan faction (A terrorist)
    2. Karuna Group (A terrorist)
    3. Ameer Ali supporters.(A corrupt)

    All three are agents of Mahinda. All are using the force to maintain the superiority over the common man.

    I am sure, the IDP camps are also being kept with a political strategy. They will pick some individual from this camp and make him a hero.

  33. It is very sad indeed. The GOSL is doing all it can to fast track settling the IDPs in their own homes. We in the down south are doing whatever we can to help these unfortunate people who got caught in this tragedy. For thirty years VP dragged the whole country to poverty with the help of the diaspora Tamils, and even now the diaspora is trying to stop the IMF loan, and yet they expect miracles within one month. Remember it took thirty years to destroy our Sri Lanka, economically, socially and politically. So don’t expect miracles within one month. As I mentioned earlier, just go to some of the shanties in Colombo and you will find people ,living in worst conditions. Some are living in cardboard boxes. Have a look at the cadgan huts near the Kelaniya bridge and you can see as far as the eye can see the condition these people living. They are born there and they will die there. . I suggest people get off from whatever vehicle they travel in and take a walk in these slums. You will soon say that “we think we got problems, what are we complaining about” ?. There are so many “Slumdogs” in Sri Lanka. Soon the IDPs will be in their own homes, but the shantie dwellers will be stuck there for ever. Did anyone talk about these people.?. No.

    God bless you all.

  34. Justice is dead. Good bye to loyalty, kindness and fairness. Only the power wins, and the power can do what ever it wants. International community is an illusion. These series of incidents actually will create a generation with no hope in justice and fairness. This includes Sinhalese as well. That generation will one day destroy everyone alike!

  35. Thank you DBS.


    The government does not need to send them back to vaani immediately. A lot of them have relatives in Jaffna peninsula and in other parts of the country. There are hundreds and hundreds of unoccupied houses in Jaffna peninsula. e.g- island side, karainagar.

    During mass displacement from Jaffna in 1995 none of us lived in camps. We managed to live with friends, relatives and even with unknown people for 6 months.

  36. Nissanka

    IDPS have money to spend, have relatives and friends who are happy to provide accommodation, and have jobs- e.g government servants.

    IDP women are wearing gold bangles and necklaces, but don’t have underwear / sanitary pads.

    Your slum dwellers have freedom of movement but IDPs don’t have that basic right.

  37. Rajha
    Where were you during the human shield time? Sitting comfortably in a foreign country getting the Vanni Tamils to do the dirty work eh. VP needed more people around him to protect him who died with him at the end. You weren’t there were you?. What a shame. Once all your type leave Sri Lanka on refugee visas Vanni people will have a better life.

  38. Dear Srinath,
    Thanks for replying for the message.

    5-10 people dieing a day as the article claims is very close to Auschwitz. – They are dying because They are ill and malnourished due to unbelievably cruel terror leader took them wherever he ran to hide. It takes time to get better for these people and who are very weak dying. Blame your money that allowed Prabha to carry these people like heard wherever he went. Need of the hour now is to look after this people.

    Purposely separating family members is exactly what they did in Auschwitz. -NO body separated them. They came to the camps like that. Specially LTTE members or forcefully recruited (Conscripted) LTTE members apparently let their children and family members to run away and surrender to army. They are now separated but not by the government or army. that is how they came in. What they should do now is to set free low rung cadres and let them reunite with families as DBS suggests.

    “The US Army did not separate family members of the victims in Katrina. The US army did not keep the victims of Katrina behind barbed wire without the freedom of movement. The US Army did not prohibit cell phones and camer “- What you forgot was Katrina victims or Tsunami victims did not fight or were not under fighting forces. Here there were suicide bombings and mines. These was the Army that fought world’s most ruthless guerrilla force who had own suicide squads and fought to the last minute. What you expect???
    What need to be done now is to make these people reunite with loved ones, clear the backlog of registration, help them as much as we can and resettle them as soon as possible. Please try to help that process.

  39. Hi Ajith Dharmakeerthi (13),
    If the IDPs are allowed to go out from the camps, they will find ways to look after themselves. Certainly, there are enough people living in North and East to look after them if required. They may not need the money from the Govt. or Sinhalese or even fromTamil Diaspora.
    I cannot understand how can any human make comments like you made.
    Freedom is everyone’s right. That is not the privilege for the ruling class only.
    I cannot understand how people can justify the existence of these camps? Will they prefer to live in those camps?

  40. Dear Jeyeraj,

    You wrote;
    Once again I ask readers not to engage in ethnic-oriented recrimination about the IDP plight. And the eyewitness report says the following;

    “There were serious allegations of corruption here as one of the Grama Sevakha’s (a Tamil) was in the habit of misappropriating what comes to the IDP’s for other purposes.Corruption seems rampant in these camps .Sadly those responsible mainly are Tamil officials ( GS’s).”

    If you don’t mind, Jeyeraj, it just hit me that there were many Tamils working in the Canadian High Commission, who had done the same thing to get visas, etc for their own Tamils to get to Canada and had become very rich people in Sri Lanka, for they didn’t have to go to Canada to have a luxurious life. These Tamils were taking lots of money as bribes then.

    I wonder, what would the overseas Tamils are going to do about that, even though they are now happily domiciled in Canada?

    Own cheating their own is so terrible, like the Capos in warsaw Ghetto and in the nazi concetration camps!

    Would they name these people to SL security forces?

  41. Dear DBS.

    I whole heatedly agree with these comments. Yu should continue to do so.
    We cannot put the whole blame of the situaion to the Govt. alone. This was not a pre planed move. The Govt. had to act quite unexpetedly to accomodate these people.
    Thefore please request the diaspora also to take some initiative to sort out these people. I am not suggesting them to send money to the Govt. Let them contribute some basic things such as mobile toilets, tents, clothing , medicines etc..After all if they were able to contribute millions of dollars to the LTTE for a pointless exercise this is nothing for them more over for a very good course & for their own peoples well being.

  42. Dear Jeyaraj,

    These people were herded by Prabakaran and his goons for 6 or more months, living in unbelievable conditions. While they were with Prabakaran and cheered every bomb that went in the “South” killing quite an amount of innocent civilians, they were not interested in clothing and food for those in the ‘South’.
    When they were building those earth bunds under the LTTE guns, they didn’t demand anything.
    Lots of SL soldiers sacrificed their lives to break those earth bunds to let them flee to the government side. No one had seen anyone running the other way.

    So, I think they should work together with the people, who saved their lives to make their own lives easier than waiting for manna from the sky.

    If those so-called Tamil diaspora diaspora helped to fund a madman to put these people to slave position in that fascist LTTE land, instead of trying to divide the LTTE monies overseas by KP and others, why can’t they just transfer those monies to SL bank to be used to upkeep their own Tamil people?

    Its about money, DBSJ, not about Tamil people, the overseas Tamil diaspora vying for.

    It is the same GOSL, who saved these unfortunate beings are now paying for and looking after these people the best they can!

    “The cry of both the boys and the girls were to see their parents, husbands and wives etc. Even for a few minutes they pleaded”

    Did the LTTE recruiters, who pulled the children from their parents to fight Prabakaran’s and Tamil diaspora’s war in Vanni, ever heeded for such cries?

    “We saw a child scooping water from a filthy muddy drain and take it to their tent.”

    This eyewitnesses, of course didn’t see how this child and other children were finding water under the guns of Prabakaran, did they?

    Instead of criticizing the efforts of GOSL to help these unfortunate beings, shouldn’t the diaspora transfer their ill-gotten money to IDP’s benefit?

    Does the LTTE conduct justify the GOSL conduct and vice versa?………..DBSJ

  43. we have sleepless nights for over 2 months not knowing what happend my family members.
    even ICRC told me they are doing tracing service, and detainees have no way of contacting people outside. ( only one or two camps have letter service and phone facility) now mobile phones are not allowed in the camp, so people could not contact people to let them know they are alive and whereabout they are. people spend weeks searching for their relatives in camps to camps.
    now we hear everyday young people are takenaway from camp and never return. and now some media reports srilankan army running a prostitution racket with this young detainees. it is all too much to take.

  44. I do hope, this Rajah guy is not living in Sri Lanka but abroad, for we don’t want such people to be called Sri Lankans. He can call himself Scarlem eelamist of whatever!

    I spoke to a oldish guy, who is visiting SL from London. I asked him, why all these LTTE supporters demonstrating in London, and his answer was “that’s their privilege”. I was bewildered.

    Then I asked him, did he bring something for the IDPs. He said, “no, I brought things for my family”, and I asked “where is your family?”, “in Wellawatta”, was the reply!

    So much for this Tamil diaspora!
    They don’t care a tuppence for the Tamils, but only for the money, and money is everything for a Tamil!

    Your comment denigrating “ALL” Tamils is indicative of a racist attitude…………DBSJ

  45. No one correct the LTTE mayham of 30 years in 30 days. The responsibility for the current plight of Tamils squarly falls on LTTE and the sympathetic Tamils who foster it. Anyway all of us have a responsibility to correct the situation and alleviate the suffering of ordinary Tamil people. However, we have to weed out the wrong doers for stability of conditions.

  46. Human,
    What u say is true, twice we collected and sent sanitary pads through proper channels.
    Cannot comment much but we do whatever we can and i suppose that’s what everybody does
    I wish the collecting centres are more organized for better participation. Need to create more demand from all sides for the supply to regularize. I know for sure the wanting to help is very much there!

  47. I invite this eye witness to visit the shanties along railway
    line near Wellawatta canal, near Kelani bridge and around
    Mattakkuliya area and write an unbiased report to compare to see whether IDP camps or the shanties are better.
    I bet there are thousands of people starving in the shanties
    but no point complaining because who is going to listen.

    Dear Human,39. how come you say “your slum dwellers”
    because they are not my slum dwellers they are our slum dwellers, just like our IDPs, and we are trying to help them after what they have gone through under VP.

    God bless ya.

  48. The diaspora can collect 500 million dollars a year to destroy Sri Lanka , but all they can do for their poor brethren is to demonstrate like a bunch of losers in the western capitals and cry . where is your compassion for your own people . The Sinhala people in the south who you were trying to make destitute in the south are sending the clothes off their backs to these poor people . You all are crying about human rights and doing nothing .

  49. Comment #11,

    You are confused for sure. Are you suggesting letting the Sinhalese politicians and their racist followers to kill the Tamil people much as they want and then expect the Tamil Diaspora to help them fund the concentration camp. First of all the money given by Tamil Diaspora never got to the Tamils and never will. The money given during the tsunami was never reached the Tamil who were the worst effected, the only money that got to the Tamils were the money from the LTTE and the money from Tamil Diaspora that was given to TRO. What happened to the ship carrying food and medicine? Wasn�t that turned away? Why? Especially after it was declared that it was only carrying humanitarian supplies. How can MR have money to build new military camps all over the island, raise more idiots for the army and not have money to take care of the people? I will tell you why, because he or the Sinhalese people doesn�t give a dame about the Tamil people. If they did and consider them part of Sri Lanka they would have taken care of all their needs instead of demanding it from Tamil Diaspora. Any money send to the Tamils will end up at MR�s military bank account for further subjection of the Tamils. Tamil Diaspora is more then ready to provide everything, just hand the people over to the UN/foreign governments/ including the administration of the North and East then you will see hard cash flowing non-stop. Tamil people under the Sinhalese will be dead regardless if the Tamil Diaspora provides all the assistance required or not unless they are liberated from the Sinhalese first.

    I am releasing your comment in full though it is factually incorrect……….DBSJ

  50. Comment # 13,

    Let’s make them happy. Release them and let them have access to the outside world first. Then we can sit down and argue for sure.

  51. All the comments in the world are useless unless someone does something about it. The only action for an arrogant socierty is when the intl’l community says enough is enough and brings these thugs into question and justice. I firmly believe revenge is a dish, best served cold. In a few years, like the jews we the tamils will find away to take back what is ours for good.

  52. Asoka2 on note 19 said, I have wondered why the GOSL is keeping the IDPs in these camps. Ive heard the landmine story, but I am not buying that. Why cant they let them go and live with relatives, if they have any? Anybody have a better explanation?
    Here are some:

    1. GOSL have been listening to some of the telephone conversations among the leaders of LTTE and the fighters. They have listened to them discuss the possibility of burying the arms and either escaping or surrendering to the army and then regrouping when the army goes away. Govt is therefore determined to find the buried arms and destroy them. They do not want the people in the south to know that this is what they are doing.
    2. GOSL knows that some key persons of the LTTE actually escaped during the last weeks of fight. They are concerned that those people will want to regroup and start all over again. Therefore the Govt wants the IDPs to stay in the camp while they flush the rebels out of the jungles.
    3. GOSL is uncertain if another group backed by the Diaspora or South India or someone else (including rebels from the East) would rise from the ashes. So, they want to strengthen the armed forces and watch for any signs of emergence of armed struggle before the IDPs are released.
    4. GOSL knows that it could be charged with war crimes in international courts because they know that war crimes were committed. Having conducted the war without witnesses, they know that the only people who could give evidence against the govt are the survivors. So, they plan to keep them in camps so that they will not be available to give evidence.
    5. GOSL wants to colonise the North and East, especially the Vanni area. What better way to do it than to do while there are no inhabitants in the areas. As part of this process they will soon be sending prisoners and convicts to rebuild these areas (on the face of it a good idea). These people will eventually stay there with the govts help. When the IDPs are finally released, they will be so traumatised that they will remain second class citizens to those who have been allowed to take their place in every village.
    6. IDPs were taken to the camps as a temporary measure but the numbers were so vast that the task got completely out of hand. In the face of criticisms from foreign governments, GOSL, drunk with its victory over the rebels, does not want to be seen as weak. It became intransigent and decided to reject all external help. And now it is its pride that is keeping the situation going.
    7. GOSL thinks that accepting help from external NGOs would mean starting the whole process of registering the individual IDP and that will inevitably lead to recording their own individual stories and finally ending up in an international enquiry. The best thing to do is to just refuse any help from outside. In due course the international community will have another world disaster somewhere else and their attention will be diverted.
    8. GOSL is broke. It was expecting foreign aid to help it to improve its balance sheet position. And it wants aid without any condition because it knows if it accepts conditions it would lead to more and more interference from foreign countries and eventually it could lead to an enquiry. So, the best thing to do is to keep the IDPs in camps in appalling conditions and wait for the aid to be finally given without conditions.
    9. GOSL was openly rude and insulting towards the western countries which tried to help during the war. It criticised and embarrassed all the NGOs and aid groups. Now, even after winning the war, it is still in the same mindset. They feel criticisms from anyone are politically motivated and should be totally rejected. There is darkness at the TOP.
    10. GOSL wants to give the entire Tamil community a new identity as second class citizens. It is trying to strangle their own identity first and then introduce them to their new identity. Out of fear and loss of self respect, the IDPs and with them the entire Tamil community will accept their new position and will never recover from it.

    I am sorry if one or more of my reasons are too cynical.

    But as you know, when there is no information, people outside will imagine the extremes.

  53. Reply-30, 31 Murugan

    “Jewish organizations sent parcels to people in camps.”

    Really? And where did you get this information from? Which Jewish Organizations are you talking about? I suppose the Nazis when they received these parcels, acted like mailmen and dutifully gave these parcels to the Jews in the camps. Or was their an automatic “mail delivery mechanism” in the camps?

    “Start a mechanism for Scarborough and London to send these people food and medicine.”

    Sorry, but we don’t want to start a mechanism that feeds the pockets of the corrupt officials in the camps like the article clearly details.
    First, let the Goverment start a mechanism to allow international aid agencies in, and then we will start a mechanism to send these people food and medicine through these agencies.

    “Put your energy to good use. If you really care…”

    Why? Because the Government does not care? You have a point there.

    “What are Tamils doing?”

    The Government claims that these people are Sri-Lankan citizens, not just Tamils. Its the Government’s duty to take care of them, not the Tamil Diaspora’s. If you disagree, then you are making a case for Tamil Eelam.

    “Tamils are sinister and want their brethren to suffer for political gain.”

    A racist statement against Tamils. And your name is “Murugan”? For one who starts by lieing about his own name, it should be obvious that all subsequent info given must also be rooted in lies.

    “Stop whining and protesting.”

    Why? So in your opinion, when we see these things, we should not whine and protest? Why were you whining and protesting about the LTTE? Here’s some advice for you: Stop lieing.

  54. Reply-30, 31 Murugan

    “Jewish organizations sent parcels to people in camps.”

    Really? And where did you get this information from? Which Jewish Organizations are you talking about? I suppose the Nazis when they received these parcels, acted like mailmen and dutifully gave these parcels to the Jews in the camps.

    “Start a mechanism for Scarborough and London to send these people food and medicine.”

    Sorry, but we don’t want to start a mechanism that feeds the pockets of the corrupt officials in the camps like the article clearly details.
    First, let the Goverment start a mechanism to allow international aid agencies in, and then we will start a mechanism to send these people food and medicine through these agencies.

    “Put your energy to good use. If you really care”

    Why? Because the Government does not care? You have a point there.

    “What are Tamils doing?”

    The Government claims that these people are Sri-Lankan citizens, not just Tamils. Its the Government’s duty to take care of them, not the Tamil Diaspora’s. If you disagree, then you are making a case for Tamil Eelam.

    “Tamils are sinister and want their brethren to suffer for political gain.”

    A racist statement against Tamils. And your name is “Murugan”? For one who starts by lieing about his own name, it should be obvious that all subsequent info given must also be rooted in lies.

    “Stop whining and protesting.”

    Why? So in your opinion, when we see these things, we should not whine and protest? Why we you whining and protesting about the LTTE? Here’s some advice for you: Stop lieing.

  55. http://www.ugc.ac.lk/admissions/cutoff/Academic%20year%202008_2009.php

    I know this is talking out of point, but it relates to a point being discussed in earlier posts. The new Z scores for university entrance has been published and is available at the above link. Please compare Jaffna, Kili, Mulativu with the rest of the districts and tell me what discrimination is being made against the tamil students!

    Thank you for this link. It is very informative………….DBSJ

  56. IF the LTTE did not drag these people off from their homes to serve as human shields

    IF the LTTE and pro-LTTE diaspora did not support that action by claiming the civilians were staying with the LTTE “willingly” and “because they are our people”

    There would be no IDP’s and no IDP camps

  57. Hiya!
    I cannot believe this humanitarian catastrophe in the 21st century civilized world. There should be a way to minimize the suffering of these people. There should be a proper management to look after these people. What I can see is that these people are being systematically punished by Government because they are Tamils. Government try to weak these people mentally and physically. Otherwise there is no reason to hold innocent children and old people in the camp. There are lot of relatives ready to take them out from the camp. I understand that proper re-settlement may take long time as there are lot of works to be done before that such as defusing and removing booby traps…..etc. Meantime Government can let these people to go along with relatives . It seems that Government has no sincere plan to speed up this re-settlement project. Government try to get the foreign aids as much as they can by showing these IDP’s camps.
    For a long time Government well planned for final offensive against LTTE with help of their Asian alliance and they now completed that mission. They should have plan to accommodate and look after these IDP people. This is part of the war. This is well expected man-made disaster . Now they can’t expect for Western help to look after these people. Tamil Diaspora not ready to make Mahinda’s tummy bigger and bigger. There is no guarantee that whatever aid from outside can reach to these affected people. What happened to the Tsunami aids?
    If I am one of these people in the camp I wish that I would have died along with other people in the battle ground rather than suffering here. Depends on the individual who may think differently. But by keeping these people in this condition their thinking will go against unity and reconciliation. Government said that they did wipe out the terrorism. But it looks like they are creating a new extremism among young Tamil minds. That could back fire one day.
    We all like peace and prosperity. Please let start our reconciliation process from the IDP camp. First we should put the full stop to these peoples suffering. Then only we can think about peaceful nation building.

  58. Living outside SL there is little I can do to address the 7 points raised by the author. However, the most immediate need as stated is for food, water, shelter and clothes.

    Can we come together and collect things or money to be distributed locally? I suggest partnering with local organisations: hindu and buddhist temples, churches etc in this distribution and we can perhaps use the same over her to organise collections. This way we avoid the Captain Ali type political issue – at the end of the day all we want to do is help our fellow Sri Lankans in their hour of need.

    Who is with me on this?

  59. the million dollar question is why is the government not giving freedom of choice. if you are not allowed to leave then you are a prisoner.. the government has imprisoned 300000 tamils and is killing 15 to 30 daily.

  60. “The GOSL is doing all it can to fast track settling the IDPs in their own homes.”

    I see no credible evidence of this.

    “For thirty years VP dragged the whole country to poverty with the help of the diaspora Tamils”

    Ah yes!! The good old excuse. “Blame it on the British” is going to be replaced with “Blame it on VP” or “Blame in on the Diaspora”.

    “and even now the diaspora is trying to stop the IMF loan,”

    Get real for crying out loud. Have you seen how the average MP in Sri-Lanka lives? Not even the PM of Canada lives like they do. What about all the parties that these MPs’ sons have in all the hotels in Colombo where part of the party is the compulsory fight that takes place between an MP’s son and some other thug? Have you seen Karuna’s suits and ties? The money used to pay for Karuna’s suits could feed the entire camp for a few days. This “Money” excuse is laughable.

    “So dont expect miracles within one month.”

    Rubbish. It does not take a “miracle” to remove the barbed wire and give the IDPs freedom of movement. Let them choose to go where they please. The article clearly states that there are people in the camps who have well-to-do relatives across the country who can take care of them. Reread that paragraph in the article again and again until it removes your self-imposed igorance.

    “As I mentioned earlier, just go to some of the shanties in Colombo and you will find people ,living in worst conditions. Some are living in cardboard boxes.”

    Are these people restricted in their movement? Are they placed behind barbed-wire and cannot choose to go where they please because of restrictions forced on them by the government? If the answer is “no”, then your comparison, and in turn your argument is flawed.

  61. Thanks DBSJ for letting us know what is actually happening inside the camp.

    I have been trying hard to get any info. on IDPs by myself. The closest information I got sofar was I directly talked to one of my friend’s brother who works for NGO in Vavuniya helping IDPs. As expected he doesn’t want to talk anything about it over the phone. That sums it all. Perhaps he is also simply allowed to distribute goods but not allowed to have any contacts with IDPs.

    I have no idea what these INGOs, NGOs etc are. I left SL before all these NGOs business.

    Violence breeds Violence. Corruption breeds corruption. Sofar SL has terrorism as an excuse for its corruption at all levels. Now what are they going to do without terrorism for their corrupted adminsitration? Sure our country is going downward like Zimbabwe.

    Based on what happened during Tsunami, no wonder what to expect in these camps. We can only pray for these poor people.

  62. Well no doubt the conditions are not satisfactory, however at least they are better off than as a human shield in LTTE custody.

    then they had government provisions, medicines etc much less than what they have now as well as the rest..

    I am sure Sri Lanka do their best to make life better of the people who live there but not the people who shed crocodile tears to live on them.

    well what you can do.. help them.. donate a day salary every month to welfare of these people if you really care.

    from the comments i can see its easy to be a pandit here i am sure none have spend a penny to eliminate IDPs misery.. have you?

    do you remember how much you contribute to build dream eelam? buy arms, keeps bombs in rest of the country… why now all responsible for the government?

    well all i heard only the ordinary people of sri lanka have done something to IDP yet..

  63. This report seems very factual and credible. And if so it’s the responsibility of GOSL to improve things regardless of practical obstacles. It is equally disturbing to see the subtle and not so subtle threats and boastful rhetoric from some of the diaspora Tamils in this blog. They are as equally responsible in bringing this misery on the innocent Tamils.

  64. Frankly, I am confused. I am not sure what is the true picture and who is telling the truth. I read the article by Kath Noble too. If the above account is true then Kath Noble is lying through her teeth. I find it difficult to belive that a free lance journalist would risk her reputation by a report like that. God knows. One thing seems certain. Not all the camps have the same amenities. Some are ok and others are plagued by shortages. I have also read that there is a silly row between the UN and GOSL about provision of toilets. It seems UN is against providing better quality semi-permanent toilets as that would encourage inmates to stay longer in camps. They are ready to provide money only for very basic toilet facilities. The govt seems pissed and apparently told them to construct the toilets themselves. It seems that is the reason why in some camps sanitation is awful. Anyway, comparing these camps to jewish concentration camps is nothing but an insult to those six million jews.

  65. Diaspora should stop pointing fingers at least now and start doing something material. While Sihalas in the south collect donations to IDP camps, diaspora is sitting ducks pointing fingers!

    If we need to point fingers, this is where to start!
    After tsunami, there were billions of dollars collected and sent to North and East, what happened to them? do we see any development? Ok, war destroyed it, is it? apparently there were nothing to be destroyed except solid concrete bunkers. GOSL didn’t allow cement and building material? Then how those bunkers made of concrete? The point is, LTTE used them to buy bullets, and got vanished!.
    At least now, diaspora should open eyes and do something worthwhile.

  66. The account corresponds with those I’ve heard from relief workers in Menik Farm. Ajith Dharmakeerthi # 13 said “let’s argue later”; I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment (although I have difficulties with his other points).

    The situation is horrible, the government’s ability or willingness to address the plight of fellow Sri Lankans is in short supply, and recriminations and counter-arguments ain’t gonna do much to improve the condition of our citizens in distress.



    I am sorry but I had to delete certain paragraphs. Much as I appreciate your good intentions I do not want to let this site be used as a forum to solicit donations for any organization no matter how genuine it is or how worthy the cause is. You are not the only person recommending an organization of a similar nature.I am inundated with mails and requests by several persons espousing a particular organization or cause. It is not possible for me to ascertain the bonafides of each and everyone.If something goes wrong I will also be accused of promoting frauds. So regretfully I have to refrain from encouraging any single organization. It is unfair to the genuine ones but I really have no choice. I hope you and all others sending such requests understand this.

    But I like many others am contributing to worthwhile efforts undertaken in Sri Lanka by reputed organizations and religious faiths. Again I dont want to name anything explicitly. But I would urge expatriates to identify a credible organization through their own efforts and contribute to those. It is far better to contribute constructively instead of engaging in mutual recrimination

  67. Victim of State Dole aka Sri Shanth aka naked dancer in front of House of commons

    You are an asylum seeker and you will never return to Sri Lanka, and therefore you are useless in deciding the future of Vanni. I don’t condone Mahinda Rajapakse all the time, but, I have a feeling that he is trying to do something (See the comments he made to JHU and NLF).

    What my personal feeling is that Mahinda Rajapakse during his presidency will do more than what Pirabaharan did during the last 3 decades. One example of Pirabaharan is creating lifeless souls in North America, Europe and Australia i.e. LIKE YOU

  68. Life is nothing but actions and consequences. We all have lived long enough to understand this simple equation.
    It is your actions in the past that comes behind you to reap the results. When actions of body speech and mind are unskillful the result is like a heavily burdened ox cart that you drag behind you and the results of skillful actions are like your shadow that moves with you. So when things get heavy look back the answere is there very apparent.

  69. This is a far better report than the earlier one by the Human Rights Activist.

    What is needed is immediate help for food stuff and material goods like what has been described necessary.

    Who can you give? All mainstream churches have missions there. give them if you are not sure who you are giving too.

    Its about a month now since the war ended. i am not a supporter of the government but lets give them some time to get things in order in the war devastated area.

    I am personally aware of the redeveloped area that was struck by the tsunami. and its amazing. new Vocational training schools, new houses and Administrative buildings. really amazing. But took nearly 2 years.

    I am hoping for the best for the IDP and also a speedy return to their homes

  70. Dear Rajah (Dr.)
    it is sad to see that even now you are unwittingly trying to defend VP. Are you trying to get over feeling of guilt by defending VP. You are one of those in Toronto Canada who is directly responsible in bringing those people to Menik Farm.

    Cool down. things will slowly settle down. You may not feel happy to hear that people are being released from Menik Farm.

  71. Dear Rajah, # 65
    Have you seen how the average MP in Sri-Lanka lives? Not even the PM of Canada lives like they do.

    I totally agree with your comment. These TNA MPs enjoy a lot when our people rot in Menik camp. So sad.

    And your comment about Karuna’s suit:
    Have you seen Karunas suits and ties? The money used to pay for Karunas suits could feed the entire camp for a few days. This Money excuse is laughable.

    Of course. This Karuna still wears the same suit which he wore when he was sent to Japan by OUR leader Methahu VP. Had VP spent that money to buy some bullets, who knows, he could have saved his life. Small mistakes in life but a big cost.

    by the way, why you are hiding behind the cajan. Like me, you could spell out your full name; after all we have the same last name but I do not go as SriSkanda. . . . .I like Sriskanda.

  72. some of the commentators are still in the habit of blaming others and asking for some thing that cannot be given ( including the EEElam) .please understand Govt cannot do all the thing at once as you like and we the sri lankan people cannot just believe that the people will get better on their own, infact the so called tamil loving expatriates already started misleading the tamils into another disaster
    and having good time travelling here and there.

    if you realy wants to help contact the GA of the region and tell what kind of help you want to offer if needed they will accept or ask the GA what kind of help will be accepted and do it
    I know some people from canada and US have sent money to a friend and he bought some garments to the people in the camp and was given to them directly after the GA granted the permission.

  73. Thanks DBSJ to open up unheard stories. Some commenter are telling nice stories and try cover up this camp genocide… I will challenge the MR government and its supporters.. if you are really can not give all facility for these people. Give every ones to UN or NGO. From tamils in all over the world will take care of them… We are not asking your money… Even western tamils sent relief items were not allowed by government, ship still in chennai… Donot blame.. Tamils now in helpless hand…

  74. Dear Human 39,

    I was very reluctant to discuss your complaint about IDPs
    not having Sanitary Pads, but after making some inquiries
    from some of my lady friends, I cannot wait without replying you. Remember we are living in SL and not Canada, UK or Australia, and our women in SL which is about 10 million do not use or don’t know about sanitary pads. According to my sources most use a clothe when it is necessary. May I remind you again SL is a poor third world country partly with the help of VP and Co.

    Now please don’t complain about not having shaving cream for IDPs , because we use soap to shave over here in SL.

    Bye for now.

  75. Dear DBS,

    I understand fully. No worries. Maybe people who really want to help will make the effort to find the right channels. There are a few credible organisations working in the camps and if anyone is interested they can contact me directly at – georgethebushpig@yahoo.com


  76. One thing is apparent, the Tamils trusted sinhalese government after government and what did they get? NOTHING! ZIP!, ZERO! So to all those tamil quesling and traitors, what do you think the tamils are going to get from Rajapakse? NOTHING! You are like the lowest scum on the earth, you live on denial after denial, because you cannot stan-up to defend. Prabaharan and Tigers maybe many things, but one thing I admire is their willingness to do something, no matter how flawed and bloody it was.

    VP and LTTE have brought Tamils to disaster.Yet you are boasting like an idiot………DBSJ

  77. Sorry to say this but the IDPs will have to stay in their camps for the 10-12 years at least.

    This is because of the huge land problem these IDPs created. The vacant land in the North must be handed back to the rightfull owners who were chased away by the Chola Invaders and maybe now living in the South.

    And what about the people allegedly dispossessed by Vijaya and comrades……….DBSJ

  78. This has opened up a serious legal battle with the multi national hotels wanting to open Beach resorts and what not in the North.

    So the IDPs are going to have to wait patienlty and allow justice to take it’s course.

    You may be right about the economic exploitation of northern resources……DBSJ

  79. Dear Mohan 81
    DBSJ is stating the facts and the real situation at present.
    Don’t forget how many people VP: killed in both Tamil and Sinhala communities and displaced so many Muslim people. He was living in the lap of luxury while the people he was supposed to liberate were living a miserable life always in fear. He gave suicide pills to small children while his children were well looked after. Only good thing he did was helping people like yourself to migrate to a Western country.
    It was a blessing in disguise. Isn’t it ?. When everything is OK in SL they are going to send you back.

    It is only one month my friend and have a bit of, patience, and we in the down south will make sure that all Sri Lankans have equal rights, but no dividing the country.

    God bless

  80. To Ariya,

    You are donkey, if you think that only Tamils are corrupt. Tamils jut like the Sinhalese have their bad apples. Your prejudiced and stupid comments points to a bigoted empty head. Now get a chill pill from your nurse and take a nap.

  81. Nissanka

    I can give you a good answer, but I am not going to do it out of decency. I think we have to list all problems one by one with adequate explanation. Then slow burners can have better understanding.

    I can’t believe you wasted you time researching on this issue. What I can say about your ignorance and lack of knowledge. No hopes for tamils.

  82. The Tamil leaders particularly in the diaspora is resposible for the current pathetic state of their fraternaty. They have been brought to the stone age and the government will never again risk another insurrection by the potential Tamil Tigers by releasing them early. We will never be able to tolerate another 25 years of Tamil tiger terrorism and until these potential Tigers are tamed , the govt will not release them. Futrher as long as the diaspora keep their Tiger dreams alive, the longer these IDP tigers should be isolated. The loud diaspora drum beat, does not help the cause of the IDPs. They have still not learnt their lesson it seems

  83. Comparing to what prabakaran did situation in the camps are not bad.Tamil diaspora which actively suported prabakaran also take responsibility for this situation .These people are a side effect of a brutal war. which kiled more than 100000.What is important is people are not dying.They may suffer but they can keep hopes for future.In the war situation there were no hopes.People see a problem on his own view point.If one want to highlight weaknesess they can do.If one wants highlight plus points he writes in this respect.So we can’t decide reading one article.I don’t think that this wirter is impartial on following grounds.
    Al the tamils in this camps are not poor.They deposited around 400 millions rupees in two days. Most of them have friends relatives in foreign countries and they send money through banks situated in camps.Some started vegetable cultivation in camps .They earn more than 20000 rupees per month.Children are schooling in dificult conditions.CWE outlets have been operating in the camps and good sales.There are 300000 people.It is not uncommon to few deaths among a such al In sri large crowd who live in normal condition.

  84. Well, I see a new tendency in the replies. Blame diaspora for everything?

    While I see quite a good number of diaspora numbers are irrational, much more big numbers are good. Of course, because of the diaspora, the genocide is slowed down.

    If we are not here to talk about what is happening in SL, by now in Sri Lanka millions would have been massacred.

    Probably that is why there is an organized ‘voice’ against diaspora.

  85. Ruwani # 82

    “Imperialism leaves behind germs of rot, which we must clinically detect and remove from our land but from our minds as well.” Frantz Fanon

    Let me know the next time you go out so I may come and take over your “vacant” house and claim it as mine, since I am an amalgamation of debris from the big bang. Then you can sue me and we can wait until “justice takes its course”.

    It pains me no end to hear the casual revoking of people’s fundamental rights as if they were in fact up for barter. I guess this is a natural outcome of having “temporarily” suspended the legal rights of Sri Lankans currently incarcerated in IDP camps to further advance the argument that they do not have any legal rights at all.

    The Sri Lankans currently in Menik Farm and other camps have to be returned to their homes, wherever they may be, without any undue delay. The talk of Sri Lankans having to remain for 10 – 12 years in camps is a cruel, unjust and simply untenable argument.

  86. Peace all, this eyewitness account is much more useful and likely to produce positive results than the earlier published shamila’s opinion column in disguise.

    Just read the following by N. Ram of ‘The Hindu’, which is quite encouraging.


  87. Re: Comment 9

    Diaspora donates through regular western charities.. so our help is not always visible to those in Lanka.
    Doctors without Borders

    Very smart of us considering what GoSL does with aid when they find a Diaspora Tamil assoc. involved with it…
    SL Navy inspected…
    sent the ship & LEGITMATE HUMANITARIAN cargo away due to paperwork.
    The Vanni Mission web site details how they notified the Lankan embassy & that the GoSL had a local shipper/receiver to arrest indicates to the world that Vanni Mission made every attempt to follow Lankan law.

  88. Can’t support racist GoSL.
    Can’t support fascist Tamil Tigers.
    Can support NGO’s but GoSL has anti-NGO policies.

    What’s a decent diaspora Tamil to do?

    I give to the few NGO’s who do get through & give to TAG.

  89. Remember we are living in SL and not Canada, UK or Australia, and our women in SL which is about 10 million do not use or don’t know about sanitary pads. According to my sources most use a clothe when it is necessary


    Let’s hope your source is not a leak.

  90. Dear RS Wickramasinghe 95

    Let’s not make fun, although it is good to have a bit of sense of humour. I am already in trouble with some bloggers.
    The point I was going to make was that we have to supply
    IDPs with what ordinary Sri Lankans use in day to day life in SL.
    Not people use in Canada, UK or Australia. For example
    men over here in SL use soap for shaving instead of shaving cream. Some people visit these camps in their
    air conditioned four wheel drives and complain about IDPs
    not having what people have in Western countries.

    These unfortunate people are looked after by the GOSL
    and people in the South. When we heard that IDPs prefer brown rice, we sent them a lot of brown rice from here.
    Whenever we come to know that there is a shortage of a
    basic item, we make sure that they get.
    Remember what VP did ?. All he did was take all the food supplies from the GOSL and keep it for themselves to feed their fighters. Did you see how fat VP was when he ended up in that mud pool. He was like a MORA , but look at the
    people he was supposed to be fighting for. Scrawny little
    people, and they were used to build earth bunds by force
    by the LTTE. Now TD wants these people to be wrapped in cotton wool. Get real.

    Bye for now

  91. When people are uprooted from a land that carries their stories and history, they carry that land in their heart.

  92. Nissanka 96#

    I think you made a good point on the sanitary pads although you got shot by several and I enjoyed the jokes. But reality is, many people are not at grass root level thinking. They dont think simple and cannot go down to the level of the subject about which they form their misguided opinions.
    Foreign Diaspora, due to their material success may think they know everything and pass judgment on everything. I have seen this occurring in many areas. I have told many of my Tamil friends abroad that if they are worried, they should consider a visit to the IDP’s and may be they can even contribute. I have friends in SL both Sinhala and Tamil who would be happy to accompany. Of course I fully understand that many Tamils may be quite scared to do this even now but otherwise how does one really find out?
    We humans are all covered with our own perspectives of things and peculiarities. Even if 10 people look at the same situation, they can come out with different opinions. This is why Buddha quite rightly said, we look at the world through a smoked glass. Rupa, Moha and Thanha obscure our view of reality.

  93. Dear T Morgan,

    I refer to your reply about Vanni Mission.
    face it we have laws and regulations here. You just cannot load a ship and send it here whatever good it may bring. vannimission had an ego so big that they forgot the basics.
    let me enlighten you on a few. regarding pharmecuticals there is allowed items which are approved by the dept. and those that are not allowed. There is Sri Lanka customs clearing whether its the GOSL, the US embassy or any other. in order to do that you need a consignee, shipping agent valuation of supplies and payment of dues. Who is going to warrant the stocks that are sent. If the IDP develop issues regarding pharmeceuticals will Vannimission take responsibility. then people like you will shout about something else.
    Dont blame the GOSL for the immature way that Vannimission organised themselves to get some visibility.
    Please note that the rest of the country runs normally and respect our laws here.

  94. Dear Tamilan-Sydney.
    yes the diaspora are blamed for funding a war not in their backyard but in the garden that was their relatives. recently – just a week back the security forces unerthed two large torpedoes and the launcher. 28 feet long and five ft width. now I wonder where money came to buy that or whether a friendly govt let the LTTE have it.
    Our suspicion about the intention of the dispora is genuine. Like back seat drivers. The real tamils suffer here while their relations in western countries beat war drums.!!

  95. Nissanka,

    I heard the white vans are kidnapping Tamils are really distributing sanitary pads and not to believe the lies that Tamils are victims of state violence anymore.

    We should relax because we can be sure the IDP’s won’t suffer the same fate without the UN being there to supervise abuses of sanitary pad distribution by the GoSL. In addition helping alleviate the monthly suffering husbands have to endure, my sources tell me you can do alot of damage with sanitary pads, they can be used for arbitrary extrajudicial killings, abductions and torture.

    Apparently there were lots of sanitary pads being distributed in the south in 1970’s and the 1980’s in the south. So many were dumped, that is in fact really why the rivers ran red during the JVP time. So from the culture of the state, we should have your rosy sanitary pad coloured view of the state dealing with the IDP’s.

    We should get together as Sri Lankans and urge them to start distributing shaving foam was well. What a deluxe service that would be breaking down all the divisions in our society!

  96. “There are also many wounded girls in the camp. … This is true of the boys too”.


  97. I ask every Tamil guy with a foreign accent, whether he/she had given a penny to the LTTE, and I’m still to find a ‘brave’ Tamil, who’d say he did. All they do is avert their eyes and go off!

    if anyone in this thread thinks that he/she would have eelam in Sri Lanka, forget it and stop dreaming!

  98. As a human being my heart cries out for these fellow human beings. They are not just numbers . They are some ones brothers and sisters, sons and daughters and mothers and fathers. It may be a huge task but the authorities must take the necessary steps to address these problems as a matter of urgency.Government must take control of the situation. If the civilian administration machinery is corrupt and inefficient then the military must take over matters and resolve the problem.Forget the NGO’s and INGO’s . Now we know who they are and what they did in the past. The scum of the earth. They must be kicked out of the area.

  99. Someone in this thread had asked, what can a decent Tamil diaspora do?

    If you have not given a penny to the LTTE, then you can ask your own conscience what you should do!

  100. #103 Ariya,

    We don’t need people of your ilk to decide how to live our lives. Sort out your own before you paint all Tamils with the same brush. By the way, about you asking all Tamils with foreign accents if they gave money to the LTTE… I don’t believe a word. Now take a laxative and that tight feeling will go away…

  101. Dear Ariya,

    That was me & I’ve contributed to MSF (Doctors without Borders) for a long time now.

    Dear Dilshan F,

    You seem oblivious to the apathy & hostility that various GoSL officials (domestic & abroad) showed to Vanni Mission when at that same time they declared to all how magnanimous they would be.

    I’m not in UK or involved with Vanni Mission. As a Canadian & being true to common Canadian values, I would never fund a fascist group or knowingly enable murder. Like many Tamils abroad who encountered Black July Tamils, I had sympathy for them & tolerance for there support of LTTE. Their view of the Tigers is rather like the British view of Robin Hood. You may want to blame me for not trying to convert them to a moderate view but really the responsibility of converting them over belongs to UNP & others who participated in driving them out of Lanka. It seems to me many Sinhalese want to hold all diaspora Tamils responsible for LTTE even if all we did is indirectly & unknowingly support them by patronizing a Tamil business that may have routed profits to the LTTE. Many diaspora Sinhalese have done the same. It’s to GoSL credit that there has been some official acceptance of blame for Jaffna Library & Black July but Tamils have gotten used to being stonewalled or having promises reneged by GoSL. Torture is illegal in Lanka but Police still do it & get away with it.

  102. 100. Dilshan F | July 4th, 2009 at 11:06 pm


    Dear Dilshan

    So your gove was studying anatomy by tearing parts from malicious Tamils. who were funded by dirty dispora.!!

    How dare the diaspora fund LTTE in the believe that that money will be used to STOP Tamils being murdered?

  103. Thanks DBS. Unfortunately, Rajapakse is letting some hand-picked people to report in his favor. (EDITED)
    Apparently the only people who exercise their conscience are the leftists, the christians in sri lanka and the west. Trust and pray their efforts bear fruit in true liberation of the eelam tamils.

  104. @ 42. S.R.Sivasubramaniam | July 2nd, 2009 at 4:24
    “the IDPs are allowed to go out from the camps, they will find ways to look after themselves. Certainly, there are enough people living in North and East to look after them if required. They may not need the money from the Govt. or Sinhalese or even fromTamil Diaspora.”
    Freedom is everyones right. That is not the privilege for the ruling class only.
    Sir I agree with your view here. Please read my comment again.

    “I cannot understand how people can justify the existence of these camps?” I don’t justify it.

    “Will they prefer to live in those camps?” NO. I will not.

    However – there was a war. Someone took these people by foce or by their own will (according to tamilnet). There are still mines, There are still weapons hidden. There are other need to be resettled. (muslims who are homeless for 7 years, other tamils from East). So we understand to certain extent what Govenrment is doing. We don’t want to argue with them. Instead we want to help tamil people in the camps. But it is lie to say they are like Jewish Concentration camps.
    If my boat turns upside down while I am at sea I will get into the turned side and padel and padel If I can see the beach even if the beach is miles away.
    That’s me though.

  105. i find that a guy called ariya keeps on asking why tamils are not contributing and i keep on asking why thse who want to leave are not allowed to. how much does ariya contribute to the prisoners in welikada prison. does he think tamils are fools just because they had a self appointed 8th grade dropout who killed all the intelligent tamil leaders. thank god the next leader will have at least the olevels and woundnt have read the buggervad geetha.

  106. Dear Tamilan-sydney,

    Your money – if you are part of the disapora that funded LTTE. only killed more tamils like the entire TULF, Kadirgama, neelan Thiruchelvam, Mayoress in Jaffna. These are the people who really defended tamils and tamil values. in addition the thousands of ordinary singhalese ,muslims and tamils. the disapora only funded the ego of prabhakaran and his lot in a misguided dream.

    Dear Tmorgan.

    Sorry but i cannot agree with you on vannimission. However I do agree that the Government officials from any country can be frustrating. This is not only Srilanka but Europe as well.

  107. Dear Tmorgan. this is what was in the vannimission web page after they completed unloading in chennai – India.

    ‘Mercy Mission wishes to express its profound gratitude to the crew and captain of the MV Captain Ali as well as to the passengers who acompanied the desparately needed humanitarian cargo. They have all undergone a trying experience over the past 59 days due to the politicization of humanitarian relief by the Government of Sri Lanka.’

    What was in the ship was 27 containers of stuff – a shipload? Why was not this 27 containers sent the standard way? What was Vannimission’s mission ? . bring 27 containers in a ship spending so much for charter + crew? couldnt that money be spent on more relief?. 27 containers will cost only Euro 18,000 the most for shipment to Colombo.

    I hope that those who gave to vannimission ask from those responsible why they needed an entire ship and crew to transport 27 containers .

    This was all another LTTE sponsored expensive excersise in the name of humanitarian relief to bring discredit to the GOSL using the IDPs.Some of the INGO and the foreign journalists fall into this as well.

  108. Ariya seems to be new to the trade. In all fairness, please give him some time to learn the panhandling technique.

  109. 112. shankar | July 6th, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    Sharkar, so you reckon a PHD holder would have done it better??

    Give me a break; VP did not do the job properly; But there are others who have done massive amount of work despite having primary school education.

  110. 107. tmorgan | July 5th, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    Dear Ariya,
    That was me & I’ve contributed to MSF (Doctors without Borders) for a long time now.
    This MSF was founded by a guy called Kouchner, and he was the top guy at Kosovo…

    Kosovo is supposed to be quite Muslim, and its surprising to put a Jew to run the show, where Muslims are a majority. Kosovo is still having troubles…

    Miliband and Kouchner came running to Sri Lanka to save the skin of a mass murderer Prabakaran, and both are Jews!

    Kouchner even wanted to go into the safe zone to stop the SL army from attacking the LTTE!

  111. To all LTTE remnants and supporters, who carry LTTE flags and wear LTTE T-shirts, stop having ANY illusions of having a eelam in Sri Lanka!

    You can get a piece of land from Canada, if you really want one, for there is enough land in the Northern Territories! At least your heads would be cold enough to think straight!

  112. The IDP’s are a financial ‘strain’ on the GOSL, can you imagine, 300,000 IDP’s have to be fed daily. The Minmum cost to feed a single IDP woul approx. Rs100 a day (3 meals only of food and water) ..this would mean the Govt. spending Rs 30,000,000/- per day which would be around Rs 900,000,000/- for 30 days …mind you this is just a meagre 3 meals and water …and it dos not include the cost of Medicine, Clothing, Toiletries, etc

    ..and the aid pledged by foreign govts. is not coming in thanks to the ‘False Propaganda activities by the Tamil Diaspora’ …so tell me who is really to blame for the plight of the Tamil peoples …

    ..during Prabakaran’s times they suffered ..!
    Now that the war is over they are still suffering due to the Tamil Diaspora activities against the GOSL.

    And the end of teh day my brothers ..sisters ..its your people who are suffering!

  113. comment 116 tamilan -sydney

    those you refer to did not have an environment in which to study.due to abject poverty where sometimes they had to just eat some porridge to get rid of the hunger and sleep. their mothers did not even get that but preferred to starve and give the children. they went barefoot to school and walked twenty miles every day. but they were creaters at heart. they had a vision and they wanted to create something.
    VP was a destroyer leaving a trail of destruction and it did not stop with material things only. he had ample oppportunity to study as jaffna was one of the best in this region for education. his parents had enogh money.
    it all depends on your heart, whether you are a destroyer or creator. it takes months to build a building but you can bring it down in 10 minutes. it takes hundred years for a tree to grow in the rainforest but you can cut it down in 10 minutes.it takes nine months for a mother to carry a child and another 20 years to look after and it takes only a bullet to finish that creation.
    iam watching basil rajapakse. i see a creator.

  114. Regarding the use of Sanitary pads, why don’t you all think rationaly.?
    Cloth is fine, but where will they go for cloth, when they came with only what they were wearing?
    You may say they can use the cloth again by washing. Where will they go for water, when they are short of water even to drink?
    Do they have privacy to do the washing? They are waiting in line to go to the toilet!!
    Don’t you think sanitary pads are the best and hygenic?
    Don’t think that these folks are dumb as not to learn to use sanitary pads?

    These people managed somehow to treat the injured with their limited resources and material, when the government which is duty bound to protect and provide for them stopped sending food and medicine to them.

    How long does it take to screen these people? Best thing is to let them go to their own homes as soon as possible and let them worry about the sanitary pads!!
    Atleast allow the people who has relatives and family to look after to go. This will ease the situation for everyone including the government.

    The government which has money to buy all the lethal weapons, but has no money to provide for its citizens!!

    The government is shamelessly making money by showing these people to the world. (imposing tax on the INGOs is one guise)

  115. Anyway, those who followed LTTE were and are first class fools in the first place!

    This Prabakaran doesn’t need to be given any hype in anyway at all. One should write on people who had worked for humanity not lived to harm it.

    People(?) like Hitler, Pol Pot and him should not have a place in history!

    Not even in the internet!

  116. Today’s Daily News (08.07.09) Headlines – Rs 250 Mn daily for Northern Civilian upkeep.

    The Govt. spends Rs 250 Million daily for the welfare of over 300,000 displaced civilians in the North, said Agriculture and Agrarian Services Minister Maithreepala Sirisena…

  117. Just wanted to share with you an extraction of the President’s interview with ‘The Hindu’…

    N. Ram [NR]: Are you not worried by what is seen outside Sri Lanka as triumphalism following the military victory? That has to be checked, does it not, in the South?

    President: No. The Tamils are happy, the Muslims are happy. They had that fear for two days. I must admit that. When my friends informed me, “Sir, we have a problem like this” — they had this fear — I spoke to them in Tamil and said: “Don’t worry, I will look after you.” People were enjoying themselves for two weeks. One day I took a vehicle and went all over just to find out what was going on. I placed the Army and the police near the Tamil houses. Nothing happened. Not a single Tamil house was attacked, not a single Tamil was humiliated. Not a single Muslim.

  118. 115. Nostradamus | July 6th, 2009 at 9:53 pm
    Ariya seems to be new to the trade. In all fairness, please give him some time to learn the panhandling technique.

    Panhandling is exactly what you guys are doing overseas, working the white master, and being ‘the’ subject of the British Queen!

    As you are Notredamus, shouldn’t you have told that mass murderer of Tamil youth that his time would come?

    I’d like to see the day, when your ‘Aunty’ gets arrested and extradited to Sri Lanka to face charges! Or dies of cancer, but and lives at least 10 years with that cancer, for the ‘good’ she had done for the Tamil schoolchildren!

  119. Dear Kumar 110

    Thank you for giving us the link. I recommend that
    everybody read this and you will have all the answers
    for all your questions straight from the President’s mouth.
    Or should I say from the King’s mouth.

    Bye for now.

  120. A small example to show sooner or later Truth will always come out and this applied to everybody. So better not have any skeletons in the closet. This is alos why it is best to have independent media (ideally local not representers of vested interests of the west) always vitnessing what you do and donot do…

    ” The five doctors who were held under the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) during the height of fighting at Puthukudyiruppu say they “regret” giving false information to the media. They claim it was due to ‘immense pressure from the LTTE’ and that they were left with little or no option.”
    From Derana website.


    Here is an AP report filed by Ravi Nessman. You can read it in http://www.transcurrents.com. The report sheds much light on the “confessions in custody” by the “captive” docotors.The transcurrents post is reproduced below –


    Doctors’ statements recanting Tamil deaths “expected and predicted,” Amnesty Int’l says

    Sam Zarifi, the Asia-pacific director for Amnesty International, told Associated Press the statements from the doctors who witnessed civilian massacres recanting their toll in Northern Sri Lanka were “expected and predicted.”

    The Tamil doctors who have been in police custody for nearly two months were brought before the media for briefing on Wednesday, July 8th to recant their reports of mass civilian casualties during the final days of the civil war.

    The following is a report by Associated Press on the briefing: By Ravi Nessman

    The men, who looked well-fed but nervous, denied they were withdrawing their statements under pressure from the government, even as they expressed hopes they might now be released. A rights group said there were “significant grounds to question whether these statements were voluntary.”

    Their new testimony — with drastically reduced death tolls and casualty figures during shelling of civilian areas — contradicted reports from independent aid workers with the United Nations and the Red Cross who witnessed some of the violence.

    The government barred journalists from the war zone and threw out most aid workers, leaving the doctors as one of the few sources of information about the toll the fighting was taking on the hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped by the final battles of the 25-year civil war here.

    U.N. figures show more than 7,000 civilians were killed between January and May. Human rights groups accused the government of shelling heavily populated areas and accused the rebels of holding civilians as human shields. Satellite photos showed densely populated civilian areas had been shelled. Both sides denied the accusations.

    When asked Wednesday about the doctors’ latest comments, U.N. spokesman Gordon Weiss said: “We stand by our statements.”

    At the time, the doctors gave harrowing accounts of the damage and described how the vast number of wounded civilians overwhelmed their makeshift hospitals as they ran low on food, medicine, supplies and staff.

    The interviews infuriated government officials, who denied the men existed, then insisted the doctors were being misquoted and finally said they were under pressure from the rebels to lie. The doctors fled the area during the final battles in mid-May and were immediately arrested and accused of spreading rebel propaganda.

    On Wednesday, five doctors were brought before dozens of foreign and local media and said the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels forced them to exaggerate the damage caused by the shelling and gave them lists of casualty figures to give to the media.

    The rebels took medicine and food shipments sent by the government and demanded the doctors tell the media there were shortages, the men said.

    “The information that I have given is false. … The figures were exaggerated due to pressure from the LTTE,” said Dr. V. Shanmugarajah.

    “It’s difficult for you to believe, but it’s true,” said Dr. Thurairaja Varatharajah, who was the top health official in the war zone.

    However, Sam Zarifi, the Asia-pacific director for Amnesty International, said the statements from the doctors were “expected and predicted.”

    “Given the track record of the Sri Lankan government, there are very significant grounds to question whether these statements were voluntary, and they raise serious concerns whether the doctors were subjected to ill-treatment during weeks of detention,” he said. “From the time the doctors were detained, the fear was that they would be used exactly this way.”

    The doctors’ new testimony contradicted other evidence from the battlefront.

    They estimated Wednesday that between 650 and 750 civilians were killed between January and mid-May in the final battles of the war, a number far below that reported by the United Nations.

    Varatharajah said only 600 to 650 civilians were injured from January to April 15, even though the Red Cross rescued 13,769 sick and wounded patients and their relatives from his hospital during the final months of the fighting.

    On Feb. 2, Varatharajah reported that three artillery barrages hit the pediatrics ward and women’s wing of a hospital in the war zone, killing nine patients. On Wednesday, he denied the hospital had been hit.

    However, the U.N. and the Red Cross, who had staff at the hospital, confirmed the attacks, the location of the strikes and the death toll. The army denied the attack.

    Photos and video from the war zone showed damaged buildings and dead bodies, but none pointed to the scale of the killing.

    No government officials were at the news conference at the Defense Ministry’s press center to answer questions about why the doctors were being detained, how much longer they would be held, whether they were pressured to recant and whether they would be charged with any crime.

    The moderator introduced himself as a freelance journalist and two men in white shirts and ties sitting off to the side appeared to be giving him directions. When one of the doctors acknowledged he was currently imprisoned, a journalist for the state media berated him, saying he was well fed, clean shaven, wearing a tie and had a decent haircut, so he couldn’t be a prisoner.

    In a telephone interview, police spokesman Ranjith Gunasekera refused to comment on what crime the doctors committed.

    “Let the confidential inquiry continue, and we will give you the details later,” he said.

    In a recent interview with the Indian newspaper The Hindu, Lalith Weeratunga, the powerful secretary to President Mahinda Rajapaksa made it clear the government had no intention of releasing the doctors anytime soon.

    “If they go scot-free, it will set a very bad precedent,” he said.

  121. Dear Kumar 110

    Thank you for giving us the link. I recommend that
    everybody read this and you will have all the answers
    for all your questions straight from the Presidents mouth.
    Or should I say from the Kings mouth.

    Bye for now.


    I think the King’s mouth is full of something. If you can kindly find out about incontinence pads this time you would be doing all of us a favour machang. You have the wrong end of things my friend I suspect that is why your nose is brown. But you are well placed for more research. We all await another Nissanka special on this blog.

  122. Dear DBSJ:
    Thanks for the response. Very informative and useful indeed. Still I think my statement about ‘truth’ coming out still stands.

    Anyway, I DO agree that these ‘doctors’ should NOT be released. There should be some laws in SL that could prosecute some one who intentionally tarnishes the reputation of a nation through false allegations. (that is of course if it can be proven)

    While they very well could be undervaluing matters now (Under duress or for some other reason) they could very well have exaggerated things then. It could have also happened under the LTTE.

    Also, we all know what teh reputation of Amnesty International is. So no one would expect them to go back on their word in any case.

  123. Do you seriously think anybody believes the farce the GOSL has mounted over the doctors?

    What the GOSL is doing is destroying the tatters of the reputation it had left.

  124. to comment 130 TCK

    can you tell why the government is not even now alowing any independent verification of what happened.dont you think that should put to rest all allegations and counter allegations. so before you try to tarnish the reputations of the god doctors and whitewash the government and project to the world that the government is lily white roses, please ask mahinda to allow independen verification of what happenned. mugabe like stubbornness is going to result in us having to get a wheelbarrow to go and buy a loaf of bread.

  125. DBS thanks again.
    There is no good in complaining about the past though there is plenty of reasons for postmortem. Sri Lankan politicians are also human (I hope) the few important issues they could address to reduce the distress all these people go through. Work on easing anyone’s pain under such a circumstance.

    Publish the list of names by camp zones so that the Tamils behind the barbed wires could feel relieved that their kith & kin are safe without going through further anguish.
    Unite these families in the same camp and do what it takes to get the children’s need met by the surviving relatives to
    heal better with their own family and eventually become self reliant. Surely that would be a quick process to recovery.

    BBC reported that the Red Cross has been asked to close offices in the North and East. What next?! any why? still there exist an enormous need for Clean Water/food/clothing and medical care. Keep the relief agencies that are willing and doing a good job and eventually Tamil diaspora will start helping through those instead of severing an existing link for care.

    Employ a team of genuine regular humans to look into the needs of the people in the camps to treat these people as fellow human beings who has been traumatized. Now they must feel terrible with the feeling “guilty until proven innocence” where as they all are civilians “innocent until proven guilty”.

    Buddha loving true Buddhist have to make the noise then only some action would be taken to improve the conditions. Diaspora could for now send food/clothes/medical supplies if there is a method to deliver that as someone mentioned above.

    There should be a mechanism in place it is far too late. Tamil diaspora would be reluctant to fund the Govt after the way innocent Tamils got bombed surely anyone would resist paying to the Govt for weapons! Goods should be possible.

    When they called the civilians over to the Govt side they should have had a plan in place, rejected the help came by, it is all so terrible. Now it is time to do what needs to be done.
    The diaspora should press for a viable channel for helping.

  126. Dear Friends,

    In the past thirty years, thousands of Sri Lankans were killed in the war. They may be Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims but they are all Sri Lankans. Millions of rupees worth of property has been destroyed. They may belong to Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims, but this is all Sri Lankan people’s money.

    We always used to blame each other. “I do this to you, because you did this to me.” We can still see that some people have the same attitude. But I believe that most people in Sri Lanka, whether they are Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim want to bring up their children and live peacefully.

    So I think now it has come to a point for us to stop and think wisely. So I humbly request all Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese to read this patiently.

    Look at what some people are now doing after the war. They have started collecting money and essentials for the IDPs. Some organisations have volunteered to collect goods for these IDPs. Lots of people have volunteered to rebuild the railway track which was destroyed during the conflict. Some people who are living overseas are collecting money and other essentials for these needy people and some organisations are even going to rebuild some communities at their member’s expense.

    However at the moment this is what some other Sinhala and Tamil people who live overseas are doing. Some go to human rights organisations and ask for an investigation, some go to the media and give fabricated stories, photos and videos, some appeal to the whole world to boycott our products and even the Cricket Team, some people burn the National flag and protest on the roads disturbing the day to day work in their countries and some people just write hate emails everyday.

    So please think about this carefully, in reality who has really benefitted from this war? Not the Tamils, Sinhalese or Muslims, we have only paid the price. Arms dealers, NGOs, some western countries and the media are the people who have really benefited.

    So they encourage us to carry on fighting each other and for our children to carry on this war so that they can make even more profit from the death and suffering of ALL our people into the future.

    Today, hundreds of our people need homes, hundreds of our children need parents. So if you can, would you try to contribute to build at least one house and/or be a foster parent to at least one child instead of being puppets to those who use us for their benefit.

    In doing so, together build a better place in which to live.

    Niranjan Herath
    New Zealand.

  127. I am a human being. My heart goes to those people who undergo immense suffering in Camps.

    Now the SL President has announced that Canada can open a visa office and get down all IDPs to Canada. May be a slip of the tongue.

    So Diaspora must request Bob Rae and other Canadian MPs to get down the IDPs to Canada as soon as possible. They did this to Vietnamese. Why cannot they do it to tamil peopole?

    Canada needs more immigrants. Diaspora can look after them so that they would not be a burden to the tax payers. Hence nobody can oppose this.

  128. >>120. Kumari Nayakaratne, Kalubowila. | July 7th, 2009 at 4:38 am
    The IDP’s are a financial ’strain’ on the GOSL, can you imagine, 300,000 IDP’s have to be fed daily. The Minmum cost to feed a single IDP woul approx. Rs100 a day (3 meals only of food and water)

    That is why you starve them to death !

  129. It is sad but not surprising that this camp exists, and the problems persist despite assurances that things are not as bad as it is made out. I believe this is a Sri Lankan problem, where people try to take advantage of those more unfortunate than them. So even those under whose care the IDPs are will try to profit from them, be they Sinhala or Tamil.

    Furthermore, the state bureaucracy and most people in SL are not taught to think and rationalize. They act like trained animals, from the Leader downwards. It is part of the weakness in the education system. If one thinks through each issue, none of the current conditions or situation would continue, as the result is more counterproductive than the original intention.

    We have to go back to basics, about how we treat our fellow man. If we do that then there will be a change in attitude, and until then nothing will change. If you consider every person in the camp as a relative, then you will have a solution to each of the problems in keeping with the limited resources at your command.
    Instead they are just treated as objects that need to be controlled and managed, a very clinical approach. There in lies the rub.

    I have offered to host two families, all fallen on deaf ears. There are at least 50,000 households in the South that are willing to host a family each, and the issue of the camps and how to cope will disappear in a flash. It will do more for racial harmony and future understanding than anything I can imagine.

    I know it is not the people of SL that are the problem, it is just the officials, both elected and appointed, as well as bureaucrats who are part of the problem, and not the solution. Open the gates to the camps and all the bureaucrats will have no job, so it is an institutionalized jobs for the boys situation, cloaked in fear and innuendo.

    Where has the humanism of man gone? Its there just give it a chance to surface please.

  130. #137 Saman

    Dear Saman,

    Kind hearted persons such as your good self give us Tamils hope for reconciliation and integration with our Sinhala brethren in a country united in peace. You alluded to, possibly, the most effective solution to the ethnic problem. Tamils and Sinhalese need to intermingle and learn to appreciate each others’ culture, heritage, needs, hopes and aspirations. By learning to coexist in a free environment we will be far more productive.

    All the geographical and psychological divide among our communities (Muslim, Sinhala, Tamil) should disappear. I truly believe that the vast majority of our Sinhala brethren share you views and outlook. I hope someday that magnanimity would be shown by the ruling class/clan as well.

    Most sincere wishes to you.

  131. Noble words from a noble soul Saman, but there is more to this than in the culture of incompetence and cynicism that is endemic to the State; there is a far more sinister shadow of history that hangs over these poor souls.

  132. Niranjan Herath,,
    You are blaming everyone else except the the successive governments in Sri lanka who brought this war, lawlessnes, and brought this country to the pathetic level. Don’t you think Mr. and Brothers benefitted from this war? Who are the arm dealers? Those are the people who were running the country and their henchmen.

    The government is keeping them in the camp, so that they can show this people and get money from the west and siphon some of the money to their bank accounts.

  133. According to Time 1400 people are killed every week in these concentration camps, If we are going in this rate by 2- 3 years all the detainees will vanish, then there won’t be any detainees left. Mind you,these people detained illegally.

    Some people blaming diaspora not doing enough, but your thugs in power refused the aids sent by the diaspora for some silly reasons, they want to extort money by blackmailing diaspora and foreign governments to fill their bank balance.

    Extortions wing are franchised by Gotha to former paramilitaries, if any of you interested contact Gotha.

  134. To: 133. shankar
    By calling these doctors ‘god’ I can see where you are coming from. I did not try to white wash anybody. Just highlighting that no one can deny the fact that LTTE very easily could have preassured them to say things the way LTTE wanted. Would you deny this possibility?

    You can ask Mahinda about independent verification yourself. Why do you need me to do it?

  135. It is hard to believe that the intentions of the regime and the establishment are altruistic. Since independence successive regimes have attempted to alter the ethic balance in traditional Tamil areas through strategic sinhala colonization. Examples are aplenty all the way from Kathirgamam in the south to Manal Aaru in the north.

    My contention is that the current regime has an ulterior motive in holding 300K IDPs behind barbed wires. I do not think they will ever be allowed to move from the camp sites even if the wires are removed. Or they may just be dispersed and intersprersed among established communities in other parts of the country (anywhere but where they truly belong).

    Killinochchi and Mullaitheevu will easily be converted to garrison towns with 25K Sinhala soldiers in each. Now with their families, support structure etc. there could eventually be 200K Sinhalese in the two districts. So, there goes the Vanni heartland.

    I was 13, studying in Bangalore (India), when Prabhakaran decided to go against the Indian army in 1987. One of my teachers who is a Kannadiga told me: “Ceylon Tamils just blew their only chance for working out a settlement. You may never be able to return home”. How prophetic. In the last 22 years I have traversed the globe several times over but, sadly, never set foot on Sri Lanka. Many Tamils are in a similar situation now.

    My fear: in 50 years Tamils will have only a token presence in the island. Now, its over to our well-meaning Sinhala brethren to not let that happen.

  136. comment 142 TCK

    TCK you seem to be a good sort but i thoght you had commonsense. anybody can see it was a “typho” and i missed a “o” and it should have been good doctors and not god doctors.. we are after all human arent we. it is not like as if i typed “dog” in the reverse or something.
    the only one i consider as god is god.
    of course the ltte could have pressured them. that is why the world is clamouring for an independent inquiry into what happened, right from the start of the srilanka offensive.if the government never allowed war correspondents , how can you blame the doctors. their job is to treat patients , not become reporters. in the absence of reporters they would have been under a lot of unnecessary pressure. do you think in that envronment they can save lives and also go and count al the casualties with shell dropping and fighting all over. they will also rely on others foor information. the government will have to take the full responsibility for misinformation because they banned war correspondents.
    i asked mahinda and he invited me for lunch and gave me that delicious indonesian dish nasi goreng but did not want to talk about this issue. he said he had lot of pressing prblems on his mind at the moment. apparntly the wife is hounding him to trim his moustache because she says it reminds her of prabaharan and sometimes she thinks she is sleeping next to him.it was mostly about food we were talking about.

  137. 140 Nandasena,
    I don’t think that you understand what I am saying here. I only wrote what I see at the moment.
    If you think MR is wrong you have the full right to elect another president in the next election (If you are still a Sri Lankan citizen). However my worry is at the moment not about the Sri Lanka presidency, it is about the innocent people who suffered from the war.
    Also I don’t think that the Sri Lankan government needs IDP camps to get money from the west as you think, they have been getting money even in the past when we didn’t have IDPs.
    If you want to continue blaming the people who is responsible for the current situation in Sri Lanka, it is up to you, but this won’t help the needy people.

  138. Latest on the camps, excellent article detailing the bare truth:

    The world is finally realising that these are “internment camps”, not “welfare villages”. Interestingly enough, V Anandasangaree in early February was rubbishing claims made that these were internment camps. Now, even he is up in arms about it and is using the words “internment” and “detention”.

    Some interesting snippets from the article that vouch for the claims made by the eyewitness account in this page:

    “Aid workers and foreign diplomats increasingly fear that Manik Farm, a facility they helped build, is actually a military-run internment camp where 210,000 ethnic Tamil civilians displaced by the civil war are being held indefinitely.”

    “”At best, it is at the edge of all kinds of international principles,” said one Western diplomat based in Colombo, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals from the government. “But more likely, it is illegal.””

    “In June, chicken pox was rampant and cases of typhoid, tuberculosis, skin and respiratory infections, hepatitis A, scabies and diarrhea have begun cropping up, according to U.N. reports. More than 35 percent of children under 5 are suffering from wasting, or acute malnutrition, according to a July 3 government presentation leaked to the AP.”

    “Signs of unrest are growing. Several weeks ago, inmates held a protest demanding they be reunited with family members in other fenced-off sections of the camp, aid workers said. Military troops shot in the air to disperse the angry residents.”

    “However, aid workers say the military officer in charge told them almost no war refugees would go home this year, and the screening process is dragging on, with even civilians who fled the war in January still confined to the camps.Mano Ganesan, an ethnic Tamil parliamentarian, said the government sealed the camps to keep those inside from telling the world about the final months of the war, when human rights groups say the military killed thousands of civilians with heavy shelling.”There is no other logical reason to understand the government’s position,” he said.”

    While some people talk about landmines and miracles etc., one of the most vexing questions remains as to why the SL Gov is not letting family members reunite _within_ the camps. That’s just inhuman and it does not take a “miracle” to just let it happen.

  139. What a shame for human kind. How can a world sit back and watch this concentration camps. Please SL Gov, show some mercy. will they keep their own race like this?. Now you understand why young boys took arms.

  140. Sri Lanka is becoming a failed sate because at the moment there is not a single honest politician in SL who is capable of wresting control of Sri Lanka from the saintly thugs who are running riot now. All Sri Lankans are at the mercy of the set of thugs, Mahinda Rajapaksa and Co., who are in power now. MR., GR., BR., got the license to enjoy the riches and guide the countries destiny. Sri Lankans have are now faced with a situation that they are forced to endure the good or the bad that they will be dished out to them by their heroes as Sri Lankans have no other choice. A few of the surviving old brigade are making feeble attempts to obstruct the chief of the robbers (King Mahinda) from ignoring all ethics and swindling the country but there are no apparent mass upheavals due to well organized repression. The opposition is in disarray and they are not capable of harnessing the support of the masses by exposing the massive corruption that is eating into every artery of the country .Thuggery and murder is the order of the day and the helpless citizens could only watch and wait. It will be massive task to eradicate the most inhuman, corrupt, greedy, murderous set of people who are running the SrI Lanka now, the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and brothers. After brutal imprisonment of 300,000 innocent civilians, Sri Lankans got what they deserve

  141. If the Liers Soverien Republic of Srilanka’ s rulers want to prove that they are not liers or human right abusers and realy concermned about the Tamil IDPS instead of puting the barbed wires around the peaople, why not put the barbed wires around the sites wher ther are suspicion of land mines until cleared. Why are they putting up new capms in Jaffna ? Are there any land mines ? if so who put them on ? why not allow the people already screened or issued id cards etc as stated by the Republic’s Ambassador. Who has also under estimated peoples intelegence.

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