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Pro-Tiger diaspora in a post-Prabhakaran scenario

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

A noteworthy feature of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has been the special manner in which it glorifies death and pays homage to dead tiger fighters.

Fallen LTTE members were eulogized as martyrs and referred to as “Maaveerar” or Great heroes.

The departed tigers were buried in cemeteries known as “Maaveerar Mayaanangal” (great hero cemeteries) and memorials called “Maaveerar Thuyilum Illangal” (sleeping abodes of great heroes) were constructed.

[a Heroes day cut out in Elephant Pass, 2005]

November 27th of each year was declared the “Maaveerar thinam” or great heroes day. This was the date on which Sathiyanathan alias Shankar died of gunshot injuries in 1982. He was the first LTTE cadre to be killed in combat.

Subsequently the entire week from Nov 21st was proclaimed as great heroes week. Various events paying homage to the memory of fallen tigers were held in North-Eastern Sri Lanka and abroad.

The highlight of November 27th was a public address by LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in which he outlined current policy objectives of the tigers.

Prabhakaran also paid public tribute to his “maaveerar” and lit the “eegaichudar” or sacrificial flame on that day.

Apart from this special annual ceremony the LTTE also honoured its leaders and cadres immediately after death . Elaborate funerals were held and memorial meetings were organized.

Leaflets were issued and posters put up. Tigers and tiger supporters in the Diaspora also held a variety of events in memory of the fallen tigers.


Against this backdrop of the LTTE making a fetish out of death one would have expected a series of commemorative events in the aftermath of LTTE leader Prabhakaran’s demise on May 18th this year.

The LTTE’s head of International Relations (euphemism for global tiger chief) Selvarasah Pathmanathan alias KP a.k.a. Kumaran announced formally over radio on the morning of May 22nd 2009 that the Tiger leader was no more.

This was followed by a special press release dated May 24th 2009. In that KP stated-

“We announce today, with inexpressible sadness and heavy hearts that our incomparable leader and supreme commander of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam attained martyrdom fighting the military oppression of the Sri Lankan Government”.

KP went on to emphasise . “We share the sorrow and despair of all the Tamils in Sri Lanka, The Diaspora and the Tamil speaking people of the world”.

Pathmanathan also called for a week of mourning to pay tribute to his leader and other fallen “freedom fighters and civilians”.

“We have declared the week beginning Monday, 25 May 2009, as a week of official mourning paying tribute for the supreme sacrifice by our beloved leader. During this week let us celebrate his supreme sacrifice and his contribution to the betterment of the Tamil world. Let us also mark the sacrifices of all the commanders, freedom fighters and the civilians who also laid down their lives.”

In the aftermath of KP’s public acknowledgement and call for mourning ,many people including this writer expected a massive outpouring of grief and sorrow to manifest itself through well-organized demonstrations and commemorative meetings.


I have been one of the few Tamils who criticized and condemned Velupillai Prabhakaran when he was alive, powerful and dangerous. Now that he was no more I did feel that the Tamils who equated him to a living God should pay homage to his memory.

Whatever his faults there is no denying that Prabhakaran was a historic figure who should be posthumously honoured at least by those claiming to be his followers.

Apart from the LTTE supremo a very large number of senior LTTE leaders and commanders like Soosai,Bhanu, Jeyam, Nadesan, Sornam etc had also died. Earlier in April another set of prominent tigers like Theepan, Gaddafi, Vidusha, Durga etc had also died.

Most of the senior tigers killed had devoted decades of their life to what they regarded as the Tamil cause.They deserved honours in their own right.

In such a situation I did expect many commemorative events to proliferate in the “Thamizh koorum nallulakam” (Tamil-speaking good world ).

Tiger propagandists when exhorting Diaspora Tamils to contribute or demonstrate come up with a familiar refrain “do your historical duty (varalaatrukkadamai)”.

So I thought the Diaspora will now do its historical duty and pay tribute to the LTTE leader and others.

With the LTTE being deprived of territorial control in Sri Lanka there is absolutely no chance of any pro-tiger event including a commemorative meeting being held in any part of the Island right now.

But one did anticipate large-scale memorial meetings paying tribute to Prabhakaran and senior tiger leaders being held in many cities in the west by Diaspora tiger elements.

Presently the LTTE enjoys “visible” support only among sections of the Tamil Diaspora and segments of Tamil Nadu population in India.

Since it is virtually impossible to display any public support for the LTTE in any part of Sri Lanka it was the “varalaatruk kadamai” of the Diaspora to pay homage.


A whole month has passed since the demise of both the LTTE and its leader but the astonishing reality is that not even one public meeting has been held abroad so far to commemorate Prabhakaran or other members of the LTTE.

Only grieving family members held religious and cultural observances privately in memory of their dear ones.

The familiar memorial meetings and commemorative events held on a grand scale to glorify fallen tigers are conspicuous by their absence. It is as if the Diaspora had dropped the LTTE like a hot potato after its defeat and Prabhakaran and other top tigers had ceased to exist in Diasporic consciousness and conscience.

The actual situation however is somewhat different.

Basically many sections of the “tiger” diaspora are in a state of denial.This state of affairs is aggravated by the deliberate campaign of misinformation and disinformation by some LTTE activists.


Furthermore divisions within Diaspora tiger elements have also contributed to this state of affairs. Chief among these causes is the opposition to KP’s leadership by vested interests among overseas tigers.

As a result of this bizarre situation ,Prabhakaran and his senior deputies are being denied an opportunity of being commemorated at least by fellow Tamils of the Diaspora.

In a cruel twist of fate the man who bestowed titles like “Maamanithan” (great human) or “naatrupatraalar” (Patriot) on dead LTTE supporters himself lay dead on the shores of Nandhikkadal lagoon.

Now in a further twist Prabhakaran and other leaders had been denied even a simple public commemorative ceremony paying tribute.

When he was alive these same Diaspora praised him to the skies but after death not even one public event paying homage has been held.

When a few attempts were made to hold memorial meetings , tiger goon squads descended on the venues and intimidated the organizers into abandoning the projects.

Usually tiger hooligans disrupt meetings by rivals or dissidents. Now it was becoming an intra-tiger practice.

Strangely enough the prime casualty in all this is none other than Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP himself. A revolt has been fomented against him by sections of the Diaspora LTTE establishment.


It is typical of the LTTE to conduct vicious vilification campaigns against those who fall foul of it. This writer has often been the victim in these orchestrated campaigns.

In this instance the overseas tigers have launched a slanderous , defamatory campaign against KP himself. He is the target of an intra-tiger assault aimed at undermining his credibility within the global Tamil Diaspora.

The chink in KP’s armour was his hasty announcement a few days earlier that the LTTE leader was alive in a safe location. This was presumably done to refute initial media reports that Prabhakaran was dead.

The exact reasons behind KP’s announcement is a matter for speculation. According to some sources close to KP the global tiger chief had been in receipt of information that Prabhakaran had reached a safe location and hence his forthright assertion that his leader was indeed safe.

Subsequently KP received confirmation that Prabhakaran was indeed dead and that the earlier information was wrong. A thoroughly shattered KP went into seclusion for a day and then began consulting a few senior activists and supporters.

Realising that the armed struggle had conclusively ended and convinced that the immediate need was to facilitate the speedy resettlement of displaced civilians and secure the early release of detained tiger cadres and families , KP decided to lead the overseas tigers into a new non-violent political future.

The announcement about Prabhakaran’s death and the call to observe a week of mourning was the first step in this direction. Once the community commemorated the deaths and paid tribute to the leader and other commanders the people could face up to a bleak, uncertain future in a more organized, practical manner it was felt.

But KP found an unexpected revolt in expatriate tiger ranks. Influential sections within the LTTE overseas structure refused to accept the fact that Prabhakaan was dead. They raised doubts about Prabhakaran’s reported death.


For years and years the LTTE and its acolytes had constructed a myth around Prabhakaran. He was omniscient and omnipotent. The Thalaiver was infallible and invincible. He was portrayed as a demi-god for whom there could be no demise.

When I reported in December 2007 that Prabhakaran had received very minor injuries in aerial bombardment there was a massive campaign by tiger supporters against me. The essence of this campaign was that no harm could ever befall their beloved leader.

So when KP himself announced that the supreme leader was no more the Diaspora was dumbstruck. Nurtured for years on a diet of make believe and pretence the shocked Diaspora supporters simply refused to believe that their immortal leader was an ordinary mortal.

At this juncture the anti-KP elements struck back. They refuted KP’s announcement and commenced an underhand campaign to vilify Pathmanathan as a traitor spreading falsehoods.

This suited Diaspora elements wanting to disbelieve the unpleasant truth and believe in the pleasant lie. A responsive chord was struck and an anti-KP tide was on the rise.

Despite his new appointment as global tiger chief KP was on a weak wicket as he was yet to consolidate his grip on the Diaspora tiger structures.


Pathamanathan at one time had been in charge of three major LTTE functions .

Firstly he was chief arms procurer or head of the overseas purchasing dept an euphemism for arms purchasing.This was called KP department then.

Secondly he was in control of all fund raising activity for LTTE overseas.

Thirdly he was responsible for supervising the administration of LTTE overseas branches and front organizations.

He was then very powerful and the most influential tiger abroad

After the ceasefire of 2002 there was a re-structuring within LTTE.

There were allegations of financial irregularity and sexual impropriety against KP.

The man who poisoned Prabhakaran’s mind against KP was reportedly former tiger political commissar Suppiah Paramu Thamilselvan and intelligence chief Pottu Amman.

Another problem was that KP had become too well-known to the international intelligence agencies and was also wanted by Interpol. This restricted his mobility. Besides he was also not in good health.


So KP was relieved of duties and sent to pasture. KP himself married a Thai national and embraced domestication.

Different people were entrusted with KP’s earlier responsibilities. But KP still gave advice and guidance to those doing arms purchase.

Manivannan alias Castro was placed in charge of overseas administration He removed all office – bearers appointed by KP and put his own people in.

Meanwhile KP proved to Prabhakaran that the charges against him were baseless. Prabhakaran’s faith in KP was restored. But KP declined the offer to re-assume his earlier position.

KP was thus unofficially retired.

But a hard-pressed Prabhakaran turned to KP at a time of need. KP was given the post head of International relations again an euphemism for International chief of LTTE.


But there was a cold war right from the start. Castro resisted the change and his loyalists did not co-operate fully with KP.

Since the military situation was precarious on ground the main focus of Prabhakaran and hierarchy was on countering the military juggernaut. So the KP-Castro cold war continued abroad.

Now Castro is no more but those appointed by him are still defying KP.The greater part of the overseas structure remains opposed to KP.

After Prabhakaran’s death the situation has worsened because KP derived his authority from the supremo. Now in a post-Prabhakaran situation he is virtually powerless.

Earlier when the war escalated, regular contact between the Wanni tigers and the Diaspora structure began declining. So Castro appointed one person to be in overall charge of all LTTE offices and front organizations abroad.

This person known by the nom de guerre “Nediyavan” (tall man) operates from Scandinavia , shuttling among countries like Sweden,Norway and Denmark. Those in charge of tiger offices in different countries were controlled by Nediyavan on behalf of Castro.

Nediyavan issued internal instructions to all the Tiger fronts and office-bearers that Prabhakaran was yet alive and that KP’s directives were to be disregarded. Thus KP’s call to mourn Prabha and others went unheeded.


Almost immediately after KP went public on Prabhakaran’s death there was also a public denial. This was by Kathirgamathamby Arivazhakhan the head of the LTTE Intelligence division’s external wing.

Arivazhakhan issued a statement on May 22nd evening from an undisclosed location asking people not to believe “engineered rumours”.

“Our beloved leader is alive,” he said and added that the LTTE leadership will make contact with its people at a suitable time in future.

“These rumours have been set afloat to confuse the global Tamil community which has been voicing support for the liberation of Tamil Eelam,” Arivazhakhan further said.

This development brought about a “convergence” of sorts between Castro loyalists and Pottu Amman’s operatives abroad. Despite their differences both groups joined together to oppose and undermine KP.

Consequent to the “intelligence” group getting into the act a “special” news item was published in the LTTE Tamil media abroad. This was purportedly a statement issued by someone called “Vetrikkumaran”.

This Vetrikumaran was described as the commander of the “Yaarl Sellum Padaiyani” or the forces going to Jaffna. This statement too said the leadership was safe and sound and that the next military phase of the LTTE would begin shortly.


The dazed Diaspora in a state of denial latched on to these assertions. Facing the Diaspora was the stark reality of a virtually demolished LTTE. Along with such demolition, the Eelam dream was also destroyed.

Now hope was being offered that it was not so. The leader was not dead and the tigers were not vanquished. The armed struggle would continue it was being said. So tiger supporters bereft of hope opted to hitch their wagon to this fantasy star.

Also began a systematic campaign of denigration against KP. The aim was to erode his credibility and undermine his authority. KP’s weak point as stated earlier was his hasty announcement that Prabhakaran was alive.

Now that was being used against him. KP was portrayed as a traitor contradicting his own assertion at the behest of sinister agencies.

Even during earlier times when KP was all-powerful his identity and authority was not known to most ordinary members of the Tamil Diaspora. Only the active LTTE and pro-tiger elements knew all about KP.

As mentioned earlier when KP was re-appointed the prevailing official LTTE structure was hostile to him. This hostility and resistance to his authority found a fresh impetus after VP’s death.

KP’s pragmatic approach and announcement of giving up the arms struggle made many hard-liners resentful. The hard-liners living in illusion found KP’s comparatively rational approach of ending the armed struggle unacceptable.

Generally key figures in various LTTE structures in overseas offices are ganged up against KP.


There are some stalwarts supporting KP. Intra-LTTE divisions are emerging.

Generally hard-liners are opposed to KP. The pragmatic ones are supporting him.

There are also the lucrative fund-raising mechanisms. A whole lot of people are running the LTTE financed enterprises. Those not wanting to let go fear KP may replace them and are thus revolting against him.

The weapon utilized by these anti-KP elements is the Prabhakaran issue.

Some realize Prabhakaran is dead but opine that the truth should not be revealed because all fund raising would effectively end if the fact is known.

Other fanatical hawks argue that the struggle for Eelam can continue only if people believe Prabhakaran is alive.

A vicious campaign malingering KP as a traitor and being in the pay of Colombo (SIS), New Delhi (RAW) and Washington (CIA) is on.

They accuse KP of deliberate lies in saying that Prabhakaran is no more whereas “Thalaiver” is safe and sound in a hidden location.


He is accused through this multi-faceted campaign of even having betrayed Prabhakaran to the armed forces. On the one hand they deny Prabha is dead and on the other accuse KP of causing his death.

Politicians in Tamil Nadu like Vaiko and Nedumaran are also saying that Prabhakaran is alive and that KP is a traitor spreading lies and rumours. They charge Pathmanathan as being in the pay of intelligence outfits.

Thus the Tamil Diaspora is generally confused and a lot of Tamils are parroting the negative charges against KP.

However the anti-KP sections are damaging him immensely.

Pathmanathan’s views are blacked out in most tiger media organs. His call to mourn Prabhakaran is spurned.

KP loyalists and supporters are afraid to voice their support openly due to the threat of violence. The LTTE that uses violence to terrorize opponents is now caught up in the culture spawned by it.

A loose coalition opposing KP argues foolishly that Prabhakaran is alive. These forces are not organized as a cohesive body.

Also there is no single person capable of challenging or replacing KP at present.


In the forefront of those opposing KP are Jeyachandran alias Jeya annai the editor of “Tamilnet” website and KP Regi the executive-director of Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO).

Jeyachandran is in Norway and Regi in Britain.

The trio comprising Nediyavan, KP Regi and Jeyachandran are leading the anti-KP campaign.

Lurking in the background was the shadowy Arivazhaghan and the intelligence operatives.

In an unexpected turn of events the intelligence outfit changed its stance on June 18th exactly a month after Prabhakaran’s death.


The statement issued on behalf of Arivazhaghan confirmed that Prabhakaran was indeed dead and had attained martyrdom.

It was said that information about battlefront events from May 15th-19th was hazy and that was the cause of the earlier announcement stating Prabhakaran was not dead.

Subsequently the LTTE intelligence division had verified Prabhakaran’s death. The leader had fought and died on the battlefield.He had neither surrendered nor been captured.

The statement also cleared Pathmanathan indirectly by referring to his two contradictory statements.

The intelligence wing statement apologized to the Tamil people for misleading them earlier about Prabhakaran being alive.

The shift by Arivazhaghan is a tremendous boost to KP. The Nediyavan-Jeya Annai-KP Regi trio is weakened.

With the intelligence division’s external wing confirming Prabhakaran’s death it may be possible for KP to persuade other tiger activists to accept reality.

KP has been quietly fighting back by enlisting the support of comparatively saner elements among the pro-tiger Diaspora. He hopes to consolidate himself gradually.

The quixotic move to form a “transnational Tamil Eelam” administration by the LTTE abroad is also seen as a desperate attempt by KP to establish his authority over the Tamil Diaspora.


If the intelligence wing supports him KP can strengthen himself further.

If KP is indeed asserting his authority the Diaspora would commence paying public tribute to Prabhakaran and others. Commemoration of the fallen tigers could be the barometer of KP’s strength.

It remains to be seen as to whether KP will eventually consolidate his grip over the well-oiled, lucrative overseas LTTE structure.

Contrary to news reports about a “rump” the tiger structure abroad is a powerful organization.

If KP fails to establish control and the revolt continues the fragmentation of the tiger Diaspora is inevitable.

D.B.S.Jeyaraj can be reached at djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

June 18th 2009

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  1. A timely article on the tiger diaspora divisions. With the LTTE defeated back home the spotlight shifts to the Diaspora. We are seeing a power struggle. Thanks to DBS for shedding some insights

  2. Who hold the key to the cash reservoir ?

    Tiger diaspora is sure to kill each other for money.

    Soon the western countries will regret for hosting these goons in their land.

  3. Thanks DBS for writing this

    I think KP is on right track and needs to be supported. Diaspora must face reality

    Its a big shame that there has not been any meeting to commemorate the Thalaiver

  4. ” Apart from the LTTE supremo a very large number of senior LTTE leaders and commanders like Soosai,Bhanu, Jeyam, Nadesan, Sornam etc had also died. Earlier in April another set of prominent tigers like Theepan, Gaddafi, Vidusha, Durga etc had also died.”

    Pottu Amman ?????

  5. Diaspora is already fragmented, but I suppose you mean the tiger supporting Diaspora might become fragmented. Not only is the fragmentation of the tiger supporters is inevitable, but it is also necessary. How many innocent civilians have been hoodwinked by the Tiger organization in the past 25 years. Good lord – let the people get some sense and let their intelligence bloom. We don’t need any more lies, hoodwinking and manipulation just to keep a few “lifers” in the LTTE happy and prosperous. The concept of Ealam is dead, and with it all the pretence of such an existence in SL.

    Let the younger generation get themselves educated and live a decent life, instead of this myth-propagating life they have been manipulated into accepting. How energetic are the young, and yet so impressionable…

    Let the dreamers of the older generation take the dream with them. They too need something to do besides their jobs or in their retirement. Let them keep dreaming and send some of their retirement money to the tiger leaders, but let not the younger generation be sucked into this lie.

    How many “educated” tamils are still believing that the Supremo is still alive! All the education has been wasted on them.

  6. I guess history has its own way of paying back! I still remember how we were asked to disband and stopped from attending Mr. Anandarajan’s funeral in Jaffna (he was St. John’s College principal and was killed by the LTTE for allowing his students to play cricket with the SL military). I really think it is so ironic that history gets even so fast! The LTTE leadership denied Tamils even the right to grieve for the wonderfuls souls that were murdered by them in the past. Now they themselves have been abandoned due to the in fighting amongst them. As a great philosopher said “history repeats itself; first time as a tragedy and second time as a farce”. This is so true.

  7. Could you please report some more facts on TamilNet. I suspect the conflict KP vs TamilNet mainly on the future foreign policy. I read in one of KP’s statements in Tamil, that he is trying hard to reestablish a friendly relationship with India and inclined further drtails.

    TamilNet increasingly anti-Indian and in my opinion.
    tends to be a pro West. Explicitly said pro US. They give wide coverage to a few American profesionals who has some influence among low level American politicians. Lawsuits, pettioms are statements from the US are often given importance in the TamilNet.

    There are rumours that Pottu Amman is still alive in the hands of military. Is it true? Of course I assume you may have some informations.

  8. Lawsuits, pettioms are statements from the US are often given importance in the TamilNet

    this should read, Lawsuits, pettitions and statements from the US are given importance in the TamilNet.

  9. Good or bad VP was the attention of south asia for a considerable time. In this regard he is an important person. To too many people he is a legend, I bleive it is going to be that way for years and years. We have seen very promissing military commanders under him (Theepan, Balraj, too many to list). These guys did their job as intructed). I’m afraid to say it, but its true, most of my frieds are too sympathetic to LTTE, but now they all claim VP betrayed them. To me, no one want to deal with LTTE so the absentceof it will be better than the presence.

  10. Why do you worry without cause?

    The soul is neither born, nor does it die.

    Whatever happened, happened for the good
    whatever is happening, is happening for the good
    whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only
    You need not have any regrets for the past
    You need not worry for the future
    The present is happening…

  11. Question to DBSJ- When, where and how Castro died? There were no news reports of Castro’s death. Was he killed long before the last battle, or he escaped and live somewhere else.

    No doubt that LTTE operatives abroad are going to fight among themselves. Castro and Pottu gang enjoy support and control the massive Tamil diaspora population, but KP and associates have connections to international crime gangs and intelligence services. They can get Castro-Pottu guys ‘disappear’ if they choose to. Real interesting things waiting to happen-

  12. At the end of the day following facts remained true.

    Tamil armed struggle came to a abrupt end.

    Sun-god Praba died in his underwear in a marshy land with no apparent bullet entry points from the front part of his body other than one bullet exit point from the upper part of his forehead.

    Praba’s cyanide capsule neither swallowed nor around his neck

    His body was in a good shape for public display.

    No gas-can found around his body

    At the last stage of the war most of the LTTE leaders became absolutely helpless and ready to surrender

    Myth of the pro-LTTE diaspora about possibility of breaking-up Sri Lanka with their money by financing this war, faced with the harsh reality of absolute and decisive defeat of the LTTE.

    GOSL and SLDF prevailed, LTTE did not.

    Out of Tamil diaspora, those who can think wisely, will move on with their lives perhaps put the money into good use otherwise would have given to the LTTE
    to bring death and destruction for all Srilankans particularly Tamils live in the N&E.

    Now, very large majority of people in Sri Lanka feel safe and liberated.

  13. Puli Padai ( LTTE ) no longer an asset to Tamils But a Liability!

    · Puli Padai (LTTE – Tigers) should be dismantled Completely, because they are no longer an asset to Tamils, but a liability.
    · Though Talaivar (Pirabaharan) and his boys made lot of blunders, Tamil people whole heartily supported them, as they were fighting and won several battle, specially Elephant Pass battle and Katunayaka Airport attack.
    · Tigers were having a de facto state and managing it in a Totalitarian Dictatorship manner and Tamil people tolerated this because Tamil people believed one day we will get Eelam and we can run a Democratic Government and if puligal (LTTE) refused to give Democracy after establishing Eelam, Tamil people would have revolt against them.
    · Pirabaharan is puligal (Tigers) and Puligal (Tigers) is Pirabaharan and he maintained a one-man rule during the existence of Puli Padai (LTTE)
    · He made several mistakes and led us to the present position. First mistake is killing individuals. First Killing as admitted by him is that of Duraiappa. Duraiappa was a Young Mayor of Jaffna, Lawyer and defeated GG Ponnambalam at Jaffna Electorate. He was very popular among the poor people of Jaffna electorate and helped Jaffna Town people a lot. During 1970 Parliamentary Election Amirthalingam, Sivasithamparam and GG Ponnampalam lost the election. GG Ponnampalam gave up politics and abandoned Tamils and look after his wealth accumulated by him.
    · Amirthalingam and Sivasithamparam wanted to win the next election at any cost. S.J.V Selvanayagam After telling the Tamils that he is the leader who could safeguard Tamils, at the end he said, only God has to save Tamils and he could not do any thing, Tamils wasted their time with him.
    · Yogeshwaran wanted to contest Jaffna seat, but Duraiappa was a stumbling block. The Trio Amir, Siva and Yogeshwaran spread slanders about Duraiappa and branded him as Police informant and instigated Young boys to kill him, Young and immature Prabahana and Amir’s eldest son plot to kill Duraiappa and Pirabaharan carried out the murder.
    · Amirthalingam became Leader of Opposition and told Tamil people that he will get Eelam, other wise his body will come to eelam, covered by Raising Son Flag of TULF. But he ended up getting DDC- District Development Council and cheated Tamils.Jaffna Library was burned by UNP during DDC election
    · Pirabaharn and Umamaheswaran had a gunfight in Chennai and were in Madras jail. They were released on bail pending the Criminal case hearing. Pirabaharan jumped the bail and came to Jaffna and organized the Thinnaveli attack.
    · JR and UNP organized 1983 riots and Promoted Pirabaharan as Tamil leader and Indra Gandhi gave Training and Arms.
    · After the unfortunate death of Indra Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi came to power and Pirabaharan was about to lose Vadamarachi Operation and Rajiv Gandi Saved him by intervening and send Indian Army and signed the Indo Sri Lanka agreement.
    · After the Indian Army leaving Sri Lanka with the joined action of LTTE and Premadasa, Pirabhan Killed Arirthalingam, Premadasa and Rajiv Gandhi. These are major mistakes on the one-man ruler.
    · LTTE chased out Muslims from Jaffna and Karuna and Karikalam led this Muslim eviction because some Muslim thugs and home guards attacked Tamils in Batticaloa. Karuna and LTTE killed Muslims civilians in Mosque.
    · Puli Padai (LTTE) also forcibly evicted half a million Tamils from Jaffna Peninsula and herded them into Vanni after the defeat of LTTE in Jaffna
    · LTTE killed Premadasa and helped Chandrika to come to power and Chandrika is equally bad as Premadasa. Chandrika captured Jaffna and started war against LTTE and ended up in lousing Vanni and Elaphatpass.
    · LTTE forced thirteen EROS MPs to resign at gunpoint after 1989 election and allowed Douglus Devananda to become a minister.
    · Instead of fighting one enemy at a time, Pirabaharan fought ten enemies at a time and he only wanted money and Children of Tamils and never seek or listen their advice
    · Whether we like it or not Mahinda will be the leader for very many years and he will be the next one-man ruler of whole of Sri Lanka. No more Democracy for Singhalese, Tamils and Muslims.
    · LTTE used Tamils as human shield during the War and prevented Tamils leaving war zone at gun point ( Taliban did not do this in Swat Wally ) and gave a chance to Singhalese Army Killed several innocent Tamils and several are wounded and disabled.
    · It will be a good tactics for Tamils to work with Mahinda to release 300,000 Tamils and Thousands of Tiger Boys and Girls trapped by Pirabaharan and Puli Padai – LTTE mistakes.
    · Tamils should join Sri Lankan Army and Police in large numbers, the Diaspora Tamils Boys and Girls should join UK, USA, Australia, Canada, NATO, Indian and European Army. WITH OUT A TAMIL ARMY, TAMILS HAVE NOTHING.
    · Educated and Diaspora Tamils should get involved Sri Lankan National Political Parties, sixty years of experience shows regional parties getting involved in Parliamentary Politics are of no use and detrimental to Tamils other wise Karuna, Pillaiyan and Douglus will be our Tamil Leaders. Regional Parties may get involved in Local and Provincial Politics.

  14. Jaya
    Well written article and most objective. Keep up thye good work.

    Hopefully the diaspora will move on now. there is little point in going after an EElam which caused so much destruction to Tamils in Sri Lanka

  15. I see division on how to deal with Sri Lanka.

    Castro Faction wants to carry on with Iraqi style terrorism, lowing up car bombs in Kandy sort of thing.

    KP Faction wants to do diplomacy with transnational government.

    I know a lot of Diaspora are backing KP.

    But I fear international community will ignore KP. In months, if KP looks like he can achieve nothing and Castro people say they will get revenge then most diaspora may change sides.

    Also, many of my friends don’t want to mourn for VP because they say he is god and god does not die. That is no matter what happened to his physical body.

  16. DBS’s story covers all events since May 16-17, in his usual way with details. There is no reason to doubt unless some one has some hidden reasons as discussed in the story itself. KP’s approach seems to be more reasonable if not practical. It is the responsibility of Tamil people to do whatever they can to get the affected people out of the mess. Armed struggle had seen its peak and Tamils have seen enough destruction and so Sinhalese too.

    We still need to have some kind of body to represent Tamils when it comes to negotiation to get a reasonable solution to our problem. KP’s ally include well educated people, and talk about including TNA, which is an inclusive approach. Until now we have attained nothing concrete. Are we going to talk further about fighting and wast another generation?

    We at least have to show some respect to those who fought for a course that they believed achievable to Tamils. We should not block the future of those former fighters who are in camps,by talking about arm struggle.

    I was following tamilnet for longtime now, i now see their colors. If they are a news organization they should report both side and let the people to decide. They should not let their credibility to lose. Above all, no one should under estimate the public; if not now at on point the truth will come out.

    The future success does not depend on living on dreams, but to assess the situation and learn from mistakes. We have already paid 100000 thousand lives.

  17. The Tamils need not accept the Sri lankan propaganda nor do they need to accept K.P. as his eagerness and convoluted logic lays bare the unseen hand that contols him.

    However long it takes or whatever the price has to be paid the Tamils of Eelam will not yield to Sinhala thugs and its cheer leading lackeys in fighting for our rights to live free or failing that die in pursuit of that. It is the calling and inalienable right of the Tamils.

    Tamils tried for 30 years through democaratic ways and it failed, now atleast there is the hope and resistance that says to the world that we regardless of the price to be paid will only march to our song and not to cosmetic slogans of the world that picks and chooses when and where to apply human rights, and fairness.

    Tamils will always fight on for our freedom.

    Thank you for allowing dissent in this forum.

  18. “Whatever his faults there is no denying that Prabhakaran was a historic figure who should be posthumously honoured at least by those claiming to be his followers.”

    His followers are in shock, because their aakaasak kOddai (castle in the air) has crumbled. They thought of him as a hero. Now they have to face the fact that the most likely scenario is that VP made a poor show when Yaman (god of death) knocked on his doorstep. The man who sent other peoples’ kids to death, desperately wanted to find ways of saving his own life. This, the followers will find very hard to stomach. Sorry then, no honours posthumously. Just forget him and move on. Many expats who backed him are moving on — and on the fast lane,mind you (“we always had our suspicions about him, no”, is a comment I have already heard from an aunt who regularly contributed!). Analysts will take some time to forget him as a historic figure.

  19. Even an average knowledgable person can understand that the LTTE is a thing in the past where geopolitics in Asia changed enourmously. We Tamils are caused to led by buch of terrorists for last 30 years who ruined ourwhole future. I hope the Tamils in Sri Lanka do not fall in trap set by by the crap ‘diaspora’ Tamils to sacrifice their life further.

    The LTTE leader’s death must be the most relieve that happened to Tamils in Sri Lanka. I hope they start to look for their future without this idiotic diaspora Tamils. Those diaspora Tamils living in the West nothing else than white man’s servants. They would do anything as their white masters asked to do. Their white masters only want to see a destabilized Sri Lanka.

  20. Pramod !
    At the initial reports SLA listed Pottu’s name in the kiles list. Later they Fonseka said not sure what happened to him. This is because SL want tiger ban should be alive in India, US etc. That may be a reaon.

    Also SL showed VP, charles antoney, nadesan and pulithevan’s photo (along with some non popular names). So, it could be all died and not identified or some missing in action / escape. Also if escaped, they should be in SL. It is very remote chance that, they could flee out to oversears. So, thaya mohan, ram are in east. We will know when they approached by sla.

  21. I think your sources may not be accurate– The TamilNet guy you mention may be associated with it on the technical side, but is probably not the editor nor is he some LTTE bigwig to challenge KP and his like. He was known as the IT guy who developed Tamil fonts early and seemed like someone who had passion for Tamil news as well; though the Tigers sought to use TamilNet for their propaganda, the popular perception that it was “controlled” by the LTTE is probably incorrect. They were pro-LTTE, like many in the diaspora, but still maintained some distance from the LTTE; at least that is what I have heard.

    You have heard wrong.Please dont pontificate on matters you know nothing about……..DBSJ

  22. Hi DBS, you have started a good discussion on what next earier using the initiative of Mohan. In this article you tried to disect the LTTE “culture” , i.e. if there is anything of the sort. What I remember is that Sinhala saying: when Mudliar’s dog died whole country sympathised but when Mudliar died not even a dog worried about it!

  23. Hi Jay
    I read your articles with a real interest. It is extremely important to have a discussion/ debate about what has happened for better understanding and also to answer many questions we have in our minds. We know that the LTTE created a very different picture of what was really happening to justify what they were doing, which was really a fanatic approach brain-washing so many people. At the same time the SL government and some media was also untruthful which made lot of us wonder who go believe!
    We need to know the truth to learn from mistakes so that we don’t repeat these, but also learn from good examples to help us rebuild the country. There is no doubt that we have gone back by about 50 years with regard to prosperity that we could have achieved for Sri Lanka, killed so many of our fellow Sri Lankans, spent so much money on arms and ammunition that could have been put into much better use in developing the country.

    I think the countries who produced arms have won and we have lost so much over the last 25 years or so. As educated Sri Lankans we need to understand this and realise that in a democratic world there are other ways to fight inequalities, injustice, and unfairness. It is time to feel that, wherever we are, we are all Sri Lankans, no matter what ethnicity, what religion or faith and what colour we are, and bring up out children with those values.

    I sincerely hope all Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka and abroad understand this and work with one aim – that is to make our country the best in the world!

  24. all the comments are extremely well thought and well written. I do agree with most of the comments but right now we channel all our energies towards rehabilitating the IDP’s and creating a better future for the present and next generation of tamils. all through history tamils have always been mislead and in the case of LTTE it’s no different. right now all our intelectuals must come forward and direct the taml people. To hell with KP and the others whom i never heard of and nor would i want to . PUT the plight of innocents as the top priority

  25. #7 Sumi,
    Kathatra usium varathu kannum ,kaddai valiykae,(Even a broken sewing needle won’t be with your in your last journey) A Portion from Pattinathar.
    #12 PalAsuresh
    This sounds like the translation of Sivayogaswamical of Jaffna.
    We should seek devine help at all times not only when in distress.That’s my view.

  26. This chapter will be closed with time the same way JVP chapter was closed with Wijeweera. Sinhalese are not wasting time talking about JVP now. Naturally this will fade away and the unresolved problems will be solved slowly but notr completely. Country will not be divided and it will be more united than ever before. We learned lessons and we try our best to solve problems,. We should support future and forget the past. We all should be glad that it is over.(period).
    Time to joy for a day and get back to work (as Obama said once)

  27. The priority is get the IDPs home, they are mostly farmers with great wealth. They can feed the entire country, they do not want to be feeded. More or less every family has a son or dauter outside the country. You cannot destroy them unless you kill them. Money can broke your barriers. As far as I know it is doing very well. I’m a tamil with IDPs and living far from them. To you going to market to by vegiees cost 100 rupees, but to my forks it cost 1000 rupees to get to the market. If you treat us as brothers and sisters we will treat you as mom and dad, if not god save us all.

  28. Well done, DBS. Article of this sort is very much needed to reflect and educate the Diaspora Tamils about the internal mechanism that is not well known to all. Tamils are on a cross road. Unlike earlier, it is of paramount importance for Tamils to be sensible and pragmatic in their approach. Slogans, hard line thinking, and blind followers are things of the past. Free flow of information without fear would empower Tamils to THINK and make their choice. I am saying all this accepting the fact that the Sri Lankan establishment is not yet ready to meet the aspirations of the Tamils. But we have to be pragmatic in our approach to win friendsfor our cause. Some fractions among Tamils should give away their approach of portraying all the persons and ideas opposed to theirs as a conspiracy.

  29. DBS, I liked the way you used the fetish concept to talk about the Tigers’ glorification of death. But more than death, I think Tamil Eelam is the Tigers’ biggest fetish. A fetish is something that is used by the imagination to substitute for something else that is missing in the real world. It is a way of denying that something is missing. (This is now sexual fetishes work.) Tamil Eelam is a dream that substitutes for the absence of Tamil rights, Tamil unity, something that tries to make a dream solid. But a fetish always reminds us of that which is absent, i.e. it reveals itself as fantasy.

    The Tigers glorified the land–to take the land meant attaining all of Tamil dreams. Yet their very presence in the north destroyed the land for Tamils. They destroyed the land in their fighting, and also invited the SL army to destroy it in fighting against them. We look at the northern lands now and we see a desert. Can it provide sustenance for life now? People have died from mines planted in the land.

    Land or place is something that needs to be cultivated. It is that process of nurturing that makes it one’s land or ‘place’. The Tamils always had their land–they had lived in it for centuries. The Tigers have now lost it for them.

    Instead of fighting for “Eelam”, the Tigers should have fought for the people, the Tamils themselves. Then they wouldn’t have killed Tamils in the process of grabbing land.

    Now they are continuing with their mistake. If the Tigers want to be viable now, they need to add their resources to that of other Tamil diasporic groups, drop their name, and fight (non-violently) for international commitment to equal rights, human rights for Tamils in a unified SL. As soon as they mention the word “Eelam”, they will attract the opposition that will kill them.

  30. A fascinating piece of writing Jeyaraj.

    You are a very generous to Prabhakaran arguing he should be commemorated, especially after putting the people he fought for in harm’s way. Commemorations are sure to raise the hackles of Sinhalese everywhere and add to the complexity of Tamil-Sinhalese relations.

    Padmanathan is cast as the moderate among hardline factions in the diaspora.

    But is a unified diaspora under his leadership likely to contribute to the good of Sri Lanka and the Thamizh people remaining in Sri Lanka?

    Will they answer to the leadership of the TNA? What will be the TNA’s role in the finding an end to this conflict?

  31. Internal division has always been a characteristic of Sri Lankan Tamil communities. The current infighting is not surprising.

  32. Dear DBSJ,
    Interesting reading. I am happy that VP is no more only because it opens another door perhaps to peace.
    Fully understand the sorrow and denial his supporters would feel.
    To my sinhala brothers if many of our tamil brothers considered VP as a soldier or someone who kept the daring and brave tamil image high. Do not categorise them as terrorists or confirm LTTE.
    I had a cconversation with a tamil collegue from Jaffna who considered him as a great soldier. thats their view even if it differs from ours respect it.
    In my opinion another govt in exile or another eelam struggle is not a good way forward. Some good things are already been happening. My sons and daughters are learning Tamil in their sinhalese schools.
    More and more sinhalese are actively involved in helping the IDPs be comfortable until they return home.
    But the fear that a bomb could go off where we live, work and play has still not passed away.
    VP wiped out moderate Tamil leadership and in the end they themselves are no more. So who will be speaking for the Tamils in this reconciliation process – Karuna?

  33. DBS, when you make statements like “So I thought the Diaspora will now do its historical duty and pay tribute to the LTTE leader and others”, one gets the impression that you still support the LTTE and have genuine regret regarding the demise of the most violent terrorist group in the world. I am surprised that such statements should come from you knowing how much you to have suffered from them. As a fellow tamilian I have no wishes for any further glorification of a man who destroyed the tamil identity. Thanks to VP tamils are known as terrorists, drug smugglers, extortionists. Even at airports we are suspected and checked. We were once a proud race known for our intellect and hard work, we can only gain back that status if we forget about the LTTE instead of glorifying them.

    It’s a pity you fail to see the sarcastic humour in “historical duty”………….DBSJ

  34. DBS, I love reading your articles. I keep re reading it n forwarding to my friends as well.

    I have a question wholly unrelated to this article. Why didnt prabhakaran attempt to assassinate karuna while he made numerous attempts on douglas devananda’s life? Surely , karuna betrayed him the worst.

  35. Basically it is a now a clear fact that Pro-ltte Tamil Diaspora or those in Sri Lanka are by nature a “SELFISH” lot. To this trait adds the greed for accumilation of wealth.

    Therefore, it is no surprise even after a month after Velu’s demise, not even a pooja held in his memory other than by his sister in Canada who said Catch him if you can.

    What KP is trying to do is centralise the money and invest for returns but whether the profits will flow to the tamils are not sure.

    These pro- castro, Pottu and various other diaspora do not want to let go of their cash cows and lifestyles. Hence, it is inevitable there will be a dog eat dog situation among these diaspora when collecting money.
    As for the tamils in SL, they will get back to farming and fisheries and into a serene life which had been denied.

    As for the Tamils residing in the South, they are the high class ones & they will continue to progress as usual and the Tamil cause will be just a VOGUE & reason to gather votes and limelight.

    Nobody wants to fade away.

  36. Forget the guy. Go after his criminal minions who are left behind. Build a new political formation made up of as many intelligent people as possible. Politicians must take control or we will have another Mafia.

  37. thalaivar made big mistake to show us second leader .. now don’t waste time to find is he alive or not , some time he can come or will not come.. so now he show us clear path ,so pls take one whoever think actually want to do some thing to tamil people … not to earn themself and for them familly .. pls lead and continue to next step ..

  38. Some Sri Lankan Tamils and Tamil diaspora made a monumental error by promoting Prabhakaran and the LTTE. This cost us thousands of lives. The true color of the LTTE was seen when they kept the Tamil civilians as a human shield to protect their leaders. Hard-earned money of the Tamil diaspora should not be wasted again by contributing for a lost cause. Tamils should never again subscribe to violence and unlawful activities. Now the Tamils who live in Sri Lanka & abroad need not worry about of paying “kappan” to the LTTE.

  39. Hi Jey
    I just want to add to what I said before, because of the comments made by a few of the readers of your article.

    I sincerely hope that the current leadership of Sri Lanka, who is senior enough to have experienced all what has happened over the last 40 years or so, will work towards unifying the country, making it fair and free for ALL Sri Lankans to live in peace and harmony, so that everyone can work towards and contribute to the development and prosperity.

    As human beings we all make mistakes and it is for us to forgive and forget, not concentrate on weaknesses or the dark side of individuals but to help them to understand their mistakes and not repeat them, and to focus on strengths of individuals and use them for the benefit of the country. That I think is good leadership.

    I am sure we all want to see law and order, honesty, discipline and create an atmosphere for us and the younger generation to bring their children up in a fair and just country, so that we all can be proud to be Sri Lankans.


  40. There will not be opportunity again for outsiders to intervene in the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. Tamil speaking people in the north which is a small fraction of the total population need to be resettled soon. They will never become cats paw of the migrant Tamil community who has excess money to fund terrorism.

    Whoever possesses the huge some of money collected for causing destruction, now may be used for the betterment of their people back in Sri Lanka.

  41. DBS

    What happened to Pottu? No one is talking about him.

    He is also one of the root cause of the demist of LTTE, not becoming a traitor, but became too paranoid and power hungry and lately became foolish

  42. Pleas do not encourage anybody to venerate a killer,destroyer of the Tamils,Singhalese,Muslims and all other minorites in SL.He killed very inteligent and educated Tamils,eliminated peace loving leaders of all races and above all many many innocent people who never wanted a war but to live in peace. With the support of Tamil diaspora’s money he made children to be sucide bombers and gifted them with a cyanide capsule and a gun just to get killed in the war.He made Tamils hate Singhalese and Singhalese and Muslims hate Tamils. For 30 years he killed and maimed people and destroyed one of the most beautiful country of the world which is second to none in when it comes to old granduer.Please do not let people venerate him as a hero.Open your eyes you wise Tamils!

  43. Dear DBSJ and all,

    Honour the dead for their intentions not their methods

    Whether one agrees with VP and the LTTE at this moment is not the issue. The fact remains that they did fight for the Tamil cause and should be honoured! I too didn’t like lot of VP’s tactics and strategies. Having said that no one can deny that so many of the LTTE youths gave their lives in sacrifice for the Tamil people. None can deny that. Now whether the tactics they adopted were right or wrong is another matter but their intention & goal was noble. When a person dies it’s their intentions that one should remember and honour not their means because no one is perfect.
    I believe what the current LTTE Diaspora is doing is nothing short of selfish treachery! They have betrayed those Tamil soldiers who died by denying them their funeral rights and also betrayed the Tamil civilians in these concentration camps in Sri Lanka. They have not done anything to look after the interest of these people while are busy squandering the funds that were dedicated for the Tamil cause. If we are to make a difference for the people in the North & East we need to adopt strategies that help them and not live with pipe dreams of transitional eelam and eelam on another planet! What we need is be able to give hope for the people in these camps right now. That is what is needed.

    Make a movie of the recent Tamil Holocaust

    We need adopt political and economical strategies for short, medium and long term. The best way to honour VP, fallen cadres and the death of nearly 30,000 civilians is to create a block buster Oscar winning movie and release it on May 19th 2010. The whole truth on how the Tamils were betrayed by the UN, how china helped the SL govt, the untold suffering and misery of the people during the last 4 months and then how surrendering LTTE cadres were killed with UN’s help should all come out in a movie. It should be called the “The UN genocide”. Unless there is pressure on the UN these people in the camps are not going to have a future! What the current LTTE funds should be used is to fund this kind of a movie! Again just like the Jews we should keep the memories of these sacrifices forever. The best way to do that is to create our holocaust movie.

    Two pronged attack

    Like it or not I believe the Tamils need to take a two pronged attack against the SL government. One is where a Tamil Diaspora group actively builds relationships with Singhala organisations for reconciliation. While another does the opposite. This is to keep the pressure on the SL government. In the current atmosphere (rejoicing the defeat of the LTTE) if the Tamils only seek reconciliation then we would be surrendering. Another group has to also keep the pressure of taking an antagonistic approach towards the SL government. This is similar to the Hammas (antagonistic approach) and PLO (collaboration) strategy for the Palestinian people. Singhala chauvinism is still alive and kicking. Just because Tamil chauvinism (LTTE) has been defeated that does not mean the other one will disappear.

    Till both are defeated both races cannot live in peace.

    Do you agree?

  44. sorry i only wanted the headings to be bold not the entire article. My html is not that good. Would appreciate if you can correct it for me please.


    Ajith R

  45. The denial of VP death by tiger lobby for a month period at least saved some lives unintentionally.

    It prevented some extreme emotional human beings from killing themselves on hearing the news of Prabhakaran’s death.

    These people who live on the edge or on the boundary line between life and death due to their highly sensitive emotional nature did not get a triggering or ignition to commit something extreme. They are prisoners of propaganda by the tiger lobby and believed only what it said.

    Had the propagandists accepted the death news immediately and released it , many would have immolated or jumped into Thames !

    In Tamil Nadu , always some band of people are ready with kerosene to self immolate whatever be the cause.

    They lost big opportunity .

    Thanks to tiger lobby for unintentionally helping humanity .

  46. We were sick of the GG Ponnambalams, the hypocritical Amirthalingam’s and the Neelan’s and their posh lives in colombo 7 and their hypocritic alliances in Colombo but the sad fact is that the Tamil-only speaking sons of the soil have landed us in a much worse soup than we ever were.
    Let us get our English educated people to speak for us instead of this monolingual morons we admired because we felt so guilty of our class our anglicisation and dalliances with the Sinhalese. Many sincere tamils supported the Tamil struggle thinking they were supporting change in Tamil society and because many of the boys came from humble backgrounds. What we ended up supporting was a kind of petite bourgoise fascism without any revolutionary change.
    All this talk of Tamil nation in exile scares the crap out of me. Do we want to kill the rest of the Tamils in Sri Lanka too.
    I think all those formerly associated with the Tigers including the socalled Diaspora leaders should take a long break from politics hopefully for ever and let our cunning English educated upper class anglicised types do battle with the likes of Dayan’s of this world! This is the absolute need of the hour and not another bloody nation in exile.
    What is scary is that no Tiger fans and their leaders in the diaspora have accepted responsibility for this massive blunder and bloody carnage but is still focusing all the blame elsewhere. It is time to take responsibilty!!! What will the Tiger Diaspora say to all those young people who sacrificed life and limbs for their faith in this leadership. Do we really want to give them another chance of ruining what little is left.

  47. # 44. Tony

    you get 1000 out of 100 for positive thinking.

    Gotabaya will take care of all.

    Wish you all the best !

  48. #39. N.ILANKON | June 19th, 2009 at 11:43 pm


    you mean to say VP was another Hurricane or Katrina.

  49. congratulations mr. jeyaraj for the wonderful article. reading this i couldn’t help but wonder about one mail i received earlier regarding MR, saying ‘Lokka weda kaaraya”
    it said first he divided LTTE, then UNP, then JVP and finally UN. i wonder whether he has any involvement with the division among diaspora as well. i’m not joking. who would have thought VP would ever take a bribe and let MR win in the presidential election?

  50. IS HE A GOD OR ?
    Few things ….

    1. DBS what are you up to? Is this sarcasm or a wake up call for the sleeping morons in the diaspora (LOL). They thought VP was the crouching tiger but it appears that you are the crouching tiger; prowling on the confused oppressors of yours. There is a saying in sinhalese “Loolata welawak aawoth kanayatath welawak enawa”. Now all the Loola’s are dead and it’s time for the kanaya’s (i.e. for all the oppressed and the innocents) (apologies for not translating in English)

    2. . DEMISE of VP – everyone thought that VP would be bought to the gallows like Saddam Hussain, and executed (Saddam had a glorified death) but VP had a “Hitler’s death”; less conspicuous than Hitler’s due to the given publicity. This made the pro terrorist diaspora numb, awe and shocked. The shock explains partially, why the grief reaction has been abnormal. The diaspora has become the “Widow who still thinks her husband is alive, makes meals for him daily, washes his clothes and feels the presence of VP still”

    I think this is not because the man who died was glorious but clearly the abnormality of the delusional diaspora

    3. HOMAGE – The problem of homage is like Chavez or Ahmedinijad. They have very good friends and very good enemies. Chavez glorifies Ahmedinijad and vice versa. Coming back to VP, he had more enemies and few friends. Most or all of his friends are dead except for Nedumaran, Vaiko, Arivalagan and KP. The first two are blank bullets and the latter, fictitious. “IF I GLORIFY MYSELF MY GLORY IS NOTHING – JOHN 8:54” explains everything about why VP wasn’t paid homage.

    4. REALITY – was that VP and his clan died on or before the 17th as said by Rajapakse, S Fonseka et al MOD 2009, and later cited by KP, Arivalagan et al after conducting further researches (Hilarious). The awe is that “All what the separatists believe is no more”; hence the delusions.

    5. The DEMI-GOD – I would consider VP as a large balloon

    – Manufactured by – “Third world poverty stricken atmosphere”, racist politics in the south, incitements by people “LIKE” Nedumaran, Vaiko in then Ceylon and shear hatred, aggression and stupidity of his own genetic make up

    – Blown by – He blew himself first and later he was blown out of proportion by elements in Sri Lanka, India and some western countries who either had direct or indirect materialistic gains. Finally he was blown to extinction by the elements within his own community for materialistic gains and pleasure (The pleasure of bombs killing Siripala, the labourer who had to feed his five hungry children). They also gained pleasure when Native people of Vanni were shot dead, when they tried to escape the Tiger claws. They gained pleasure when DBS was beaten due to his dissent.

    – Blasted by men with pins – MR, GR, Sarath Fonseka, Karuna, D Devananda, Anandasangaree and all the people whom VP oppressed.


  51. Good article DBSJ. There is no doubt that the international netwrok of the LTTE is well oiled and has spread its tentacles into not only every aspect of diaspora Tamil life (cultural, language education, businesses, temples etc) but into overseas financial, intelligence and military institutions.

    Another dimension to this is the dynamics within Western governments. The Western diplomatic and intelligence communities are in a very tight corner at this stage – they have lost most of their leverage with Sri Lankan Government, and at the same time the LTTE network within their countries have become a major security concern. KP’s announcement of a trans-national government has sent alarm bells ringing within government ranks in the West. There are also many Raj Rams (#20) – tigers and their crawlers – in the diaspora adding to West’s concerns.

    In late May, KP sounded wiser in acknowledging subtly that India, despite the past, is the only hope for Tamils. However, it appears the intra-LTTE power struggle has steered him offcourse with this transnational government idea. If so-called educated LTTE diaspora leaders act with no understanding of political, military, social and geo-strategic realities, they will continue to add to the misery of Tamils and be a ‘moral hazard’ – they take decisions and actions without any risk, and passing all the risks to Tamils living in the North-East.

  52. # 49. Ajith | June 20th, 2009 at 4:35 am

    /// Honour the dead for their intentions not their methods
    Whether one agrees with VP and the LTTE at this moment is not the issue. The fact remains that they did fight for the Tamil cause and should be honoured! I too didn’t like lot of VP’s tactics and strategies. Having said that no one can deny that so many of the LTTE youths gave their lives in sacrifice for the Tamil people. None can deny that. Now whether the tactics they adopted were right or wrong is another matter but their intention & goal was noble. When a person dies it’s their intentions that one should remember and honour not their means because no one is perfect. ///

    You are absolutely wrong .

    If I say ….

    ” I will clean this whole planet with a nuclear bomb and pave way for a new civilization of the best breed.

    I am ready to proove that I have a very clear , noble intention. ”

    May be the likes of you will accept and donate for that bomb.

    And will glorify my death and honour me if I fail in my mission.

    Thanks in advance.

  53. #16 Udayar’s post may seem somewhat skewed at first appearance but contains a lot of facts and traces out somewhat, the dynamics of the evolutionary process which Tamil politics took from 1970 following the defeat of the high flyers like GGP,Amir,Siva.

    The process started with the attempted assassination on Mr.Thiagarajah the Vaduukoddai MP. Many theories were abound. Then with standardisation and the politics of the constitutional assembly proceedings in the background the burning of the KKS bound Colombo mail train between Inuvil and Kondavil took place; ….. In Jaffna at the International Tamil Conferance in 1974, people were killed because of the blundering arrogance of a police officer who was frustrated for being transferred to Jaffna on punishment; thereafter there was a campaign to free the 42 Tamil youth who were taken into custody under the Emergency Regulations; which was followed with the assassination Alfred Duraiappa Jaffna Mayor.

    They were the initial events over the last 29 years which later saw the burning of the Jaffna Public Library; the expelling of the Muslim community from Jaffna; thereafter exodus of the Tamils into the Vanni; it was followed by the tsunami of 2004 and the politics of reconstruction ; then came the defection of Karuna from the LTTE and the coming of the MR Chintanya regime helped by VP.

    Why VP plumbed only for a cash handout and not take the initiative to upstage Karuna and Douglas when the opportunity presented itself before him is a question that will always remain in the lurch as it’s too late now to find an answer anyway.

    The culmination of all this finally saw the total wipe out of VP and his LTTE on 18th May 2009. He earned what he richly deserved.

    The task now is not to forget the past but to look forward to the future.

  54. Good bye VP

    Good bye LTTE

    Good bye Deepam TV, GTV & IBC

    Good bless tamils diaspora and enlighten them

  55. “I will clean this whole planet with a nuclear bomb and pave way for a new civilization of the best breed”

    You really think this is a noble intention ? What is so noble about it ?.

    Whether you like it or not there were people who believed in his end goal. I didnt agree with it nor did you from what i can see, But could have they explored that alternative in the Sri Lankan parliment ? Had a referendum for it in the North & East ? In a democracy you need to have the space to debate and explore that solution. Its all very well to say everything the LTTE did was wrong from our arm chairs. But the 13th amendment prevented a democratic process to explore separate state as a solution. That is the reality in Sri Lanka today.

    Increasingly the media too has been persecuted in Sri Lanka. So unfortunately more and more solutions will take a violent form if you keep shutting the democratic process to explore any alternatives.

    I am not trying to defend LTTE. But are we fighting the symptom or the cause here ?. LTTE was a symptom that took the wrong method to fight for a cause.

  56. Hi DBS
    thanks for the little enlightment. Let us shed this pro or ciritic ltte stand and mould ourselves the entire tamil world diaspora in to a democratic form of movement entirely a new name and let us hand out the immediate demands to Srilankan Government through embassies and International community. Keep nudging SL Government to do good for the Srilankan tamils and irequest MR meantime bring discipline among all groups of people includes Thugs, thieves, Bhikkus and politicians of all wakes of life. Tamil Diaspora should build a path of communication with the Srilankan Government which will enable us to present ourselves physically at Vanni and help out the needy people. This includes medicine, living and education.
    Dear DBS can you spearhead in this direction from now on and suggest something reliable for the poor tamil Diaspora who lost in thoughts and analysis like a ssambar(mixed up feelings). Let us turn in one direction and have a one pronged attack that is democratic and feasible to bring peace, love and dignity to each other in our mother country which I still like to call Eelam and let sinhalese call Srilanka. Tolerate each other.

  57. Posthumasly everybody got one higher rank. In that case what rank will our thalaivar get? Who will give that /

  58. I live in the part of London where there are thousands of Tamil refugees and asylum-seekers. I have been here since 2001.

    But I also lived in the UK in the mid seventies to early eighties.

    In the seventies I was glad to spot a Sri Lankan face let alone a Tamil one. There was only the Tourist Board restaurant which sold Sri Lankan food. And when you say you are from Ceylon you commanded respect and ther English would say,”what an exotic island.”

    Now I am ashamed to call myself Tamil and I’ll tell you why.The very first day in 2001 I went shopping with my sister she warned me that I should check my change particularly if I shopped in Tamil shops. I was flabbergasted. This was something I never did in the seventies.

    Tamils pride themselves that they are doing well in schools but honesty is something quite alien to them.

    You ask them if something is available and instead of saying sorry we don’t have this item, they say, ‘out of stock’.

    When I went overdrawn by just £10.00 my bank manager would call me and discuss my over-spending. This was the seventies.

    Now I see our fellow Tamils using credit cards willy nilly, changing their identies copying ocustomers’ credit cards living a life of carefree luxury cruising in Landrovers, BMWs and Mercs. All the while they are up to their neck in debt to several banks and finance companies.

    In the name of collecting funds for the LTTE many Tamils have turned this into a cottage industry fleecing the asylum seekers who work for £3.00 an hour often with less than three hours sleep a day to pay back their agents and then to save money for their family back home.

    LTTE could have obtained Tamil rights had it not sought to alienate itself from moderate Tamils. It could have won the respect of all Tamils had it not forcibly collected funds. Tamils would have voluntarily contributed for the displaced through the proper channels. Now all the money collected on behalf of the LTTE are being hoarded into private accounts.

    It was not just the government that caused Tamils misery but the Tamils themselves.

    Pearl Thevanayagam

  59. Diaspora donates through regular western charities.. so our help is not always visible to those in Lanka.
    Doctors without Borders

    Very smart of us considering what GoSL does with aid when they find a Diaspora Tamil assoc. involved with it…
    SL Navy inspected…
    sent the ship & LEGITMATE HUMANITARIAN cargo away due to paperwork.

    One of the few things mackenzieinstitute.com does get right about Lanka’s conflict is this statement: “does anyone remember the original intentions of the Chinese Triads or the Sicilian Mafia?”
    Good riddance to the LTTE, I hope it never returns in any form.

    That VP will become a Geronimo like figure is inevitable. Geronimo is revered by many American Natives for defying European ethnic expansion into Americas. Don’t be offended by this, how else can we diaspora view him when so many Sri Lankan Tamils among us were driven out by riots, fear of Sinhala thugs, corrupt/racist police, etc. Sure we know the LTTE tactics were horrible for all parties but years of GoSL stonewalling Re: ethnic rights made VP‘s view of Eelam dominant. If the Sinhalese choose to colonise the north and restrict Tamil rights, VP‘s views & tactics will be vindicated.

    “Terrorism doesn’t just blow up buildings; it blasts every other issue off the political map. The spectre of terrorism – real and exaggerated – has become a shield of impunity, protecting governments around the world from scrutiny for their human rights abuses.” – Naomi Klein

    “Boycott is not a dogma; it is a tactic… in a country so small and trade-dependent, it could actually work.” – Naomi Klein on Israel/Palestine

  60. Dear DBS
    Very good article at much needed time and very true in fact. I just wonder if someone willing to re-produce this in Tamil with your permission as ordinary Tamil people can read and understand. I think some neutral media should come forward and educate the reality to the Tamil people who cant understand and not have access to the English media. It is not surprised to me to see the response by the Tamil Diaspora to VPs death. Because as you said in your earlier article that is their inability to accept the reality. Money hungry materialistic minded LTTE activist among the Diaspora such as BTF, TRO…..etc, cunningly using those ignorance to their selfish agenda. These people try to continue their business using the plight of IDP refugees and name of Liberation. Honestly speaking our Tamil people need liberation from these traitors first. They tactfully hijacked our peoples plight; grievance and suffering for last three decades and keep trying to do that. They will not pay any last respect to VP or any others until they transfer the LTTE money and asset s which they are holding overseas to their proxy. It seems that KP and Uruthirakumar taking some proactive steps towards the right direction but Im not sure that how they are going to mobilise their view to ordinary people. Im keep watching the statements and news reports from KP and his section that make sense and we should support to him and his team. Support means not follow them but direct them to the right way. Thats where we made mistake in the Prabas era. We did simply support whatever LTTE did and started to believe that wherever they said. We simply let LTTE to control our selves. Because LTTE Kept saying that we are sacrifices our life to save you. Everybody knows now who scarified their life to protect our people. Innocent, poor, young and forcefully recruited our brothers and sisters were fighting to the armed forces while top leaders finding the way to surrender and escape. We can see the similar situation in south. MR and his regime adopting the same tactics as LTTE did in the past. LTTE used its previous military victories to control and silence its own people. Same way, MR and his team using their victory against LTTE to implement its thughary rule and bunker politics in south. As same way ,LTTE virtually sold Tamil peoples pride and dignity to hard line MRs regime by accepting the lump sum under the table; MR now try to sell the whole countrys long term interests to the regional powers in order to get his short term political gain. As a Tamils in the North/East (Even any part of the world) cant talk against LTTE, People in south cant speak against MRs regime. Complete media black- out. No proper law and order. No value for human life. Victory over LTTE is not victory over war. Until whole Sinhala people understand and willing to share the power equally with Tamils; war will continue. Sinhala people should not make the same mistake as Tamil people did. They should not encourage state terrorisms in any way. Sinhala people should not permit the gun culture in the country. As you are the majority with power you should reach Tamil people with olive branch. You should offer the solution which could satisfy the funder mantle political aspararation of the Tamil people. You should persuade your religious clergies, political parties, and all communities together. I saw many comments from the Sinhala friends about Reconciliation last two or three weeks. I am so happy and appreciate those views. But I do not see any sign that they took the step further and do something constructively. I heard many voices from Sinhala communities supporting to the people at IDP camps. Those voice gave great comport to all of us as society. You should prove that you have real intention to resolve this conflict. Tamil people should think wisely and act smartly. We should make the same mistake again and again. Tamil Diaspora should understand the reality and act accordingly. Because of the political destiny of the people back home mainly depend on us. We should not engage in activities that give bad result to our people back home. God bless all of us!

  61. Number of Reasons for failing to do ‘historical duty’

    1. Conditioning of Tamil Diaspora
    Tamil diaspora have been non-voting shareholders who willingly or unwillingly funded LTTE and watched and hoped ‘Eelam’ would materialize. They did not have any ‘say’ in the course or conduct Eelam Wars and the Chief Executive Officer Prabhakaran.

    The diaspora had been conditioned to applause for victory and demonstrate whenever LTTE is cornered. Sudden demise of the entire LTTE hierarchy and subsequent leadership vacuum created ‘instruction void’ void among diaspora. Without ‘instructions’, diaspora is unable to act.

    2. Shame and Humiliation
    The stunned diaspora is also ashamed and humiliated by the sudden collapse of the leadership.

    The diaspora that thought Prabhaharan had the ‘foresight’ to lead and create independent Tamil Eelam. In the end, his ultra-fanatic suicidal politics created conditions for wholesale collapse of his authoritarian administration. Now, the diaspora is unable to come to terms with this shame and humiliation.

    3. Divisions Among Diaspora
    Divisions among factions (KP, Castro, Arivalagan etc) are also causing confusion and the Diaspora that is conditioned to follow the ‘strongest leader’ is looking for direction from whomever emerge as the strongest leader. Until that time, the diaspora is afraid of anyone of the above and is unable to either mourn or commemorate. An article by Thaayagam Editorial illustrates the plight of seeking permission to do this ‘historic duty’.

    4. Denial and Phantom Prabhakaran
    Mixed emotions of the diaspora ‘want to believe’ Prabhakaran and at least some LTTE leaders are still alive and will lead the struggle again.

    For the diaspora generation (first and second generation), LTTE leadership is the most prominent leadership they are aware of that fought for the Tamils. Folks like Douglas Devananda and Aananda Sangaree had been branded as ‘traiters’ and were seen as acting in collusion with Sinhala Chauvinistic regimes. TNA was a second fiddle to LTTE and did not have identity on its own. Therefore, having Prabhakaran ‘hanging around’ helps them to deny reality and have hope for the future.

    5. Tamilnet Factor
    The diaspora (and many diplomats) depended on Tamilnet that accurately reflected LTTE leadership when it was intact. Now the stoic silence of Tamilnet on Supremo’s death is distressing and confusing the diaspora.

  62. I would urge the readers not to think that the Diaspora are just sentimental fools. They too have known about this split for a few weeks now from the way the different camps have been making public pronouncements and emails. They are carefully watching and learning.

    I would think that, when the dust finally settles, the Diaspora will support anyone who is seen as a practical operator in the field. In this respect, KPs original statement that the armed struggle is over and the time for political participation Is upon us etc (not exact words) was well appreciated. Most of the Diaspora are educated and experienced people who know that any idea for a violent uprising in the future would cause enormous (never-ending) pain to the Tamil people living in Sri Lanka. Tamil people in SL do not want any more pain. They have had enough. And the people living abroad have no right to cause it to them.

    Privately, I wish the GOSL would directly and indirectly start to have conversations with the Diaspora and slowly pull them into the political arena. Ridiculing them or their announcements serves no purpose to anyone. The Tamil Diaspora have expertise and financial muscle which could help the country massively if channelled properly.

  63. ashok#48
    The much bigger danger than glorifying VP is the making of MR as a demi-god and king. That will kill not only Tamils but Sinhalese too. There is a real danger of this happening, thanks to government control of information.

  64. #64. Pearl Thevanayagam says
    “Tamils pride themselves that they are doing well in schools but honesty is something quite alien to them.”

    Oh come on – this is a sweeping generalization; every society has its share of thugs, dishonest traders and pick pockets. Us Tamils can’t claim to be anything special on that front. I know many Tamils who are honest and hardworking,particularly in London.

    The real issue here is how we behave politically. Many amongst us supported — actively or passively under threat — a violent separatist process. We know now that has failed. We should learn positive lessons from it. Our priority should be the safety, dignity and economic well being of Tamils in Sri Lanka. We know their future is not dependent on a separatist agenda (tried and failed, failed for sure). We know they have to build a life along with the Sinhalese and not in antagonism against the Sinhalese. There is plenty of evidence that the Tamils left in SL want to live in peace — remember they wanted to vote in large numbers for Ranil (who spoke a peace agenda), even though they have plenty of reason to feel UNP did a lot of damage to them (83 riots were organized by the UNP government, Ranil was a minister in that government). But if the people of Jaffna and Vanni wanted to vote for Ranil, despite known history of UNP, and had to be stopped at gun point from doing so, we know from that they want peace.

    Recognising that is the first responsibility of us expatriate Tamils.

    So please, diaspora, put the interest of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka first. For once, please do that. Your past actions of supporting an armed struggle against the SL state has failed — miserably failed. Recognise that failure.


  65. Comments 14
    SL army may be liberated from LTTE but eh Tamils are continued to be slaves in Sri Lanka.
    Comment 48: LTTE wasn’t the first one cultivate the hatred against ethnic communities. It is you the Sinhala bhuddist community has it from the Mahavamsa. The 1915 riots against Muslims, 1558, 1977, 1981 riots against Tamils. There was no LTTE at that time. You guys are bunch of liars.

  66. now i feel like writing a comment after following your articles for two long years. yes lot of ppl are in a state of disbelief. lets leave the topic of his twisted death. yes he will remain a symbol until the tamil cause is properly addressed. time will answer all the speculations. many tamil people didn’t support ltte’s child recruitment, forced recruitment in the latter part of this latest war or keeping ppl as human shields. but now after the demise of ltte (atleast officially) tamils do want them back irrespective of their acts of so-called terrorism because there seem to be an imbalance. they fear they don’t have a weapon for them. they feel ‘defeated’. there is always a thin line between terrorism and freedom fighting. its upto the viewers to make their own definitions. however we as tamils have, willingly or unwillingly ‘given’ our political fate to the current government and they are in a position to answer/give a solution atleast in paper. Till the root causes of the formation of liberation tamil tigers is addressed politically there is a strong chance of disturbed youngsters reuniting together. btw i hope you will soon write something about Pottu which will be a climax of this saga.

  67. Almost 99.9 per cent comments shows that it is good riddens of VP and LTTE. DBS’s suggestion to commemorate VP seems to be tongue in cheek. Isn’t it ?.

    However, Tamil diaspora is silently celeberating the demise
    of VP and LTTE, Shouldn’t you be thankful to the GOSL and MR & Co. for getting rid of this megalamaniac by sacrifying
    6000 of the best of the Sri Lankan youth.?. Now you can have a peaceful life as there is no one to blackmail you.

    Have a great life everyone.

    Peace for all.

  68. Nissanka,
    Tamil grievances have still to be met and Mahinda clan are oandering to Sinhala chauvinism.

    Let’s not beat about the bush. LTTE is a product of years of Tamil oppression by the majority Sinhala govt.

    Third generation Tamils would see to that we are re-instated to our rightful inheritance of being ethinc Tamils with equal rights.

    As Sen. Nadesan (father of Satyendra) replied to a question from a kind Sinhalese colleague, why all this agitation? We will give you your rights, “There’s nothing for you to give us. These are our rights by inheritance.”

    Nissanka, you have a lot to learn. Tamils will gain their rights and the govt. best be prepared to compensate for all the misery heaped on by a bloody maniacal Sinhala govt. the likes of which we have never seen.

    We ain’t going nowhere.

    Pearl Thevanayagam

  69. LTTE sympathizers are the real TRAITORS.

    VP is the biggest of them all, hijacking Tamil’s cause and ultimately leaving them voice less.

    You are given a project to complete and if you manage to stuff it up because you are a self-proclaimed fool?…..you don’t get another chance. Simple as that. I hope all the pro LTTE leaders can understand this.

    MR won the war as he was result orientated than playing the waiting game like his predecessors. On other hand, VP didn’t know how to hold nor how to fold.

    Who ever claims that VP is still alive,..well.. you are the new TRAITOR…so back off and accept the reality.

    Not sure about the new Eelam concept but KP must gain more support in order to put pressure on MR and co. This new Eelam concept is something to fall back when Sinhala hardliners don’t recognize Tamils as the equal partners in SL.

    What ever works, works….

    On the other hand, Sinhalese must prevent MR visits Myanmar too often. China is helping Myanmar and Sri Lanka for their benefits. Both these Countries have serious human right violations against their own Buddhist people and Monks. The irony is that Sinhala Buddhist Government is celebrating with the very rulers who are the real Buddhist SUPPRESSORS or KILLERS not the LTTE nor the Tamils.

    Under the LTTE suppression a lot of Tamils had no voice. This is true as you see from these comments, a lot them have never supported the LTTE or their methods.

    The reason why LTTE failed is because of the lack of support from the Tamil people all around the world,not even 60%.

    It is my hope that Sinhalese having supported the MR regime, wont regret that he too turn out to be like VP and eventually destroy the Sri Lanka like Myanmar.

  70. DBS
    you have not said anything about the fate of pottu amman and not included his name in the list of dead senior cadres.
    hope u can comment on this

    I haven’t mentioned names of so many dead senior cadres.Pottu Amman is no more……..DBSJ

  71. There were some announcements in Pro tiger medias that many of the Overseas Tiger Enterprises are expanding and opening branches in the past few days. Reginold Piza & Babu Catering are some. Any deals struck:?

    Now that the Supremo’s death is confirmed by their ‘intelligence service,’ is it possible to shed some light into the life and fight of the commanders who died in April & May 2009-like Theepan(already covered in a fantastic article), Gadaffi, Nagesh,Amitab, Vidusha, Thurka, Kamalini, Soosai, Sornam, Bhanu, Jeyam etc.
    They would be neglected in this cold war and forgetten. Atleast they deserve a homage for their contribution-sadly though in vain.

  72. It is amazing where life can lead us.
    And it is amazing what we can make our self do.
    A human life is so precious. Please let us not resort to violence.
    Let us sit together and figure out solutions by having a dialogue with one another.
    Life is too short for anything else.

  73. It’s the Tamil people who made Prabhakara a monster. We all know what has happened and the rest is history. Usually the history repeats. Now the Sinhalese are trying to make a monster king out of Mahinda’s military success. All Sri Lankans, Tamils, Sinhalese & Muslims should unite againts all types of dictators. If not, we, all Sri Lankans have to pay dearly. Sri Lankas cannot afford to do another cardinal mistake. This country of ours is full of “bum-kisses”. The bigges kisser is Hudson Samarasinge of SLBC. From government Ministers to Three Wheeler drivers, shamelessly do this. All right thinking people of this country have to defete them at all costs. May this website be a platform to promote peace & democracy in Sri Lanka.

  74. T20 Tournament in England: I want to deviate a little from the main subject DBSJ has written.

    1. A small group of Tamil Diaspora demonstrated against the Sri Lankan team This is a shameful behavior from the Tamil Diaspora side. They dont know the fact that the team today is an outcome of lots of hard work from the Tamil club level players. they pioneered the first class cricket in Sri Lanka – Woe to this Diaspora

    2. The heroic innings of T.M. Dilshan He changed his name from Muslim to Sinhala to get recognized by the selectors and the management. He has been a backbone of middle order in the side for a longer time and as an opener has proved himself beyond expectations. However, he was not offered a Category 1 contract by the SLC. This shows how cheaper the Sinhalese mindset is. Woe to them also

  75. A Peace song performed by SL musicians in Los Angeles

    One Land for All – Rukshan Perera

    The birds are singing in harmony,
    The rainbow is shining through the clouds,
    The sea breeze keeps reminding me
    That we have a journey to start

    Lets walk together from coast to coast,
    And go beyond the past,
    We’ll search our souls to find the peace,
    And share to make it last,

    Journey of Love, from the South to the North,
    Journey of Love, peace and freedom for all,
    United we stand, one mother Land for all,
    Journey of love, one land (one land) for all,

    Did we try our best, when we had our test?
    Can we learn from our past mistakes?
    We need your hand, to rebuild our land,
    Together we must stand

    Does it matter, to which race the children are born?
    Does it matter, to who they pray?
    What matters s, they carry the torch of love,
    And peace through out the day,

    Journey of Love,…. ,

    The past is past, the future is here,
    The road is now very clear,
    The time has come, to place our trust,
    And give the peace a chance,

    This beautiful paradise is waiting on you,
    To join in the journey of love, and make it through,
    North needs the south, the south yearns for north,
    From coast to coast, let’s rebuild the land,Sri-Lanka Land..

    Journey of Love…

  76. Chanaka,

    Do you know how much Muralitharans father paid for the then time Cricket officials?

    50 Millions. May be this amount will look small now for you.

  77. did mohommad mahroof s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did joe saverimuthupillai s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did G Pathmanatahan s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did N.Chanmugam s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did D.Chanmugam s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did S.Jeganathan s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did V.B.John s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did Russel Arnold s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did Naveed Nawaz s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did K.N.Amaleen s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did B.R Juranpathy s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did S.H.U.Karnain s father paid 5o mil too..?
    did Pradeep Jayaprakashdaran s father paid 5o mil too..?

    K. Mathivanan ..secretary of SL cricket board.. wow.. he must have paid 100 mil to be a cricket admin in srilanka..

    I guess every father reports to u about the amount of they ve spent…

  78. DBSJ! I would sincerely ask you to open a forum to discuss the real dangers to not just the Tamils in SL but to all Sri Lankans emerging in post-LTTE.

    The comments by New Script Writter (#78) and Jayan (#82) touch on this. There is a real danger of Sri Lanka sliding into a militaristic oppressive state. Tamil diaspora will have to be extremely cautious so as to not play into the hands of either MR or the military. As for now, the moderate Sinhalese voices are as powerless as the Tamils.

    Claims to national leadership is not only made by MR and his brothers, who are in for the long haul, but also by the military hierarchy, particularly Sarath Fonseka. MR is trying to disperse and weaken the victorious military hierarchy with offers of political and diplomatic posts, and strengthen his power base by leaning on the Buddhist clergy and hardline Sinhalese political leaders. On the other hand, the military, particularly Sarath Fonseka, is unambiguous about having a say on any political solution involving devolution to the Tamils.

    Tamils will become football in any power struggle between the civilian and military leaderships. It is in India’s own interest to send strong signals to Sri Lankan military, and apply pressure on MR to make use of the historic opportunity and exercise political maturity to address Tamil grievances.

  79. Well Chanaka,
    why Tuan Mohd Dilshan was overlooked and how come Tillakaratne Mudiyanselage Dilshan got in to the team? FYI TM Dilshan entered into team 1999 with an unbeaten 163 against Zimbabwe but he was left out till 2003 where our big boys were continuly failing why~???

  80. LTTE not only dig their own grave but also they took with them what Tamils had.

    Many Tamils believed without solidarity with Singhalese and Muslims, we cannot achieve anything but LTTE destroy everything through their weapons and dirty propaganda.

    Here in London 10 years back we had school cricket festival together and had a great time as Srilankans until LTTE came to the scene.

    Then LTTE split Tamils schools separately and threatened who opposed to LTTE Idea’s. Nothing good came out of it except financial benefit for LTTE.

    My personal experience, I went for our college (St Henry’s College Ilavalai) 100 years anniversary celebration and there were staged one of the dance program dressed in LTTE T-Shirts with VP picture. People were very unhappy about this. Because of one or two committee members are LTTE lobbies and they made our college function as LTTE function.

    This is the way LTTE influenced every single Tamil person live and made to believe all the Tamils are LTTE supporters. Diasporas were lost voice against them, because of fear.

    “transnational Tamil Eelam” is just another money box for remaining diaspora LTTE lobbies.

    I hope tamil diaspora will not act like “Aaddu Mandaikal” (Sheep flocK) again.

  81. #80. Puma says:
    “Theepan(already covered in a fantastic article), Gadaffi, Nagesh,Amitab, Vidusha, Thurka, Kamalini, Soosai, Sornam, Bhanu, Jeyam etc. They would be neglected in this cold war and forgetten. Atleast they deserve a homage for their contribution-sadly though in vain.”

    Come on!

    All these guys are part of an organization that killed a large number of Tamils. Would you deny that? All these guys are part of an organization that chased away thousands of Muslims from their homes overnight. Would you deny that? Do you know how this organization behaved when it wiped out the other armed Tamil groups? — Young kids of TELO were butchered in the most horrific ways, some burnt alive. Would you deny that? Do you not think these guys should share some guilt in the massacre of hundreds of Tamil kids recruited into the Tamil National Army by EPRLF/IPKF? Do your homework. Find out the exact sequence of events before Thileepan the hunger-striker’s death.You might conclude it was murder, if you care to see exactly what happened! He wanted to give up the fast and he pleaded for water. All these years we have closed our eyes — kaNNirunthum kurudar nanngal; kaathirunthum sevidar naangal! We kept our eyes and ears closed thinking that all these evils will bring us something good — well it didn’t:

    Eelam kEddOm,
    theEnum, paalum Odum enrOm
    mayaanam kidaiththathu
    saampal minchiyathu

    (we wanted Eelam, we claimed milk and honey will flow there,what we got was a cemetery, with ash remaining)

    Whatever military victories these guys achieved was at the expense of sending brain-washed kids on suicide missions, and sending waves of poor teenage kids as cannon fodder (that’s how Mankulam, Mullaitivu and Elephant Pass military garrisons were over-run). These guys are part of the organization that beat up and shot at Tamils who wanted to run away from the war zone to protect their children. Would you deny that? These guys hid behind sarees of old women and little kids to protect themselves. Would you deny that?

    Get real. There is nothing heroic about their achievements. The small probability that they might have had the good of the Tamil community at heart is dwarfed by the damage they have done to the Tamils by dragging us along the path we have traversed. Everything is very clear now. We should recognize and accept reality, and move on.

  82. Hi DBS,

    Is it ture that Parabakaran loved cricket and that he supporetd the SL team?

    No. VP was not a cricket enthusiast and certainly not a supporter of any team .Many other tigers were interested in cricket. Some like Ponnamman, Radha,Yogi, Sitha,Prasad etc played cricket for their schools but not VP. ……….DBSJ

  83. Thanks DBSJ for the info. The fact that KP or SP or better refer to as KSP has been able accomplish whatever thus far and will into not too distant future would not have been without the tacit help of the powers that are and the IC that is using the carrot and stick approach to reign in the international LTTE financial & economic infrastructure for the betterment of all concerned and for the minimization of any adverse throw-back effect from any or some of it of its proxies to renew or rebuild anything similar in the future.

    Should this carrot approach fail due to the divisions within the pro-LTTE Multi-national Diaspora then the Stick of the law and criminalization of their liberation business activities would come into play against them as individuals and organizations and fronts.

    KSP seems to be on the right track with the help of the powers secretively backing him, in appointing all who seem to be well known LTTE sympathizer/empathizer professionals and academics to spear head the so-call transnational body itself that is developing and evolving in its concept and implementation to gain greater credibility and practicality in being more inclusive and least harmful to the indigenous Tamils of the North & East of SL.

    Hence it would be prudent for the pro-LTTE Diaspora to unite under KSP whether they like it or not, lest the stick approach be replaced by the current carrot approach.

    Further realistically assessing the Tamils can only expect the “Victor’s Justice”. Even as had the LTTE won it would have been similar. The Tamils should cease struggling for their delusional “Tamil Elam”. Should they realize that their place of birth was not of their choice but accidental including their parents and religion along with the language of upbringing wrongly called mother tongue.

    Like in that old story of the Muslim Hat trader who’s hats were all taken by a troupe of monkeys when he had fallen asleep. On waking and seeing that all his hats were being worn by the monkeys the trader threw the only hat (of “Tamil Elam” in this case) he was wearing and then monkeys threw back all their hats. Similarly the Pro-LTTE Diaspora Tamils should throw their last hat of “Tamil Elam” and not Elam that stands for the whole of Ceylon that they have now seem to have regained. Then majority Singhalese-Buddhists like the monkeys in the story quite similar to the minority of Pro-LTTE old pupils that they too are, may throw back some of worsened and lost rights and treat them as equals and on par with them should they also change are names and convert to Buddhism.

    It would not matter to those who are aware that all these pre-scientific times major religions do not stand up to an evidence based scientific method and process of arriving at tentative and practical conclusions that benefit mankind as whole. Most fundamental religious beliefs however comforting to its believers are yet delusional and don’t meet the rigours of a scientific tentative truth that is open to development and evolvement.

  84. DBS, Its not as simple as one may think. I would have thought that you of all people would have realized the heights to which Prabhakaran has been raised. It is truly of mythical status. To this day, even after the June 18th announcement by the intelligence wing, 95% of the people I know do not believe that Prabhakaran is dead. Their reasoning: Everyone, KP, the intelligence chief, etc., are under the orders of Prabhakaran to claim that he is dead so that he can be in hiding safely until he is ready to emerge again. They refer to the 1988-90 period when he was rumored to have been killed and was off the radar for 2 years only to reemerge again. Now, to tell you the truth, I don’t blame them. One thing Prabhakaran was known for was his uncanny survival instincts and his ability to make people believe what he wanted them to believe. The other reason, also valid, is that it seemed out of character for Prabhakaran to put himself in the eye of the battle, between a rock and a hard place. Even I found it hard to believe that he was in the no-fire zone. I would have expected him to have fled to a hiding place or even out of the country before the army even took Kilinochi. But, ironically, the biggest factor that has contributed to the doubts about his death is the Sri-Lankan Government. Their handling of the propaganda surrounding his death makes even some of my non-tamil friends questioning if he is still alive. Lets be honest here, there is no consistency in the photos/videos of the dead Prabhakaran. There seems to be at least 2 different dead bodies. Why did the Government burn the body so quickly? If I were the SL government, and I had Prabhakaran’s body, and I wanted to put an end to his story once and for all and quell any doubts of death, I would have done the following: Cleaned up and stitched up his body like what the US did for Saddam’s sons. I would have not let a single worm harm the body. I would have enlisted international agencies and organizations from a number of countries like the US, India, etc., to come and do all the tests possible, DNA, etc. on the body and release reports that conclusively claim that it is indeed Prabhakaran. I would keep the body frozen and intact for as long as there are any doubters. In the whole war, there would have been no other operation I would have handled as carefully and as organized as the releasing of the confirmation of Prabhakaran’s death and I would have made such an operation as public as possible, with all the media resources allocated to it. Instead, with all these conflicting reports from the Government, the inconsistent photos and videos, verification by Karuna and Daya(not even the Indians for crying out loud), and the rush to burn his body, I don’t think those that doubt Prabhakaran’s death can be accused of just being in denial.

    A quick note on his astounding and still growing mythical status: I visited a temple the other day and found the priest talking to a few people after the puja about Prabhakaran. Everyone was talking as if he was still alive, just matter of factedly. There was not even an iota of doubt in their minds. I joined the conversation and tried to get a feel for how they would react to the possibiltiy that Prabhakaran might be dead. A man in his 70s, very devout and doing menial work there in the temple in his old age told me during the discussion: “Prabhakaran Yaar? Krishna Avataram!!!!”. To which, the priest, a well educated man with a thorough knowledge of the scriptures started to explain the events surrounding Krishna’s death in the Bhagavatam, where according to the Vaishnava schools of thought, Krishna did not die at the end at the hands of the hunter. He simply created a duplicate of his body and left the earth. The body that was cremated was not Krishna’s and Krishna did that to fool the asuras into thinking that his body was destructible while his real body was indestructible and only the pious and the devas knew of it. I asked those there if Prabhakaran was indeed still alive, when did they think he would reemerge. One person stated that even if he did not emerge again, it did not matter, he is still guiding the struggle from behind the scenes. Another mentioned how until Eelam is attained, Prabhakaran will incarnate from age to age and guide the struggle, so it did not matter if Eelam is achieved 10 years, 50 years or 100 years from now, Prabhakaran will get it.

    So, DBS, don’t be surprised if you don’t see many people paying tribute to a dead Prabhakaran. Many will refuse to attend because they simply see no reason for it. Prabhakaran is and always will be alive and well.


    VP is no more. As I have said before these guys can believe whatever they want to believe. They can write crap here if that makes them feel good. But hope they dont overdo it.

    The bottom line is that the tiger diaspora that called VP Sun God and equated him to Lord Muruga has not lit even camphor for him publicly. These guys cover up their weakness by pretending he is alive. Jokers like Vaiko who said rivers of blood will flow in India if VP is harmed is sitting pretty pretending VP is alive. So he does not need to shed even a drop pf blood. LTTE guys think that they can continue collecting money by pretending VP is alive.

    By the way Colombo acting on the advice of New Delhi deliberately played down the VP death. Otherwise they would have exhibited corpse like the Kapliavasthu relics. The pictures and news about VP death were released haphazardly and confusingly to deliberately convey some doubts about it. This was due to Indian worry that a 100 odd idiots may self – i8mmolate themselves in Tamil Nadu and create a crisis

    This danger has been prevented and contained effective by the confused news.If Colombo had conclusively demonstrated VP was dead there may have been an eruption

    But what even policy makers in India and Sri Lanka did not expect was the utter stupidity and rank lunacy of some diaspora idiots Moreover the petty jealousies and desire to make money has seen people denying the obvious.

    Let them keep on denying and keep on posting denials. We need some humour to brighten up these pages

    Meanwhile poor VP. Not a soul to mourn for him publicly

    But as you said a myth will be built just as it was about Hitler and Netaji

    Since there are people who still believe some mothers son is a living god and an avatar and some believe holy bread expands and some believe statues provide milk the VP myth will also grow

    But the great heroes never die do they (Maaveerar endrum maranippathillai)

    They live forever in the hearts of the people dont they? (Makkal manangalil endrendrum kudiyiruppaar)

    Then yes. A great hero like VP will never die. He will live forever in their hearts

    Certainly not in the hearts of the 300,000 IDP’s I think but the diaspora darlings yes

  85. Pingback: Tijgers vergeet de dood van Prabhakaran te herdenken | TamilseZaken.nl

  86. RE: Comment 95 –
    I liked DBSJ’s answer for your psychic question; you really seemed to piss him off.

    Secondly how many times did you watch “DASAWATHARAM” I think you have seen it too many times for you to become so fascinated about what’s going on in the mythological world.

    I presume that Pirabaharan took “Christian Fletcher’s” role who killed every one before he died.
    The the priest whom you met was “RANGARAJAN NAMBI”
    The other characters are
    Sarath Fonseka = Balaram Naidu
    Gothabaya Rajapakse = Govind Rangaswamy
    Jayalalitha = Krishnaveni Paati
    DBS Jeyaraj = Vincent Poovaragan …The list is not exhaustive

    I don’t doubt for a moment as how a 3/4 witted guy in Scarborough or London can gather 100000 1/2 witted guys to block the roads in Canada, Sydney or London after reading your comment (in London for 73 days lol without gaining anything except TWO TAKEAWAY SHOPS). It also gives and insight into how the war was funded for 30 years by the help of people like you.

    God always created a balance. He created some people for the benefit of the others; you can be on whatever the side you like.



    Rajah did not PISS me off at all. I was referring to those perpetuating the myth in a general sense. Rajah does not belong to that category. He was in no way subscribing to the myth theory and was only trying to draw attention to how this myth was gathering momentum.

    Your post about “thasavatharam” simiarities is interesting though not accurate. I wonder why you compare me to Poovaraghan. Is it because he died in the Tsunami or is it because he is a Dalit or is it because he is an incorruptible activist serving the public interest or is it because Poovaraghan in the movie was akin to the Lord Krishna avatar of the ten avatar’s ?

    Anyway I am disappointed that you should equate Sarath with Balaram Naidu the Telugu “chauvinist”. I liked that role the best of all in Kamal’s ten roles.

    Wish you could have compared me to Balram naidu



    You seem to be have misunderstood that I was referring to you specifically in my response to your earlier post .

    I have not.

    If I want to criticise you I would have done so directly. Why do you think that I did not understand what you were trying to say?

    I agree with most of what you said and I was referring in a general sense to those perpetuating the myth. I dont know why you thought the cap fitted you. It does not

    Therefore your taking umbrage at me in this post is unwarranted and unnecessary.

    There is no point in carrying your post attacking me unfairly and then for me to reply to it point by point.

    So I am deleting it completely.

    No hard feelings…………DBSJ

  88. We need an global leader who can unite Diaspora Tamil, eelam Tamil and Tamil Nadu Tamils under one hood.

  89. Tamil upper-caste community is always dangerous to Tamils.When upper-caste community realize their power grip weakening after British left Sri Lanka asks rights for Tamil (not for Tamil People).Poor Tamils started freedom struggle.

  90. DBSJ

    I just now read an article from Asian Tribune that Prabhakaran was betrayed by Pottu Amman and that it was likely that Pottu Amman shot him from behind . Can this be true? Since Pottu Amman’s body has not been identified can we infer that he is still alive or under custody with the SL Army or have escaped ?


    Krishna please dont ask me to comment on articles appearing elsewhere.

    Just for the record , Pottu Amman is no more. He died on the battlefield.

    No , Pottu did not betray Prabhakaran.

    No , Prabhakaran was not shot from behind.

  91. 1) Comments #62 Chelvashan and # 70 JMPillay mention about the need for GOSL to communicate with the diaspora. An article published in Transcurrents indicates that a meeting with the diaspora infact took place in March (link). The response from Basil R on how long the IDPs will be kept at the camps, is interesting.

    2) In comment # 77 Pearl says Mahinda and clan are oandering to Sinhala chauvinism.

    It is rumoured that presidential and general elections in SL will be held either at year’s end or early next year.
    MR is a politician, and it is an undeniable fact that all politicians all over the world want to win elections and stay in power.

    DBSJ in an article on Ranil W commented that : It has been the bane of Sri Lankan politics that parties in opposition engage in communal politics to obstruct the government.

    It’s possible that from MR’s political point of view, speaking less right now on what needs to be done to address Tamil grievances, and oandering to Sinhala chauvinism as Pearl puts it, makes perfect sense to mitigate the real possibility that all opposition parties including the UNP, start fishing for votes in the south by branding him a Sinhala traitor who is about to sell the country to the Tamils ( in much the same way as SLFP is currently branding Ranil W as a traitor ).

    It could very well be MR’s strategy to try and get the maximum number of votes from the majority community, so as to obtain a two thirds majority in parliament, in order to push though what is perceived as unpopular measures ( such as the 13th Amendment plus ) without the opposition being able to obstruct him.

    And if Basil R’s comments in that article in transcurrents.com is valid, then the IDPs are likely to be resettled before the elections are held. Only time will tell.

  92. Thalaivar has attained martydom. No doubt about that. And I have paid my tributes in my own way. But DBS, he wil live on by you and the likes of you. I praise you for that.

  93. i partly agree with wesley comment # 103. MR is an ideal politician of a 3rd world country. how his mind works and what his intensions are are highly unpredictable. but one thing is sure. his main intension is to stay in power as long as he could and to make one of his brothers or sons the next leader of his party. recently i read that when east was liberated, the JHU has suggested him to settle some sinhalese also in that area(forceful colonisation as you call) but MR hasn’t listened to them. with all my heart i wish he won’t do it in the north as well.


    Oh sure! But then I use a mouse not a pen nowadays…….DBSJ

  95. DBS : You seem to be have misunderstood that I was referring to you specifically in my response to your earlier post .

    Rajah: It does seem so unless I misread it.

    DBS: I have not.If I want to criticise you I would have done so directly. Why do you think that I did not understand what you were trying to say?I agree with most of what you said and I was referring in a general sense to those perpetuating the myth. I dont know why you thought the cap fitted you. It does not

    Rajah: Oh, if that is the case, then I did misread what you wrote. I took the statement : “They can write crap here if that makes them feel good” to refer to me, since I wrote the comment.

    DBS: There is no point in carrying your post attacking me unfairly and then for me to reply to it point by point.

    Rajah: DBS, now you might be misreading my post. Nowhere did I attack you. I had thought that you had misinterpreted my post and was responding as such to clarify. The only semblance of an attack was at the comment you made that the “SL government with India was purposely giving contradictory info to cause confusion so that there won’t be an eruption”. It was this comment that I called “crap” and not you. If you think I was attacking you, then I apologize. I still maintain that I don’t agree with this view and gave you my reasons in the post you edited out. If you still disagree with me on that point then lets just agree to disagree. Interestingly enough, today morning I was alerted by a number of people to new information released by pro-government papers that it was Pottu Amman who killed Prabhkaran etc., etc. Now, I really find it hard to believe that this, including all the previous confusion and contradictions were part of a grand plan by Sri-Lanka and India to purposely cause confusion. If Sri-Lanka had firmly proven Prabhakaran’s death like I had mentioned in my previous post, these stories would not even have a chance in hell of seeing ink on paper. Apologies again if you found my previous post offensive and attacking you.

  96. Now that VP is gone, Srilankans must ensure that MR & Brothers are also gone as well as Karuna & his allies so that Srilankans can have a fresh prespective.

  97. RE: Comment 98 –

    “Confused” Confuscios: I liked DBSJs answer for your psychic question; you really seemed to piss him off.

    Rajah: Psychic question? Which “question” was that? I never posed a single question in my post. Perhaps you were conversing with psychic beings while you wrote this post and therefore got “confused”? Perhaps that’s why you call yourself “confused confuscious”?

    “Confused” Confuscios: Secondly how many times did you watch DASAWATHARAM I think you have seen it too many times for you to become so fascinated about whats going on in the mythological world.

    Rajah: Once. And if memory serves me right, nowhere did the movie portray Krishna’s death.

    “Confused” Confuscios: I don’t doubt for a moment as how a 3/4 witted guy in Scarborough or London can gather 100000 1/2 witted guys to block the roads in Canada, Sydney or London after reading your comment (in London for 73 days lol without gaining anything except TWO TAKEAWAY SHOPS).

    Rajah: Let’s see. These “1/2 witted” guys got numerous envoys from the west to fly down to Sri-Lanka to press for a ceasefire against a group the envoys’ countries labelled as terrorists. This literally “pissed off” the guys at the top in Sri Lanka, so much so, that they are still criticising the west and crying for the IMF loan. That’s quite an achievement. If these guys are “1/2 witted”, how would you rate the guys in Sri-Lanka who refused to let the Swedish envoy in and literally “pissed off” the EU? I would rate them “1/200 witted”.

    “Confused” Confuscious: It also gives and insight into how the war was funded for 30 years by the help of people like you.

    Rajah: With the help of people like me? Your psychic beings are confusing you again. Be that as it may, this war was fought for 30 years by one group which was always 100 times smaller than the other group. Therefore, if the smaller group were “1/2” witted, the fact that they could hold on for 30 years makes the other group “1/200” witted.

    “Confused” Confuscious: God always created a balance.

    Rajah: He certainly does. In the case in point, he balanced the majority against the minority for 30 years by making up for it in “wittedness”. If one side was “1/2” witted, the other was “1/200” witted.

    “Confused” Confuscious: THANKS FOR THE FUN THOUGH

    Rajah: Same to you. Say high to those psychic beings for me and tell them not to confuse you too much.


    “Sirippu varuthu ,sirippu varuthu, sirikka sirikka sirippu varuthu”(Chandrababu song in “Aandavan Kattalai” film…………..DBSJ

  99. Those who live by violence, die by violence is the age old saying and it has proven to be right in Prabakarans case. There are many in SL from all communities who continue to use violence against unarmed innocent civilians and it is only a matter of time for them to meet the same fate.


    Have you seen or read the play “Waiting for Godot”?…………DBSJ


    These lines apply perfectly to Nedumaran & Vaiko in Tamil Nadu…….DBSJ

  102. of course yes, waiting for godot a 20th century play by Samuel Beckett. even those two thieves waited for him without knowing who he was. we are waiting for a person whom we know very well. thalaiwan illaye illaye endu aluweenga. oruthan wanthathum awar neechal adichaar irachchi thindaar enduweenga. pirawu seththathum neenga ellaarum thalaiwan post ku mundi adippeenga. ithu thaan ya tamilan oda ottrumai. (sorry for tamil usage meant to make sense for tamils)no point in arguing about a truth which cannot be suppressed too long. there were 5 tigers in wanni now u have created 5000 all over the world. not many ppl were supportive of tamil eelam(including me) although they were sensitive to tamil national cause, but now many ppl feel they can’t live with sinhala ppl who were responsible for this ‘massacre of the era’ and the tamil eelam call has come strongly than ever before. i am a sri lankan i wish i was always. but unfortunately i m a minority now in the new ‘minority’ category..


    Here is a song to cheer up you and those of your ilk.It’s from the MGR film “Panaththottam”.

    “Enna Thaan Nadakkum Nadakkattume
    Iruttinil Neethi Maraiyattume
    Thaannaale Velivarum Thayangaathey
    Oru Thalaivan Irukkiraan Kalangaathey”

    “Enna Thaan Nadakkum Nadakkattume

  103. Re: Comment 98
    To DBSJ – I chose the character “Vincent Poovaragan” as he was the silent oppressed character who fights all his life against injustice.

    I think out of all the characters he was the common man for the common man.
    It doesn’t matter to me whether if someone is a Dalit or how he dies at the end. What matters is what he was and what he stood for when he was alive.

    and for Rajah – I am sorry mate

    Thank you very much CC……………DBSJ

  104. there you go DBS you come to the write track,

    english translation for DBS’ song,

    Whatever happens, let it happen
    Let Truth fade in Darkness
    It(Truth) will come by itself
    A leader is there stop worrying

    what ever happens let it happen….

    nanri thalaiwaa..


    There you go nanbaa

    It’s not DBS’s song but that of Kannadasan or Vaali I think.

    You seemed so dejected I thought I I ‘ll cheer you up with that verse. Keep singing machchi.

    Here’s a bit of dialogue from another MGR film “Neerum Neruppum” (a re-make of the classic” aboorva sahodharargal” starring MK Radha in dual roles) to cheer you up

    MGR plays identical twin brothers in the film. In one scene the villain (Asokan or Manohar) asks the elder brother

    “Engay Un Thambi” (where is your younger brother?)

    The elder bro Vaathiyaar” replies –

    “Vara vendiya nerathil varuvaan. Unakku tharavendiyathellaam tharuvaan” (he will come at the correct time and give you all that you deserve)

    Cheer up “sinna” Thambi!

  105. As a Sinhalese I was an ardent supporter of the Army. However, as many soldiers would attest there is a lot of respect for the tigers, who fought bravely until the very end. the Tigers could have killed many more civilians if they chose to.
    Unlike the Jihadi cowards, the Tigers never took hostages even when they entered Lake House after the Ceylinco attack or when they were in the airport back in 2001. They never attacked school children (unlike the Chechnyan Jihadis) or the cricket team (unlike the Pakis). They were braver, smarter, and more decent than your typical muslim terrorist.
    They did kill civilians but so did the army especially in the early days of the war. Their behavior was extreme but it was driven by decades of discrimination and bloody riots every few years. In the final analysis the Army was the superior military force but neither side had the moral high ground.
    Thus it is only fair that the Tigers be accorded respect in death.

  106. Different factions are fighting for the money of the diaspora. The diaspora should be wary about ,if their money will only be utilised to make a poor rogue rich. The IDP’s need money and help. It is time to set up a trust fund in Sri Lanka, managed by the diplomats of several countries as trustees. With online transparency to see how your money was utilised to help the IDPs. It is time to spend Diaspora’s money usefully for the future, because it is the money of the diaspoar that put the IDP’s into this predicament of suffering. Giving the money to different factions of the LTTE amy be used for thier own personal use.

  107. y DBS did you have any reason to change your stand. first you replied “see i know i will cheer you up”(and you thought you did) but now you have amended your comments and replied in a tone like i was never cheered up. i am DBS by your dual stance. never take a U turn. ya thank you ‘sinna’ anna. when he comes, i don’t care what he gives, but you have to step down ey! don’t forget that. now i ll rest in peace. but i ll come whenever any miracles happen. then you know ey steward will come back and its time for you to retire (how long can we trouble you) keep up your good work. i admire them well. cheers


    Here’s a philosophical line from a song in “Paalum Palamum”.Written by Kannadasan and sung by TM Soundararajan.

    “Ponal Pogattum Podaa -Inthap
    Poomiyil nilaiyaai Vaalnthavan Yaaradaa”?

  108. It is a blunder that the LTTEers could not come in to terms with the demise of VP. Freedom struggle is not a religion, and Prabhakaran is neither immortal. The remnants of LTTE must realize that it is the need of the time to announce it properly and allow/ organize people to give their last respect to that man who fought for a noble cause. The LTTE overseas cannot hide behind the argument that people are not mentally prepared to accept the leader`s death. It is always leaders’ duty to tell people the truth and direct them in a correct path.

    It is disturbing to read the account on Tamilnet`s role on the issue. Tamilnet`s manipulations undermine its role as a media. Even if it is an open secret that Tamilnet operates as the mouth piece of the LTTE, many westerners used it to get LTTEs perspective. Now that Tamilnet involves in such manipulations to this extent would lead to a situation the website misses its credibility at least as a reflector on Tamil affairs.

  109. It is a blunder that the LTTEers could not come in to terms with the demise of VP. Freedom struggle is not a religion, and Prabhakaran is neither immortal. The remnants of LTTE must realize that it is the need of the time to announce it properly and allow/ organize people to give their last respect to that man who fought for a noble cause. The LTTE overseas cannot hide behind the argument that people are not mentally prepared to accept the leader`s death. It is always leaders’ duty to tell people the truth and direct them in a correct path.
    It is disturbing to read the account on Tamilnet`s role on the issue. Tamilnet`s manipulations undermine its role as a media. Even if it is an open secret that Tamilnet operates as the mouth piece of the LTTE, many westerners used it to get LTTEs perspective. Now that Tamilnet involves in such manipulations to this extent would lead to a situation the website misses its credibility at least as a reflector on Tamil affairs.

  110. I think we over estmate Tamils diaspora’s power. It’s not more than around 700000 strong and twilding. Out of it maybe 50% support LTTE strongly or lightly.
    Most second generation is no care about Sri Lanka at all. Within next 10 years most of them evaporated in the Western socities. So why we should put so much energy on it? It’s time to ignore the Tamil diaspora and look for the furture Sri Lanka.

  111. Re: Stewards & Rajah

    Don’t you guys have even 1/1000 witt to realize that DBSJ is only helping VP to get ready for his Eelam War 5 by making us all believe…. Whatever….

  112. I’m just glad that India had a leader like Mahatma Gandhi who believed in non – violence. Many people tend to talk about riots, bombings etc.
    What ever said and done finally ur responsible for ur own deeds. You can’t blame the actions that u take on external factors.People have brains and if u think an armed struggle can achieve ur goals…keep dreaming ( both SL & LTTE)
    It’s high time for the Singhala & Tamil youth to use their brains and judge for them selves whats going on.. than to believe in what their peers have told them for over decades. At the end of the day what they sow today is what there gonna to reap tomorrow.

  113. Would like to ask one question from diaspora Tamils.
    Do you love any country ?, I know my Lanka is not perfect
    but I love my country. So are the most of other people
    including Tamils, Muslims, Burghers Malays etc. This is the country that gave you free education, free Health facilities etc. I know many Burghers and Malays migrated to many western countries about 40 or 50 years ago, and still they love this country and still come and visit and go down memory lane. One might say they too had a raw deal when Banda made Sinhala official language in 1956, which was one of the stupidest things to do. Just go
    to see when SL playing cricket against anyone in London,
    Australia or New Zealand how many Sri Lankans of various
    ethnic backgrounds come and support SL. Only a handful
    of Diaspora Tamils come and protest and make fools of themselves. Do you love the country where you live now ?.
    No you don’t. If you do, then you don’t disrupt those countries by protesting and damaging property.

    Love yourself. Love your country.

  114. Nissanka #126
    If you love your family, will you run away from them?
    What is the answer you will get from the people who left the country for good and still claim to love Sri Lanka.
    What is the reason they left Sri Lanka to begin with and if you find the reason, then you have the key to the solution for all the ills of srilankan society.
    Do you realize there is nothing black or white?
    I live in United States, I love my adopted nation and she gave me something srilanka could not offer- physical security and individual rights.
    I have an American flag hoisted on my front lawn, no one forced me do it, the country made me to feel that I am part of her.
    I have mixed feelings in regard to Sri Lanka. But I hope one day political and human rights climate will change and I will not have any reservation.
    As far as “free education” in Sri Lanka goes, nothing is free in Sri Lanka. Some one is paying as taxes or with compromised quality from misplaced priority.
    All community paid taxes that include my father, uncles etc.
    In essence, something really gone wrong in governance of Srilanka, then Ceylon for us to have very conversation we are having at this very moment. Am I wrong?
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain.

  115. Nissanka,
    Would you first answer the following question!

    Have you or your successive governments since independance ever treated Tamils as equal citizens?

    Answer to your question is in this question!


  116. Biggy Wolf,

    It is the Government who gave the opportunity to deny or doubt the demise/murder of V.P.

    If the Government was very sure then it should have kept the body in the Mortuary, as proof to the world that it had killed V.P. It is not the fault of Tamil Diaspora, but the act of the Government of Sri Lanka. Even the better qualified experts from the Tamil Nadu forensic department questioned the claim, raising many doubts and no one has answered it with scientifically verifiable evidence. That is it. Those who sincerly loved V.P. are clinking on to that thread of doubt which was yarned by the Government. Again, it is not the fault of the Tamil Diaspora. I am willing to believe that VP is no more, but I am not going to take the Government’s word for it. Sri Lanka Government never ever endeavoured or behaved so that Tamils would take their words with trust.

  117. Easwaran, can’t you see that by making VP’s death suspicious, the gov has split the diaspora? to me this is another gov agenda. whether they did it deliberately or not, they must be rejoicing now tha the diaspora is split.

  118. K.Easwaran,

    Don`t you understand the very intention of the SL Government? It is their master plan. They wanted to keep the Tamils in disbelieve. By doing this they wanted to prevent a mass upsurge, both in India and among the Diaspora in the west.

    Their thinking most presumably was that the Tamils outside Sri Lanka would mourn Prabhakaran in a mass scale, and that would ignite a mass involvement among Tamils world over to further their struggle with the remaining leadership. They wanted to prevent it. I doubt that there is also an Indian hand in this master plan. The Indian establishments were much concerned with the impact Prabhakaran`s death would have in Tamil Nadu. So, I am very much sure that both Lankan and Indian intelligences acted professionally in creating doubt on Prabhakaran`s death, and even a calamity among the Tamils on this issue. I refer to the pictures and video feed they provided in the early stage.

    On the one hand they confirmed the death for their concern, and on the other hand they did everything to make Tamils outside remain unsure. See, now they have succeeded in it. People like you fell in to their prey. Some leaders left among you prevented an opportunity to unite Tamils, and further the struggle with much determination. Instead, you are fighting among yourselves on this particular issue. Both the Lankan and Indian establishments wouldnt have thought that the situation they have created gave even more results they didnt thought of: A division among LTTE on this issue. So wake up brother, use your head than your heart. Be sensible and wise!!!!

    You can`t claim SL to provide DNA, Death certificate or what so ever. You are not in a position to demand that. They have done it very professionally.

  119. My suggestion is that you should invite KP and Rudrakumaran (New York based legal pundit of the diaspora) to commemerate this “LOSER”S DAY”. Interpol could arrest KP and Rudrakumaran both, put them out of their misery.

  120. Biggy Wolf

    I am not sure whether VP is dead or not but I am not worried. I am copying below a part of my comment on a similar subject.

    Quote”…….Personally, I am sad that about 30000 Tamils were killed, not because Pirabhakaran was killed. Pirabhakaran killed so many for no reasons. Pirabhakaran made Neelan a hero by murdering him. He was a Phd holder, that is all, but he could not have done any harm or good to the Tamils. I met him through someone else in 1978 to explain him of a very serious harm being done to Tamils. He could not do anything. Sri Lanka Government can do a lot of damage, but a Tamil can not do that much of damage to merit murder. Equally well known professor Wilson could not do anything to the Tamils, good or bad. An average Sinhalese and an average Tamil can not do that much of damage to Tamils to merit murder…..” Unquote

    This is my line of thinking.





    You guys praise him but not one public event paying homage so far………..DBSJ

  122. So after LTTE now it is the “diaspora” . Till all the million “diaspora” is killed or made to switch side and become members of SLFP, IDPs should continue tamil thaatha, paatti, podian, podichi and all should beg the sinhalese soldiers for food pockets.. Tamil girls’ bras and Tamil Boys’ testicles will be searched for bombs..
    Budham saranam Kachami

  123. DBSJ,
    There is no single event for paying homage to Trotsky or Bhukarin in Soviet Union for 50 years

    So? while alive were they equated to Murugan or Sun God by their supporters?………..DBSJ

  124. How they were called is beside the point. But you know why there is no homage. People paying homage will be sent to Siberia or they themself must keep someone ready for paying homage to them.

    That is exactly the point…………..DBSJ

  125. 106# etcSteward

    I am unable to understand what you expect by requesting DBSJ to put down his pen??? I am pretty sure that most of the participants in this blog (including myself) wants DBSJ to continue with his views so every one can have a healthy discussion about the issues faced by Sri Lanka.

    I believe that DBSJ has given an adequate explanation of the LTTEs final saga. Therefore, I would kindly request you to contribute to this forum in a constructive way instead of just beating around the bush. Thank you.

  126. dear josh #138 thank you for ur compliments. i too want dbs to continue writing. but wat i request is if the story or may be the truth that dbs says about ltte’s demise is proved untrue i.e. if pottu or praba comes alive one day, will dbs accept his inability to bring the truth out and leave the pen which caused severe misconclusions among the ppl. this is not a statement to challenge dbs. i appreciate karuththu chuhanthiram (freedom of speech) which lacked in any tamil leadership of history. but wat i m trying to stress is, if the authors who write articles in this post-ltte era (as they call) in the name of leading tamils to a different era, r proved wrong one day, they shud not be let freely to write anymore. i accept many of dbs’ points. but i have doubt some. its my right to ask dbs to step down if he fails to provide the truth as a continuous reader and admirer of his articles. hope u understand me. i m not a traitor.

    Are you saying KP who announced VP\s death is a traitor?…….DBSJ

  127. tamils wiil ask VP who within 6 months
    what a waste time ,people and Money
    specialy our maverars

  128. Dear Tharman 140,

    You are spot on. What a waste and what a wild goose chase ?. At least now diaspora tamils should face the reality, and should not waste time.. Try to improve you own lives. If you like to help your people please go ahead and do it, and if you don’t want to help them don;t worry
    we in the down south will look after them. Already we are doing a lot to help them, because we think we are all like one family. Remember how VP lived with your money ? He was swimming in a beautiful pristine pool
    while other people were suffering. Well, at the end he ended up in a mud pool.

    So please people don’t waste your time money.

    God bless you all.

  129. Dear Nissanka 141

    I think you dont get My Point
    Your Singala Thutakamunu mentality
    Cause all this waste also
    now Wait for another waste
    Other Countrys 20 -30 year ahead

  130. i m not trying to lament anyone as a traitor. but thts the word (traitor) which is common nowadays in the tamil society. its a historic responsibility (as they call) for every single tamils to direct themselves into correct and constructive path at this juncture.

    Are you saying KP is a traitor because he announced VP’s death?………………..DBSJ

  131. Anything not True cannot last long. Every fight or action should have cler moral principles otherwise we connt create a good society. All Sri Lankan are going to reap what they are sowing.
    We all know that LTTE has violated the very human norm and life and have received their reward. We also see that GOSL also made the Professional forces to Murder ( Killing after surender), Rape, and human rights violation. So it is a pity the sinhalese mothers, wifes, sisters have to welcome some of these forces in their house after comitting such henioud crimes. Can these people live with clear consciance. Could they create a good society? It is better to have a Genoside investigation and some othose resposible go behind the bar, so that the rest could be rehabilitated and get it overwith.

  132. Senadhi, #130,
    “Easwaran, can’t you see that by making VP’s death suspicious, the gov has split the diaspora? to me this is another gov agenda. whether they did it deliberately or not, they must be rejoicing now tha the diaspora is split.”

    I am now a bit confused. A very good friend of mine told me that VP did not die. I told him that most probably he is no more, but still asked for his reason. The answer was a bit strange. His argument is :

    1. VP used to leave a place when in danger before others leave.
    2. His initial dead body photos were not convincing, but the photos after two or three days were quite convincing.

    Then again, I asked him, he is no more right! He replied otherwise. The reply is : They got hold of a similar fellow in Wattala and took photos and murdered him later to keep things quite. My friend worked in Vavuniya for a while and he received some information that recently some LTTE cadres paid a casual visit to Vavuniya and left, prompting army to setup a new sentry point there. Cat and mouse situation?

    Now I am more confused as to who is giving ride to whom!

  133. Junior Vikatan magazine in India says Madhivadhani is now living with Pirapaharan’s younger sister in Canada. If this is not true Junior Vikatan must stop publishing

  134. Kumudam Tamil magazine is quoting DBS Jeyaraj in its latest issue about no homage being paid to LTTE leader

  135. Nedumaran and Vaiko are saying KP is RAW agent because he officially announced death of VP and family

  136. tharmaththin waalwu thanai soodhu kawwum tharmam marupadi wellum.. .

    i m just 21.

    i ll do better kadamai for my tamils.

    wait n c..

  137. Steward,

    He is dead. Chill out.

    A new liberating ideology will be born. But it must completely break from the methods of the Tigers.

  138. DBS, As a member of the diaspora i am surprised by your letter urging the diasspora to hold commemorative events for the LTTE. Havent we caused enough suffering by supporting a man who bought immense suffering to our fellow eezham tamizh’s, that we should glorify him further? I am surprised that such a statement should come from a man like you who has done so much for the tamizh’s and suffered so much from the LTTE and their mouthpieces .

    If you read the article without prejudice you will understand what I am saying…………DBSJ

  139. anbu muruga maal maruga nelliyadi maha vithyalaya pahuthiyala innikkum maalai konanthu potitu poytaanuwa.. ambuttu security irunthum.. inaa seiya solraai…

  140. Why we lost the battle because all of us are “paper tigers”. We spend thousands of dollars to flee the country and seek asylum. We didn’t live in our home land. we kept on blaming each other.
    At least we must be proud that the Tigers were managed to keep the SL forces at the bay for 20 years without any help from outside. No point blaming LTTE, They sacrificed their lifes for the people living overseas and making comments. At least now understand and unite.
    Our boys marry foreign girls, our populations is not growing. most of the guys marry very late, in the name of caste, ideology, and traitors we destroyed our unity. Please wake-up guys. don’t blame LTTE or any other freedom fighters for our position today. it is we who kept our hands off this dirty war and politics.
    Lets start all over again, learn from the past and perfect the future.

  141. Why we lost the battle because all of us are “paper tigers”. We spend thousands of dollars to flee the country and seek asylum. We didn’t live in our home land. we kept on blaming each other.
    At least we must be proud that the Tigers were managed to keep the SL forces at the bay for 20 years without any help from outside. No point blaming LTTE, They sacrificed their lives for the people living overseas and making comments. At least now understand and unite.
    Our boys marry foreign girls, our populations is not growing. most of the guys marry very late; almost late 30s, In the name of caste, ideology, and traitors we destroyed our unity. Please wake-up guys. don’t blame LTTE or any other freedom fighters for our position today. it is we who kept our hands off this dirty war and politics.
    Lets start all over again, learn from the past and perfect the future.

  142. may all the souls rest in PEACE and the Government act with dignity towards its people,

    History tells us the cruelty, comited inhumane way the crime against its own people , still no sign towards permanent peace, one incident is fairly enough to open the world’s eye: who burnt down the Jaffna library?

    We pray let all people live in harmony, the Person in Power Pay the Penalty what he is not doing towards His people, The All mighty is there!

    Let the suppressed oppressed people unite in a very decent way for their reasonable Rights…

    The Decent World look after us…
    May the God of All pour its mercy upon Our destitutes in the Camp!

    Let all the souls , specially the innocents .Those who killed for no reason, still in painful rauma, may find the comfort.

    Let we unite in a very acceptable manner, and VERY EFFICENT way for our rights….

    Dont forget the ‘ 58, 77 and 83 ….

    Atleast pray for the departed souls and the victims, treated by so inhumane way…

    Do not take in any reason in killing of the Blood of innocent…

    The Compassionate God will comfort them.

    Let we think the innocent , poor people find atleast find their one time meal in peaceful mind without fear.

  143. VP is a great leader and never will we have see anyone like him..Tamils have been in asia more than any other culture 10,000 years ago and Tamills ruled their own country all the way from indian to sri lanka..we been pushed down by new commers arabs,europeans,jews,…now we dont have our country because we were too nice to our guest!!!

    What ever u ppl are writing on this post have no clue wut the world leaders are trying to do to countries like sri lanka which is ruled by dumb leaders!!!!

  144. I live in Scarborough, Canada. Prior to the end of the war, there were lots of cars proudly displaying the tamil tiger flags, and bumper stickers saying the only solution is an independent tamil eelam. Now, all those flags and stickers are in hiding, as are the un-educated supporters of the tigers

  145. தங்களின் சொந்த ஆதாயத்திற்கும், தங்கள்நிலையை மேம்படுத்தி கொள்வதற்கும் கிடைத்த ஒரு வாய்ப்பாக, கருவியாக இலங்கை தமிழர் பிரச்னையை இந்தப் புலம்பெயர் தமிழ்த்தேசியப் பற்றாளர்கள் கையாளுவது நிற்காத வரையில், இவர்களால் இலங்கைத் தமிழர்களுக்கு எவ்வித நன்மையும் கிடைக்கப் போவதில்லை.

  146. .
    The following comment by the author reveals in a single sentence the nature of the LTTE. Their cumulative tactical errors of the past has brought the Indiginous Tamils into their current desperate plight.

    “The LTTE that uses violence to terrorize opponents is now caught up in the culture spawned by it.”

  147. A strategic review of the democratic political options for the Global Tamil Diaspora
    In the general elections of last week, despite all the threats and corruption of the government, only about 25% of the Tamil people voted. This is a severe indictment of the government that claims that the Tamil people are happy with the situation created by the government. Yes, the people have long endured a war declared on them by the government for wanting their freedom and democracy.
    They would now like to have normalcy restored where they can pursue their lives with their relatives and friends in a secure society with security and with the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter, medicines, education and employment. Once these basic needs are met, then the Tamils will want the higher needs which have to do with equality of opportunity in education and employment and aspirations to true freedom and human rights as is defined in the UN Charter.
    I now propose to review the strategic political options available to the Global Tamil Diaspora. Obviously the UK Tamil Diaspora is a historically important part of the Diaspora. There may be more expatriate Tamils in Canada than in the UK, but the UK Tamils are generally looked upon as the longest and best established Tamil community in terms of the period and effectiveness of their settlement here.
    What are the political options open to the UK Tamil Diaspora:
    1. Carry on with the military war against the Sri Lankan government as if nothing really changed in the last year.
    2. Engage in charitable and social work to alleviate the situation for the Tamils in the homeland (humanitarian activity)
    3. Harness the democratic power of the Tamil Diaspora in the different countries with a view to promoting functioning democratic institutions to represent the expatriate Tamils in the international community and to express solidarity and support for the Tamils in Eelam. These institutions will be based on democratically approved constitutions for elections of representatives and for administration and decision making.
    Let us take the first option above, of continuing with the war.
    In my opinion, this option has been given 25 years of unimpeded support but unfortunately in the world of post – 9/11 our freedom movement was given the nasty appellation of ‘international terrorism’’ by the Sri Lankan government and by most of the world. Although our resistance tried to have this description removed, its fate and ours were sealed by the self-interests of China, India, US , Russia and EU. It is self-evident that we could not have taken on the whole world. It is only after this so-called threat of international terrorism as portrayed by Sri Lanka was removed through a racial bloodbath that the UN and the world seems to open its eyes and be prepared to enquire into the massacres and genocide that took place in the Vanni. There is no military force of any substance left to fight for the Tamils and our people need a respite after so many hard years of war and attendant misery. The strength of the Tamils is in the growing strength of the Diaspora. And we must make it count. In history, it was the Jewish Diaspora that kept the fires of Zion burning in heir hearts for centuries. Tamil Eelam should not take that long if it is approached in unity and strength and our cries for liberation are carried forward by the Tamil youth invested with intimate knowledge of history and a determination to release our people from bondage.
    The second option to do charitable and social work is but a small part of the larger 3rd Option to harness the democratic power of the Tamil Diaspora. The Western world steeped in its democratic ideals will resonate favourably to the Tamil Diaspora adopting the option to involve the Diaspora in a free and fair democratic constitution and elections. We cannot then be accused of autocratic and unrepresentative leadership or governance.
    An eminent persons group has studied the situation and reported in January 2010 on the basic law and process of setting up the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam. There is presently a plan to elect eligible representatives to the first Tamil Constituent Assembly on 2nd May 2010 in the UK. This will be empowered with other global representatives to draft an autochthonous (for native Tamils from Eelam) constitution. This body is presently known by its acronym of TGTE (Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam). The elected representatives will be the democratically elected voice of the Tamil Diaspora throughout the world and, it is hoped, will carry forward the hopes and aspirations of the Eelam Tamil people. We need to give it our commitment and support by way of voting and financing, and offering our considered views and thoughts for a vibrant Parliamentary democracy.
    Although we will be taking small steps in the first instance in our pursuit of democratic options for the Global and UK Tamil Diaspora, it must be seen to be open and fair in voter registration, candidate eligibility and administration and have as its main objective a separate and free state of Tamil Eelam in the merged North and East of Sri Lanka. It must also have other objectives like for any other Parliament for the different functions of government, including rehabilitation. The elected UK Tamil National political entity (TGTE) could, if required, live in a healthy democratic pluralistic environment with the presence of the GTF, BTF, TWG and similar bodies in the UK Tamil landscape, provided these elements foreswear to comply with the overall fundamental objectives of the Apex body and are prepared to work within the democratic framework of decision-making authority and responsibility, as happens with the parliaments of democratic countries.
    The elected representatives should also commit themselves to collecting evidence and presenting facts to the UN and the International Criminal Court for the indictment of senior military and civil leaders involved in genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The report of the People’s Tribunal on Sri Lanka – An international panel of eminent international Jurists co-hosted by Trinity College, Dublin, and called the ‘Dublin’ report will be a good starting point for this enquiry.
    Freedom with equality and justice for the Tamils in Eelam is my call, and my refrain is a land of freedom and opportunity for the Tamils where we can in a parody of the ‘Star spangled banner’ sing “ Tis the brave Eelam banner! Oh! long may it wave 
o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

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