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“Api” (us)-“Owun” (them): A pictorial tugging at heartstrings

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by. D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Hello Friends,

Several people both known and unknown have been forwarding a particular e-mail to me the last few days.

It consists of some moving pictorial images contrasting the pathetic existence of internally displaced Tamils on the one hand and the comfortable lifestyle of some Sinhala people on the other.

The pictures have Sinhala captions.

I tried to trace the origin of this mail and nobody seems to know including those who forwarded it to me.

Who ever designed it and began distributing is/are obviously a sensitive soul or souls.

Instead of the usual hate mail and hate-oriented images this mail is starkly different.

Being in Sinhala it is aimed at a Sinhala audience.

What it seeks to do is to spotlight the pathetic state of IDP’s and compare it with comfortably living Sinhala people.

They vividly bring out the current reality where IDP’s eke out a miserable living as opposed to others.

When I say others I do not mean Sinhala alone as many people of other communities including Tamils who are not internally displaced also enjoy a relatively comfortable existence.

But this particular mail addresses the Sinhala people directly.

The first twelve images are those contrasting Tamil IDP’s and Sinhala people.

It says THEY and WE as photo captions and shows how “API” or WE (Sinhala) enjoy life while “OWUN” or THEM (Tamil) suffer.

What it seeks to do is evoke concern and sympathy among Sinhala people enjoying a comfortable lifestyle about their Tamil brothers and sisters suffering in IDP camps.

The thirteenth image is of a single slogan “YAMAK KALAUTHU NOVEDA”? meaning SHOULD NOT WE ALL DO SOMETHING?

The intention is to seek answers from fellow-Sinhalese as to whether “WE” should not be doing something to help these people instead of passively observing unfolding events.

In short the idea is to question mainstream Sinhala inactivity in the face of a humanitarian Tamil tragedy and query whether some constructive action should not be undertaken.

This is followed by further images with the same caption.

The 14th-19th photo images are scenes of victory celebration, thanksgiving worship, sweets being distributed etc.

There is no criticism of these celebrations but there is a telling brief caption for all these images.


While not objecting to the celebrations and victory observances of the Sinhala people the caption implies that something more than these celebrations should be done.

Instead of criticizing or reprimanding those celebrating , the intention here seems to be a call to collective Sinhala conscience that “WE” (Sinhala) people should engage in something more (Meeta wada) meaningful and positive than merely celebrating.

The Twentieth photo image shows children carrying things presumably for affected people and has the caption “APITA HAKI PAMANIN APEMA MINISUN UDESA” or WHATEVER WE CAN DO FOR OUR OWN PEOPLE IN A SMALL WAY EVEN”.

Again the intention seems to be that of encouraging people to do whatever they can afford to help their own people.

The final picture is that of pure temple tree flowers. “Araliya mal” in Sinhala and “Alarippoo” in Tamil. The flowers used mainly for worship by Buddhists are an inspiring sight.


It is an appeal to the heart and mind on the basis of our inherent humanism.

Fundamentally we are humans before we get classified in terms of ethnicity.

In essence the appeal is to help ourselves (our humanism) by helping those in need.

It is interesting and to note the praiseworthy sequence and significance.

Initially the reference is to THEM and US. In this the Tamils and Sinhalese are depicted as Them and Us and their contrasting situation is pinpointed.

Then the appeal is to US or Sinhala alone. Should not WE do something? They are asked thus.

Next the difference between Us and Them is done way with. They are referred to as our “OWN” people.

Finally there is a reference to OUR collective Humanity.

Thus we see the US and Them of the beginning expand to Our Own and finally enlarge further into humanity.

Also the images apply to the Sinhala psyche in the sense that it does not decry or criticize the victory celebrations but only exhorts the Sinhala conscience to go beyond that in helping to alleviate the misery of Tamil IDP’s who are now our OWN people.

Political scientists analyzing the Sri Lankan ethnic crisis have often referred to the US-THEM syndrome as a major factor in aggravating the ethnic divide.

What I like about these images and captions is the fact that it utilizes the very same US-THEM division positively and enables people to transcend it.

They also say a picture is worth a thousand words. The images here convey a very powerful, emotional message.

It does appear to have made tremendous impact on its target audience. Many Sinhala persons have forwarded this to me and requested that I post it.

But I have not got a single “Tamil” person forwarding it so far and asking that it be posted.

This is presumably because the mail is circulating mainly among Sinhala people as it was originally intended.

It may also be due to instinctive Tamil hostility towards mails of this type.

What many well-intentioned Sinhala friends do not understand is that some messages however good the intentions may be sound patronizing and condescending to Tamils.

In fact my initial reaction when I got this was to view it suspiciously for some subtle anti – Tamil agenda.

After perusing it carefully and cross-checking the meaning of the captions with Sinhala friends I was convinced that this mail is a genuine attempt by some Sinhala person or persons to reach out to fellow Sinhalese, draw attention to the Tamil plight and encourage positive action.

Therefore I am now posting them on my blog so that it can reach a wider audience.

The Sinhala captions are translated to the best of my ability so that non-Sinhala readers get an idea.

I do hope that many Tamils will see this and understand that not all Sinhalese out there are our enemies and realize that many are trying to do something positive in their own small way.

Reconciliation is not a luxury but a crucial necessity.

I do hope this post will evoke positive vibes and constructive discussion.

Please, please ,no lectures about my naivete in posting them and observations that these gestures do not mean anything.

I know very well that the best thing required for IDP’s is speedy re-settlement in their own places.

But that does not mean we must be scornful of some attempts or thoughts by others desiring to help.

While on this subject I think many Tamils concerned solely about Tamil IDP’s should also give some thought to the thousands of Muslim IDP’s suffering in Puttalam district since 1990.

These Muslims were driven from their northern homeland by the LTTE.

They too need to be re-settled in their original homes.

The Tamil political leaders need to apologise publicly for the great injustice done to Muslims.

Tamil-Muslim reconciliation is needed as much as Sinhala-Tamil reconciliation.

Reconciliation is not submission as some seem to think.

It is accepting each other with all our faults,understanding that both parties have wronged each other, rectifying such wrongs as far as possible, recognizing that we are inter-dependent and trying to move forward positively towards our inextricably , interwoven common destiny.

This blog is only a tiny effort to open up some “space” to foster inter-ethnic understanding, amity and reconciliation.

I do know that genuine reconciliation is a comprehensive process based on justice and equality.

For this a great change is required . Sri Lanka must be re-invented into a united, plural, egalitarian Sri Lanka.

It is a long, arduous journey.

But even a 1,000 mile journey has to begin with one step forward.

Lighting a single candle is better than simply cursing the darkness.

I am fully conscious of my short-comings and limits.

What I can do today is only to write and to open up this tiny space for views.

If I can make even a very , small difference and if this blog can positively cater to some well-intentioned people at least that is enough for me.For now.

So please go ahead and reflect on these images and captions. – d.b.s.j













[13] “Yamak kalauthu noveda”?….[should not we all do something?]









I can be reached onEmail: dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. The images are swan diffrences of the two side.But some imeges are not suitable to this aricle as those are not result of the war.For example, the wedding image of “Api” is not appropirate to this article and given bad impress of Sinhala community.The other thing, contains of the article and the images appeared in the two side s as “Api” and “OUn “are given and impressed bad picture of the Sinhala people which is not appropirate. I this writer who had tried to attempt clash ethnic problem with” Sinhala” and “Timil” .This is not good at the moment as Sinhala peopel who had collected number of essntial item to IDPs and donated them as they could.Why that these things are not highlighted.THey still are tried to make ethnic clash and and we are not enmey of Tamil.

  2. Dear Jeyaraj,
    I value your efforts in addressing the national issue of Sri Lanka. I speak all the three languages of S.L. Now I am in Canada and while I was working in Sri Lanka I did lot of Social development and specially housing for poor and about 20 persenct of the beneficiaries were tamil families. Still I am so friendly with them. I know for sure that majority of the sinhelese populataion have the feeling of equality with tamil people. I am looking forward to see the day where the political issues are settled.
    Wish you all the best in your endeavours.
    Fr. Francis

  3. DBSJ.

    most of your recent articles (post -war) are always on the theme of “Reconciliation”.

    Exactly that’s what we need today.

    I really admire your effort and encourage you to continue what you are doing.

  4. Here “them” means Tamil & Muslim IDP’s. “Us” means the rest of the people of the country including Sinhala people

  5. This is very true if the comparison is with that of the Tamil Diaspora outside Sri Lanka too. Right now what is needed are simple acts of love and kindness, giving, reaching out towards the internally displased people, and to put a stop to the vilifying, blaming games, anger, hatred, dilution towards the Sinhalese no matter how hard this may seem to be at this present moment. As Ajith Ratnarajah has reiterated many a time in his recent article, a fruitful prosperous future lie for the Sri Lankan Tamils in the North & East, only in integration and interdependence with the Sinhala community.
    It is wrong for one to get too emotional in seeing these pictures. These are facts of life found everywhere. Even in Ontario, Canada, within the Tamil community itself I have seen this contrast. You only have to compare life in some of the apartments in Scarborough to that of the houses in Markham. I have seen to my own eyes the level of poverty in some families in scarborough. Life is suffering. It is an irrefutable fact. Yet nothing is permanent. This impermant nature of the existing conditions too I have witnessed here in Scarborough. Some families who have had next to nothing five years ago have found jobs, bought houses and are happy and content today. The IDPs in these welfare camps too will turn their lives around. Their rise will be much faster if only the Diaspora Tamils could reach out, give in every way possible without any strings attached. In this I mean not to use them towards your own agendas no matter how much you believe in them. The Sri Lankan Government would have accepted that ship load of aid if it was a true giving without any other motives behind that act of giving. It wassad to see it being sent away at this time of need.

  6. I think many of our tamil breathren in Sri Lanka and of the diaspora also can be categrised under “Api”. However, It is not only the ethnic divide that we have in our society today but more significant differentiations between people who are deprived of the bare necessities of life and those above board, between politically patronized and powerless, between so called high casts and low casts, educated and the uneducated, rural and urban and even intra group differences.

    All these diferences need to be addressed if we are to develop as a nation with roots of equality, justice, love and peace.

    The Immediate problem now is that of the people in camps. We must all give our hearts and minds and purse to get them back on their land.

    I agree that a hidden or unconscious attitude of condescension embedded in the psyche of some of our sinhala people may bedetected when they speak about “others”. The vice-versa may also be detected. This I hope will be no more soon, if our rulers take the correct path to unite and develop this country.

  7. To me, someone has presented this to stimulate the feelings of the average human by displaying both extreme sides. It is true that irrespective of the race all communities have rich and poor in Sri Lanka. In this situation average poor is not what we see but the neediest at the time. This could be an effort by Sinhalese to appeal Sinhalese to help IDPs. Such efforts are currently all over the world primarily functioning from Buddhist temples around the world. But I am surprised that DBJ did not see that so far, after all DBJ is into detailed aspects of what he writes.

    I do not interpret this in relation to US use of the word “us” and “them”. To understand the use of the words we have to think from the Sri Lankan context, more specifically from the Sinhalese context as it is written in Sinhalese. Therefore your arguments in relation to US use of the word “us” does not give the correct picture. DBJ may have got the email from someone sending mass emails or it is possible a direct email.

    As a person involved in Tsunami fund raising, other fund raising for the needy and nothing related to politics, ngos or no other influences, I am aware that many organizations supported in a similar way. We distributed our collection to 5 separate donations covering areas, communities and needs during tsunami time. I know many other organizations did the same. This is the average Sri Lankan attitude and the average Sinhalese attitude when need arises. Such activities usually does not get publicity probably it does not have the spicy selling sense as in some articles. This is necessary as no country should wait for foreign funds. I would argue the same for an individual or a family, do we wait unless somebody gives money. It is the challenge once we are bone into this world. We should not find excuses to justify our incapacity.

    My understanding of this from a broader context is, there is a lot of poison flow by LTTE propaganda between all our communities, Muslims, Tamils, Sinhalese and all others. Particularly the people who live abroad are fed by this. They may have the access to information but it may not be the full information. It was happening for several decades, not few days. Therefore I do not expect a perfect world. I do honor people who genuinely trying to help the country and its people when needed. Most of the time one can see two sides of the same story. One sees the glass is half full and another can see the glass is half empty. One who has positive view will go far. As a note, I am a reader of DBJs most articles for a long time. But my position is different from DBJ and this is the first response I am sending to one of DBJ postings.

  8. It brought me to tears to see our beloved Wanni tamils. 30 years of ‘Liberation Fight’ has destroyed and left us to beg literally. These people have lost EVERYTHING.

  9. This pictures show IDP & middle class people of all commiunities in south being a person living in south i know it very well .it dosn’t show differances between sinhalese and tamils

  10. Not now, for the last 25years (since 83) Tamil people in the north and east have been suffering this way. DBSJ produced an article explaining the present status of Tamils and for me it was an understatement . I hope DBSJ will retain this article in his website with easy access. They lived in the 18th century with no electricity, no water, without modern communication, fisheries banned, fertilizer rationed, hand to mouth with bare minimum essentials, running under air strikes, hiding children from LTTE while Tamils in south had to submit themselves for body search 10 times a day, living under constant fear and tension whenever LTTE exploded a bomb. Not a single Tamil could lead a normal life. As a Sinhalese I couldn’t bear this. It was more than obvious to me LTTE was taking the entire Tamil community along a torturous path to grave and right thinking Tamils should feel relieved now though sadly the human cost has been sky high. For my life I can’t understand how Tamil intellectuals did not see this. How difficult was it for me to convince my diaspora friends that Kadiragamar was no traitor. He saw clearly what was happening to the Tamils and supported the war effort in the same vein as the great humanitarian Einstein asked President Eisenhower to develop the atomic bomb.

    Yes, let us hope that the message from this pictorial appeal will go to every Sinhalese heart.

    I also wish that diaspora may take the cue. Forget about the “accountability” for the moment. That should be your second priority – let us bring that out one day. Please, as much as possible make an effort to provide necessary material support for the resettlement process.

  11. Picture # 8, my child, I’m so sorry that you have to be in a situation like this. I’m ashamed that somehow we are all indirectly or directly responsible for the state of your being. When I was at your age, some of ‘us’ complained about not getting into universities because of ‘their’ descrimination. Our remedy for the desrimination was to robb your future.

  12. Dear DBSJ,

    Thanks for taking the time to decipher this for all to be able ot understand.

    Sam-morris- what’s happened has now happened, lets try to focus on the way fwd. & all do our own bit to take the island progressively fwd. – not letting some of our political monkeys nor the politically-motivated-types hold us back!

    I too was absolutely thrilled to see this mail go around – and shared it with all of my friends. Yeah, I believe there is still some glimmer of hope!

  13. Dear DBSJ,

    A big THANK YOU for posting this e-mail and your comments on the images. Being a Sinhalese who belive in equality and justice, I appreciate your efforts in making a reconciliation between Sinhalese and Tamils.

  14. Any average Sinhalese would do anything to help the Tamil brothern- but they have to accept it in the true sprit. As Mohan’s mail pointed out, Tamils should look at Sinhalese with an open mind- I dont think they will find better friends anywhere in the world- not even in Tamil Nadu- who would be as friendly as Sinhalese.

    I think many Sinhalese/Muslims/Tamils in Colombo donated a lot for IDPs few months ago. In reality, most people in Sri Lanka- though not displaced, are living under same conditions due to poverty and their pictures would not be much different to IDPs, but this great attempt to show the extremes are well appreciated….!

  15. Brilliant Mr Jeyraj. Feelings are oozing from all corners from all walks of life for you were able to touch deep areas of humanity irrespective of race, religion and whatnot. You have already laid the foundation for moderation. It appears to be solid.We are awaiting the next step of taking this message to the decision makers. A new group of hopeful sri Lankans are watching you, yes, eagerly.

  16. I truly appreciate your attempt to convince to the people on what is the humanity and it is reality It may help to comes conclusion of the issue any one can interpret different way but no one think about what is the end? Result may be harmful our solidarity we need address such a matter without delay it may have responsibility every one of us

  17. Dear DBSJ

    Thanks for bring the photos to the light. First 12 pictures brought a tear to my eyes.

    Hope the wider community sees the photos and the contents. I will be circulating this article to my friends.


  18. Above photos are wrong comparisons

    It should be how luxurious life the Tamil Diaspora is living abroad and how appalling life the innocents Tamils are living in the camps.

    Tamil Diaspora and Tamil innocents are like – Poonaikku vilayattu Elikku maranam

  19. Dear DBSJ,

    This is a good platform.
    What you are doing here is worth 100 United Nations.
    If you have been here 30 years ago none of this should have happened.

    Its so nice to hear this but it ain’t true and we know it. Still its nice and thank you…..DBSJ

  20. Thank you for asking. Mostly I was in Colombo and in the Western Province. During the time of ceasefire of 2002, I visited Jaffna number of times.
    Fr. Francis.

  21. The Sinhala-Buddhists people and the Sinhala people of other world views would do ANYTHING on a HUMAN LEVEL.

    BUT do not use the GOOD WILL of the Sinhala people to PLAY POLITICS.

    That is what the so called leaders of the Tamil Community has done for the last 61 years.

    If you go to any western country you don’t ask for a homeland do you ?

    The Tamils have not asked for a HOMELAND in India where the Tamils originate.

    YOu have to accept that the majority community in a country sets the ETHOS of that country. YOU HAVE TO GET ALONG WITH THEM.

    IF you attack them they will attack.

    The conclusion of the militia conflict has shown that there are no political rights gained by violence….


    or IS it something along the lines of WE ARE DIFFERENT TO YOU.

    If the latter is the case then NO WONDER then this creates an US AND THEM mentality

  22. This subject is your forte. Could a Tamil journalist
    be taking a punch-shot via your blog? Will this
    be seen by Parliamentarians?

    The pictures only reminds me of the Mercy Mission
    ships fate and the Tamil utterances of MR in
    public of late – we and them !!!!

  23. While whole heartedly agreeing with the unknown author of this heart rendering pictorial that we as humans should do whatever we can to help the IDP, I feel compelled to point out certain implications that are not true. This gives the impression that “Api” the Sinhalese are well off compares to “own” the Tamils, In fact more than 40% of the sinhalese people live below the poverty line and cannot live the lifestyle depicted in the pictures. Since the Tamil and Muslim people are businessmen as opposed to the Sinhalese farmers in general the Tamil and Muslim people are much more well to do than the Sinhala people.

  24. WRONG? After seeing that email the first thing came into my mind was that the ordinary Sri Lankan people who are living on their ordinary lives are doing a crime leaving IDPs in camps without giving any facilities to them. WRONG??

    The IDPs too have had similar lives before they were pushed into this situation. Sometimes they have had better lives than that of the people who are living in other parts of the country like Thanamalwila, Buttala and Moneragala – you can understand the reality of those IDPs if you have heard the news that the IDPs have deposited more than 45 millions within two days a few days before.

    The offenders are the LTTE and the Pro –LTTE Diaspora who have pushed ordinary Tamil brethrens to this situation.

    Pro- LTTE Diaspora who lives in comfort and trying and planning more crimes even now has to see this email and understand the depth of the crime what they have done so far by pushing their own relatives into IDP camps. They are answerable to the crime. Not the Sri Lankan ordinary people living their day to day lives.

  25. pictures are comparing lives of rich people whether sinhala or tamil vs IDPs.I am sure the some of this pictures does not fit to average sinhala people life.Some one tries to illustrate that sinhala people live comfortable life while tamils are suffering.That is not true.There are lot of rich men in other coomunities also.There are lot of poor people belong to every coommunity.Richnees or poverty does not depend on ethnicity.Therefore i assume that this pictures give wrong impression .But there is no dought the IDPs lives have to be improved.It is obligation of every sri lankans to contribute for the fellow brethernes.I gave Rs 500 and my employer send more than 10000 cocunuts.I sincerely think every citizen do whatever he can do to alleviate the sufferings these people.

  26. “existence of internally displaced Tamils on the one hand and the comfortable lifestyle of some Sinhala people on the other”

    I think your interpretation here about the “API” is wrong. Even thought this seem to be written and compiled by a sinhalese the correct interpretaion of “API” in this context means ‘We All” , that is, who are not an IDP. That does not mean a specific ethnic group but we all who are not in a IDP camp.

  27. Sriyan Chaminda Pasqual is ignorant of the good work the UN does. UN does not mean only the Security council. It has a large number of sub organizations that do a immense service to the world population in health, education and many others. He needs to only read the http://www.un.org to see what a service they do. It is a shame that some people simply comment all over the internet UN hate when they do not know what the UN is!!

  28. while i think it is neccessary for the sinhala people to help the tamils i suggest that the photos of colombo tamils or diaspora can be easily substituted for that of the sinhala.

    however i do not see a single diaspora or colombo tamil mass effort to help the tamil civilians who were led to this pathetic state by them. they seem to be thunderstuck & bogged down in a death sponsorship & vengeance programme. so better wake up.

  29. Great to hear people are collecting goods for IDPS in colombo

    Why not accept the good will of the Tamil Daispora and the Mercy Mission aid ship.

    Why on earth would the GOSL snub it..??

    For me it symbolises yet another door being closed for reconsiliation.

  30. Thank you DBSJ,
    These were exact images that i had in my own mind about the situation in our country.And this is not only a question of bieng sinhala or tamil.I’m afraid that’s out of the question.I think these are due to the conditions of poverty and misery of one side(them) and the other side(us) of wealthy.

  31. A poem by Kamala Vasuki

    Some men celebrate victory;
    some men suffer defeat.
    Women’s history has no victory or defeat!
    as usual, let us- women-
    wear the ordained dresses
    and celebrate victory by cooking pongal
    sing glories and keep our smiles;
    wear the dresses ordained for us
    and observe fasts, sing sad tunes and maintain silence
    to mark the defeat;
    We women have to live on-
    to wail the deaths of our children
    to dig the pits to find those who were lost
    and to nurse the wounded to health.
    At least now, let us climb the witness stand
    on our own volition for the crimes
    of not having shed the false pride of
    calling our fathers’ land as motherland,
    and for having borne the humanity
    that does not know to celebrate life.
    let us proclaim that women lost
    when our offspring did not heed our pleas;
    let us unite together
    to create a world that finds valour in living and not murdering!

  32. I thin it’s inappropirate. Though we sympathise with them, didn’t their deceased leader do the same thing !!!!!!

  33. Whoever created his picture, he has given me a glimpse of hope; A hope that there are people with good heart everywhere.

    I was quite frustrated for a while because I expected similar things from Sinhalese.

  34. Where do you get the idea that the ‘we’ are Sinhala? Surely it’s simply comparing ‘us’ who live comfortably, with ‘them’ that don’t.

  35. This is what I have written to a friend who has forwarded this particular E mail to me. As a person who was in Sri Lanka at the time to witness the events I really feel that this message is timely and to take note of

    Quote : Dear friend
    This message is really touching & meaningful. We will send the message across. They too are our brothers sisters fathers and mothers.They should not be punished for a mistake done by certain elements in tehir society. I strongly feel that our people are broad minded and understanding now. I realized that when non of the Tamils were subjected to any kind of harassments when they celebrated the victory . It is a very good turning point in the society and lets make this opportunity to give a hand to the Tamil botheren and build the bridge of friendship and harmony.

    I appreciate your effort in highlighting this to the world so that it will bear fruits in the future society. May all live in peace & dignity in the foreseable future

  36. Hi DBSJ,

    Thanks for highlighting. At least I can now visualize what the IDP’s current state is and the ideal future state for them to be in, so they too can lead a cpomfortable, secure life like most of us.

    So what is the best way to bridge the gap? Is there a process in place? Can we discuss this? There are so many good hearted Sri lankans living in Sydney who will be willing to help if we can get somthing organised.

  37. Now let us channel all the good thoughts into concrete actions (however small). I am personally aware of two noble endeavours.

    1. A Sinhalese youth settled in Ottawa (Canada) is currently spearheading a spirited effort to collect donations in kind (not cash) for the displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka. A consignment of essential supplies was shipped out last week.

    2. A group of Tamil families in Toronto (Canada) have initiated an “adopt a child” plan. The objective is for each family to adopt an orphaned child now living in the IDP camps bring him/her to Canada and provide a life/future at least akin to that of an average Canadian child.

    I am certain that there are many more such “quiet” efforts.

  38. The idea is good. One must understand that there
    are some people who are not IDPs including Sinhala
    Tamil and Muslim etc. are living in worse conditions
    than the IDPs all over SL. Just go around Colombo
    and other cities and you will see what pathetic
    existance these people have. Actually these images
    are relating to the haves and the have nots in SL.
    Not only to IDPs and non IDPs. There are millions
    of people in SL don’t know where the next meal is coming from. All those people who are writing to this blog seems
    to be having a great life. Common people please come down from your ivory towers and face the reality. SL is a very poor third world country, with the help of corrupt politicians and a war taking us back 50 years. Let’s hope the whole country develop now and everyone will be happy.

    God bless all.


  39. The Rajapakse Government has a unique opportunuty to re-unify this country, but from the signs and rhetoric so far I feel very worried this opportunity is going to be sqandered.

    He should have visited the internment camps and personally given the internees a guarantee that 80% of them will be back in their homes by December.

    He should talk about ther internees at every given opportunity and in every speach he makes. He didnt miss an opportunity to talk about them when they were the LTTE’s hostages. But now when they are OUR hostages he has all but forgotten them.

    Accepted the aid ship graciously once it was confirmed there were no arms in it and thanked the people who sent the aid. Isnt he on record as wanting a new relationship with the Tamil diaspora? Well, this would have been an ideal opportunity to engage with them as well as eleviate the suffering of the internees.

    Call a halt to celebrations and state that the Nations first priority is to re-settle the displaced.

    Stop indulging in excessive Buddhist symbolism. Jewels for the Sri Maha Bodhiya, Ruvanveliseya replicas in the provinces, Titles from the mahanayakas all go to show that he is very much a creature of the “Majority” even though he stated in his victory speech that there will be no “majority” and “minotrity” henceforth.

    Distance himself from the Sinhala right namely the JHU and Wimal Weerawansa. He seems to like using them as an excuse as to why he cannot make any concessions to Tamils. This excuse is wearing a bit thin now as he has an almost 80% approval rating among Sinhalese. If he holds an election now and wins a total outright majority he will have no excuse whatsoever. Which is why I think he has not called an election so far..

    I would love to be proved wrong but I am beginning to feel more and more convinced that this is only another chapter in Sri Lanka’s tale of woe..

    Stop provoking friendly countries that have given generously to Sri Lanka’s poor. Remember how the money flowed in after the Tsunami? The president’s own electoryate Hambantota was rebuilt with charity from the people these countries. We now show our buddhist gratitude by vandalising their embassies in Sri Lanka. It is well known that these actions were endorsed and even encouraged by the government.

  40. Hi Jey

    You saw what happenned to the Canadian MP at the Airport today. Same thing will happen to you, so don’t even think of going to my country, Sinhale

  41. It is time that we really thought of rising above all the emotional clutter and differences created by our cultures/traditions and start working towards the common prosperity of humanity.

  42. I received that email and forwarded it to all friends, sinhalese, tamil and muslims. I want to say thank you for your effort to bring all Sri Lankans together. What we need is understanding and love for each other. I think its up to every Sri Lankan to build on this.

    The government should actually do something on a large scale like the South Africa did after the end of Apartheid. People from both sides who commited crimes of hate admited their crimes and they were forgiven as a result. This helped to heal old wounds

  43. The very same population (not all) cheered on for the ariel bombing while causing so much casualty and distress. Every one is still in shock. Tamil diaspora went to the streets pleading to stop the bombing campaign to get at just the one man. The very people who could have stopped such a massacre sat tight they are the prospective voters, did nothing to show their concern. They know now what their Govt is capable when it comes to it’s people there is on going suffering for…300,000 Tamils behind barbed wire, the humanitarian access is minimal, the relief went all the way from England is rejected by the Govt. This is what a citizen of Sri Lanka can expect for them too. The traumatized people now wait eagerly for basic need. On missing every opportunity to be proactive the people of Sri Lanka over and done with the celebrations which is an election campaign for the Govt but guilt kicks in for the regular man, nothing thoughtful about it that is the reason for this mail in my opinion. Everyone living in Sri Lanka knows what they are up against yet they play the selfish game.
    Not a single soul is feeling comfortable about the situation in the North and East, disgusting treatment for survivors of this trauma. The voters who sat and applauded living in Sri Lanka should wake up and know their turn will come some time from the very same forces be soon. Sri Lanka’s treatment to it’s citizens terrible. In my opinion they FAILED BIG TIME yet the voters of Sri Lanka keep kidding themselves till their turn comes they are either selfish or afraid. Thanks to the very few brave majority Sinhala people who speaks their mind instead of following the evil forces around them. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” Martin Luther King jr

  44. We can interpret in many ways. Whose fault for this sufferings of these people in IDP camps?
    British Emperor?, Sinhalese Politicians?, Tamil Politicians?, Buddhist clergies, Armed forces?, Tamil Militants?, LTTE?, Tamil Nadu, India?, China/Pakistan?, UN?, IC?, Tamil Diasporas?, Tamil Silent communities?, …………..or those destiny?
    This is not a right time to search for right answer to this question. This is a time for action and save these people and speed up the process to send these people back their own home soon. I would like to thank to the Sinhala friends who lending the hand of friendship and express their genuine concern and support over the people are victimised of this brutal war and end up in the IDP camps. Also I would like to say nobody should make gain out of these vulnerable destitute peoples suffering and grievance. Re -settlement and Welfare of these people should be the first priority rather than anything else. Sinhalese, Tamils & Muslims unite together and give pressure to the Government and protect these innocent people. Tamil Diasporas should contribute generously and ensure that will reach out to the affected people. I know many people contributed to “Vanakamun” even they knew that will not reach affected people. Even small kid knew that if we enter to the other country we need a proper visa or permit. With out anything Vanakamun-LTTE front line members organised and collect money and things from the Tamils and as usual Tamil people generously contributed to them without any question. This is absolutely rubbish and this for high profile publicity stunt wasting money while our people starving in IDP. So my dear Tamil people, Please do not get hoodwinked these sort of things again and again. Think wisely and act smartly.

  45. Ovun could be Api, if that madman Prabakaran never was born in Sri Lanka! Now that he is in hell, everyone would be Api.
    Prabakaran was the curse of this nation and the cancer of Tamil people!

    In the 16th picture, the bare-bodied man dancing in the middle is a Tamil and the man behind him waving the national flag is a Muslim.

    In the 18th picture the family ringing the bells is a Tamil family.

    So, you can understand the happiness of all Sri Lankans that mass murderer Prabakaran is no more!

    Sri Lankans, with or without foreign help will do everything to make No Ovun, and everyone would be Api

  46. Those who claimed that the fate of the IDP’s are no different from the poor segments of the South, i have but this to say

    the “IDP”s were not poor , they were made so by the actions of the current government. They are being held there against there will, surrounded by lines of concertina wire. Many of them have lands/means to at least feed themselves if they were to be allowed outside. Yet they are corralled like beasts of burden and are refused even a square meal a day. Who is preventing NGO’s from proving them with food? who turned away aid supplies? who sets up shops INSIDE these camps and sells basic food at astronomical prices? get real!

    Therefore please don’t add salt to and already festering wound by claiming that their fate is nothing special and is but the same as that of the poorer segments of the south. To claim so lays bare the moral deficiency of the aforementioned claimants

  47. There is no difference in poor families in Sri Lanka, independent of location or language. The difference is between the poor (both Sinhala & Tamil) and the rich (both Sinhala & Tamil).

    Instead of complaining about discrimination, we should work for the development of the country so that the gap between the poor and the rich is narrower.

  48. DBS, You are just too good to be true. If only others could emulate your magnanimity. These images illustrate there are still decent Sinhala folk left to empathise with the Tamil sufferings.
    It is our chauvinistic war-mongering govt. on the one hand and an idealistic rebel group with the backing of equally naive and fool-hardy Tamil diaspora who believed they could win the rights of their own ethnic groups through the barrel of a gun.
    Unless the recent war is scrutinised and the research made available to the international community we could already be creating a Palestine situation.
    In fact we are 75 percent there.

  49. My immediate reaction was a heartfelt sadness only, nothing else. Thanks DBSJ for posting these and thanks to all Sinhala friends for forwarding these to DBSJ.

    I hope that these type of posting could clearly identify the emerging compassionate voices among the Sinhala community to some Tamils who try to portray the whole Sinhala community as “enemies” of the Tamils or ones that are not to be “trusted”.

    As a ‘Tamil’ I do appreciate my fellow Sinhalese for their genuine desire and efforts in creating awareness within the Sinhala community about the plights of their fellow citizens. We all know that the key to unite the country is through building trust and reconciliation between all the communities. At present, it seems to be a very difficult and long journey given the attitude and actions of the SL gov’t (i.e disappearance, blocking of aids, and other peace negotiaters such as Bob Rae). However, we should not give up. We all need to rise above all atrocities in our own ways (however small it might be)

    DBSJ has rightly pointed out that “Tamil-Muslim reconciliation is needed as much as Sinhala-Tamil reconciliation”. It is sad that many Tamils/Tamil medias have never passionately discussed the plights of Northern Muslim as well the IDPs in the Eastern region (I’ve heard a couple of days ago that many people who had been displayed from the East still live in the so called ‘welfare’ camps in the East).

    Reconciliation does not lie in words but truly must come from hearts. I think ultimately reconciliation is a submission NOT of one’s (or that of one communities’) own dignity to others, but of one’s self-absorption (‘arnavam’) to compassion and friendship. It is a healing tool for the humankind.

    Humanity will prevail soon.

    DBSJ, one trivial note – I think the flowers in the last picture is called ‘thema’ in Tamil. Both ‘alaripoo’ and ‘themapoo’ are used as offerings to Hindu gods. As a small kid about 18 years ago, I would happily pick these flowers each Friday from my neighbourhood Ganesh Temple (in Kilinochchi) before going inside for prayer.

  50. Dear Mr Jeyaraj
    That email has brought me nothing butuntold stress and strife the person who designed the pictorial email took photos from my website and used them without permission the pictures were of friends and their kids who had attended a charity event I had organized for children in the east. The parents concerned are justifiably angered that pictures of their kids have been used in this email especially considering that they have been supporting our charity fir years. The culprit did not even bother to email me obtain my permission instead used them with blatant disregard to the owner of the pictures. Had he wanted such material he could have obtained it from the latest copy of the Sri lamkan hi magazine and not from our charity website the instigator of this email should be ashamed fir using my pictures without my oermyssion and causing a wedge between friendships

  51. DBS

    Thanks a lot again. You are the best.

    But I am warried where our very vocal Tamil friends from all over the world gone. Have they left the blog for good or is this too much for them to digest? Or are they placing themselves in the “US” picture and doing silent comparison as one commenter from Batti said? Or did you already censored them by asking not to lecture on your naivite? Or are you purposely blocking the ‘appropriate” comments by the Tamil brotheren who would not be fooled like you by silly little gimmiks like this? What ever it is their silence is deafning. For a moment can I take it as they are right now speachless as it is unfolding that the common Sinhala folk is not the prime enemy of the Tamils as they were thinking?

  52. Thank you for posting to show the IDP plight in the detention camps. There are very good Sinhalese and genuine Buddhist in Sri Lanka. I can’t understand why they can’t accept Tamils as equal to them. Why did they vote to disfranchise the Tamils (majority of the MP) and why did they vote for ‘Sinhala only act’? (I mean the majority of Sinhalese). Tamils did nothing to hurt them at all at that time.

  53. The Sinhalese are generally peace-loving and compassionate people. But we are hugely influenced by the leaders – particularly by the religious fraternity – who have, and also spread, the chauvinistic mentality that we are often accused of.

    I fear that healing and reconcilliation will not happen – ney, will not be allowed to happen – by the chauvinistic monks because the supposed ‘supremacy’ of the majority race/religion is (for them) non-negotiable.

    As I said somewhere else on this forum (and thanks DBSJ!) … the design of our national flag is perfect for rallies to celebrate our ‘triumph’ but sends out the wrong message if ‘reconciliation’ is the task at hand.

    In their flag, the Japanese have a rising sun to symbolise the unique geographical positioning of Japan. The US flag symbolises the Union. The British flag is a mixture of the flags of the countries that make up Britain, and so on. These are important messages that the country wants to broadcast to the world, and messages they want to affirm to themselves.

    Whilst the majority ethnic group in many countries can be justifiably (sadly) accused of chauvinism to some degree not a single country broadcasts it in their national flag. Indeed, a decent country would be ashamed to do so. Imagine the modern US flag showing a black slave, depicting his subservience to the white master?

    In SL we don’t appear to be bothered … we should be.

    Re. Us and Them contrasting photos – thanks DBSJ for bringing some balance to what we should be focusing on at this crucial : Us or Them? I think some of the commentators in this thread have taken it too literally.

  54. Flag (continued) …

    Does the German flag celebrate the supposed superiority of the ‘Aryan’ race?

    Remind ourselves that our flag has a Lion, which symbolises the Sinhala race, which is holding a sword, which symbolises it’s might.

    Wouldn’t it be better to have something that unites us, rather than something that has so far divided us?

    Such as … cricket? We are united in cricket. Or the lovely beaches? A white dove or an olive branch to remind us, and future generations, of the painful experience the country has had to endure before the age of unity and harmony began? So that our children will never let it happen again?

  55. DBS,
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for posting this. Nothing else to say, the pictures are worth a thousand words.

  56. Few hard to swallow facts have to be stated. The first is that the diasspora and the majority of the people shown in the picture bought this upon themselves by funding and supporting a banned terrorist group for decades. They should have known eventually what will happen and who will suffer the most. The second reason why the Sinhalese are loath to support the tamils are because they fear that tamils will always support eelam . We still haven’t forgotten the arrogance of Tamils when they were referring to the LTTE as “our boys” when the going was good and wated eelam as well as kotehenai, and wellawattai. It’s good to talk about reconcilliation but deacdes of mistrust cant be erased in a single year and its going to take a long time for old wounds to heal.

  57. Wow what a powerful message. Whether the api means any particular race or all human beings who are fortunate is a moote point.
    The message is simple who ever thinks they are better off than “owun” should respond.

    I’ve mentioned in my previous comments about celebrations and the need to embrace the IDP.Also my thoughts on the mind set as victors and victims both at the same time.
    DBSJ,can you please e mail me the photos OR post a link in the website so any body can download. Thanks again.

  58. All this love fest between the Tamils & Sinhalese is great. But where is the beef?

    I’m sure many Sinhalese who are collecting goodies for the IDPs are doing with good intention, but they are also playing into the hands of the GOSL propaganda.

    The IDPs have many material needs, but what they really need is freedom to get back to their own home. The GOSL can do this with one stroke of order from King Mahinda. (or his brothers).

    If Americans send chocolates and ice cream to detainees at Gitmo, do you think it will help to dissolve the mistrust and hatred? Or will it solve the unending detention and legal wrangling?

    DBS, with very good intentions, you are helping to create a false sense of good will. The good will is there, but it’s very little, and it won’t solve the problem. I do not want to belittle any Sinhalese who are participating in such good will. But you should realize the real problem is much greater than the sum of all goodness and needs to be addressed by the GOSL.

    DBS Please stick to what you do best; Reporting. You are one of the best in that field. I truly enjoy your fair reporting of events. You were fair when you reported the true colors of LTTE and the GOSL, and my hats off to you.

    Please leave the touchy feely stuff for others. Posting these letters are not what’s wrong, but your endorsement is very unprofessional. Good reporters should not editorialize, and keep their views out of public view. That’s Journalism 101.



    I have already explained my intentions and said I dont want lectures on my “naivete”.I dont think you read or respected my stance. I dont think you will ever understand what I am trying to do here. There is no point in even trying to explain again.

    By the way this is my blog and I post at times pieces written by others if and when I feel I should share it with readers need to know. This is not a report as you erroneously assume. Please dont lecture me on “journalism”

    I am trying to do what I can in my own small way. Those on the same wavelength will understand and respond. Others can kindly tune out if they think it is pointless. But dont try to stop me doing what I am doing now

  59. It is annoying to see some say there are ‘poor Sinhala people in the south’ at worst conditions.

    Ulysses had an apt reply – Let me add more.

    The GOSL fought a billion dollor war neglecting its own ‘sinhala people’ and the economy and now are going around with the begging ball to the IMF and China.

    GOSL will be paying off the war expenses for the next 20years atleast.

    The SLA is expanding. The SLA arms dealers are now ‘setting fire’ to ammo dumps to keep their deals going as the war is now finished.

    The Sinhala masses living in total bliss of ‘victory’ will wakeup one day and see the mess the GOSL has led them to.

    It will be too late then….

  60. “For a moment can I take it as they are right now speechless as it is unfolding that the common Sinhalese folk is not the prime enemy of the Tamils as they were thinking?”
    Lal, Understand the ground situation, we Tamil never complained about common Singhalese folks instead we complained about the politicians specifically the Singhalese politicians who have used the race to their benefit and created all the history. (Including Singhalese only, planned colonisations, 56, 77, 83 riots, fire on Jaffna library,,, so many no space to write here…) Tamil youths took up arms as they have realized their non-violence protest will never heard by majority politicians! (The mode of struggle of the oppressed is usually determined by the nature of the oppressor-Nelson Mandela)
    Even though I have my doubt whether the majority politicians will ever consider treating the root cause rather than creating more hate, this type of small initiative from Singhalese friends should always be welcomed and appreciated. Like someone said before any long journey should start with a small step first. History will shows us the just for all sin & karma done by any one.

  61. The fact is we are not one nation. We are a bunch of several different communities. We care only when our own are affected. We care little for the pople in the IDP’s.. the Muslims, the rural young people who lost their live or were disbled in the war. We care only for those whom we discern as our own.What can be done about this ?

  62. All the moderate Sinhalese brothers and sisters, thank you for all the help you have been giving to the Tamil IDPs. You guys are the ones currently helping them most!

    For those of us Tamils, who have had the benefit of exposure to you know how beautiful your hearts are. So, please don’t loose hope when you read the negative intellectual rantings of some of the Tamils here. I am sure we will be able to reconcile, slow and steady.

  63. Some how what is going on in Sri Lanka need to be condemned by the people of Sri Lanka. I am sorry to say when freedom of speech is gone that is the end of progression. People live in fear even after the so called victory of war, to get even with this one man. I saw a clip, the military chief increasing strength again from 200,000 to 300,000, China / Russia on board while the people of Vanni starving. This reminds me of the statement President Jeyawardne made “If I starve the Tamils in the North and East Sinhalese people will be happy” being carried out by Rajapakse now even with the tiger. If sovereignty is prime importance the Govt should have been brave enough to fight Prapaharan by itself no need for back up from other countries now they are permanent in Sri Lanka where as the Tamils stay behind barbed wire waiting for food to arrive.. Buddhist clergy should seek Dalai Lama’s help and guidance before they advise the Govt. on campaign slogans. If they did, surely they would have advised against the war. The most hurt are the helpless Tamil civilians. A Govt that stays holding a begging bowl keeps flexing it’s muscle holding hands with the nations of similar nature. When would the Sri Lankan Govt realize we take nothing with us when we finally close our eyes just the good deeds we do. Time to focus on providing the best of care to the IDP’s not on street parties and election campaigns.

  64. Our country, the pearl in the Indian ocean is now like a elderly lady having a fracture.

    The problems if allowed to mature become more difficult to solve later amicably.

    There are a good percentage of educated people on either side who can easily find a solution. Now is the time to bury the catchet and settle all isuses without fear or favour.

    Your sincere effort will not go waste. Go ahead.

    Thank you.

  65. hey Nan Kadawul & Ulysses,
    I have been one, as a sinhalese, always for an alternative option to the war & quite optimistic abt. the UNP’s strategy- which very nicely split the ltte in two – which in return made this recent war effort possible (alternatives are a lengthy topic of discussion- no right/wrong answers).

    But dont say things like the GOSL faught a billion $ war, without qualifying also the fact that it was to some extent forced to do this.

    I would absolutely agree that SWRD’s bullshit sinhala-only policies, to gain votes and other contributory factors such as JRJ’s government which did jack-shit during the ’83 riots to bring the situation under control have led to the Tamils having issues with what’s going on.

    But cant you guys just focus on the positives & lets move fwd. there’s a lot of hate that needs to be undone. Not all sinhalese like war. most of us love Tamils as much/more than our own kind- but your arguaments are not going to help take us on that route.

    latterly, even the llte lost focus, they became a war machine, corrupt & full of double standards. Do you realise that if prabhakaran wasn’t so bloody foolish to, not let the jaffna people vote- the end game would’ve been very different? i think he took the money as a Bonus!

    just move on guys- give our communities a chance. we need to all unite in keeping the politicians & extremist elements within the armed forces also in check- those are the monkeys who take us backwards if we dont stop this silly dialogues and let them ruin this truly blessed country!

    this country has for 2000 years or more co-existed with Tamils. the Sinhalese never owned this island nor were we founders of this island. Buddhism is even not from here- it’s from India. what on earth are the mutt’s going on abt. ‘sinhala only’ talking about. They just choose to be ignorant of history & fed by the sill politicians who themselves have barely passed any basic education, have had limited exposure to the civilized world and warped moral values!


  66. How hard is it to get this? We keep counting the angels dancing on pinheads, while innocents suffer. We argue about class and race and all sorts of crap and avoid the real issue. While we live in relative comfort, a large group of people who are more closely related to us than our Canadian, or English or Australian or whatever neighbours, these innocents are suffering. Why they are suffering doesn’t matter a damn. So, in order to justify our title of “humans” what can we do about it? If we bother to make a few phone calls or write a few emails we can find how we can help. There are caring and compassionate people doing a lot of big and small things to help these people. From adopting a child/ren to sending $10 – there is whole range of practical things we can do.

    Or we can speculate the money might get into the “wrong hands”, people might scam etc and not do anything – thats easy. Take the chance – yes there will be those who will steal but at least something will get through. But it takes faith to do something, no not just faith but “obey minsakamata”. Just do something practical to help. Put some of the energy that you put into arguing the toss about whose fault it is or what may or may not happen to helping those most vulnerable people. Just do it

  67. Thank you Haroon (comment 61 and 62). I have the same feeling as yours when I see the national flag of SL. The country flag should depict the country not the people who live there. Why can’t the SL flag have some thing common for the country? I would suggest the symbol of pearl in the middle of three colours (red, yellow and green). How would that be for the country ‘Lanka’ take away the ‘Sri’ which divides the communities in SL.

  68. Jesus said ”Blessed be the Peace Makers”. DBS thanks for using your blog to bring two communities together. My closest friends being Tamils, I feel if you take one to one we don’t have a problem. From tags above, the problem is politicians and right now the GOSL. I agree with Dingiri #47 that the govt may let this opportunity slip. It’s heartening to note, finally a Group of Tamils have assumed Leadership and presented requirements to the govt. –
    US, WE, API, WE ALL should get behind them and push the govt to put the country first. I also agree about changing the flag to depict equality, unity.

  69. Can we all who have all these positive thoughts start a fund to help all our Tamil brothers and sisters. Will DSBJ coordinate????

  70. I hope the day will come that we all call ourselves simply Sri Lankans. This anger and hatred takes up too much energy, while peace and love is the natural way.

    Fr. Francis, if I am not mistaken I know you well from old days in Scarborough.

  71. But I have not got a single “Tamil” person forwarding it so far and asking that it be posted.

    DBS , i always love your articles , but sometimes you annoy me. i know you would say you are trying to reconcile between community.

    but i dont blame you because you may have not traveled to vanni area to see yourself how proud people they were,
    these people were robed of everything , decent life , dignity,assets, only thing they have now is their soul. nothing else. every tamils in srilanka have lost everything at least once, and who rob them? it was sinhala government.
    and today you try to promote they are the givers and tamils are begers.
    it was sinhalese stole the wealth of tamils.
    do you know why the mercy mision ship was returned?
    it is because if this ship is allowed ship loads of food and other things will come to tamils and distributed through ICRC.
    sinhalese want to stave tamils , rob tamils where possible.

  72. us are the richer people them is the poor people .

    by the way hope the diaspora can contribute as much for there poor brethren as much as they did for VP .

  73. Nisanka is right there are other people live pathetic life in S .L one photo attracted me is aralia flowers on green backround that is the best design for the srilankan flag the cuurent flag is ugly and depicts violence

  74. Muthiah and that nasty Ulysses, why don’t you guys collect goods, medicine,clothes, etc just as the Singhalese doing now? Why just talk, no action, you guys of Tamil diaspora? I’m NOT inviting anyone, who had funded the Madman Prabakaran, but normal Tamil diaspora…

  75. what kadavul say has some fearsome truth.would the great Rajapkse brothers engrossed with their great power base to dictate countryt along military rules.I have a suspicion the way they are expanding military and the way they negotiate with international affairs hints few things.I hope they won’t be derailed in their due course of reconciliation and power sharing and loose the golden opportunity of unifyng and building the country.

  76. reply to # 74 Jack Dee

    Hi there,

    you seem to have mis-interpreted my post. mine was not a reply to the topic at hand but to the numerous people who claimed that the fate of the IDP’s is nothing special.

    my reply was aimed at these posts which i found offensive, and ignorant.

    FYI i never supported Praba or the tigers, but moderates like me find harder and harder to hope for reconciliation when events like these(the IDP Camps, mass killing of civilians) go on even as we speak. as you would surely be aware, true reconciliation cannot be achieved by brushing pertinent issues(many of them the causes for this civil war in the first place) under the carpet.

    btw, I posted my take on reconciliation in the previous thread; in the form of a reply to Ajith Ratnaraja’hs letter

    if possible do read it and reply.im sure you might find it interesting.

    its post number #42 and somewhat long. if i were not really interested in reconciliation i would not have wasted my time to pen such a reply .




    reply to #83 Ariya

    what makes you think that we have not sent aid? btw, if you recall, i have told you quite clearly that i will not be wasting my time replying to you; a person who does not reply to the posts but advocates violence and displays signs of amazing clairvoyance…and a quack one at that, as your claims and assumptions always end up getting disproved

    btw, for those wondering why i do not reply to Ariya’s posts…its was not for the want of trying. But when all he does is threatening me with bodily violence (yes, he threatened to bash my face in quite a few times ) and setting up strawmen, i don’t think it would be in the interest of any sane and civilized person to continue the dialogue.

    check out my replies and his ones to them in this thread


  77. Dear DBS,
    I value your effort for a long period of time now and I am mostly with you all the time. We will try to build our broken bridge between two communities. We need to build a new Sri Lanka. We can call it “future Sri Lanka”. (www.futuresrilanka.com)

    We can not go this journey with out our Tamil and Muslim brothers and sisters.

    Good luck brother!!

  78. Another somewhat random observation I think relevant to this series of discussions.

    I do believe that the sensible Sinhala amongst us will do what ever we can to help build a United Nation of Sri Lanka. But with the best will in the world no real change will happen as long the biggest sources of influence in the country backs this unification/healing/reconcilliation efforts. As I said earlier, a belief in the ‘superiority’ of one’s own race/tribe is totally unhelpful in such an endeavour – we need to establish equality, not think of the minorities as pityful. ie. very unequal.

    The minds of the masses in SL are largely controlled by the Buddhist monks.

    I can’t help observing that this has happened before elsewhere in the world. In the days of slavery in the USA the religious leaders declared that it is ok because ‘the slaves have no souls’. Meaning that they had an inherent lesser status as ‘humans’. During the halocaust in Nazi Germany a similar sentiment resulted in the Vatican doing nothing while 6 million Jews were gassed by the Nazis. Both of these happened because the religious leaders held a belief and from which they influenced the masses to regard these minorities as people that God has made inferior in relation to ‘us who are superior’.

    The monks in SL have been, in effect, pursuing a similar political agenda in this conflict; in asserting the supremacy of the Sinhala/Buddhist people, as they opposed all peace-making initiatives during this conflict.

    I know it is ironic, but How can we get the Buddhist monks to preach peace?

  79. I am very much troubled by many Tamils who still talk big about them and they are overly confident that they could re enerigise the LTTE politics and keep on fighting in Sri Lanka while having the good life style in abroad.
    It is very depressing.
    How to deal with these idiots?

  80. Haroon, good thinking if you could pursue with it to find a way of connecting to the clergy. I hear Dalai Lama offered his religious knowledge and help to the Buddhists of Sri Lanka and it was declined. I approached a Buddhist association and they need to know who they can connect with in Sri Lanka to have regular dialogue. Any names of associations you know. Have you any idea? or anyone! DBSJ thank you for making this kind of talk possible.

  81. The bottom line is that all Srilankans from South whether Sinhalese, Muslim, Tamil or Burger are helping IDP Tamil brothers, sisters and children.
    End of the day we all Srilankan.

  82. I read there are 57,000 orphan kids, is that true?! What a major blunder at enormous cost and how can the diaspora take care
    of them all for good. I have no idea how to even begin to think about it is it feasible to depend totally on aid from Sri Lankans considering the enormity of the need. Why did they hold the mercy mission? Why can they assign the aid agencies to mind the camps? Quicker they get back home they could be self sufficient again from their farms and work. No news is coming out through free media. I give up! The thought itself is killing me, where as the entrepreneurs are meeting the President about rebuilding Sri lanka projects. No mention of the IDP 300,00 of them unbelievable nightmare. I hope someone will get the independent news out from Vanni for Tamils to know the real numbers/needs and again once Mercy Mission is verified and accepted we could work on similar project from where ever we are. The Govt need to release independently verified news to the diaspora to act appropriately soon enough to save the 300,000 Tamils. They are human and the Buddhist extremist should realize they are born as a Buddhist by chance and I hope they also believe in reincarnation what if they come back as a Tamil next birth!!!!!????

  83. Brothers and Sisters,
    ” To err is human” What a loss to all of us. We have paid through the nose! It is high time to bury the hatchet once and for all ” Take a step in the right direction. It is not that difficult

    Man made laws are subject to amendments. God’s laws are permanent meant for all times. Be spiritual, and follow God’s laws, it is not that difficult to bring back glory to our country.

    “Loka Samastha Suguno Bawanthu” in Sanskrit, meaning -Wishing all the people in the world to have peace health and prosperity.

    Put the shoulder to the wheel and peace and prosperity is imminent

  84. First of all tamils understand their prime mistake.They chose violence to win their rights.Violence begets violence.
    Nothing can be achieved through the violence except destruction.I do not think the government will keep this IDPs forever in the camps.IDPS in the moosalee division in mannar has been recently resettled.Do not forget that government is rehabilitating more than 9000 ltte caders who surrendered or captured.If the government is so vicious why do they rehabilitate them.Those who want see the early release of IDPs want see a iraq in sri lanka.Government must implement a systametic and methodical resettlement policy to avoid the resurgence of violence.I agree that IDps are suffering.But unfortuanatly it is a nessesary evil.Assume a violent situation after the resettlement.Then they wii die due to crossfire.Siyuation they live for thirty years.Tamil diaspora who live in european countries want this situation.They want the independance at any cost.They do not understand that there is a vehement opposition in the south for the brake away of the country.Tamil diaspora never admit that ltte killed innocent sinhala civilians or they kept tamil civilians as human shield.What they need is send to the IDPs to home(I doubht how many homes really exist in their villages) and provide acovering to ltte carders to attack army.Colombo administration is very wise they wii not fall into this trap.They didn’t heed to foreign calls and crush the ltte. Like wsethey do not realease them prematurely.Only thing those who geniunly concern with IDPS haveto do is provide whatever they can do minimise the suffering of this people and not to call premature release of IDPs.

  85. Cooment 88 – Osgoode

    Ignore these idiots. These people only rely on GTV, IBC, DEEPAM TV and TAMILNET.

    Please ask them to visit DBS website, this may help them to see the human side and clear their mind.

  86. To every Tamil brother and sister who expressed positive comments on this DBSJ post. You are the people with a heart and future of the reconciled and peaceful Sri Lanka. We are sad as you are with every tale of suffering of civilians in NE for many years including last few months. Do not ever thing we are happy when a fighter bombs in NE. We ONLY can be happy if it hits an enemy target and NOT if and when it hits an innocent. We are not inhuman like some of the extremists paint us as. Like Sam Morris said we Sinhalese also sympathize with the child in the picture 8. If we could hold that child and do something/anything to make him happy and smile and ensure that he will have a happy future WE WILL DO IT. Meanwhile dear Tamil brothers and sisters who made positive comments for this post, whatever the extremists among Tamils and Sinhalese say and whatever our chauvinist politicians or people who want Tamils to continue to hate Sinhalese say, we are Blood relations and our feelings for you will always be the warmest and look forward to see you happy and smiling in Sri Lanka.

  87. I hear a lot of advise about how the sinhala Buddhists & tamil hindus should live in perfect utopian harmony after the war. I see a lot of emotional comments about it. While I agree with it theoretically, I want to show the vast difference in thinking & practical difficulties for the harmony to take effect. Below mentioned is for the Sinhala Buddhist readers to understand the belief system the average Hindu is brought up in. This is only a part. There’s much more. This is only a comparison to illustrate the massive differences in the Buddhist ahimsa & Hindu caste & punishment based belief systems.

    This is not to say that sinhala & tamils cannot live together. Also it is an official translation & not meant to degrade any one. I agree with DBS that the sri lankan tamils should learn to live with the sinhala & vice versa. BUt both communities must be educated about the thinking of the other.

    From Hinduism
    The Laws of Manu

    59. Carnal intercourse with sisters by the same mother, with (unmarried) maidens, with females of the lowest castes, with the wives of a friend, or of a son, they declare to be equal to the violation of a Guru’s bed.
    73. For his purification the slayer of a Brahmana shall make a hut in the forest and dwell (in it) during twelve years, subsisting on alms and making the skull of a dead man his flag.

    74. Or let him, of his own free will, become (in a battle) the target of archers who know (his purpose); or he may thrice throw himself headlong into a blazing fire;
    76. Or, in order to remove (the guilt of) slaying a Brahmana, he may walk one hundred yoganas, reciting one of the Vedas, eating little, and controlling his organs;

    77. Or he may present to a Brahmana, learned in the Vedas, whole property, as much wealth as suffices for the maintenance (of the recipient), or a house together with the furniture;

    78. Or, subsisting on sacrificial food, he may walk against the stream along (the whole course of the river) Sarasvati; or, restricting his food (very much), he may mutter thrice the Samhita of a Veda.

    79. Having shaved off (all his hair), he may dwell at the extremity of the village, or in a cow-pen, or in a hermitage, or at the root of a tree, taking pleasure in doing good to cows and Brahmanas.

    92. Or he may drink cow’s urine, water, milk, clarified butter or (liquid) cowdung boiling-hot, until he dies;
    100. A Brahmana who has stolen the gold (of a Brahmana) shall go to the king and, confessing his deed, say, ‘Lord, punish me!’

    101. Taking (from him) the club (which he must carry), the king himself shall strike him once, by his death the thief becomes pure; or a Brahmana (may purify himself) by austerities.

    105. Or, having himself cut off his organ and his testicles and having taken them in his joined hands, he may walk straight towards the region of Nirriti (the south-west), until he falls down (dead);

  88. It is well and good to speak at individual level. At individual level people are nice. That is the nature of the animal called human.

    However, as a nation, collectively people have different personality than that of an individual. We live in groups as nations not as individuals.

    Until the Sinhala Nation realises and accepts that there was and is a Tamil Nation in so called Sri Lanka there will be no peace.

    I see many comment, “we all are one nation”. No that is not correct. That assertion is the root cause of the problem.

    As once told by Late Kumar Ponnampalam, “Tamils issue is not a grievance issue, it is a right issue”.

    Mr Jeyaraj you can try to change a nation that is not WILLING, but can you try to change a nation that CANNOT? It will never work. Sinhala Nation is in the second category.

    Sinhala nation is living in a “Mahawamsa” mythological paradigm. Very hard to shift that “maya”.

    I applaud any individual who is trying to reach out another human being to help. Will the same individual reach out to liberate the people from the barbed wires. No they will hide under lame excuses.

    I have examples of what Hitlers NAZI did to Jews and exact parallell that was done to Tamil Nation by Successive Sinhala regimes, from 1948 till today.

    If you want I can send that collection to you.

    God bless you in your attempts.

  89. siva ratnam – are you on the Island or talking from overseas?

    VP – i couldn’t agree more with your comments! violence does begets violence! this would be true even for sinhalese if we carry on in this totally un-buddhistic trend being currently flaunted by some of the jvp/jhu & other political monkeys!

  90. apologies on behalf of tissa de silva- it’s simple-thinking mutt’s like this we need to progressively weed out of society – totally misguided interpretation of true buddhist precepts!?

  91. Surprised to note that someone thinks manu smriti is what hindus follow !! At least in India we stopped following it about a century back.

    Would be interesting to see the reaction of the pro Ealam dravidian parties to this post. Manu is their favourite whipping boy.

  92. I have examples of what Hitlers NAZI did to Jews and exact parallell that was done to Tamil Nation by Successive Sinhala regimes, from 1948 till today.

    Someobody’s evidently never heard of Godwin’s law.

  93. DBSJ:

    I do hope that many Tamils will see this and understand that not all Sinhalese out there are our enemies and realize that many are trying to do something positive in their own small way.

    Reconciliation is not a luxury but a crucial necessity.

    I do hope this post will evoke positive vibes and constructive discussion.

    Please, please ,no lectures about my naivete in posting them and observations that these gestures do not mean anything.

    I know very well that the best thing required for IDP’s is speedy re-settlement in their own places.

    But that does not mean we must be scornful of some attempts or thoughts by others desiring to help.

    While on this subject I think many Tamils concerned solely about Tamil IDP’s should also give some thought to the thousands of Muslim IDP’s suffering in Puttalam district since 1990.

    Dear DBSJ:

    I agree that you are doing something to bring reconciliation.

    “Meeta Veda” (I can speak Sinhalese well, and this word is sounds appealing…)

    I was talking to one of my friend recently. He said we couldn’t expect anything from this MR administration. He said because of the victory over tigers, will secure 90% of the Sinhalese vote. I told him anything is possible if somebody bring the “meeta veda” concept successfully. How?

    As we see in many Asian movies, true HR violations by the government’s authorities and community violence etc. are pictured perfectly. But finally, hero comes and takes the authority in his hands and gives justice to the people and earns name. The failure there is to identify the systematic failures and how to overcome them. It keeps people under an entertainment cover. Means, people who see injustice in the community will see these movies and satisfy themselves. Hero gets credit, power and money. But the systems still the same.

    I see the same here. Please.. do not take my points as negative once.

    What I see here is that there are people out there, who actually believe that there is something to be done. How do we lead them to reconcile? That is where I am agreeing to disagree.

    Passing these mails and sending foods, cloths, medicine and books to IDPs are a great gesture of goodwill. Not all people around the world could do this.

    But that does not mean it leads to reconcile. I hear many Sinhalease says they saved Tamils from 1983 riots. It is again the same gusture (even some people took more risk too ). After 26 years we are doing the same thing. Because we are not ready even to talk about a system that does this. We are asking to care the IDPs who are being kept, by the government they are supporting. The same mistake Tamils (had/) did on LTTE. Tamils did not criticize tigers, while they are supporting them.

    After doing these gesture of goodwill, we again going to support the same system. IDP issues are serious. But as you said we have to respect these events. Again, that does not mean it will lead to reconcile.

    What I see is this: Since IDP issues are serious, we have to bring them to the people who really care about the humanity (people who does the above), and let them know the reality of SL. Let them know what is the future of SL needed. Let them know what were the failures. Probably we can achieve something that on reconcile.

    If you do that, you will become a traitor (exact thing of LTTE era) and mails will not go more than one or two circles. But I feel it can/need to be done gradually. DBSJ- you can take initiative. We can do it without pointing the fingers. Otherwise we will end up with the same fate.

    On the 2nd point. Muslim IDPs: may be the same photos will suits them too. I am not sure why DBSJ is angry on Tamils on this. It is done by LTTE and they are no more. Other then that I think wanni IDPs, Puthalam IDPs and Muthoor IDPs are same. Access, tight security, conditions of the camps are definitely different.

  94. @81. ranjith perera !

    I am a Tamil diaspora. I have not spent a single penny to tigers in my life. But my spouse and me provided a month salary to IDP so far. We do this because of the suffering people. We don’t even think about the HR or political issues which blocked the funds from Japan and many other orgs.

  95. Jack Dee, I am from the Tamil Diaspora never supported the LTTE but felt sorry for the situation they were put in, to pick up arms as a desperate measure. The only alternative given to them by the ruling politicians then but the neglect over the years made them resort to tactical mistakes. I am still sympathetic and sick about what has happened since. I have no confidence at all in United Sri Lanka after the way the Tamils got treated like stray dogs. It further makes me sick to think that it was carried out planned with total impunity in the name of Buddha!. I heard from someone they had Victory celebrations in Colombo for a along Galle Road between Bambalapitya and Wellawate Tamils were restless recollecting the 1983 riots!. We the diaspora one time or another experienced it and we felt the pain ourselves. Tamils can never do well living among the extremist, the peace is not just for today it has to be for ever under any Govt. Politicians play this well to their advantage because the votes depend on it. Govt can promise the earth and celebrate victory but a Tamil can NEVER feel safe in a united Sri Lanka that is a FACT got to be faced some how. I experienced the 77 riots and I am certain the evil doers among the Sinhala extremism will not stop their vicious cycle of violence. Now that the leadership in Sri Lanka has set the standard using Tamils as pawns and harming will carry on.
    Sinhalese moderates are too happy to play along with the extremist Sinhala Buddhist it suits them all. Just by saving a Tamil from getting killed makes them believe that they have done their duty. That should not be the case at all, moderate Sinhalese should voice to change the extremist no point in being selfish and complain Tamils are causing problem. Now as it stands Tamils can never ask for a “save haven” they can never ask for some form of autonomy, they are not wanted among the extremist, what choice do the have left???? Any religious extremism should be ruled out religion is for peace not for hate. If it breeds hate it is better to be atheist instead at least the human instinct will show. Having principles in life is far better than religious beliefs based on the olden caveman time writings. We have evolved far from it to be able to face life loving one another for who they are and not by their religious belief. I was fascinated to see the President while killing in masses on one side of the island, doing rituals to Buddha with people flocking to pray they certainly did not hear the screams for help!

  96. Reply to #96 shanthi Krish

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. as Indian posted in #100, the stuff you quoted are as alien to us Lankan Tamil Hindus as little green men from mars.

    if you Google something..at least Google properly…otherwise you would only end up broadcasting your ignorance.

    with people like you, no wonder the counter is where it is now.

  97. Mr. DBS,

    If you can forward this to our politicians and cultivate honestness among them and if our people think of this,
    THEN ONLY WE CAN HAVE ONE -SRILANKA. Otherwise we will face the same tragedy again.

  98. sometime back when bombs went off in Colombo we were told a number. And I knew that someone didnt go home that day. I also felt a tug at my heart when nos of ‘tigers’ killed were stated, yes I too felt for those who didnt go home that day in the north.

    Dear Tamils Diaspora. believe me when i say that as a Singhalese i could say that we DO care and feel the suffering what the IDPs go through . We KNOW almost that everybody has lost someone. what is needed is to send them back to their own homes as soon as possible. I ask everybody specially the Tamils abroad leave your eelam dream for a moment help your brothers, help us to help them. I personally know the methodist church caring for a particular sector. those who care for them now are also those who suffered during the bombing of the city by the LTTE. PLEASE leave your dream even for a while and move towards reconciliation.
    Dont mistrust the Sinhalese there are ways into their hearts.

  99. A Sinhalese youth settled in Ottawa (Canada) is currently spearheading a spirited effort to collect donations in kind (not cash) for the displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka. A consignment of essential supplies was shipped out last week.

    It would be much more effective and expeditious to donate cash. The food is being supplied by the United Nations Food Program and it is desperately short of money. You can donate online http://www.wfp.org/how-to-help
    as you can to the UNCHR which runs the refugee camps

    You might find some of the money goes to the even greater refugee disaster in Pakistan. The humane solution would thus be to give even more.

  100. As we all know that usualy all communities get along well here in Sri Lanka. But there is a minoriy of people who would like to thrive on discrimination. Sri Lankan politicians, past and present are the main culprits. They intentialnally upset the apple cart in order to get votes or to carry out the divide and rule policy. Majority of Sri Lankans, Tamils and Sinhalese, are wise enough to think rationally and act decently. May your website help achieve solidarity among all Sri Lankans and defete the racists.

  101. Dear DBSJ
    Your site has created a perfect platform to come together. There are many opinions. Glad to see majority would like to accept each other and live in peace. I refer to #78 Leo asking your help to set up a Fund. I would like to go one further, what about setting up a Group of people – some one had suggested ”Future Lanka”. Together our voices will carry weight and be heard more. Together we could bring our concerns, suggestions, requirements etc to the Politicians/Authorities. As Citizens we have a right to let them know our side – collectively, we will be heard.
    What say you Mr DBSJ, will you be the Coordinator?

  102. Reconcilliation is needed but the question is what do we need to do to GET THERE ?. This is the 20 million question for 20 million people!!.

    These pitcures are similar to the life style experienced by the Palestenian people and the Jews in Israel. The later have the best hospitals in the world and even purify water from the sea. While the Palestenians have nothing. One race live in despair while the other lives with all its might.

    Like it or not after this 30 year war the Tamils have to accept the fact they will live in destitute state for the next 50 years and the Singhalese will be better off especially if global powers need Sri lanka to protect their own security. Tamils in Sri Lanka have no future now. That is the reality. The Singhalese are still celebrating and the Tamils are still languishing in these death camps. So where is the foundation for reconcilliation ? When one race is facing despair while the other feels the future is theirs for the taking.

    As much I dream of reconcilliation but just talking about it but not having any concrete ideas will not bring reconcilliation between these two races.

    Lets be realistic I have yet to see any CONCRETE STEPS or ACTIONS suggested by anyone towards achieving reconcillation. Its all talk and that is what we Sri Lankans are good at.

    Sorry to be so negative



  103. It must be appreciated that while do doubt their is a difference because IDPs, all citizens of Sri Lanka, are at present denied their freedom, and therefore this fact needs urgent correction, this is a rich vs poor issue.

    Tamils and Sinhala in Colombo equally fall into both categories and therefore is not an ethnic issue, merely condition of current fact. I am fortunate in living in both worlds where I eat basic food seated on the floor in a hut with no electricity one part of my life and the other dine in splendour when invited by relatives in five star luxury sometimes wishing I could have the cost of the meal in cash so I can patch up my leaking pol athu roof.

    So lets be careful in trying to stereotype, as I have offered to host two IDP families for six months to share my meagre resources. Sometimes I am not sure if they take me up on the offer, they will tell me the food in the camps were better than what I am able to provide. I will give them the freedom to go anywhere they please however!


  104. @114. Saman,

    Do you know that anybody in the camp cannot go out even if they have relatives and friends.

    Last week one of my friend travelled to Vavunia camp to see his relative from Jaffna. They took 2 days to reach vavunia from Jaffna (Jaffna-Trinco-Vavunia).

    SLA allow to talk only 10 minutes. When they met they have emotional first. As many of the relative lost lives and relatives here that first time…

    And he said the place was full of flies as even they cannot stand and see each other clearly (remember they are both sides of barb wires).

    Hope you are definitely in a better world. Now read the last line of your comment.!

  105. #115 Kavi
    Note I made one proviso on the first para “IDP are Sri Lankan citizens who are denied their freedom, and that needs to be urgently corrected”By which I mean normal laws of the land should apply to them as they apply to all other citizens. (and so meeting accross barbed wire is inhuman and undignified. They should at least be allowed some place to embrace their kith and kin.) They should be produced before a court and charged or released.

    It is OK to restrict movement into areas that need to be cleared of mines, and hidden arms, otherwise they should be free to go and live with relatives or like in my case I am willing to host two families until their homes are ready.

    So I stand firmly by the last sentence, as the photos can easily give the wrong impression. Namely the rest of the country are not in the heavenly mood as shown, far from it with most people being concerned about how to feed their families.

    So again “please be careful in coming to the incorrect conclusions”

    Subject to that it is a rich poor issue, not a tamil sinhala one.

  106. Brothers and Sisters,

    There was a time when all the four candles were well lit, namely peace, love , faith and hope.All lived amicably

    The flame of peace [1st, Candle] is extinquished when our people started quarreling.

    The flame of Faith [ 2nd. Candle] was blown off by the wind as it was not cared for and became no longer indispensable.

    The flame of Love [3rd. Candle ] went off awaiting any longer as its importance was not understood by many.

    There was completedarkness hardly anything visible.

    Then the Flame of Faith [4th. Candle] came to our rescue .I am still burning,[ Voice heard.. refreshing indeed. ” We can relight all the other Candles.”

    “Nothing is impossible and impossible”

    Only it will take some time. “Rome is not built in a day”

    DBSJ … Go a head …..

  107. I am a Sinhalese and it is a good e-mail. i did receive it and I sent it to my friends. Honestly I did not send any money. But I am planning to send some money to IDP fund.

    we have to live together.

    There are two tamils in the SL team. Murali and Mathew. lets live in peace and harmony.

  108. The world tested all its weapons on tamils through GOSL, 200 billions dollars on war, 3000 times air strike, cluster bombs, chemical bombs, 5000-6000 shelled daily, No security council meeting held, but when North korea tested one bomb underground, immediate meeting held. Why? can ban ki or akashi or any other leaders have answer?

  109. people say we love chiken.becouse they kill them and eat so it very popular kf chicken. chiken are value for any one eat or sell another hand thir life value-less.

    tamils are less value then chiken. its like a headless chiken
    any one from gosl can do any things when seen any tamil under the gosl. tamils call now a days refugee, idp homeles terrorist,sucide bombers, toilet clener,exratra,exratra. so why?now even worst thing , we all start call our own tamils somethings in feuture.tamils are nownow no leader, no perents no house no partner no brothrer and sister no money no job no ideas…………..please help all srilankan become smart enouh to live this island

  110. Brothers and Sisters,

    I have associated with all the communities of this Island for more than 40 years in both urban and suburban areas.
    I always have a regard for the majority community .They are humble, kind hearted and in no way different from other communiies.

    It is our politcs in this country after 1948 which has gradualy done the damage and no one else. Sinhalese and the Tamil community.has suffered a lot in the process. The Party system in our Island has divided not only the minorities but also the Sinhalese very badly. Parliamentary Democracy is good for a country with a population homogenous, It is ok even for heterogenous population provided the majority dispense justice to all other communities .Even the little freedom we had during foreign rule is also lost now. Why? Think !!!.. Most of the polititions are not patriots but doing politics as a job for their benefit and certainly not for the country.
    Divide and rule is the key to back to parliament. But citizens suffer in silence.
    Surely this country can turn over a new leaf. Elders feel sorry for future generation in this country perhaps may have to face more difficult times unless everything sorted out now without fear or favour.Wise are highly worried as to what is in store for us

    We are all answerable to God Almighty who is recording good the good and the bad actions and will dispense justice .one day.

    Life is a water bubble, burst at any time. We do not know from where we have come , neither we know how long we will be here and so many things we do not know. But quite a good number of Adminstrators think that they know everything and never think above their nose.Those people are the culprits for our down fall as a nation. Hind thoughts must be looked inte when fore thoughts are implemented then it come closer to God’s laws. Justice will always prevail in any country for good.

    All the people who are here now will perish in about 100 years time. None of will be here. A new batch will come and hence, the Island has to remain good for all the ethenic groups to live in peace with pride as before. Only thing we can do is to put good foundation for the future.

    Thank You

  111. Gov destroyed the livelihood of every sri lankan. today we may be overseas, but we lost our life, our relations and our sense of belongings. we may read this articles and comment, but our kids are not going to follow sri lanka issues or even for that matter never going to claim they are sri lankans. So we need to blame the gov for bringing everyone of us to this state of lifestyle.

  112. I find some even after all these sufferings making noices about majority and teaching the minorities.

    Many an accord was signed and all those accords were broken. When there is no sanctity for the accords then how will people believe you.

    This we and they attitude is very much part of the national psyche, I believe.

    Apart from this the Buddhist clergy will not restrict themselves to meditation. They will indulge in politics. Mixing religion and politics is a dangerous cocktail.


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