Father Mahinda Rajapaksa Promises to Ban Cattle Slaughter and Import Beef but Son Namal Rajapaksa Attends Grand Opening of Huge Meat Processing Plant for Beef and other Available Meats at Katunayake


Lucien Rajakarunanayake

We are clearly in an era of Twists and Turns, with Kali Amma projected as the power against the Covid-19 pandemic.

What happened at the Sri Maha Bodhi earlier this week showed a very clear Kali Kovil Twist. The kapuva who made this pandemic syrup wanted to offer it to the Sri Maha Bodhi. The monk who led his team to the site of the sacred and hugely worshipped tree, did not let him climb right up to it. He had to make the syrup offering at the lower level, with very good reason, no doubt.

When his turn came back at the temple, the kapuva or is he a kapu-raala, had his say to the Mahanayake Thera of the temple. He angrily wanted to know why he was not allowed to go right up to the Sri Maha Bodhi. He stressed the role of Kali in his syrup task, and even went on to talk of ‘Kali Ammage…’- when the media was cut out.

Commenting on this special Kali exercise, a senior Thera in Colombo, known for his association with health workers, wanted to know why Kali Amma did not use her divine power and rise above the Sri Maha Bodhi, and make her own offering to the sacred tree. This question will remain in the minds of many, but certainly not with those who were making public and political shows of taking this syrup for Covid protection.

Is this a situation, when the non-ayurveda, western medical,or any other treatment educated and trained Covid Peni Kapuva lost his way? Has he reached the situation of Kapuva Kapothi – lost and ruined? Let’s hope it is so, despite the hopes of the Kali Amma politicos of the Rajavasala.

Let’s not forget that the Kali Amma Syrup now has competition from a Maha Ravana Syrup, with a so-called vaidya tradition going back more than 9800 years, as the syrup man said on social media. Let’s also not forget that Ravana, who built and flew his own aircraft, must have had great healing and treatment knowledge, too. We are now moving to a Kali Amma – Maha Ravana competition, while Covid-19 keeps spreading, and the government shows and increased lack of understanding on how to cope with this mounting crisis; despite the lady minister in charge of Covid control making the right and valuable statements, moving away from ‘mantara pots’ and Kali Amma Syrup,

Twists and Turns are the very stuff of both politics and governance. Can we forget the time a few months back, when Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa himself made that major promise of stopping the slaughter of cattle in Sri Lanka. It was the time of great joy to the Maha Sangha, Animal Rights activists, the followers of both Buddhism and Hinduism, and those who believed in the need for animal care, and not slaughter.

It was the major slogan of the Pohottuva Players in the campaign for the General Election, with Cabinet decisions on the matter loudly announced, and any questions about its actual economic and social ability, pushed down the dirty drain of politics. Those who did much to save the lives of cattle marked for slaughter were moving to peace of mind, and planned to look after the thousands of saved cattle, confining the slaughter issue to India, from where the meat would be imported.

Now we have the opening of a huge meat processing plant, for beef and all other available meats, at Katunayake. The real big Twist and Turn came with the opening ceremony of this meat delight being attended by none other than the Cabinet Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Namal Rajapaksa, giving the clear message that meat production, with cattle slaughter, too, is the policy of this Pohottuva Governance. It is the stuff of Rajavasala Keruvava – with father and sons, uncles and nephews, brothers, and cousins in the clutch of governance, being hugely supportive of cattle slaughter, and slaughters of other animals too.

The presence of Namal Minister at this very special event, also sends an important message to the youth of this country. Animal slaughter is the policy of progress, keep it going and the youth can hopefully get more employment, and meat driven promotions, too.

An important echo of the twist and turn in politics came from a Pohottuva supportive, and certainly not a Buddha supportive, monk. His thinking is that the slaughter of cattle and not eating the meat, but exporting it, is in keeping with the Dharma. Are we moving to the destruction of the Dharma? How much further do we have to go to understand the Rajavasala Balaya – with all the powers of the 20th Amendment, a plus 140 in a 225 parliament, and those who were so clear in telling the House that not a single prisoner or remandee at Mahara Prison has been injured or died of a bullet!

We may hopefully come to a situation of ‘Kapuva Kapothi” on the Covid Kali Syrup; but the Rajavasala Balaya, and the ‘Piya-Puthu” or father-son power of the Rajavasala, will remain on the rise, with many more Twists and Turns to follow in politics and governance.

Courtesy:The Island