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“Bivva Nedha Kali Amma Corona Paniya ?” ( Have You not Imbibed Goddess Kali’s Divine Corona Healing Honey?)


Lucien Rajakarunayake

It is not the upcoming solar eclipse on December 14, which will not be seen here, that has brought any new interest, but the major solar eclipse on June 1955 that is now remembered by many; especially with the “Bivva Neda Vadakaha Sudiya” baila beat and the tale of “Emali Paney” being revived in the minds of many from this honey trap of Covid cure. .

Those who take special delight in drinking the new “Kali Amma Corona Paniya” (Divine Corona Healing Honey or Vasangatha Suva Paniya), must be having their own songs and dances, as Covid-19 spreads worldwide and we have a syrup to save our people from this global disaster. This is the height of indigenous syrup era, which has nothing to do with any vaccines developed elsewhere in the world, be it in the US, the UK, Russia or China. We are in the Hela Suvaya era, which may soon take us more than 2000 years ahead from the rest of the world.

With many questions about the healing of treatment qualifications or experience of the Kovil player who has produced the new Kali Amma Paniya, we are now in a situation where none other than the “Reverse” tablet Wimal Weerawansa asks whether anyone questioned about the qualifications or experience of Sir Isaac Newton, when that apple fell on his head, and brought him the knowledge of gravity. He knows nothing about Sir Isaac being a mathematician, physicist, astronomer and author and was the Professor of Mathematics of the University of Cambridge. That is the Weerawansa Reverse. The emerging worry is that we are fast moving to an era when education is not a matter of any importance, if one has the political push with claims of divine or spiritual support. It is the rise of the Reverse Era.

This stuff of Weerawansa Reverse thinking will soon take us to a position when the next great indigenous knowledge on Pleasure, Profit and Power will come from someone who was stunned by the fall of coconut on one’s head; from the tree he or she will be under. It will be the Great Kali Amma Pol Vidyava of the indigenous Hela Urumaya.

The current thinking of politics and governance is that when the Covid-19 keeps spreading in the country, with more than 500 each day and rising deaths, too, there is the need to move away from any Western or scientific thinking, and get to the Rajavasala Kavata Keliya. It is the rise of a wholly indigenous strategy in thinking and action.

We had the pots thrown to rivers, and an offer to be sent out to the sea to save this country from this Covid disaster. That was the stuff of a Minister of Health, and not of any diety. We are now faced with a hugely rising cost of living, increasing protests by those locked up in huge urban flat dwellings, a barrage of meaningless gazettes, whole inability to have price control of essentials, and then prison protests leading to many deaths and destruction. This is certainly the time for divine intervention, to bring new meaning to Pohottuva Politics, the core of which is the rapid ending of legal cases, a huge expansion of the judiciary, and the rising release of remandees, moving soon to convicts.

Anyone who thinks the Kali Amma Syrup or Suva Peniya has no political attachments to it, should look at how it was dispensed in Parliament. We have certainly moved away from the time that the Speaker was brought under physical threat, chairs were broken, chilli powder thrown, the text book on Parliamentary Rights and Privilege and a Bible, too, were thrown. What do we have today … the special privilege of the Speaker and several other MPs, taking deep and delightful sips of the Suva Paniya. Was the spirit of Kali Amma quickly seeping into their systems to ensure prevention from any Covid-19 infection, and give them more strength to carry on with their hoodlum behaviour in the House of Representatives? The question that arises is who do they represent, the people or the deities with Kali Amma power?

The realities in Sri Lanka today is that we are fast moving to the day and age of indigenous spirituals, and rapidly away from modern scientific thinking. We are well into the Age of Kali Amma and Natha Deviyo, keeping alive our great traditions of deity worship. Just think of the number of times that our politicians have gone to devales to smash coconuts to bring political disaster to their enemies or critics. Keep thinking of the gifts that the Kovil Guras receive, especially when elections get closer. An island which is known to be Buddhist, following the teachings of the Buddha, that was based on rationality, we now have increasing numbers of those who wear the yellow robe, with commitment to irrational thinking, and also support the Kali Amma Syrup to cure Covid-19.

There is certainly no hope or promise of an escape from this Rajavasala Kavata Keliya. Those who scoff at the beliefs and religious traditions of those who believe in a deity, are bigger and more active followers and players in the worship of indigenous deities. As Covid spreads, they will await the divine syrup, want more and more doses of this Vasangatha Suva Paniya — this pandemic cure that will soon have a global demand.

I will raise my glass with the usual tot of good spirits that I gladly enjoy. But, let’s say cheers to all – from politicians, crooks and catchers, who will soon be raising their glasses of the Kali Amma Suvaya. The rise of indigenous political spirituality. Hoi, Hoi, Hoi.

Courtesy:The Island