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Poddala Jayantha: Latest Journalist victim in Sri Lanka

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

The witch hunt against journalists depicted as enemies of the State continues unabated in Sri Lanka.

The latest victim in this “officially sanctioned unofficial campaign” is Poddala Jayantha, a senior Journalist and prominent media rights activist.

[Poddala Jayantha was always at the forefront]

Jayantha, a senior journalist at “Dinamina” the Sinhala daily run by Lake House , is also the General Secretary of Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association (SLWJA) and a key activist of the Free media movement (FMM) in Sri Lanka.

The bearded Jayantha was abducted on June 1st at about 4.30 pm in broad daylight near the Embuldeniya junction in Nugegoda.


Jayantha was walking out of a pharmacy when a group of six men manhandled him and swiftly bundled him into a white Toyota Ace van.

Several people witnessed the shocking incident . Among them was someone who knew Jayantha personally.

This person who also knew veteran journalist Bennet Rupasinghe, telephoned him and told him of the incident.

66 Year old Rupasinghe was formerly with the Communist party newspaper “Atha”. Currently he works as news editor of the Lanka e-news web newspaper.

Rupasinghe then told his editor in chief and publisher Sanduruwan Senadheera about the incident. Senadheera and Rupasinghe then began telephoning people to alert them of the abduction.

Since they feared for Jayantha’s life both telephoned as many people as they could about the incident including different media personnel. The intention was to mount pressure on those responsible for ordering the abduction and make them release Poddala Jayantha safely.


Rupasinghe had first telephoned the Inspector-General of Police Jayantha Wickremaratne and told him of the incident.

Bennet also informed Jayantha’s wife and advised her to rush to the Police station and make a formal complaint.

She went with a lawyer cum journalist KW Janaranjana and another journalist Jayasiri Jayasekera to the Mirihana Police station and lodged a complaint.

In her complaint she stated that Bennet Rupasinghe had informed her of the abduction.

Meanwhile a badly battered Poddala Jayantha was dumped into a muddy pit by the roadside near the IDH hospital.

An injured Jayantha kept shouting for help saying he was a married man with a child.
But the culture of fear that prevails in Sri Lanka prevented anyone from coming to his help.

[At the hospital]


A bleeding Jayantha with blood and mud on his rumpled , torn clothes hobbled on the road for a while and finally hailed a three-wheeler to go to the hospital.

He was warded at the Intensive care unit at National Hospital, Borella.

After surgery he was transferred to a paying ward at the hospital.

The abductors had blindfolded and beaten Jayantha with iron rods and wooden poles accusing him of being a traitor to the country.

At one point the abductors had crushed three of his fingers with a wooden block saying he would not be allowed to write with his hand again.

He had fainted at one stage.

His leg and ankle were broken. In addition he suffered many injuries to face,head, arms, legs and chest.

In a further bid to humiliate Jayantha the cowardly abductors had shaved off parts of his beard and some of the hair on his head.

The white van cowards had forced the hair down Jayantha’s throat making him swallow it.


At about the same time that Poddala Jayantha was being abducted and assaulted a delegation of Journalist association representatives was having discussions with President Mahinda Rajapakse on problems faced by the media.

The meeting had been arranged by FMM convenor Chulwansa Sri Lal.

Poddala Jayantha had refused to meet with the President as part of the delegation it was pointless.

Prasanna Fonseka of the SLWJA had attended the meeting instead of Jayantha.

Among others present at the discussion were “Ravaya” editor Victor Ivan and senior journalist Waruna Karunatilleke.

The meeting was held to discuss the safety of journalists in Sri Lanka. There was concern about the campaign to malign some journalists on state media as being paid agents of the LTTE.

While discussions were on, news of the abduction was conveyed to Transport minister Dulles Alahapperuma .

When Alahapperuma informed President Rajapakse of the incident a nonchalant Rajapakse responded that he did not want to get involved in friction between media institutions.

The cryptic comment about alleged “media institution friction” by the President assumed greater significance due to subsequent developments.

In a bizarre twist the Mirihana Police instead of searching for the White van abductors went in search of veteran journalist Bennet Rupasinghe.


Rupasinghe was arrested at 8 .pm on June 1st and detained at the Police station for 18 hours till 2.pm on June 2nd.

He was interrogated for hours about alleged discrepancies between his version of the abduction and the complaint made by Mr. Jayantha’s spouse.

Bennet Rupasinghe said during interrogation that he had been informing people of the incident with the approval of Mr. Senadheera.

The Police then telephoned Sandaruwan Senadheera the editor-in-chief and publisher of Lanka e-news and asked him to come to the Police station.

When Senadheera arrived there on June 2nd, his statement was also recorded.

Both journalists were produced before the Nugegoda chief magistrate Vasantha Jinadasa by the Police special investigation unit.


Police informed the magistrate that both journalists were key suspects in the case as they had been the first to inform Poddala Jayantha’s wife of the incident.

Lawyers Vidura P. Manchanayake and Manjula Pathiraja who appeared for the two journalists submitted that the journalists had had nothing to do with the incident but upon , hearing of the abduction of Poddala Jayantha, informed his wife and advised her to lodge a complaint with the Police.

Police also said that Rupasinghe and Senadheera had informed the IGP Jayantha Wickremaratne, Media minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena, the Director of Information Anusha Pelpita and Presidential adviser on Public Affairs Kumarasiri Hettige about the incident.

As such the Police wanted both Journalists to be remanded pending further investigations.
But the chief magistrate who put off the case for August 3rd declined to remand both.
They were released on personal bail of Rs. 500,000 each and ordered to report to Police every Sunday.

Several media rights organizations and human rights institutions have condemned the abduction and attack.

In order to understand the background to the abduction and attack on Poddala Jayantha a brief excursion into recent events is necessary.


The bearded Poddala Jayantha was a popular figure among journalists as an ardent campaigner for media rights.

He was at the forefront of media demonstrations and also issued several statements critical of the Government despite being a Lake House employee.

According to journalists at Lake House both Jayantha and Sanath Balasuriya the president of Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association (SLWJA) were journalists holding left of centre views.

Both had supported Mahinda Rajapakse during Presidential elections of Nov 2005 and had even campaigned for him.

However as office-bearers of SLWJA both had been later critical of the government for trying to curb and suppress the media.

Despite working at the Government controlled Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd (Lake House) both had courageously stood up for the rights of media personnel regardless of irritation caused to the powers that be.

In association with other media rights organizations the SLWJA had been staging demonstrations and building up public awareness of media suppression

They had issued statements critical of the govt whenever the situation warranted it

When journalists were abducted, arrested or attacked Sanath and Jayantha had rushed to their defence in whatever capacity possible

They attended courts when journalists were charged.


When the gangster-Parliamentarian Mervyn Silva and heroin dealer “Kudu” Lal had invaded “Rupavahini” premises the employees there had erupted and held both as captives’

Both Sanath and Jayantha had rushed to State TV premises and persuaded employees to release Mervyn and “Kudu”.

Thereafter a number of Rupavahini employees were attacked with knives and razor blades on different occasions by Mervyn’s goondas.None were arrested.

In early January 2008 a gang of thugs in a white van went to the Boralesgamuwa area where Jayantha with the intention of abducting him

But alert residents had protested vehemently compelling the white van cowards to retreat ignominiously. Later villagers held a Bodhi pooja to invoke blessings and protection for Poddala Jayantha (Poddala is the name of his village)

Thereafter a safe houses for both Sanath and Jayantha were set up.


On May 22nd 2008 Keith Noyahr , Associate editor and defence columnist of “The Nation” newspaper was abducted by men in civilian clothing. He was assaulted and tortured at a secret location

Prompt action spearheaded by Krishantha Cooray the former Chief Executive Officer of “Rivira media corp” compelled the abductors to release a severely injured Noyahr with a warning that he should stop writing for ever.

Cooray who used his wide-ranging contacts to launch a world-wide agitation for the release of Noyahr was himself under threat later and was forced to relocate to a foreign country.

In the aftermath of the Keith Noyahr incident five media rights organizations held a public demonstration on May 23rd 2008, condemning it and demanding govt action to bring the abductors to justice.

They were Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association (SLWJA), Federation of media employees trade union (FMETU) Sri Lanka Muslim Media Forum (SLMMF),Sri Lanka Tamil Journalists Alliance (SLTJA) and the Free Media Movement (FMM).

It was well known then that FMM convenor Sunanda Deshapriya, and SLWJA stalwarts Sanath Balasuriya and Poddala Jayantha were the livewires behind the protest demonstration.


Shortly after this demonstration Defence secretary and Presidential sibling Gotabhaya Rajapakse summoned Balasuriya and Jayantha to his office. Also present were former “Lakbima” editor and present chairman of Lake House Bandula Padmakumara and Media center for National security director Lakshman Hulugalle.

Secretary Rajapakse went on a tirade against both saying that as Lake House employees they could not go against the Govt. Gota also charged that they were working against the Army commander Sarath Fonseka and the Army. There was a heated exchange of views.

At one point the Journalists said “Just because a war is being waged, if some wrongs are being committed by the military under that guise, it has to be exposed. There is no need to hide behind the guise of war”.

The Defence Secretary retorted “Don’t you understand what I am trying to say? If you don’t agree and continue with what you are doing, what has to happen to you will happen. Laws will be introduced to restrict reporting on the conduct of military or on Commanders of the Armed Forces. The military will campaign for such laws. We can see whether the voice of the military is stronger than the campaign of the journalists.

The Journalists then said “You are making a serious threat on our lives”.

The Defence Secretary replied “No, No. I am not doing it. I am definitely not threatening your lives. I am not. It will happen from where it happens. Our services are appreciated by 99 per cent of the people. They love the Army Commander (Lt. Gen. Fonseka) and the Army. Those who love us do what is required. We cannot help that.”


Angered by the Defence secretary’s attempt to intimidate the Lake House Journalists in the presence of their boss, Padmakumara, the five media organizations that organized the Noyahr incident demonstration sent a joint protest letter to Lt. Col (Retired). Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

The letter stated:

“We are extremely disappointed and very concerned to discover that you summoned and reprimanded Sanath Balasooriya and Poddala Jayantha, President and General Secretary of Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association ( SLWJA), over the protest campaign organized by our five media organizations against the abduction and inhuman assault on The Nation journalist Keith Noyahr.”

Your action has no precedent.

“We held this protest campaign peacefully and under the freedom of expression enshrined in our Constitution. The aim of our protest was to demand that the government initiates an open and impartial investigation into the abduction and assault of Keith Noyahr and bring the culprits to book. We openly stated that if the government does not apprehend the culprits and attempts to impair and impede the investigation, we hold it responsible for this heinous crime.

The Letter went on to say:

“We are outraged by your thinly veiled repeatedly expressed threat that the lives of Sanath Balasooriya and Poddala Jayantha would be in grave danger should they continue to defend the right to independent reportage critical of the military and the regime. Clearly, it is a problem that you see no problem in such odious expression. At a time when the President and his government seek to assure us that all is well with the protection and fullest enjoyment of fundamental rights in Sri Lanka, your behavior-and not for the first time-is a significant marker of the ground reality and the challenges facing free media and human rights.


Subsequently the issue was raised by journalists at the defence matters press briefing held by Cabinet minister Keheliya Rambukwella.

MCNS director Hulugalle also present was asked specifically about the incident.

He denied that Gotabhaya Rajapakse had threatened the journalists and had only sought a clarification. Hulugalle maintained that as lake House employees both had no right to engage in anti-govt activity.

When asked whether journalists had no rights to engage in politics if they wanted Rambukwella replied as govt employees of Lake house they had no right.

Asked as to why this was not emphasized when Sanath and Jayantha campaigned for Mahinda during Presidential polls Minister Keheliya came out with a characteristic “vihiluwa” “They were summoned to be thanked for that”.

The next major development in this saga was the cowardly assassination of “Sunday Leader” editor Lasantha Wickrematunge on Jan 8th 2009.


When threats against journalists increased in the aftermath of the brutal slaying a large number of journalists left the Country., Poddala Jayantha had also been one of the scribes who fled abroad for safety.

He returned to Sri Lanka only a few weeks ago and was living in Nugegoda temporarily. Poddala Jayantha was the first of those who fled abroad in January this year to return to Sri Lanka

This return was seen as an act of defiance. The cowardly bullies are happy when people flee for safety.

Recent events clearly indicate that Poddala Jayantha was singled out to the latest victim of a state sponsored witch hunt to target independent journalists refusing to bow down before this regime .

They were accused of being agents of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

Initially Army commander Sarath Fonseka alleged that evidence had been unearthed against Sinhala journalists helping the LTTE. He even said that media rights demonstrations at Lipton’s circus roundabout were bankrolled by the tigers.

This was followed by a media interview of IGP Jayantha Wickremaratne who reiterated the Army commander’s accusation.


The Inspector General of police accused unnamed journalists of obtaining money from the LTTE under the guise of campaigning for media freedom in Sri Lanka.

State controlled TV net work ITN showed visuals of Poddala Jayantha on its segment called “After News” while the accusation was being aired.

The bearded Poddala Jayantha’s image flashed across TV screens as references to treacherous journalists getting money from the LTTE were made.

On 22nd May an editorial of the state controlled Sinhala language daily “Dinamina” called for stoning and expelling of so called professional journalists who grow beards and take money from tigers.
Since Poddala Jayantha is well-known known for his beard, there was no doubt about the intended target. It was indeed sadly illustrative of the prevailing media situation that the paper for which Poddala Jayantha worked for more than 15 years should denigrate him this way.

As a result of this vilification campaign , Poddala Jayantha’s little daughter was humiliated at school. She refused to attend school .

The past few weeks saw continued attacks on “unnamed journalists” who had campaigned for media freedom and justice for abducted and killed journalists in Sri Lanka.


Media ministers Anura Priyadarshana Yapa and Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena added to the confusion by stating different points of view at press conferences about the so called list of media practitioners who got hand-outs from the LTTE.

They were called traitors by various politicians and pro state and state controlled media.

Even the independent “Divaina” newspaper wrote an editorial calling for the death penalty to be imposed on Sinhala journalists who betrayed the Country by taking money from the LTTE

The scene therefore was being set for the abduction and assault of Poddala Jayantha.


The “officially sanctioned unofficial” incident displayed a new twist by the fact that the two journalists who informed the family and authorities of the abduction were arrested and produced in courts.

This is seen as a crude attempt to prevent journalists from helping fellow journalists in distress and taking appropriate action.

Had it not been for Rupasinghe and Senadheera the fate of Jayantha may have been different.

But now the “good Samaritans” were being penalised. People were being encouraged to be like the Pharisee and Levite in Jesus Christ’s parable

President Rajapakse’s cryptic observation that he did not want to get involved in friction between media institutions followed by Police attempts to charge Rupasinghe and Senadheera of being suspects, strengthens suspicion that some “media sections” are going to be made the scapegoats.

Just as the passer-by who “misappropriated” Lasantha Wickrematunge’s cellular phone has been made prime suspect for the assassination and Kotte municipal councillors have been framed for the attack on MTV/Sirasa, Bennet and Sanduruwan could be made the ” guilty party” for the Jayantha abduction.

The new campaign to malign journalists as paid agents of the LTTE and the abduction of Poddala Jayantha shows that the Government riding the crest of a victory wave is all out to suppress media dissent by targeting potential dissenters with trumped-up charges of tiger links.


The three medical doctors who rendered yeoman service to innumerable people in Mullaitheevu are being detained and interrogated. Attempts are made to elicit the names of journalists who contacted them

LTTE political wing member “Daya master” who surrendered to the Army some weeks ago was interrogated intensely. Thereafter a list of journalist names were compiled on the basis of information allegedly divulged by Daya master.

The so called list of journalists allegedly in the pay of tigers has its genesis in the detention and interrogation of Daya Master. It appears that journalists disliked by the state will be “named” on this list and dealt out punishment as seen fit.

The Poddala Jayantha episode is the first in this phase of this officially sanctioned unofficial campaign. It certainly wont be the last until and unless remedia measures are enacted.

From Prabhakaran to Poddala, the people responsible for helping Mahinda Rajapakse become president are feeling the power of his presidency.Frankenstein dies a thousand deaths as their monstrous creation runs amok

Perhaps the editors and publishers invited for dinner by the President on June 5th will know what lies in store for courageous members of the fourth estate.

The attack on a prominent media rights activist like Poddala Jayantha is very likely to enhance the climate of fear among Sri Lankan journalists and media activists further. -dbsj

I can be reached onEmail: dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com

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  1. Poddalaya’s incident done by state . This artical tells the whole truth. What we jounos in Lanka cant write is done well by DBSJ from Canada. I thank you Jeyaraj for the media in Lanka.

  2. I did not whole story and did quick read in latter part as know those old stories..
    Hello Sinhala friends, who were very keen to talk about LTTE activities and blame.. First give the solutions for your MR and brothers company activities under carpet of the military victory… What is the action you can take against Dr Merlvin Silva? How tamils can expect fair solution from these political parties?

    I know and agree that there were lot of sinhalase has understanding about tamil’s rights and problem and treat them as equal. But, It is not there in political side and there is no Law and Order. Even Chief Justice make some good comments, he can not do any thing until people wake up from these military victory dreams.. These MR company want to rule the country for another 6 years and then change the constitution to allow them continue further and family want to continue then after MR. So, I could not see any thing promising for SL in near future….

  3. Very original thinking Mahinda Chindhana,accuse the first imformants so no body would dare to inform even if they witness any incident.Did some body some where mention Chinese or North Korean style justice?”No this is home grown don’t preach us we can do better than any country east or west”

  4. The more you read of the murky politics and governance that the people have to endure one cannot resist remembering the Bard’s immortal words ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’ It is governance with a fascist touch but in the name of the poor people of the country. Poddala Jayantha’s fate is not the first and neither will it be the last in that Pol Potist culture that is now overtaking the land.

    With so many elections ‘won’ and with the war against the Tamils won; the dreaded Prabakaran annihilated President Rajapakse’s litany of serious woes appears to be hardly ending. One might even argue it is beginning. What is the cause? Did Mao Tse Tung have a clue when he said that contradictions in governance always brings trouble and instability. With as many parties with diverse political philosophies, the President has more than just simple contradictions in his plate. In his world record Cabinet of over a hundred he has die-hard Sinhala extremists whose raison d’etre are the Tamil militants. Then he has Tamil militants trained by Arab terrorists all to finish off the Sinhalese.

    He has Cabinet colleagues who brutally gunned down over 600 unarmed Sinhala policemen resulting in many of the families concerned going to the streets. He has colleagues who owned Finance companies that rendered upper middle class families to pauper levels by destroying their only livelihood in savings. These credit companies in the mercantile sector ‘stole’ the wealth of several thousands whose lives were destroyed beyond recognition when their deposits were defrauded. And they are moving around scot free. These local Bernie Madoff’s are ruling the roost there while the real Madoff is languishing in a US jail ‘ thanks to the much maligned US system of justice (that is, in the eyes of Rajiva Wijesinghe and Dayan Jayatilake) There are Sinhala radicals from the Marxist extreme who came into politics wearing rubber slippers now owning Hotels in the Sinhala heartland bought in the name of their kit and kin. These children of exploited peasant farmers are now exploiters themselves who have cornered the distribution of Rice in the.country where the farmer gets a pittance while they rake in the billions. Both peasant farmers and millions of poor consumers countrywide are held to ransom by these racketeers ‘ and the top in the government know this all too well.

    Then, of course, he has Ministers whom every Tom, Dick and Harry in the country identify as gutter-snipe drug-traffickers, ransom racketeers, hired killers and scum of the earth who openly intimidates judges with impunity ‘ but with doctorate s. Poddala Jantha will be framed and disgraced as much as Sunananda Deshapriya. Any attempt by those to expose these crimes will be stamped down ruthlessly Idi Amin style. The attempt to impose an oligarchy has been on for sometime. This cannot last. The country will suffer in the interim. That is the negative side of democracy . After all ‘a people get a government they deserve’ Incidentally, many like me did not vote them in..

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  5. Praba was touted and fted by the majority of Tamils as their savior in the 80s. Now Mahinda Maama is being touted as King and Savior by a majority of Sinhalese. Prabha turned out be the downfall of the Tamils and if the Sinhalese are not careful Mahinda will be the downfall of the Sinhalese. My money is on the Sinhalese making the same mistake as the Tamils.

  6. DBSJ,

    Don’t blame GOSL for everything concerning journalists. Did you know , LTTE behind most of these incidents to discredit the government.
    Government does not need to harm any journalist. Government is very popular within ordinary Srilankans. Only LTTE and UNP needed to make noises for for human rights and freedom…etc.

    Machang Charlie, Are you saying the defeated LTTE abducted Poddala Jayantha?……..DBSJ

  7. Is the current defence secretary following the footsteps of former deputy defence minister Mr Ranjan Wijeratne? Certainly the attacks on journalists suggest that way. Richard de Soyza was one of the victims then. If that is the case then Mr Gotabhaya Rajapakse will soon end up in the same graveyard as his predecessor.

  8. People of Sri lanka of all ethnic groups lost their rational thoughts in competing jingoism between GOSL/chauvinistic partners and LTTE. Present GOSL can not survive without LTTE. Abolishing the draconian laws is a political suicide for GOSL, hence it will continue it with the help of India and China. Losers are not only Tamils (certainly tamils are the most vulnerable) but sinhalese and Muslims as well.
    Only way out is respecting the reasonable political aspiration of minorities and struggle jointly for united secular and liberal Sri lankan society.

    check this out. opinion from a neutral outsider.
    Sri Lanka : Ten Myths

    By Satya Sagar

    04 June, 2009


  9. What kind of F***in country is this? No F***in freedom for any one..Tribal Thinkers wake up we are livin in 21st Century.

  10. Very good article DBSJ

    This is the “government’ under which we Tamils have to supposedly reconcile..

    I rem a lot of people poking fun at my comments/trying to brush them under the carpet when I and man others (including almost every humanitarian agency) repeatedly said that any reconciliation should be spearheaded by a truth and justice commission/investigation of human rights abuses by Both sides of the conflict (similar to that of South Africa). Recently we were told that there only two kinds of people in Lanka(a statement made by mahinda of course)” those who love the country and those who don’t”. When i asked who would be the judge of this, no one answered. Now the fate of Jayantha ..a brave brave man.is a good example of what will happen to people the government thinks are those who do not love the country

    That is why, even though Mohan’s letter had the right intentions, (even though I wont hesitate to add that it had a lot of facts wrong) will not make any difference. Because the only “reconciliation’ the GOSL will accept is the one in which the minorities(and those who oppose it) keep mum and accept whatever the government does.

    Even as we speak any dissenting voice against the government is ebing suppressed. Keep in mind what happened when Jeyantha was in the ground, bloodied; calling for help. No one even moved a muscle to help. This is because; even though a lot of Sinhalese claim to have beaten the “terrorists” they know in the heart of hearts that they too live under a de-facto dictatorship. They did not try to help not because they did not care about him..but they were afraid. They have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. They have sat silent when democratic rights were peeled away one by one in the name of fight against terrorismnow they themselves face the monster they have created.

    This reminds me of the star wars trilogy, where Emperor Palpatine was but chancellor Palpatine who instigates a war in order to grab power, and to keep it. After defeating the terrorists he becomes the emperor in all but name. He was made the emperor by the jubilant people when he won the war he stage managed

    Looking at the cheering crowds who welcome the chancellor Palpatine crowning himself Emperor, Amidala observes

    This is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause

    It died long ago for the Tamils, but it also died for the Sinhalese the very same day they were lighting firecrackers to celebrate their victory. The same way it died when Hitler was elected to parliament on the back of cheering crowds. History is replete with such examples, but people who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. . The Lankan politicians started a war, stage managed it and have now won itthereby ensuring that they had a very easy life during the past 60 years. Now..they dont have to care anymorebecause they are Kings in anything but name

    and those who scoff at an impartial investigation of the crimes by both sides, take heed as well, because one day when it is your turn; there will be no one to stand up for you. let me ask you honestly, can ANYONE in lanka stand up and talk against the politics of the government and except to remain unharmed? . Yesterday it started with the Tamils; it continues today too, the Now its the turn of journalists, where will it stop? Will it even stop? Maybe it would..when everyone in the country bows their head to the “Defender of the Buddhist nation”

    Its ironic that someone who is all for “reconciliation” would even deign to accept such a racist title from a bunch of monks, were you surprised? i was certainly not. This is akin asking the wolf to guard the sheep. Even as we speak hundreds of thousands of people anguish behind three rows of concertina wire. To cremate a body one needs to pay 10 000 to the soldiers, to send aid…the aid agencies should remove all logos and flags of their respective orgs and go with government “minders”, lest the civilians relate their nightmare or even realize that the aid thats getting through is mostly from the NGOs. To add insult to injury; Sinhalese traders have been allowed to open shops in some of these camps. They sell basic necessities like food at exorbitant prices….preying on people who have already lost everything.

    I dont think there is any hope for the country not for a long timeand certainly not in the near future The civilians who really long for reconciliation and peace have o way outeven their wishes will be co-opted by the government and twisted to fuel their agendaas we can clearly see even as we speak.

    Yesterday it was Lasantha, now its jeyantha, who will be next?. Bahmaybe this is all hogwash..maybe this is all a western NGO plot to sully he name of our country.surely Jayantha was a terror supporter. Let us all resists any call for justice and impartial investigations even as the boat we are in is sinking fast under tyranny. How glorious it will be to die for the country as a patriot defending our king

  11. It appears that GOSL is again and again making the same mistake , making them exposed to harsh International criticism when they have achieved so much ,winning the 30 year old war. The prostitute journalism couldn’t defeat GOSL’s effort to defeat LTTE TERRORISM nor they could give a life line to LTTE LEADERSHIP. Then why should the do things to discredit them selves? It does not make any sense.

  12. In my view, the whole saga gives an implicit definition for MR’s ‘patriotic and non-patriotic peoples’ claim lately. Those who are not in line with the government’s popular triumphalism wave are non-patriotic and being enlisted for punishment. Government seems to be determined to remove the next obstacle, which is the free media journalists, along the way of it’s long-term objective of militarization of the sri lankan civil society. Sri Lankans beware: Dictatorship is on the rise !

  13. This is another LTTE propaganda to tarnish the image of our Sri Lanka. You either love our country or you don’t. If you love our country, let our King Mahinda handle on his own way. After all he is our king and he knows the best. And if you don’t like it, please leave our country.

    Hitler was also hailed as “King of the aryan nation” after he gassed the jews………DBSJ

  14. DBSJ, you deserve the same treatment. Don’t ever think of coming to Sri Lanka. We will provide free brain surgery like the one given to VP- this time not with the axe, but…

    We are watching…..do you know what happened to your good friend Dharmeratnam Sivaram (Taraki).

    Better you keep your BS in Canada, let your children have peace of mind.

    If I say “boo” you’ll start putting “goo” in your pants Ruwan.Now shoo! shoo!!……………DBSJ

  15. Charlie and other future commenter,

    Donot mixed up this incident or talk about LTTE. First thing, what is the plan for place Law and order in south? I know most of the Sri Lankans are easy to forgot the past and that is successes for so many inquiry commissions government formed… Even those commissions may forgot.. it is just additional pay by state and they can earn until next governments and it shout up the other international bodies tried to blame…

    This incident also, government will kept it silent for next 1 months, then every one will forgot. Who now remember about Lasantha’s murder case.. Even police officers clean the dust on files just before trial on court only….

    Until, People live like this, No body can not change SL and i donot see any future.

    One thing, i just worrying or thinking, what government can tell people as now war is almost over.. Any needed some interesting news cover up increasing cost of living, economic crisis and thugs and murders … I am sure MR & Bros will find a good story and start play it soon to keep everyone cool in that film… Other option is some more victory celebrations…

  16. While I do not rule out that there were no journalist paid by LTTE , in my opinion, if there are journalist who were on LTTE payroll, the situation should be investigated and dealt in a lawful manner. This is not the way to handle it in a civilized society. It is a shame on government.

    My biggest worry is that my hopes to see a peaceful country where Sinhalese living, working, laughing, celebrating with Tamils has started diminishing. It is the high time for the government to request, encourage Sinhalese to line up with some new cloths that they have unused yet, bag of rice they have just brought home to cook dinner, some books and pencils they have bought for their kids education and march towards North. It is not a time to waste for this type of stupid things. More we let Tamil brothers and sister suffer in camps more we apart from their hearts.

    Anyway I am glad that at least I have a few Tamil friends in the country where I live now, with who I can talk about dreams of a peaceful country, the way me and as I believe most of the Sinhalese think of Tamils and who I can invite to my home to share my lunch with.

  17. Jayantha got far less than what he deserved. He got free education. Then he wanted to serve those who destroy Sri Lanka.

    There are many more to get the same fate one day when ever that can be.

    They should get it.

    What do you think is the fate that should befall the white van cowards?……….DBSJ

  18. Hi Poddala Jayantha,

    I donot much know much about you other than seen in MTV news and online news for protest…

    SL has only very few people like you to do protest rather than think about own family.. It is sad to see the end… When we work for public interests, these incidents are common, but, family is the one suffer lost as no one ready to take care… Most of the late journalists families are suffering… Better think about your own safety as my personal advice.. Even DBSJ and lot of them do this.. Until people come and protect you guys, no choice as feel…

    Guys,… As every one knows these abduction happened in front of many public, why at least single person could not try to save him…? Every one can write in these websites… and analysis… Until people are aware what is going on and how they can protect the country and law and order…. no way… I donot want any more this type things… Journalists, Please think about your safety… Or work as joint force.. Otherwise no point…

    Guys who blame this Poddala Jayantha for his activity, I am not against if you can file any case for those activities rather than do these state sponsored illegal activities… Hope you guys seen MTV changed them as no choice after had hard time with Dr Silva. What is the action they were able to take against them other than shown Rupavahini incident repeatly… Poor rupavahini’s guys too… no choice for them… May be next Dr may come as media minister too… Who knows SL’s super duper MR & Brothers plan… God Please save this small island…

  19. DBS, Jayaraj

    I challange you to come for a discussion with an independent web site ,lankanewspapers.com .

    Whatever for?……………DBSJ

  20. DBSJ,
    Thank you for giving us the whole picture and history of Poddala’s being beaten up. I wish I could hug and offer some words of comfort to the poor, brave man. It was quite traumatic for me just reading about the attack. I can’t imagine that he will ever recover from the trauma of the attack. It is incredible that passers by would not help him. This is a clear sign that SL is not a nation. If you can’t even help a man with such severe bodily hurt get to a hospital, then SL is simply a physical place occupied by people who are strangers to each other, not a people who are a “nation” bound by a shared history and memories. I agree with you that Sri Lankans should be ashamed of themselves–for voting in this monster government and allowing violence to continue against fellow-citizens.

    There is some questions I hope you can answer. I read Lasantha’s posthumous editorial, and he talks about someone who will kill him and also, eventually, the President himself. He also said something about the First Lady praying not only for her own sins but that of her extended family. Is he pointing the finger at Gotabhaya or someone else in the 1st Lady’s family? Also, why didn’t he simply name the person? After all, this editorial was to be published after his death. What did he have to fear?

    Would really appreciate it if you could shed light on this.

  21. LTTE is gone. If the UN or International community does not help Tamils, I think SL Tamils must develop a nuclear power against the SL Government because we are helpless, hopeless, and homeless people in the world so we need to protect ourself from the Sinhala chauvinists. There were more than 100 thousand including Woman and Children are killed. Nobody questioned it. So we have to protect ourself but 12-18 percent in that country so we need a fire power to handle 82-88 percent of the majority.

    This is just a suggestion. For sure I wont forgive the SL Government.

    You are raving like a lunatic about nuking and all. Just take a sedative and sleep………DBSJ

  22. Charlie,
    You seem to have some evidence that these journalists were on the payroll of the LTTE. Just Daya Master allegedly revealing these names is not sufficient. After all, the government can’t expect us to believe the words of a terrorist, right? So do you have some real evidence? If you do, please share it with us. I am dying to know how much money the LTTE can pay journalists that will make them court death to themselves and incur danger for their families.

    If you don’t have such evidence, for eg of phone conversations, actual payments made, etc., then I will conclude that you are a paid propagandist of the SL government and are part of their fascist machinery.

  23. DBSJ,

    You are a rubbish idiot from the beginning. You lick all ass

    As I told you earlier its time for you to take a sedative and go to sleeeeeeeeeeep……..DBSJ

  24. Dear All Civilized Sri lankans; Sooner we received many cheers from every parts of the world for the victory over terrarists, millions are watching our movements and progress now & it has to be continued. Not this kind of unprofessional manners bring shame on us. So we have to drive for our target which is more difficult than easy winning! Unity is must! we must help innocent tamils in our country! And also Tamils must shoulder faithfully to bring our country up again! without this unity & oneness we will do only tug of war! but no Peace will reach us!
    I wonder it happens if we take courage & remove the colour & cast away from our minds thoroughly & work as one team & one nation!
    Be more Religious, & then you may easily get thease thoughts.
    May God Bless you all!!

  25. If the GOSL is involved in this it is sad. However, I don’t consider that Sunanda, Pddala clan has any credibility. At least there should be some kind of guide lines for media reporting. The media has become a joke even in the west. They have become too powerful greedy and they can publish any lie for money and get away with it. They should be accountable for inaccurate reporting by laws rather than this way.

    Do western journalists get the treatment Lasantha and Jayantha got?…………DBSJ

  26. Ruwan #17,
    One day DBSJ will be working peacefully in Sri Lanka. You will either be dead by then or serving him tiffin and tea.

    Actually, you could do with some brain surgery yourself. You think your masters will reign forever? How many suicide bombers will it take to blow up the R brothers? Violence begets violence–always remember that.

  27. Dear Mr. DBS,

    How ever I read your article but would like to tell some things. There are one point has incorrect , according to my knowledge Poddal working with Mihira in present, not with Dinamina.

    Rg, M

  28. Thanks DBS and all rational thinking people.
    Who will answer for Lasantha’s death and all the others? . Now Podala’s abductors will also go unpunished. This Regime is like an evil cancer that is growing and nurturing on a fertile bed of ethnic hatred. Culitivated by a dangerous war mongering Bhuddist clergy. How can these Government officials proclaim to be followers of Bhuddha?
    This so called King of Sri Lanka has little power now. Defence secretary and Army commander call the shots. With another 100,000 troops inducted, the hold on power will be complete.
    But wait; they can be toppled, with a revolt from within the Government. Silly me!. Avarice knows no master!.
    I pray every day for SL; only a miracle can save that nation. The claw of hatred sits firmly across the country.

    The anniversary of Tianaman square massacre is upon us. The new found friends have given SL a good examples to follow.
    Suppoort the country with prayer, for the fall of this regime.for the drying up of external funds to drive these men to their knees.

  29. #17 Ruwan says…
    “DBSJ, you deserve the same treatment. Don’t ever think of coming to Sri Lanka. We will provide free brain surgery like the one given to VP- this time not with the axe, but…

    We are watching..do you know what happened to your good friend Dharmeratnam Sivaram (Taraki).

    Better you keep your BS in Canada, let your children have peace of mind.”

    Unfortunately many in Sri Lanka have the same mindset like this little Tool Ruwan or should I say Goo Boy.

  30. For all the war against terrorism rhetoric, the government has perfected its own state terror machine. Sri Lanka is an utter disgrace. Don’t be surprised to see a full-fledged fascist state within the next five years with King Mahinda crowned president for life. All this talk about reconciliation seems to be gimmick to avoid international scrutiny.

  31. Now the ‘LTTE’ smoke is cleared, seems like we are starting to see the big brother & co’s terror. Long live Sri Lanka. By the way, who needs investigation? We singalese didn’t want the UN to investigate the death of 20,000 people, we trust our good government you know.. they are good I say.

  32. #17 Ruwan says
    DBSJ, you deserve the same treatment. Don’t ever think of coming to Sri Lanka. We will provide free brain surgery like the one given to VP- this time not with the axe, but… We are watching..do you know what happened to your good friend Dharmeratnam Sivaram (Taraki).
    Better you keep your BS in Canada, let your children have peace of mind.

    I am shocked by this moronic post. If this is the view of most of those in power, Sri Lanka has no chance at all of ever improving. Expect another insurrection when the king’s popularity wanes.

  33. dbsj
    if somebody (a journalist , policeman ,singhales, tamil,muslim or whoever ) selling his own country’s secrets to the enemies, what should the people do? doing nothing or waiting forever for long court decisions… SORRY forget those legal bullshits. whoever did this thing is right for sake of our home land.

    What about people who pay LTTE cash to get help in winning elections?…….DBSJ

  34. ……………………WAKE UP CALL…………………………………..

    I hope this will bring all the peace loving Sri Lankans (Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslims, the rest) together to fight against another so called dictatorship.

    Dear Sri lankans,

    Please show your support to the investigation into the alleged war crimes by both GOSL and LTTE.

    This will bring the TRUE criminals to the light thus reducing the violence against the future media freedom of Sri Lanka too.

    Please write about this in your news papers. Bring all the communities to gather and educate them.

    The international community is ready to bring these cowards down.

    The is the only possible way.

    For our country’s sake we need our Sinhalese friends support more than anything in this point of time.

    This is the time we UNITE and act fast to do what ever we can to save and serve our country

    One down. One more to go.

    PS: Please keep the reconciliation letters coming. Let this not distract our good intentions towards peace.

  35. In the name of countering terrorism:

    1. Number of minority businessmen were abducted for ransom running to hundreds of millions. Efforts made to destroy big businesses run by them

    2. Many moderate monority political voices were silenced systematically except for political stooges/goondas/criminals from minority who would lick the backs of so called “kings” for their own benefit even by killing their own mothers or selling their own sisters.

    3. Systematic mass scale murder of minority civilians were carried out over a period of time / and is still being carried out under the guise of fighting terrorism.

    4. After carrying out mass civilian murders amounting to over 20,000 during the final days of battle, the “King” ensured that no food supply/medical or other humanitarian assistance given by NGOs to the dying civilians from their onslaught. Even the remaining doctors helping civilians were arrested on charges of terrorist activities and their end is not too far.

    5. Remaining tamils are herded into concentration camps under most despicable conditions. Girls are separated/raped. boys are separated, arrested, killed; all in the name of countering terrorism.

    6. These measures will ensure that the remaining people in the camps will not think of anything other than food and a place to sleep. In future, their lands will be confiscated and they will be labourers for majority land grabbers under state sponsorship

    7. To hide the economic bankruptcy and to guard the vote bank, the “elimination of terrorism” drama will continue, until the sinhala majority feel the punch hard in their stomachs.

    8. The cowardism of unable to face the true reflection of journalists and countering them by eliminating them or intimidating and injuring them will continue using state arms, as you cannot expect anything better under the rule of thugs and goons.

    9. North East will be ruled by criminals under the prescription of these kings.

    10. As a revenge for Rajiv killing and for grabbing control over this Island with strategic location / business interests – India and China will compete with each other to cover the crimes of Srilankan Kings(Thugs). After all, India and China don’t have anything to care about a few hundred thousand impoverished civilian death / suffering while their business interests are served!

    Srilanka will pretty well play the prostitutes role to get the best out of both India and China, knowing they are competing with each other for regional domination!

    Tsunami helped the country’s forex reserves to stabilise and to swell President’s personal funds. Now the IDP will do the same thing……What an irony… Human suffering has always been boon to our goons…

    Until Sinhala mindset changes, “fighting terrorism” is enough for these goons to rule the country for another 20 years. Once in a way we can expect a few state sponsored bombs going off in colombo and suburbs to keep the mojority focuss undistracted…!

  36. Dear DBSJ.
    This is a warning to you.Deadly duo GR and SF will not leave any stone unearthed to eliminate dissent voice nor obstacles to safe guard themselves as they are afraid of the crimes they have committed by killing thousand of civillians.It is wriitten in the wall.They may hire a mercenary to bump off you in a foreirgn soil because you have created a voice for hapless people yearning for a killing free just society.In this column,one flag carrying arrack smelling patriot has already warned you about the treatment that you will receive on arrival Sri Lanka. That is the patriosm we are experiencing today.Hitlers are happy with this types of lunatic psycopant who threatened you.Psychopathy is frequently co-morbid with other psychological disorders (particularly narcissistic personality disorder). The psychopath of a lunatic differs from the sociopath, and differ even more so from an individual with a pro-social and good governance personality. all psychopants of this nature have antisocial personality disorder.GR and SF is not excluded.
    Therefore I earnestly request you to take care of yourself. Decent Sri Lankan cannot afford to lose a journalist like you.

    Thank you for your concern………….DBSJ

  37. DBSJ

    You are going to be busy mate writing similar articles in the years to come.

  38. As a Sri Lankan, I am truly worried to see the responses from people like # 17 (Ruwan).

    I think that many Sinhalese are happy than the war is over, but at the same time I am worried that the government is trying to cover all their wrong doings behind the victory.

    Power corrupts people. I wonder how people like Ruwan forgot about 88-90 period. When the gangs harassed and killed journalists and thousands of innocent people, now President MR was campaigning against the violence. I remember how people were afraid to talk, how then President Premadasa was despised. And how people celebrated when he died. By the way, people who got killed during that period are Sinhalese.

    We need a government that looks after all ethnic groups, upholds the justice, protects rights of EVERY CITIZEN !

    People like Ruwan should realize that if things continue in the same way, it will not take too long for these gangs in white vans to terrorize everyone including him.

    I love my country. But loving my country doesn’t mean accepting everything blindly. People who really love their country should not act as a herd of sheep.

  39. Sinhala buddhist civilisation at its best.

    Three Tamil doctors who struggled under tiring conditions without thinking of theirown safety had done their duty to help tens of thousands of civilians wounded in Sri Lanka’s war zone could be held for up to a year before being charged with harming the country, the government has revealed. Even after IC/UN have publically recognised their heroic services.

    The Government publicly for holding more than 280,000 Tamils against their will in military-run internment camps,Sinhala civilians are not questioning the legality of their detention

    IC/UN should understand the reality and take action.

  40. Although any vilonce gaianst anyone should be condmened, we must note the too much freedom for journalists in Sri Lanka. Other countries fighting wars won’t tolerate this type of nonsense from journalist .

    I thought the war was over and we had victory parades…………..DBSJ

  41. Indonanesia! Thats the word which comes to mind.Took them a long time to get some sort of semblance to democracy. Hold on tight. We are in for a long haul. Good Luck to all who live in Sri Lanka.

    For those living abroad have the luxury of looking in from outside. Try to get in the shoes of the guys who had to (I confidently say they had to) walk past. The internal strugle between the concience and the concern for safety of self and family. And then having to be reminded everytime the see it in the news. And for the many that will go through this until things change.

  42. Comment 19 – Gamage

    101% I agree with you.

    I dont know why people hate each other for nothing

    Love is all about happiness


    Love is God

  43. Voltaire’s maxim: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

    If the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and freedom of speech under the umbrella of the “rule of law” cannot be assured for all citizens by the powers that be in Sri Lanka then there is certainly no place for intellectuals, intelligent discourse and free exchange of ideas in that country.

    There have been several brutal and deadly attacks on journalists in Sri Lanka. Today the excuse is National Security. Tomorrow then what prevents a local councilor in a southern small town from beating up a journalist who complains about lack of water supply or electricity?

    The label “traitor” was widely used by the LTTE to drown out and destroy alternative, albeit sensible, voices and visions for the Tamils. We all know where Tamils ended up as a result. The government seems to be heading in that direction.

    Speaking purely in terms of economics the woes of the country are aplenty. All statistics put out by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, or any authority, to the contrary are aesop’s fables at best. For instance, according to the state run Daily News, their current unemployment rate is at an impressive low of 5.2 percent. Even in the best of times the relevant rate in Canada never went down to that level. The Lankan inflation is so high that the authorities have no option but to print money on every piece of paper they can put their hands on.

    The war worked well for several people (on both sides); enabling them to enhance their status economically and politically. Now with that excuse removed the powers that be are being exposed to the real challenge of governance. I think that prospect scares them. As the maxim goes: it is easier to destroy than to build. The government seems clueless as to how to proceed on the economic front. But they will not tolerate criticism or commentary. So, next the targets of the white van thugs would be economists and professors who do not tow the official line.

    Sri Lanka is on the verge of collapsing into a Zimbabwean like delusional utopia. While our neighbor India to the amazement of the whole world produces indigenously almost everything from paper clips to satellites Lanka has to import even “gopal palpodi”. I see no hope under the current leadership.

    There is a biblical verse attributed to Jesus: “get up let us leave this place”. Many of us regardless of race, language or religion did leave. Many are waiting to leave. I honestly do not see an end to this exodus.

  44. If Rajapashe brothers were just pariotic war criminals they would escape from thier crimes and rule the country for another 10 , 15 years , enough time to clean thier hand from tamil blood.

    But the fact their regime have all aspects of a tyranie , where all crimes are allowed since it is against tamils and critics of the Regime. And as LTTE is no more there to be blamed for everything…the people will start to understand the real face of Rajapase brothers who are about to make this country next Bruma or Sudhan. And a playground for Chinese dictators and Indian hypocrits.

    Modorate singalese people are already starting to critisize the fashist aspect of the regime which will soon become less and less popular….who knows mey be we dont need to bring Rajapashe brothers and Sarath Fonsega to international court , they may be judged and jailed in Sri lanka it self.

  45. I personally don’t agree to this kind of abductions and assaults , I feel he (Poddala) had got a bad treatment.I feel extremly sorry for him.

  46. DBS, You may atach this to my earlier comment

    Mahinda govt must reveal how much money they gave LTTE before investigating how much money LTTE gave journalists

  47. I can say with 100% certainty but will not further elaborate here govt has absoultely nothing to do withpoddal jayantha getting attacked

  48. for constantly stirring the hornest nests wrongly I wish and pray somebody will attack you when you are in sri lanka


    I did not know there is a right way and a wrong way to stir the “hornet’s nest”.

    I will continue to speak truth to power as much as I can

    I’ve already been attacked in Canada.

    As for Sri Lanka what makes you think I am not in Colombo already?

  49. The terror from the srilankan state always exisisted in diffrent forms time to time, This ugly terrorisim been hidden under the name of “democratically elected government”, “war for peace” and “war on terror” etc etc. The victims are Tamils, sinhalese, interlectuels, politictions from oppsition parties and journalists. Now the LTTE is gone the GOSL terrror stand completly necked to the world after killing of 20000 tamils. We will witness much worst things..

  50. Daya Master is divulging all the information to the Government to save his skin, but is he telling the truth or false.

  51. The actions of the police were predictable in the present state of the nation.
    But the action of the magistrate in “releasing” the two complainants on a personnel bail of Rs 500,000 each instead of asking the police the reasons for their arrest, has shaken my confidence in the judiciary which was the ultimate bulwark against injustice for me and my fellow citizens of sri lanka.
    I wonder whether the judiciary has done an ‘about turn’ with the retirement of the chief justice Hon Sarath N Silva.
    I am also purturbed that there people who have justified this ‘unofficial punishment’ of a journalist who stands for the truth.
    Has the ‘tiger regime’ been replaced by a ‘terror regime’?
    This maybe the case, from the reaction of the President on hearing the news of the abduction.
    The writing is on the wall for all those who beleive in social justice – not only in the freedom of the press.

  52. You are a poisonous snake Mr Jeyaraj

    Thank You. Naya,polonga or kerawalaya? Naan oru “Nalla” Paambu, Narada……….DBSJ

  53. DBS
    I read your articles only . I know you are honest trustworthy
    You are also a true moderate
    I pray for peace among Lankans. There are so many many good decent peaceloving sinhala people and Tamils in Lanka

    I like what Gamage said # 19 . I am sure Lanka got many Gamages than Ruwan (#17)

    Is there a way you can monitor who Ruwan is and inform Police either FBI or RCMP
    This scumbag should not be allowed to write
    You should not allow his writings here

    The best writing is from Gamage
    my bigest wory is that my hopes to see a paceful country where Sinhalese living, working, laughing, celebrating with Tamils has started diminishing. It is the high time for the government to request, encourage Sinhalese to line up with some new cloths that they have unused yet, bag of rice they have just brought home to cook dinner, some books and pencils they have bought for their kids education and march towards North. It is not a time to waste for this type of stupid things. More we let Tamil brothers and sister suffer in camps more we apart from their hearts.

    Anyway I am glad that at least I have a few Tamil friends in the country where I live now, with who I can talk about dreams of a peaceful country, the way me and as I believe most of the Sinhalese think of Tamils and who I can invite to my home to share my lunch with.

    Let us all pray for peace
    Love your neighbour as your self
    Life is short why should we hate each other
    People like Ruwan#17 need to read bible so God can change him The holy spirit can make a change in him
    Let us pray for him


    I will pray for you I am touched by your writings sir

    God bless you and your family

  54. Dear Mr DBS,

    I read your article with a sense of sadness as I was beginning to feel a little bit optimistic about the future of Sri Lanka after the eventful happenings in the war front last month. My first thought was to ignore your article thinking it being biased. However, you have managed to get my attention over the years as being an honest and trustworthy person.

    Therefore, I write these comments and questions primarily to sharpen my thoughts. They may be considered controversial at best and dangerous at worst by journalists which happens to be your profession, I believe.

    Let me start by mentioning emphatically that all those media people who died and got injured in recent years do not deserve the harsh “punishment” they received. I mention this now to avoid any misinterpretation that you or others might make based on the comments that are to follow that I condone the actions of those people behind these violence.

    Having said that, I get the impression that I am bombarded with new items be it on TV, print media or the internet that I am to consider journalism is a “sacred” profession; that democracy is indebted to “free” media; that media freedom must be protected at any cost and a general impression that they can do no harm so long as they do not form part of the establishment of the day. I have always wondered why is it that I am forced to watch every week (sometimes twice a week) on CNN “reporters without borders” program in which they highlight the the hardships international media has to go through when they report news from various hotspots in the world. If the media is free as they claim to be why is it that I do not have the choice to watch the all those people be it teachers, law enforcement people, community organizers, healthcare workers etc, who work everyday under extraordinary hardships to make the world not become a worse place than what it already is? Why is it more important to have “free” media that “relevant”, “accurate” or “factually correct” media? Why do everybody seems to believe that all ills of the world will go away if only they let media be “free”. I have difficulty in understanding the logic behind this argument. Just to illustrate my point, everybody seems to be believe that that the THE SUNDAY LEADER greatly contributed to the Sri Lankan society. I am not yet convinced about this argument. Firstly, I believe the news items they carried were largely anti government rather than a balance analysis of the good and the bad. Secondly, they got much more attention than they deserve considering the size of their penetration as a news paper. And thirdly, their analysis and opinions are sometimes outdated and even factually incorrect. I read this on the web (see the link below) of their analysis of the Indian election on Sunday the 17th when in fact on Saturday I already knew what the outcome of the elections were.

    Why is it nobody demanding less bias, more balanced, less controversial approach from the media? Who is responsible when they get it wrong?

    Finally, is there a different, more collaborative way of dealing with this age old issue? After all, Sri Lanka is not the only country to experience these problems. Remember, when you have a hammer solutions to all problems seem like a nail (I am not sure if I got this right). While it seems obvious government seems to behave like that I might dare to say the journalists seems to think that too. ..



    I recently noticed in a Singhala web site mentioning MR, GR and SF are the REAL Triple Gems liberated Srilanka. ( I assume Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha are out dated or out of the game plan!!.)
    This is really impressed me and answered number of my unanswered questions.

    What war crime we are talking about? The Triple Gems just blessed Wanni. The 20,000 innocent Tamils were never killed but sent to haven by the Triple Gems.

    Human Right Violations – The 250,000 IDPs are paying the price for their sin for being Tamils. No worries when all the sins are over the Triple Gems will gradually send the IDPs to heaven. ICRC, IC please dont spoil the chances of these IDPs reserving their seats in the heaven.

    Friend! How lucky you are to be blessed by the Triple Gems.

    Please dont write about war crime, innocent civilians, IDP camps, politics etc etc. Your pen must write about the glory of Triple Gems. ( I would like to see you living long).

    Please write how our Triple Gems and their generations can rule and lead the country for ever under the Dragon flagship.

    Triple Gems bless all of us.

  56. DBS, one certain fact is that the LTTE had infiltrated a lot into society. The recent arrest of a high ranking army officer who was under the pay of the LTTE and is supposed to have personally transported suicide bombers passing as his aides in order to assassinate the president is one such shocking example. As such it may be prudent to be cautious in trying to exonerate jayantha. Daya Master’s statement alone may not have been the cause, but maybe additional information obtained from interrogated terrorists may have helped.

    Exonerating Jayantha from what? Are you justifying the attack on Poddala?……..DBSJ

  57. Is that true one of the Triple Gems is building a $75m mansion in California? (If this news is credible I wonder how he earned such a huge amount in such a short period of time?) Some journalists who have apparently investigated this mention in order to shed some public light were threatened.
    My question here is…..
    1 ) I dont know whether Jayanthas incident is related to the $75m mansion.
    2) The story about the media personal who were in LTTEs payroll is related to this $75m mansion.

    Anyone knows any thing?

  58. People like Poddala spreading the western garbage supporting Foreign Governments are traitors of the motherland. They can go to their sponsoring countries like Norway or UK and leave the Sri Lankans to live a peaceful life without creating hatredness among communities.

  59. From Prabhakaran to Poddala, the people responsible for helping Mahinda Rajapakse become president are feeling the power of his presidency.Frankenstein dies a thousand deaths as their monstrous creation runs amok

    Sums up all that happens now and the future…

  60. Do you who is going to be next victim to White van syndrome?
    Hon. Sarath N Silva, chief Justice.
    (even he can not escape )

  61. Ruwan (#17) – Oh my, such gentlemanly writing, You must be an associate of Prof Mervin Silva. Do give my regards to him the next time you worship him

    Miller (#24 , 26) – Your comedy is so original ! You got to try Americas got talent. Best of luck, and don’t touch the sedatives – DBS is just jealous.

  62. Jeyaraj Annai
    For a change why don’t you investigate and write about the $75m mansion?

    We are so keen to know the architecture not the manner the GEM corrupted the nation earn the $75m.

    I believe the skeletons of the innocent Wanni victims are not buried in the foundation with the view to destroying the war crime evidence.

  63. Again and Again I compliment Mr. Gamage

    what a powerful statment #19

    I am truly touched . I know there are so many many wonderful souls like you
    God bless you all

    Gamage wrote

    ‘My biggest worry is that my hopes to see a peaceful country where Sinhalese living, working, laughing, celebrating with Tamils has started diminishing. It is the high time for the government to request, encourage Sinhalese to line up with some new cloths that they have unused yet, bag of rice they have just brought home to cook dinner, some books and pencils they have bought for their kids education and march towards North. It is not a time to waste for this type of stupid things. More we let Tamil brothers and sister suffer in camps more we apart from their hearts.”

  64. #19 Mr. Gamage

    //More we let Tamil brothers and sister suffer in camps more we apart from their hearts.” //

    This what I have been stressing for some time. Sadly the Tamil brothers and sister are so apart from your hearts after the war. I wish I were wrong.

  65. # 57. Narada Cooray


    You are another symptom of the disease cought this country. If some one opens his or her mouth and their views are opposite to yours or challenges the Singhala Buddhist hegemony you do brand them
    Kotti (ya)
    Not patriotic (Thanks to MR for new spin word)

    A true democracy arises from freedom of speck. The point here is not whether DBS is right or wrong. If he is wrong please put forward your arguments and prove he is wrong.

    I have stopped discussing the ethnic issue with my Singhalese friends after noticed that when my opinion is in contradictory of them they brand me as LTTE. Very Annoying!!!!

  66. # 61. Prof A. Ponniah

    Is it an acceptable practice to send white van get rid the non patriotic or traitors or an accused? Don’t you think any accused should be brought to the justice and provided with the chance to prove that he or she is not guilty?

    I hope you are not a Prof in criminology or mafia(ology).

  67. I am certainly not in agreement regarding the attack on jayantha or any media person for that matter. But what exactly does the people who are responsible for this have to gain? If it is the government, then they could easily have arrested him (like vidyatharan) and let him rot in jail for a few months to teach him a lesson and later releasing him for lack of evidence rather than creating such a fuss.

    What offence has Jayantha committed to be put in jail to rot and be taught a lesson?……DBSJ

  68. There is suppression of the media and there is may be excessiveness. We need to condemn such acts. … but we need to remember SL is coming out of a bloody war with a highly militarised state machinery (it does not give them the licence) but … not every “developing country” has a perfect democracy and media freedom. Even when LTTE controlled some areas it had no media freedom . We have to be reasonable in our expectations.

    The future of SriLanka depends on one hand , how 80% of the population living below poverty line will have their lives transformed and how well economic development will reach to uplift their living standards. On the other hand if MR , becomes a “Mugabe” swindles country with his cronies and the 80% go hungry every nights listening only to “war glories” then the we will have another uprising and the country will be doomed.

    MR is trying to reach out to the Tamil community and keen to put the economy on track. A lot depends on him of course…. but also on us as Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims to reconcile and support to him to make it a Motherland for all. Lets given him a chance.

  69. Dear David, another excellent article about the endangered Journalists in Sri Lanka. If you are to write this article in Colombo by now you would have got an invitation to dine with our almighty President and the white van would have followed you to pay their respect. Thank God, you are in a safe country where you are free as a bird and you can write or say anything you want. Please continue to write and let the world know what sort of democracy we have in Sri Lanka. What sort of devils government now we have in power Sri Lanka. Once again thank you for your wonderful article.


    Thank you for your concern

    But I must remind you that it was in “safe” Canada that LTTE goons assaulted me in front of my wife and broke my head and leg. It was in “safe” Canada that the LTTE terrorised Tamil shopkeepers into not selling the newspaper I was editing and advertisers into pulling out advertisements forcing me to close my paper. It was in “safe” Canada that an organized terror campaign threatening my life was conducted by pro – tiger elements. It IS in “safe” canada that I continue to be the target of constant threats and vilification.

    Just one point though.

    So far there have been no “white vans” in Canada

  70. I accept that one needed the same mindset as VP to beat the LTTE, which the GOSL did, as otherwise it would have been extremely hard. So in essence one Despot was beaten by another having the same ruthless determination and singlemindedness.
    It is now time to get rid of the other, and bring SL back to its senses, as the people are far more sensible than we give them credit for except in the area of being brainwashed by what they read and hear and also see on TV, rather than being able to think and evaluate for themselves from their own experiences.
    Any person with common sense can predict what will happen in the next few years if this regime is permitted to continue without effective opposition. No one dare speak out for fear, and most of all the 100 ministers who are there not out of love for the Rs but out of love for themselves and fear of the Rs.
    They will be the first to crack under the stress once they realise they are just pawns held hostage, in a sense worse than the human shields.
    So we now need to work out a strategy of how the real patriots, about 90% of the population of the country of all races can get their voice heard and change the status quo. We need a courageous person, a true patriot who is willing to lay down his life for truth and justice and a bright future for all our children.
    I believe there is hope left from tyranny. I just dont know how to make the change happen in time. I am working on my own solution, and once I am clear where my forte lies it will be let loose. It certainly is not violence, as that never solves anything but begets more violence that VP failed to see then, and R’s appear to fail to see now.

  71. In the last 3 years in EElam war 4 13 journalist got killed or attacked and many media instutions damaged.
    This is a part of eelam war 4 .

    The white van syndrome is a menace to SL and responsible for about 3000 dissaperance in SL. nobody can forget what white van did to sudar oli editor.

  72. # 78. SriVikrama

    // MR is trying to reach out to the Tamil community and keen to put the economy on track //

    You make me Laugh man. Please look at the dire situation of the IDPs in the Nazi style detention camps. Your chief Justice Hon. Sarath N Silva has expressed his views on the awful conditions of the IDPs.

    Apparently 13 000 IDPs disappeared. No one know the real number.

    Do you still believe MR can reach out Tamils? ……A day dream.

    Please read my previous comment – TRIPLE GEM # 60

    Peace in this country is, sadly, far from reality.

  73. I have endured extreme hardship on account of the security situation to earn a living in SL these past few years at the hands of the forces and rulers, but stoically accepted it as part of what was needed to be done to eliminate the LTTE from the map of SL. I could easily have lived and worked overseas but chose to remain. I gave as much support as I could both in kind and moral support for this end. I am Sinhala and so I would expect it to have been much harder if I were Tamil.

    It is time for a new beginning, but due to the mindset of the victors, they still seem to be drunk and have not reached the hangover stage yet, let alone sanity. I hope that the reds under the bed syndrome can be extinguished, to let us all breathe freely, and allow a return to normalcy as soon as possible.

    Some clever thinking and analysis is required to isolate 90% of the potential LTTE cardre threat amongst the IDPs without delay so that the people can get back into the mainstream. The 6 month plus wait is just not acceptable in this day and age to weed out the undesirables.

    All other GOSL clampdowns on freedoms, such as the emergency, white vans and free media should accordingly be dsipatched into the dustbins of history as soon as possible.

    No I am not on the pay of the LTTE and I would have gladly exchanged my life so that VP and his mob would be eliminated from the face of the earth without the shed of any innocent life. I would like to see some form of apology from the Diaspora(not all Tamils people overseas helped the LTTE) for the funding on their part that helped sustain this living hell for so long for all communities in SL.

    We must grow up from this nursery where we still equate Tamil with LTTE and Sinhala with GOSL and instead concentrate on the privilege of being Sri Lankan, being fortunate to live in the country that can be called a real paradise. I know as I have travelled far and wide all around the world, and wish that all those who want to return can do so safely without fear.

    There is but one man who can make this happen, and despite all the rhetoric, action speaks louder than words, so I have lost confidence in him being able to win the peace, though I had every confidence that he would win the war from the outset. I am ready to be proved wrong.

    For those who tell me have patience it is early days yet, I say, I have waited long enough, I have held my breath, and I just have to let the air out now. Any longer and I will not be alive to savor this freedom.

  74. An excellent article.

    The above bears testimony to the fall of a Democracy and the rise of a totalitarian regime.

    The Mahindocracy being created will begin with:

    1) A new election later on this year where Mahinda will win handsomely.

    2) The constituition will be changed allowing a president unlimited terms in power.

    3) The Judiciary will be co-opted and rendered ineffective via forced retirements and appointments of
    party functionaries as Judges.

    3) Various anti Government papers will be shuttered
    for one trumped up violation or another and the journalists involved will be killed or scared away.

    4) The assasination (in character or in person) of General Sarath Fonseka since he would have gotten too big for his boots following the growth of the armed forces from 180000 to 300000 personnel.

    I didn’t invent the above recipe, all the credit for the
    above should be given to Pres. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

    This is what I fear will be the fate of Sri Lanka.

  75. # 80. Saman

    // I believe there is hope left from tyranny. I just dont know how to make the change happen in time. I am working on my own solution, and once I am clear where my forte lies it will be let loose. It certainly is not violence, as that never solves anything but begets more violence that VP failed to see then, and R’s appear to fail to see now. //

    Saman you are correct. VP didn’t know where to and when to stop arm struggle and eventually paid the price. The Rs don’t know either. The country will certainly pay the price. Rs will never allow any opposition or media to come against them. The people will be denied the democracy.
    On order to protect them from War crime and HR violation from external parties such as IC and being in the power the Rs will do the followings.

    Associate with China more and more and antagonize the west. Thus the economy will suffer. China will capitalise the situation and make a fantastic deal which is not good for SL.

    All the opposition and the media would be suppressed. Example what happened to Pottalanda Jeyanyha. Don’t be surprise most of the opposition and the media were in the LTTE’s payroll. Thanks to Daya master.

    Rs generations will rule for some time as the communist party of China.

  76. Poddala Jayantha is killed ? whoever he is?
    well done Srilanka . We should search and kill Jeyraj also.
    Killing Journalists are more sacred than killing LTTE
    pussy cats.[I am sorry ,I mean Tigers]

  77. I could already see the fiture “king” makers of SL in this forum. The moderate, peace loving,kind hearted and honest to god truthful from all ethnic origins.No matter which class they belong to .

  78. Attack on Jayantha is a cruel reminder of what kind of future hold for Sri lanka. In reality he is struggling to re conciliate between two nations. Yes, action by GOSL and inaction and apathy by majority community highlighted the existence of the two nations. How can one say there is one nation when 300000 people of one ethnic group put behind barbed wire like cattle. I do not remember any internment camps 1971, 1989 during JVP insurrection.
    One nation does not have a territory and subjugated by numerically outnumbered other nation. There are people going to be upset by saying this, but I just could not help.
    LTTE just occupied nearly 30 years of the history of the tamil struggle and it mishandled and mismanaged the legitimate aspirations and grievances . Even though we criticized the Tamil youth rebellion, still they will be in rightful place in history of tamil struggle.
    Now question is how to unite the two nations. It will start with an open dialogue, it will not be possible without free media and the justice for the people who were abused , slaughtered and survivors who ended up behind the barbed wire ( the most vulnerable people on earth)
    Properly addressing minorities’ political aspirations and grievance will pave the way for solving other burning issues such as governance, individual freedom, women’s rights ,empowering people, proper education at schools and ultimately prosperous just society.

  79. If no one had the concern to see as to what happened to journalists ‘said to have been’ pro-JVP in 1988-90 period while he/she still embracing the politics of then UNP govt who commited those crimes, then such people have no right here to protest when journalists ‘said to hv been pro-LTTE’ are abducted.

    If they do then they must be racists or racially motivated media thugs.

  80. Dear DBS,

    I have been reading your blog for the last three weeks or so and this is my first comment. I want to thank you for the information on Poddala Jayantha: I was so shocked to read what really happened to him – It’s now very convenient for the government to brand all journalists who are even slightly critical of the government or MR as being on the payroll of the LTTE. I find it ludicrous! It is easy to crack down on the free media in the guise of national security – after all the government has a good excuse now.

    I’m an independent (voter) and moderate supporter of MR but I find the white van culture and thuggery amongst ruling party politicians highly disturbing. There is no law and order at all in our country. Once again, thank you for the info.

  81. # 86 Ragavan

    I will not go so far as you do in your predictions, as I am a firm believer that truth and justice finally wins. I live in Sri Lanka and do not wish to leave at any cost, so I have to work for a better future for the next generation of all here.

    The start I believe in neutralising the Rs lust for power is not from Media, not from NGO and not from IC all of whom have been disredited by GOSL, and at times are at fault where their agendas are not in the interests of the people of SL but their own.

    It is from within his own govt, and from the silent Sinhala community at large who have to make known their displeasure at the goings on. It is this community that the Rs believe wrongly is in their pocket and I would like the silent majority to wake up to the Frankenstein’s monster they have helped put in place. We have seen too many instances in history that people who think they are benevelont dictators are anything but, so let not history be the judge.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely and no explanation will convince me otherwise. The great PR that sorrounds the Rs is just that, once the substance proves brittle the house of cards will fall.

    Let the fallout not be at the expense of the livelihoods of the people of all commnunities.

    I dont like to use HR violations, Genocide, and Free Media in this argument due to the double standard connotations associated with them. I would like to go back to the principles of Buddhism that encourage people to live in harmony with their environment free from thoughts of anger and revenge.

    It is not Utopia, but if you live in SL you know it is possible, as all this is just beneath the surface waiting for the right moment to rise but a catalyst is needed. If we continually are polarized with extreme views on either side, this transformation will take longer as the moderates get disheartened as seems to be the case in reviewing the comments on this issue

  82. Hi David,
    your article is analyzing what exaclty happened to Jeyantha. you are not critisising anyone. but the GOSL and President MR are critical in this isssue. that’s all. people should not come to the conclusion that DBSJ is an anti Government person. infact he is a very neutral person and he is concerns about the human life. wheter it is a singhalese or tamils when ever there is a human violation, he raise his voice and I am sure he will continue to do this. we so many thousands of Sri Lankans will support him. not long ago some fanatic pro LTTE tamils verbally abused him and threatened his life. now some singhale fanatics are threatening him. you can’t intimidate him.
    one more thing, by killing few Journalist, won’t suppress the truth and the freedom of speech. the truth will come to the surface one day. if Jeyantha was accused of some thing, then the Government would have investigated under legal system not by “White Van brutality”. this action questions the credibility of the GOSL.

  83. #78
    I understand your optimism. If this is the way MR reaches out to tamils, he perhaps accidently punched Jayantha in his face while reaching out to tamils. Well, then Tamils have to grab his hand before he accidentally drop them in a gas chamber.
    All sri lankan citizens should be a little cautious of their president, as he has a tendency to hurt people accidentally.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  84. Sri Lanka was in 165th place in the World Freedom Index 2008. See bottom raking below:

    165 Sri Lanka
    166 Iran
    167 China
    168 Vietnam
    169 Cuba
    170 Burma
    171 Turkmenistan
    172 North Korea
    173 Eritrea

    I am sure we have beaten Eritrea by now!! Bravo!!!

  85. When many foreign countries take the issue of slaughtering of Tamils and unarmed LTTE leaders surface from the hideouts up to UN, the incidents that are quoted in this article must be an isolated case that caught the public attention. Scores of such incidents are bound to have happened and the State / police might have hidden them from reaching media/ public.

  86. Hi Saman.

    I’m a supporter (moderate) of MR but, I’m worried too about the current state of affairs in the country. Yes, MR did give some hope in his speeches and yes rhetoric alone is not going to win the peace. I agree!

  87. Ruwan,

    When people cant digest the truth, they resort to thuggery and hooliganism…just like some of our politicians. And it looks like you’re in that category aswell!

  88. This is a very dicey situation. If these journalists were in deed paid henchmen of LTTE then they should be dealt with according to the law of the land.

  89. #37
    “What about people who pay LTTE cash to get help in winning elections?…….DBSJ”
    DBSJ, what are you saying? do you avidence, if so please enlight us

    This is well publicised old news.Go and read please……….DBSJ


    There is a lot of meaningless criticism against DBSJ after this blog….presumably from the Sinhalese brothers. Did you lot also read the last three blogs by DBSJ that were triggered by Mohan Sekaram’s email? I am sure you did. Did you lot have a stance on that? Did you bother putting your thoughts on that for public consumption? How come you lot sound like you enjoy the cheap thrill of violence, while making no attempt to counter that? Is this what the four leaves on our national flag Metta, Karuna, Muditha and Upekha teach us? Is it just that you are evil by nature?

    I am ashamed to see you lot being so quick to react to this blog in support of the state sponsored terrorism and not bother to voice your view to a constructive series of blogs that preceded this one. You are either blissfully ignorant about what is democracy and free press and the benefits of these. Or you are real racist scum that gave reason for LTTE who were also blissfully ignorant about democracy and were out of touch with reality, to terrorize the country and people they claimed to represent.

    It is just this minority of sick ones of both communities who make Sri Lanka unsuitable for human habitation. I am still hopeful that you lot (from both communities) will one day, surprise us by thinking & behaving like human beings. Hope that day is not far away!!


  91. Hi Jey

    Sri Lanka Govt is attacking and try controlling the media.Just read today paper about Poddala.

    Your article best of all on Poddala

  92. # 93 Saman

    Good thinking. I love the way you try to integrate Buddhism in the real life

    The question here is who is the catalyst?

    Rs will never let any catalyst. Look at Poddala Jeyantha. Sadly there will not be any catalyst in the near future.

  93. I see so many people making threats to you that if you go to Sri Lanka you will be attacked like Poddala I can see so much venom against you. Sir, please dont go to Sri Lanka.

    The venom is coming from a “FEW” expatriates and not from Lanka…….DBSJ

  94. I think journalists all over world must unite to condemn Mahinda govt about Poddala incident

  95. All Sinhala organizations in foreign countries like SPUR and SLUNA must issue statement condemning Poddala Jayantha incident

  96. dbsj

    don’t make any commence against GOSL disregarding who or which party govern the country. wrongthings may happens under any circumstances at any country in the world. but we must unite and stand underone flag to defeat enemies.

    Sorry but I cant follow your advice and keep quiet. In any case I am not against anyone……DBSJ

  97. Mr Ismail #108 – Sinhalese are friendly, hospitable people some of whom can be easily and unfortunately mislead to behave in herd fashion; Tamils, in your words, are hard-working and useful; Muslims have the necessary trading acumen that has benefitted the country; the Indian Tamils have sweated to produce the wealth of the land; the Burghers are happy-go-lucky, sports inclined and marvellous companions; Malays have both muscle and camaraderie; the Sindhis, Bohras, Memons and others enrich the land with their global commercial network and business savvy. So what’s stopping us from coming out with a composite culture and nation like Singapore to benefit us all in a country where we shall all call ourselves “Lankan Brothers and Sisters” To start with let us admit some of us made serious mistakes in the recent past and resolve it is time to re-make the Nation with the tremendous cultural and religious benefit we have.

    Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan

  98. It is really sad to see the madness that blinds people from seeing the truth. DBSJ you do such a great service in providing this forum. I admire your patience with the morons who believe in violence as the answer to anything.

    I think response #48 from Rajiv really sums up how I feel.

    One side of me feels – there is no chance that decency and common sense will prevail over greed and violence. The other side sees all the genuine caring that we have for each other and believe that we can all come back to our mother land and live in dignity and peace with each other. I move from unbridled optimism to deep despair for Sri Lanka. I have to believe that love and compassion will win over ignorance and violence – in the long run.

    Once again thank you for the courage and humanity that allows not be worn down by the bigots and continue to write honestly.

    Thank you asantha. People like you give me strength, hope and courage………..DBSJ

  99. This is a disgraceful act.Only his sin is talking against the media assults.This is the law of the jungle.What foreign countries think of sri lanka.if he has done any wrong legal actions should be taken.How many journilists were attacked.When will this stop.Media freeodom is appreciated in all over the world.If sri lanka is going to behave like this she will lose support of the moderates countries like japan.Mahinda should ask his henchman to stop this type activities considering the harm it brings to our country.

  100. Dear DBSJ,
    I am a fan of your articles, who used to read your articles when you were writting to The Island. But now I tend to believe that your articles are more prejudiced than facts. For instance if you analyse Poddala Jayantha’s case, if GOSL is behind it why should they use a white van when they know pretty well that white vans are identified with Government thugs. Further as you say GOSL is all out to wipe out all forces against it, they could have easily bumped off Poddala with out a trace leaving any evidence. This makes it obvious that this is the work of UNP, LTTE or some force who want to discredit GOSL in front of International media. This is like Ragunathan going to murder Lalith Athulathmudali with his national identity card so that Police will immediately identify him. Do not be carried away so easily. There are plenty of killer gangs operating in Sri Lanka for various reasons. It will take sometime to establish law & order.

    So UNP killed Lasantha and abducted Keith and now Jayantha with the LTTE …….. DBSJ

  101. Come on. Look at it in an unbiased way. My point is why should GOSL leave evidence if they are behind it. You know better than me how things happen in Sri Lanka & how smart some of our politicians are. They are very good at killing two birds with one stone.

    Well nowadays they are killing more than one bird with one stone…….. DBSJ

  102. I really hope these assaults on journalists keeps on happening as it will show the whole world why the Tamil people needs and have asked for their right to self-determination.

  103. For those who believe in the existance of journalists in the pay of the LTTE. — If it were to be so wouldnt you reckon that it would only be out of sheer self interest on the part of the journo? Now if these people were only interested in themselves why on earth would they put their lives at risk for a few rupees from the LTTE? Surely Mahinda’s goondas dish out more pain than all the luxaries Prabakaran’s rupees could buy?

  104. I understand now that the Rajapaksas are Prabakaran’s revenge. The brothers are doing to Unitary Sri Lanka what Prabakaran could never achieve in 30 years!

    And with 80% approval rating I dare say they deserve it. I Just feel sorry for the poor Tamils stuck in the island with nowhere to flee to.

  105. Excellent article supporting, by all accounts, a well-regarded conscientious media activist who deserves to be supported to the hilt by fellow journalists in the fraternity as well as the public, right across the ethnic spectrum. If Poddala Jayantha was guilty as alleged that he was in the payroll of LTTE, he would not have returned from overseas, and quite easily have taken the opportunity to live abroad. His poor daughter too would be attending school without being ostracised. What has the poor thing done to be treated in this horribly hostile manner?

    Tellingly, despite injured Jayantha calling out so desperately for help, lying on the roadside, he was not receiving help from passers-by. This is what happens in a fascist culture. People mind their own business, and wouldnt even give dying man a glass of water or help him get to the hospital couldnt care for others anymore, out of fear of the State. An Orwellian nightmare!

    I am rather bewildered by Professor Ponniahs interjection. He started by saying that the LTTE has infiltrated into society. He then insulted Poddala Jayantha and even JS Tissanayagam as though they are social outcasts. And, yesterday he seems to have changed his tune to making a clarion call to Eezham Tamils to join to work hard to return to their former glory.

    Well, Eezham Tamils certainly want to return to their former glory. But, that cannot be done by joining political chameleons. We have a lot of respect for the likes of Poddala Jayantha, JS Tissanayagam and many others who uphold humanitarian values, risking their life and limb. At some point in the future that is the calibre of people Eezham Tamils would want to associate.

    If Professor Ponniah is desperately trying to promote a fascist government he has come to the wrong forum. He would do admirably well to work with the directors of UTHR(J) to imbibe humanitarian values before he begins to work for the restitution of the former glory of Eezham Tamils!

  106. The Sri Lankans, who are law abiding, corruption free, peace loving, truly religious and hard working should form a separate political party and get rid of the current thugs who are ruling the country.

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