Indian Envoy’s Stance on India’s Long Standing Position on Peace and Reconciliaion in Sri Lanka and the Full Implementation of the 13th Constitutional Amendment has Not Changed Says Spokesperson for Indian High Commission in Colombo

By Skandha Gunasekara

India refuses to budge on its stance on the 13th Amendment despite reports of possible changes.

“The position of the High Commissioner has not changed. The High Commissioner reiterated India’s longstanding position on peace and reconciliation and the full implementation of the 13th Amendment,” a spokesperson for the Indian High Commission told The Sunday Morning.

Meanwhile, State Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Affairs Sarath Weerasekara said that he expected a number of changes to be made to the 13th Amendment via the new constitution.

“I believe the new constitution will do away with any detrimental aspects of the 13th Amendment.”

He asserted that he would not change his views on the 13th Amendment solely because he was made the subject minister.

“I will not change my stance just because I’m the Minister. I think detrimental aspects such as giving police powers to provincial councils will need to be removed.”

Courtesy:The Morning