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Group of 21 Persons Including a Colonel and Two Soldiers From Vijayaba Regiment and Two Retired Soldiers Arrested by Police Special Task Force in Kilinochchi While Excavating for Gold Buried by the LTTE

Police Special Task Force (STF) yesterday arrested 21 people, including a Colonel and two soldiers, who were excavating a land in Dharmapuram, Kilinochchi in search of gold buried by the LTTE.

The Colonel and the two soldiers were providing security to those carrying out the excavation. All three were in army uniform and are members of the Vijayaba Regiment. They had previously worked in Kilinochchi but been recently transferred to other parts of the country.

The STF carried out the raid after receiving a tip-off that a group was excavating land in search of LTTE gold. The suspects were using a high powered scanner.

Two suspects are retired soldiers.

All suspects were handed over to Dharmapuram Police and are to be produced before the Kilinochchi Magistrate’s Court.

Courtesy:The Island