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“100 MP’s Have Bar Permits, Two MP’s are Trafficking Drugs While One MP Engages in Racing and betting” – Transcript of Ranjan Ramanayake’s Revelatory Speech in Parliament on Jan 21


Yohan Perera and Ajith Siriwardana

(The following is a transcription of the lively speech Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake made on January 21 (Tuesday) in Parliament regarding the leaked telephone conversations, he had with prominent personalities, which have put the lawmakers in hot water.)

I relate my story to all the people in this country. Firstly I tender my sincere apologies to those who were personally affected as a result of my struggle to reveal corruption. I tender apologies to all including MP Hirunika Premachandra. These CDs were kept at my home because of those who deny the statements they make. I did not have any intention of harming anyone or to break anyone’s family. Only a TV channel whose owner is engaged in drug trafficking carries out such activities.

“I would like to tell everyone whom I conferred with including judges, CID officers that I recorded these conversations to put the robbers behind bars and not to help them escape. Let’s continue with this struggle. I am not prepared to betray it.

“There are many recorded conversations with me including the ones which the Government is trying to hide. I will table everything in Parliament. I have had conversations with judges, heads of state and some who held the post of Chief Justice. People have the right to know what they have discussed with me. There are Cabinet Ministers who have had conversations with me, their wives and even sons have had phone conversations with me. They have told me their plight. I table all these today.

“Some are questioning me as to why I recorded conversations. I was a member of COPE. COPE has been appointed to probe corruption. I was also a member of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on corruption. I participated in all raids carried out by COPE together with its Chairman Sunil Handunetti. I took my video camera secretly and recorded all these raids. I did this as one cannot find people such as Sri Lankans who go back on their words. I have material to prove that I am right if someone denies his or her statements. Minister S. B Dissanayake talked to MP Range Bandara and asked him whether he was interested in joining the 52-day-Government. He told Mr. Range Bandara that he would be appointed a Cabinet Minister if he joined the Government immediately. If Mr. Range Bandara revealed this to the media without any proof no one would have believed him. Whenever I made any allegation in Parliament in the past everyone asked me for recordings. We are aware that there are thieves. There was corruption with regard to Tsunami aid while there were bungalows built in Kataragama.

Everyone asked for evidence when we talked about these. This is why I kept proof of what I have revealed. I have not asked for the release of any thief in any of my phone conversations. I only called for the penalisation of all robbers.

New trend

“There have been instances where witnesses of court cases have been bought over. MP Prermachnadra is aware of these. There was a driver who worked for her father Bharatha Lakshman Premachnadra. He was originally a witness for Ms. Premachandra. However this driver was paid Rs 7 million to become a witness to former MP Duminda Silva who was the accused in the killing of Bharatha. The new trend today is that the accused and the plaintiff get together and file a feeble case, so that the accused could get away. This happened with regard to a case which was filed against minister Johnston Fernando where a witness said that she was subjected to undue influence by the FCID. This is why I recorded the conversations which I had with various persons including judicial officers and others. No one can escape now.

Arjun Aloysius

“The previous Government assumed power saying they will apprehend all robbers and the corrupted. They said they will close the airport on the night of January 8 2015. However they provided a helicopter for one of the corrupted for him to escape. I appreciate Former President Maithirpala Sirisena as he made an effort to apprehend the thieves during his first few days. However the bond scam was revealed few days afterwards. I have a recording of a conversation which I had with Perpetual Treasuries Chief Arjun Aloysius. I have a recording of a conversation where Mr. Aloysius is offering me a bribe.

I am not scared to say all these as he cannot deny this allegation. I have also secretly recorded interviews which I have given to the media at my residence. This is because the media distort by interviews. Judge Ambeypitiya was killed after he convicted a drug dealer. Other judges including Padmini Ranawaka have got frightened after this incident. She told me over the phone that she was concerned as someone has threatened that acid would be thrown at her son who attends Royal College after she convicted a drug dealer who committed a murder. She told me to do something about it. I got her son police protection. Is this wrong?

A bench comprising three judges has issued a judgment against one drug dealer. Today everyone is defending him. They are scared of the TV channel owned by this drug dealer. I have always been on the side of victims, not the side of the accused. If I took the side of the accused of Bharatha Lakshman murder case I would have become the popular actor at the awards scheme organised by a particular TV channel owned by him.

Young monk abused

“A novice (a Samanera) came to see me with his parents. They said he was abused. I was advised by my staff not to get involved with it. However I did get involved as I felt sorry for the young monk.

“I was asked to reveal that the bell at Siripada is missing and that it had been stolen by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. This request was made by a man who was at a rally. I said I will not do it as the bell was not missing.

“I once said MPs consume cocaine. I did not have proof. However now I have proof. This information was provided to me by Piumi Hansamali. She gave me details of the MPs who frequent night clubs and consume cocaine.

Premier Mahinda

“Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has said a commission should be appointed to look into my recording of phone conversations. I welcome it. I will go before the commission and provide all details about what I have managed to uncover. I will provide all the files. I have recordings of conversations which I have had with Prime Minister Rajapaksa. He called me in 2005 during the issue I had with screening my film ‘One shot’ and told me that I have to be grateful to him as it was he who saved me from getting subjected to a prison sentence. I have hidden recordings of these phone conversations in safe places. Therefore I don’t mind if I’m killed.


“The previous Government came to power saying that they will apprehend all the thieves. However they were caught by the thieves at the end of the day.

“I did get information from Intelligence officer Shani Abeysekara. I get information from various persons whenever I go for TV debates. I want to tell the authorities once again to appoint a commission to probe my conversations.

“ I don’t have any recordings of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. I speak the truth. I have six or seven phone conversation recordings of Prime Minister Rajapaksa. One recording is of a conversation which I had with
Mr. Rajapaksa during the day Rizana Nafic was killed.

“Also there is a recording of a conversation which I had with a wife of a cabinet Minister. This cabinet Minister divorced his wife and married the wife of another cabinet Minister as that lady’s horoscope says her husband would become the Prime Minister.

“One has to be unethical when apprehending thieves. You cannot be disciplined when dealing with the thieves.

“The New York Times Editor is waiting till cases are filed against him. Cases will not be filed against him as everything would come out if cases are filed against him.

“I have a list of conversations which I am going to table today. This contains a phone conversation I had with Kanchana Weerasekera. This conversation reveals as to who was behind the Pent house deal and who was behind the bond scam. Kanchana went to the Penthouse one day and he did not see who he expected to see. The door was opened by Nahil Wijesuriya’s daughter. This is the truth. Kanchana was my informant. There are some clips to prove how Tilanga Sumathiapla was engaged in match fixing and how cricketers
accepted money.

The Clips also reveals as to who was behind the bomb attack at Sharuk Khan’s show in 2005. You can inquire as to who was behind it from MP Udaya Gammanpila. It is also revealed as to who dumped an elephant at Venerable Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera’s temple.

“I don’t need character certificates from anyone here. There are 100 MPs here who hold bar permits, two who are engaged in drug trafficking and one who is engaged in racing and betting. Can we obtain character certificates from such persons? I know as to why I recorded these conversations. I have both audio and video recordings to prove everything. Therefore no one can argue and play with me. No one can answer me”.

Courtesy:Daily Mirror