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Eksath Jathika Bhikku Peramuna says 24 MP’s are Agitating for Change in UNP Leadership Though Sajith Premadasa Has Informed EJBP that he does not want any post in Party


Yohan Perera

The Bhikkhu wing of the UNP, Eksath Jathika Bhikkhu Peramuna (EJBP), said yesterday 24 MPs who agitated for a leadership change attempted to create unnecessary problems within the party in the context of MP Sajith Premadasa refusing to accept any post.

EJBP President Ven. Bopitiye Dhammasara Thera and Secretary Ven. Thiniyawala Palitha Thera told a press conference that Mr. Premadasa clearly informed them that he did not intend to hold any post in the party.

“We met Mr. Premadasa recently. He informed us that he did not want to hold any post in the party. He told us that several MPs were pushing him to take up leadership. We then told him not to keep away from politics but to work towards the betterment of the UNP,” Venerable Palitha Thera said.

On the other hand, Ven. Dhammasara Thera said UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe should instill discipline among party members and establish unity as it was essential to avoid another defeat at the general elections.

“We don’t ask for the expulsion of these MPs but only request the party leader to maintain discipline and unite the party. None of the 24 MPs who call for leadership will secure seats at the general elections. They include Harin Fernando, Ranjith Madduma Bandara, Thalatha Athukorala, Nalin Bandara, H.M. Marikkar and Harsha de Silva. They have not managed to secure votes in their respective electorates.

Courtesy:Daily Mirror