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35 Years After Rosy Senanayake Became the First “Mrs.World” in Australia, Another Sri Lankan Caroline Jurie is Crowned “Mrs. World” at Beauty Pageant in Las Vegas, USA.

Caroline Jurie from Sri Lanka has been crowned Mrs World at a pageant held in Las Vegas USA on December 06, more than three decades after Rosie Seanayake won a similar title.

Caroline Jurie

Rosy Senanayake

“I’m so honored to share my heritage and culture on the global stage,” she said in facebook.com post made shortly before the final show started.

The first runner up was from Ireland and the Second Runner up was from the US Virgin Islands.

She beat contestants from 51 countries.

Rosy Senanayake won the crown in 1984 at the finals held in Australia, at the inception of the contest.

In 2019 Jennifer Le from Vietnam was named Mrs World.

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