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Three Options Before Parliament – Early Dissolution Through UNF-SLPP Consensus, Current Govt Continuing Until Dissolution by President Gotabaya on March 1st 2020 or Ranil and Ministers Stepping Down to Let Mahinda Become Interim PM of new Caretaker Cabinet

The Speaker of Parliament had carried out discussions with the Prime Minister, opposition leader, party leaders and several parliamentarians regarding the future course of action of the Parliament after the President has been sworn-in.

A release issued by the Speaker’s media unit says that the majority were of the view that action is taken based on the clear mandate that has been shown.

Thereby attention had been drawn to three alternatives;

1.Dissolve Parliament on the 1st day of March 2020 as per the constitution and allow for a General Election in April.

2.Dissolve Parliament with a 2/3rd majority of the members and go for a General Election immediately.

3.The Prime Minister and the government to step down and allow for a caretaker cabinet to be appointed by the new President until an election is held.

The release says that a decision regarding one of the three options will be reached during the week after the party leaders convene.

Thereby after the Prime Minister, opposition leader and party leaders discuss and inform the Speaker, the Speaker will convene a special meeting with all the Party leaders in Parliament.