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Presidential Election Candidate Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha and Mr. Navin Gooneratne, Founder of the Movement to Unite Motherland Sign Memorandum of Understanding To Take Forward Envisaged System Changes To Develop the Nation.

The Movement to Unite Motherland (MUM) issuing a statement says it “joins with an outstanding academic and political visionary to take forward the system changes it promotes, through his candidature at the Presidential Election 2019.

“Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha, who has three earned Degrees from the University of Oxford will combine his vision for change with the New Political Order presented by Movement to Unite Motherland, to provide a transparent, accountable, non-divisive political system ensuring people’s sovereignty and power to the people.

“The partnership cemented the concept launched by MUM in January 2019, which also endorsed the appeal made by the Council of Religious Leaders to all political parties, calling for accountability and a system change “Towards the dawn of a new political culture of Integrity in Sri Lanka”

“Having made every attempt to bring together leading activists opposed to the established corrupt political structure, the committed professionals of the MUM from several disciplines agreed to move ahead with Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha whose non-partisan independence and Integrity is beyond question.

“The New Political Order will rest on three strong pillars.

“Firstly the President elect will establish a Governing Council of Leaders inclusive of representatives from all major communities, to advise the President in place of the domination of decision making by ruling politicians alone.

“Secondly the development and presentation of a NATIONAL PLAN designed by visionaries, professionals and corporate leaders through a NATIONAL PLANNING COUNCIL.”

Thirdly the sovereignty of the people will be reinforced by an electoral process of minimum cost affordable to any deserving candidate from any section of society, enshrined in the “Sama Rajya” concept beginning at Grama Niladari Divisions with empowerment of youth, heritage preserving groups, producers and service providers with mandatory representation of women.

The proposed Board of Governors formed by the President will work towards the adoption of a New Constitution with provision for:-

a. Productive consultation of the people
b. Effective checks and balances on power
c. Provision of equitable opportunities at all levels
d. Efficient service delivery at Grama Niladhari and Divisional Secretariat levels
e. Zero tolerance for corruption and wastage of state funds

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha and Mr. Navin Gooneratne, Founder of the Movement to Unite Motherland, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the presence of Dean of the Faculty of Architecture in the University of Moratuwa Prof. Lalith de Silva, Chairman of the OpenArc Systems and Political Activist Mr. Daya Hettiarachchi and renowned Life Skills Coach – Mr. Dian Abeyewardene, pledging to deliver system change that will enable Sri Lanka to use the resources with which it is endowed to develop the nation.

The proposed system change with radical amendments to the Constitution is provided for in the proposals jointly put forward by Prof Wijesinha and the MUM.

We invite other candidates to join in seeking support for these changes, and request the people to endorse the need for reform by giving their first preference to any proponent of the New Political Order.

Courtesy:The Island