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Senior Journalist Bandula Jayasekera Diagnosed With Blood Cancer Appeals for assistance to Undergo Lifesaving Medical Treatment.

Senior journalist Bandula Jayasekera, diagnosed with Myelodyplastic Syndrome, a type of blood cancer in July this year appeals for assistance to undergo a lifesaving medical procedure in Singapore.

Here Bandula himself explains his plight:

“Doctors say the cure is a bone marrow transplant in Singapore because the transplant for this blood cancer (MDS) is considered a very high risk procedure and currently there are no facilities to perform this type of transplants successfully in Sri Lanka. They tell me that if not, 50% will live for two years and others live a little longer.

I am not greedy for life, but I am not finished here yet … since there is a cure. I am determined to get well.

I am appealing to you for help because the costs for treatment are exorbitant and this is unfortunately a matter of life and death and we need to raise the money soon as the doctors in Singapore are looking for a bone marrow donor.

The National University Cancer Institute of Singapore has estimated the cost to be Singapore Dollars 220,000 (approximately Rs 30 million) excluding any complications.

Three of my friends (with the support and blessings of several others) have opened an account at the Commercial Bank to fund my treatment.

Do try to help me in any way you can for which I will be eternally grateful. You could send your contributions to:

Commercial Bank – Battaramulla, Sri Lanka

Account no 8005463011

Bank Code- 7056

Branch Code- 029

Swift Code- CCEYLKLX

Those who are remitting money outside of Sri Lanka please mention Bandula Jayasekara as name of the account.

I assure you that my friends and I will account for every rupee, dollar you contribute towards my wellness.

Courtesy:The Island