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Donald Trump’s Racist Politics in the USA Would be a Real Beacon of Support for the Rising Racist Forces in Sri Lanka.


Lucien Rajakarunanayake

There must be great joy at the rising trend in American politics among those who have been shouting loud against the ACSA, SOFA and MCC deals with the United States.

Donald Trump has brought a rise in racism in US politics, with him asking Democrat congresswomen, who are non-white – and two of them Muslim, to return to where they came from. This ‘squad’ of congresswomen have been strong critics of Trump, are now the ‘send them” target of Trump supporters in huge public rallies.

Increasing crowds and Republican politicians are falling in line with the Trump call to “Send them back”.

If racism is the new line of American politics, in what is considered the world’s largest democracy, why should it not be the policy of other democracies too? The Trump/American leadership in racist politics would be a real beacon of support for the rising racist forces in Sri Lanka, drawing strength from the Easter Sunday massacre, to make Sri Lanka the Divided Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

CNN’s TV presenter Chris Cuomo summed up the mounting racism stating: “Trump says he wants to ‘make America great again’. But what he means is ‘make America hate again’ “.

Isn’t this stuff of delight for the racist forces in Sri Lanka, such as the yellow robed call for a Sinhala Only Parliament and Government? Will ACSA, SOFA and MCC be the new support sources for racism in Sri Lanka? Who would oppose the new imperialism or US colonialism if it is fully supportive of majority dominance in the country, bringing US Aid to those who support the Lion Age of Sinhale?

While Mahinda Rajapaksa prefers to remain silent on the SLPP presidential candidate, emphasizing the decision would be his alone, there must be growing expectations of brother Gotabaya being the choice. The new racist trend in US politics must give much delight to those who support Gotabaya, despite his initial US citizenship and Sri Lankan duality. Why not have street protests against the dual citizen obstacle to candidacy, demanding the law be changed, with constitutional provision for foreigners to hold the highest offices of state in Sri Lanka? Why not a majority racist candidate, even if one is an American citizen, where majority racism is the rising slogan of White America? The Viyath and other supporters of Dual Citizenship must launch a special campaign for the Trump/American line on majority power.

The slogan of the campaign would be that Sri Lanka should take a lesson from President Trump to ensure majority dominance in the country; and as Trump and his widening supporters want, tell all those who oppose such moves to go back to where they came from. Would the new of returnee homes of those who must leave be South India – Tamil Nadu; the Middle East or Wahabi Saudi Arabia – although there was no Saudi Kingdom when the Muslim Arab traders began coming here; Portugal where Catholic baptisms and conversions came from; and the UK and US too where the Protestant and Evangelical Christianity came from?

There are other interesting trends in the presidential politics gaining publicity today. Sajith Premadasa has become the new carrier of the ‘Aaryaava” slogan in the misleading campaign of UNP politics. Is he to tell voters that what he promises for the future in all 365 days of governance is the Aaryaava or Lady-wife politics? Although women are small in number in the politics of Sri Lanka, we have had many, including wives of politicians, such as Kusuma Gunawardena and Vivienne Gunewardena whose policies were not wifely, unlike Kusuma Rajaratna. Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, widow of SWRD, never campaigned with any ‘aaryaava’ message, and this could be said of Chandrika Kumaratunga too.

Sajith Premadasa, whose campaigning has much to do with his father’s image in politics and leadership, may be remembering more of the impact that his mother Hema had on the Premadasa presidency, which did not do much to help the husband, but did play a much publicised ‘aaryava’ role.

Moving on to leadership politics, away from any ‘aaryaava’ tactics, Ranil Wickremesinghe stands out as the most puzzling leader in politics today. His promises are so wide and varied that one does not know whether he rides an elephant or clings to the tail of a jackal. His obsession with the Sirisena distortion is clear, but his promises are hardly a move from those of Sirisena in worthless politics. His trend today is to grab all minority support, away from Sajith Premadasa and possibly even Karu Jayasuriya. Can the manoeuvres of inner-party politics, escape the feel of the majority voters? One who cannot handle the goad to control the elephant, will not be given a jumbo ride to presidential power!

Let’s see how far the racist policies of Donald Trump will begin to influence Ranil and the backers of pro-US policies and politics in Sri Lanka!

Courtesy:The Island