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“Ellungas Sira” Who Has Little “Maithriya” Sees the Gallows and Scaffold as his Theatre of Deadly Political Hangman’s Delight


Lucien Rajakarunanayake

There is a political dancer of much experience giving a display of performing skills.

“Ellungas Sira” who has little if any of maithriya associated with his performances today, sees the gallows and scaffold as his theatre of deadly political delight.

It was not a very difficult move from being the Common Candidate in support of Democracy and Human Rights, to that of the Hangman of Democracy and all the humane values the Common Candidate supposedly stood for. What we see today is a contortionist with skills drawn from the many decades in Sri Lankan politics, where the play of the crooked is the path to success.

As he performs at the scaffold, with glad announcements that he has signed the gallows warrant to four persons in the line room of the condemned to life imprisonment, ‘Gus Sira” as many call him today, has discovered a new threat to his own life. It is the stuff of corrupt politics and governance that gives one frequent warnings of death threats. The earlier warning came from that Namal, a deserter from the armed forces, and an alleged leader of a fight against corruption, who kept on telling stories of threats to Sira and Gota.

When such threats have faded into oblivion, and bigger threats face the country and people, ‘Gus Sira’ has learnt that his fight against the Drug Menace is raising murder weapons against him. As it is announced at Polonnaruwa we see a new act taking shape in the Hangman’s Ballet performance in the post-Easter Carnage of Bad Governance.

It is worth looking back at the play record of Gus Sira, who has risen to the ranks of a DDD – Deadly Disaster for Democracy.

He was threatening the Sword against Corruption, targeting his elephant mahout Ranil W, who brought him to the Swearing-In Office, during the campaign for the Local Government Polls. When his own party – the SLFP – went even below the Elephant Team in that poll, the Sword was hidden in his scabbard of the crooked.

Of course we did hear his shouts of banning bras, but silence on who threw them at a music festival. He is a Man for the Ban, but never one of reality. He is declared wholly against alcohol, and wouldn’t even be a witness at a liquor laced wedding. But how can he ban good, imported booze from someone elese’s wedding of That is not the stuff of Maithriya or Siriyava!

The Elllungas Keliya of Gus Sira will have many more shows as the presidential poll draws nearer. This is a showman at the scaffold who would be delighted in the hanging of all who stand in the way of his much worn out hopes of having another term as President. He is one who takes delight in being foul by the law – and even goes to the extent of violating the Constitution, that has placed him in the position he is in today, and he has sworn to defend and protect.

It was in October last year that we saw the rise of this political hangman. He brought in as prime minister the same man he defeated as president, and prevented from being prime minister after the general election that followed. This once loud hater of Rajapaksa Politics and Governance had a special delight in making him a manageable prime minister, under a crooked president. That was the special performance in this Hangman’s Ballet.

Who else can I hang, must be what’s ringing in the mind of this Performer of the Crooked. Should it be confined to those on the condemned list in Welikada? Why not the performers in politics who dare challenge his right to rule with contempt for the just? Why not those in the business of hotels and sand-mining that threatens the profits of family bandyism? Yes, there are many more to be hanged if Ellungas Sirisena is to achieve his goal of being best performer in the Hangman’s Ballet.

There are a few more months to go; and Gus Sira has time to plan many more gruesome killings at the scaffoldings. He has to definitely grease the gallows, move far away from all the Maithriya that he may have learnt in temples, and keep the rope greased to catch all the profits of crooked governance.

We are fast moving on to the show of the Hangman’s Delight!

Courtesy:The Island