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‘Gota’s war’ book launch function turns into an India bashing session

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by R.K.Radhakrishnan

The Indian intelligence agencies had a big hand in planning and executing terrorist strikes in Colombo in the mid-eighties, the President’s Secretary Lalith Weeratunga said. Reading from a book, Gota’s War, at its launch here, he said the role India played in Sri Lanka needed “intensive discussion.” He described the events described in the book as “home truths.”

Lalith Weeratunga lighting the traditional lamp at the launch of 'Gota's War'

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa was under intense pressure from India, United Kingdom and France to stop the Eelam War IV in April of 2009.

But “he did not cave in to external pressure,” Mr. Weeratunga has revealed.

pic courtesy of: defence.lk

Mr. Weeratunga was privy to the meetings. The Indian team, led by its then National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan, had arrived here in April, just as the Lok Sabha elections were on in India, and just before Tamil Nadu went in to vote. For different reasons, Foreign Ministers of England and France were here too, with the same agenda.

‘Violated sovereignty’

The book launch function, meant to celebrate Defence Secretary and President’s brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s contribution to the war, turned out to be an India-bashing session:

India aided and abetted terrorism, and repeatedly violated Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. Its High Commissioner during the period dictated terms to Sri Lanka.

pic courtesy of: defence.lk

“…When the Vadamarachchi operation commenced, the Prime Minister of India at that time, Rajiv Gandhi, issued a strong statement against the operation…Sri Lanka could have been rid of terrorism [at that time, but for the] high-handed interference of the then Indian envoy, Mr. J.N. Dixit,” said Mr. Weeratunga, to an audience that comprised all top elected leaders and officials and diplomats in Sri Lanka, including President Rajapaksa and the Indian High Commissioner Ashok K. Kantha.

Sri Lanka firmly believed that if this operation had gone on, the country could have been rid of terrorism more than two decades ago. Reading from the book, Mr. Weeratunga said:

J.N. Dixit (1936-2005)

“While the Vadamarachchi operation was on, the Indian Envoy Mr. J.N. Dixit had met President Jayawardene and bluntly told him that India will not stand by idly and allow Jaffna to fall into the hands of the Army, and if the military operation continued, there could be unforeseen consequences.

Asked to explain what these ‘unforeseen consequences’ could be, Dixit had told Jayawardene that military aid may be given by India to the LTTE leading to the possible dismemberment of Sri Lanka.” courtesy: The Hindu

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  1. Does India still have the same option that the former Indian Viceroy to Sri Lanka Mr Dixit who suggested to Jayawardene “that military aid may be given by India to the LTTE leading to the possible dismemberment of Sri Lanka”?

  2. The Australian morning news reporter was probably correct in calling Dixit a DICK SHIT.

    JP – uSA

  3. I have a friend who firmly argued then that if GoSL were to go ahead LTTE would have been crushed.

    Instead of Mullivaaikkal 09 it would have been some other Village 87 and at least 10-25 percent deaths of the 40,000 today?

    If this hypotheses to hold and MR was president how would he have handled the JVP uprising of the same period? He had an anti Indian mind set during his rights campaign for Sinhala youth at that to time too.

    Tamils and Sinhala both have to learn living next to a giant neighbor.

    Same way the Philippines is finding out being close to South China sea.

  4. I thought this was Sri Lankas war. Good Management is not about claiming all the credit for ones self. The claims are a replica of SF’s speech at the IPM but with WE replaced by GOTA.

    Once again we see a babel of voices emanating from the Govt in the field of International Diplomacy. Mr Dixit may be dead and gone but Indian Foreign Policy still lives and is by far more consistent than Rajapkses Papara Band. This time it Lalith Weeratunge, jack of all trades, master of none, to open his big mouth. At a time when GLP and gang are meeting the US one of Indias staunchest allies, he has to blow his trumpet about a subject which he has not much knowledge. Senile Dementia?

  5. Well, everyone knows that the Tamil militancy was initiated, abetted and nourished by the Indian intelligent during the time of Indra Gandhi and until the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi by the same forces they both nurtured. Unfortunately, for the Indian intelligence’s dismay, the western intelligent agencies hijacked the Tamil militancy,(the LTTE) and used them against the interests of India as well as the people of Sri Lanka (All three major communities there). So when talking about truths, it is inevitable that India gets blamed for the prolonged war and the disaster the country experienced. Many a culprits walk free and maintain to keep respect just because many truths kept hidden untold. However, in the international politics and the tactics used by countries from time to time keep changing according to the current situations, therefore dwelling on the past, reminiscing the bad events would lead to nothing good. Better forget about them and try to build good relations as much as possible without submitting to unreasonable demands.

  6. well..how can it be otherwise…..India breed the terrorist first …just read the history book….

  7. Why is ‘The Hindu’ upset? It’s a common knowledge fact that India aided and abetted terrorism in Lanka. For a few examples (1) Who was behind in LTTE killing of 250 civilians at Anurathapuram (2) Who was behind in TELO killing of Darmalingam MP, Aalasundaram MP (this was confirmed by his son Siththarthan Darmalingam –PLOTE) (3) Who was behind in EPDP recruiting Child soldiers which later LTTE followed in their effort to strengthen their forces. I even go further, who is behind in Sinhala army killing 146,696 (according to Manner Bishop) Tamil civilians? Who assisted the Sinhala regime with the diplomatic, and intelligence to escape International condemnation until March 2012? Even ‘The Hindu’ had given a ‘clean’ certificate after go on a Sinhala army guided tour to Vanni back in May 2009.

  8. I thought it was fonseka’s war.Fonseka was trying to fool everyone trying to show he was the army commander.Now the cat is out of the bag and we know who was really the army commander.

  9. The fact is that it was Sarath Fonseka’s war but Gota have arrested him and are taking the credit! What a joke! The Rajapakse acolytes distort everything. history, geography, economic data on debt and FDI – you name it!.
    The Right to information is key and Ranil W should make participation in the PSC for a political solution contingent on passing the Right to Information Bill!

  10. Sorry for the spelling mistake on my previous comment.

    Srilankans are experts in bashing others rather than reflecting on their own behavior.

  11. If there is India bashing in this book, it is totally warranted. However, one questions the usefulness of such a “Indian bashing” at this point in time. What will that accomplish in terms of resolving the issues that are there?

  12. I heard that Mahinda is planning to attend Queen’s jublie celebrations and the Tamil diaspora orgs are planning a grand “well come” party in the UK!!!

  13. Yes Both Mr Jayawardana and Mr Dixix..no more to clear this…anyone can write so called “true” happenings when I was there when the relevant parties are not there now. Yes you waited so long to write in the “Goth’s War” book.?

  14. J.N. Dixit could have used pressure tactics to release the Kumarappa, Pulendiran etc.

    These people talk about many issues like the pressure exerted by the India during the Vadamaratchi operation etc.

    Did India support the militants before riots there or after.

    Did not India try to have good neighborly relations with the island nation by signing the treaties for the relocation of the Plantation labourers there.

    India also ceded the Katchatheevu in order to get a good neighborly relations.

    Inspite of all this India is accused of many evils there.

    What do they expect from India. Just to stand by as a mute spectator when the govt supported goons kill Tamil civilians.

    When the goons in the govt deny the food and other essential items there in order to terrorize the local population there and be just a spectator when the civilians are killed by the air raid and also by the trigger happy soldiers.

    Just think which country in the world came to your rescue or spoke a word in support of you when the Operation Poomalai was launched.

    The whole world was silent and your JR had to lament privately to the visiting American diplomat about their indifferent attitude.

  15. Bash India and USA and soon going forward Sri Lanka could find itself in the same toaster oven as it once was by convincing everyone that the Sri Lankan majority is an unyielding community which would never agree to equal rights or opportunities to other ethnic communities or decentralizing power.

  16. International players now understood that the war is not against LTTE, it is against Tamil. The War is to demolish Tamil home land & Tamil culture in Ceylon. GOSL brought the Ceylon Tamil under the military boots and saying that the problem over. I do not think so that the problem is over under the military boots. It is a break to breath and find solution within a one country. If not so there will be a hard sequences are waiting to see in the tiny Island.. There would be a lot of surprises are waiting…

    Best Regards,

  17. Gota’s War? It was Ghost’s War. Sarath told once how Gota fought in’Punkuduthivu’ when he was in the Army and Gota’s military skills. Then what Gota did in the War? Giving all ‘warcrimes’ orders to wipe out Tigers including shelling and killing over 40,000 innocent Tamil civilians,Bomb hospitals,ristric foods, rape Girls,murdering surrendis and many more.If they release Sarath insted of this book, he will tell the whole and real storey about “Gota’s war” and ‘Carboard patriotism’.

  18. Gotas war…Gotas war(cleaner from 7/11), its brilliant joke. without indian help, Mad Prabas thick idiotic skull, sinhala veerayas never got a chance. Whole world knows that. Any way we tamils must wait and see…..

  19. Hi Guys,
    Sorry its me Mad muthu again, can any one know Gotha the sinhala veerayas american life and his story in US. Please enlighten me and all DBSJ’S loyal fans…

  20. How people like Radhakrishnan hate truth so much?
    “”‘Gota’s war’ book launch function turns into an India bashing session””?
    What bashing?
    Does ‘bashing’ means telling the truth?
    Rather than challenging what said at the function, these guys should come with the falsehood of those statements … Knowing those said are the real facts and truths without any doubt, they (people like Radhakrishnan) try cover to coverup the truths/facts from general public …. No stone should be left unturned until the truth is exposed … People of SRI LANKA should know the real truth and the their real friends … Without that knowledge, srilankans are walking in the night without a light … It’s not late to light up the mind of its own people … We should really thankful to Mr. Weerathunga for exposing real history. … If anybody or any country is unhappy, let them come with their version of events rather than covering up with words like “bashing”.

  21. .
    “…book launch function turns into an India bashing session..”


    Gota, Basil and MaRa visit India every other month to get blessings from Indian Politicians (jokers).

    And I am sure they pay well their tribute to keep those ‘jokers’ happy.

    In the end, politicians win, people lose.


  22. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

    If the war had been allowed to come to an end in 87, there would be a lot less dead people on all sides.

    Instead, 22 years more of death, misery and lost opportunities for development, and mass migration.

    thanks India. Indira got what she deserved and Rjiv paid for the sins of her mother.

  23. Indians used Mysore Parippu in MIG Fighters and an ordinary High Commissioner to stop JR , to save Prabakaran and his Terrorist Oufit.

    J. R Jayawardana who was more fond of Americans than his own,and had pithed his tent totally in the Jeffersonian Territory.

    Yet what did the US do to help his number one fan in South Asia?.Sweet nothing.

    JR never recovered from that and set his once mighty party in a equally mighty downward spiral.

    Surprisingly,Stiil there are UNP leaders who do everything to please the US and their allies.with total disregard for the peace, harmony and the little prosperity that the inhabitants now enjoy.urrent the current Leadership.

    The current Leaders certainly have more balls and brains.

    It is good to hear that the Presidential Secretary ,reminding the dignitories especially the ones from our inhabitant friendly West. that Srilanka may be still poor, but certainly not a push over.

  24. Ayyo!

    The Chokkas of the motherland are upset with Mother India.

    Still smarting from the Geneva arse on fire.

    As they say in the motherland, if you are not with us, you are a against us…..no no no…you are a traitor!

    Soon they will be running to India to do a pooja and then claim that they are buddhists????

  25. India Bashing…. Welll its the Truth.. and this truth is constantly repeated by the succsive CMs of TAmil Nadu who are congress allies.. and various books of the late 90’s by Indian authors.. And many pictures of socalled indian politicians and statesmen posing with the LTTE terrorist outfit… well before photoshop existed.. Hmmm wonder what India says about Pakisthan????????????? one wonders.. at lease we dont see pakistani ministers pictured or hail how they suooprted terrorist during elections…

  26. Who else except India? responsible for 30 years war which ultimately made Ceylon Tamils a minority among minorities & untold hardships ? Now both Sinhala (after Geneva vote) & Tamil (after decimation of LTTE) camps are bashing India. This serves India well.
    If not for the Old Fox in JRJ who put IPKF & LTTE against each other & never to be trusted VP, together with Childish Rajiv, a part of Sri Lanka would have now become a state of India.

  27. They know by bashing India they can score brownie points.I’m not sure how many would read this book.
    I hope people will realize that these are all diversionary tactics to steer people away from the real issues such as
    Treasure hunting & kidnapping children for human sacrifice,
    white van menace,
    High incidents of rape in the society,
    Higher cost of living,
    Spread of dengue,
    Delay in re settlement of refugees,
    Dambulla mosque issues etc,.

    Is the media willing to highlight these issues.
    Well, your guess is as good as mine.

  28. ..he.he.heee ……donkey on the hind legs……why were all of you were Pilgrimaging to india during the War …because ..IT WAS INDIA THEN…and ….IT IS INDIA NOW….without them Sri Lanka cannot survive Mr. Rajapakse.. as much as JRJ Govt was pressured to stop aggression against the LTTE.. …then after 30 years the same INDIA supported the RAJAPAKSE Govt to finish the War……Did you ever stop to think why they are supporting now…if you say you are an intelligent soldier…? in the end what happened…?… as much as JRJ was in trouble… the Rajapakse Govt is also in trouble now with the International community on WAR CRIMES ALLEGATION…..where are we now..? still at the same point the the JRJ Govt was in 1987…..the Indian Govt now voted for the Resolution and again locked Mahinda Rajapakse Govt to wrestle for the next 30 years…or listen to them…..

    Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse has proven that he does not know the waiting game being a SOLDIER.. supposed to be battle hardened….the country have fought this Crime for 25 years …what did we have to lose .? absolutely nothing…because we had lost everything by then…..even if we manged for another 10 years nothing would have changed in the Country……it only would have aggravated the headache of the INDIAN Govt…not ours….why it is so ?…because INDIA knows that we are foolish…..in Sinhala there is a saying…..BATH IDENA KAL INNA PULUWAN HABAI KANNA BEDALA DENKAM INNA BAHA ( one can wait until the Rice boils but it is impossible to wait until it is served to eat…..they fight each other ) …these are very useful statements when running a War……or. Country….what did the intelligent Govt do….we took healed them by taking over their headache….have ‘nt we…?

    Just enlighten the Country on the acievements. of the Govt since the end of the War….the Country is facing an economic embargo….war crimes allegations…..stagnant economy….rampant corruption….sky rocketing commodity Prices…devaluation of the Rupee…LLRC Recommendations……The country is in a mess…and have no peace.. ….after 3 years of war we are only celebrating the victory over the LTTE….hiding our tears…

    Are we better off with War or without the WAR……? Have we managed the affairs better than JRJ ?

    it is hilarious to published a Book about GOTA ‘S WAR.. . Just to satisfy his Ego..? are not they ashamed to claim it as his war when he has not Been on the battle field for 20 years robbing the Glory that can be only claimed by Gen Fonseka….IT IS A PITY THAT HE DO NOT KNOW THAT THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS LAUGHING……because it is the only PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT…but with a day light robbery….

    Mr.Gotabaya Rajapakse should realize that everything in this Country works according to the schedules & time table of INDIA…none cane change that reality….therefore restrainment is the best option…until the proper place & time….it stinks otherwise…..we cannot shit at every place…we are human beings.

  29. If Indians have done so why cannot you say so? This is like some Tamils who want to have it both ways. While in Sri Lanka they portray a very statesmanship, but out of the country they bash Sri Lanka. Mr. Siva Pasupathy who was privileged to be a Solicitor General, when he got to Australia started talking nascence. But he is a pensioner from Sri Lankan government. The Tamils think they can have it both ways, but want to shut the Sinhalese who will dare to do so. We both have to work hard to keep our objectives focused for a united Sri Lanka where all will benefit

  30. The book Gota’s war will become a history book that all lankan pupils to study in the years to come. India bashing for what it does, letting an ordinary High Commisioner to dectate terms to and corner our first prez into signing the indo-Lanka accord, seems reasonable for extremists from both sides. SL plays the same old game but not attacking with a riffle butt this time.

  31. After 20 of abandoning the war front, he would honestly lack the know how.

    To hog all the credit is disrespectful to all the veterans of the past 30 years.

    A Def Secs role is cordination between the political & military, arms purchases.

  32. George W Bush guilty of war crimes
    [ Fairfax NZ News ][ May 15 13:50 GMT ]
    Former United States president George W Bush and seven of his associates have been found guilty of war crimes. But their deeds are likely to go unpunished as the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal which found them guilty is a “tribunal of conscience” and does not have the power to impose any punishment. They were charged and convicted for Torture and Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading Treatment of the Complainant War Crime Victims, Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War said in a statement.

  33. weeratunga would not have bashed india if india had voted in favour of srilanka in recently concluded unhrc session.india should take these barbs in its strides because as they say in tamil pazhutha manga than kalladi padum whvrfich means a ripe mango only will get hit by stone.indian foreign policy wonks have to realise one thing srilankans cant be satisfied they are brave people who never understood the language of chelva,amir they could understand only the language of prabakaran.likewise india henceforth shoulsd stop assisting srilanka economically chinese will help them but sooner or later they will realise the cost of it.on a sober note one can rant about what they would have done if something had not come in between etc et al but the fact is srilankan army would not have won the war without the support of india.if india had not supported srilanka with intelligence srilankan navy would not have been in a position to stop arms and ammunition getting smuggled into srilanka.as they success has many fathers whereas failure is an orphan no one claims it.

  34. This India bashing is uncalled for. You Sinhalese are not saints. You killed the Tamils, civilians enmasse. You entered into accords and broke them down a number of times and every time.

    If you had played by the rule of the book this militancy would never have come into being.

    You are a state terrorist and you cannot complain about the conduct of the India then.

    It is sad that the Indian High Commissioner was sitting and hearing all these India bashing.

    The foreign office people are just parasites, drinking the blood of the tax paying public and letting the country down.

    A small, tiny, puny country has the audacity to accuse us in the public and for which we are not giving any reply, verbal or non verbal.

  35. This is the MAHAVIR week that the Govt can talk about the false Patriotism … reminding the society of the Parippu drop by late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi….and how MR led the war to the victory against the requests of the world leaders…..he will bash India, US, UK, EU…of hipocrisy…he.he.hee ….even Prabhakaran did the very same thing during Mahavir week….he bashed India, UK US..etc…blamed them of hypocrisy …showed movies on how bravely the LTTE attacked on Govt Military Bases. However soon after, he requests assistance to pursue his objectives from the same countries……THE GOVT OF MR IS DOING THE SAME THING NOW. during 2008 -2009 how many visited New Delhi and for what ? Surely not for sight seeing….

    .as much as they stopped JRJ moving Military machine against the LTTE …..they encouraged MR to pursue Military aggression on LTTE to finish them…Today MR Govt is also in the same position that the JRJ Govt was ..instead of Parippu …the MR Govt has been fed with Gingerly Oil with strict instructions to not to Shit…Just see how India voted in favour of the US Resolution on accountability issues of War Crimes in Sri Lanka having encouraged aggression of the Govt on LTTE and now demanding accountability issues on the Alleged War Crimes….Have ‘nt they done the same thing they did to JRJ….?

    India knows very well when to begin and when to stop….we did exactly what they instructed us…besides without them the Govt of Sri Lanka cannot even freely Fart……The Govt of Sri Lanka have only to carry out what India says…..that is the reality….


  36. Go on bash india, bash the UN & the western nations.
    Not sure how many copies of this crap are going to be sold.
    Who’s going to read it anyway.
    May be they will use the Army to sell them to the public.

  37. India bashing?? Sri lanka has no need to bash India. India started this terrorism trend, ending up getting their head destroyed then got fed which resulted in destroying their own. As we have been saying from the beginning, tamils can live with us peacefully and happily….under one umbrella and that is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka may have lost a bit in the process but in the long run it definitely eliminates the biggest headache. Sri Lanka successfully destroyed LTTE, at the same time became good friend with China. Thanks to India for push us towards China, more like uniting us with a long forgotten friend of ours. We all know India only looks good in paper but in real it’s nearly shame as broken tape recorders with some good actors. India’s bollywood style politics is not sustainable in the long run, we are definitely on for a show if not in near future but may be down the road. Sri Lanka can with stand India at any circumstances. India’s intimidation tactics are fully over, it’s time to get real.

  38. Whole world knows that the LTTE and other terrorists were trained in India to fight the Sri Lankan government forces. Therefore India is responsible for all the misery happened to Tamils as well as others in Sri Lanka. Fortunately Rajapaksha brothers had balls to fight them and eradicate terrorism for ever. Now its rebuilding time and no need to make foolish comments to antagonize any one. People in high places should think before they open their big mouths. Lalith Weeratunge, what are you trying proove by making this speech?

  39. Ooooooooooops, I thought it was Goat’s War. Neh. Goats are known for fighting together and eating separately.

  40. Malinga Bandara & Jeyan…..look at the problem more closely without being emotional. True India started it… for what ? Because they work according to schedules as such they know exactly what they are doing to safe guard their Country. But do we have National Plans since Independence to work ? Nothing…..everything changes according to the whims & fancies of a Regime…..as a result India being our giant neighbour has a field day with us.

    It is late but never too late…have realized it even now ? No….instead we have begun to bash India..

    China factor is something the you should not view in isolation…India would not have allowed that to happen if they desired…this was proven by many visits of the Govt to Delhi…why do you think that the Govt has to appraise about the happenings of the War….if as you say we were helped by China…

    India blessed us on our mission ..because we ( bloody fools ) volunteered to take over their Headache at no cost to them…. The arms ammunitions supplied by China were not free…..you &. I will have to pay for those
    But finally India became victorious at no cost ….and to show the world that they have clean hands ..they locked us with War Crimes accountability…….see what they did…China could do nothing bad they will not do anything because India is more important to them …as they share common borders…than the pin head Sri Lanka… We should have known about Diplomacy..no pont in bashing India now….they have branded us as Criminals ….
    We cannot do anything without India….that is the reality.

  41. Malinga writes: “Thanks to India for push us towards China, more like uniting us with a long forgotten friend of ours”

    Indeed the ardent sinhala buddhists are very much in favour of chinese links given all the wonderful activities the Chinese army has done in Tibet including smashing up ancient buddhists monasteries and statues and causing thousands of buddhist monks to flee at short notice to India. Truly these chinese are natural allies for buddhists worldwide.

    He then writes: ‘India’s intimidation tactics are fully over, it’s time to get real’

    Will someone like to tell the idiotic Malinga that Sri Lanka was acting very confidently in 2009 after securing Indian support to defeat resolution at UN human rights council. It then decides to alienate India by refusing to make progress on political settlement in order to get into bed with the buddhist-bashing Chinese. India then withdraws support at UN and Sri Lanka suffers miserable defeat in 2012. Therefore let us admire idiots like Malinga for thinking tiny SL with 20million people can confidently survive in the international arena without its 1 billion-strong neighbour.

    Rupa Ponna writes: ‘Mahinda is planning to attend Queen’s jublie celebrations and the Tamil diaspora orgs are planning a grand “well come” party in the UK’

    Indeed the ardent nationalist Mahinda likes any opportunity he can get to associate with the white british queen and westerners in general whilst his idiotic ministers make anti-western remarks. His loyal Tamil subjects in UK will no doubt make his stay a pleasant one as long as he doesn’t make a fool of himself trying to speak in broken english to white british students at Oxford campus before being denied entry there by UK police

  42. This book is Gota’s war,the next will be Fonseka’s war, karannagoda’s war, Gunatileka’s war and may be one by Dr.Mahinda Balasuriya as well! What’s wrong in that.
    The trouble is, some people are jumping the line to condemn it for taking the credit all for himself but I doubdt very much many have even read the book yet.
    As for India bashing…well, all what was said was the truth. It’s only natural that truth hurts.
    Reason for doing it now…one has to expect to get hurt when you hurt others. Also one must know not to open other’s cupboards to expose skeletons while hiding skeletons in your own cupboard as well.

    Tamil militarism is not a creation of India,but a creation of CIA against India. India hijacked it for a short while but the LTTE later showed in no uncertain terms who their real masters were.

    I think Mr.Weeratunga is not entirely correct when he said
    “Terrorism could have been finish in 87 itself if not for India’s intervention” I think If India did not intervene US would have found away to do it or much more likely is that, it was staged precisely to get India involved. And India fell in the trap.
    India had nothing worthwhile to gain by getting involved at that stage. If security concerns were the reason, India had the power and means to stop Sri Lanka from doing anything that concerns India without jumping in to this muck.

    USA, throughout the recent history was with Pakistan and did everything possible to destabilise India. Now that Pakistan has overlived its usefulness, have been dumped in favour of India. Also I think US has realised that India is more useful for the time being than Pakistan. But make no mistake India’s ‘use by’ date too will come.


  44. * India must be regretting more and more by now, why they didn’t send their fighter jets again in April 2009 to stop the Tamil genocide.

    * These Sinhalese politicians are behaving like school kids and not behaving like diplomats. It is a pity we Tamils have to live with/under them.

    * There is nothing new, about what they are saying. But, they are simply thinking from one corner. They say, they would have won the war over Tamils in 1987, if India did not come to the aid of the Tamils. But, what they are forgetting there is, if India had not directly involved at that time, LTTE could have transformed as a best guerrilla organization, with the help of India instead of attempting to occupy lands and ran like a government.

    * Finally, I want all these dump Sinhalese politicians and everyone in this blog who made ignorant remarks about India and making fools of themselves, to remember the following fact;

    Only, the LTTE’s is defeated militarily for the time being and not India. India’s Intelligent network and military is very vibrant and strong. Even the strongest military alliance in the world NATO decided to talk whit Afghan Talibans because of the support given to the Taliban’s by the Pakistan’s intelligent service. But, here you are boasting like you have won a war against India. So, keep your ugly mouths shut, for your own benefit.

  45. Without India, Sri Lanka could not have won this war or could not have existed as a country!! Sri lanka has nothing to call its own!! Whether it is the language, culture, religion, or architecture!!

    From olden times they have been running to India to settle disputes between kings!! Whether it is flood, cyclone, they have to run to India for help. India was there to help during the JVP trouble.

    sinhalese govts. had the strength and resources to organise and execute several pogroms against the innocent Tamils, but they needed the Indian Govt. to send ships to evacuate the Tamils to their homeland ie. to the North and East!!! Either they were un willing or unable to do this on their own.

    In short Sri Lankans will have nothing to wear, if not for Indian textiles!!! Without the Indian labour, tea indistry would have come to a stand still. But Indian workers are neglected and treated shabbily.

    Indian technology is evident where ever you go in Sri Lanka!!

    Indian bashing is the favourite past time of the sinhalese!!But they will not be ashamed to run to India whenever they are in difficulty!!!

  46. [“While the Vadamarachchi operation was on, the Indian Envoy Mr. J.N. Dixit had met President Jayawardene and bluntly told him that India will not stand by idly and allow Jaffna to fall into the hands of the Army, and if the military operation continued, there could be unforeseen consequences.]

    Blow hot,blow cold,they say.Today’s friends can become tommorrow’s enemies and vice versa.Prabha of course did not know this blow hot,blow cold theories,and would have thought when narayanan visited in april,here comes another dixit visit to save his arse.Only thing is he had conveniently forgotten that he had killed rajiv and killed and wounded so many IPKF.According to his theory,sinhalese have short memories,but he forgot that indians are not sinhalese and that they have long memeories.Instead of coming to save his arse narayanan would have come to see that the job is done properly this time with the LTTE and its entire leadership wiped out lock,stock and barrel.

    There is a moral in this story.Indians are patient and have long memories.So beware Srilanka,when you go bashing them.It may come back to bite you one day.

    Blow hot,blow cold theory can also work with the US.Today the blow hot US could become blow cold US,if the GOSL moves closer and closer to them,as they seem to be veering towards now.Then the tamils will find that the US has lost interest in them.

    There are no permanent friends or enemies,only permanent interests.

  47. Shankar,

    What is your take on the utterences of the Medhananda thero and also about the Gota’s utterances.

    Medha went ahead and was telling that all the Budhist remnants are that of the Sinhalese, forgetting that they could be the remnants of the Tamil Budhism.

    In this light and also in the light of the the Budhist bhikus who are indulging in politics and denying the Tamils of their history in the island, how will you view the Aranthalawa and the Anuradhapura?

  48. Mahesh,it is not tamil bhuddhism here,but taliban bhuddhism.

    If mettananda thero is the guy connected to the dambulla mosque incident,i think he is trying to highlight the fact that these are temple lands on which the mosque was built.If so he must produce the deeds.He will say that when the king gave the lands to the temple their were no deeds at that time.I think that is the crux of the matter,he is on a weak wicket,and somebody should call his bluff and ask him to show proof of ownership,just like everyone else in srilanka,otherwise put up or shut up.Ultimately it is a property dispute cloaked in a religious cloth,and should be treated as such.

    AS for gota’s utterances,he is an utterly frank person.What you see is what you get,which is quite refreshing by srilankan standards.

    All three,prabha ,gota,and fonseka are i think are mentally ill,in that order.Prabha could have been even considered mad.All three are very dynamic types with powerful personalities and born leaders,but the fly in the oinment is as i mentioned mental illness.It seems very prevalent in srilanka,which is surprising for a asian country,but probably due to our hybrid genetics due to every tom,dick and harry visiting us on the way to somewhere,or invading us.

    PS.talking of religion,i remember you mentioned that indian scientists poured cold water on the milk drinking episode of pillayar,saying it was capillary action.Why did they do that?In fact after they said that,i did contact them and asked them what happened to the gallons and gallons of milk and how come it happens only at a particular period and that too all over the world at the same time.Why doesn’t capillary action happen all the time.There was no answer to that,but a idiot who calls himself a scientist keeps repeating like a parrot that it is not a miracle.Maybe you might have better luck with your own people,because they will send me mad,and you maybe able to clear up this matter for me after speaking to them.

  49. Shankar

    The milk drinking episode is due to capillary action only. The rest of the milk went away down to the gutters.

    As to your question why this phenomena was witnessed by masses only then. That was a mass hysteria.

    I remember during my school going days I was living by some town and had to cycle all the way to my school/college.

    Once I noticed some group of people holding the temple wall. That temple I believe was that of an Amman.

    When I asked some of those who were doing that, incidentally they were known to me they said that the temple wall is moving due to the powers of the Presiding deity and they were holding it to prevent it from falling.

    Remember that temple wall was recently built. so no question of it being weak due to forces of the nature.

    They were getting the notion of the temple wall moving because of the thatched roof, over the temple waving in the air.

    It was an utter rubbish.

    The whole place was caught with this hysteria and everybody believed that it was due to the powers of the presiding deity and everybody held on to the wall for some time.

    It was silly to me then and it appears silly to me now even.

    You can likewise explain the fire walking and piercing with the vel etc.

    I have done fire walking myself as part of Personality development.

    The lay people are made to believe that they do the fire walking only due to the favor of the deities. After the incident they continue to think that the deity will come to their rescue as it had come to their rescue during the fire walking.

    This is personality development cloaked in religion.

    In that process some times these superstitions also come out from the people.

    In this I am reminded of the words from the ‘Light of Asia’.

    Budha said ‘It may be that some God’s are good and evil some. But all in action weak’.

  50. Mahesh,when i visited srilanka in 1995,i went to greenlands,a popular vegetarian restaurant in colombo.AS i went upstairs i saw a pillayar statue on top of the staircase and bowl of milk.I took a spoon and gave milk to pillayar,because i had heard the rumours,and the milk dissapeared and again and again.Now the milk did not flow down and i’am not one of those village chokka’s that dushy constantly refers to, getting into a frenzy.

    Why i’am keen on finding out whether it is a miracle is because i want to become an ascetic.I consider that life has 3 parts,and now i’am in the last part,which is the 50 to 75 range.Before i leave this world,i must know the truth,about this life itself.You of course will not want to become an ascetic because from your writings i glean that you will be between 25 and 50,which is the second part of life.

  51. Shankarji, if you want to believe in miracles go ahead. I do not want to disturb you.

    Miracles are also sciences, so says Swami Vivekananda.

    Once when He was in Chennai he had a dream, a very bitter dream about his mother in Calcutta. His own biological Mother.

    He was a great Sanyasin. But he was disturbed by that dream. He didn’t know what to do and how to know about the safety of his mother.

    Remember there were no telephones those days and his host sent a telegram to his place to ascertain his mother’s health.

    But before he could get any reply his host took him to a recluse sitting in a graveyard nearby.

    The recluse said to the Swamiji that his mother was alright and he also volunteered to tell him that he will go abroad crossing high seas.

    Then by the end of the day he got a cable that his mother was safe and that lifted a burden from his mind and also we know that he went abroad later. This incident happened before he became world famous.

    Later he would say we do not know everything in the nature. Nature has still got some secrets from us.

    I do not want to disturb you in your beliefs. But be careful. The same Swamiji also has said that mystery mongering is a sign of the mental weakness.

    It may appear contradictory. But I believe that taking anything in excess could be detrimental.

    To know about these things please read his Raja Yoga lectures.

    You say you are in the last stage of life. Last stage is to become a sanyasin.

    When you have enjoyed the life in full you will go to it.

    When Sage Yagnavalkya wanted to become ascetic he called his two wives. The elder one I don’t know the name of. The younger one’s name was Maithreyi.

    He divided his worldly pocessions into two and gave one portion to each one of them.

    The elder was happy enough to get her share and went away without asking anything further.

    The younger one asked him of questions like ‘what is beyond this life, what is virtue and what is vice etc’.

    To this Sage Yagnavalkya replied to Maithreyi ‘Dear one. Previously I used to love you. Now I love you all the more for your questions’. This discourse is called the Maithreyi Upanishad.

    Likewise Dear Shankarji, ‘I love you all the more for your quest for self realization’.

    It is not enough that all your worldly duties like settling your children in their life is over. The question is whether you have torn asunder the love for this world and turned to your inner light. Whether you have begun your journey into your own inner recesses.

    When that happens then you can know that you are on the way to self realization.

    Many people settle their children and seldom do they think about their self realization.

    But for that first you have to abstain from the DBSJ’s blog!!!!

    Read Bhagawatham. Bhagawathm, more than Ramayana or Mahabharatha will take you nearer to the God.

    You better read Karma Yoga lectures of Swami Vivekananda to understand some knowledge of it, if you have not read that before.

    Read the Raja Yoga lectures of Swamiji to know that there is no God or any religion. He would say that the true religion is the awakening of the Kundalini in you.

    For a timid person it would be better to read the sayings of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

    Also do not leave Light of Asia or the Bible.

    I have read Quran here and there and it is also good. Take a deep reading of that also.

    Both the Old and the New testament are good. But my fav is the first four books of the New Testament.

    Also read the Upanishads. The Vidhyas are mentioned in the Upanishads.

    These Vidhyas take you from the gross to the subtle.

    The Upanishads teach you how to be a rounded person. How to embrace this world and do your duties and also how to reach the God.

    If you want to sit down on meditation please let me know where you are sitting on meditation so that I can also join you.

    Ramanashrama at Tiruvannamalai will be an ideal place to sit in meditation.


  52. Shankar,

    Life has four parts and not three as you have mentioned.

    Brahmacharya, Grahasthasramam, Vanaprastham and Sanyasam.

    Vanaprastham is living with one’s spouse as if you both are friends always thinking about God.

    Sanyasa comes later.

  53. The world’s largest democrcy, India is a country of diversity. Just like the taste of water that changes every two miles, Indian culture, language and social stratas change every two miles. Yet she never fails to attract the admiration of the other democracies. Sri Lanka, a country within close prosmimity to India, has been under the Indian influence for centuries, as revealed in history. this influence certainly has not brought the anticipataed prospertiy. Instead throughout the history, it has brought more calamnities. We may blame the British, the colonial power for bringing the Tamils from South India to work in the plantation sectors. Indian influence expanded more vigourously after the independence of both countries and certainly, Sri Lanka leaders often visited India more than any other countries. During the first uprising of the JVP in the 70s, Srima Bandaranayaka sought India’s help. One cannot deny the fact that if not for India, Sri Lanka would have been in doldrums, as the uprising of JVP overwhelmed the security force who were unprepared to confront a delima of that mangnitude. Hence, Sri Lanka wanted India. Looking up to India has not stopped. The presence of IPKF tells us another saga. We may call it intervention or influence, it never stops. India trained and yet training the Sri Lankan armed force. On whose behest? not a new step though. The recently concluded [Military] navl exercise and the agreement between the defence Ministries of both countries to train Sri Lankan Navy officers, authenticate, beyond an iota of doubt, to the ineveitable influence, that India exerts on Sri Lanka. There are also the sports persons who are minting millions in the Indian soil. After all Lord Buddah came from India. Who needs who, therefore, should not be a question. The irony of the fact is, India has become a country bereft and barren of deplomats and deplomacy, with questionable boarders, stressed with a fear phobia of Chinese noose around her, is well adopted to live with humiliation rather than confrontation. Besides, she has no time for nation building. Hence, Sri Lanka has the time and space for India bashing, despite the goodies she receives.

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