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While Many Lawyers Went To Dubai to Watch Interests of Arrested Persons , No Representative of the Police Has Gone to Monitor Investigations and Legal Action Against Makandura Madush in Dubai.

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by Hemantha Randunu

Police have not sent a single representative to Dubai to monitor legal action against notorious underworld criminal Makandure Madush, Police sources claim.

However, several lawyers have gone to Dubai to represent the suspects and are feeding the media with wrong information, a senior police officer said, adding that the police should have immediately sent a representative to monitor the investigations in that country.

He said: “Since we haven’t sent anyone there, lawyers representing the suspects plant various stories in the media. Most of the information they provide is misleading. These lawyers are also acting without any responsibility.”

While its common knowledge that Madush is involved in drug dealing, no cases have been filed against him, The Island reported, earlier this week.

Although Madush had been involved in drug dealing the police had no evidence to prove his drug links, sources said.

There are two allegations against the underworld leader. One is the murder of Danny Hittetiyage, a former Minister in the Southern Provincial Council and the Chairman of the Southern Development Authority and the other is the assassination of Ranale Samayan, another gang leader, and six others during an attack on a Kalutara Prison Bus.

Madush was in the Negombo Prison when Hittetiyage was killed and he was in Dubai when Samayan was killed.

Madush and four of his confederates were arrested in Dubai last week. They were among 25 persons arrested at a party hosted by Madush to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. At the time of the raid, Madush and his guests were taking drugs. There were about 125 invitees at the party.

Madush fled to Dubai about ten years ago and directed criminal operations from there. At his behest, criminal gangs have carried out a series of killings in various parts of the country over the past several years.

Courtesy:The Island

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