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Those who are in charge of Defence establishment would be held responsible if any harm comes to Hirunika’s life and limb

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Hirunika Premachandra

by Asela Premachandra

Six months after assassination of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra who was a former Parliamentarian, on an election day in Mullariyawa, now, one of the week-end newspapers in Sri Lanka has reported that “Contract” has been given to two under world gangs to assassinate Hirunika Premachandra who is the only daughter of Bharatha in order to stop her relentless pursuit of justice for her father’s and three of his political supporters’ brutal murders which were committed in the broad day light.

Although large majority of Srilankans know how pathetic the way defense establishments of Sri Lanka handled initial investigations into this quadruple murder, it is important to mention that regardless of overwhelming evidence of Parliamentarian Duminda Silva’s involvement in this shooting incident on that day, defense establishments failed to name Duminda Silva as a suspect, until magistrate court judge ruled Duminda Silva a suspect after careful consideration of evidence and affidavits of eye witnesses against him.

On this backdrop, apparent failure of fair and independent police investigations into this heinous crime, just like the way her father bravely stepped in to stop voter suppression and intimidation on that fateful election day, now, Hirunika has bravely stepped in seeking justice for her father’s and other three brutal murders.

It is obvious her action has made some ultra-powerful people in Sri Lanka very uncomfortable in carrying out their other half of the plan in Bharatha’s murder case. After some digging into this newspaper report, it has been further revealed that this alleged murder contract has been given to these two under world groups by none other than Reno Silva who is the elder brother of main suspect Duminda Silva and the business partner of defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksha.

It is absolutely repugnant that defense secretary of Sri Lanka chose to partner up with the elder brother of quadruple murder suspect to invest tens of millions of rupees in the hotel industry particularly when his business partner is under investigations on alleged tax evasion.

Under similar circumstances when two under world characters confessed to Mirihana Police in January 2011 that they were given contracts to kill Bharatha Lakshman, Mullariyawa development council chairman Prassanna Solangarachchi and Kaduwela municipal council member Lakmal Wilathgamuwa, We as very concerned siblings of Bharatha, wrote to the President with copies to the defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksha , Minister Basil Rajapaksha and the hierarchy of the SLFP requesting extra security for our brother in order to save his life and security for other two, naming MP Duminda Silva as the person who was behind the death threat that Bharatha had had on his life until he was assassinated.

Although we know for a fact that most powerful three members of the ruling family of Sri Lanka discussed the contents of our letter at that time, after our brother’s murder they shamefully denied receipt of that letter. De’-ja’ vu all over again. With this newspaper exposé which reveals the death threat on Hirunika’s life, it is incumbent on the President to act swiftly to save Hirunika’s life by providing adequate security right away, conduct unbiased police investigations into alleged murder ploy and bring suspect to justice without any further delay.

Should any harm comes to Hirunika’s life and limb as a failure to act on this (as it was in Bharatha’s case) those who are in-charge of defense establishment of Sri Lanka would be held responsible for such tragic eventuality.

Thank you,

Asela Premachandra

Asela Premachandra the brother of slain ex-MP Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra is resident in Calgary,Canada. This is written on behalf of all of Bharatha’s siblings in Canada.

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  1. Asela,

    One more murder for Gota is a piece of cake. The defence team would not only openly take blame but would justify it.

  2. This beautiful damsel should be given protection and even sent to some foreign country as an Ambassador, particularly to India. She will I hope help revive the tourist industry in the Sri Lanka.

  3. Hi there Asela
    As your mentions as a sibling of Bharatha Lakshan, I assume you are migrated to Canada and live a peaceful life.

    Though I am domiciled in out of SL for the last 20 yrs and no plans to return back, I do follow the SL politics so closely and find your brother is not a saint in politics either though a no match for Kudu Silvas who are much closer to the ruling troika than the die hard supporters in the calibre of your brother as all these are done on money and the Kudu Silvas of Kelaniya and Koloonawa is hundred times richer than your brother and in return can support the troika 100 times more when it comse to Dollars or Rupees.

    I am not sure what lies ahead for the Hirunika though one thing that comes to my mind is if they can humilate and inprison the countrys only 4-Star general – young Hirunika is nota match for the troike and have to be extra vigilant for her life and well being.

    As a fellow traveller, the best option I can think here is to get her move to Canada and start a new life and going to press meetings/interviews with one or the other Troika supporting mass-media in SL will not do any good for her. She is young and smart and she deserve someting better than what is going on now and this cursed country will not change for the next few years/decades that this killers govern and with a opposition that is ruined, no hope for anyones future except for those loot the country with the help of Rajapaksha Brothers Inc.

  4. Hi Asela,
    Try to find any avenues that you can take this to the Canadian foreign office as the victims extended family are Canadian citizens and this may help in a small way to send a message to Rajapaksha killers.

    you will never expect to get any justice in here with the ruling family indirectly involved in this gruesome murder in day light and then directly involved in proteciting the real killers.

    Good luck for you guys and hope the heavens interfere in taking this regime as we got away with equal monsters like Premadasa/VP etc etc.

  5. Hi there Asela
    As your mentions as a sibling of Bharatha Lakshan, I assume you are migrated to Canada and live a peaceful life.

    Though I am domiciled in out of SL for the last 20 yrs and no plans to return back, I do follow the SL politics so closely and f

  6. Its an absolute disgrace how the President and Defence Secretary are supporting a known child molester and drug dealer. He was allowed to leave the country despite all assurances that he would be detained. Now we see the drama at the courts about getting him arrested.
    Best for Hirunika to get out of the country and place the matter in the hands of God. There is no justice or legal system in this country. However what these people sow they will reap for all to see in the future.

  7. If what is being reported here is true by the affected family members, it is alarming. We can only pity on her. Remember I read a news item where she pondered as if she should follow the current course of study that leads her for a Law degree while the very legal system in which she would become part of, miserably failed her. Such has been the agony our young ones of today and the past have been going through regardless of race, but in the cases of Tamil youths, their stories even would not come out. Even if comes out, they were all terrorists. Knew I am going off the track, but the mind just tends comparing the cases where some unemployed youths, when they caught out in a cordon off operation, had to go under cover for the fear of being taken to the notorious 4th floor, and then that was the end. Some had managed to flee out of the country and others joined different groups, and ultimately perished.

    So, get her out of this mess as she deserves a better life. Do not test the patience of the criminals. Apparently a group of thugs are in control of a country.

  8. Dear Asela Premachandra.. When writing about dead saints.. always remember those who live by the sword… well you know the rest……..

  9. Seeking security from whom? Will that not be more dangerous? Anyway the courage of this young damsel is commendable and more of her calibre are needed if Sri Lanka’s rot is to be ended.

  10. Hi Asela,
    The best thing you can do for Hirunika is to convince & get her out of our damned country to a safe place like Canada. Those murderous mad men will not dare to harm her.Please help her ,she is your daughter too.

  11. If there is a contract on Hirunika there is no time to play around. There is no way that this courageous girl can fight these cold blooded killers. Move her away from Sri Lanka as soon as possible, before it’s too late. Previous records indicate the rulers of the country are blind with power and money. Killing is just a second nature to them. Do not get deceived by their Bodhi Pooja and other deceptions. If Hirunika wants to fight for justice, she should carry out the Plan B from outside of Sri Lanka. I’m sure that the whole nation loves her dearly, but there is little we can do other than encourage her to fight from a safe distance and carry out the Plan B.

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