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Kurunegala District MP Mahinda Rajapaksa to Appeal to Supreme Court Against Interim Order Issued by Court of Appeal Restraining him from Functioning as Prime Minister.

Kurunegala District MP Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday said his camp was not in agreement with the Court of Appeal and would appeal the Interim Order before the Supreme Court today.

“We are not in agreement with the Interim Stay Order issued by the Appeal Court suspending the functioning of the Cabinet of Ministers. We will be presenting an appeal to the Supreme Court tomorrow morning (Dec 4) against this stay order,” the statement said.

Rajapaksa also insisted that interpretations of the Constitution could only be given by the Supreme Court.

“We wish to emphasise the fact that the interpretation of the Constitution, and making final determinations in that regard, is exclusively vested in the Supreme Court by the Constitution.”

He also called on the public for support, insisting that the push for a General Election was in the best interests of Sri Lanka.

“The struggle to establish political stability in this country through the holding of a General Election needs the support of the people more than ever at this moment,” the statement added.

“An Interim Order of the Court of Appeal is not stayed merely because a party files an appeal in the Supreme Court. An Interim Order of the Court of Appeal remains in force until and unless a Stay Order is issued by the Supreme Court,” tweeted Senior Lawyer Saliya Pieris following the release of Rajapaksa’s statement.

Courtesy:Daily FT