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Well-Known Media Personality Sharmini Serasinghe Ventures Into Forbidden Territory By Launching Her Fearlessly Explosive First Book -‘Sri Lanka – The Elusive Miracle of Asia’.

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‘Sri Lanka- The Elusive Miracle of Sri Lanka’ is Writer and Mass Communications veteran, Sharmini Serasinghe’s first book which no publisher or printer in Sri Lanka was willing to risk being associated with, fearing for their lives.

Their fears are justified. Under the despotic political regime headed by the megalomaniacal Mahinda Rajapaksa, journalists and writers in Sri Lanka who stood up for the truth were brutally murdered, tortured, kidnapped or made to disappear for good.

Self-described Buddhists, Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cohorts embraced all that is ugly in his Sinhala-Buddhist toxic political ideology, using and abusing Buddhism to the maximum.

With this book, the writer has placed her head on the block and in her words: “I may face the same fate as my late colleagues Lasantha Wickrematunge and Richard de Zoysa, but it’s a sacrifice I am ready to make for the sake of future generations of Sri Lanka!”

Sharmini Serasinghe counts 37 rich years in journalism. As a broadcast journalist she has interviewed a wide spectrum of personalities, from heads of state including former Presidents, Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and Maumoon Abdul Gayoom of the Maldives, to the leader of a Japanese doomsday cult Shoko Asahara.

Sharmini’s career in Journalism commenced as a Writer and Sub Editor at the former Sun and Weekend newspapers with colleagues including the Late Lasantha Wickeramatunge. She counts over 20 years hands-on experience as an English broadcast journalist for both state owned radio and television where she juggled several hats including as news reader, interviewer, producer, director and produced and presented the CNN World Report for the State Television Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation over a period of ten years.

As a print journalist, Sharmini’s articles have been published in both local and foreign magazines, newspapers and websites, including Frontline, Colombo Telegraph, DBS Jeyaraj. com, Daily FT and Groundviews. She was also Director Communications of the Government Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace process (SCOPP).

The book is only available online, at:


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