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President Rajapaksa orders transfer of Tamara Kunanayakam from Geneva to Havana with effect from July 1st

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Tamara Manimekhalai Kunanayakam, Sri Lanka ’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva has been transferred out from her current station with effect from July 1st 2012.

Ambassador Kunanayakam was sent an official facsimile message from External Affairs Ministy secretary Mr.Karunatilake Amunugama dated May 7th 2012 which informed her that she was being given notice of transfer as Ambassador to Cuba and that she should take up duties in Havana with effect from July 1st 2012.

The External Affairs ministry secretary has also stated in the fax that Ms.Kunanayakam was being transferred from Geneva to Havana on the instructions of his excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

It was President Rajapaksa who had wanted Ms.Kunanayakam to assume duties in Geneva last year and had issued specific guidelines as to how Sri Lanka should conduct its campaign against proposed action by the USA and other western powers regarding Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council.

It appears that the transfer order has been issued without any “dialogue” between the President and the ambassador on the matter.

It may be recalled that it was Tamara Kunanayakam who had helped and supported Mahinda Rajapaksa at the UN in Geneva when the Machiavelli of Medamulana was an opposition MP.

Being a long time resident of Geneva with a lot of experience in matters concerning the UN,Ms.Kunanayakam had been o0f immense help to the President in 1989 -1990.

Ironically the same Mahinda Rajapaksa has instructed the External Affairs Ministry to transfer Ms.Kunanayakam out of the UN in Geneva without even extending the courtesy of discussing the matter with her.

Only External Affairs Minister Professor Gamini Lakshman Peiris had discussed the matter with her earlier.

Prof.Peiris had telephoned her on April 28th and suggested that Ms.Kunanayakam take up duties in either Brazil or Cuba from June 2012.

Ms. Kunanayakam had declined the oral “order” couched as an “offer” and outlined her reasons for it.

She had firmly stated that she was not willing to relinquish her post in Geneva at the present juncture and relocate to Latin America.

Subsequently she followed up the purportedly “unofficial” telephone conversation with an “official” letter to the External Affairs minister.

Some parts of this letter were allegedly leaked to sections of the media by a powerful cabal controlling affairs of the External affairs ministry in Colombo

Inspired leaks –some contradictory to each other- also appeared in sections of the media that Ms.Kunanayakam was “willing to go to Cuba” on the one hand and that “she was going to resign” on the other.

News items were also planted that she was responsible for the defeat in Geneva and that her type of diplomacy was unsuitable at the UN.

What was blatantly omitted in these stories was the fact that Ms.Kunaayakam was acting solely on guidelines issued by the President himself.

It is in this context that Ms.Kunanayakam has now been officially transferred out.

It is against this backdrop that this writer who obtained a copy of Ms.Kunanayakam’s letter from journalistic circles in Colombo has decided to publicise its contents.

This writer hopes that the letter would help the people of Sri Lanka and others interested in the welfare of the Island nation to comprehend the prevailing situation more clearly

The text of the Letter is as follows-

1St May 2012

Hon. Minister,

I am writing in response to your telephone call on the morning of Saturday, 28th April, onIy a few hours after my return from UNCTAD XIII in Doha, to propose that I be transferred to either Brazil or Cuba.

I appreciate the recognition of what I have long been advocating, the importance of Latin America for our diplomacy. The proposal to move me there, however, comes as a surprise, since a reversion to a previous posting may give the wrong signals to the countries concerned. In addition, it was only last week, on 23 April, that the Ministry of External Affairs, in a statement sent to the press, affirmed that no decision has been made to change the posts of officials ofthe Ministry or Missions abroad, or to transfer them.

On reflection, I feel that in the interests ofthe country I should reject the offer. There are several reasons for this, as given below.

1. When l discussed the importance of Latin America with H.E. the President, he was ofthe view that l could eventually contribute to opening a new Embassy in Caracas to cover all countries of the Andean region. As for Cuba, he was ofthe firm opinion that a return to a previous posting would be interpreted as a demotion and was, therefore, out of the question. Assured that his appreciation of the situation in Geneva remained unchanged and needed active promotion, I carried out his instructions under your ieadership. It is vital for the country that we continue to build on the foundations iaid to cope with new threats that may emerge.

2. Your proposal to move me out only 9 months after assuming duties as PR in Geneva, will suggest instability in our diplomacy and an ad hoc character, when, in a multilateral Mission, it is essential to display cohesion, unity and stability if we are not to be continuously on the defensive. lf l were to accept your proposal, Sri Lanka would be the only country to have had four Ambassadors in 3 years, which is normally the minimum period of postings for envoys of other countries.

3. The haste to transfer me out of Geneva, coming in the wake of a public debate on responsibility for what has been presented in certain quarters as a national defeat at the 19th Session on the Human Rights Council, will be interpreted, and quite rightly, as a sanction. lt will convey the impression that those loyally carrying out instructions ofthe President and his Minister of External Affairs are penalised, precisely for this loyalty, whereas those responsible for compromising on principles, creating divisions, and undermining unity, are rewarded.

4. What seems to be a campaign to have me ousted seems to be related to efforts to undermine my work from the moment I was posted here. Ever since my assuming duties in Geneva, every effort has been made to keep me in ignorance of information indispensable for the conduct of my Mission :

* You will recall that my instructions were to bein Geneva on time to handle the 18th Session of the Council in September 2011. However, vital information on a US initiative calling for an interactive dialogue on Sri Lanka was withheld from me. lt was only fortuitousiy, and oniy 5 weeks before the Session opened, that I discovered that this information had been communicated, as early as June 2011, to the private emaii address of my predecessor in Geneva by the US Ambassador. After that, an emaii exchange had taken piace on the subject, unknown to the i\/iìnistry of External Affairs.

Had this information remained a secret, we would not have had the time to counter the initiative and a resolution against Sri Lanka would have been inevitable, placing the country on the Council’s agenda for me to dea! with, along with its fail out, from almost Day One of my assuming duties in Geneva.

* In preparation for that 18th Session, no instructions were received by me nor guidelines provided on the strategy to be adopted, and no response was forthcoming on my own proposai. My urgent request for authorization to trave! to Colombo for consultations on the matter was first verbally approved by you and then denied by the Ministry of External Affairs, leaving me with no other option but to travel without authorization, given the gravity. The question of strategy, however, remained unanswered and l had to wade my way through that Session.

* Similar strategies seemed to have been adopted once more at the 19th Session in an attempt to withhold information on crucial matters and to isolate me from my own staff at the Mission. You are aware of meetings on strategy and policy that were conducted by the Head of Delegation to which l was not invited, but certain Mission staff were. What I can only describe as a dangerous attempt to send Minister Douglas Devananda away from Geneva, without any consultation of myself, and in total ignorance of Swiss Law, is perhaps the most worrying example of strategies damaging to Sri Lanka.

* What was true for the 18th and 19th Sessions ofthe Council continues to be true for preparations for the forthcoming Session, and Sri Lanka’s UPR in November 2012.

The objective of the orchestrated campaign targeting those who defend positions of principle, initially Ambassador Dayan Jayatìlleke and now encompassing others, may be viewed as an effort to put our diplomacy on the defensive.

5. l believe l have acted consistently with loyalty toward our people and our country, and that l have worked on the basis of principles rather than devious schemes and maneuvers, pettiness, and mediocrity. Mine is not a personal agenda, and my motivations are not career, fame, nor fortune. I have carried out my duties conscientiously, with the best interests of the Sri Lankan people at heart and to the best of my abilities, placing at their service my long experience and knowledge ofthe UN System, more than 10 years of which was spent within the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

I beiieve this has been much appreciated by many in Sri Lanka and in Geneva, where we have succeeded in winning new friends and allies.

* Barely a month after my arrival in Geneva, on 7 September 2011, l was elected Chairperson/Rapporteur of the Counci|’s Intergovernmental Working Group on the Right to Development in recognition of my many years of experience in OHCHR as Secretary of the Commission on Human Rights Working Group on the Right to Development, as Secretary of the Commission’s Working Group on Structural Adjustment Programmes and Policies, and as head of the Commission’s economic, social and cultural rights mandates;

* A few days later, on 12th September 2011, and for the reasons outlined above, l was elected Vice-Chair of UNCTAD’s governing body, the Trade and Development Board;

* Ten days ago, on 21st April 2012, l was elected Vice­Chair of the thirteenth session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in Doha, and member of the Bureau ofthe Conference;

* I have aiso gained much respect within the Like-Minded Group of more than 30 countries and have become its defacto expert and resource person on the functioning ofthe UN System, in particular ofthe Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and of the Council’s special procedures mechanisms.

6. Although I maintain that I am Sri Lankan and proud to be one, I am also Tamil, which makes clear the pluralistic nature of our country. Removing one of the very few Tamils heading diplomatic missions abroad will allow questioning of the bonafìdes of the Government’s commitment to reconciliation, will reinforce extremist elements on all sides, and validate the argument that mine was only a token appointment.

7. We have already paid a heavy price for the absence of cohesion and unity within our ranks, and a decision to remove me will only add to the already negative image we have acquired in Geneva and elsewhere. We are facing a serious challenge to our independence and sovereignty, and itis likely that the intensity of the battle will grow in the coming months. As we prepare ourselves for important appointments with the Human Rights Council, it is essential that we project an image of unity rather than discord. Our recent experience at the 19”’ session of the Human Rights Council has demonstrated the damage that absence of cohesion and unity can cause to the image and credibility of a country.

8. The proposal to remove me from Geneva will, inevitably, be interpreted as a sanction for having defended principles, sending a wrong signal to our friends and allies in Latin America, especially to our Cuban friends, who have consistently fought alongside us, and also to our African and Asian friends who, in various forms, have expressed their support and solidarity toward Sri Lanka. The sanction would be interpreted as a shift in policy that may cost Sri Lanka the dignity and selfrespect gained at the recent Session. Under the present circumstances, it is unlikely that my transfer to Brazil or Cuba will be looked upon kindly by either Brasilia or Havana, which would not appreciate being viewed as punishment stations.

9. l remain convinced that itis by defending Sri Lanka on the basis of principles that we will gain the respect of all, and, for my part, this line of conduct will guide my actions. l believe this volition should find approbation rather than censure and, it is in this spirit, that I reaffirm my availability to serve my country and its people to the best of my ability.

In conclusion, Honourable Minister, I Wish to clarify that, contrary to certain media reports, it is not my intention to submit my resignation.

Yours sincerely,

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  1. So what is going to happen to “Lanka to protest against Pillay – The Daily Mirror learns that Sri Lanka’s Permanent Secretary in Geneva Ms. Tamara Kunanayakam is working on the matter.” So looks like she will finish this project before leaving Geneva. But who will get the credit for fixing Pillay. Whoever has the immunity to this kind politically cultured venom will survive I guess.


    Lanka to protest against Pillay Monday, 07 May 2012 07:31
    Sri Lanka has decided to officially register its protest with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, over the role she and her staff played in adopting a resolution against the country in March last year, informed sources said yesterday.

    The Daily Mirror learns that Sri Lanka’s Permanent Secretary in Geneva Ms. Tamara Kunanayakam is working on the matter.

    Informed sources said that Ms. Pillay had violated the mandate given to her by the United Nations General Assembly, and also the UN Charter. Therefore, Sri Lanka has decided to send a letter to the High Commissioner registering its protest against her. According to sources, the letter is being drafted at the moment.

    Earlier, like-minded countries such as China, Russia and Cuba also said that the UNHRC had violated the Charter in the adoption of a resolution against Sri Lanka.

    The United States-sponsored resolution was adopted on March 23, 2012 at the UNHRC with the vote, 24 to 15 with eight abstentions. The government carried out an exhaustive campaign to strike down this resolution which they believed was a high-handed action by world powers to infringe on sovereign rights of the country.

    The resolution called on the Sri Lankan government to carry out the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).
    According to the resolution, the UN High Commissioner is required to submit a report on the measures taken by the government to address human rights, to its session scheduled for March, next year. (Kelum Bandara)

  2. I could not believe my eyes when I read this though you had warned us about what was in the pipeline Mr.Jeyaraj. My heart goes out to this principled lady.Oh Colombo!!

  3. Mahinda Rajapaksha is not the Machiavelli of Medamulana. Machiavelli’s theory of governance is very much contrary to the what we see here in Sri Lanka. Mahinda is a despot like Idi Amin and will certainly bankrupt this country for sure.

  4. Three hearty cheers for Mr Jeyaraj, Tamara and Dr Dayan. You are doing us proud.

    Why me?I am not in their league……..DBSJ

  5. ” I have carried out my duties conscientiously”

    What conscientiously ?, Protecting the killers of over 40,000 innocent victims?

    “Mine is not a personal agenda, and my motivations are not career, fame, nor fortune”

    Give me a break, hypocrites !

  6. Lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    Again, why is the President micromanging all aspects including appointments/transfers in external affairs?

    Why does the external affairs minister have no say in appointements/transfers while the (V)ass of a coordinating minister does?

    Why does not the external affair minister develop some backbone or sense of honour and tender his resignation if he is not allowed to do his job properly?

    Why doesn’t our useless opposition seize on issues such as this?

    Why, oh why, oh why?

    As for the honourable lady – there will be a day of reckoning for all these fools. Bide your time.

  7. Tamara,

    Anyways, good Luck on next endeavor. Now, you free to work without pressure from all directions.

  8. President Rajapaksa will be the laughing stock of the world. 4 ambassadors to Geneva in 3 years.

  9. So much for those idiots who still firmly believe that diplomacy will work with Mahinda in resolving the ethnic divisions.

  10. Tamara Madam ta apey pranamaya!A true daughter of Mother Lanka.Unfortunately,our country doesn’t know how to respect the true, genuine “patriots”.I guess it’s better for her to resign and keep her head high. Greats retire hurt. Jokers like Sajin Vass,Kshenuka, bogollagama go places!

    Thanks DBS Aiya.
    aththatama apey ratata monawa weida,DBS Aiya?

    Apata Puthey Magak Nathey……..DBSJ

  11. Looks like Mahinda has caved in to the US. He is going to surrender to Washington and change policy. Poor Tamara is the scapegoat.He will now tell US that Tamara only opposed them and not he.

  12. As someone who sympathize with Tamil predicament (in their present struggle for justice, equality and peace)and human rights in general, I feel sad about this transfer. I feel a little ashamed, but the reasons for this are truly selfish. Tamara did not come out as a clever diplomat at all, in fact, very amateurish – her antagonistic approach towards western powers and repeatedly pointing at their hypocrisy (though there is truth in it), the animosity and disrespect she showed towards the High Commissioner and the institution itself, she over-playing the sovereignty and third-world solidarity card without any compromising attitude, etc (what she calls ‘principled’ approach – her masters also wanted this is a different story) – has not worked at all and will not work. A weak-link in Geneva would put Sri Lanka under more pressure, and that would be ultimately good for both human rights and Tamil rights in Sri Lanka.

    The new man may be more of a chauvinistic type (just a judgement based on his earlier speeches) – I guess the hope is he will be less ‘principled’ (confusing eh – which means nothing, but compromising). But, the job will be difficult for anyone considering the past that effectively needs to be hidden, the present ground reality that has to be glossed over and the intransigence/arrogance of the regime.

  13. Mahinda sacrificed his pawn Dayan to satify Israel. Now he sacrifices Tamara pawn to appease US. Mahinda thinks he is grandmaster and can win with queen Kshenuka and Knight Sajjin.Poor man! He’s a goner

  14. I agree she is a very capable woman.
    But I am not shedding tears for her. She has been defending the undefendable record of the MR government.

    So many of us had to deal with this unfair teatment in Goverment service in SL for soo long along with all the other discriminations. Welcome to the club madam and use your talents in a positive way……….

  15. Another person added to the ‘Condom Theory’ of MA-RA

    the list goes like:

    a. Chandrika Kumaratunga
    b. Sarath N Silva
    c. Mangala Samaraweera
    d. Tiran Alles
    e. JVP – Somawansa/Tylvin etc
    f. Sarath Fonseka
    g. Dayan Jayatileka
    h. Tamara Kunanayakam

    the list will grow… keep watching folks. Suba Anagathayak !!!!

  16. Looks like the terrible twins have won again. Even Apey Mahinda is their puppet.Perhaps he is being blackmailed.

  17. Modawansa

    She is in an abusive marriage of convenience, politically speaking of course.

    For example TNA was in bed with LTTE. After the death of LTTE, TNA feels relieved and free to wave the lion flag.

    In her case she has the option to divorce from abusive domineering state. !

  18. I think Tamara being an intelligent woman knew what was happening.Her letter is a brilliant missive that places Peiris in pitiful light.Poor Professori!!

  19. Journalist colleagues who went to Geneva saw how shabbily Tamara was treated by Kshenuka, Sajjin Vaas and Samarasinghe. GL Peiris who should support her simply kept quiet because he was scared of the three particularly Sajjin.They first wanted to finish off Dayan but that failed. Now they target Tamara. Next is dep minister Neomal. Finally it will be GL.

  20. Clearly Mahinda thinks that appeasing US is the way to go. After all, while Tamara attacked the US unreservedly, Ravinatha has studied in the US (postgraduate research) and hence could be expected to tow the US line.

  21. It is President who wants Tamara out. He told her to attack USA and she did it.Now he tells her to suck up to USA . She refused. So she been transferred. What a shame for Mahinda

  22. Mr Jeyaraj of course you are in their league. Your support to them is very important and you understand their issues very well Sir. keep it up


    Thank you but I am only a fellow traveller.Not in their league at all

  23. It is a shame that we are discarding such valuable assets, while idiots continue to man missions in places like Washington,DC!
    Shame! Shame and Shame!

  24. Through it all Tamara Kunanayakam has acted with strength, conviction, valour and selflessness. She fights for what she believes in and she has always believed in the leadership of the president, a fact she herself has stressed. I doubt the president even knows about the ‘external’ (affairs) forces that have been working to displace her from the moment she arrived in Geneva, with the information available to him only coming in from those very forces. It’s most likely that what he hears is constantly distorted by those who have access to him. This is not a battle between her and the president, it never has been. We should be aware that those same forces may want it to appear that way now, at this crucial juncture.

  25. It is a very good lesson for those tamils who have associated with Rajapakse regime.

    The Tamara has to recall the fate of two close friends of Rajapakse Journalists Lasantha and Tissanajagam at this juncture before making any further comments about this regime.

  26. Interesting …point 6), she brings out her Tamil identity…

    Tamara like Dayan talk about sovereignty and such things but the reason they both defend this regime is actually because they are both leftist in their beliefs/ideology and see this as a fight against “imperialist” America !
    This has nothing to do with defending state sovereignty. (Cuba comes to mind)

    Unfortunately Tamara who fought for human rights in the 80s (rightly so, another dark era in out history) gave up her moral high ground to fight for state sovereignty (in reality for MR’s sovereignty)…this is the price she has to pay for it.
    She has allowed for he leftist ideas to go too much to her head (same as Dayan) !

  27. Tamara conducted herself effectively in Geneva.She should be commended and supported. But this Govt is punishing her. Stupid Mahinda!

  28. The problem is not in Geneva, Brussels or Havana. Its inside temple trees and until that is addressed Sri Lanka will continue to remain in the dock.

  29. Thanks DBSJ for this. I await to see how Tamara will respond to this order from her old ‘friend’!


    With friends like these who needs enemies? My hunch is that Tamara will neither concur with tranfer nor resign. Mahinda will then have to fire her.

  30. There is some sense in Ranjith’s words. The Govt. has now come to realise that it has to co-operate with the US and the West to get over with its problems and, as a result, all anti-US/West thinkers are being removed before the visit of Prof. Peiris delegation to the US. It will not be a surprise even Minister Wimal will get the axe in the expected re-shuffle.


    And how do you think the Govt can cooperate with the US? Are they ready to implement LLRC report or grant more Devoloution or take accountability measures?

    The Govt may be trying to “shape koranda” Washington by penalising Tamara and drawing up a road map. But I dont think the Americans will buy into that.

    Already they’ve told Colombo to unveil the roadmap publicly in Colombo.

    They’ve got Namal Rajapaksa out of the proposed meeting with Hillary

    Tamara was appointed by Preident Rajapaksa and given instructions and guidelines to take on the US. This she did. The US knows this and also that Mahinda backed her in this.

    Likewise the US also knows who is really behind the attacks on US by Wimal, Champika etc

  31. Defending the deeds of these clowns should not be confused with defending Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, Tamara did what she was instructed to do, as a bureaucrat. In the end, she was the sacrificial lamb. Modawansa is correct on his theory of “use and discard”.

  32. I am waiting for fireworks in Geneva after Ravinatha takes over. He wont take dictation from Sajin de Vass Gunewardene as he is too educated , able and Independent. After all he took Lakshman Kadirgamar to courts and made him wince. If Sajin tries to be funny Ravinatha will simply give him a slap. After all Ravinatha is a Diga while Sajin is a Kota

  33. The hidden hand of Mahinda is exposed. Similiar to Kollanawa White Van incident, STF Treasure hunt, NDB / TFC deal, Wimal / UN Tambili incident, Dambulla rampaging priests etc.
    The big man normally keeps quiet and gets his golayas to do the dirty work. If things go bad he gets someone to take the blame. Here Tamara is the scapegoat for Geneva. She refused to take the blame and hence Big man emerged from his hole to do the honours.

  34. Tamara has been defending an indefensible and corrupt regime and she calls this principled behavior?! She should have resigned long ago if she were truly principled! She is Tamil, but seems clueless about the fact that Tamils in Lanka in the northeast live in an open air prison. Her principles appear based on out-dated anti-western post-colonial rhetoric and do not reflect contemporary realities and shifts like the oppression of minorities by majorities in post-colonial countries.

    What a sorry state of affairs prevails at the MEA!

  35. Mahinda Rajapaksa has acted very promptly and decisively on this matter. I wish he would display the same exemplary decisiveness and promptitude in addressing the numerous other burning issues that are far more important and urgent than the appointment and transfer of heads of missions.

  36. I think the Govt should ask her gently to leave of her own accord. It would be better than doing this. Obviously she cant accept transfer and Kshenuka wont let her stay in Geneva. So Mahinda for old times sake must let her go on a happy note

  37. Tamara was had Tamil identity until she became the SL Mission head Geneva. Talks betraying Tamils by transferring Tamara is all nonsense.

    She is anti UN HRC and Sri Lanka does not want some one like her in Geneva at this crucial. Minister Samarasinghe is much better politician to handle the situation.

  38. So what is Arya-Sinha going to safe the ‘Hitlerised’ Mahinda Rajapaksa from further disgrace on the international arena?

  39. I feel sorry for her. Another Sri Lankan who believed in Mahinda Rajapaksa and got deceived. Trust bites dust.

  40. If I were Tamara Kunanayakam, I would tell the President of Sri Lanka, here take it and shove it up. Lady, just tender your resignation and work for the UN Human Rights Council to fix this third rate President. This man has brought immense shame on the Sinhalese people.

  41. is she transferrd because she is a tamil, govt ought to clarify this, because JHU wanted her out of Geneva, because she was a tamil, any way this well learned lady, will feel better if she leaves the foreign service and go back to UN or any otehr body.

  42. What a sad news for all Srilankans. & what a great betrayal by this Madamulana machiavelli,to make ” the best use of the worst of opportunities” .I wonder what our great socialist adviser to HE Comrade Vasu has to say? We true Silankans love you Thamara.

  43. Tamara Nangi

    Whatever happens don’t go to Sri Lanka. Kshenuka&Sajin will organize a white van for you. After that the HRW&Amnesty will have to raise your disappearance at the UNHRC in Geneva. Your successor Ariyasinghe will get up and say you are living safely in Cuba and that you were never abducted

  44. DBS, you have put Tamara on the map and thanks to you she is very famous even in the UK where we never knew of her.

  45. The Sinhala people are not ungrateful people. We appreciate the work and courage of Madam Tamara who served Country loyally braving Tamil opposition.Yet she has been treated in such a shameful way by Mahinda Rajapaksa.We don’t regard him as a pure Sinhala man because he has lots of mixture in him. That is why he stabbed Kadirgamar in the back. Now Kunanayakam.Lajjai!

  46. Tamara did a good job in Geneva.

    Previously Dayan did well there. He was lucky because then India voted with him.

    This time India wanted to vote with Sri Lanka, but due to political pressure India had to side with the US.

    For this you cannot make Tamara a scapegoat.

    If anybody had to be blamed then blame attaches itself more with the Minister M. Samarasinghe.

    Of course there is no road map for the political solution for this vexed problem.

    Whoever comes will not be able to make any difference here.

    For a losing case you can hire an able advocate like Ram Jethmalani, or Soli Sorabjee, Ravi Shankar Prasad etc

    But you cannot win the case just because you have hired those eminent advocates.

    Your case is weak and nobody believes in the words of the Sri Lankan state.

    They are also not willing to solve this politically.

    so no matter whom they send to represent them they may fail most of the times.

  47. Sri Lanka loves Tamara Kunanayakam. We are grateful to her talented service to our country.

    Sri Lanka as a nation, will pay for power hungry manipulations of the MEA cabal in Colombo.

    We cannot expect any better when people such as, Sajin Vaas and Kshenuka are in control. I have no idea how these people get into such positions. Not least how they manage to concentrate so much power in their hands.

    We are facing the worst crisis on the International front. Our best and the brightest are being sidelined to fulfill personal agendas.

    God bless Sri Lanka.

  48. Tamara went against her own flesh and blood. Now look at the mess she is in. Birds of a feather must always flock together.People of one race must stick together

  49. This shows that public servants should not declare war through the media to keep their positions.

  50. Dear friends in the whole wide world, What other evidence you need to prove Srilankan government appratus are and were plagued with institutional racism?? Tamara Kunanayagam and Navaneetham Pilli and both are Tamils. Although one from Srilanka the other from South Africa.!!!!

  51. Why are these so called ‘educated & intelligent’ people accepting this kind of difficult & complex jobs offered by the ungrateful GoSL ? They should know better that it’s not worth the trouble.Dayan,
    Tamara,Ravinath and the likes still going after these postings offered by misfits and loosing their pride.Just wait and see how Ravinath will be treated.?!

  52. It looks after learning that US is going to bring the matter to Geneva they decided to send Tamara to Geneva knowing they will loose so they can scapegote her. because They knew this back in June 2011. she went to Geneva in August2011. Pre planned act.

  53. This event is just another part of the incredibly long list of diplomatic faux pas that the current Ruling Despots are engaged in. I am ashamed that we have entrusted the country to such traitors, who have no clue or view of the world of diplomacy.

    It will be interesting to see, how Ravinatha will handle the schizophrenic missives from Temple Trees, and tries to balance the sycophantic missives from the Foreign Office. Both are incompetent at their tasks.

    If one only looks at the Diplomatic failures of this Government, there is no comparison with any previous Administration in the level of idiocy. I pity the SL foreign service, who do not have a chance to excel in their field with the interference by incompetents such as Sajin Vass. Even though Tamara was not a career diplomat, she was ideal for the Geneva job, having an insiders perspective of how the system works, but I believe was not allowed an element of independence to carry out her job, without interference. The latter caused us to lose a Resolution, which if left to her alone to manage without the jumbo delegation’s interference, would have surely not even resulted in it being put forward.

    Reading between the lines of her excellently crafted letter, (one which no purely home grown diplomat in Sri Lanka could draft) it is obvious that a triumvirate of GL, Mahinda Samarasinghe and Sajin Vaas was the cause of the failure in Geneva, NOT Tamara.

    This is NOT a surprise to me, as it appears that MR does not want ANY successful diplomat to shine in overseas posts, due to some personal insecurity about his defects on this front. We will always fail if we take micromanaged instructions from Temple Trees, rather than seize opportunities of the moment when presented to us at the back room negotiations in Geneva, and give our competent diplomats the freedom to act on their own looking at the big picture.

  54. Tamara should have done what Dayan did as soon as the ball started rolling against her – go to Colombo for a 1 to 1 with the President himself. Of course Dayan might have been summoned but Tamara could have insisted and fighted her corner.

    She also could have put her foot down at the last session to show Mr Samarasinghe who was running things… easier said than done I suppose.

    GL Penis should be banished for good IMHO, the spineless bugger. Perhaps Dayan promoted to replace him?

  55. Tamara Kunanayakam
    Joint the q with us, ask assulam in swiss………..
    Geneva to Havana – you must be jocking…………….

  56. The Govt has treated ambassador Kunanayakam very badly. Sri Lankans will be sad ut will fully understand if she quits the Foreign service now

  57. She was brought from Havana just to act vigorously against USA.

    By this Sri Lanka tried to score multiple points.
    1) Act against the UNHRC resolution, and as an extension against the USA and West.
    2) Show the NAM , Islamic , socialist and Central American countries ‘We are like Cuba’
    3) By bringing someone from Havana and make US fail in ‘convincing’ her, so SL can build some ‘image’
    4) Show the world ‘Look a Tamil’ given important task! we are not discriminating!

  58. Who cares about these people. As a tamil first sri lanka deserves to lose the vote. Today singhalese are lead by another despot like VP and all his lackies are running around serving this low life similar to the way the tamils did for years and paid the price now its the turn of thr singhalese

  59. I too agree with Ranjith. Mahinda is no modaya but a successfull politician, but Tamara is not.

  60. “6. Although I maintain that I am Sri Lankan and proud to be one, I am also Tamil, which makes clear the pluralistic nature of our country. Removing one of the very few Tamils heading diplomatic missions abroad will allow questioning of the bonafìdes of the Government’s commitment to reconciliation, will reinforce extremist elements on all sides, and validate the argument that mine was only a token appointment.” by Tamara

    Although she is MAINTAINING She is a Srilankan.I am Also Tamil.(not maintaining as a Tamil, she is not a Srilankan, maintining only as a Srilankan.) Only very few Tamis heading diplomatic missions.Why???(certenly this is not pluralistic nature of our country) yours was a Token appointment If You have not realised this even before you accepted your initial appoinment You should have been very guliable and innocent/’blind’ to the histioy of Srilanka or was momentarily made stupid by the friendship or charm of MR. Certently you are not stupid!!!.

  61. It will be good if Tamara remained in Geneva and challenged Navi Pillay at UNHRC.It would be Tamil Lady versus Tamil lady. Sri Lanka image will have become very high by a Tamil Sri Lankan leading the fight for our country. But all that is lost now

  62. THE TRUTH TRIUMPS IN THE END Tamara should realise don’t worry

    Jon Snow with Zoe Sale and Callum Macrae

    Channel 4 received three awards last night from One World Media, which recognises excellence in media coverage of the developing world. At the ceremony, hosted by Jon Snow, Jamal Osman was named Journalist of the Year for his reporting in the uplifting and heart-breaking film Somali Olympic Dreams for Channel 4 News. Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, an investigation of the devastating violence carried out during the final weeks of Sri Lanka’s civil war, took home both the Television and Documentary Awards.

    Somali-born Jamal Osman was recognized by One World Media for powerful reporting from his home country. In May 2011, Osman travelled to Mogadishu to meet with athletes training for the Olympics in a country crippled by famine and internal strife. He captured shocking footage of athletes running amidst gunfire and became the first journalist to enter the territory of al-Shabaab, the Islamist military group that controls large swathes of the south. “We were extremely impressed by Jamal Osman’s ability to utilise the traditional reporter’s craft to get across complex and important themes and stories,” said the One World Media jury.

    Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, awarded both the Television and Documentary Awards last night, was described by the jury as: “An extraordinary, painstaking, well-crafted and important piece of television journalism that would stand the test of time.” The documentary featured video and photo evidence of war crimes committed by Sri Lanka’s ruling government against the secessionist Tamil Tigers – some of the most horrific footage Channel 4 has ever broadcast.

    Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields has now been watched by over 750,000 viewers in over 30 countries via 4oD, its video on demand service. Two years on from the war’s end, Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields continues to have an international impact, spreading awareness of Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war among the public and international governments, and calling into question the global community’s continued failure to investigate violations of international humanitarian and human rights law.

    The documentary generated intense media coverage and political scrutiny when it first aired. UK Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt said he was “shocked by the horrific scenes” in Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields. Prime Minister David Cameron also commented on the film, saying that the Sri Lankan government “does need to be investigated” and “lessons need to be learned.” The film was screened at the United Nations in New York, where it was viewed by diplomats from the US, India, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and East Timor and Sri Lanka. After viewing the film, former Sri Lankan president Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumartaunga,

  63. Sri Lankan UN ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam demoted By Charles Haviland
    The Sri Lankan government has demoted its ambassador to the UN in Geneva after the Human Rights Council adopted a motion critical of the country.

    Tamara Kunanayakam – one of the few Sri Lankan ambassadors who are Tamil

    BBC News, Colombo.


  64. Knowing Mahida’s manoeuvres we all know why.

    His Excellency’s government has planned to make a big fuss against the UNHRC’s Nava Pillai in that she is troubling Sri Lanka and its government a lot because she is a Tamil.

    Tamara Kulanayagam is unsuitable to do this as a Tamil and Ravinath is going to do just that.

    This is typical Mahinda’s diplomacy which is going to produce more harm than good.

  65. Quote: “Ironically the same Mahinda Rajapaksa has instructed the External Affairs Ministry to transfer Ms.Kunanayakam out of the UN in Geneva without even extending the courtesy of discussing the matter with her.”

    Mahinda is the Executive President of the nation, and he does not have to discuss with anybody.

  66. So what? Who cares? Tamara comes, Tamara goes, what ever.
    Just follow the orders of your master.
    Like Sir. Pon. Ramanathan, Sir. Pon. Arunasalam etc. they all will realize the ultimate truth at their last years.

  67. We can see that G L Peiris is spineless by the way he bendson both sides physically. I think Mangala Samaweera was with spine and quit due to interferences from MaRa and his cohort.

    I think selfishness and undercutting is not new here. it is a part and parcel of our culture, i believe. History is replete with examples. This is because of the culture of arse licking.


  69. Total agreement with Max Headroom. His text reads, “If I were Tamara Kunanayakam, I would tell the President of Sri Lanka, here take it and shove it up. Lady, just tender your resignation and work for the UN Human Rights Council to fix this third rate President. This man has brought immense shame on the Sinhalese people.”

    I wish I could directly talk to Tamara and persuade her to resign honorably and then tell all that was wrong with the decision. It was a pity that she chose to stay in her post and then give reasons why she should remain.

    I hope she will resign and retain her self respect

  70. Whatever happens we Sri Lankans will neer forget the service you did for us by fighting for Lanka in Geneva.. You will live in our hearts forever

  71. Well so much for her service to the country and good luck to Ravinatha and hope your stay is longer than Dayans or Tamaras!

    wonder what good ole’ Kalu Albert got to say on this

  72. Ms. Tamara interestingly enough chose to overlook the human rights abuses and war crimes of this current regime. That is rather sad. Rajapaksa doesn’t even share her perspective. He crawls at the feet of the IMF, an organization that has proven to be a medium of imperialism through devastating neoliberal policies. Furthermore, he boasts a veneer of pluralism while stalling any reconciliation measures. Her skills would be better spent as a political leader of the NorthEast, since she holds the expertise and diplomacy to bring about a meaningful settlement on devolution.

  73. Tamara, knowing very well about Mahinda, you missed him when you had the opportunity during the 19th session of UNHC. You should have given all the war crimes committed by the Rajapaksha siblings at the session. Had you done that, by now all of them are in Hague facing trial. You have missed the bus and don’t cry now.

  74. OK Madam
    That’s it for you. As usual the Government of Sri Lanka used you as a sheild at a world forum to show the world that all the nationals of Sri Lanka are with the government and the human right issue is only by the sympathaisers of LTTE. There is no difference between you and a chewing gum – both get used and got spit out.
    Even you changed your name or style basically you are a Tamil and you received the treatment what tamils had been receiving over the years.

  75. No worries Tamara,

    Before you, CBK who helped him to stand for Presidency, VP who helped him to win the Presidency by forcing the Tamils boycott and Sarath Fonseka, Mangala, Somawansa, Dayan J all were backed stabbed in a typical Medumulana style.

    So take it easy as you will at least be consoled by Fidel Castro.

    Only person who will never be back stabbed by Mahinda is Dr Mervin and we all know why.

  76. We as Sri Lankans should be proud of this lady.
    M/EA very dominating they can do what ever they want they
    never allow good hard working people to stay. Tamara is a
    another example of Jayantha Danapala. Mother lanka
    will loose all the brain people. Who have a quality and
    all the necessary ability.

    G L Should go home he is horribly dressed at least he should
    wear a belt when he visit other countries as Sri Lankans we are
    ashamed of G L. Tamara should be the next External Affairs Minister.
    Wicked women like Kshenuka should send home for what
    have she done in the past several years. Good luck Tamara Sinhala
    people will remember you in our hearts.

  77. She got in without realizing Mahinda today is not what he was those days. Now move out without getting burnt

  78. This is a blessing in disguise for Tamara. Rajapaksa regime is a sinking ship. Just get on that lifeboat and row to safety

  79. Tamara:

    If you see my comment to DBS J’s previous article, this is in essence I wrote- your next destination will be Cuba. Even if you did pick, Brazil, they should have changed it saying some logistic issues, maybe the one in Brazil has to come to UN and etc.

    It is nothing to do with your leftist following or what not, they believe you are collaborating with western countries, but saying it openly means that would jeopardise the latest attempt of going down on the knees when facing Hilary. The Hindu trying giving a reason for this sanction like GoSL wants a team player. What a load of ….. However, your tone in this letter is also a bit confronting, there is nothing diplomatic in it, which is expected from persons holding positions like yours. Trying to put HE in the spotlight for all wrong doings would not help your cause either. What is now, if you maintained that you have been guided by principles, there are a lots to be decided about you on this decision. GLP’s leadership you spoke about is now in open. Baptism of fire, indeed, not the friend who slept at your couch some time ago when he was in strife? Hope even dog has a day.

    Thanks DBS J

  80. There are 41 officially recorded attempts on Adolph Hitler’s life and yet he lived through them all to take his own life at his choosing. Who knows what is in store for other despots like him though nature always triumphs in hardwiring living forms to have sex and procreate from food and for food and then become food in the triangle sex, food, life forms. Not unlike the other triangles for fire and sight of heat, oxygen, fuel and light, objects, vision. Hence it seems to prefer the ruthless and the less mindful to fulfil its hardwiring and programming of proto-type experimentations of human individuals and other life forms.

  81. Washing dirty linen in public. What happened to the good old public servants? They sorted things out in a civil manner


    We live in different times when a MP has been appointed to onitor a Ministry and senior officials who dont suck up to him are penalised

    Those days public servants were protected through a Public Srvice Commission.Now the public service is politicised.

    Those days the legislative, executive and judicial spheres adhered to the separation of powers concept.Nowadays we have an all -powerful executive presidency

    Those days the minister in charge assumed all responsibility for the actions of his senior staff and even resigned on that count

    Nowadays the minister simply stays put, curries favour with the monitoring MP at the expense of officials.

    I can go on and on.

    So please stop this chorus of yours.

  82. Why are all these people surprised??? MR is very popularly known among politicians as USE-and-DUMP Mahinda. He used and dumped LTTE, JVP, Mangala, SF, and many others. There are many more to come.

  83. Tamara was, without a doubt, career minded, however much she denies that. Being the PR at Sri Lanka’s Mission in the UN is a prestigious post. So she glossed over the weaknesses of the regime and acted according to the wishes of MR. This is what happens when you are not true to yourself!

  84. It is really sad and depressing that these career aspiring individuals including Tamara, Dayan, GL are siding with a rogue state which is privy of many crimes. It’s more depressing to note that Tamara being a Tamil would ignore all war crimes to go side with MR’s entourage. She should have done the right thing like Radhika Kumaraswamy and turning down the offer.

  85. DBSJ RESPONDS to Sepala R

    Nowadays government servants are tied to trees and meted out medieval injustice by minister.

    On the other hand the civil servants don’t serve the public as they are suppose to.

  86. The Rajapaksa regime does not realize the implications of this move. Sri Lanka will lose its friends in the world. Domestically Mahinda will look like a cowardly joker who talked big and then caved in. What happened to Yemen will happen to Lanka

  87. I still cant really understand the reason behind this sudden move.
    What you say about ” The Govt may be trying to “shape koranda” Washington by penalising Tamara” sheds some light into a rumor I heard about this being a move to make the US happy. Is there any truth in this?

    The other storey I heard is that the “supervising” MP for the ministry is behind it. Don’t know if this is true either.

    Both versions MAY be correct………DBSJ

  88. Tamara is a very courageous lady.

    Nowadays big industry in Tamil Nadu where all tiger supporters are turning into human rights champions.

    That group is very happy about what happened to Tamara

  89. Watch with interest what happens when The Prof and his delegation meets Hillary Clinton. It is not going to be very friendly after the insults and nasty press she received thanks to the S.L. government. WE will get a deadline to implement the LLRC or not we will possibly get the full treatment like what Myanmar got.

  90. US resolution was not stopped at Washington by Lanka embassy or through Colombo by External affairs ministry

    Geneva envoy Tamara was not given any role in UNHRC and Mahinda Samarasinghe took charge with Kshenuka

    But the axe falls on Tamara.


    Because she is Tamil

  91. There is a wide feeling among ordinary people that a great injustice was done to Tamara. TV shows interviewing common people say this clearly

  92. Rohan says,

    “Mahinda is the Executive President of the nation, and he does not have to discuss with anybody”.

    If Mahinda is so capable of making decisions on his own, why does he not act on all the outstanding issues of the day, without remaining evasive or silent on these matters?

  93. I have no sympathy for this woman. In a sense she is a collaborator. She deserves this humiliation and much worse.

  94. This very good decision by the government. During the J.R. Jayawardane time most of the Europe, Australia and Far East full of Tamil Ambassidors. They all under control by LTTE and this is well known secret also. Most of these Ambassidors given full support to LTTE very secret way. At least now present govt. controlling these ambassidors. This is the way every one need it. Let them bark. Leaders like Sir John Kotalawela (Bangdun Hero), R. Premadasa (Sent Indian IPKF), Lalit Athulathmudali ( Any Indian Naval ships comes he said Sri Lanka Govt will shoot them) , well done Mr. Rajapakse

  95. H.E. Tamara Kunanayakam,

    Albert Einstein said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”
    Anyway today you have learned something new which we learned long ago!

    According to the media, we all are well aware that Luxman Kathirgamar was killed by the LTTE. But many have forgotten that he was supposed to be the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and WHO prevented his appointment.

    They will use any popular Tamil name for their glory!

    Sooner or later all those paramilitary leaders will learn the same.

    Good bye Good luck

  96. Mr. D.B.S. Jayaraj, now you are writing about Sri Lanka’s government affairs. I am sure you know about these things. If you dont know you are not a tamil infact your blood also not a tamil blood.


  97. H.E.Ravinatha Aryasinha!

    Omar Mukhtar, Libyan freedom fighter once said, “we have seen enough Italian governers and military leaders, they come and go but we continue our task and win”.


    Bruxelles in Belgium and Geneva in Switzerland are two different cities in numerous way!

    Warm welcome!

  98. H.E.Ravinatha Aryasinha!

    Omar Mukhtar, Libyan freedom fighter once said, “we have seen enough Italian governers and military leaders, they come and go but we continue our task and win”.


    Bruxelles in Belgium and Geneva in Switzerland are two different cities in numerous way!

    Warm welcome!

  99. In a way one cannot blame the Prez,under the circumstances, as he is a shrewd,crafty politician, who is still surviving as the leader.No matter what he did or doing is legal or undiplomatic.He is the ‘king’ and there is no one yet to challenge him or
    his authority.Ministers,diplomats,politicians,Govt. servants,voters,and even the heads of other countries know who Mr.Rajapakse is today.He has his own way of doing things and ,looks like he will not change his method until his time is up for a real democratic
    removal, if circumstances permit.Tamara’s,GLP’s & Dayan’s know this well & can play their fiddle until then.

  100. She was useful when Mahinda wanted to confront the USA. Now he has surrendered to US and wants to jettison China. So Tamara has to go

  101. Tamara been given very bad treatment. Gives image to world that Tamil people have no place in Sri Lanka.

    Why no action taken against Jaliya our ambassador in Washington for not stopping US from bringing resolution?

  102. What is most disappointing are the comments by rabble rousers using sinhala names to drive a wedge between the sinhalese and tamils, in line with Tiger terrorist agenda.

    Also, I think contrary to what DBSJ predicts, Tamara Kunanayakam will undestand the political reality and accept the transfer, even though she should have been allowed to complete her term at the UNHRC, as only she would have had the guts to call a spade a spade and countered the biased one track minded woman Pillai. On the other hand, with US backing Pillai and other hostile forces, Tamara was in a losing battle and this transfer could give SriLanka another start in the guise of a US “friendly” nation like India is pretending to be and also give Tamara a chance to re-build a bright future as a diplomat, rather than getting crushed by the US backed forces.


    I have NOT predicted. A PREDICTION Is like a prophecy.I am not prophetic.

    All I did was to post a HUNCH in response to a comment by a reader. A hunch is an intuitive feeling not a prediction.

  103. Srilankan way of Implimenting LLRC Report and reconciliation.

    When the Little Guy’s Tools for Change Are Co-opted.

    share this story. “Pledge support for SL by signing the petition at http://www.peacepetition4lk.org” — this seemingly innocuous exhortation suddenly began appearing on my phone screen every time I sent a text or made a call in Sri Lanka. The simple message belies the complex realities of a 26-year civil war and a government eager to hide its human rights abuses.

    Government propaganda through mobile companies is a usual occurrence, as I learned four months earlier when, arriving in Colombo, I received a text from “PRESIDENT” wishing me a happy new year in English and Sinhalese (conspicuously, no Tamil). Now Dialog, Sri Lanka’s largest phone operator, was asking me to take online action.

    Surprisingly, http://www.peacepetition4lk.org redirects to a petition on the change.org website asking the U.N. to stay away from the Sri Lankan peace process. Although the word “PRESIDENT” doesn’t appear on the petition or the phone message, it is fair to assume from its cozy relationship with the phone companies that the government is involved.

    Change.org, changing the world


  104. Asoka : . Dear mate what blood is flowing in your veins perhaps racist Indo-aryan or (amimals blood “Lions” as per mahavamsa )then why not go back to Bengal. Also in a typical way you have started sorry continueing lies after lies like your rulers. Did not you see in Ch4 what David milliband said about them. So we cant expect anything else from you as well.

  105. Sri Lanka MPs call each other gigolos ( Male prostitutes) in the House

    Two parliamentarians yesterday accused each other of being gigolos during an exchange of words at question time in Parliament. Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Dilan Perera was the first to call Ratnapura District UNP MP Ranjan Ramanayaka a gigolo, when a question was raised by the latter regarding the fate of Sri Lankan housemaid Rizana Nafeeq, who is on death row in Saudi Arabia for allegedly killing an infant. Are these MPs also descendans of ASOKA.

  106. The Pimp, Wimp, Plump and the Lump

    Wimp (GL) and the Pimp (Sajin Vaas) sans Plump (Namal Baby) will be arriving in Washington, DC shortly for a meeting with the Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton scheduled for May 18, 2012. The Lump (Jaliya Wickramasuriya, the Ambassador) is trying to gather a few Sri Lankans to sing his praises at the dinner planned for them.

  107. Both Tamara and Dayan should rethink whether they continue to serve a regime universally condemned for violations of human and civil rights or uphold universal principles of human rights and values which they used to do before they became apologists of the regime.

  108. Wimale says:
    May 9, 2012 at 11:17 am
    You bloody Tamil deserved this….. Srilanka for only Sinhalese

    The above comment is just a “PARANGI” comment..

  109. Speaking of our Parliament of today…
    It’s a den of uncivilized men in pure white national attires,shouting at each other,including some thugs,murderers,liars,cheats,rapists,drug pushers, racists and some poor ‘can’t do anything’ souls
    just marking time to get their ‘not hard earned’ pay checks.It’s pathetic to watch them & all their acts.
    Things are really getting from bad to worse and who cares about UNHRC, LLRC or the nation,while ministers are well paid and not allowed to do any of their job.
    Some of these jokers are deciding the ‘hiring & Firing’ of educated & intelligent diplomats working in important foreign missions.Parliament has only become a place to have fun & ‘pass time’ at our expenses.

  110. Hoope there is any single person in the Presiden’s office
    to understand the English of this letter. President’s Independence
    Day message I found many grammer mistakes. During former president’s
    time it never happend.

  111. This is what happens when Andares rule the Country. They are big jokers pretending to be intellectuals.I agree with Dushi Ranathunga when she says that the problem is not Geneva nor Havana but that abode of the foolish king Temple Trees.

  112. I was amazed that with her age and experience that Ambassador TMK did not read into the ‘offer’ made by GL for a cross posting to Cuba, as a polite form of asking her to get out of the way.

  113. Since Ceylon became a republic run by rogues, its government has displayed a singular incompetence in diplomacy. We are certain those rajapaksa’s are convinced that it means getting something from another by threat or bribe.
    We have forgotten the name of the rascal, but there was a foreign minister in C. bandaranaike regime whois reported to have said, ‘when US ambassedor sends for you, you run to him.’ What that brute said illustrates the level of competence in Ceylonese foreign ministry. One summons the ambassedors to the ministry, and if summons are refused, an ambassedor may be eclared personna non grata for contempt of soverinity.
    Most Ceylonese diplomats are crude and incompetent political apointees, who are however experts in back biting, and in getting promoted through low intrigue. Add to that a foreign ministry run by a bunch of yokels, who are the minions of a foul family concern that calls itself country’s leadership.

    The result is inevitable. Those who are competent and know their work will be insulted, inconvinienced, and sacked, while the professional sycophants will be promoted and painted as national heros.
    We know this applies to many areas in Ceylon, but its consequences for country’s foreign relations are nothing short of disastrous.
    There was an allusion to Uncle Niccolo somewhere here, wonder what Cesare would have done with the present government of Ceylon. Might have used it as an emetic just by looking at it, emetics were in great demand those days, where the poison market was bullish.

  114. Most of the contents of her letter are known or expected, except item 4 where she mentions:

    “* You will recall that my instructions were to bein Geneva on time to handle the 18th Session of the Council in September 2011. However, vital information on a US initiative calling for an interactive dialogue on Sri Lanka was withheld from me. lt was only fortuitousiy, and oniy 5 weeks before the Session opened, that I discovered that this information had been communicated, as early as June 2011, to the private emaii address of my predecessor in Geneva by the US Ambassador. After that, an emaii exchange had taken piace on the subject, unknown to the i\/iìnistry of External Affairs.”(typos included)

    Think her predecessor is her friend and comrade Dayan Jayatilleke. Did he hide that vital piece of information to his successor. Did he maintain private email communication with the US ambassador without informing the MEA of whether the Ministry failed to inform her.

    Something is not right.


    Her predecessor is Kshenuka Seneviratne who along with the ministry monitor is playing a game of her own vis a vis the USA

  115. Sunday Times (5/13/12) Political Column wrote:

    [What has irked the Presidential Secretariat, the Sunday Times learnt was the alleged use of a website in Canada to air Kunanayakam’s grievances and the release of a full text of a letter the envoy in Geneva sent to External Affairs Minister Peiris.]

    [The Sunday Times has confirmed the letter is an exact copy forwarded to Peiris. A Presidential Secretariat source said her transfer had the “full concurrence” of President Rajapaksa and “it is wrong to discuss diplomatic conduct through the media.”]

    Is the government of the view that it was wrong to allegedly leak some parts of the letter to sections of the media by a powerful cabal controlling affairs of the External affairs ministry in Colombo? Then, is it wrong to publish the full letter to clarify the issues completely in the full and proper context? Is the government at least indirectly accusing the ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam of somehow involved in leaking or publishing the letter?


    I dont know what Sunday Times is trying to imply by referring to a Canadian website but as far as this blog is concerned the letter was published only as an appendage to the news story that Ms.Kunanayakam had een transferred with effect from July 1st.The letter was leaked to Colombo media by ministry sources.I got hold of it and published it in full to set the record straight about the matter.Cause and effect are being mixed up in this story. The transfer preceded the letter being publicised. The transfer was the event which caused the letter being published.

  116. fools experience themselves and intelligents experience from others After reading her letter I can confirm she belongs to the second

  117. TAMARA

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