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Order the Armed Forces to stop their atrocious activities against the people

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by Veerasingham Anandasangaree

Text of a letter sent by TULF Secretary-General and former Parliamentarian Veerasingham Anandasangaree to Pressident Mahind Rajapaksa over the recent mass arrests in Trincomalee district

Your Excellency

I refer to the recent incident in Trincomalee in which youth, young girls and elders were arbitrarily and unjustly arrested and a good number of them detained.

Mr. V. Anandasangaree at the Dinner in honour of the Indian Parliamentary delegation, April 17, 2012-pic by: High Commission of India, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Such arrests have been taking place on a smaller scale in other areas as well. Unfortunately, the events that brought misery to our people, especially the youth, are showing signs of a revival of the past.

There is no guarantee that what took place in Trincomalee will not be repeated there again or spread to other areas. This is causing much fear and tension among the people. The only option that will be available to them is to send their children to various other places, including foreign countries, or as the only alternative, compel the youths to go into hiding. It is very unfortunate that you as the President of the country have failed to take action at the protests by the Member of Parliament for the Trincomalee district R. Sampanthan.

This type of arrests and detentions are nothing new to the North and the East. We have had many bitter experiences in the past. What happens during cordon and search operations are very obvious. What will happen now is that the youths will flee their homes, due to fear of arrest.

The forces will give chase, based on the suspicion that they are involved in anti-state activities. At this rate, the country will go back to the good old days, when Tamil youth dared not come on to the street to attend to their needs.

The people in the North and the East have started to think that their wretched lives that lasted almost 30 years, is making a come back.

I am convinced that these searches and arrests are done only to terrorize the poor village folk.

The whole exercise will prove counterproductive and bring shame and discredit to the already ailing nation.

Your Excellency, whatever action you take to retain the Army in the North and the East in large numbers, you can never justify that. We now have only about 15 days to go for it to be three three years since the war came to an end. I will not even call it a war. This is just an uprising which the government had suppressed with the support of several countries which will never support an uprising. No one wants the government to encourage an uprising.

I appeal to you to take a sympathetic view of the problems of the Tamil people. At least in two out of the eight Tamil majority districts and in parts of the other six districts, people lost everything that was in their homes. Our children suffered enough mentally and physically for about 30 years. Your government is very strong now, much better than what it was at the end of the war.

I admire countries that help us in development. Knowing fully well of the sufferings of our people during the past 30 years, no sensible government would have offered assistance to build Army camps all over the North and the East. I strongly condemn the countries which offered such assistants, after the war ended.

The Tamil people are timid and weak, with no strength and courage to confront the army. The only option available to them is to show passive resistance to oppose unreasonable acts by the armed forces. The people who are committed to non-violence can oppose the Army’s illegal acts detentions and such others only by non-violent means. Therefore, please order the government forces to stop forthwith the harassment of ordinary people.

If this situation continues to prevail, we will be compelled to muster the support of the people and engage in passive resistance.

Once again, I plead with you to respect the sentiments of the people and order the armed forces to stop their atrocious activities against the people.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely

V. Anandasangaree
Secretary General,
Tamil United Liberation Front

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  1. This shows that the SL will not return to normalcy in the near future or even in distant future.

    Take the words of that monkey monk Imanulawa. He was at one place talking about pure blooded Sinhala Budhist.

    May be after suppressing the Tamils and other minorities they will start to fight among themselves as to who is the original Sinhala Budhist and who came later.

    Ranjan beware of that scenario.

    For this they have to trace their origin to the 700 goons that were driven away along with their leader of the goon, King Vijaya.

    May be then their Karma will catch up with then.

    Even in Mahabharatha the Pandavas had to suffer for their war crimes. This Lord Krishna took it upon himself and his kinsmen Yadava.

    They died killing each other citing the war crimes that Satyaki and the Boorisravas camp did to each other.

    Whether there is tribunal or not, if the Law of Karma is true then these things will happen.

    Already the Ven Thero has spilled the beans to that effect.

    In this regard I am reminded of the words of the Kuttimani, Thangadurai in the court premises that when the Sinhalese have finished them they will then turn against the other minorities and then they will turn against themselves.


    But these words of the monkey monk Ven Thero are to be marked and I shudder to think that they portend to the troublesome days ahead.

    Ven IS: You are perfectly right. I do accept globalisation. Similarly I believe that there is a Sinhala race without mixed blood. I do believe that I am such a person myself. So, if anyone says that there is no pure race, like you, if one speaks of reason, I think they are of mixed blood. I mean there must be some kind of mix. They must have a name like Thambi Mudiyanselage in their birth certificate.


    Until you exorcise that demon of the racism in the minds of the people like this Thero the island will drift from one crisis to another crisis.

  2. In the aftermath of the Geneva debacle the Govt seems hell bent on further self inflicted damage by harrassing the Tamil minority. These types of detention without charges under the PTA is unjustified three years after the defeat of the LTTE.

    Instead of getting down to work and implementing the LLRC reccomendations we have this type on insensitive actions by the MOD. Indicates the amount of dysfunction between the various organs of the Govt.

  3. Since February 1948
    I have witnessed many minority parties members of the Tamil,Muslim Burgher and Malays elected representatives support all the Sinhala Buddhist Governments.
    Like the Buddhist Monk of Dambulla said WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE ONLY A SINHALA BUDDHIST GOVERNMENT that is the reality.

  4. Amidst arrests by the Sri Lanka miltary 18th April 2012 of more than 300 Tamils in the east, a Tamil man recently refused asylum in the U.K. and deported to Sri Lanka was killed. The Tamil man was refused asylum, because UK thought that Sri Lanka will be safe for him to return, but this Tamil is dead now. So much for safety for this poor Tamil!!

  5. It is time for the Tamil, Muslim and other marginalised people to shed their differences and stand up and fight for what is rightfully ours. We do not need to beg anyone for what is rightfully ours. The right to live with dignity in peace and security in our own land is our birth right. If we do not stand up against this aggression it will only get worse not better.

    The racist elements in the present regime and their cohorts believe that a military supremacy gives them the right to abuse and persecute the marginalised. This stems from their belief that the marginalised are powerless. If we are to stop this trend, we the marginalised people need to demonstrate our people power. The international community which supported the S/L regime in vanquishing LTTE will not stand by and watch when the democratic rights of a group of people is trampled upon with the use of military strength. Military might is crumbling around the world against popular non violent uprising.
    It is time to mobilise mass passive resistance against this tyranny

  6. Who is this lady the TULF Leader is talking to? isn’t she just a junior level official just pretending to be a major player in the system? or did she advise the TULF leader to write this particular letter!

  7. It is quite evident from the actions of the security forces that there is a vast chasm between Mahinda Rajapaksa’s words and his deeds! He always declares in his speeches that all Sri Lankans are the children of one mother; what a load of bullshit!

  8. Ananda sangaree seems very angry.You can see from the photograph where he is snarling like a tiger.I’am somewhat an expert in body language and in my opinion he is telling that woman that the civilians should be trained by india in karate.The woman does not seem very impressed and seems to be saying you know what happend when we trained you guys,our rajiv died.


    Nothing like that Shankar.

    The occasion is quite festive and the lady is none other than our External affairs ministry Addl Secy Kshenuka Seneviratne

    Sangaree in his youths was quite a charmer of women.Looks like a little bit of the old magic still lingers. What you think is a snarl may be a snare.

  9. There is no rule of law in SL

    Rauf Hakeem is the “Justice Minister”. Why was the matter not resolved in a court of law without need for politics?

    When the Buddhist monks came to destroy the mosque the police stood by, showing that there is no Rule of law but “Jungle Buddhist monk law”. The same thing happened in all the anti Tamil riots.

    Can SL ever deliver unbiased justice without impeccable racism? Never.

  10. I respect the veteran tamil politician.

    As long as there is sabre rattling outside of Sri Lanka there is bred distrust.
    We have seen in this blog alone Karunanidhi reviving Eelam.

    This is a sad situation, The solution lies also with the Tamil leaders themselves. As long as the yearning for a seperate state exists there will be detention and searches.

    Its like the chicken and the egg. With seraches comes cries for seperation.

    I am sure Mahesh from South India ( I hope I am right ) will be shouting up and down on this.

  11. Dear Sangary,Are you missing VP????

    “War is not evil. It is the things which make war necessary that are evil.”

    “..Where there is no justice, there will be violence. We decry the need to resort to violence. Those responsible for violence are not those who must resort to it as a last resort. The responsibility of violence rests upon those who deny justice. The resort to arms is justified, but only as a last resort, only after an appeal to reason is no longer available.

    But when a resort to arms becomes necessary, it should be done with pride and not with shame; it should be used with compassion and not with uncontrolled hate; it must be taken up always with a clear understanding that it is justified only for the sake of liberation of our people and not for the purpose of revenge or suppression of another person’s right to life and liberty and self-determination “- World Council of Indigenous Peoples,

  12. Hay walter, tell us, where in our constitution says that only a Sinhala can be the President and Prime Minister? The people who you most admire Norwegians, their constitution of cause says that only Lutheran Norwegians can hold even lesser positions.

  13. The Rajapaksa regime is creating conditions for another tamil rebellion. These fellows never learn. They refuse to learn. If they think that harassing the tamils by such random arrests and detention is going to keep them quiet they will be proven wrong again. The Indian and the EU delegations and other visitors to the north and east have seen the reality of the conditions the tamils are living under. It is time for the tamils to collectively show passive resistance as Mr Sangaree says.

  14. Mahesh,

    You said “May be after suppressing the Tamils and other minorities they will start to fight among themselves as to who is the original Sinhala Buddhist and who came later. Ranjan beware of that scenario.”

    Who came later were called ‘Aappu minisu’, mostly low country people. Most of them came from Chola Mandalam, and mixed with local. It wasn’t a new phenomenon. Sir Pon. Ramanthan was the choice of Upcountry Sinhalese against a ‘Aappu minisu’ to represent Ceylon, back in early nineteen century. Ranjans must have known the recent history.

  15. I sympathise for the plight of the minorities being subjected to army harassment. But I find it interesting that Anandasangaree is pleading with MR.

  16. The police spokesman said they were taken in under the Prevention of Terrorism Act on an order signed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his capacity as defence minister.

    The spokesman said most of the detainees will be put through a year-long process known as rehabilitation, although those accused of serious offences would be tried.


    Those who creating conditons to put innocents youths in “rehabilitation” prision and toture,soon or later will be end up behind the bars.BECAUSE THEY ARE INTERNATIONALY RECOGNISED & WANTED WARCRIMINALS OF THIS CENTURY.

  17. shankar says:
    May 7, 2012 at 8:06 am

    DBSJ RESPONDS:Sangaree in his youths was quite a charmer of women.Looks like a little bit of the old magic still lingers. What you think is a snarl may be a snare.

    He certainly does not seem to be snaring her.Though i made a mistake about who she was,my contention on her body language still stands and she does not seem to be impressed at all by him nor his request for karate classes.The problem with sangaree is he is not bald at the back as you can see.Kshenuka does not consider him as sexy at all.She has a contemplative look on her face that tells me that she is comparing him to sajin vaas gunawardena and not liking what she sees.


    Tut!tut!!What a pity.I thought Sangaree could be used to tame Kshenuka and save Tamara but you’ve dashed my hopes

  18. and DBSJ,that woman looks like if she gives him a slap he will go spinning to the end of the room with his karate and all.No wonder GL pieris seems terrified of her.

  19. Thank Goodness, there are no alleged brutal assaults and rape of these youth, young girls and the elderly who have been taken into temporary custody.

    Surely armed forces wouldn’t be chasing youth as well as elderly for fun, when the US, UK EU and even our once friendly neighbor India, have their HCs and Ambassadors watching over us as hawks ,following the UN Resolution to make us accountable.

    Wouldn’t it be also productive if this serial letter writer can address a few, to the other stakeholders of the post Terror reconciliation process?.

    For example , to urge Mr Sambandan and his boys to tone down the rhetoric and be peaceful in their agitations?.

    Another to Mr Wickremasinghe to be honest with the inhabitants and explian the real alternatives that he can offer,towards a real reconconciliation?.

  20. According to some Tamil racists all Tamil youth are very innocent, they know nothing about terrorism and North and East now free from even single terrorism act. These are nonsense. killing of an EPDP member recently has revealed that some LTTE carders who had arrived from India were now operating in the Eastern province. There are some eliments still trying hard to destroy peace and stability in Sri Lanka.

    It is the responsibility of our security forces to wipe out such attempts from the root and maintain peace, not only in North and East but in the whole country. Search operations must conduct in search of LTTE carders who returned to country after fleeing during last stage of the war, illegal weapons and other armed gangs hiding in the area. Eventhough we won the war against terrorists, for sustainable peace its our duty to keep vigilance on security.

    It is our beleive that our security forces able to conduct these operations with out any harassment on innocent tamils living in those areas. It is also their responsibility to protect the rights of Sri lankan tamils.

  21. DEar Ananda Sangari, North East already left with large number of widows, their poverty has forced to abandon the Tamil Culture. Please do not instigate another revolt in your community let the young leadership tale over affairs in Tamil community please take a rest now.Security camps will not be removed.What are we going to do with hard core rebels that refused to surrender? Majority of seniors in North East taking these widows for fun promising many things. Look into these social problems solve them if you have time than seeking cheap popularity with international community.

  22. It is mandatory for those LTTE Cardres who surrenderd to the Army to undergo a rehabilitation period. Those who avoided are naturaly considered as Terrorists and have to be arrested and checked whether they are still trying to carry out a terror campaign.

    This has & will happen in any country that faced our type of stuation. The problem is that TNA & Ananda Sangari who’s Son is a LTTE Terrorist Leader in exile do not want this to happen as this will prevent them from carrying out another insurrection. They will never give up their Terror campaign until they acheive an Eelam in Sri Lanka for the world Tamils, which they can never get in India, which is their country of origin.

    First of all these TNA leaders who have been a LTTE proxy party, and Ananda S. should be taken to a cmap and Rehabilitate and put some sense to their minds.

  23. Mr. Ananada Sanagaree is well respected Tamil leader among majority of Sri Lankan who was able to maintain anti LTTE policy despite the death threats of terrorists. Indeed Mr. Sampanthen acted a cat’s-hand role performing the LTTE’s requirement s visiting to Wanni.

    When Mr. Sampanthen is trying to be sensible planning to follow the practical steps of attending to the PSC and expressing the TNA’s requirement of receiving the solution for ethnic issue under a unitary state, Mr. Ananada Sangaree seems to be followed Mr. Sampanthen’s previous stance!!!!!

    If security forces are taking innocent Sri Lankans (Tamil, Sinhala ..etc) to the custody it is completely unacceptable. If such an issue is prevailing in those areas it is more appropriate if Mr. Ananada Sanagaree would have met president in person and would have expressed his concerns with proofs than sending letters giving publicity to it. If president has failed to provide any valid justification or acceptable outcome within an agreed time frame he would have sent a letter as a reminder. If he failed to respond then he would have published his letter in the media. But the way he performed was apparently like he wanted to fulfill a petty political requirement especially thinking that Mr. Sampanthen will takeover his position soon. Anyway it is good if Mr. Sampanthen can maintain TNA’s present consideration to participate for the PSC without taking any wrong decision where it can be badly affected to future discussions. We request Mr. Sanagaree also to meet president and find the real situation. If his notification is correct then President should take necessary steps to stop other wise Mr. Sanagaree should request such people not to involve with that offenses.

    NOTE : If we think unbiased after 30 years war and in the circumstances of planning Tamil Diaspora to start again LTTE movement while poring fuel by Mr. Karunanidhi and curtail countries using well trained recently released LTTE carders any government in the world knowing the situation they faced in the past will not remove army from the respective area than strategically station them as a contingency plan. If actually any former carders will start to engage with such activities, search operations and arrests can be expected (either regarding LTTE or JVP in south). As responsible politicians all of them should sit and have discussions to find out the real situation. We suggest to discuss about remaining the army in that area at the PSC and find a time frame to reduced them gradually in the future (practically within 5 years period) after implementing the political solution.

  24. Amara says:

    “North East already left with large number of widows,………………..Look into these social problems solve them”

    For a minute I thought you were advising him to marry all of them.

  25. I appreciate Sri Lanka Api’s professional suggestions to resolve all issues by consensus approach identifying causes reasonably, trusting Sri Lankans mutually and learning from the past experience. I respect their broader vision for the reason that, it is the mode of accomplishment the reconciliation.
    If all writers know-how could articulate without widening the gaps between the communities it will be useful.

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