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“Raw, Raw, Raw – Dilliye” – President Sirisena Dishing Out RAW Delights To Cabinet Is RAW Reality of Crooked Politics


Lucien Rajakarunanayake

This seems a real raw situation. It now looks like the word RAW was never heard at the last Cabinet meeting.

What on earth was the media doing? Surely it could have sought the information on the RAW facts from the Right to Information!

Looks like President Sirisena had nothing to say there about RAW – the Research and Analysis Wing of the Indian Intelligence Institution. Why should he? Is it because Mahinda has said it earlier?

Knowing that what takes place at Cabinet meetings is full of secrecy (as we are told), we can never know the truth about what goes on there. The raw reality is that the media gets its news from the spirits that hover all over the Cabinet room.

Don’t forget we are a highly religious and spiritual nation and country. Or national leaders, President, Prime Minister and former President, too, go to spiritual shrines in India so often, for the blessings of the deities – whatever Buddhism may have to say about such spiritual belief and worship. So the spirits float within the Cabinet room, too.

Thinking of this RAW situation, I just remembered that lovely Sunil Edirisinghe song –

‘Ra, Ra, Ra, Bombiye’

Maybe we may now have to change that line to

Raw, Raw, Raw, Dillye”.

Keep singing.

We are told that the Ministers who leaked the “RAW Canard” must be exposed. That’s great. How is one to leak a canard? Just work it out.

“Ra, Ra, Ra, bombiye – muvaveyan nangiye”

There is some shelter needed in this raw story. Of course the President said nothing about RAW – that plotting centre in India. What the spirits at the Cabinet tell us is that he was only talking of the raw realities of coalition government. The raw truths about the calls for a break away from the UNP.

That is not Narendra Modi’s RAW. He was also worried about the raw thinking on getting Indian investment to the East Container Terminal in the Port of Colombo. Surely one can’t be silent about Indian involvement in all economic centres!

Ra, Ra, Ra, Dilleye!

This is a week of raw delights for the President. He was quite raw in ordering the removal of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Ceylon,

People’s Bank, and the Board of Investment. That certainly was very raw anti-UNP stuff. It must be some of the raw that leaked out of the Cabinet room. The raw and hasty decision is now being discussed…

He had another raw delight in gifting Rs. One Million to that Thebuvana police sergeant, who had quite a rude protest performance with a police rifle, in public. The raw reality here is the President telling others in the public service who have to protest against their superiors, to have similar performances.

Does the Police Service remain a joke, under the joker IGP, as the President so recently said?

‘Ujaruvata kivvath loketa parakaasey – Desey hatiyta nomevei ena, ena, bhasey”

(Boasting so much to the world – but the language is not of national reality).

Ra, Ra, Ra, Bombiye’

There is another raw reality that must have had its silent sway in the Cabinet room. It is the visit of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to India this week. The forces moving to remove him from office, and calling for some confusing Caretaker Government, must have been crudely raw in their anger. There must have been silent pleas for the real RAW to do a good search on the PM. The President would never have said a word, with considered silence.

What we see today is the naked truths of corrupt politics going astray. The politics of coalition are being dragged into a prolonged end.

The plans for the next presidential candidate, is part of the raw reality of crooked politics. The Cabinet does not discuss presidential candidates, but the hopeful spirit of expectant candidates remains there too. How could the SLFP candidate get support from the UNP? How could one prevent the UNP candidate from running? Keep guessing, keep reckoning – it requires all of the raw political tactics that is the silent and sordid substance of hopeful presidential candidature.

So let’s keep singing – in that good baila mood, watching the crooked thrills of politics.

Ra, Ra, Ra – Bombiye – Muvaveyan Nangiye, Muvaveyan Malliye.

Courtesy:The Island