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‘We are fighting to save the 2,300 year old Buddhist Heritage that is ours’

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Ven Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero-pic courtesy of: The Sunday Leader

Ven.Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero Interviewed by Niranjala Ariyawansha

Ven. Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero, the Chief Priest at the Rangiri Dambulla Viharaya was in the forefront in recent times leading a protest at Dambulla to relocate a mosque which was within the sacred Vihara land, disputed by the Muslim fraternity. The issue is yet on the boil and the government has not resolved this sensitive stand off.

Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero is no stranger to controversy and has time and again led protests against the administrative and political structure. Our reporter Niranjala Ariyawansha interviewed the Chief monk. At the conclusion of this interview Sumangala Thero warned our reporter of dire consequences if she ever stepped foot into Dambulla.


SL: You were first identified with protests against the construction of the Kandalama Hotel. What was the final outcome of that protest?

Ven Inamaluwe: I will continue that protest as long as I live. That is my position. I did not join that protest as a mere visitor. I joined the protest as the President of the Kandalama Left Canal farmers society though the media reported that I was acting as the Secretary General of the Sangha Society

I knew the importance of the kandalama tank and the environs, being the leader of the farming community in addition to being a monk. It is prohibited by law to erect any buildings near the banks of tanks.

This was so from the time of our ancient kings. The British when they were here followed that too. We thought that a democratic government elected after independence would also follow this.

We created public opinion against this wrongful erection. We wanted the hotel project stopped. What did the government do? They provided Police protection to them, down graded public opinion, denigrated us and allowed the project to go through.

What I started off in Kandalama reflects the real situation in this country in the name of democracy. It is a dictatorship. Democracy is only by name. I realised that there is no ruling party that will listen to the voice of the people as early as in 1991.

SL: Do you regret launching that protest?

Ven IS: It is like this. What is it that a government cannot do? President Premadasa could only not make a man, a woman. That was the power. So, to erect a hotel is no big deal. That took place under the approval of President Premadasa. Therefore, it showed that a government can do anything in this country. I have realised that.

SL: You are once more in focus for the second time when you opposed the existence of a building said to be a mosque within the confines of land belonging to the Dambulla temple. Will you have to backtrack on this protest too, in the future?

Ven IS: No. We learnt a lesson once. We learnt that there is no democracy in this land. Therefore, if anyone rules oppressively and against democracy, we will without fear of life, oppose such action.

SL: How do you think you should oppose a regime that is not democratic?

Ven IS: We showed that recently.

SL: By resorting to violence?

Ven IS: Yes. That is partially true. We started peacefully. But people’s feelings when aroused cannot be controlled. Look at it nationally and internationally. What did extremist persons like Bin Laden do? They have shed blood to propagate Islam. That is the truth.

Our people have built their hopes and dreams around Buddhist culture. They are patient. But here that patience was set aside a little. I do not see it as violence.

SL: Buddhist teachings promote patience. But you lent leadership to a section of Buddhists to practice the opposite. Why?

Ven IS: No. I do not accept that. It is the government that did such a thing. There was a plan made 30 years ago to protect the temple and the land surrounding it. By not implementing that plan it was the government that pushed the people. If you say the people wanted me to do so, it is correct For that too the government must take responsibility.

SL: Most of the people who came for that protest were not people from Dambulla. Some charge that you brought people from other areas?

Ven IS: Who says so? Anyone can say anything. There is an ancient saying that when one is hungry even a monitor lizard becomes an iguana (a kabaragoya becomes a thalagoya). Therefore whatever anyone says I will not accept such charge.

SL: When I met you on the 30th of last month at the Dambulla temple, you said the people of Dambulla though from different religious persuasions lived amicably. What happened to that? Why was this protest held in such haste?

Ven IS: Who says it was in haste? That is what the media has concocted. We have over a period of time informed the President and the Minister in charge. But they were silent.When the working class ask for higher wages by filling out a form for that purpose, does it happen? No. They have to strike.That is our country.

The super democracy you talk of will not work in this country.If one were to win any rights in this country, it could be only through protests. That’s the truth. No one can say that it’s a lie. The people of this country have resorted to protests to win their rights. We live in a country where even a letter written to a department goes without acknowledgement. Therefore the people have to resort to these kind of things.

SL: You say that this protest was not done in haste and that it is justified. The Buddhists have a limit to their patience. The government made them impatient, and the government is responsible for it. Then you say how Bin Laden acted violently to spread Islam. Do you then believe that blood should be shed in the name of religion?

Ven IS: Yes, what you say is true and the government must take responsibility. But on the 20th there was no blood shed.

SL: Yes, but on the 20th you said publicly, ‘today we came with the Buddhist flag in hand. But the next time it would be different’. So, the next time if it progresses to religious disharmony and bloodshed, would you take responsibility?

Ven IS: The responsibility for that should be taken by the inactive ruling class of this country. The Muslim leaders of their government are spreading falsehoods about this mosque. They must know that the Prime Minister has made a decision on this. The Prime Minister is the second citizen in this country. He is also the Minister of Buddhist Affairs.

Therefore, he has expressed the government’s view. So, can others who have now aligned with the government or even the cabinet minister who is representing Dambulla go against that?

The government minister Janaka Bandara Tennekoone says that the mosque will not be removed. The prime Minister says it will be removed. Minister Rauf Hakeem says it will remain. This shows that the government is divided. It also shows that there are people within this government who are bigger than the Prime Minister. How can that be?What has happened to collective responsibility within the cabinet and the government? Therefore we urge the President to take a decision against these in-disciplined political braggarts.

SL: When you speak of collective responsibility of the Cabinet, I would like to remind you that in Sri Lanka we have a multi religious, multi cultural and multi ethnic society.

Ven IS: What nonsense.You are speaking of a nonsensical theory. This country has fourteen million buddhists.How many muslims are there? For example in Thailand, the majority are Buddhists. In Myanmar too Buddhists are in the majority. Catholics are a majority at the Vatican. Therefore, we say that the Vatican is a Catholic State. Similarly in the middle east many countries have a Muslim majority. Therefore we call them Islamic States.

SL: That is not what I meant. When a society consists of multi religious people practicing different faiths, should they not have equal rights?

Ven IS: Are you trying to wrest away our Buddhist rights? We have respected all. What we have here is none of that. It is about protecting the Buddhist legacy against the wresting of it. There is no need for talking nonsense here. We are fighting to save the 2300 year old Buddhist heritage that is ours! They in turn are trying to wrest away our heritage.

Therefore it would be good for all to understand that reality. I am vocal to protect that right and not to wrest away someone else’s right or property. It is the Islamists who are trying something else here. That cannot be allowed. We never went to Iraq or the middle east to wrest the rights of Islamists? This is robbery. You tell the whole country of this position clearly.

SL: So whilst fighting to protect one’s right you violate another’s right?

Ven IS: Are you trying to trample the rights of the Buddhists?

SL: No. They say that the Mosque was there from 1962

Ven IS: I will speak to you as a person possessing a third eye. I speak of what is happening globally. I am comparing what happens globally. Globally, Islam is on the rise. Some so called Sinhalese lend a hand (gotta allanawa) to them. I ask you also not to do so.

SL: Would you say there is Muslim fundamentalism growing across the world? As against Buddhist fundamentalism growing here?

Ven IS: There is no such thing. Others may have such intentions. I cannot condone nor certify that. I am not like that.

The Rangiri Dambulla Viharaya has a history of 2300 years and is a highly venerated Viharaya. Even UNESCO has named it as a historical site in the world. That has been done because the Buddhists protected it.

Now, Islamists (Thambis) are trying to creep into this. For those islamists (Thambis) and those who are propping them (Gotta Allana Aya) this may be good. But I say it is because of the Buddhists who protected this Dambulla Viharaya that the villages around this site came into being. Not bacause of a church or mosque. We have a history. What history does the muslims have with Dambulla? They can do anything in their regions. I will not speak of history here. But, I am a monk who has studied history and archaeology for my degree. I have studied the history of Sri Lanka well.

The Muslims came to Sri Lanka by sail boats to trade in groceries. Only males came. Some of them settled down permanently in countries like Sri Lanka, India and the Maldives.

During the reign of King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe there was a saying ‘ let us just have a bit of land to look after,’ by them. Having come like visitors they robbed the Sinhala and Tamil women. They fooled our Sinhala and Tamil women and married them. Now this purdah that the Muslims wear to cover their faces? It’s a plan by those men who came to rob women. They used it in every country. It has now become a religious practice. It’s however not a real religious practice. It’s a caddish ploy to rob women. If I am to say in proper Sinhala (Sudda Sinhalenma Kiyanawa nam , oka thamai mata kiyanna thiyennay.) That is all what I have to say about it.

SL: As a person who believes in globalisation do you accept the theory of a purist race?

Ven IS: You are perfectly right. I do accept globalisation. Similarly I believe that there is a Sinhala race without mixed blood. I do believe that I am such a person myself. So, if anyone says that there is no pure race, like you, if one speaks of reason, I think they are of mixed blood. I mean there must be some kind of mix. They must have a name like Thambi Mudiyanselage in their birth certificate.

SL: Buddhist sermons are based on equality. But in Sri Lanka the clergy has split into different sects. Do you believe in the theory of sects?

Ven IS: I do not accept the need for sects. But even during the time of Buddha there were varying groups of monks. But Buddha did not prevent that. During Lord Buddhas first sermon monk Punna did not attend. Those monks who participated wanted monk Punna to accept that sermon. The monk answered,’ I have heard Buddha’s sermons before. I accept them. You accept it too’. Three months after Buddha achieved enlightenment, there were groups with varying views. These groups were there from that time and progressed thereon to date.

SL: The sects in Sri Lanka are based on caste. Is the caste system in line with Buddhas teachings?

Ven IS: I do not endorse that. I do not accept the sects based on a caste system at all.

SL: You belong to the Siyam Sect. You propagated another group called the Rangiri Dambullu Sect. What was the basis for that?

Ven IS: To tell the truth I followed the principal you spoke of. Buddha from birth did not accept a caste system. We based it on that presumption and rejected the caste system and opened the doors to anyone from any background or any sect to be ordained.

SL: But on the 23rd when a discussion was held at the Rangiri Dambulla Viharaya the Asgiriya Chief Prelate who is from the Siyam Sect participated?

Ven IS: Yes. He is our Chief Priest. But other monks attended as well.

SL: What is the quarrel between you and Minister Janaka Bandara Tennekoon?

Ven IS: He first entered parliament as an MP in 1993 or 1994. Prior to that he was a policeman. His father was T. B. Tennekoon. A very humble, and good Buddhist. Janaka Bandara got his votes because of his father. On an election platform with tears in his eyes he said what his father had told him from his death bed, “My dear son, being a policeman wouldn’t do. Please go to Dambulla and start from where I stopped”. The people were fooled and voted for him.

The first thing he did after becoming an MP was to open a tavern in Dambulla town. The people protested by closing down shops, hoisting black flags and going in a procession. Janaka used his thugs and attacked the protesters. They pulled down buddhist flags and trampelled them.

The police did nothing. Why? Because he was also in the police. I complained about this to the then President Chandrika. She closed the tavern immediately. We had problems with each other from then. As at now he is angry with me as a monk who went above him.

SL: Are you also angry with him?

Ven IS: Oh what anger do I have? I must have a preference vote to get angry. I was never a friend of his. Before I complained to President Chandrika I spoke to him on the phone and asked, “ you said that you would start your politics from where your father stopped. Is this where your father stopped?”. He replied, “I will act according to the wishes of the people”. I asked, ‘ now Dambulla is self sufficient, only a place to have a tot is needed. Is this what the people want?”. He got angry and slammed the phone down. From there we worked to preserve the buddhist legacy. He was angry at that and has tried to take revenge since then. It’s only a dream.

SL: The people in Dambulla accuse you of giving away land belonging to the temple over their heads to others by charging LKR 100,000 for it.

Ven IS: This is not something I take for myself. The lands belonging to the Dambulla Viharaya is governed by the Buddhist tempolarities Act. The Buddhist Commissioner has a system to grant land. According to that a charge is made to register. These lands cannot be sold to anyone. If the lessee does not need it then it must revert back to the temple. People do not follow that but sell it to others. For all of such acts we charge. They must pay 30% to the temple. It’s not to me. We issue a receipt. The government audits them. Whilst you charge the Dambulla temple could you as a media person check on the lands belonging to the Dalada Maligawa too and how much is charged?”

SL: The buddhist tempolarities Act is not divine? Why cannot it be amended to allow people to benefit?

Ven IS: It’s a law. Do you say that all laws should be amended to suit the people? That Act is there to preserve and safeguard temple lands.

SL: The populations grows day by day. But land does not. Shouldn’t those people have right to land?

Ven IS: You speak on the basis of human needs. I need to ask you a question. The government means, the people. Can the people enter any government land by force? Please answer me

SL: Since you ask me I will answer. I do not think that the government means the people. The government is separate and the people are separate. But the government has created a view that the government is the people. Unfortunately the people have accepted that.

Ven IS: Right. You are absolutely right. If that is so, can the people enter a land belonging to the government? They cannot.

SL: Cannot that be changed?

Ven IS: That is called a wanting of a super human rights and a super democracy. But the reality is not that.

SL: You said before that this protest was based on the needs of people. Do you think you would be precipitating the buddhists to go beyond their tolerance levels and are you not provoking them?

Ven IS: I reject that.

SL: You are a dominating person?

Ven IS: Yes. I am a dominating person. I accept that with all humility. Without being so these temples cannot be improved.

SL: There is a big difference between the laity and clergy. There are differences of opinion between the laity which results in fights, quarrels etc. It’s the clergy that act as a buffer to settle these disputes. As a leading buddhist monk you say “ Yes, I am dominating”. How then can you bring the laity towards reconciliation?

Ven IS: I do not know how you describe a dominant person. I describe it as follows, i. e.: There can be only one officer in overall charge of an army. If everyone gives orders can one fight a war? Similarly a country cannot be developed if one were to bow down to everyone.

SL: I described dominance as an attribute which brings others under a person’s total control.

Ven IS: That does not concern me. Remember one thing. I am also a media person. I also have a media organisation. I know a great deal about the media. When you question me as a media person I too answer as a media person. Please remember that you have boundaries as a media person.

SL: But I am speaking to Inamaluwe Sumangala Chief priest and the line of the interview was what I felt was necessary to ask after talking to you. I feel that there is not much difference between you and a lay person.

Ven IS: Make a decision based on your mental capacity. Do not try to teach me the difference between a lay person and clergy. What you said was the worst insult one could make to me. Do not try to be too smart lady. You (thamusay) can record if you want. Do not waste my time. courtesy: The Sunday Leader

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  1. Kudos to the Lady reporter for fearlessly asking tough questions. More these idiots are exposed and thier views are shown to be what they are more the general population will reject them.

    He is fighting to save 2300 years of Buddhist heritage? What nonsense. It is the likes of him that has ruined the Buddhist heritage in Sri Lanka and faster the common sense prevail, better it will be for the country.

  2. Niranjala need to be congratulated for her bold and rational interview with this priest. Better leave the priest alone, as he appears to be communal and a mentally ill person. He has grievances with all. As a priest he has lost his respect. He is another “Mervyn”.

  3. Weather someone like it or not, this Ven. Monk is speaking from him heart. I do not know what political powers he got, he talk with a knowledge of our heritage. So, if any of you can’t handle the truth, so get out like the one who call the ven. monk and idiot. regardless of your religion, you do not insult a person because you do not agree with that person. I am sure your parents will not be proud of this kind of behavior.

  4. Ven IS: I will speak to you as a person possessing a third eye. I speak of what is happening globally. I am comparing what happens globally. Globally, Islam is on the rise. Some so called Sinhalese lend a hand (gotta allanawa) to them. I ask you also not to do so.

    Like it or not Islam will dominate the world very soon.. a well known fact to European leaders and the rest..but they can do nothing but accept the truth..

  5. The reporter and the interviwer is excellent. She is one hell of a brave lady. May God Bless her!

  6. I admire the brave lady, Niranjala. May God Bless her! Sri Lanka need more brave people like her.

  7. Her tone and substance beray he fact that she was extremely preudised. She has violated all norms of decency,decorum and impartial;ity of principla of good reportong. Buddhist Prsiests are also human beings trying to adopt to ceretain human desciplines. Had she interviewd in this manner our Podihamudurwo of Gangaramaya, Oh be Unto her !!The fact the fact that she wss highly prejudised if amply evident from her selected and chosen Questions. The Priest answered every question with fear or favour and truthfully. She got belly full.


    This is one of the best interviews I have read. The reporter was very courageous to beard the lion in its den and ask uncomfortable questions in order to elicit the truth.Reporters are not stenographers to simply write down what is being told. It is their right to ask probing questions. The reporter has not flouted any journalistic norms but only demonstrated that there are persons in the Sinhala Buddhist community who are balanced and bold enough to resist the rising tide of chauvinism and speak truth to power.She has not breached any decorum but the Bhikku has certainly breached rules of “Vinaya”.

    I do not know who this journalist is but I salute her and say”bravo”!

  8. Rangiri Dambulla Viharaya has a history and it should be protected. That’s all the Sri Lankans duty. Including Sri Lankan Mulims. LOLZ, Saduu is totally pissed off with the lady. But he is a smart Monk. Not easy questions to answer. I’m confuse now.

  9. THERO : That is partially true. We started peacefully. But people’s feelings when aroused cannot be controlled. Look at it nationally and internationally. What did extremist persons like Bin Laden do? They have shed blood to propagate Islam. That is the truth

    YEAH, 1958, 1977 and 1983 were as a result of AROUSED PEOPLE. THEY CALL IT PROVOKED.

    THERO : There was a plan made 30 years ago to protect the temple and the land surrounding it. By not implementing that plan it was the government that pushed the people. If you say the people wanted me to do so, it is correct For that too the government must take responsibility.


  10. I am not a racisit. I think that the chief priest of Dambulla is telling the truth.
    We need to ask these questions:

    Can we build a Buddhist temple in Maldive Islands?
    Can we build a Buddhist temple in Soudhi Arabia?

    As Sri Lankans and Sinhelese, we have been kind enough to allow Muslims in the Country to build the temples or mosque in anywhere they like. However, these Muslims they forgotten their past and attempiting to erase the History of Sri Lanka.

    You say you are not a racist but your comment is a racist rant………DBSJ

  11. What I cant understand is why no one opposed it when it was built? If it was my land and someone started breaking ground, I would have slept on the ground to stop it. Anyway, I do feel Buddhist heritage is gradually being removed from this country. But the blame almost entirely is on the Buddhists including myself unfortunately. Yesterday was Vesak and I dont think even one member from each family observed sil.

  12. kitcha: If you were referring to what I said about the priest being an “idiot”, I can assure you that my Buddhist parents, not only would be proud of me, but they would have called the priest even worse.

    I am a Buddhist. But just because I am one, I don’t have to agree to or support every moronic deed that someone does simply because he has an orange robe on. We have just come through a 30 year war. The whole world’s eyes are upon this small country to see how we treat our minorities. This country can not afford to go about demolishing minority religious institutions and abusing minority communities. If there is a genuine dispute, resolve it like civilized people and not by sending idiots-monks who think that lifting their robes will get the opponents to back down. If we claim to be a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country, we better start acting like one.

    If we mess this up again, the consequences for Sri Lanka could be pretty bad. Under those circumstances, I advice you not to act like a tiny frog in a well.

    Rangiri Dambulla is a world heritage site and a national treasure, no doubt about that. But was the temple in any danger by the presence of a Mosque nearby? In my opinion, the serenity and the antique value of the place has been diminished by the monstrosity of the new building and the golden Buddha statue that has been built there in recent times.

  13. It is not only the heritage of buddhist but for SRI LANKANS. who living in this country.we respact our country in one flag and one nationality. who believe their religion there is nothing more then that.it is the place call Punniya boomi.not for buddhist only for all nationals. and the same time why not allowed other religions. all are praying for GOD.but they made in a different name and culture. this is made by human. why is kolavery. example Kataragama. punniya boomi.all the relegions visiting for worship. what about Sri Pada. [ADAMS PEAK] these places are not belongs to any single religion. but for everyone.

  14. Yes Islam is rising, in London it self so many converts. Famous and prominets are converted. So there are so many master mind plain to stop this by west. 9/11 there is no prove bin laden or Muslims are behind it. May be VEN IS is sponserd by these agents to tanish the Muslim image in SL. Islam will be protected by allah till the end, who ever come a cross it.

  15. Buddhism is getting a very bad name in Lanka. Buddhism is being violate by those who claim to protect it!
    Buddhism a religion of ahimsa, tolerance and non-violence. Buddhism needs protection from this monk and his followers, as well as the unholy Rajapakse regime which has commercialized a wonderful religion and turned it into a vulgar and noisy parade with the help of the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) in Lanka.
    My Buddhists friends say that they are ashamed of this public religion and distortion that passes for official Buddhism in the country that pretends to be protecting it. Buddhism is being violate by its so-called protectors!

    Wow this Inamalluwe guy is an ignorant fool! The mans needs some education. Well most of the monks need a proper education it seems and then they may not violate Buddhism!

  16. I agree, DBSJ, one of the best interviews I’ve read in a long time. Kudos and hats off to the fearless lady who interviewed this ranting disgrace of Buddism.
    I feel deeply ashamed by this racist non-Buddhist claiming to have “the third eye”…
    This man should be de-robed and tryed for igniting racial hatred. He is definately of the same breed as the monk who will be sentenced for child abuse in London. It is the likes of these criminals in robe that is ruining the once proud Buddhist heritage in Sri Lanka.
    We need to get rid of these conmen in orange – and the best way to do this, is with revealing interviews like this which will hopefully open people’s eyes.

  17. @DBSJ

    You wrote: “The reporter was very courageous to beard the lion in its den and ask uncomfortable questions in order to elicit the truth. Reporters are not stenographers to simply write down what is being told. It is their right to ask probing questions. . . .”

    Now the question is: did she get the truth from him? What I can see from this interview is the monk getting angry from her uncomfortable questions and giving conflicting answers until he appears as a bad monk to readers, but we do not get a clear picture of his perspective, or rather, that of a certain social segment of which he is only a figurehead. The result is an undoubtedly popular yet failing-to-reveal-the-truth interview.


    She tried to elicit the truth.The inability or unwillingness of the Bhikku to speak the truth does not reflect on the journalist.It is a telling indictment of the Bhikku.He has been exposed well.

  18. 2300 years of history, pure race… what a load of garbage. All this based on so called “Mahawamsa” which also records a Lion impregnating a woman and as a result born a race. Must be all facts!!

  19. shai

    “Yes Islam is rising”.

    Is it on justifiable grounds or some unacceptable means?

    On what grounds do you say “rising Islam” is correct rather than rising of other religions? If somebody says rising some other religion is more justifiable, how do you reject that idea?


  20. Im a buddhist, and i have a mixed feelings about this issue in discussion.

    There is a legal issue of this dispute. When I have examined the documents related to this issue, I realized the monk had absolute rights and the protection of the law. Legally this mosque is a violation. So if someone goes with a legal system against this monk. He / She will definitely loose.

    To clear it up, the building has been erected at a place where there was a personal praying area, and has constructed as a tent ( it does not look like a mosque at all ). We have checked the areal maps, satellite images of the area are found that this building has been erected very recently. These might be very helpful in fighting in this case.

    From my personal ( not the legal view) I see there is an ethical problem in this mosque building. If a group or community require a mosque there are ways to do it. The community is so important to discuss the requirement and allocate a land and get approvals from the authorities before they construct them. ( even if you build a house you need proper approvals – a mosque or a religious buildings need more approvals and agreements with the community itself other than authority approvals ).

    Now, it should be solved in a a way accepted legally and ethically.
    The government should build a proper mosque and handover to the muslims in the area in a land not belongs to temples or others. But in a land belongs to the government. Easy access, around and nearby the muslim community. there is no harm what so ever doing so..

    Then this mosque in discussion could be officially move to the new building with participation of all communities…
    That is the most ethical thing to do.

    My muslim brothers, should always remember, by giving an example like this…Building a mosque all of sudden without approvals and threaten governments saying that they are not willing to remove it on legal basis create unnecessary communal problems. Sri Lanka has a legal system, they should follow that and act accordingly.

    Very sensible suggestion………….DBSJ

  21. Ranjan Toronto well said. But there are only a mini ritzy of you in Sri Lanka. The lady reporter is great. There are only a few brave ones like her in Lanka .

  22. strange how all these bigots sound similar. It proves that people are the same everywhere. There is more murder and crime committed in the name of religion than anything else. It’s sad that a philosophy of an enlightened person has become an institution of bigotry.

  23. sunil…this is a multi natinal countrey…not like maldive or saudi..u sounds like racist……all the lankan has the rights to pray for there wish…….dont start a problam again,forget all get the new lankan start going…..this VEN has some attude problam,i thing hi is going to be a mp from dambulla……..

  24. I bow my head to this lady journalist.

    She speaks truth to power and arrogance.

    These are the people who are responsible for non resolution of the minority rights in Lanka.

    He comes out to me as a thug in the saffron robe.

    He should be charged with trespass, unlawful assembly with criminal intent, instigating groups of people against each other, etc etc.

    Just because he puts on a saffron robe doesn’t give him legitimacy to act like whatever he wants like to.

    This lady, I salute. Particularly at the fag end of the interview he was verbally threatening her. She stood her ground.

    He doesnt look like a thero walking down in the path of Budha. A goon should be meted out the respect a goon deserves.

    Instead the PM makes statements that appease the likes of him.

  25. As a minority we faced these problems and unfortunately Sri Lanka was having monk like Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero time to time. Further these monks are controlled and guided by Jathika Hela Urumaya. These extremist has may be around 5% of the Sinhala population supports. Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero has to go back to school to learn the history and Buddhism. I feel sad why Mahanayake of Asgiriya Chapter and Malwatte Chapter not preaching true Buddhism. I congratulate Niranjala. Take care of white Van.

  26. Brilliant interview. A good two way exchange. For the sake of Sri Lanka I hope that the Ven Monk is what he is, a one off domineering person with his own views.
    He endorses Bin Laden not sure what his views are on VP and the interviewer should have nailed him with that question.

  27. Pot calling the Kettle. That’s all the outcome of this interview. The Thero is not smart enough to counter the questions in modern day terms. At least she should be decent enough that an opportunity is given to talk to a person in his rage just after tolerating all the injustices done by politicians. Nonetheless he should have kept his cool as a Buddhist monk – note that no robe can make a man a principled adherent of Lord Buddha’s word. In conclusion if you are a practicing Buddhist, its time you give away all the worldly possessions to Eelamists, Islamists and conquistadores and retreat into Himalyan forest in seeking the enlightenment. If not forget what HE the Buddha preached, armed with the sword and sacrifice your life for Sinhala in line with Dutugemunu. Follow the footsteps of Crusades and Jihad. Not Buddhism.

  28. dear sunil,
    Can we build a Buddhist temple in Maldive Islands?
    Can we build a Buddhist temple in Soudhi Arabia?

    as for your above question in Saudi Arabia there is no any single budhist person except expatriate so we are not Saudi national,there 100 % Muslims.but in Sri Lanka we all nationality are living and we all have rights to follow our religion.and srilanka’s other religions or communities not fall from sky,they all also have 1000/2000 years history.sri lanka belongs to all not only for a group.gautham budha has teach to us

  29. Dear Ven.Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero,can you answer for the following qustions?

    1. If Sri-Lanka is a Bhuddist country why there are many alcohol bars,Kasippu,

    gambling(Soodu) and Kudu?You know that today many killings,accidents,family

    disputes and rapes etc due to alcohol which is prohibitted in all religion?

    So first you try to clean our Sri-Lanka from these bad things.

    2. Before you blame any religion first read their religious screpture.Same way

    please read the Holy Quran to understand why the muslim wemen covering their

    head/face?Just dont say something from your own ideas or fale news.

    3. Did your do self test that are you following 100%according to your Bhuddist


    4. Very good that you have a very good healthy body(seen in pictures and

    videos)I thanks to god.I want to ask are you earning your own to have your

    food and clothings?

    5. During Dambulla incident why one of your Monk open his yellow cloth and

    showing his genetals to the Mosque?If you are saying those areas belongs to

    Rangiri Punya Bhoomi that type of ugly action of your Monk is allowed there?

    6. “Wesak week alcohol banned”(Sri-Lanak news)What it means?You are saying that

    alcohol,kasippu and all the other bad habitts are allowed in the full year

    except Wesak week?

    NB:Dear Inamaluwe Sri Sumangala Thero,If you are a pure Bhuddist please follow

    according to your Bhuddist screpture to enter Heaven.Marry with a beautyfull

    lady,have children and have a healthy earning by your own.Simply just dont

    blame the other religions without proper knowlege.Please dont try to make

    religious dispute/war in our beatyful Sri_lanka by your violent behaviour.

    May be now you know that which religion I am following?

    Dear Ven.Inamaluwe Sri-Sumangala Thero,Whatever you spred from your heart &

    mind our Muslims Religion of “ISLAAM” is spreading fast by our “Almighty

    Allahs”wishes.So just think twice before you criticise the otherreligions…

    I wish Almighty Allah to give good “HIDAYAH” to follow the true path..

  30. @Sunil

    “Can we build a Buddhist temple in Maldive Islands?
    Can we build a Buddhist temple in Soudhi Arabia?”

    Have you tried to request those governments regarding building temples over there? If not, why being such hypocritical and asking a question where you “expect” the answer to your question “NO” based on what you think without even trying?

  31. Dear All,

    The monk is very much fearing for the Buddhist religion vanishing from the Island, fighting and securing land will not provide security for a religion, it’s the human heart the religion lives not the temples and Bogaha,

    May the creator of the world show the right path to All!!!



  32. Whatever said and done, Inamuluwe’s language was appalling he’s supposed to be a senior monk. I was shocked to see how he went about at that woman who pleaded with him not to vandalise the place. Also I noticed another person in a monks garb almost exposing himself……..

    Unfortunately, I have to coin a phrase “May the God Save Buddhism in its true spirit in my beloved country”

  33. I totally agree with Mr. Jagath Jayawardena.

    This monk is not attained the “Arahathhood” (rahathbavaya), so it is quite natural he also gets angry as a normal human being.
    Before reading this I thought he was a thug. But now I think he is a better person than I thought and he looks smart the way he had answered.
    But I still believe this venerable monk should not have go with the parade to demolish that little mosque.

  34. I do not think this issue is so simple to come to a conclusion or solved. The interviewer has asked scorching and grave questions and the monk too has answered them forthright for which we may have various views and criticisms depending on each one’s particular view point, needs and aspirations. This issue oscillates between ideological, Sinhalese Buddhist heritage and culture, growing human needs and limited resources, responsibility of the priests and layman and co-existence and brother-hood among different nationalities living in the same area. Not only for an ordinary person like me but for a wise and experienced person familiar with the ways and means of the world this issue may prove too much to find a conclusive solution the implications and ramifications being many. This is really where all the think tanks in the government, civil society, persuasion and pragmatism should come together to arrive at the optimum solution. It is extremely distressing to note that given the sorry and failed state of affairs in the present government this problem can by no means solved by the present government-a solution without the involvement of the government seems to be the remotest possibility.

    Any conclusion and solution has to involve facts and figures historical and modern, environmental and religious impact, intra-national and religion interactions reactions and co-existence, out-of-control population growth and its impact on the limited resources which is a cause for grave concern throughout the country and the world, the basic values principles and moral conduct advocated by various religions concerned and various other factors that surface regarding this issue.

    But when a government bent on using racist and religious extremism as the deceptive way of ruling the country due to the ignorance of gullible people this type of issues would never get solved but further aggravated causing misery to generations to be born as well. The immediate and most urgent remedy to this seems to be the unseating of this racist government and forming a democratic government where decision making is undertaken by a broader representation of all concerned.

  35. The Truth is Bitter. Sumangala Thero is reminding our history. I appreciate his comments about our history. We need to understand and read Sri Lankan history to analyse these complex issues.

    For example, Portugese wanted to eliminate and eradiate the Muslim population from Colombo in 1500s becuse they were dominiting and comepting with Portugese on international maritime trade. They chased the Muslims away from Colombo. Then the Muslims escaped to the Kandyan Kingdom and requested to settle in there. The king allowed them to settle in the Kandyan Kingdom and the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.
    I think what Sumangala Thero has done, is disclosing this bitter truth. I do not have any thing against Muslims or Tamils. We everybody need to live in peacefully in Sri Lanka.

    There are many authentic,reliable books about the history of Muslims in Sri Lanka. I dont think Sumangala was the first one to reveal the truth

  36. @ Harsha, I do not agree with u.

    Your logic is wrong, The reason for Saudi and most of other middle eastern countries are 100% muslim is, those countries are not democratic. They never will allow even if a Saudi man wants to change his religion, but only will kill him. That is why those are 100% muslim.

  37. Though I agree that there should be equal rights for all religions (though lacking in many muslim nations), I do not agree that on the grounds of religion one could build unauthorised structures in property belonging to a temple or any other person or organisation. This will lead to unnecessary conflict between parties. Build any unauthorised structure in the Madu church premises as a test case.

    The Ven monk is quite frank and knowledgeable. It is obvious the journalist from the Leader paper had gone not to interview but to argue and with a prejudiced mind against the monk.

  38. This monk fellow behaved like a thug insulting women of tamil community asking them to get their temple (kovil) removed before he evict all of them out of premises. He also told ‘Crows should not be let building nests though it is ok to fly over the heads’.

    He also led a group of protesters into the mosque where they went in even without respecting the place by removing footwear.

    One of his junior monk shouted slogans at the mosque and the STF soldiers guarding the mosque taking his robe off and showing off the nudity which was only visible from behind.

    The monk’s dominant-thuggish behaviour and the disrespectful way of talking was appalling.

    These monks think it is another colonial era for them to come forward and lead a freedom struggle like Ven. S. Mahinda, Wariyapola Sumangala or Migettuwatte Gunananda did. Those monks acted when the Buddhists had been suppressed by English rulers without giving due place for Buddhism, whereas this joker try that to suppress minorities at their mercy. That is the difference which should be taught to people who try to live in the history when things happened like these.

    Inamaluwe Sumangala is no freedom fighter, he’s just being a thug suppressing innocent people.

  39. Anee Sri Sumangalaya why this kola very can you keep your mouth shut. we Buddist all know what to do for this no need fighting with muslims friend I am sinhala but I stay with muslim friends always pls sumangala dont make enamy of us they are good people. can you think about there support for us in Geneva.example Iran they give us lot oil for credit, Saudi Arabia they gave us lot of money,Qatar they promised us support to develop, Kuwait they also gave us lot of money specialy Pakistan they support us clear LTTE from Sri lanka they give arms and traning to our pilots.how many sinhala men and women doing jobs in the middleast. sumangala think this and stop kola veri.

  40. This lady reporter,I have never heard of before. Anyway thanks to Ven.Thero made a name for herself. Good for her. Her line of questioning was more suited for a politcian like mervyn rather than a clergy,even if some see a similarty. I dare she interview him!

    @Jagath Jayawardana,
    This is exactly what the PM announced,with the agreement of the muslim people in the area. But the very next day bigwig muslim politicians threw the spanner in the works. They rejected the agreement and the offer to build a proper mosque and refused to move.
    Now Mr.Hakeem being the Minister of Justice and a lawyer himself should seek redress from court without making a religious issue out of it. It is improper and very dangerous to play the minority card unwarrented.
    Those who are screaming that their religious freedom and rights have been trampled,I ask how many mosques are there in this country and how many of them have been objected to? Out of the hundreds of mosques in this country only a handful has been objected to and that is also only on the grounds of encraoching either on a Buddhist temple property or an archeological site.
    Just doing the right thing doen’t make one appear inferior, weak or subjugated rather show their maganimity.

  41. While condemning the attack on a religious place of worship I would like to say that there is more to this issue than this one attack. Temple land in MuduMahavihara in the East, Digavapi, and in Kuuragala have been encroached by Muslim nationals. However these need to be solved by the Govt. The inaction and ignoring such incidents have resulted in such aggression.

    In Dehiwela the land is being bought over by the Muslims. I cannot blame them for this but prayer houses, mosques,madrasas are being built right beside residences. From time to time animals for slaughter are being brought here and for hours their pathetic cries rend the air. Is this one way of getting rid of the non muslims from this area? I wonder.

  42. Let’s get something clear, this fellow is obviously an extremist; but the so called mosque is not a ‘mosque’, it was a madjli’s center, which the Muslims had expanded without informing anyone. Now imagine if some Buddhist/Christian/Jewish/Hindu or any other non-Muslim traders had been doing business in Makkah or Medina, and they had been given a small unofficial spot to pray, and they later expanded it, and the Islamic flavor of Makkah and Medina is diluted, then what? Know what I mean…. OH BUT WAIT… NON-MUSLIMS ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED INTO THE CITY OF MAKKAH

  43. dear friend if you are citizen in maldives and saudi arabia u can build ur temple. .but you are not so u dont have right to build ur temple. but we are citizen in sri lanka thats mean we are srilankan we have right to build our mosque in our country.i hope u understand my dear friend.

  44. Congratulation NIRNJALA , appreciate your braveness , those rangiri inamaluwe is a thugs , communal minded, man , we ashamed to call him as a our priest , he took a huge bribe from kandalama hotel management n keeping silend about hotel protest, now if some muslim person can offer about 2-3 million , as a bribe , he will keep shut his mouth as he did for kandalama hotel ,

  45. The reporter has wasted her time interviewing this Priest who seems to be possessed with all negatives qualities for a religious preacher. Can anyone in the the name of religion or faith behave rudely, violently and in a vulgar manner. What has he got to say about the the Monk accompanying him exposing his genitals towards the Mosque. Even just common decency was not observed.

  46. Mr.Jagath Jayawardana,
    I can not agree or disagree with your point of “legality”
    of the construction of the mosque.But I am very clearly
    doubtful of your approach which ignores the criminal nature of the aggressive behaviour of Inamaluwa thero and
    a complain made to the police by the mosque(according to
    reports).Inamaluwa thero took law into his hands under the
    guise of protest and put the govt into a difficult position.You didn’t say anything about the behaviour of
    a budhist monk except trying to report your findings with
    yourself being introduced as a budhist and predicting the
    disadvantage of seeking legal remedy.A govt minister has
    said he prayed in this mosque in eighties.The trustee has deeds in his possession of ownership of the land.And above all, your version of how a mosque must look is not relevent to muslims as long as they have a clean place to perform their prayer.Why don’t you propose to muslims that they can apply for a permit if they don’t have one as a matter of solution? Budhism is not anti islam/hindu or christianity.Take a closer look at how he feels about other races in the country.Muslims have already made it
    known what they want.Wrongs must be Righted,mistakes corrected but crimes punished.

  47. Hello Jagath Jayawardene,

    Being a Muslim, it makes me very happy to see your suggestion, very reasonable and sensible indeed, as you very rightly pointed out there could very well have been a case of structure of a temporary nature being converted to a permanent structure, so and so forth…

    The only issue is the way in which the monks stormed the mosque and took the law onto their own hands, and to top it off one de-robed/exposed himself in front of the mosque/tore pages off a Quran.. this is unacceptable isn’t it, and the way in which the chief prelate speaks here is very hurtful isn’t it…

    If the structure was indeed illegal, and had the law of the land prevailed, and the mosque was moved then there would not have been any issue,

  48. The venerable thero is not a man of walk to walk but a more than capable talk to talk too. He seems to have control over Dumbulla but wants absolute control whereby no politicians or people of other faith would be seen in the vicinity or meddling with his affairs.

    He is not shy of speaking his mind and is not surprising even if he were elevated to the apex rank of the clergy. His concern that 2300 years Buddhists Heritage running the risk of being adulterated by this mosque is even at odd with the statistic. He does not understand the 2300 years trend itself speaks a volume about what were to expect.

    When devotees follow this kind of preaching, SL can only accommodates what? All the time spent on talking reconciliation and 13 plus or minus are bluff. The disappointment has been even the monk who exposed himself at the protest was not condemned by him or the relevant top clergies. Which is sad, and raise questions about the way this great faith being practiced in our island.

    Reporter was excellent but comparing him to a lay person, I suppose was not warranted. However it helped readers to understand how far off he was to attain enlightenment.

  49. By addressing the woman journalist as ‘thamusay’, the monk has proved that he is not in any way spiritually superior to a layman.

  50. Inamaluwa thero is twisting facts.He says we muslims robbed his sinhala women.Truth is there for all to see
    even todate.Look at the amount of women in queues at the
    Air port,going and coming, to and from the middle-east.
    Money money and this money feed many CLEAN SINHALA BLOOD INCLUDING THAT OF INAMALUWA THERO.After Russia, Iran and
    the Arab countries are the largest importers of our Tea.
    He eats from this pure Sinhala money to get Pure Sinhala Blood. I’m proud that our mothers chose our fathers their partners in utter frustration of people like Inamaluwa.
    Inamaluwa chose to officially stay away from women and
    unofficially something else is happening with the secret
    knowledge of all sinhalese.Why blame muslims for their
    own official stance?Blame yourself for your hypocracy and
    misguidance.If you are true to yourself,then here’s a
    challenge.Stop all your sinhala women from going to Arabs
    to wash their plates with which you are eating mouthful.

  51. Shai,

    I don’t want to offend you by saying that you’re talking BS. But, I would like to show something that Arthur C. Calrke (a non-buddhist) said in his book ‘Deep Range’.

    “By 2050,the only religion that blossoms man’s mind in Buddhism.”

  52. According to UNESCO World Heritage Center the extent of the Dambulla heritage site is 25 Hectares (62.5 Acres). This is a far cry from the vast extent claimed by Ven IS on Historic hearsay.
    According to UNESCO they are regularly monitoring the site in association of several local agencies including the Chief Incumbent of the Temple. There are adverse reports only on a newly constructed temple at the foot of the Rock which they say is alien to the complex and reccomend steps should be taken immediately to arrest this situation and curtail such insensitive construction.
    So the Ven IS should quit acting as the sole protector of Buddhist Heritage in the area. His insensitivity to the people and sacred places of worship of other religons is not due to his love for Buddhism as such but mainly in order to excercise his power over all in the broader area.
    According to Mahinda Chintanaya Dambulla is to be developed as a Metro city with a population of 1,000,000 and expressways, railway and airport etc. So it is quite improbable that this city will remain solely as a place of religous worship only to be inhabited by Sinhala Buddhist.

  53. “The English term maha-nayaka can also be spelt as mahana-yaka”

    Thomas also can be spelt as tho-mas.

  54. Great interview. I am a good buddhist but do not go to temples to worship buddha as it is not required by buddhism. It is a peacefull way of life, a great philosophy. I believe in that and follow the the teachings of buddha. If I kneel down infront of a clergy, I have to be sure that he is a real buddhist, or I won’t do that. We have some laymen comouflagged in orange robes for their own benefits and advantages. This is one example.
    Straight questions are needed in a situation like this to get deeper in to ones heart. Hamuduruwo here fails miserably to keep his cool as a real hamuduruwo. He loses respect here and by his acts at the site of the mosque. He definitely did not need a mob to sort out this problem if he is so strong and has influence as he showed in the interview. What he did and the way he did it already damaged the good relationship we had with minorities to some extent. He needs to go to a forest and meditate for a while, then come back and peacefully go to the courts and file a case against the mosque. Will make more sense.

  55. Even from the excerpts selected by her you can see that the reporter was certainly baiting the monk. She was attacking not attempting to elicit his point of view.

    I dislike this monk’s views, temperament and foul language and without reservation condemn his recent actions. However we cannot solve problems by attacking without understanding. All this does is further harden the resolve of the monk and his supporters and drive the different sides- urban vs rural sinhalaese, Muslims and buddhists etc – apart.

  56. @Jagath Jayawardana:

    Regarding your recourse to the legal sphere of this issue and the community in the area, what about the numerous Viharas, stupas, etc. that have popped up en-masse in the North after the war was over? Was the community in the area consulted before building these structures? Were all the legal issues taken care of before building these structures?

    I find it hilariously hypocritical that for one mosque, there is such a huge hoopla from both sides regarding sacred land and the right to worship. But for the numerous Hindu temples that were destroyed due to the war, and the Buddhist structures that have popped up on some of the sites of the previous temples, aswell as right near existing temples, there is not a single peep from either the Muslims or the Sinhalese. The Muslim MPs just looked the other way.

    Why look at just religious structures? Was the legal sphere consulted when Prabhakaran’s ancestral home was demolished? No. The government just went in, grabbed the land, bulldozed the house down and claimed that it had no idea what happened to the house. Funny how the legal sphere of things is selectively consulted.

  57. why can not this monk respect islam? he is ill person and some thing behind is there for is protest may be US or anti islamic contrys. this monk is very rich .govenment must appoint a commision to find from where he is getting money.

  58. What is the point in protecting Buddhism if you are not practicing it. I do not think Buddha preached to go and demolish someone else’s place of worship?

    These are rowdies in robes, he is insulting Buddhism. What will others think of Buddhists and Buddhism? This kind of criminals should be punished.







    RESPECT FOR; Buddha from birth did not accept a caste system. We based it on that presumption and rejected the caste system and opened the doors to anyone from any background or any sect to be ordained


  60. @NAM: sorry mate, it was built very recently. The Ariel maps of 2003 doesn’t show any structure like that. Furthermore this is an illegal building.

    We have to understand the chief monk’s position after being betrayed for years by politicians and the so called law. But that is not a license to act as a dick.

  61. The first thing this man in yellow robes must learn is when you take robes you should give up all worldly things and try to find the way to Nibbana. These guys are selling the name of the greated teacher, Lord Biuddha to achieve their own worldly greeds. I am simply ashamed as a follower of the teachings of Lord Buddha.

  62. Congratulations to this journalist – for her courageous and exceptional questions have expanded the debate on many relevant issues. But first,

    @Sunil, Can we build a Buddhist temple in Soudhi Arabia? My friend, can Saudi women drive their own vehicles? The presumption behind your question itself is erroneous: Sri Lanka, like any other country on the planet, is also a unique place, and comparing one to another is meaningless. The challenge for us in Sri Lanka is to find a ‘unique formula’ where the different communities can live together in harmony and help fulfill the aspirations of one-another. I think the struggle is in the discovery of such as formula – though the good news is, peaceful co-existence of multi-ethnic societies has been achieved in many countries, perhaps the most relevant example being Singapore.

    @Jagath Jayawardana: “Sri Lanka has a legal system, they should follow that and act accordingly”. Indeed, yours is a sensible suggestion, but I hope the same legal system has provisions to bring the perpetrators – who violated the rights and property of others – to justice. Nothing of the sort has happened, and the government who has the highest onus to uphold the law has yet again miserably failed. And the world has already noted it.

    While I too deplore the Ven.’s responses, attitude and his chauvinistic assertions, there is merit to his concerns about preservation of sites of historical significance, be they Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic or other. Constructing a religious structure in close proximity to that of an already established religious structure can adversely affect preservation, and that is why we require well thought-out Plans on how best to manage such contentious situations to the mutual satisfaction of all communities. (But Sri Lankan leader are incapable of planning, just see what is happening at Yala with 600 jeeps a day!)

    What was needed here was a mutually respectful dialogue between the monks and Muslim clerics for an alternative and acceptable location for the mosque, but instead our Lion-monk and his pack roared with typical Sinhala-Buddhist machismo. At this stage if the venerable really wants to help preserve Dambulla he should resign and let the government mediate a congenial solution. He must know, as long as he remains in his position, the Muslims will never budge, and my personal view, they should not. If one clearly analyses, it is Ven.Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero the primary cause for the present condition and all Buddhists should demand his immediate resignation.

  63. If Islam is on the rise because it makes more sense.- Riza you LOL’ed me so much. Thank you. I want you to tell you something about which you happen to don’t know. My father used to say this is a century which ” Goma riti uda awith rathran yata yana” . Which means the cow dung will come up the gold will go down. The problem with Islam been proven not through Bin Ladin but through the states run by it’s therocrazy today. The world required freethinkers. The freedom of thinking. The only religion support that theory is Buddhism. From Albert Einstine to modern-day philosophers like Richard Dawkins had recall the philosophy of Buddhism.But only if you practice it as a philosophy.Not as a religion. What I see most of my country people follow it as a religion I don’t blame them it’s the problem with “Maha Sanga rathnaya” and the Daham Pasal. The Buddhist teaching have a flat different between the other religions except for Hinduism due to Buddhism is a off root of Hinduism. You are talking about Apples and Oranges. God related religions have caused us crusades. You know the Fathawas and the Infidels and I don’t need to tell you about the stoning to death to women rights. If the stupidity is on rise that’s a bad news for the world as a whole. Did you get it? In this Vesakg day I would tell you one more thing about your religion. “Halal” . the correct way to kill a cow the most sacred animal of the Hindus. Your God has shown your followers a most kind way to execute a living animal. I wonder you know what is PETA or any other animal right organizations. So basically your boss has created a religion to justify his acts.

  64. Dear Jagath Jayawardana,

    We have checked the areal maps, satellite images of the area are found that this building has been erected very recently.

    Then how do you explain that even Buddhist residents of the area claiming that the mosque had been there for decades?

  65. Ven IS: ‘I do not accept the sects based on a caste system at all. Buddha from birth did not accept a caste system. We based it on that presumption and rejected the caste system and opened the doors to anyone from any background or any sect to be ordained’.


    Without trying to sweep other religion’s (Muslims, Hindius, etc) back yards, clean your own yard, campaign & get Buddists & ‘high’ priests to follow suite.

  66. Dambulla Temple ordained Tamil priests at one stage. Not sure if this monk had any part in it. He clearly does not tolerate other faiths though. Technically he should not be clinging to any worldly objects let alone temple lands. I am pretty sure he is thousands of lives away from being truly enlightened.

    He waited 3 years some action by the authorities. He takes to the war path when nothing happened. He should have left this lay people in the congregation to handle in a court of law.

  67. Well done Niranjala Ariyawansha for a fantastic interview. I applaud your courage knowing that a probe into the issue would be unpopular.

    THe Buddhism practiced in Sri Lanka is becoming more and more fundamentalist and ‘jihadi’ in nature. It is not be confused with the Zen Buddhism represnted by the Thalai Lama.
    Through history, there are elements in every religion that exploits the followers for their personal agenda, using their religion as a cloak. All religions only teach tolerance, love and respect for fellow human beings.

    Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero is the Osama bin Laden of fundamentalist Buddhism!

  68. I think, most people have missed one of the major factor behind all of theses bad elements to be alive and still kicking within the BUDDHISTS PHILOSOPHY is the SINHALA & ENGLISH MEDIA in Sri Lanka under influence of its shady members opearting as JOURNALISTS which is the life source to these TERRORISTS (JHU & NATIONALISTS.

    DERANA TV has become the newly & openly supporter of JHU. Because, CHATURA the anchor of the DERANA ARUNA programme that airs every 7.00 am daily is an ardent supporter and the painter who always paint white about the JHU. Chatura is one of the shady figures in the Sinhala Media trying to hide the negative impact of JHU and instead always put a clip of JHU Media briefings to project their dupe social service or social minded verbal activities.

    The opponents of these elements, I mean the peace loving people of this country should be aware about the danger of the unstinting support lent by the SUPREMACIST AGENDA MEDIA institutions of THE ISLAND/DIVAINA, THE SUNDAY TIMES/LANKA DEEPA, NATION/MOUBIMA etc., SUPREMACIST AGENDA TV CHANNELS SWARNAVAHINI, DERANA, All the govt Channels are automatically aligned to the Racist ideology no matter which party holds the present day govt.

    Theses Media helped the RAICIST agenda with intention of harming the minorities, ultimately it is they who have done the biggest damage to their wrongly projected BUDDHIST PHILOSOPHY as a “peaceful” religion or “middle path”. If the middle path they (the Media) helped to foster by any hook or crook, it has driven the defenders to openly display their nudity by a show of STRIP TEASE. What a blessing! And they chanted Saadhu, Saadhu!!!! LOL!!!

    THANK YOU SRI LANKAN MEDIA (SUNDAY TIMES,ISLAND,MOUBIMA, DERANA, SWARNAVAHINI)! for helping to converting the once upon a time peaceful PHILOSOPHY OF THE BUDDHA into a BLOOD THIRSTY, IMMORAL THUGS & HOOLIGAN’s ONLY REFUGE. The world is just getting a taste of the so called Dharmaya espoused by the Satanic spell bound Anagarika (RACIST), Blavatsky (SATANIC), Olcott’s (33rd Degree FREEMASON’s) Evil project hatched in the late 19th century.

  69. Thanks for the open reporting. We have to listen to those who engaged in this action and understand what they were hoping to accomplish

    There must be a clear understanding of underlying issues that have to be addressed independently of immediate measures to ensure that all are subject to the constitution and that violence is a criminal action which is punished.

    We cannot let our own beliefs and aspirations blind us to those of others. Our responses have to be based on principle and those principles must be made clear and justified.

    If a priest of my religion engaged in violence I would expect the priest to resign or lose his membership in the priesthood. Reinstatement would be contingent on the outcome of legal proceedings.

  70. The Thero talks of Sinhala women being robbed by Arabs/Muslims. Does he forget that many Sinhala women has chosen to marry Malayalees (Indian Origin), Chinese and others. .

  71. This monk is a dinosaur. Worse, he is a fool. An uncivilised and uncouth fool. What he is not is a true buddhist or any buddhist for that matter.

    His fellow monk only exposed his genetalia. This monk exposed worse – his utter ignorance and stupidity.

    Excellent interview by the lady reporter. Kudos to her for her fearlessness.

    The only thing I take execption with her was when she stated there is not much difference between this monkey and the lay people. Please dont insult us.

  72. In a society where there is equality, if the buddhists have a right to demolish mosques as its in a sacred area, then muslims must also have a right to demolish buddhist temples near muslim towns as its sacred to them?

    I think Naga dipa should be demolished as its a con, without any archeological evidence and so is the Sangamitta con in Jaffna. Then we can have Buddhist , hindu and muslim sacred areas demarcated and declare separate states for all?

  73. It makes you laugh to read some of the comments made by the supporters of anti Sinhala Buddhists. I salute this Thero for his brave stand and to agree to talk to a journalist from the worse anti-sinhala/buddhist news paper in Sri Lanka knowing how they will report it. Sadu Sadu!!!!

  74. organized religion and delusion are neccessary to control the masses but religious extremism and racism fostered by islam, (to a certain extent) christianity, judaism, hinduism and the organized megolomonks of buddhism are the bane of human civilzation.

  75. Ranjan, Toronto said:
    May 6, 2012 at 12:28 am

    Although I donot condon what the priest has said .But what he said was that his view was the reflection of majority Sinhala buddhists in Srilanka(overtly or covertly) which I feel is the truth otherwise the History and the fortunes of the country would have been different for the better.

  76. As far as I know there is only one who had,has and will have 3rd eye is Lord Shiva ,as Buddhisim becam a sect of Hindusim Probably the monk may have felt him self as the incarnation of Lord Shiva. But I tell the monk “nettikanni kaddinalum kuttram kuttramai” (even if you shoewd the third eye You are guity)

    I salut the brave lady for the excellent interview and DBSJ who brought it to us.

    Let us hope the “Gnanakkan”opens……DBSJ

  77. Srilanka was belongs to yakas/ nagas and not Sinhalese/ Tamils / Muslims , all were settlers who came later so all have the same past

  78. wije says:
    May 6, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    the areal maps, satellite images of the area are…….
    Those technology was not available when it was built !!

  79. Jagath Jayawardana says:

    May 6, 2012 at 1:13 am

    “Im a buddhist, and i have a mixed feelings about this issue in discussion.

    There is a legal issue of this dispute. When I have examined the documents related to this issue, I realized the monk had absolute rights and the protection of the law. Legally this mosque is a violation. So if someone goes with a legal system against this monk. He / She will definitely loose.

    To clear it up, the building has been erected at a place where there was a personal praying area, and has constructed as a tent ( it does not look like a mosque at all ). We have checked the areal maps, satellite images of the area are found that this building has been erected very recently. These might be very helpful in fighting in this case.

    From my personal ( not the legal view) I see there is an ethical problem in this mosque building. If a group or community require a mosque there are ways to do it. The community is so important to discuss the requirement and allocate a land and get approvals from the authorities before they construct them. ( even if you build a house you need proper approvals – a mosque or a religious buildings need more approvals and agreements with the community itself other than authority approvals ).

    Now, it should be solved in a a way accepted legally and ethically.
    The government should build a proper mosque and handover to the muslims in the area in a land not belongs to temples or others. But in a land belongs to the government. Easy access, around and nearby the muslim community. there is no harm what so ever doing so..

    Then this mosque in discussion could be officially move to the new building with participation of all communities…
    That is the most ethical thing to do.

    My muslim brothers, should always remember, by giving an example like this…Building a mosque all of sudden without approvals and threaten governments saying that they are not willing to remove it on legal basis create unnecessary communal problems. Sri Lanka has a legal system, they should follow that and act accordingly.

    Very sensible suggestion………….DBSJ”

    Yes it is very sinsible if Srilankan legal system is practiced through out the COUNTRY with out any bias to any politicin,religion, race or language Jagath. Is that possible?????

  80. Thambi , Demala , Thamuse What a nice words use by this monk ?
    Gahapan , Marapan.
    Marapan, Gahapan !!

    Inamaluwe unnanse me gani maruwe nethi eka pudumai !


    Mahiyangana Chapter.

  81. As a sinhalese who has always promoted a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural & multi-religious character for Sri lanka, all I have to say is that this monk is a racist.I am ashamed that such an issue has evolved in the first place, especially in present day context.This mosque has been around for over 50 years and, this joker decides to wake up now. Unfortunately, he is suffering from an huge inferiority complex because he feels especially threatened by Islam. Someone needs to remind this monk that the overwhelming majority of sinhalese people in this country are not suffering from such a complex and are quite comfortable living side by side with Sri Lankans of other faiths.

  82. It is said that one of the followers of this Ven Inamulava dis robed himself in public and almost made himself naked.

    I am reminded of an incident which is purported to have happened in the beaches of the Madras some twenty years ago.

    There was a protest by some people who live in the fringes and for this there was a heavy police bandobust.

    Then Walter Davaram was the Commissioner of police. He was personally supervising things in the protest area.

    But the crowd lost control and went berseck.

    The police started teargassing/intimidatory shooting etc.

    Then one woman in the crowd, it is said to have, lifted her saree and exposed her genitals in the public.

    Then immediately the Davaram shot at her genitals. I do not know whether this is authentic or not. But I have heard these things told by even police constables then.

    Naturally this incident if it had happened never came out in news papers.

    But Davaram was a marksman.

    Are there no marksmen in the Sri Lankan police force.

    If Davaram’s kind of treatment had been given I am sure these rowdies would dare not repeat these kind of indecent things.

    Rowdy of a monk leads other rowdy of the monks and disrobes himself in the public.


    Walter Devaram is a male chauvinist pig who used his position to pressure women into sexual liaisons with him.He had to face some legal action due to this.

    He was also a highly over-rated braggart lionised by Tamil media.

    As for his reported firing all I can say in lighter vein is that he would have preferred to fire another gun into her in private.

    As for what happened in Dambulla perhaps if there was a female equivalent to Walter there and if she was a markswoman the thug in saffron who exposed himself may have got shot you know where.

  83. Dear Friends/critics of sumangala thero, why are we only blaming our Ven.Inamaluwe Sumangala , it is not his fault or his followers in Dumbulla. It was well planned, financed and orchestrated by politico-religious-military personalities continuously and progressively. Only the overt faces and rehertics has been changed. He may be stupid or not wise or diplomatic enough. Your memory seems short span!! And why did not any of you raise your eye brow earlier? See below
    D.S. Senanayake, S The island’s first Prime Minister said on 31 July 1937:
    “We must realise that the Sinhalese are the rightful sons of this fair country, and that we must organise ourselves into a determined body and even risk our lives in doing it service. The minorities choose to believe that we are not trustworthy. That is because we, Sinhalese, have been so tolerant and so just. We, Sinhalese, must become conscious of our birth right.”

    Ven. Walpola Rahula Thero, later Vice Chancellor of the Sri Lanka Vidyalankara University (Monks and Politics -1946):
    We believe that politics today embraces all fields of human activity directed towards the public weal. No one will dispute that the work for the promotion of the religion is the duty of the bhikkhu. It is clear that the welfare of the religion depends on the welfare of the people who profess that religion.
    History bears evidence to the fact that whenever the Sinhala nation – which was essentially a Buddhist nation – was prosperous, Buddhism also flourished.
    We, therefore, declare that it is nothing but fitting for bhikkus to identify themselves with activities conducive to the welfare of our people – whether these activities be labelled politics or not – as long as they do not constitute an impediment to the religious life of a bhikku.

    D.C. Wijewardena to Commemmorate 2500 Years of the Land, the Race and the Faith,in 1953
    “The history of Sri Lanka is the history of the Sinhalese race… The Sinhalese people were entrusted 2500 years ago, with a great and noble charge, the preservation… of Buddhism.. in 1956 will occur the unique three fold event – the completion of 2500 years of Ceylon’s history, of the tie of Sinhalese and Buddhism.

    Rodaya in the run up to the 1956 General Elections – 25 February 1956
    “The bhikkhus should be present in every polling booth. They should explain to the people how to use the vote correctly …. A Government that will work for the country, religion and its culture should be elected. The end of the Sasana will not be very long if we remain in silence …. We appeal to Bhikkhus to visit every Buddhist home and to direct them on the right path. You may have to confront many difficulties. But be ready to sacrifice your life to restore a Buddhist Ceylon.”

    J.R.Jayawardene, Later President of Sri Lanka
    – reported in Sri Lanka Tribune, 30th August 1957
    “…The time has come for the whole Sinhala race which has existed for 2500 years, jealously safeguarding their language and religion, to fight without giving any quarter to save their birthright… I will lead the campaign…”

    W.J.M. Lokubandara, Sinhala Buddhist M.P. – in Sri Lanka’s Parliament, July 1981
    “If there is discrimination in this land which is not their (Tamil) homeland, then why try to stay here.Why not go back home (India) where there would be no discrimination. There are your kovils and Gods.There you have your culture, education, universities etc. There you are masters of your own fate….
    Wimala Kannangara M.P., Sinhala Buddhist Minister for Rural Development
    – in Sri Lanka’s Parliament, July 1981
    “If we are governing, we must govern. If we are ruling, we must rule. Do not give into the minorities. We are born as Sinhalese and as Buddhists in this country. We are in a majority, Let us rule as a majority community”.

    D.M. Chandrapala, Sinhala Buddhist M.P. for Kundasale – in Sri Lanka’s Parliament, July 1981
    “Now, Sir… what should we do to this so called leader of the Tamils? If I were given the power, I would tie him to the nearest concrete post in this building and horsewhip him till I raise him to his wits. Thereafter let anybody do anything he likes – throw him into the Beire (lake) or into the sea, because he will be so mutilated that I do not think there will be life in him. That is war.”

    G.V.Punchinilame, Sinhala Buddhist M.P. for Ratnapura – in Sri Lanka’s Parliament, July 1981
    “Since yesterday morning, we have heard in this honourable House about the various types of punishment that should be meted out to them (Tamil Parliamentary leaders).

    The MP for Panadura (Dr Neville Fernando) said,
    There was a punishment during the time of the Sinhalese kings, namely, two arecanut posts are erected, the two posts are then drawn toward each other with a rope, then tie each of the feet of the offender to each post and then cut the rope which result in the tearing apart the body. These people also should be punished in the same way..

    …some members suggested that they should be put to death on the stake; some other members said that their passports should be confiscated; still other members said that they should be stood at the Galle Face Green and shot. The people of this country want and the government is prepared to inflict these punishments on these people.” MY COMENT THESE PEOPLE WERE ELECTED BY MAJORITY OF SINHALA PEOPLE. AND HAS ANTY THING CHANGED, IF MAJORITY OF THE SINHALA ARE NOT RACIST HOW COME THEY WERE ELECTED?????.

    Cyril Mathew, a Senior Sinhala Buddhist Minister in President J.R.Jayawardene’s Cabinet, who was also present in Jaffna on the day that the Jaffna Public Library was burnt – in a leaflet published in 1982, an year before Genocide’83:

    “The link between the Sinhala race and Buddhism is so close and inseparable that it had led to the maxim, “There is no Buddhism without the Sinhalese and no Sinhalese without Buddhism.” This is an undeniable fact.
    The literature of the Sinhalese is Buddhist literature. The history of the Sinhalese is the history of Buddhism. The language of the Sinhalese is enriched by the doctrine of the Buddha. The era of the Sinhalese is the Buddha Era. The culture of the Sinhalese is Buddhist culture. The flag of the Sinhalese is the Sinhala Buddhist flag.”
    . Sri Lanka is known as Sinhala. It is a Buddhist country. Nobody can deny this fact. No rulers can forget this fact. If they do I do not think such a ruler will last for more than twenty four hours.”
    “Even though Prime Minister Bandaranayake, and former Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake were so intimidated by the Tamil parties that they were prepared to grant them a Tamil state, under the pretext of setting up district councils or regional councils, the Sinhalese forces that rose up in protest were so strong that one was forced to tear up the agreement, while the other had to rescind the legislation.”

    J.R.Jayawardene, Sinhala Buddhist President of Sri Lanka – Daily Telegraph, 11th July 1983
    “I am not worried about the opinion of the Tamil people… now we cannot think of them, not about their lives or their opinion… the more you put pressure in the north, the happier the Sinhala people will be here… Really if I starve the Tamils out, the Sinhala people will be happy.” MY COMMENT DO ANY ONE OF YOU REGARD JRJ A STUPID MAN???
    Gamini Dissanayake, Senior Sinhala Buddhist Minister in President J.R.Jayawardene’s Cabinet (later Presidential Candidate in 1995), addressing members of a Tamil Estate Workers Trade Union in the aftermath of Genocide’83 – October 1983

    “Who attacked you? Sinhalese. Who protected you? Sinhalese. It is we who can attack and protect you. They are bringing an army from India. It will take fourteen hours to come from India. In fourteen minutes the blood of every Tamil in the country can be sacrificed to the land, by us. It is not written on anyone’s forehead that he is an Indian Tamil or a Jaffna Tamil, a Batticaloa Tamil or up country Tamil’ Hindu Tamil or Christian Tamil. All are Tamils. We have decided to colonise four districts including Mannar with Sinhalese people by destroying forests. A majority of Sinhalese will be settled there. If you like you also can migrate there.”

    Ven DimbulgalaThero, August 1984
    ‘You are assembled here today, not only to get a piece of land for you to live on, but for more lofty purpose. This country is going through her worst period in history. We are being threatened from all sides by the separatists. What the separatists want is land. A contiguous block of land which they propose to call Eelam. You are going to break that contiguity…….Remember your eternal hero, King Dutagemunu. We are going on a holy mission. Now let us go on our journey.’
    Ven. Madihe Pannaseeha Mahanayaka Thera – on 29 December 1991
    It is true that with the coming into power of the “people’s” government of the SLFP in 1956, many of the privileges enjoyed by our Tamil brethren eroded. This has been interpreted as “discrimination” against them. Anybody, who had spoken and who now speaks for the rights of the majority community and against allowing any more privileges to the minority not available to the majority, are dumped as communalists and Sinhala chauvinists. No one should be carried away and frightened by these slogans….
    Ven. Galaboda Gnanassara Thera, the Chief Incumbent of Gangaramaya
    – in the Sunday Times, 29 December 1991
    ” The majority in this country are Sinhalese. Without the consent of the majority no one can come into power”
    Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka President D.B.Wijetunga (in Sinhala owned Sri Lanka Island, 3 February 1994)
    “Our children should be able to claim that this country is the Sinhalese land (Sinhala Deshaya). There are no races according to Buddhism, but every country has a majority race. However much I try I can’t become the Prime Minister of England. Neither can I be the leader of Japan, India or even Tamil Nadu. They have their majority races. In our country the majority (Sinhala) race is divided because of elections. The major (Sinhala) political parties trust minority races and pledge to offer them everything, whether it is good or bad… Thousands (of Tamils on the plantations) were given citizenship due to this bondage.”

    Ven. Walpola Rahula Thero, Vice Chancellor, Sri Lanka Vidyalankara University (“The Unsung Forces of the ’56 Victory” in Sinhala owned Sri Lanka Sunday Times,25 September 1994)
    Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka President Chandrika Kumaratunga – television interview in South Africa, September 1998
    “They [Tamils] are wanting a separate state – a minority community which is not the original people of the country…” COULD ANY ONE OF YOU REMEMBER THIS AND THE AFTRERMOTH OF THIS KUMAR PONNAMBALAM’S CHALLENGE AND FOLOWED BY THE KILLING OF HIM.

    Ven Athurelie Rathana in 2003 said “..In any country, there is a dominant national strain. The main community living in this island are the Sinhalese. Their civilisation and unbroken history has been clearly and unambiguously chronicled…It was only the Sinhalese who fought the British in the name of their civilisational heritage…. The incidents of 1958, 1983 etc. were tragic. They were the result of outpouring rage. For the most part they were “..In any country, there is a dominant national strain. The main community living in this island are the Sinhalese. Their civilisation and unbroken history has been clearly and unambiguously chronicled…It was only the Sinhalese who fought the British in the name of their civilizational heritage…. The incidents of 1958, 1983 etc. were tragic. They were the result of outpouring rage. For the most part they were not organised attacks. The real victims of ethnic conflict are in fact the Sinhalese..”not organised attacks. The real victims of ethnic conflict are in fact the Sinhalese.

    These are not isolated uterances of stupid unthinking emotionaly charged priest like Ven.Inamaluwe Sumangala.

    I presume all of you can remember the utterance of current rulers/family and associated thugs of Srilanka. So I have not included their pronouncements such as “oru thaai pilai” and brothers, and parasites etc.

    These are/were the realities in Srilanla weather we like it or not.Will it change???

  84. Far from safeguarding the Buddhist heritage these yellow robed perverts are only dragging the noble religion through raw sewage.

  85. If you are saying “We are fighting to save the 2,300 year old Buddhist Heritage that is ours’ and want to demolish
    Mosque then I want to remind you first demolish Kiri vihara that was erupted same way in our 23,000 years old Hindu
    Heritage land. Not only that, you have to demolish all your ‘instant Vihara’ near ThiruKoneshvaram etc and stop buliting new ones with help of GOSL.


    Government shouldn’t protect only one religion and one race and discriminate others.even monk cross the line and violated others and other religion property should have to punished under the Law same as London police did to Srilanakan Thero.

  86. The interviewer has asked about 29 narrow prejudiced and hate-infested questions all of which are directed at cornering the monk to prove that he is an opportunist racist and extremist Buddhist monk violating all the principles of Buddhism and hell bent on creating ethnic and religious disharmony and nothing more than an ordinary layman! Some have commented the lady is being very brave modern-day media savvy and all the bla bla and cared about her security and wellbeing against white vans! Here I deviate and view this lady only as a 3-day old broiler chick without any clue as to where the North or South is!

    Though may be viewed and interpreted in various angles the monks final statement has great weight of thought and relevance:

    “..Ven IS: Make a decision based on your mental capacity. Do not try to teach me the difference between a lay person and clergy. What you said was the worst insult one could make to me. Do not try to be too smart lady. You (thamusay) can record if you want. Do not waste my time…”


    There is a verse from “Vetrivetkai” composed by Athiveerarama Pandian.

    “Siriyorellaam Siriyarumallar.
    Periyorellaam Periyarumallar”

    (Not all small people are small,
    Not all big people are big)

    People like you breathe fire and brimstone at the courageous Sinhala journalist for being impertinent in her questioning.

    I saw a TV clip of a Tamil woman addressing the Bhikku Sumangala very politely and respectfully. But this “great” man retorted nastily and aggressively to her

    Since you compare this journalist to a chicken I am quoting what Malcolm X said in a different context “the chickens have home to roost”.


    I have deleted your racist diatribe against Muslims in general and comparing the Mosque to A “bin laden type Muslim beggar”

    My request to you and those of your ilk is to respectfully implore you to keep away from this blog. Reading your comment before editing makes me sick.Please oblige and spare me future agony

    Pin Siddha Vechaava!

  87. Ven IS: I will speak to you as a person possessing a third eye. I speak of what is happening globally. I am comparing what happens globally. Globally, Islam is on the rise. Some so called Sinhalese lend a hand (gotta allanawa) to them. I ask you also not to do so.

    Dear Monk.

    The only third eye you have is the one you’re are sitting on. This also seems to have a dual function as your second mouth. You seem to be very fond of talking through this second orifice. The words that come from it are as foul smelling as the wind that passes through it.

    Please kindly attend a refresher course on Buddhism, as you clearly have forgotten most of the the great masters teaching. Or perhaps you were not listening in the first place…

    I have noticed even Gammampila of the JHU has distanced themselves from you… that is certainly saying something about the depths that you have fallen


    “..Ven IS: Make a decision based on your mental capacity. Do not try to teach me the difference between a lay person and clergy. What you said was the worst insult one could make to me. Do not try to be too smart lady. You (thamusay) can record if you want. Do not waste my time…”
    As far as concern about comparing the buddhist as a lay amn it is definetly a major insult to the monk.

    The meaning of lay person in buddhist contex is some what diffrent with normal usage. In normal vocabulory it is stand for just a normal person.
    In buddhist teaching there are two presons in the world.

    1.lay man(ASRUTHAWATH) who is not get into dharma path.
    2.skill person, the man who enterning in to Dharma path(SRUTHAWATH).
    dharma pathe is long way,which starting ARYA ASTANGIKA MARGAYA…..

    Being a budhdhist it self can’t be call as skill person.Untill he is comming enter into dharma path he is just remaining as a lay man.

    How a buddhist monk becoming a lay person. VINAYA PITAKAYA clearly mensioned it.


    There are four parajikas or rules of defeat. Any monk or nun who breaks any one of the rules is automatically “defeated”. He/she falls from monkhood/nunhood even if he or she wears the yellow robe. Also he/she is not allowed to enter the Sangha in this life-time. The first parajika forbids sexual intercourse. Therefore in Buddhism, a monk could never have a wife. The second rule forbids stealing any object of value over Rs. 1500. The third rule forbids killing a human being. The fourth forbids making false claims to supernatural psychotic attainments i.e. jhana or even Arahantship. Wilful intention is necessary for these acts to constitute an offence.

    The interviewer may not known the buddhist context other wise she might be put into this question in other mode.

    If she still stand for her attitude in this regard, it is a must she prove that venarouble thoro commited in one or more of PARAJIKA.


  89. @WMK

    Surely the monk broke the 4th Parajika – He claimed to have a 3rd eye..

    Why Rs. 1500 for the 3rd? Surely the land the mosque lies on that the monk is trying to claim is worth more that Rs 1500? Perhaps the criminal damage he caused or the korans him and his mob stole and disposed were more than Rs1500.

    2 out 4 – kick him out.

  90. Rupa Ponna

    All these bigots have something to hide. They hide their weaknesses, disappointments, failures, mistakes and their past with these kind of verbal garbs, in this particular instance saffron robe helps them albeit temporarily.

    Hitler went on to kill Jews probably to hide his Jewish ancestry.

    Anti civil right champion and a bigot US senator Strom Thurmond said “all the laws of Washington and all the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, into our schools, our churches and our places of recreation and amusement”,

    Just after his death in 2003 an elementary teacher and African American woman of fair complexion, Essie Mae Washington-Williams, publicly revealed that she was Strom Thurmond’s daughter. She was born to Carrie “Tunch” Butler (1909–1948), a maid who had worked for Thurmond’s parents, on October 12.

    In some quarters it is said Thiruvengadam Vellupillai Prabaharan had hidden his Malayali roots by taking extreme position, to prove that he was 200 % Tamil than any other Tamil.

    JR, SWRD, and many others took extreme political positions to hide their Tamil or Malayali ancestry.

    We can find millions of bigots in public and their secrets in private.

    Now it is time for the stupid general public to demand the extremists to furnish their genealogy and DNA results.

    Make it compulsory for those who seek public offices and novice monks to disclose their genealogy so that public would become aware of these people and why they take such bigoted positions.

    There is a small problem in the island all certificates can be altered or falsified for a small fee. That could become an industry in itself, creating jobs.

    In this saffron clad bigot’s case did he have an absentee Tamil speaking Muslim father, grandfather, great grandfather,…………. ? Has he fathered a child with a Muslim women?

    Looking into past histories of bigots the above questions come to my mind, sorry I could not help it and I meant no malice.

    Sinners in their private life become bigots in their public life.

  91. The reporter should learn how to speak to a monk.. we Sinhalese honest to our religion leaders,..

  92. Dear Niranjala – I salute your bravery. This interview reminds me of Jeremey Paxman interviewing for BBC2 Newsnight. Another Jeremy Paxman in the making.

    On Jagath Jayawardena’s comment – I have been checking the aerial photos of Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka and found there are lots of new whit dots appearintg. Are these white dots legal or illegal structures? I think they are dagobas and therefore it must be legal structure!!!

  93. Niranjala Ariyawansha
    Thank You Lord Bhudha! You have given a perfect child (Niranjala Ariyawansha) to us !

  94. Samarasekara,this reporter has given IS thero an opportunity to talk in full peace.No stress.But he was demonstrating that he’s still in a kind of hostility which can be interpreted by anyone as anything but budhist monk.He confesses that he’s dominant.He’s proud of himself being a media person and talked to her as a
    media person.How do you like that?You decide it man,is
    that what you want in him?If you agree just to satisfy
    your rivalism,then I have a question.Why in wrong clothing?She’s definitely a very smart lady to remind this
    monk,that there’s not much difference between him and a
    layman.I salute her sense of humanity beyond any “isms”.
    She put him in his seat.Her mental capacity not only detected but also exposed there and then.Samarasekara,
    tell me man,if being compared to a layman is an insult,
    what about eating,covering,healing and dwelling at his
    As for your Parajika,I have some good news:
    Title:The myth of Permanent & Irrevocable Expulsionfrom the budhist order. A survey of the Siksadattaka in early monastic budhism.
    Authors :Clarke,Shyne N
    Issue :1999
    Publisher :University of Canterbury,Religious Studies.
    Appears in collections:Theses and dissertations.
    To make it short,it says that the present thesis sets out to show that not only do PARAJIKA OFFENCES NOT NECESSARILY ENTAIL EXPULSIONS BUT A MONK OR NUN WHO
    Got it Samarasekara? Muslims will generously forgive and forget because that’s abundance in Islam.Inamaluwa can be a new born true budhist and set an example to the rest of the country in the path of communal harmony and of course a great blessing to LLRC.Good luck.

  95. “Destroy Nagadeepa which is a con”

    What a brilliant respose from our conspicuous British Buddhist?.

    Pity he hasn’t figured our that this monk is on the same wave lenth as him,although the modus operandi are a bit different..

    In fact this monk seems more potent and effective than the West and the Diaspora combined ,in destabilizing the country.

    Perhaps it is why our British Buddhist is keeping mum on the Monk.

  96. This monk, who claims to be of ‘Pure Sinhala blood’ should submit himself to DNA testing and gene mapping. he will be shocked by the results! The results should be publicized. Every person who thinks he/she belongs to a pure race or ethnicity should do so, before making idiotic claims. One can be proud of the language one speaks, the religion one professes, the family one belongs and the country born in, but no one has a right to be a pain to others and the cause of their misery.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  97. Sri Lankan racism is a big organised crime – ITS A 100+ years old MAFIA. from Govt. Institutions to the ordinary boutique, it runs runs thru all the avenues of the social system of the country. It will fall crashing on its own weight. No one has to do anything. The Venom it spits out has reached TSUNAMI level and they will drown in it.

    Already, it shows how bankrupt the system of their religion is. It speaks everything impractical and unenforcible PILLOW-SLOPPY (Philosophy). Just watch the drama it will end up like the NAZI regime of HITLER (A Vegetarian & a Buddhist Karma believer).

  98. You can see from this bhikku’s fingers,he is dangerous.He is aching to shoot the interviewer,and what’s on his mind is given away by his fingers,as i’am somewhat of a body language expert.

  99. Ms. Niranjala Ariyawansha,

    It is my personal view that you have been a very courageous person to interview the Ven.Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero, with an open mind,the temperament whilst answering to the questions you raised had been not that professional by the Ven. Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero, the respected Thero should learn from the style he had answered and be more polite in the future even in the presence of a lady, please.

    My family genealogy has a reputed history in Sri Lanka where I hail from a SALAGAMAWANSA community, which starts from the reign of the Singhalese King Dapula III who established a medical college, Dr. Meera Lebbe Maestriar Shekadi Marikar, the celebrated, ‘Moorish Doctor’ during this time., even The portrait of Sekadie Marikar, prepared and presented by Sir Alexander Johnston, Chief Justice and President of His Majesty’s Council in Ceylon.

    Henceforth, the Muslim community had been living amicably with the Majority Sinhalese Buddhist in the Country, and we are proud to state that we are SRILANKAN where ever we go.

    Ms. Niranjala the state needs more personality of your caliber to ensure that there is impartial views expressed openly, which helps the people to analyses the situation arisen with an open mind professionally.

    Best Regards

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