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Large Numbers of Protest Demonstrators Walk In Search of Public Toilets as Inadequate Toilet facilities Pose Major Concern.

Despite National Freedom Front leader Wimal Weerawansa’s pledge to protest in Colombo over night, large swathes of protesters have already packed up and left the Lake House roundabout, our reporters said.

The rest of the crowd, however, are currently holding a candlelight vigil at the Lake House roundabout.

As of 10 Pm, none of the prominent leaders of the protest, including its organizer Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, were not seen among the protesters.

Parliamentarian Bandula Gunawardena, who is currently with the protesters, said they would remain at the Lake House roundabout until midnight.

Meanwhile, in an interesting turn of events, a dance item based on Angampora, an ancient form of martial art in Sri Lanka, was staged on the street to keep the crowd entertained.

The protesters who held the fort were given bread and drinking water, a short while ago.

toilet facilities, however, remained a major concern for protesters and some of them were seen waling towards Galle Face and Slave Islands in search of public toilets.

Courtesy:Asian Mirror