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Moves on to remove Tamara Kunanayakam as UN envoy in Geneva

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Amb. Tamara Kunanayakam

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Sri Lanka ’s ministry of External Affairs has initiated moves targeting Tamara Kunanayakam, Sri Lanka’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva

Ms. Kunanayakam who returned to Geneva last week after participating at the UNCTAD conference in Doha, has been informed over the telephone that she should move out from Geneva at short notice and take up duties in a Latin American Country by June this year.

It is learnt that External Affairs minister Prof. Gamini Lakshman Peiris himself contacted Ms. Kunanayakam directly on the Telephone on Saturday April 28th 2012 and informed the Lankan envoy that she was to be transferred out from her station in Geneva to Brazil or Cuba in Latin America.

While no plausible explanation was given by Prof.Peiris for this sudden decision to urgently transfer her, the External Affairs minister had indicated that Ms.Kunanayakam could help establish wider and closer links between Countries of the Latin America and Sri Lanka by relocating to the region from Geneva

Sources close to Ms. Kunanayakam told this writer that the Ambassador to Geneva had been deeply hurt by this sudden “transfer” order camouflaged as a friendly “offer”.

It is learnt that she would be writing a detailed letter to Minister Peiris outlining her reasons for wishing to stay on in Geneva at a crucial juncture for Sri Lanka in the International sphere.

According to sources close to Ms. Kunanayakam she opines that a sustained campaign based on principles needs to be waged in Geneva at the UN and that the element of continuity would be affected by her sudden transfer.

Ms. Kunanayakam also feels that as a patriotic Sri Lankan her services are more necessary to the Country in Geneva at the present time rather than in Latin America

Informed sources in Colombo told this writer that the current moves to transfer out Ms.Kunanayakam is a result of a deep-seated conspiracy to make her the scapegoat for the diplomatic set back suffered by Sri Lanka in Geneva during the 19th session of the UN Human Rights Council where a resolution sponsored by the USA was passed by 24 to 15 with 8 abstaining in a 47 member body.

While a Colombo caucus consisting of ministers, officials and hangers on invaded Geneva during the sessions and practically throttled Ms.kunanayakam from discharging her duties efficiently, the aim now is to make her responsible for the negative vote.

After denying even a seat among the Sri Lankan delegation to the Ambassador in Geneva at the UNHRC sessions during voting time the conspirators are now attempting to deflect criticism away by trying to make Ms.Kunanayakam as responsible.

The latest transfer order amounts to a sanction against the Ambassador in Geneva allege these sources.

Although the affable and articulate Peiris was the “messenger” who conveyed the bad news to Ms. Kunanayakam, informed sources at the External affairs ministry said that the “message” had been formulated through conspiratorial efforts of the duo dubbed as “terrible twins” by a number of employees at the Ministry.

As stated by this writer earlier the “terrible twin duo” comprise UPFA Galle District MP Sajjin de Vass Gunawardena who is the monitoring MP supervising External affairs ministry affairs and Additional secretary Ms. Kshenuka Seneviratne.

Informed sources say that Prof.Peiris regarded as “spineless” by ministry employees is a virtual puppet in the hands of this duo who pull and yank the strings effectively.

In the case of transferring Ambassador Kunanayakam the proposal in question was made by Prof.Peiris at the behest of this terrible twin cabal ,say sources in Colombo

It was only four weeks ago that Sri Lanka’s ambassador to France,Dr.Dayan Jayatilleka,was sent a letter by the External affairs ministry seeking his explanation over four matters concerning the mission in Paris.He was also warned that he could be charged under the penal code for some of the “offences”he had allegedly committed.

Dr.Jayatilleka responded to the charges by sending a detailed letter to the Ministy and also by answering queries made by sections of the Sri Lankan media in this regard

Subsequently Dr.Jayatilleka was summoned to Colombo for consultations and returned to Paris with his name fully cleared. He also met with President Rajapaksa and had lengthy discussions with him.

At the time of Dr.Jayatilleka being sent the charges, this writer stated openly that despite the letter sent to Dr.Jayatilleka being signed by External affairs ministry secretary Mr.Karunatilaka Amunugama the move had been covertly initiated by the cabal comprising Mr. Vass Gunawardena and Ms. Seneviratne.

This writer also wrote then that “ It is anticipated that Tamara Kunanayakam would be targeted after Dr.Jayatilleka’s removal” and pointed out that “Recent happenings in Geneva where the permanent representative Tamara Kunanayakam was sidelined by a caucus from Colombo ” was “perceived as part of a conspiracy by the powerful cabal in the External ministry”.

Tamara Kunanayakam who was earlier stationed in Cuba as Sri Lanka’s ambassador was hurriedly transferred to Geneva last year on a personal directive issued by President Rajapaksa.It was felt that she would be the ideal person to fight for Sri Lanka at the UN in Geneva at a critical time when powerful western nations were engaged in efforts to penalize Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council.

Ms. Kunanayakam has extensive experience and knowledge about the UN system in Geneva as she has worked there in several capacities including a stint of over 10 years at the office of the Human Rights Comissioner. This was the prime reason for her being transferred to Geneva from Havana

President Rajapaksa himself laid down the guidelines for the approach to be taken by Sri Lanka at the UNHRC in Geneva regarding the US backed resolution. The President clearly stated that there would be no compromise in any way and that Sri Lanka should face the challenge with a principle based approach. He was prepared to go down in defeat rather than capitulate to the diktat of powerful nations.

These policy guidelines were faithfully executed by the minister Prof Peiris and the Ambassador Ms.Kunanayakam.

There were however elements within the power structure who were opposed to this approach and tried to pursue an agenda of their own in a bid to appease vested interests. These manouevres were apparently detected by Ms. Kunanayakam and nipped in the bud on time.

There is also an unpleasant history of sly, underhand moves by the cabal in the ministry to sabotage and undermine Ms. Kunanayakam from the time she was appointed envoy to Geneva. This writer intends recounting them in detail in a future article.

The current ‘transfer” is in effect the culmination of this sordid saga where our woman in Geneva has been subjected to an organized campaign by powerful sections of the establishment.

This writer also learns that Mr. Vass Gunawardena has been allegedly boasting to several people in the ministry that he would get Tamara moved out from Geneva very soon.

Rumours are afloat that Sri Lanka’s ambassador to Brussels Ravinatha Aryasinha would replace Ms. Kunanayakam shortly.

Observers point out that if the External affairs Ministry goes ahead with the proposal of transferring Ms. Kunanayam out from Geneva it would result in Sri Lanka ’s image being dented further internationally.

While the term of office for an envoy in a new station is usually three years in the case of Geneva it would mean a bizarre instance of having four ambassadors in three years if Ms. Kunanayakam is replaced by Mr. Aryasinha.

Observers also point out that transferring Ms. Kunanayakam out from Geneva at this stage would cause irreparable damage to Sri Lanka ’s image internationally. It would in a sense be a replay of how Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka was recalled from Geneva in 2009 after Sri Lanka won a diplomatic victory.

In the case of Ms. Kunanayakam the transfer would be seen as her being “scapegoated” for the Geneva UNHRC vote although the blame if any should be laid elsewhere.

The controversy surrounding her being victimized by vested interests could take a different turn if Ms. Kunanayakam who is a Non –career diplomat declines the transfer and is summarily recalled.

Sources close to Ms.Kunanayakam say that she accepted the assignment on the basis of certain principles and from a desire to serve her country in a place where she could contribute positively and would very likely refuse a transfer now.

Concurring with such transfer moves would amount to a sanction on her and relocating to Latin America would be construed as a punishment transfer or demotion, these sources said.

While Ms.Kunanayakam regards herself primarily as a Sri Lankan the fact of her ethnicity would also be a factor in the eyes of the international diplomatic community.

Ms. Kunanayakam is only one of three Tamils serving as envoys although some others of ambassador rank hold lesser office.

Ms. Kunanayakam’s removal from Geneva could also impact negatively on the diplomatic community as she has earned the respect of her peers through her ability and dedication while enhancing Sri Lanka ’s stature in the process.

Ms.Kunanayakam was elected Chairperson/Rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Council’s Council’s Intergovernmental Working Group on the Right to Development. She was also elected Vice-Chair of UNCTAD’s governing body, the Trade and Development Board, and recently made Vice-Chair of UNCTAD XIII conference in Doha

Diplomatic circles from countries that supported Sri Lanka at the UNHRC vote could get the wrong signal by Ms. Kunanayakam’s removal at this point of time.

Besides her knowledge and experience of the UN system should be utilized at this time instead of moving her out from Geneva , these circles opine.

News of the impending transfer has upset many loyal members of the staff at the Lankan mission in Geneva who feel that the ambassador is being victimized unfairly as a scape goat. Ms. Kunanayakam is supported by most staff members at the mission with the exception of a few careerists aligned to the Colombo cabal

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  1. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this. This Tamara acted so well in Geneva but is now victimised.

    Good scoop DBS

  2. I just came to office and heard the news about Tamara. All of us here in Ratmalana office are upset about this. Its fantastic that you writing from Toronto gets news before us here in Colombo Mr.Jeyaraj

  3. Hi , fi, fum, I smell your source on this story on the transfer of Mme. Kunanayakam from Geneva, to be none other than the guy who is next in line to go somewhere, the redoubtable un-diplomat Dayan Jayatilleke who loves to sprout off out-dated post-colonial theory with a leftish flavour and the high life in Paris with his new love.
    DJ must be very worried that the good times in Paris on Lankan tax rupees may be coming to an end. But then he can always retreat to the pathetic wanna be think tank in Singapore where he was last time when out in the cold having lost MR’s support and the appointment in Geneva last time!

  4. There is a saying, Vinaasa kale vipareetha puththi. There are number of prominent people associated with the Sri Lankan government in the war effort as well as international arena from Kadikamar to Kunanayakam. Respective government’s approach to these dedicated patriots is ‘use it and throw’. Unless Kadikamar was murdered, Sinhala Regimes could have faced the same ‘ use it and throw’ fate. Therefore he was glorified. In the latter part of nineties, a Tamil pilot who was one of the crew that bombarded targets in North and East, crashed the fighter plan and killed. Sinhala regime and media did not glorify him, but slammed and portrayed as traitor. In return, LTTE also declared that he was a traitor. This was the rare occasion in the recent history for a person being a Tamil labeled as both warring parties as traitor.

  5. Dependent on Tamara’s situation and station in life she has different principles for different people at different times in different places a type of situation ethics that most people seem to practice devoid of any religious or religious leanings. This is what the media mogul Rupert has indirectly and implicitly admitted though denied during the cross examinations. She is thus in high company. She whilst cautioning the GOSL implicitly asked for it in wanting to get more votes from South America for the next voting. Looks like she has been “hoisted or her own petard”.

  6. If Ms.Kunanayagam wanted to do the “patriotic’ duty then she should listen to her motherlands calling and willing to relocate anywhere she is requested. Instead of asking some proxies to cry over it.
    Like here peer Mr.Dayan J she also will go to Colombo and clear he name and coma back.
    Why bother?

  7. I am horrified at this news. Mahinda govt is making stupid blunder.Thanks for alerting us DBS

  8. This is not a surprise; it is a part of the Mahinda Chintanna policy. Take the maximum and then dump. Mahinda is very famous for using persons or party to his advantage to the maximum and then throw them away. This happened to JVP, to Mangala, to Dayan J, Sarath F, and many others. Mahinda even used India and then took the Indians for a ride. What is Kunanayakam? It would have been a surprise if it did not happen.

    Mahinda Chintanna is Hire and fire, use and dump policy.

  9. Based on the news below, may be GLPeries has given a challenging job to Tamara herself. Another possibility is Tamara wanted to stay in Latin America but they brought her to Geneva with different agenda. Any way hopefully other readers will throw more light on the issue.

    Sri Lanka should focus on foreign policy in Latin America
    [ Sunday, 08 April 2012, 05:22.44 AM GMT +05:30 ]
    The LTTE activists are spreading their political agenda and propaganda within the Latin American countries, Sri Lankan Ambassador to Geneva, Tamara Kunanayakam stated.
    She said that Sri Lanka should implement a foreign policy that covers the whole globe with special focus on the Latin American and African countries.

    Kunanayakam further stated that due to the publicity given to Sri Lanka by some NGOs and the western media, the Latin American nations had developed a much distorted image of the country.

    She added that Sri Lanka has embassies in only two countries in the region which are Brazil and Cuba.

  10. Mrs Kunanayakam took a very touch and principled stand on behalf of the country at Geneva. Despite all her efforts she is now made the scapegoat for the failure of the mega-delegation that was dispatched to handle the issue.
    It was a question of too many cooks spoilt the soup. Especially people like the so called ‘advisor’on foreign affairs, SVG, former chairman of failed Mihin Air, a jack of all trades and master of none.
    Initially she was appointed to show the world that we have Tamils too with the Govt. Now that Geneva is over she is being sent back. This will certainly send a signal to the world that race is an issue in Sri Lanka.
    Professor Peiris should be ashamed that despite all his academic qualifications he is called upon to do the hatchetmans job for this unprincipled gang.

  11. This is only a small price to be paid by Ms.Kunanayagam (or is it the first step for what is to follow?) for being born a Tamil notwithstanding being patriotic or otherwise. I have witnessed several such instances where conscientious, patriotic and devoted persons in higher position are done away with quietly simply because they were born in an ethnic group that is being increasingly identified as a set of rebels or terrorists, even if such acts result in serious damage to the system of government.

    I myself as a true patriotic Sri Lankan who mostly admired the untiring efforts of Tamara in defending the country in a ‘no-win ‘situation in comparing with the ‘also ran’ majority community members. Her efforts, I have seen, sometimes earned the wrath of some extremist Tamils and I am sure of the Diaspora. Even the foreign Minister Pieris, who made this communication to Tamara is clearly earmarked to be axed for some reason. Clearly people with knowledge, experience, ability and the courage have no place in this administration that is seeking its own destruction. Dayan Jayatilake for one was another in the firing line. I hope, not without reason, they will appoint Mervyn Silva as the Foreign Minister or Ambassador to Geneva! Way to go Sir!

  12. This is the MA-RA’s ‘Condom Theory’ at its best…
    the list goes on like:

    a. V Prabhakaran
    b. Mangala Moonesinghe
    c. Tiran Alles
    d. Sarath Fonseka
    e. JVP – Somawansas/Tilvins etc.
    f. Dayan Jayatileka

    the list goes on and on….. Suba Anagathayak !!!!!

  13. Tamara Kunanayagam,

    Do not play ball. Resign, if you feel that you are being scapegoated. I am sure you can find a better and more remunerative position. However, argue your case to the very end, bravely. The people will be your judge. You will ultimately be the winner.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  14. What she saw she will ripe. People are intelligent to discern.
    She took a decision to support a Government which has ministers like public relation Mervyn de Silva !. What else you can expect!

  15. With all due respects, the writer makes no mention of what Tamara said & did against Sri Lanka in the 1980s and 1990s.


    I have already written about the role she played in the 80’s in a previous article and the circumstances.. That has no bearing on the current sitution because it is the Sri Lankan President and Government who appointed her as ambassador. I doubt whether that would have happened if she had really been against Sri Lanka at that time. One has to distinguish between criticising the human rights violoations of a particular regime and working against the country

  16. Dont know if it is Prof Peris who is,

    (Nalla)Kunam ( Illaadha)Nayagam
    (hondha) Guna ( Nathi) Nayaka


    It is Tamara?

  17. Terrible, Proff.Pieris should submit his immediate resignation in support of Mrs Kunanayagam, who has not only performrd a magnanimous job in Geneva,but has accted as a true Srilankan. Shame on you Mr. President.

  18. Typical lankan behaviour reminiscent of when Dayan was ousted from Geneva. It sends a bad signal not only to diplomatic peers but to anyone in SL aspiring to get involved in International Relations.

    It is imperative that a thinktank is established (or the Lakshman Kadirgama institute is empowered) to facilitate, lead and encourage the development new and existing paradigms of thinking regarding international relations, geo politics etc.

    This ‘body’ coupled with at times with esteemed academics in some kind of fora should provide advice and guidance on affairs and policy for our own country’s good re external/foreign affairs, not opportunists and fools like Kshenuka and Sajith… I guess we can only dream huh?

  19. Sri Lankan Govt is shooting itself on the foot and why should we stop them?

    I just feel sad for any patriotic Sri Lankan including Tamara K who ‘accepted the assignment on the basis of certain principles and from a desire to serve her country’.

    The only way to serve Mother Lanka is to let her face Justice!

    Great article DBSJ.

  20. So goes on a Govt. without clearly defined policies and direction leading the country to destination disaster.

  21. DBS is a part of a Western conspiracy to tarnish the good names of the “terrible twins”.

    The problem is not the “terrible twins”. The problem is that Prabakaran is still alive and has only shifted home from Killinochchi to Colombo.

    It is this Prabakaran, who is the ultimate puppet master.


    Dushy, I doubt whether your humour will be understood by the powers that be. THey might take you seriously and launch a manhunt to catch Prabhakaran while the external affairs ministry may issue a statemet condemning western conspiracies. Dushmantha Ranetunge could be cited as the authoritative source of information for both actions.

  22. Great to see you continue with the next episode of Our Woman In Geneva series, DBSJ, but I wish that this soap opera wasn’t taking such a nasty turn. While the location is exotic, the casting is very poor and the storyline has taken a nose-dive. Hope our heroin has a happy ending like Dayan J after you wrote about him.

    Thanks for bringing us this intriguing story with your usual ‘rich in detail’ style Mr Jeyaraj.
    I had to constantly remind myself this is real life and the players are politicians who are supposed to be rebuilding a nation that has been devastated. Instead, they spend time stabbing ea other in the back.


    Sadly this is not the next episode in the Tamara Kunanayakam article that I wanted to write. This is only an interlude necessitated by urgent circumstances. I intend writing the next episode soon but it may not have a good ending as I hoped for

  23. She simply got the prize by supporting MR n Co. People in Sri Lanka says not to believe people who live “Benthara Gangata Aha”. It seems true now. May be a lesson for Tamils who support MR n CO.

  24. “…“Ms. Kunanayakam also feels that as a patriotic Sri Lankan her services are more necessary to the Country in Geneva at the present time rather than in Latin America”..”

    You are very talented person. It is good news that you are not going but they are letting you go; that tells your passion and dedication toward your work. As a patriotic SLan, you want to help the country, but I think it is time for you to think as a human even if you are not feeling as Tamil. Yes LTTE made a mess, but GOSL didn’t commit any war crime? Have you seen the CH-4 video? How did you feel when you watch it or you simply called it fake and didn’t bother with it. Whether you are Tamil or Sinhalese, they did committed terrible crime on humanity, don’t you think all those who committed those crimes need to be punished?

    OK if it is an internal matter, UN doesn’t need to get in. it is more than 3 years, people in north east are still under military rules. LTTE is long gone from Island. People are still suffering. They are still in fear what will happen to them. Don’t you think a responsible government should give its own citizen at least a fear-free lives? Some seems to even worry that even commenting on online blogs against GOSL will effect Tamils back home!!!

    Why it is taking too long to even start implementing their LRCC recommendations. Yes agree, it is a big task, can’t be done in few days, but don’t you have show some visual progress on it?

    We Tamils believe and live by our old saying “Saeium tholela theivam (the job/duty we do is god)”. You are doing your job correctly, but time for you to ask your soul, “am I doing a right job?”. I am trying to help the war criminals but would they bring justice to my people? If you do feel they will then please do continue to do your service. Otherwise, it is your golden opportunity to get away from your job-ethics, from thinking from your brain to start thinking form your heart also..

    There is nothing for you to get “deeply hurt by this sudden “transfer” order camouflaged as a friendly “offer”.

  25. As some one familiar with what was going on in Geneva this does not come as a surprise. Tamara wont be able to do anything because Sajjin Vass has a hold over president and can blackmail him

  26. As a Tamil I know how bitterly and savagely Ms.Kunanayakam was attacked as traitor by Tamil media. Still she did not flinch. But look how the govt is treating her now?The Tamil media will have field day rowing about this

  27. This is a sad story. The lady who discharged her duties efficiently is being made the scapegoat.I hope saner counsel will prevail. Thank you Mr.Jeyaraj for spotlighting this injustice

  28. Ambassadorial appointment is the prerogative of the President. The move to effect a cross transfer to her to a Latin American country could not have taken pace without the Presidential approval. Who is out of his/her mind now? In any event RA will be an unmitigated disaster in Geneva.

  29. Tamara is a Tamil who collaborated with the Sinhala state. She deserves this “Karuvappilai” treatment

  30. Oh wow, finally. A much anticipated move and much welcomed news for Sri Lankans. I have always questioned her boundability and credit on this very blog. It way too early for us, majority, to relax our guards. This lady must be looked at Tamil first then only Sri Lankan. I am sorry if I am offending many with that statement but we’ve no choice. We are one unique ethnic group, only habit in Sri Lanka so we’ll have to do whatever it takes to protects our land, and population. We are very smart people who can judge people correct and read and act according to situations. This lady should be investigated as well as our downfall in Geneva. Our president has made a grave mistake by appointing this lady, to never make this mistake ever again what went wrong in Geneva should be throughly investigated and culprits should be brought to light.

  31. i think it’s a blessing in disguise that tamara had become

    not the favourite of colombo hardliners anymore.

    this is an ideal opportunity for tamara to change her alligiance and leave
    the people who hate the sight of tamils. come and work with rhe tamils.

    tamara got to remember the “curry leaves”scenario.

    you have been used and abused to the maximum by the sinhala supremacists
    your sevices are not required by themanymore.

    despite you had worked to the deteriment of the tamils all these times
    we still welcome you in our fold. at the end of the day you are our girl!

    your expertise and the command of many languages can help us in many ways

    when one see that pottu on your forhead it sends a signal that you are in the wrong camp

    i hope and pray that you think it over and do some good to our people

    by speaking the truth nothing but the truth.

    remember “blood is thicker than water”

  32. Malinga Bandara is a Singala racist. I don’t know why Tamils like Tamara work for govt in a country with racists like this

  33. Tamara Kunanayakam is holding a post she should be ill-at-ease with. The post of UN envoy in Geneva for SL, under the present administration, is an unholy task.

    Should Tamara Kunanayakam have taken up the appointment? Why did she do so?

    I cannot think of any reason other than wanting to use the opportunity to showcase her talent and skills as a diplomat. I was aghast with her readiness to avail herself to defend a corrupt hierarchy! I am sure she’d have her regrets, now.

    She has already earned herself a respect as a capable diplomat, particularly in the IC. It is time for her to aspire for better opportunities and higher offices in the wider and more respectable international arena.

  34. This is sad news, not unexpected. Professionals who do their work with dedication and integrity have no place in a government full of thugs, political appointees, and morons. Hope a public outcry will make this transfer not happen.

    On a slightly different but related news,

    An appeals court in US on Wednesday tossed out a convicted terrorist’s lawsuit accusing a high-ranking Bush administration lawyer who wrote the so-called “torture memos” of authorizing illegally harsh treatment of “enemy combatants.” Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo is protected from such lawsuits because the law defining torture and the treatment of enemy combatants was unsettled in the two years after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, when the memos were written, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said.

    This is the same country that moves a UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka. One does not know whether to laugh or weep at the hypocracy that is being displayed.

  35. These things happens Sir. Such is in any country. Pardon me for saying this respected Sir though I have the highest admiration for you when it comes to some people I see you are very biased and insulting and supportive to others. Hope you would not do this and give us very independent views since you command our respect Sir.


    It is not on the basis of persons alone but more on issues that I focus on. In this case I condemn strongly what I see as wrong and commend what I see as right. Also what may seem insulting to you are actually nicknames given to the people concerned by colleagues in the relevant ministry

  36. The problem is not with the ministry but with the Hela urumaya that wans a Tamil to be removed from UN in Geneva

  37. I’m really sorry to hear this.

    I wish Tamara the very best. If this stupid patriots of Sri Lanka are scapegoating her tell them to fly a kite !

    Let the external affairs get in to the quick quick sand they are blindly steeping on to.

    Kay Kay says:
    May 2, 2012 at 10:46 am
    As some one familiar with what was going on in Geneva this does not come as a surprise. Tamara wont be able to do anything because Sajjin Vass has a hold over president and can blackmail him

    If what you say is true our President is a coward.

    John Wayne & Malinga Bandara sounds like to sycophantics, holding on to the ‘terrible twins’ cable !!

  38. I think we can conclude

    A. This action was sanctioned by MR or
    B. MR has lost control of his goons, sycophants, hangar-ons, thugs, rapists, child molestors (I.e his government) and they are allowed to proceed as they please

    Either way it is pretty damning.

    Time to clean out the stables – or get out.

    As for Mrs kunanayakam – get out with your head held high and your conscience clear. Your day will come. Thank you for your service.

  39. Tamara,
    You were loyal to MR and did a fantastic job. Hope this is an eye opener to you as to who you were blindly defending. MR & his gang in Colombo are crooks and they used you. You were foolish or you needed a job so you shamelesly washed Mahinda’s dirty underwear at the UN. At the end it’s didn’t do much good. You failed in your final task, not because you were incompetent, but the stains on his underwear were permanent and even you couldn’t clean it. This is a good lesson for you. I would bail out of this phony Ambassador title and release a statement about your foolish mistakes, and salvage your name. Do the right thing!
    DBSJ – Great scoop!

  40. Tamara – Do the honourable thing – resign.

    Why is resigning honourable in this instance?…………DBSJ

  41. Life will still go (Obla dha Obla Di, life goes on) on even better for some with or without theirs or others richer or poorer levels of intellectual discernment and cultural and emotional baggage when truth and fairness are just a game of number of votes to be had mostly on a quid pro quo basis of primarily self serving personal and/or national interests. It may not take as long as it took VP & LTTE for MR Bros & Sons to be as “hoisted on their own petard” even as Karma wills catch-up as it did with SWRD and the Tamils. It seems SL is on the threshold of another spiral and in the final analysis its nature that always triumphs.

  42. CBK once said there is not a single bone in this man that is GL piers, which is becoming true.
    Kindly back Tamara you disgraceful Thomian. I am ashamed of my school for producing a spineless guy.
    You have enough money n your back ground is good. So tell what u think without beingafraid

  43. Isn’t It interesting that our benevolent Buddhist Basher, Mr Ranetunga also has got out of his slumber to join in, to test our wit.

    Most here expressing anger and disgust now, were also disgusted only a couple of months ago for this woman being a GOSL supporter against the mighty Eezaahm conglomorate.

    Ms Thamara and Dr Peiris are well educated , well connected high achievers, who can walk in to a high profile job anytime anyday and anywhere in the World.

    Unless of course the Eezaahm lodges complaints and legal writs.

    They do not need the sympathy of peasants like us.

    Despite the tireless efforts of Ms Thamara, the US and the Eezaahm conglomorate slapped the Resolution on Srilanka.

    Come the next round of UN Gabfest, they will slap on another version without doubt.

    Has the Resolution changed anything?.

    Here is what the new ally of the TNA, the part leader of the UNP said on the ve of the historic joint May Day Rally in Jaffna.

    Giving Mr Sambandan a 13 A plus is the art of the impossible.

    He can only give just the 13.

    But he never mentioned that getting the Presidency or even the Prime Ministership to grant anything also is the art of the impossible as far as Mr Ranil and his party is concerned.

    No wonder the Web Mouth Piece of the Eezhaamists is cheesed off.

    This what it said about the joint May day Rally of the TNA.

    Mr Sambandan has joined the UNP to please the Imperialists to impliment their agenda.

    Wonder whether these Imperialists are the same people who steam rolled Ms Thamara in Geneva.


    Are you saying Sajin Vaas, Kshenuka &Mahinda Samarasinghe who steam rollered Tamara in Geneva are Imperialists?

  44. Ms.Kunanayagam may be a Sri Lankan patriot and faithful to her mother land but unfortunately by being away from Sri Lanka for a long period, she is an alien to Sri Lankan (Sinhala Buddhist) traditions and cultures in politics.

    What she and all other NON Sinhala-Buddhists (minorities including Sinhala Christians) should understand is, very unfortunately she was born as Tamara Kunanayagam and not TAMARA GUNANAYAKE.

    Under Sri Lankan (Sinhala-Buddhist) traditions and cultures in politics, if you are NOT a Gunanayake but a Kunanayagam then this will be your ultimate fate.

  45. Why remove her when the Foreign Ministry is responsible for doing the biggest bungle in Geneva? Why did this HR report come far as Geneva? This should have been handled in USA before it arrived at UNHCR. We have incapable officers in Washington and Foreign Ministry appoints relatives of Politicians in High Places. The blame should go to the Foreign Ministry. We are satisfying politicians by giving their relatives jobs and hell with the Country.

  46. “….Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:
    May 2, 2012 at 3:45 am
    Tamara Kunanayagam,

    … argue your case to the very end, bravely. The people will be your judge. You will ultimately be the winner…..”

    Hello RN,
    What do you mean? Are you advocating her to fight until all SL Tamils are to be dessimated?

  47. sad News for all peace loving Sri Lanken, politisians are the most corrupt lot in Sri Lanka,

  48. There was a time things like these would surprise me but not anymore……………We are totally immune to read or hear these kinds of news…….God bless Sri Lanka!

  49. DBS forget Dushy Ranatunge , he is a loose cannon. I am shocked at this news . People in the UK know how mamdam Ambassador conducted herself in the Uk . Many stories circulate about her . Most of them are true . She did not conduct a national agenda but her own agenda. Tamara is one of the best Diplomats we have . Pity that SL does not recognise her diplomatic skills and loyalty to SL. Shame on this duo who try to outst her . Remove them first .

  50. Cuba or Brazil both good holiday destinations. Good beaches, samba parties, guaranteed sun, what else you want.
    Enjoy your posting.

  51. Sri Lanka has made a lots of mistakes. To learn from these mistakes and reconcile is what SL must do now. Listening to the advise of uneducated, unpatriotic corrupted ministers who sit next to the President is only going to ruin the country.

  52. We have to focus on issues rather than mere personalities. That is what is important Sir. We all need to rise above. The writters, people who comment. Let us try our best to change it

    In many cases personalities are the issues and issues are caused by persons…………DBSJ

  53. Hasanthi , in addition in the 80s what Mahinda has said in Geneva and around the world then he should be branded as traitor.If your theory is right.

  54. Good revelation about the terrible happenings in our foreign policy establishment. It looks like one mistake is followed by another and so on. Dayan should have completed at least three years before a replacement could have been found. Now it is, as DBS says, 4 Ambassadors in 3 years: DJ-less than 2 years; Kshenuka 1.5 years, Tamara barely 1 year—then how long could Ravinatha last? a person btw who took the Foreign Ministry under Kadirgamar to the Supreme Court in 2000 on charges of alleged ‘ill treatment’? Wouldn’t SL’s ‘enemies’ keep that in mind whenever he tries to defend the ‘record’ of the government he represents?

  55. This is absoloutely absurd. No right thinking political leadership would take such an adiotic decison. This decison stands as test of character and political vison of both President and the foreign minister. Mr.foreign minister, you are a victim of political consipiration. You are one of among the best in the present cabinet to hold the office. But we absoloutely disapointed about your inability to stand up for your own vison. What a shame on your intelectual capasity! This country will ever miss Late Mr. Kadiragamer.

    Those two conspirators indicated here have done so much damage to our country and continue to do so due to political backing. We all know ‘Mr. Mihin Lanaka’s’ abibilty. Does this also has anything to do with foreign minister’s American visit? Rediculously, foreign minister was accompanied by those two conspirators to American trip as well.

    To remove Tamara and replace her with Ravinatha is absolutely rediculous. At this critical moment, only Tamara or Dayan can deliver at Geneva for the country. I am sure Prof. Piries knows it, but unable to act according to his vison. What is most rediculous is that conspirators have got prof. Piries himself to get their job done and doing so destroy his image as well.’ Vinasa kale viparita buddih’.

  56. Reading this article and if this is correct, then, I believe Sajiin Vass Gunewardena need to be investigated for taking rash decisions, not only with Kunanayakam but also Dayan jayatileka. Though Kunanayakam could be an asset in Latin America, this is not the time to move her out of Geneva for many reasons. I believe the President would not allow her transfer at this crucial juncture and he might even consider whether Vass Gunewardena need to be transferred out of his ministry for acting rashly.

    Sajin&Mervyn seem untouchable……….DBSJ

  57. Jeyaraj stop poisoning the readers’ minds.

    Nilwala, first try and stop the crocodiles in Nilwala ganga being poisoned,will you?………..DBSJ

  58. Tamara,

    I think you should mend fences with Tamil diaspora and become V.Ruthrakumaran’s TGTE ambassador to Geneva. Or Marry a Sinhala Buddhist like Kadirkamar did .Then you will be allowed to continue as Sl ambassaror.

  59. Sir, soon after UN human right council was over in September,
    this was said by Kirubaharan of France in one his articles published
    in media including transcurrents. I dont remember exactly what
    he said,but I do remeber he said, Tamara ambassadorial position in the UN will not be long.

    Tamara is a Tamil, she should have realised what happend to Luxman Kathirgamar!

    Today if there is no LTTE, it is because of Kathirgamar, not because of these amrs and amunations.

    When all the political parties including JVP, SLFP wanted Chandrika Kumaratunga to appoint Kathirgamar as the Prime Minister, it was nobody else other than Mahinda Rajapaksa opposed his appointment and Rajapaksa became the the Prime Minister and eventually the President. This is history.

    Soon after Kathirgamar was killed, it was Rajapaksa who build and funding the Kathirgamar institute to do all the coverup actives for his attorocities because Kathirgamar name has good value everywhere. Same happend to Nilan Thiruchellvam and others. These all confidential affairs. You ask Chandrika for any further information.

    Sooner or later, not only Tamara, even KP, Karuna, Douglas and others will learn this lesson while the time, no more Tamils in Sri Lanka.

  60. Frantic efforts underway to rearrage the deckchairs on the Titanic… Are there no Jaliya Wickramasurias to replace her with?

  61. DBS,

    Interesting stuff. What is depressing is that the likes of Dayan, Rajiva, G L conveniently link the current state of sorry affairs to the terrible twins and Mervyn whilst praising the God of Medamulana who infact provides a protective veil to these morons.

    I just want to know if there is more to it than just the terrible twins.

  62. Shockingly disgusting to read……..DBS is there anything as we expats of sri lanka do about this? like writing to the president directly or signing petitiion or anything like that…..?

    any suggestion will be helpful…..if there is any……

    we need to stand by her…….foreign services is highly corrupted and full of buracracy……who are they going to appoint ? any news…Shenuka seneviratne back again?…..got to be kidding me

  63. Tamara,
    Believing someone without testing and doubting the well checked one cause melancholy!
    “Theran thelivum thelintharkan Iyuravum
    theera Idumbai tharum”
    Iddukkan varunkal Nakuga!
    Giggle when you face despair.
    Ha.. ha..ha..Hu..hu..hu..Hi..hi.. hi..hi… M.

  64. People are becoming overworked over this issue — she was sent to Geneva for one reason and one reason only, her Tamil name ! The regime knowing that they will be targeted wanted to use her to save themselves. She failed to deliver and so she is being sent out, this is unfortunately the way of the world that is Sri Lanka.

    I am glad to note that Rajasingham Narendran has read this article, however much you defend this regime, when you are no longer any use to them, I suspect you too would be cast aside by them.

  65. Dr.Narendran Rajasingham

    However, argue your case to the very end….
    argue with whom? the white van abductors?
    that will be the very end of her

  66. No one should feel sorry for Tamara. She accepted the job knowing full well what powers she was against. Now she is going to be evicted unceremoniously from her job and she deserves the ignominy.It is difficult to fathom that such an intelligent woman didn’t foresee what repercussions there would be if she lost the vote at Geneva.

  67. Hi DBS

    Looks like the Colombo newspapers are waking up now only.You got a head start.

    look at Island news

    Tamara won’t quit Geneva, stage set for new dispute
    May 3, 2012, 10:34 pm

    By Shamindra Ferdinando

    Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative in Geneva, Tamara Kunanayakam, has flatly rejected an offer to move her to either Cuba, where she was previously stationed, or Brazil, amidst a simmering dispute over the handling of the US-sponsored resolution at the 19th sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Feb-March, 2012.

    The resolution was passed by 24 votes––15 against with 8 abstentions.

    Sources pointed said that a dispute over SriLanka’s strategy couldn’t have erupted at a worse time, with Sri Lanka’s scheduled UPR (Universal Periodic Review) coming up in November 2012.

    The US and its allies, including India, are pushing Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) as part of the accountability process envisaged by the UNHRC.

    Responding to a query, sources said that Ambassador Kunanayakam, formerly with the UN system, had, in a letter written to the External Affairs Ministry, explained her decision not to accept the the offer made on April 28. The Ambassador has asserted that her transfer could be interpreted by various parties in different ways and none could be beneficial to Sri Lanka’s efforts to thwart the ongoing campaign to pursue an international war crimes inquiry against the government and the military.

    Ambassador Kunanayakam moved to Geneva nine months ago, just ahead of the 18th sessions of the UNHRC.

    During the 19th UNHRC sessions, Ambassador her performance earned the plaudits of many, though there was criticism, too.

    Sources said that the government would have to act decisively to thwart a damaging dispute, which could weaken the country’s defence on the human rights front. External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris is now scheduled to visit Washington for a meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on May 18.

    The Island learns that the latest squabble has been brought to the notice of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Ambassador Kunanayakam is the third to take up the Geneva post within three years.

    Sources said that Ambassador Kunanayakam had agreed that she couldn’t give up the Geneva mission in a hurry, though she remained committed to setting up of a fully fledged diplomatic mission in Caracas to cover the entire region.

  68. Can’t believe what is unfolding in front of our eyes… As far as I know this Sajin Vass and Kshenuka have been the dodgiest twins that was ever founded in Sri Lanka’s foreign service. These two persons have no credibility and I wonder how come MR who used to have saved his bum from many instances, either because of his pure luck or shrewd political experience or combination of both, is sitting doing nothing.

    GL Peiris could be actually a spineless fellow as what he all knows seems to be just the technical jargon, but not the leadership involving humans. This Sajin and Kshenuka have already done their damage to the country even many instances in the past, but what make them still have a free ride..??

  69. Dev,

    I am not a government employee nor appointed to promote its cause. No one has the option to discard me. I have not been included, and hence cannot be excluded or discarded. I say what I say as a ‘Free’ man and ‘Índependent’ citizen. I also do not act on ‘Çonditioned’, Pavlovian refelxes.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  70. Former President R Premadasa when he was Prime Minister often repeated the saying ” Mama me udu-gang bala oruwa padina kota mage habal karayoy eke ekkenata habal walin gaha gannhanwa”.
    Now it looks as if Prez MR is also faced with a similar situation over vital national issues. Isn’t it time he put an end to this bickering.
    I recall Prez JRJayewardene told his Foreign Minister ACS Hamid that he treated his Ambassadors with respect and asked him to leave them alone. That was when the Minister had called me on the phone and asked me to return to Colombo in three days soon after the President’s visit to Paris after the Prez had asked me to continue the good work. I picked up my bags and took the first flight home. He asked the Minister to mind his business and asked me to return to my post.
    Within a week the Minister was calling me to be ready to go to Algiers with him for the 25th Anniversary Algerian Revolution despite my protest that I was not the accredited Ambassador to Algeria. This type of situation is nothing new but this time it affects our vital national interests.
    I can empathise with Tamara. She didher best as one saw in a difficult situation even carrying heavily divided baggage on her shoulders. My best wishes are with her.

  71. Some weeks ago the news was that the terrible twins were about to kick prof G.L from the ministry. Now apparently they failed or arm twisted G.L to get rid of TK or just may be the terrible twins are not so terrible as they are made to be. Surely there is a power stuggle where Mr.Boggles is itching to get back on his seat.In power struggles it is natural to have collateral damage.
    What ever it may be this is not the time or Geneva is not the place for battles for personal glory.

  72. B de Silva says:

    “She did her best as one saw in a difficult situation even carrying heavily divided baggage on her shoulders”.

    The difficult situation did not manifest itself. SL and its rulers knew what was coming. Had they not created the difficult situation Tamara would not be in this situation where she had to carry heavily divided baggage. The country has gone to the dogs as English educated English speaking people like you would call it.

    Could you let me know when are you planning to publish your Sri Lankan history book, rewritten.


  73. One of my friend’s father ( old school) was cursing someone using the old method ( cast name). My friend who is a liberal like me told me ” when it come to the feeling dejected and unable to stand the growth of others, the old farts use ” cast” as their last weapon or trump card to discredit them.

    I told him ( this was in 1985)Sinhalese are using the same ” when they see the growth and development” of the tamilman, they use the same concept ” oya dhamila” to crush and getting satisfied.

    What is going on here is not any different than what I said to him 27 years ago ( I was a grad student then).

    No matter what you do, you will me seen as a Tamil. Unless you change your name ” Tamara Karunanayaka” and wipe your Pottu from your face.

    you are going to fight a loosing battle.

    In North American Employment law, this is a ” Retaliation amount to wrongful termination” at the end.

    I hope you don’t white wash the Geneva office and receive a letter of dismissal for corruption under civil court !

  74. Tamara should be replaced by true Sinhala Buddhist person. Tamara failed at the UNHCR and brought shame to Sri Lanka.
    Tamara it is time to go and allow an efficient person to do the job.

  75. Many were critical of her actions but she continued what she was entrusted to do in very very diplomatic manner…faithfully to the master…… Brilliant girl unfortunately thugs in Sri Lanka do not understand the value of her….like Pirapaharan eliminated most of the scholars by slaughtering because they were not yes men…. The same is happening now because now it is MAMA EKATA …RATA DEKATA…..tamara you can survive anywhere in the world….but not our jokers they have only this shit hole……wait for the right time….your services will be definitely required in time to come…Patience is the name of the game…..

  76. Well this is hardly suprising at how Tamils who served the country with loyalty are treated by Sinhala racists

    i)Lakshman Kadirgamar who did more to our nation than any leader till 2005 was over looked for the post of Prime Minister…….because he was a Tamil (credit to the JVP chaps who wanted him as PM)

    ii) Inspector Jeyaratnam of the Police who was kidnapped in 2005 and later tortured and killed by the LTTE was accused of being a deserter and traitor when he was kidnapped by the Sinhala media

    iii) Maj Gen Rathnasabapathy of the Sri Lanka army who retired in 2008 as commander Vanni was accused of losing elephant pass in 2000 as ‘the tamil brigadier who lost EPS whereas he was not even stationed there he was in the army headquarters ,it was Maj Percy Fernando and Col Jayathileke (fine men i must say) who were in command of the EPS complex when it was over run

    iv)IGP Anandarajah was accused of being an ‘Tamil’ officer hence not good to lead the SL Police force

    v)Even now the person who is the senior most DIG and should be the IGP is kept in Uva and a junior to him is made IGP as he was Tamil so not allowed to be the IGP

    vi) Wing Commander Pakianathan of the SLAF was accused of crashing his plane on purpose in 1995 when infact it went down due to missile attack or mechannical fault,the Sinhalese media has forgoten that he served the SLAF for many years with distinction and was one of the few pilots who volunteered to fly to Palaly when others refused to do so after the 2 Avros were shot down in 1995 April (the current SLAF commanders brother Shirantha was one of the pilots killed then)

    Perhaps Tamara must change her name to Tamara Gunanayake to survive and thrive like Major Lucky Rajasinghe and Maj Daya Rajasighe the famous shooters in SL army were Tamils who changed their names from ‘Nadarajasingham to Rajasinghe!(their father was Major Nadarajasigham of the SL army

    The bitter truth is that the Sinhalese have short memory and forget (not all but a good majority,just like Tamils have their selfish traits and Muslims have their cut throat-ism)

  77. Deshapremiya – Kotte says:

    “Tamara should be replaced by true Sinhala Buddhist person. Tamara failed at the UNHCR and brought shame to Sri Lanka.
    Tamara it is time to go and allow an efficient person to do the job”.

    I hate to agree with you however I am wondering why she was appointed in the first place. Who did chose her to act on behalf of the Sri Lankan state? It must have been a group of very stupid people who appointed her to defend Sri Lankan war crimes. Was it GL or was it Mahinda the 21st century Chanakya?

    If it was Mahinda who appointed her to the post of Ambassador at Geneva he must be a very very very stupid Sinhala/Buddhist/ Aryan man who should not be ruling Sri Lanka as I understood from your comment.

  78. DBSJ,

    Many comments here try to highlight that TK was victimised because of her ethnic origins. However in your article this is not been implied.

    I do not think race was the reason to victimise her. This is simply finding a scapegoat… whoever was in Geneva would have faced this.

    However the external affairs ministry is used for personal benefits of few at the top and the country’s best interest are thrown to the dogs. This was messed up during Bogollagam’s time and now worse than ever before…. Please keep scooping from this ministry and initiate the clean up.

  79. ON what grounds was Tamara offered the post in Geneva?
    There was a resolution coming up and
    Don’t you think that Tamara is not suitable to be the face of the country in the civilized world? If you really have to give her a diplomatic posting why not send her to an unheard African country, she should feel at home.


    My,my how racist are we aah? And do we detect skin tone colour complex too? and could you elaborate on why she would feel at home in an African country?

    Looking at your comment I get the feeling that you have a mindset which would have made you feel at home in the former Apartheid regime of South Africa.But alas,despite your colour complex you wouldn’t have been accepted as equal by the white supremacists. Boy! You need a “pass”.

  80. [It would in a sense be a replay of how Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka was recalled from Geneva in 2009 after Sri Lanka won a diplomatic victory.]

    That was a big mistake.Srilanka is paying the penalty for that after 3 years.Reminds me of how VP sent the most clever man in the LTTE KP into cold storage when he was doing such a good job,after which things started to unravel quickly for the LTTE.When a leader starts to listen to sycophants with less ability consumed by jealousy when others are doing well,then the rot begins to set in.

    It is not too late to bring back dayan to the UN,instead of being in paris.Geneva is more important than paris and the best person is needed there.Dayan assisted by tamara will be the best combination,because tamara’s 10 years of experience in the UN human rights office will be invaluable for dayan and two heads are better than one in such a hot spot for srilanka in the future.It will be too much of a burden for one person anyway,having these two in the UN will be like having sangakkara and jayawardena together in one spot.

    It is indeed baffling to me why dayan was removed.Normally you remove a person only if they don’t do well.It is a cardinal principle of good management not to demote someone who has done a good job.

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