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Let’s All Hail Vijayakala Who Is Not Merely the Heroine of the Day But the Queen of the Season.


Lucien Rajakarunanayake

Let’s all Hail Vijayakala”, shouted the Pohottuva Team in the current political circus.

“Come on, don’t you think it must be Hail Gota, our own Dahami Sinhala Hitler?” asked some members.

“No. No. Hail Vijayakala… just think of what she has done to help Mahinda Mama. She has pushed the New York Times to the background” said a Pohottuva Team leader.

“You must also understand that she may soon get special recognition from China, possibly a Chinese Red Dragon Award, for helping change the debate on Chinese funding of our elections”.

“I’m sure the Chinese Embassy must be working on that. They certainly wouldn’t like to be associated with Perpetual Treasuries on the funding of election campaigns – even for the former president’.

“Are you saying that Vijayakala is the heroine of the day?’

“She is not the heroine of the day, but the Queen of the Season. Think how much she has helped to change the political debate in the country”.

“But don’t you think that Wimal Weerawansa and that other Diyavanna rascal who led that mockery of Parliament this week deserve more recognition than Vijayakala today?”

“You must understand that Weerawansa and his Diyavanna catcher were able to carry out their performance of mockery only because of what Vijayakala said. They must have dashed coconuts at the closest Jathivadi Devalaya to thank her.

How is it that Vijayakala who had to resign from her State Minister position, become so important in politics today?

Just look at the spread of her achievements – so wide.

What achievements?

She has beaten the Northern Province Chief Minister Vigneswaran by leaps. Don’t you recall him, when campaigning for election, telling that Prabhakaran was not a terrorist but a freedom fighter? In fact he even compared Prabhakaran to Monarawila Keppettipola Dissawa, thegreat hero of the Kandyan revolt…there was no racial devil dancing anywhere about it.

Was here any noise or loud and dancing protests about the resolutions passed by the Northern Provincial Council calling for international probes into ‘war crimes’ allegedly committed by Security Forces? What about Vigneswaran’s resolution about genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka – did the Weerawansa pack have any performance about that?

Do you think the Bodu Bala Sena will give a cry of praise of Vijayakala?

Why should they?

Because the BBS leader, Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thera has said on record that there was a haste to kill Prabhakaran, who had been true to his policies, unlike Southern politicians. Isn’t this the same message of Vijayakala?

Are you trying to tell us that Vijayakala has a bigger following among the Sinhalese majority today, than among the minority Tamils?

Doesn’t it certainly look like that? Have you heard any cheers for her in the North, compared to all the shouting that she has aroused in the South?

The biggest debate in the South in the past week had been about the New York Times and the China-Mahinda link up. Vijayakala has, in the minds of southern politics, pushed the New York Times out of the scene better than even Donald Trump. The Pohottuwa Team has to keep on reminding the people of what Vijayakala said about wanting Prabhakaran again, to keep all the talk of corruption by the Rajapaksa Regime remain in the hidden background of politics.

There is more in the glory of Vijayakala today. She has also pushed aside all that talk of a Maha Sangha blessed Hitler, who will lead our military to power. She has brought good relief to the possible Arya Sinhala Gota Hitler, who can quietly ponder on those religious words of the Anunayaka Thera in his birthday wishes, and consider the possibility of an emergent Sinhala Prabhakaran in the not too distant future.

Do you think Vijayakala will become a consultant to Sinhala Politics – even to the Viyath Maga?

That has to be seen. But she has also brought a new divergence in the politics of the South. Look at it, what President Sirisenacouldnot do with the madu valige or the sword he was boasting about, in pushing back the UNP and Ranil has been done sowell by her. She must be the new heroine of SLFP politics. Who knows if President Sirisena will offer her the position of an electorate manager in the North?

Has anything been heard about her concern about that little child that was sexually assaulted and killed in the North recently?

You must look at it from the angle of National Unity. This is not a crime confined to the North. It is found all over the island. There is no business for a northern MP or State Minister for Children, to talk of such matters, without a wider call to condemn violence against children is launched in the South. It is the South that must give the lead in such matters, as in all important matters.

Vijayakala can make some noise, and the South can make use of it to keep corrupt national politics alive. The South can use Vijayakala to hide matters of election funding, just like it would want to hide the perpetual cooked funding of elections of Ministers and many others.

Vijayakala is the hidden treasure of Sinhala populism. Hail Vijayakala!

Courtesy:The Island