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President Rajapaksa a Buddhist married to a Catholic who worships at Hindu shrines has been a friend of Muslims

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by Arjuna Hulugalle

Man, living in community will invariably have social and political problems. This applies to a tribal society, a nomadic society, a settled rural society or a highly structured civilization, whether Greek, Roman, European or Asian.

President Rajapaksa at at Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil, Jan 2010-Pic by Sudath Silva-courtesy: InfoLanka

Minimizing problems and tensions depends on leadership and how well the leaders are able to keep the population on the path of reason. Wisdom is therefore all important in leadership

In any society there will be those who create trouble because of a personality defect. They are others who are insecure and revel in seeing their compatriots quarrel. Their role is to stir the two antagonistic parties and watch the unfolding events. There are still others who want their bête noirs falling into deep trouble; the more harm done to them the better. This is called in German Schaden Freude. That is joy in the woes of others.

Then some consider “bad news” as “good news” because it makes good copy for the newspapers. When 20 million Sri Lankans are leading a productive and decent life and one maniac behaves badly, that is what some of the international media waits for.

Some groups in Sri Lanka have a strange satisfaction to wait for opportunities to circulate appeals stating that there is religious intolerance in Sri Lanka and send these appeals worldwide. That is sometimes a part of singing for their supper because there is a lot of money as a reward for such actions.

How much damage all this has on the reputation of the country one cannot estimate. Many who know Sri Lanka ignore this malicious representation. However, those who are prejudiced want to keep Sri Lanka in the news as a failed state.

The truth is that if one goes to Christian Churches on Sunday, they are packed with hundreds of worshipers. Hindus celebrate their festivals with leaders and the common citizenry from all the communities and religions paying respect, homage and obeisance while they witness and partake in the ceremonies. Muslims go peacefully to Friday prayers and at Ramazan break fast in the company of friends from other religions. Naturally, tens of thousands of Buddhists worship at Temples on Poya Days.

I cannot think of any country in the world where there is so much interaction between the religions and their celebrations as in Sri Lanka. Every major religion is respected by the government and enjoys public holidays to celebrate them.

Let us invite those who are so critical of us to visit the island and see for themselves. We have had flak from some Indian leaders about the incident in Dambulla. Probably this is more to do with their local politics than with Sri Lanka per se. India itself has seen Muslims denigrated for decades.

They can hardly give us advice on religious intolerance. Muslim countries themselves have strict rules on religious practices in their own lands. We understand their sensitivities and respect them and we have the best relations with them.

In the West, Islam phobia is rampant. Considering their own record in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Libya need we take the West seriously in respect of their sanctimonious strictures relating to human rights issues on Sri Lanka. At best let us be indulgent with a benign and amused demeanor and keep our thoughts to ourselves but at the same time focus on correcting our own shortcomings.

Sri Lankan religious leaders have to ceaselessly strive towards understanding and practising the essence of their religions. Tolerance and wisdom certainly apply to all the great religions that are practiced in Sri Lanka. We are fortunate that this country is blessed with a President who is a Buddhist who is married to a Catholic. He has always been a friend of the Muslims from the time he took to politics so much so that a street is named after him in Palestine.

He also worships at Hindu shrines and is able to converse with the religious dignitaries in Tamil. Isn’t that something we have to be proud of as Sri Lankans? The President represents the vast majority of the people who aspire to live in harmony with all the religions and communities. If united they can through dialogue and patience come to a satisfactory common understanding.

The alternative will play into the hands of those who mainly because of ignorance and misinformation have turned against this country. They may not be many but they can be as disturbing as a screech in an otherwise efficient motor car.

How the mischievous will love to see religious harmony disrupted in this country. We have to be mindful and not fall into a trap and at the same time acquire the equanimity to distance ourselves from those who want to harm us. We have all to focus on what is important namely to improve the lot of the entire population, especially the poor and strive for Social Justice. Let us not be distracted from this path

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  1. All this is well and good, but when we are prevented from carrying out our obligatory acts of worship ie Friday Prayers, and our places of worship are desecrated, we expect some protection and legal remedy from the Government and Head of State. Simply saying such words is insufficient. After all the President and Govt represent all the people of this country and need to protect the minorities.

  2. One being born a Buddhist, being married to a Catholic and worshipping in Hindu temples and apparently being friend of Muslims alone does not make a man, especially a leader, a true human being who does not discrminate. It makes only a POLITICIAN with no faith. I wish if he, notwithstanding being all these, be true Buddhist he would not have allowed the situation to deteriorate to this extent.

    In this context I would like to quote the words of wisdom of Ven. Rahula Valpoa-,”…… buddhists who are resorting to violence due to various reasons could not be labeled as fundamentalists due to the principle differences between buddhist teachings and monotheistic teachings. This difference exists because a person who would strictly interpret real buddhist texts as Tripitaka will not find any excuses to resort to violence. Buddha preached compassion and wisdom and every sutra when interpreted strictly should lead one to follow the non-violent noble eight fold path. It is not necessary to investigate the whole Tripitaka, the three verses in the Dhammapada that represent teachings of all the Buddhas show this clearly.
    Once a dialogue arose between Venerable Ananada (buddha’s attendant bhikkhu and a great dharma teacher) and the Buddha about previous Buddhas’ dispensation. Then Buddha showed that they followed the same basic instructions as given by these three verses. Two of the three verses show the value of patience or forbearance, and non-violence.
    ‘patience is fundamental to asceticism’
    ‘Nirvana is the basic teaching of the Buddhas’
    ‘Not harming others by word, or by violent acts a person restraints oneself’

    That puts it in a nutshell.Running beihind black magicians and the half-baked astrologers who are more than willing to mislead him for their personal benefits does not make a great leader.

  3. Mr. Hulugalla,

    What is required is an address to the nation from the President that incidents such as that in Dambulla will not be tolerated any longer from any quarter and authorizing the police to take ‘Legal’action against those provoking such incidents. For the reasons that you have listed the President should do this immediately. This is the time for strong words of condemnation and even stronger deterrent action. The President has to flash the red light. The Prsident has to rise on this occasion, above mundane politics and prove that he is both a leader and a statesman. He should stand up for what is right in Sri Lanka. I pray my belief that he has the capacity, inclination and savvy to resolve the long festering communal issues in Sri lanka, will be vindicated.

    Being distracted from the path, as you say, is a minor lapse, but being obstructed on the path, is far more serious and criminal. Social justice also requires a sensitivity to the beliefs, feelings and aspirations of others. Social justice does not mandate departure from civilized norms.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  4. Rajapakse Tamil speaking, Kovil going, married to a Christian, friends of Muslims, ‘Sinhala Budhist’. But, he also a thug wanted for war crimes.

  5. “Then some consider “bad news” as “good news” because it makes good copy for the newspapers. When 20 million Sri Lankans are leading a productive and decent life and one maniac behaves badly, that is what some of the international media waits for.”

    20 Million Sri Lankans are leading a productive life? All because children are born, Arjuna found enough connection.

    What was President’s reaction when Hindu, Christian and Islamic shrines/houses of prayer were destroyed during his RULE?

  6. These are just empty words. Government needs to show in action that the all minorities and religions are treated equally. Walk the talk.

  7. But what Mahinda Rajapakse was silent when the military chased the worshippers and priests in an Amman temple at Kilinochchi and entered inside the sanctum santorum without removing their boots and desecrated. Do the Tamils have a right of worship. There are so many instances where Hindu temples has been ear-marked for construction of Buddhist vihares. The act of the Sri Lanka Military amounts to hate propaganda. Where is Buddhist dharma?

  8. Arjuna Hulugalle’s article is good. ONLY in paper.
    If he is a Hindu and some one put budha statue next to the Hindu temple, currently no one is going to bother.
    And even someone talks about then they will meet the “White Van”.
    Look what is happening in Thiruketheeswaram. Next to the temple, they have build a large Budha.
    No one is mentioning anything abou this.

    What will happen, if someone build a hindu or muslim temple, next to the Dalada Maligawa?
    Before writing any article, Arjuna should put him self with other religious shoes.
    He is talking about West and etc.
    People in west or western governments doesn’t Interfere with religious matters.
    They treat every religion as same.

  9. The President spends much time and energy (and the taxpayer’s money) on unnecessary trips to foreign countries. On the local front, he regularly delivers noble speeches that express lofty ideals and sentiments at ceremonial and party events. But he maintains a strange silence on the really pressing and crucial issues of the day. His Ministers, the bunch of crooked clowns that they are, each tell a different story about these issues.

    If the President is really keen to do something, then he will do it, come hell or high water, but if he does not wish to do it, then he will insist on appointing committees to study the issues and will want to consult everybody, including his ‘Kussi Amma’! What an evasive and diabolical character he is!

  10. War on Sacred Grounds, brilliantly argued book by, Professor Ron. E. Hassner (UC. Berkeley) offers an explanation for why religious sites become contested and why these conflicts are often very difficult to resolve. Professor Hassner suggests that it is not only about religious reasons for fighting but also about contested space when grounds are regarded as sacred by more than one community.
    Sacred sites are prone to conflict because they provide valuable resources for religious and political actors. To believers sacred sites offer the possibility of communicating with divine, receiving divine blessing and achieving into deeper meaning of their faith.
    Because believers value these sites, they become targets for political actors as well. By controlling these sites, political actors hope to control believers, the religious movement they form, the leadership hierarchies of these movements and their assets. The characteristics of sacred sites thus create the potential for conflict not only between competing religious groups but also between religious groups and political actors. Particularly prone to conflict because they provide valuable resources for both religious and political actors yet cannot be divided.

  11. Are you saying this after a whole series of riots beginning with Anti_Muslim riots in 1915, then 1958, 1977…It must be nice to live in a world of make believe…

    One has to also note that it is the sad case that many of the Sinhalese who are nominally Christian are some of the most die hard Hela Urumaya nationalists/fascists..

  12. “ye shall know by their fruits” Jesus Christ said.
    That means the action speaks louder than WORDS or just SHOW-OFF.
    In that context, what did the leadership or the govt., do to the criminals???? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. When a Tamil citizen is suspected by a street thug (with motives or without). That person will may land in a jail branded “KOTI”. Mere Innocence is not a justification to be a free citizen for such people.

    But, the Sinhala Buddhist thugs, the robed ones and the un-robed ones, have all the rights to do whatever they like. Even the uneducated Three Wheel driver in a “Technically self declared Sinhala only” three wheel stand has every right to violate a legal resident in the vicinity by erecting the Ever-Thuggery Symbol= a Buddha Statue. Such, is the freedom they’ve been given by all the institution under the GOSL.

    If you try to trace the history of the violent attitude of the present day Nationalist Buddhists. You will end up near the Ever glorified Racist of the Sinhala Nationalists – Anagarika Adharmapala. Who is being hailed as a hero and being taught to the young minds in the 21st century to carry on his bloody legacy into many coming years. Take a look at English History Book for Grade 9 – issued by the govt of Sri Lanka. The whole gory of the racist gang is being glorified and whitewashed to portray them as victims of colonialism.

    READ GRADE 9 History Book/English issued by the Education Ministry. You will come to know how they’re trying to twist the History and also to erase the true historical facts which is known to the whole world. DUMB FOOLS!

  13. He is no friend of muslims, christians, hindus or tamils. He is a friend of sinhalese only. His actions and words are testament to this.If he was a friend of muslims he would have spoken out immediately about the disgraceful conduct of the buddhist monks and their followers in Badulla.

  14. I am a Tamil, I am from Jaffna and I am a past pupil of Jaffna Hindu College. Yet in my mind my identity is that of a SriLankan Tamil…..in that order. I am proud of both, being a SriLankan and being a Tamil. I supported the war, even though I was aware of the loss of lives and limbs….in very large numbers. The rights and wrong of the war can only be determined by the motive behind the war, in keeping with the teachings at the Kurushestra battle.
    If the motive behind the war, was to establish a truly pluralistic society, where all our identities and cultures are protected and cherished……yes, then sadly the war was right and I am even proud of the fact that I was amongst the handful of Tamils who supported the “Appi Venuven Appi” program here in Liverpool. But if the motive behind the war was establishing the supremacy of the “Sinhala Budhist” race, by demolishing mosques, attacking churches and erecting Budhist shrines wherever you see a “Bho Tree” in the North and the East of Sri Lanka…..then the motive or the “chethanawa” was wrong….and that makes what happened in the Vanni a great crime against humanity……..I am very disappointed with you Mr Rajapakse……you have betrayed my faith in you…….I hope you can redeem yourself.
    Please dissociate yourself from the Gunadasa Amarasekaras, Nalin de Silvas, Kotagadeniyes and Champikes of this world…..openly and now.

  15. It is the Government which had ordered the removal of the Muslim shine in Dambulla. So how can anyone expect that the government will change its attitude. It is a shame for the Government to order the removal of the shrine which had existed for over 50 years. Rajapaksa would understand that God lives everywhere, in muslim shrines, Bhuddist temples , Christian churches and Hindu templels as he worships on all those shrines. If he does it, he is trying to remove God as well.

  16. I too endorse the comments made by Muslim in clear words. Why is the President and the Govt. not acting against the perpetrators of communal hatred and violence? There are provisions for that in the Law of the country. When the Muslim convert writer, Ms. Sara Malani Perea, wrote a book on comparative religions and gave her reasons for converting to Islam she was taken into and kept in custody under the Prevention of Terrorism Act for several months accused of inciting hatred. It did not take even a few hours to arrest her. The law acted so fast. But in the case of the Buddhist Monks who led the Anuradhpura Mosque demolition in the presence of the Police, no action has been taken upto now. The Monks behaviour of the Monks in Dambulla is worst, never heard in any part of the world. The Monk had exposed his genital towards the Mosque. If this is not a crime which the law should have acted immediately and the higher Govt. authorities are keeping silent does it not mean there is Govt. culpability in such matters and the President is responsible.

  17. This Buddhist extremist ideology in Sri Lanka is fundamentally founded on the following dimensions:

    1) advancing the Sinhala Buddhist nationalist ideology

    2) upholding the Sinhala as the official and national language and propagating Buddhism as the official religion, and

    3) protecting and promoting the national economy of Sinhalese.

    These characteristics more or less fall in line with the traits of extremist groups signified above. Besides, they have shown intolerance to other religions or religious orientation and resorted to violence as a means of perpetuating their ideology in certain instances

  18. Why Sinhala Buddhists should keep silence before other religious extremists. 75% of Sri Lankans are Sinhala buddhists and Sri lanka is a Buddhist country. It is obvious that we should treat Hindus, Muslims and Christians equally. But this condition is applicable up to a certain level only. If the minorities are ignoring or breaking the values of Majority, then there is no point of talking about harmony.

    If Muslims can built number of Muslim mosques around the sacred Kalutara Bodhiya and practice their religion with out any obstacle, If Kataragama kovil built near to Kiri vehera and both Buddhists and Hindus can worship together, what kind of issue people are talking about?

    For example, in India although there are many cases occured and many relegious sentiments arise, it will not appear to out side world. Because after all they are Indians. Buddhists, Christians, Hindus or Muslims We are Sri Lankans. While enhancing our mutual trust with each other we should be careful not to allow out siders to break peace and harmony in our country.

    You should tell this to Sumangala Thero first………….DBSJ

  19. Thugs in robes or Catholic cassocks or puusaaris or imams who encourage terrorism in the name of their religion are all scoundrels of the highest order. Look at the hate mongering Radical Wahabi Sunni terrorists who destroy mosques of Shias. Look at the Hindu RSS rascals who destroyed Babri Mosque. Look at the thug so called monks in Dambualla. Look at the demented pedophile Catholic priests and cover ups. I am sick of false piety of scumbags in all faiths. Look at the almost Taleban type backward mentality of JHU followers who want to impose dress codes. When and where did Buddha behave like that? Look at the backward primitive Afghan Taleban and forcing women to stop going to school and wearing the veil and the burning them if they defy orders. Sick demented scoundrels.

  20. Look at how many Sikhs were burnt alive,murdered and raped by Hindus in Delhi and Haryana after Mrs. Gandhi was assassinated in 1984 on October 31st. They said they will breed the Khalistani out of the women when Cong-I gangs led by thug Hindus like Jagdish Tytler committed genocide on Sikhs who are the most hardworking prosperous people in india. Look at RSS who behaved like barbaric Mongols in destroying the Babri Mosque.

  21. I fully endorsed the view of Lankan Muslim,UK.Its sad that nothing was done to bring the perpetrators of these crime to justice.But the good news is that majority of the Sri Lankans as a whole had not endorsed the hateful acts of these hateful Monks.

  22. Yes, the real disturbing factor is that we have not heard an official statement from the president on the Dambulla mosque up to now.

  23. I fully agree with Dr.Rajasingham Narendran’s comments: As a leader of a country President has a responsibility to address this Dambulla incident and solve it if he is a reasonable person.

  24. Dr Narendran

    You must be living in a dream world expecting such decel law enforcement from this gvt. The perpetrators of crimes of all kinds are openly allowed in day light by this gvt. No one do a thing. That’s the reality.

  25. Dear President now The time to act bring this radical thug to justice,its a schame for hole Buddhists. people who are comenting pro these thugs damanging
    Buddisam and the whole Sri lankan sociaty.

  26. Chandana says:

    “We are Sri Lankans.”

    You say the people of the country are Sri Lankan. The people will not identify themselves as Sri Lankan as long as you have the big and stupid idea of being “75% of Sri Lankans are Sinhala buddhists and Sri lanka is a Buddhist country.”

    Given the past history of the island and present conduct of the people and their rulers I believe there is not even a remote possibility that the country would ever be able to identify its core values with Buddhism and Buddha’s teaching.

    A country is defined by land, rivers, sea, trees, animals, resources, people, culture, civilisation, arts, past history, contribution to humanity, how it treats its own people, ……………….and not by stupid and divisive religions.

    You are free to believe that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country however the country is void of Buddhist values.

    You say:

    “It is obvious that we should treat Hindus, Muslims and Christians equally. ”
    As if their lives dependent on your tolerance.

    Once you lose your tolerance to treat the “others” equally the “others” should expect to face the consequences. When and why the majority would lose their tolerance we would not know.

    A mathematical modelling of Causation (“causal relationship between conduct and result”.) of Sinhala/Buddhist/Aryan tolerance (madness) and consequences would be a useful guide for “others” to behave because the rest of the people would not know when and how the 75% get mad.

    Please stop treating the “others” equally and leave them alone.

    Nothing personal.

  27. HE President, Pls ask ur advisors & experts to see this public comments and come out with an open national vision to Sri Lanka

  28. This is not good enough. The time has passed where we brush under the carpet the failings of our elected leaders. We need to start holding them accountable for their actions.. or in this case lack of action.

    Even leaving aside the muslim/religious angle, laws have been broken here. The ‘monks’ and their followers desecrated a religious place of worship and causing criminal damage to private property

    The monk is guilty of inciting communal hatred and mob violence. As such the full force of the law should be brought down on him and his followers.

    Just as the rioters of 83, should have been teargassed or shot (and we all know how that ended up and the far reaching consequences) this mob should have been flogged within an inch of their lives. Monks included.

    They broke the law, and they should face the consequences. This is the perfect test case for the government and MR. They should be punished, and some bridges should be rebuilt here with the affected people. Nothing less.

    But how can the government do this when their own ranks are filled with criminals. There lies the problem.

  29. Azad Sally,president’s man in the CMC,in the presence of
    Kabeer Hashim of UNP,interviewed by Ranga on “Minnal” tv
    disclosed that he was asked by the police chief whether
    Dambulla friday prayer can be held earlier than scheduled to which he said “no”.And the next thing to happen was,
    Dambulla police acting to stop friday congregation to pave the way for the protest to take effect.To allow the
    violent behaviour,not only a friday was selected but also it was allowed and facilitated by law enforcement authorities which fall direct under the president and his brother.And if that is not enough,a PM, like a pro issues a one sided statement in favour of the perpetrators adding salt to the injury.I don’t believe that this is not a well prepared drama.Dear Dr.Narendran,do you think you can wake up a man pretending to sleep?

  30. I am a buddhist but I have lost my respect for the monk of Dambulla temple. I believe that Mahanayaka theros should conduct an inquiry and take disciplinary action against this monk’s shameful behaviour. The Government should clarify its position clearly without further delay. I feel for our muslim brothers and I totally agree that they have every right to have their places of worship. I read in a recent news report that the mosque was on a land owned by the Dambulla temple which was built about 60 years ago. But my question is why they suddenly remembered this after 60 years?

    I propose, if the mosque infact is on a piece land owned by the Dambulla temple, we donate the land to our muslim brothers and say sorry. I am sure the Dambulla temple has plenty of other land.

    Why this kolaveri!

  31. Justice minister Hakeem is reported to have said that a
    solution that would be agreeable to all parties is assured
    by the president and he can count on him.Typical politics
    at any cost.Justice is not playing politics with Justice
    by allowing culprits to stay above law under various

  32. Hey Hullugalle wake up man! Get real, open your eyes and stop being a naive patriot and Rajapakse boot-licker!
    Buddhism has been militarized in Sri Lanka and has become un buddhist. AHIMSA has been militarized and violated machan!

    The Dhamma needs to be rescued from the Rajapakse Brothers and the racist and hate filled Jathika Hela Urymaya who are their partners. Rajapakses is using public religion (unBuddhism) to cover up their war crimes and crimes against humanity, man!
    The Leadership of the county who you seem to adore are the worst abusers of the dhamma and vinaya and giving Buddhism a bad name in the world. Buddhism needs to be protected and rescued from the Rajapakses who have tuned it into political symbolism, their godforsaken barbarism. Wake up man!
    Meanwhile racist un-buddhist monks in robes are running amok destroying other religious places of worship. This is the reality although it is correct that Sri lankan civil society is far more civil than its political and religious leaders!

  33. Dear President

    You being a Lawyer you know very well the Dambulla Head Monk committed 4 Criminal Offences,

    1Unlawful Assembly 2 Criminal Trespass 3 Criminal Damage 4 Criminal Intimidation

    They committed the same crimes in Anuradhapure in January.

    In Sri Lanka can you commit any ariminal act in the name of preserving Budhism.

    Your silence on this issue shows that these crimes are supported by you and your government.


    I remember the poem of KUNKUNAWE THERO, who was in jail in british period. The charge was encouraging buddhist nationalism.

    anee kuumbiyane
    thopath rajek inne
    apata natha inne
    ee nisawen thavenne
    rajeku labunoorhing
    kawum kiribath kannam
    saadukaren gigum dennm

    English translation

    oo ants
    you too have a king
    but we don’t
    if we get a king
    will eat kawum and kiribath
    and shouting saaadu saadu

    In my personal openion mahinda is not the real buddhist leader.


  35. Dr Narendran Rajasingham
    What is required is an address to the nation from the President that incidents such as that in Dambulla will not be tolerated any longer from any quarter and authorizing the police to take ‘Legal’action against those provoking such incidents. For the reasons that you have listed the President should do this immediately. This is the time for strong words of condemnation and even stronger deterrent action. The President has to flash the red light. The Prsident has to rise on this occasion, above mundane politics and prove that he is both a leader and a statesman. He should stand up for what is right in Sri Lanka. I pray my belief that he has the capacity, inclination and savvy to resolve the long festering communal issues in Sri lanka, will be vindicated.
    This will never happen. The history shows that not a single Sinhalese leader will ever denounce the actions of the saffron clad monks.
    In 1983 it was the saffron clad monks who were directing the thugs to the Tamil houses with the voter registration in hand while police, army and the politicians looked on approvingly
    we can all dream on and one day we have to wake up and accept reality.

  36. Thank you DBSJ and Native for your respectively one lined
    and detailed answers to this GREAT BUDHIST SON who belongs
    to 75% BUDHIST MAJORITY.Wake up Chandana wake up,do some
    research,take your time and then open your mouth.Where do
    you find 75% Sinhala budhist in Srilanka?Check your surname and that’s your caste.Next step is also very easy for a BUDHIST.BUDDHA REJECTS THE CASTE SYSTEM TOOK PLACE AT THE TIME OF HIS LIFE.Now,Go to Majjhim Nikaya 98:
    620.says”one born of a brahmin woman’s womb,is not a brahmin.
    650.By birth a brahmin is not born,by birth non brahmin is not born.By action a brahmin is born,by action a non-
    brahmin is born.
    651.By actions a farmer is born,by actions a craftman is born,by actions a merchant is born and so on.Finally,
    653.Thus the wise see action as it really is.Now Chandana
    what makes you say 75% Srilankans are Sinhala Buddhists?Sumangala thero’s action made him to be any thing but a budhist monk.As long as you are devided into castes,pls do not call yourself BUDHISTS.According to real budhism,in Dambulla mosque premises a “violent thuggery Nikaya”was born.

  37. Gamage

    The bigoted saffron clad Sinhala/Buddhist/Aryan monks would like to have a theocracy in Sri Lanka.

    The political thugs would like to build a autocracy.

    It seems the country is run by kleptocracy.

    I am not sure whether the people want democracy?

  38. Gunasekera

    What is your point?

    This is about Sri Lanka which is my ancestral island. We are not discussing the Indian congress nor India. Actually this discussion is about Sri Lanka, Sinhala/Buddhism Muslims, their mosque, the Sinhala/Buddhist state, rule of law, accountability, …..etc.

    What are you inferring in your comment?

    You are worried about the state of India than the imminent threat posed by Sinhala/Buddhist/Aryans.

  39. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to criticise the GOSL for the Dambulla mosque incident. Surprisingly India too is joining this campaign forgetting the fact it has the worst record of religious violence. Since 1945 thousands of people died of violence between Hindus and Muslims. One of the ugliest ones were in Bombay and Gujarat two decades ago over Badri and Ayodya.

    Sri Lankans are religiously amicable and tolerant society compared to many countries in the world-India, Pakistan, Middle East, East European countries, former Yugoslavia, Iran and many others. Eorope and USA is becoming more and more Islamaphobic.

    No one should condone what happened in Dambulla, but some countries are trying to make a mountain out of a mole-hill.
    We have Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim places of worship studded across the country for centuries and there are festivals jointly celebrated by all communities.

  40. William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” (Act II, Scene V), Malvalio reads aloud from a forged letter:

    “…Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them”.

    Sadly, none of the descriptions seem to fit the profile of the nation’s leader. It has been close to 5 days since his return from South Korea, and his silence has proven – to the entire world – the ‘leadership-stuff’ he is truly made-of. It is already too late for Statesman-like powerful speech that could have been a catalyst for reconciliation. Yet another window has closed.

  41. @Nagarajah

    “Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to criticise the GOSL …”. Respectfully sir, in your view, who else should everyone criticize? Is not a most fundamental duty of a responsible government to protect the rights of victims? And do you honestly believe that this government has lived up to that responsibility? And if not, shouldn’t ‘everyone’ critisize?

    “Sri Lankans are religiously amicable and tolerant society compared to many countries in the world…”. Why the comparison to others? Is it that you are trying to justify that Sri Lanka is better because we are less worse than them? Your attempt to quantify righteousness is meaningless as it cannot be quantified – it does not matter who the perpetrator, an American Evangelical priest in Florida trying to burn a Koran, a Tiger terrorist trying to blast Dalada Maligawa, or a Sinhala Buddhist monk flashing at a mosque, all acts are blasphemous – and simply wrong! And none of the acts is any better or worse than the other.

    “…what happened in Dambulla, but some countries are trying to make a mountain out of a mole-hill.” Perhaps the flashing was a mole-hill, but the response of the GoSL is much larger than a mountain, large enough to bring the nation yet another step closer to bifurcation – something that Sri Lankans are clearly over looking.

  42. HE IS A PICKLE ……and has made the Country Bloody Pickle…..every corner of the country things are in a mess…..minister Basil Rajapakse is confident of exporting the surplus veg & rice.as was lending money to the EU…..Where ? He perhaps accidentally eaten the chillie in the pickle the reason why he can’t speak…..because duken pun yana waa (smoking from the anus ) these assholes have driven the country to the point of no return……the Religeous Conflict……This is the next stage of survival…..otherwise what the hell…the Mosque had been in Dambulla for 60 years ….was Inamaluwe sleeping all this while……this is the last trump the govt has….be on the look out….

  43. Mr Samasekera your poem should as follows to suit the modern times :

    O ants, dear ants, you have a king
    But we have a great ..king who eats everything
    The day we get a real king
    We will eat the Balls of the ..king
    Sharing it with you too
    Shouting henagahapan…henagahapan

    With thousand apologies to Ven. Kunkunawe Thero……if he was sick with British Rule how much he would have sick with the present rulers for ruining this country…..the problem with British was on the conversion……

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