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Defunct Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization(TESO) revived in Tamil Nadu by Karunanidhi

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by A Special Correspondent

Reiterating that a Tamil Eelam alone will offer a permanent solution for the Sri Lankan Tamils, who have been subjected to the “biggest ethnic cleansing of the century,” DMK leader and Tamil Eelam Supporters Organisation (TESO) president M. Karunanidhi on Monday said that the goal should be achieved only through non-violent methods.

DMK president M. Karunanidhi with Dravida Kazhagam chief K. Veeramani, Dravida Tamil Peravai leader Suba Veerapandian and DMK leaders K. Anbazhagan and Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan in Chennai on Monday. Photo: K.V. SRINIVASAN-courtesy: The Hindu

Talking to reporters after the first meeting of the revived TESO, an organisation he founded in 1985, Mr. Karunanidhi said that even if the LTTE resurfaced to resume its struggle, the TESO would urge it to follow the path of non-violence. Asked if he had no faith in the armed struggle of the LTTE, Mr. Karunanidhi said, “Anyone committed to a cause and pursuing it with a pure heart and uncompromising fighting spirit will get our respect.”

Asked if LTTE leader Prabhakaran was still alive, the DMK leader said, “There is no death for warriors.”

Mr. Karunanidhi said that the armed struggle launched by militant groups in the wake of the suppression of Tamils failed owing to various reasons and led to the downfall of Tamils as a race.

“As we are keen on arresting the fall further, we want to change the method of struggle and suggest democratic ways accepted by countries across the world. We seek the support of the Indian government for this democratic struggle.” When his attention was drawn to the claim by CPI (M) leader T.K. Rangarajan, who was part of the Parliamentary team that recently toured Sri Lanka, that none of the Tamil leaders was interested in a separate Eelam, Mr. Karunanidhi said it was possible that the delegation would have met only people with such a viewpoint. “But there are a lot of them who have suffered and there is a need to get their opinion too.”

Asked if the DMK would leave the Congress-led UPA if the Centre refused to support the TESO’s demand, Mr. Karunanidhi said he was optimistic that the effort would succeed. “When many countries decided to support the resolution against Sri Lanka in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), India took a belated decision. You should not forget the fact that the DMK’s efforts led to India supporting the resolution.” Earlier, a resolution adopted at the meeting demanded the United Nations intervene and hold a referendum among Tamils in Sri Lanka and the Tamil diaspora for the formation of a separate Eelam.

“The United Nations will soon take a stand and leave it to the Tamils to decide the question of referendum. Already, a referendum is being conducted among the diaspora. This will create the conditions for recognition of the basic concept of Tamil Eelam adopted at the Vaddukottai conference in 1977.” courtesy: The Hindu

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  1. He is an old man and just rattling. He should first sort out his family problem. No one will trust his words.
    We have already seen his real stripes during the war.

    Jeyalalitha is far better than him.
    If she likes anything then she will openly say that WILL STAND FOR THAT.

    Not like this old man.
    He ALWAYS after his family.

  2. Tamils are being “pushed to the wall” and extreme measures to rescue them from the despotic totalitarian state are being resurrected.
    If the LLRC report is implemented, tamils can live with self respect in a united lanka.
    But the president is a captive of sinhala buddhist extremists and is reluctant to do this,as it would endanger his future as president.

  3. This stand by Kalaingner is opportunistic, aimed at boosting the dwindling support base of his party.

    His two hour fast, drama will never be forgotten by the Tamils and whatever he might do now will not carry conviction in the minds of the Tamils.

    You cannot cheat people all the time.

  4. Inauspicious, dark clouds are coming together under the white clad, wheel chair borne Karunanithy, in the accompanying photograph. These black clouds portend there will be more violent storms ahead to further batter the Tamils in Sri Lanka. We Tamils here in Sri Lanka can survive the local pressures, but cannot battle the external forces that are intent on destroying us through their stupid dreams, thoughtless words, ignorence of Sri Lankan affairs and sheer maliciousness. They are determined to mine the bridges that are being being built-albeit- slowly here in Sri Lanka. God, if he/she exists, should save us from these so-called friends first.

    It was dark-clad Veeramani, who is also in this photograph, who once asked where ‘Namahal (Saraswathy)-the Godess of learning and Godess of the tongue, would be performing her ablutions! It is such foolish men, who insult a profound culture built on equally advanced philosphical concepts, in the name of rationalism, who are coming together to save us again!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  5. TN politician and opportunist can have Eelam in TN if they want a Eelam so badly. But they should not be allowed to use Sri Lankan Tamils to further their agenda.

  6. It is amusing to see that some of us think that we represent the local SL Tamils when we make statements like “We Tamils here in Sri Lanka can survive the local pressures, but cannot battle the external forces that are intent on destroying us through their stupid dreams, thoughtless words, ignorence of Sri Lankan affairs and sheer maliciousness”.

    I guess a referendum will bring out the truth, but will the State or its supporters will welcome it without arm twisting actions from the UN?

  7. According to Junior Vikatan, a respected bi-weekly from Chennai says that Karuna takes ‘Tamil Eelam’ issue to blackmail Sonia government. This is not the first time he did thia anyways. He wants two of the cabinet posts back to his party that were vacated by Rajah, and Maran on corruption charges.


  9. I am liking somewhat that Kalaignar is taking this up and bringing limelight to Tamils across the Palk Strait. All in all because there are millions of supporters and voters of Kalaignar who are of DMK – are also supporters of Tamils around the world anywhere. Even though they vote based on other ‘pocket book issues’ in Centre and State TN elections they have a heart for Tamils across the Palk Straits. When Kalaignar speaks they do hear more vividly about the plight.

    And Nice Portrait of Paventhar Bharathidasan above Kalaignar.

    perhamps someone whispered to Kalaignar that DBSJ’s article too mentioned it last week; 🙂


    He also cited some instances that showed the historical links between Tamil Nadu and ‘Eelam’ and quoted from poet Bharathidasan: “Whenever I think about the continuity of the history, I feel a longing for Tamil Eelam welling up in me.”

  10. I dedicate the below paragraph to DBSJ

    I decline to accept the honour bestowed upon me by A FOOL………..DBSJ

  11. I guess the world knows the truth on how much Dr.MKK cares for the SL Tamils after seeing his performances towards the final days of the war in 2009. As I stated earlier, India and Tamil Nadu were willling to pay any price in terms of SL Tamil lives to get rid off their bad behaving child, LTTE. This should not be forgotten by any wise SL Tamil.

    Having said that, even though Dr.MKK is a flip flop (can flip again, if he needs to protect his family’s interest), he is proposing a non-violent solution for the SL Tamil issue in lines with the 1977 vaddukottai resolution. This was the same solution that majority Tamils supported back in 1977/78 times after realizing democractic methods do not work with the SL Govt to have a acceptable solution within the united SL. Unless the SL Govt finds a way to implement the LLRC commission recommendations in SL, the UN will have to eventually come to the same conclusion that Tamils arrived back in 1977.

    At that time, provided Dr.MKK has not flip flopped again, the likes of Dr.MKK will proven right.

  12. kokuvilan,
    Are you trying to say that Dr.MKK does not possess the qualities to reflect on first part of his name, “Karunai” but only on the second part of his name, “Nithi”.

    Wow, never thought about it, but makes a lots of sense by judging from his past performance. Dr.MKK is after Nithi and not after Karunai.

  13. When will these TN politician stop making “Eelam” slogan for their own political gains?. Some of them( like Vaiko, Thirumavalavan & Nedumaran) are shouting for money, Karunanithi for distracting the people’s attention from his family , and Jeyalalitha in her new avatar as ‘Maha Sakthi’ to gain international(read diaspora Tamil’s) recognition ( Why Hilary Clinton met with and what did discussed with her?) If these people cared their own business, and served the people of Tamil Nadu in India, the better it would be for the Sri Lankan Tamils, eh… the Tamils who live in Sri Lanka in particular and for all the people of Sri Lanka in general. There is a saying in Tamil, ” oor irandu paddaal, kootthaadikku kondaadam” TN politicians are the kootthaadis here.

  14. Daniel

    But the president is a captive of sinhala buddhist extremists and is reluctant to do this,as it would endanger his future as president.

    Not true. MR is not the captive but rather is the enabler of the extremists. He is opposing LLRC because it does not suit his own interests.

  15. Tamils have to consider the reality of May 2009, the post conflict period up until Geneva, and the true carrot and stick which led to Geneva.

    Not sure of the former CM here is on the pay of ISDA

  16. I think Mr Karu got a poin there and a valid one for that matter..

    The Diaspora a.k.a Eezham Tamil conglomoration will never establish an Eelaam in Srilanka.

    With the vanquishing of the Dual Passport, Eezaahm Tamils can only spend 4 weeks in Srilanka unless they send the Passport to the Srilankan HC in advance with atleast 50 bucks and a real reason for an extended stay.

    Tamil Nadu will by then have another 10 Million Tamils.

    And this is going to keep growing exponentially , yet they wouldn’t have a country to call their own.

    There is no way Gandhi Method will deliver Mr Karu an an Eelaam even in his grandson’s life time.

    Armed struggle is a different story.

    With the LTTE gathering momentum, under the able leadership and guidance of Nedu, Seeman, Vaiko, Emmanuel and the Eezham resources ready at hand ,it is quite possible that an Eelaam may become a possibility in Mr Karunanidhis son’s life time if he has one.

  17. After my recent visit to Sri Lanka I’ve concluded that the Tamil Eelam is the only solution. Here are the reasons.

    I was born in Sri Lanka, but I am an Australian citizen. I am son of late Mr. Bastiampillai Joseph Peter (Personal Secretary of late MP S. J. V. Chelvanayakam) and late Mrs. Josephine Peter, wife of the late secretary Mr. Bastiampillai Joseph Peter. I have business degree, diplomas and red hundreds of history and political books. I have good knowledge in financial accounting, world history and international politics, but the Sri Lankan government has refused to give me a dual citizenship, and stopping me serving my motherland. I really do not know why the Sri Lankan government is fearful to people like us. Currently the Sri Lankan government has refused to give dual citizenships to the Sri Lankan diaspora. The Sri Lankan government is dreaming to make Sri Lanka as the Asia’s knowledge hub, but it has the highest brain drain in the whole Asia. The educated Sri Lankans are constantly leaving the country. The Sri Lankan government is also dreaming to make Sri Lanka as the wonder of Asia; it is nothing but insulting the other Asian countries and fooling their own citizens. The cost of living is constantly increasing in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, since the independence from the British the Sri Lankan governments never found a permanent solution to treat their citizens with dignity and pride. If the Sri Lankan governments knew the value of treating their own citizens with dignity and pride, the Tamils would not have supported the LTTE, and the Sri Lanka government would have achieved its dreams long time ago.

    Sri Lanka is a tiny little country, but its foreign policies are threat to India’s national security. Canada is the second largest country in the world with lots of resources, but it doesn’t do anything to undermine its neighboring country the United States. Canada also had Prime Minister and Governor General from a minority French, these two positions are the highest positions in the country. But Sri Lanka never had a Tamil President or Prime Minister; it shows how the Tamils have been treated in Sri Lanka. The LTTE was created, trained and equipped by India to attack the Sri Lankan forces, because of the Sri Lankan government’s ill foreign policies that undermine India’s national security. Today Sri Lankan government is under the pressure of war crimes investigation due to the current domestic and foreign policies.

    The Sri Lankan government is fooling their own citizens and the world. I have visited Sri Lanka recently, and seen the most parts of Sri Lanka. Based on what I saw in Sri Lankan, I do not believe Sri Lanka has eight present GDP growth rate, it is nothing but a creative accounting or politicians are pocketing country’s wealth. The people are extremely poor in Sri Lanka. I never thought Sri Lankans are this much poor. People are having extreme difficulties to carry on their basic daily life, but the government spent three percent of the GDP for the military in 2011. There is no need to spent this much money on military, because there is no civil war in Sri Lanka. The government does not have good economists to guide them to make good economic decisions. The UNP MP Dr. Harsha De Silva is one of the good economists in Sri Lankan, but the government does not listen to him, neither respects him. The Sri Lankan government is not concern about building the country; its only concern is keeping the Rajapaksa brothers in power at any cost. While I was traveling from Colombo to Jaffna via Kandy road, I saw more army camps than civilian houses in the North. People do not feel free or safe in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The government proclaims that they have eliminated the LTTE, and Sri Lankan is free from the terrorism. But it has thousands of troops, and hundreds of army camps in the North and East. After I have visited Sri Lanka, I have concluded that the Sri Lankan government does not really want to acknowledge the Tamils as their fellow citizens. The Sri Lankan government believes that they can easily fool the eighty million Tamils around the world and billions of Indians. The Sri Lankan politicians are not evolved enough to be human beings, their thought patterns and actions are very much close to the animals. They do not see any value in giving respect and dignity to their own citizens or getting along with India. Implementing democracy, human rights and rule of law are waste of time in Sri Lanka, because the current government does not allow any of these things to take place, in order to hold onto their power. China clearly understands what have been taking place in Sri Lanka, but it enjoys Sri Lankan government’s foolishness, and encouraging the Sri Lankan government to carry on, in order own Sri Lanka in the future. The Sri Lankan politicians are selling the country to China. This world should not allow Rajapaksa brothers to carry on too long, and letting people suffer in Sri Lanka. Not only the Tamils, the Sinhalese are also suffering a lot in Sri Lanka. Therefore, this world must do everything to remove Rajapaksa brothers from their power as soon as possible. I urge the Indian government to bring economic sanctions on Sri Lanka immediately, and remove President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brothers form their power. Otherwise the Rajapaksa brothers will bring greater distraction to Sri Lanka’s, India’s and Asia’s progress.

    The Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that Premakumar Gunaratnam should not involve in Sri Lankan politics, because he is an Australian citizen. “Once you take citizenship with one country, automatically Sri Lankan citizenship gets cancelled – that is our regulation. An Australian citizen has no rights do politics in Sri Lanka.” But some key positions of the Sri Lankan government have been filled by dual citizens. Including Gotabaya Rajapaksa – the Defense Secretary is a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and the USA. Basil Rajapaksa – Investment Development Minister has a US Green Card in addition to his Sri Lankan citizenship. Palitha Kohona, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations also holds his Australian citizenship in addition to his Sri Lankan citizenship. The government directive stopping dual citizenship is not retrospective. Therefore, it would not affect the citizenship status of those who have already obtained dual citizenship. But it effectively deprives thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of expatriate Sri Lankans of their Sri Lankan citizenship. The Sri Lankan government is stopping the Sri Lankan diaspora getting their Sri Lankan citizenship and challenging Rajapaksa brothers. And also to limit the Sri Lankan Tamils influencing Sri Lankan politics and stopping the Tamils calling Sri Lanka home.

    While I was in Sri Lanka I wanted to visit few places to see how the Tamil language has been implemented. I have visited the National Identity Card Office to obtain an application form. I have requested in Tamil, but the person who works at the front office did not understand Tamil language. The office staff called someone in the office who can speak in Tamil, the gentleman understood what I wanted. Finally, I have got an application form and left the office. I have also visited the Peradeniya Garden and Sigiriya. I have requested a single adult ticket in Tamil, but nobody understood what I have asked. Then I have asked in Sinhala. The workers at ticket counter have realized that I am a Tamil diaspora, because my Sinhala accent wasn’t perfect and the Tamils from the North and East are not ready to travel around the country, neither have the money to travel. They have requested to show my National Identity Card, but I have refused it, because they did not ask the Sinhalese people to show their National Identity Card. They implied that if I speak fluent Sinhala I am a local citizen, but if I speak fluent Tamil I am a diaspora or foreigner. They have demanded me to pay as a foreigner, but I have refused it, and walked out from the Peradeniya Garden and Sigiriya. As a Tamil I could not even buy tickets as a local citizen to see my own country. Having police and land power, or getting a decent job or university admission seems out of the question. When the Sri Lankan government asks the diaspora to come back to Sri Lanka, it means that they want you to bring your money and spend it in Sri Lanka, in order to make Rajapaksa brothers rich, and sit at their feet. I have written few articles to the Sri Lankan media, but my articles never been published, but I was getting no number phone calls, and a white van parked out of my residence. I wasn’t afraid of unidentified phone calls or white van, because I have been writing the truth and facing lots of hardships even in the western countries. I felt that the Sri Lankan government wasn’t prepared to arrest me or kidnap me, because they have arrested Premakumar Gunaratnam, and the government was under pressure. So I took the opportunity to write to the media, but my articles never been published and they never will.

  18. Dr Rajasingham Narendran
    Inauspicious, dark clouds are coming together under the white clad…..
    I think it’s old and disused broom stick under the white clad……trying to sweep new?

  19. DON’T WORRY GUYS, JHU (The Racist Party of the Sinhala’s) will manufacture Prabhakarans in many folds. Already, they have embarked on hitting the Muslims & Christians after the mass murder of the Tamils. They have lists and lists of attacks and even Shah Rukh Khan was not spared (His show was attacked by these goons many years back).

    They will not disappoint those whole aspire to see violence and mayhem. They have 60+ years experience in this field.

    Just wait for the show. They will come back with innovative ways to kill, loot, rape & destroy.

  20. Dr Narendran,

    Tamil Eelam is the only solution in safe guarding the interest of Eelam Tamils and India as whole. Having a pro-Indian periphery, would provide much needed safe buffer-zone for India. De-militarised, democratic Tamil Eelam will rely on UN backed NATO forces to protect it’s borders in land and on sea. So, engage positively to make your mother’s quest a reality. A UN backed referendum in North-East will see the creation of democratic Tamil Eelam.

  21. Dear Antany,

    I am sorry about the difficulties you have had during your return to Sri lanka.
    I believe dual citizenship is off for all. So it not only you. You are however now an Australian Citizen carrying a Australian passport. Despite your rich ancestory you have opted for your land of residence by your choice.

    You have tested the system by speaking in tamil in colombo and maybe if you got a friend to speak in Sinhalese in Jaffna you should come to a just conclusion.

    There are many who take residency abroad for financial and other reasons and stay being true Sri lankans.

    The catch is when you take up as an Austraian citizen you are expected to behave as an ordinary citizen of that country and not of another.

    I hope you get your dual citizenship when it becomes available.

  22. I think Karunandi has to leave politics and let the young generation handle ThamilNadu. His actions are showing he is out of a sound mind. Do you guys have idea how the Soniya Ghandi will feel about this karunandi.

  23. Dear Dilshan,

    You are blind, and you have no idea how the Tamils and Sinhalese are suffering in Sri Lanka. You are telling me that I am expected to behave as an Australian citizen, but not as a Sri Lankan. Well what about Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Palitha Kohona? They can call themselves as Sri Lankans, even though they have an American and Australian citizenship. They are not only calling themselves as Sri Lankans, they have managed to kill thousands of innocent people, and trying hard to get away from it. Well they are trying to hide the whole pumpkin into a plate of rice. The eighty million Tamils around the world and billions of Indians are not fools. The Sri Lankan government’s days are numbered. In June 2012 four countries who supported Sri Lanka are leaving from the UNHRC, especially China and Russia. Just wait and see how things are going unfold in the near future. Let’s see who are smart, whether the fifteen million Sinhalese in Sri Lanka or eighty million Tamils around the world.

  24. Now I understand. He is planing for the next elections . They need to work on a new strategy for that. Anywhere in the world politicians are politicians. They will use anything to trap the mass for votes.

  25. Dear Antany,

    One of the issues you raised was whether a tamil speaking person can have access freely to Govt documentation issue. You chose Colombo and decided to speak in tamil. The person at the counter did get an officer who could speak tamil and you got your form. So what are you complaining about.
    Do you speak tamil in Australia? You would if you go to a store and the guy at the counter is Tamil. If I go to Jaffna I would find a way to speak or make the Tamil speaking person understand what I want. I dont expect anyone in jaffna or a plantation town in Nuwara eliya to understand what I am saying in Sinhalese. Does that make me comlain against the Govt.?

    I agree with your statement that the Sinhalese and Tamilss are suffering under the present Govt. The cost of Living is shooting up and so is corruption.

    The solution is the next election when the people will vote the way they want.

    We cannot be like Prabakaran or Wijeweera or for that matter your own government in Australia trying to overthrow a democratically elected Government chosen by the MAJORITY.

    I am REITERATING that if you have taken up Australian Citizenship please behave in such a manner. Dont grumble. There are many that have gove overseas that have not taken citizenship.

    People like you conform to every regulation in your adopted country and have the nerve to complain when you come across a regulation in your previous country.

    Grow up. You have taken Australian citizenship. Be a true Australian. If you need to grumble dont grumble about Sri Lanka.

    You have said that Tamils are not fools and nor are Indian. I ask you why didnt you migrate to India? You went to Australia because it offered better financial renumeration.

    I dont believe any Race as you say are fools. people are people. Sinhalese or Tamil .

    You are dreaming of Eelam the same way we dreamt that Americans would come to our aid when India dropped Parrippu.

    Eelam or not I agree with you that all citizens of this country be it Sinhalese or Tamil or Muslims need to live in peace.

  26. Dear Dilshan

    The Sri Lankan government wants to live with the Tamils as long as they can keep the Tamils at their feet. This is not something new, it has been going since 1948. I believe the time has come to do the right thing for sake of Tamils and Sinhalese. I want the Tamils and Sinhalese to move forward and prosper. Let’s ask the Tamils how they want to live, whether they want to live with the Sinhalese or separately. The idea of a referendum makes sense. The eighty million Tamils around the world must do everything to give an opportunity to the Lankan Tamils to have their say. Let’s ask the UN to make a way for a referendum. Let’s not wait for the Indian central government, because the Indian government is only concern about India’s security, it is not concern about the Tamils’ dignity or welfare. Therefore, the the eighty million Tamils around the world must act. The Tamils in Tamil Nadu must push the Indian central government towards referendum and the diaspora must push the world towards referendum.

  27. DMK Chief is the only person now works for the Tamils even at this age – His ambition is to get Independent Tamil Eelam and will be achieved by him. The would have been achieved long ago – but due to brotherly fight between Tamil groups in Srilanka, it failed and we lost Prabhakaran. Ok – Now let DMK chief and the leaders of Tamils save Eelam Tamils by restoring the rights of Tamils in Tamil Eelam.
    Long Live Kalainger. Let Tamil Eeelam get Independence sooner.

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