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The truth behind the Trincomalee Hospital Pillaiyar Temple issue

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by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

A news item published by some Tamil newspapers in Sri Lanka a few days ago stated that the Urban Development Authority (UDA) had issued a directive calling for the removal of the temple dedicated to Pillaiyar or Lord Ganesha at the Trincomalee general hospital premises.

Pillaiyar at the Gopuram of Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapati Devasthanam, Flushing, NY

The news item said that the 60 year old temple had been renovated recently and had scheduled the “Kumbhabishekha” (a ritual of consecration after renovation or reconstruction work)ceremony for July 5th this year.

According to the news reports concerned the UDA had in a letter wanted the temple removed for road expansion purposes.

This news item about the Govt wanting a 60 year old Hindu temple removed for road expansion, touched a raw nerve among many including this writer. I posted a couple of tweets on my twitter account about the matter relying on Tamil media reports about the UDA letter.

Coming as it did on the heels of the Dambulla Mosque removal controversy it seemed to suggest that a sinister conspiracy was on to target places of worship belonging to religions of minority ethnicities in the Country.

Several Tamil websites run by members of the Global Tamil Diaspora went to town over the issue. Since the UDA comes under the purview of the Defence and Urban Development ministry of which Presidential Sibling Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is the Permanent secretary, some of these sites began holding him and by extension the Rajapaksa regime as being responsible for the perceived assault on the Pillaiyar temple.

With the issue gathering momentum even the All Ceylon Hindu Congress (ACHC)issued a statement expressing shock and grief over the proposed removal of temple.Stating that there was no legal basis or just cause to call for the removal of the temple , the ACHC requested the Tamil political leaders to intervene in the matter and prevent such removal.

Tiger and pro-tiger media organs condemned the Tamil National Alliance(TNA) in general and its leader and Trincomalee district Parliamentarian , Rajavarothayam Sampanthan for alleged “inaction” on the issue.

The Pillaiyar temple had its origins 60 years ago with a single statue inside Hospital premises and had developed gradually into a full-fledged temple. With many patients and their relatives seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha to remedy their maladies the Hospital Pillaiyar temple had had many devotees over the years.

The escalation of the ethnic conflict had affected this temple to some extent. Minor damages had been caused. So with the advent of peace efforts were made by temple authorities to repair and renovate the temple. This had been done and the “Kumbhabishekham” was set for July 5th.

Against this backdrop the UDA wanting the temple removed for road expansion seemed unfair and unjust.

However when this writer followed up his two tweets and made further inquiries from Toronto about the temple in Trincomalee , the truth appeared to be quite different to that of the impression created by Tamil media reports. Details gleaned from administrators, lawyers, politicians and concerned residents reveal that the UDA does not seem to be at fault here as alleged by sections of the Tamil media

The Pillaiyar temple within Hospital premises is an unauthorized structure like many places of worship in many parts of the Country. It is estimated that there are 17 unauthorised structures used as places of worship in the Trincomalee town and suburbs. These belong to the Buddhist,Hindu, Christian and Islamic faiths.

There is a road by the side of the Pillaiyar temple called Hospital road. It has not been in use by motor vehicles for some years due to security reasons. Recently a decision was taken to remove the “No Entry” and allow vehicles to use it.

The Pillaiyar temple authorities had not only renovated the temple anew but also extended its area and explanded the structure. In that process some newly constructed temple pillars have transgressed boundaries and are “trespassing”on to the road.

Thus the Temple would indeed be an “obstruction” if and when the road is opened up for vehicular traffic. The situation would be further exacerbated if the UDA wants to repair and refurbish the road which seems very likely to happen in the future.

With the Kumbhabishekham being fixed for July 5th the UDA had to act fast and prevent such obstruction caused by the temple. The UDA letter according to informed sources only wanted the Temple authorities to remove the unauthorized structures of the temple causing an obstruction to envisaged road expansion.

It had not ordered the removal of the entire temple as alleged by sections of the Tamil media.

The temple authorities have not obtained legal approval or building permits for the temple extension as required.

As such the UDA seems to be well within its rights to seek removal of the unauthorized structural obstructions of the Pillaiyar tempe that are intruding into the road.

Moreover the Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who is being accused of masterminding this “move to remove” the temple seems to be unaware of the whole exercise. The relevant action is being taken by UDA officials at a local level and not by the head office.

It appears that temple authorities who are at fault here have misinformed sections of the Tamil media in Sri Lanka about the matter. Vested interests within the Global Tamil media are exploiting the issue to engage in propaganda over the issue.

Since the Dambulla mosque incident has generated much negative publicity about Sri Lanka ,the Trincomalee Pillaiyar temple controversy is also getting into the limelight.

The truth about the Trincomalee Pillaiyar temple removal issue is entirely different to that of the “story” related by sections of the Tamil media.

The important lesson I have learnt from this episode is to very, very careful in relying on Tamil media reports while tweeting on Twitter

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  1. good job dbsj. thanks for having the courage to admit a mistake was made. we need this from all sri lankans.

    Thank you but does it require courage to relate what happened?…………DBSJ

  2. Well DBSJ, you as a journalist know many Tamil and Sinhala media cant be relied upon.

    Good for you for getting to the bottom of the truth!

    The motto of much of the media these days seems to be ‘Why let facts get in the way of a good story!’

  3. There are many unauthorised Budhist statues in Trincomalee. To my knowledge, not a single unauthorised Budhist statue has been removed by the state, on the contrary they have been given military protection or they were erected by the military itself – this is where the instituitional racism is.

  4. Fiction is taking over facts in our lives both as Tamils and citizens of Sri Lankan. Many wish things be what they should be- bad. This translates into out right lies, distortions and exaggerations. A whole industry has been created to take forward this agenda. It is a very sad situation, considering the circumstances we are now in as a people. Some people are fiddling with the truth, when ‘Rome’ is burning.

    I am aware of many such incidents and disbelieve almost all these stories. The Sinhala people and the GOSL will also be wary of this phenomenon and will lose the sympathy they have developed for the Tamils post-war.

    Sinister forces are at play and Tamils should shun these elements in word and deed. they should be recognised for what they are- vultures preying on a very vulnerable people.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  5. I am businessman resident in Trinco.I know full story about this temple. What DBS has wrote is very true.

  6. This is the truth which many Tamils wont like as they want to bash Gota and Govt with this issue. But the truth is always the truth. Thanks DBS

  7. Dear Mr. DBS,

    I’ve always trusted what is being published by you to be unbiased and very straightforward. this article only reaffirms our faith in your reporting. Thanks a lot

  8. Thanks for letting us know the other side of the coin. I hope the removal of 17 other structures are carried out with equal vigour.

    But the precedence for Dambulla sacred zoninf affair is nothing new. This happpened in Katirgamam a while ago

    The place covering the main Murugan Temple in Katirgamam and the ruined Kiri Vihare was declared “Kataragama Sacred Area.” Introducing the Development Scheme, the outskirts of the Murugan Temple were given a Buddhist outlook by demolishing all the 21 Hindu pilgrim abodes – like the 150-year old Chetty Madam – and shrines attached to each of them, like the Mutumani Amman Temple. This included removing shops crammed with puja offerings, rudraksha malas and vegetarian food and other Hindu business establishments such as barber stalls for pilgrims taking vows.

    Under the same scheme, Kiri Vihare, about one third of a mile from the Murugan temple, was renovated and its environs, including lands formerly used by Hindus, were developed to facilitate Buddhist worship. In this way, the Hindus have been suppressed and their power and influence in the area reduced.

    On the land were demolition was effected, four new shrines, built according to Buddhist architecture, have come up. The Ramakrishna Mission Madam was taken over in 1960 by the Sirimavo Bandaranaike government, given to be used as bhikkus’ quarters. More recently it has become a Buddhist Archaeological Museum, with a statue of Buddha at its entrance.


    A short run-down of the flurry of Buddhist incursions:

    1. An interested party forcibly took over the Kandasamy Temple at Kataragamalai in June 1969. Prior to this, a Reverend Bhikku Siddhanta stayed there with the residing priest, Sankaraswamy, and learned Hindu mantras and puja practice from him. The Bhikku demolished the Pillaiyar Temple at Pillaiyar Peak in 1970 and built a new shrine a few yards away from the old sacred spot.

    2. In 1971, the Thewanai Amman Devasthanam was looted and valuables taken.

    3. On September 26, 1979, the Manicka Pillaiyar Temple at Sellakathirkamam was taken over under threat.

    4. As late as 5th December, 1985, unwanted elements intruded into the Thewanai Amman Devastanam and manhandled Swami Dattaramagiri

  9. Thanks for letting us know the other side of the coin. I hope the removal of 17 other structures are carried out with equal vigour.

    But the precedence for Dambulla sacred zoninf affair is nothing new. This happpened in Katirgamam a while ago

    The place covering the main Murugan Temple in Katirgamam and the ruined Kiri Vihare was declared “Kataragama Sacred Area.” Introducing the Development Scheme, the outskirts of the Murugan Temple were given a Buddhist outlook by demolishing all the 21 Hindu pilgrim abodes – like the 150-year old Chetty Madam – and shrines attached to each of them, like the Mutumani Amman Temple. This included removing shops crammed with puja offerings, rudraksha malas and vegetarian food and other Hindu business establishments such as barber stalls for pilgrims taking vows.

    Under the same scheme, Kiri Vihare, about one third of a mile from the Murugan temple, was renovated and its environs, including lands formerly used by Hindus, were developed to facilitate Buddhist worship. In this way, the Hindus have been suppressed and their power and influence in the area reduced.

    On the land were demolition was effected, four new shrines, built according to Buddhist architecture, have come up. The Ramakrishna Mission Madam was taken over in 1960 by the Sirimavo Bandaranaike government, given to be used as bhikkus’ quarters. More recently it has become a Buddhist Archaeological Museum, with a statue of Buddha at its entrance.

    A short run-down of the flurry of Buddhist incursions:

    1. An interested party forcibly took over the Kandasamy Temple at Kataragamalai in June 1969. Prior to this, a Reverend Bhikku Siddhanta stayed there with the residing priest, Sankaraswamy, and learned Hindu mantras and puja practice from him. The Bhikku demolished the Pillaiyar Temple at Pillaiyar Peak in 1970 and built a new shrine a few yards away from the old sacred spot.

    2. In 1971, the Thewanai Amman Devasthanam was looted and valuables taken.

    3. On September 26, 1979, the Manicka Pillaiyar Temple at Sellakathirkamam was taken over under threat.

    4. As late as 5th December, 1985, unwanted elements intruded into the Thewanai Amman Devastanam and manhandled Swami Dattaramagiri

  10. DBS Anna
    There is talk of erecting a Buddha statue in the viciniity of Thiruketheeswaram temple
    Any views on that? You seem to get in the nooks and crannies that other reporters dont.

    Also I hear the Muhattuvaram area in has been renamed Lanka patuna and a HIndu icon has been removed and replaced by a Buddha statue
    Similar aggresions against other religions have also been on the rise.
    Whilst there has never been a purely Buddhist nationalism rather an ethno religious nationalism, it seems there is a recent trend in pure Budhist nationalism.
    Love to see an article chronicling the murder of SWRD by a Bhikku, the gradual demise of non budhist pilgrimas in Sivanolipadamailai/Adams Peak, The take over of a syncretic site of Katirgamam to become mainly Budhist and the removal of countless HIndu structures, Buddha statue prolifiration in Tamil areas, recent Anuradhapura and Dambulla anti islamic attacks and attacks on Sinhal Christian places of worships.
    It seems that along with sinhala nationalism there is a very potent strain of Budhist nationalism too developing.

  11. typical 🙂
    i know many tamils believe & Act on any info of this nature without any investigations. DBS should be recognized for his service to the nation.thank you sir.


  12. ANNA D.B.S. Jeyaraj You will never learn about our Tamil media !
    again We can expect hot news in Thamil free papers( eg: oru paper UK) ,DBS got money from GR etc etc ….!

  13. The role of Sri Lankan media both Singala and Tamil has been instrumental in promoting ethnic strife and misunderstanding

  14. there are many unauthorized Hindu temples in Colombo and Sri Lanka. Tamil diaspora also acquire buildings and turn them in to Temples all over the world, these are not places of worship but commercial profit making ventures. Some of these temples and the kurukals employed there are disgrace to the religion.

  15. It is to the credit of Mr Jeyaraj that he is able to verify the actual situation from afar Canada whereas local media have not correctly reported the issue. Indeed all religous institutions must abide by the laws of the land if not there will be a lot of misunderstandings and conflict. Even when there is a problem it should be resolved in a proper manner following the civil law of the land.

  16. Thanks for this clarification, good to know. However, this Trincomalle Pillayan Kovil case must be contextualised in the broader political-religious climate cultivated by the Rajapakse regime, particularly, its fascist political partner the Jathika Hela Urymaya (JHU) and its un-Buddhist monks which has been using religion and Buddhism in particular to legitimize violence, war, militarization and occupation of land in the northeast. The JHU have also been involved in trying to Sinhalize archaeology and history in the north and in Sinhalalizing Tamil place name in the north such as turning Kandarodai into Kathraveli. This has caused much resentment and anxiety.
    The fact of the matter is that there are lots of unauthorized Buddha statues all over the northeast of recent origin, many built on land that has been grabbed.For example huge, lavish new statue of Sangamitta in Jaffna on beach land now declared a high security zone and inaccessible to Jaffna pubic near Vlanai while the old and beautiful adecent Keerimalai Kovil lies in ruins.
    Gotabaya Rajapakse may not know about each and every new statue but the fact is that this practice of unequal and unbalanced state patronage for one religion even in minority areas seems to be systematic and wide spread and it is in the context of the absence of balance and justice that people may overreact.

  17. Last week Gotabaya Rajapakse told the leader of DMK M.Karunanidi that he must create Tamil Eelam(TE) in Tamil Nadu.

    The fundamental truth, backed by Political Science is that TE need not be created. It is already existing now.

    It came into existence in 1977, after its inhabitants democratically and irrevocably, by more than 60 percent votes, declared their traditional homeland in the North and East of the island of Ceylon as TE.

    This came about after the South of the island, illegally and unilaterally declared the Dominion of Ceylon as “Republic of Sri Lanka” in 1972, without the participation of the people of the North and East.

    Sovereignty is derived from the people. So, dual sovereignty started to exist in 1977. SL and TE coexisted.

    The de facto state of TE, with its own leadership, governance and military control of its territory, existed in the island from 1989 to 2009. Even a ceasefire, facilitated by the International Community was signed between SL and TE in 2002, as a result of dual sovereignty.

    No country wages war against its own citizens. Because TE is a different state, with its own identity and sovereignty, SL committed war crimes and genocide in TE, to capture and occupy it.

    Therefore, factullay, at present, TE is possessed by SL but is owned by the inhabitants of TE. And the granting of independence to TE is not a “Separtist issue” but a decolonisation issue. Cooperation and not permission is required from SL.

    Asking for independence is not extremism but opposing it is extremism. Both the UNP and SLFP are Sinhala Buddhist extremists.

    Because of their extremism, both the parties could not even implement, for long 25 years till now, the 13th amendment to grant autonmy to TE, already in the constitution of SL.

    Mr Karunanidi is absolutely right. TE must be declared independent.

  18. I am a staunch devotee of Lord Ganapathi and I was too a little bit disturbed at the news first, although I know that the Tamil media always try to kindle the emotions of the people at every oppoutunity they get. Now its clear that certain elements are always at their best to create problems unnecessarily. Especially those who do not abide by rules and regulations, and lawless ones, try to put the blame on the authorities if anything goes wrong against their plans. Think of a western country where not a single structure in the urban areas, even if it happens to be within the private properties, are allowed to build without the prior permission of the authority. Any one who breach the city by-laws would also subjected to fine along with the removal of such structures. When are our people going to learn the good lessons? The elected TNA politicians should have been aware of this situation , but do not go to explain to the people and instead keep mum about it. The people deserve the leaders whom they elect without prudence.

  19. Thanks DBSJ for reporting this, however the track record of the regime leaves lot to be desired…

    Buddhists monks seen destroying churches, mosques and some Hindu temples.

    Dambulla was not the first but we have seen the same in Anurathapura.

    What would have happened if the Lord Ganesha was in fact a Buddha? The road would have permanently shut, Right?

    As a journalist you tried your best but the for many in the Tamil Speaking minorities it is like ‘drinking milk under the Palmerah tree’.

  20. Hi DBS…
    Thank you very much for this article.We are lucky to have people like you in media to print the truth.

  21. I’ve seen almost every Buddhist Temple have a dedicated place for Hindu God’s since I was a child. When I study a little about religion I found out that Buddhism is a root of Hinduism and Buddha left pissed off with Hindu followers for a reason. But what I don’t understand is now in this century with all the knowledge is at your fingertips still people addicted to God’s and religion. I think people are either dumb or weak by evolution. Or it’s our mistake been used by cunning politicians to gain their eternal salvation? Now that the Muslim issue asking for a building to communicate with their own version of the God is all created issues without any solid flat evidence of a Mighty power on top of the sky looking at us and governing our life’s according to prayers. This is totally crap. This rise against the religions of all kind including Buddhism should come with all the people , I mean all the people so that we can reach our country to it’s goals. I think we have enough modern day philosophers like me to guide this retard heard of fools to a common path. Thank you very much and where is my glass? pass me the soda.

  22. I quite agree that any unauthorised construction should be demolished. But it should not only be for Hindu Temples but for all religious buildings. It has been documented that there are several unauthorised places of worship in Trincomalee. What people may ask is why only this Hindu Temple, but what about Buddhist temples. If the government targets only Hindu Temples then it is rank racism. The unauthorised Buddha statue in Trincomalle town is being given army guard and kept there without removing it. Is this justice. Near my house in Borella, a Buddhist monk squatted in a land belonging to the Railway Department some years ago. Instead of evicting him the Government legalised the squattiing and now it has become a big temple. So if the Government wants, it can legalise this Hindu Temple and settle the problem. Problem is Srilanka Government had been racist since independance and will remain so in the future.

  23. DBS,
    I congratulate you on your impartial, objective journalism, clearly the signs of a professional. It will be very convenient for those who dont see eye to eye with you, to discredit your columns as you being partial towards “nammada Aaal”. This article has proved once again that you are a professional journalist. “Thou shalt know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. Keep up the good work.

  24. I don’t think that the Sinhala Budhists are against the Hinduism. I don’t know their attitude towards Islam, but I do believe they will be tolerant to some extent towards other religions also, to the extent their Sinhala Supremist mentality gives them room to.

    There is no religious dimension to this conflict other than the Mahavamsa mentality, which makes them erect the Budha statues all over the North and the East.

    In this respect I have confidence in them.

  25. Yes one has to be very careful before writing anything about matters concerning religions because they are very sensitive. Yes there may be not 17 but even more unauthorised small buildings and bigger statutes of religiou importance in Trincomalee.The place concerned here is where the Hospital Road and Dyke Strret meet. There is a small tea boutique owned by a Sinhalese family on the other side of the road. This boutique has no wall or space in front of it and just abuts into the road(Dyke Street corner).As it stands most probably it will be against the UDA regulations. When walls are built or buildings put up sometimes Urban Council Authorities give permission for such structures after an Agreement is entered where the owner(Applicant for permission) agrees that if the wall or the building has to be rmoved later for the extension of the Road/street s/he must do it without any compensation payable by the U.C (local Authority). In this instance it shoild be possible to adjust the matter.As I remember this boutique must surely be encraching the road to a very great extent. Considering the other building is a temple and thousands of patients both Hindus and Buddhists likewise depend on Ganesh/Gane theiyo, for their quick recovery from the illness a compromise on all parts should not be a problem. What is the problem in Trincomalee is that there are whole villages of unauthorised structures there like ‘samudragama’ on the beach front between the Clocktower and the Fort Frederick entrance with hundreds of unauthorized permanent buildings. They have been given Assessment numbers, water and electricity cnnections all because they belong to Sinhala people and the Urban Council will not touch them for fear of repercursion and UDA naturally will not trouble them. The government was even preparing to give deeds to these unauthorised house owners inspite of UDA Laws and the Coastal Preservation Act according to which no buildings should be built within a certain distance from the sea. At Madaththady Veerakaththy Pillaiyar Temple lands have been encroached by the majority community people for ages and many unauthorised shops put up. It is so with Sinna Thoduvai Pillaiyar Temple properties at Thirukadaloor(formally known as Padukkai). Opposite Railway station junction there is a Muslim Burial grounds. In a part of it a sinhalese family have built a permanent building(house). Although a case was filed against them by the Muslim religious authorities and a writ is against the Sinhala house owner neither the Court nor the Police will go near them and they are a law unto themselves. When a big Buddhist Statue was brought from Veyangoda in the middle of the night and placed with the assistance of Navy and Police high officials no action was taken at all by the UDA. Fine we all like,love and pray him.In fact Hindus were prepared to build a Temple for him.There are many unauthorised buildings(shops) put up by majority community people in the Trincomalee maidan.However law should be applied in the same way to should be equal before the law,Sinhalese,Tamil or Muslim.Buddhist,Hindu or Christian.All.


    Thank you for this comment giving more details about the situation. I have written many articles about Trinco situation in the past including the Bus stand Buddha statue and about how former AG Kamalasabesan tried to get it removed as an unauthorised structure and failed.

    I would like to talk to you if possible. Could you kindly send me your telephone number to my e-mail please?


    Thank you

  26. What a magnificent statue.DBSJ,i commend your taste in selecting photographs. In 1995 i went to greenlands in bambalapitiya for dinner.There was a pillayar statue on top of the staircase.There was a bowl of milk by the side.I had heard that pillayar was drinking milk,so i offered some and lo and behold the spoon was empty.I repeated 3 or 4 times and same thing happenned.I wonder whether this can be considered a miracle.can someone enlighten me please.mahesh,where are you?If so it is proof for atheists that god does exist.I hope they don’t muckaround with pillayar because the country has had more than its fair share of troubles already.One thing we have to admit,the sinhalese have always respected the hindu religion and people hav been able to worship anywhere.Once i saw even galle road was blocked for traffic when the vel cart was moving.I was with sinhalese friends and we were stuck on the road,but they never grumbled even.

    I don;t know how they are going to sort this particular problem,but the main thing is not to get emotional.Religion has a way of raising the emotions to the extent that people don’t try to think rationally.

  27. Hats off to you DBS!!!! One must stand for the truth always, under any circumstance. That’s why we stop by your blog to check if you have anything that helps us to comprehend in an issue or in a news item. GOOD WORK!!!

  28. Mr Jeyaraj,

    You are a spoilsport! It is an excellent opportunity to expose the true face of the Rajapaksa regime.

    The rumours about the Kovil may be malicious but don’t you think that what has happened to the Badulla mosque is a forerunner of things to come. The churches had been under attack for some time and Kovils will be next. You can be sure of that. A well planned tactic to arouse sinhala nationalism to suppress all oppostion to the troubled time the regime is about to face.

  29. There is a saying in Tamil, What you see by the eyes are wrong – What you hear by the ears are wrong – Only what you find out by a thorough investigation (analysis) is real.

  30. Anonymous says:
    April 26, 2012 at 6:59 am

    Wider roads are necessity and wider minds as well
    specially for ther festival (cart festival) and chappram festival….so GOSL is indeed trying to cater for these

  31. Dr.Rajasingham narendran says:
    April 26, 2012 at 12:17 am

    Fiction is taking over facts in our lives both as Tamils and citizens of Sri Lankan
    you seems to assume that our Sinhalese brothers only act on fact and all the information they get through the state controlled Sinhalese is all facts?
    your frustration with the local Tamils is blinding you

  32. Good for you DBS, for getting the truth.
    In Sri Lanka there is no real news reported but all rumours. The media, both government controlled and otherwise, shamelessly spreads lies and untruths that suits them and their sponsors. It is good to know that there is at least one person that we can trust to provide impartial news.

  33. Well said Mr. DBSJ… Likewise if there’s any Buddha statue or temple, Catholic statue or church obstructing roads and free traffic movements, those need to be demolished. We see sometimes similar fashioned buddha statues are being placed in southern suburbs with no such approvals and out of raged mentality by three wheel brothers in the area ganged up together to protect Buddhism, even though they hardly pay a visit to a temple. If you go to Colombo suburbs and its by roads there is barely no junction is spared by these ‘sudden’ devotees.

    Mosque issue in Dambulla needs to be resolved amicably either letting mosque affairs to continue or giving them an alternative place of worship, depending on the strength of that place being an Islam place of worship in terms of duration. There is no big deal like Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero points out if the Mosque used to be there for some 60 years as some parties claimed. Also, it is a bloody shame to look at how those stupid monks were talking to people of other faiths and stripping off their robes to show nudity. These ruffians need to be strictly disciplined, but unfortunately no sangha court can take action effectively against those privileged terrorists.

  34. Here is what Madras Mahesh says about Sinhalese “.I don’t know their attitude towards Islam”

    Didn’t you say recently that people in India with Arab names are not citizens, when I asked you to name an Indian PM, with an Arabic name?.

  35. DBSJ, Good job in bringing out the truth, as it is important to all of us, and to save the credibility of Tamils in general.

    Having lived in SL and knowing the attitude of the majority population and the SL govt, do we have any precedent to state that parts of an illegal Bhudist shrine/vihara was removed in any part of SL, where multi ethnic / religious populations are living together? Because under normal circumstances, considering this is a place of worship, the authorities should do everything in their power/intellectual capability to keep the temple( or Church/Vihara/Mosque) and find a way to change the path of the road respecting the sentiments of the community living in that area.

    If we have a precedent for removing a Bhudist shrine/vihara in similar situation as explained above will justify the move by the UDA, other wise it is a questionable matter especially in the light of the Daampulla Mosque issue.

    I am not suggesting/expecting this type of consideration or treatment for churches/temples/viharas/mosques built by the govt to colonize areas belonging to one community by another community. Because that is state assisted colonization and it is done in Sri Lanka to assist one releigion only and it is unfair and outrageous.

  36. Perhaps the biggest Hindu Kovila is coming up behind Roxy, in the heart of Colombo 06.

    Has any Sinhalase made any remarks about it, let alone whipping up communal and religious hatred , like what is happening right now in the Tamil and the UNP media?.

    One can understand if a priest,or a monk stirring up people, arousing their religious feelings for personal or political reasons.

    But the political parties doing same is despicable and deplorable.

    Isn’t that what the UNP , which is supposed to be the political front of the Elite and the above average doing right now?

    Just read the statements of the leader and the the short term deputy issued recently about the Dambulla incident.

    Since The US Diaspora resolution was passed in Geneva, the overall plot is unravelling fast.

    TNA does not want an amicable resolution to any Tamil grievances.

    They know that the great majority will never approve homelands and police powers in any referandum.

    So the plan “B” which infact was plan A for the TNA all along is being put in place.

    Why would the UNP hold the May Day rally in Jaffna , when the great majority of Tamil people live in Colombo.

    Infact the popuationn in Comombo is several times more.

    Just before the Prez election , TNA was on the same platform,

    But the same was not good enough for the subsequent Parliament Elections .

    Souldn’t the TNA be working behind the scene to curry favor with the Govt to agree to a reasonable and accepatable solution which can be taken to the masses?.

    Shouldn’t the TNA be pressing the UNP financiers and policy makers in the West to force Ranil Co to back any reasonable deal that can go to a referandum and settle the issue once and for all?

    Even if the TNA, UNP, (Fonseka?.) new alliance ousts the current regime, can the UNP give Sambandan Homelands and go to another election ever?.

    Watching the current activities such as this religious hatred campaigng, Sambandan Ranil new marriage defying the all party PSC proposal, and the US Diaspora stick in the form of the Geneva resolution, one can only conclude that the TNA is hoping for Foreign intervention to do a “Cyprus Deal” with a UN demarcation line across Vavwniya..

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the Diaspora backing West soon comes out with a claim of even WMDs in Srilanka , following the discovery of Cluster Bombs by the UN.

    Of course communal and religious rights between Sinhalese and Tamils wll be a better excuse.as the West wouldn’t intervene on behalf of our Muslim brethren.

  37. I am not against removing unauthorised structures as far as its happened fairly to all other structures.

  38. This is why we need UN backed independent inquiry on the ground. So we can get to the bottom of this ethnic conflict and find an amicable solution..

  39. Raja,
    Do not try to read more than what is meant. There is a lot of fiction going around as facts especially among the Tamils. I am concerned about the Tamils, their welfare and their place in Sri Lanka, more than anything else at this point in time. What ‘radish S ‘has enumerated is a case, which DBSJ rightly wants to investigate. We Tamils need to be self critical now and it is part of the curative process. This process is also taking place among the Sinhalese and is led by Sinhalese.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  40. A beautiful, large and tasteful ‘Radha-Krishna temple’ has been constructed in Trincomalee by the efforts of a single Tamil. The Kumbabishekam and related rituals have been completed and the temple is functional now.

    Incidentally, my previous comment was directed to rajasH.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  41. DBS,I am sinhalese and have to admit that I have nothing but a grudging admiration for you. Whatever the subject matter you wish to discuss you seem to have done your research thorougly and you state the facts in an very unbiased and professional manner. The fact that you have had the courage and conviction to do what you believe is right for so long in the face of so much opposition is truelly remarkable. I said grudging because in many instances I have been an opponant myself.But I have to admit that I was opposed to you not because you were wrong but you exposed the bitter truth and being the misguided sinhalese that I am, I did not like it. If only the so called professional journalists , sinhalese and tamils alike had the courage to carry on their job without being biased towards their bosses and their cheap political agendas I would have been much more enlightend and less cynical.Even the much celebrated and garlanded journalists won their accolades only because they only wrote what their bosses wanted them to write. I only wish they had half the courage and honesty that you possess.

    Thank you………..DBSJ

  42. That was a nice move by the UDA. Keep going !!!, well, they only want the additional construction removed and not the entire temple. The UDA should also act on removing all the buddhas, Jesus, St.Anthonys, Mother Marys, Lord Ganeshas etc etc.. STATUES along the streets and at the top of most of the by-lanes in this Island, specially in Colombo. What’s the purpose of having a statue right at the top of the lane and by the street…??? are you lazy to go to church, the Pansala, the temple..??? or did all these religions tell us to have a statue right next to your lane or house and worship?. I recently saw a three-wheeler driver parking by one of these statues and walks behind for a quick pee !!! don’t this look a like a joke. These places are not clean for such worships, and there’ll be drunk-eds passing and standing by. Leave the Gods inside the religious places meant for them, Don’t bring them to the roads!!!! for ur convenience and false beliefs. IF YOU ARE TO BE BLESSED BY THE ALMIGHTY, YOU’LL BE BLESSED NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE.

  43. Oppotunists are always ready to jump on a band wagon!

    Thankyou DBSJ for shedding light on the facts.

    Thanks Radish.S for your comments from the “floor”

  44. I am a student of history of religion for the last 60 years.There is much behind all the issues of places of religious worship in this country.Iam not thinking of what happened during Portuguese times when Buddhist and Hindu places of worship were destryed.I visited most of the places destroyed by the Portugurse in the South wrote about them and listened to Sivananthani Duraswamy, my former colleague’s wife about destructions done by the Portuguese in the Jaffna peninsula.Those were motivated by the policy of the Church/State of Portugal at the time.

    It is the instructions sent by Governor Maitland to the Collector in Jaffna that opned my eyes.He instructed the official to supress the activities of a Cheetiyar who had become too powerful through the new Hindu temple he built by supporting the old Brahamin. I found this Chetiyar had been aactive from Dutch times. Here the Governor was refering to the risng power of the Chettiyar who built the new temple. I have given the account in brief summary here. Some of these Chetiyars were in the timber racket as records show ran away from the long arm of the law in Trincomalee district and went into hiding in Jaffna.
    It was the rise of the power of the Chettiyar community which is behind most of the newly built temples, whether it is Tiruketseeswaram built on an old site in Mannar or those around Colombo. It is a display of powerand attept to gain influence more than religious zeal which is at the bottom.Other Hindus fall a prey to this when they see a Kovil rising in its grandeur.The devotion increases as the sculptures rise. I am a frequent worshipper at Hindu temples perhaps because it runs in our [Sinhalese] blood.
    {I am a Buddhist by birth but I also visit all places of worship of other religions, Hindu temples in Colombo and elsewhere, Mosques in other countries where I have sat and meditated in my own way because of the conducive calmand ambiance, Roman Catholic churches, especially a few which have special appeal to me here in Sri Lanka, I have been to Lourdes with my wife at least a dozen tims,(she grew up in a Convent environment in Batticaloa like her mother and stayed in a Convent at Elpitiya before I met her and was later under the influence of her step mother who was from an ardent Catholic family) and to Fatima in Portugal with my children. Under the family influence we have become to respect other belief systems.
    I saw the rise of the Kovil at Captain Gardens in early 1950s from a small shrine used by Pettah Natamis and railway workers. The place came under the powerful Pettah business community and now they even hold what they call Aswamedha ceremony -not the real Aswamedha I learnt in religious history.
    I can also quote this in respect of some Buddhist placs of worship. When my wife’s grandfather built a new Buddhist temple at Akkaraipattu in the middle of the last century, a desolate place in old days,ostensibly, it was for the worship of his family (his second residence was at Akkaraipattu and the entire old town was built and owned by him , half of which was given as dowry to my mother-in-law)and the Sinhalese fishermen and traders there.But there is a lurking thought I continued to harbour that there was much more than that.He was a prosperous pioneer enterpreneur in Batticaloa/Ampara districts, and much wealth, property and influence among people, including Muslims and Tamils.I think the temple may have further consolidate his influence with the government. The pinnacle laying ceremony was presided by Assistant Govt.Agent of Batticaloa, G.S.Peiris. The temple also became a point for display of his power when opposition to it was raised by a section of Muslims -not the leading Muslims who were Mr de Silva’s clients and who depended on him for their own political and other power bases. If what my wife whispered to me was correct, he even had an interst in the young incumbent Bhikkuordained at the temple who was sent to the Universit of Ceylon and was my senior. He was the first Bhikku to read Economics *Sociolgy) and showed leadrship qualities. Later he dis-robed and became the SLFP strong man in the area and contested General Elections but lost.He was the Manager of the Gal OYA Sugar Corporation where my college, the former Civil Servant, Mahi Wickremeratne was the head. So one can see wheels and wheels within what ostensibly looks
    I can say this of other religious places of worship also. I see one every day from my house which i do not wish to name in the present disturbed climate. There too I can see the power and influence at work in setting up such a place of woship next door to the HQ of another religious organisation and several other places of worship.
    This game of confrontation -the pursuit of power and influence is behind the issue of many of these modern religous structures, whether they be Pillayar statues, Buddha image or a Cross or Muslim symbol or any other.
    I can build up this thesis by bringing up many other samples like from Trincomalee New Koneswaram Temple which starte in the political turmoil around 1956 and saw completion in 1960s, the demolition of the old market at Trincomalee which was started by Sinhalese from Matale (Hugh Nevill), an evangelical Church built near Mihintale,the present moves to build a Sita Amman temple at Divurumpola commenced with the cutting of the first sod by visiting BJP Chief Minsiter of Madhya Pradesh,(incidentally, the Visit was supported by Maha Bodhi Society in India again to gain influence!),the expnsion work at Munneswaram temple and separating the ancient Buddhist temple there by cutting a road through, the pro-Buddhist activities at Kataragama.
    My conclusion is all this is part and parcel of a power game and has nothing to do with true religion.The danger is the potential of the use of this situation by others to cause disunity.One can already see BBC playing its role over these incidents.

    Thanks DEar Jeyraj, or explaining some truths.

  45. Dear DBSJ., removal of Mosque is classic example of how SL Govt orchestrating a mood among the majority to win the hearts of the majority and retain the power. The next strategy of the govt is to stir the Muslim hearts and then create an environment that President comes out and resist the removal and strengthening the support of the Muslim specially in the Eastern province . This was an episode is to test the pulse of the Muslim. We all know that this declaration of removal is not going to happen? Who are the winners, obviously the Govt.

  46. The UDA or any other Gvt agents are not trusted by Tamils. Thats why we have to be suspicious of any moves by these gvt agencies. The gvt is busy planting Budhas under every Bo Tree all over Tamil areas. Nowadays lot of Sinhalese are visiting Hindu Temples. So the gvt should encourage this trend of all communities praying in peace including the Muslims.

  47. Incidentally, my previous comment was directed to rajasH.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran
    I am not disputing that fabricate stories get circulated by some Tamil quarters.I also salute DBSJ for this “The truth behind the Trincomalee Hospital Pillaiyar Temple issue” blog

    However my point is that we seems to challenge only fabricated stories emanating from certain Tamil quarters.

    We need to stem or highlight fabricated stories coming form all quarters.

    I am concerned not just about the welfare of the Tamils in Sri Lanka I am concerned about the beautiful country belonging to Sinhalease, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Sindhis, etc going to dogs even after the war (some may call it a humanitarian exercise) that ended three years ago and it’s going to the dogs at a faster rate that the previous 30 years

  48. The issue is, all illegal structors should be removed, regardless the religion it belong to. But the question is, Will a SINGLE illegal structor be removed in SL? I dont think so..

  49. “Pilivethin pelagasemu” Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi has triggered so many illegal Buddha statues come up around the country even in small scale. It was a joke to see these statues sitting in the almost every corner of by lanes in Colombo outskirts, mostly with the sponsorship of Three wheel brothers acting with religious rivalry than true “Buddhalambana Preethiya”. I’m not sure how they get electricity to illuminate such places which are countless, hope it doesn’t get robed from roadside common power lines. Also, the long term fate of these places could be really interesting to witness as this so-called devotedness is likely to vanish soon when they do not see something they can make a fight of from minorities. I hope these places would not end up becoming illicit drugs hiding places of brothers soon after they lost the interest.

    Today, the Buddhists have been made to become the most insecure religious section in the country who are busy accusing perceived attackers to their philosophy, which is actually pathetic to see. I feel this is due to the most people’s failure to understand and follow this great philosophy which needs a great deal of intelligence/discipline to survive. In other words most Buddhists who boast of being a part of a great philosophy do not know or have the basic capacity or courage to practise it, as Buddhism it self do not helpful in achieving petty worldly gains that they are after.

    So, until Buddhists in SL them selves grow up and understand the depth of their religion, it will go down the drain and as a result outside parties will be often seen as the perpetrators of that crime that takes place solely due to their incapacity.

  50. The Hospital pillayar temple is well attended by worshipers. But management full of racketeers. Recent renovation also was full of corruption and bogus accounts of construction estimates

  51. I am from Trinco. A friend in the UDA told me that Mr. Gotabhayya Rajapakse has asked Trinco UDA branch to send full report on hospital temple matter

  52. Because Buddhism is hard for a human being to practise in its true spirit, Buddhists often get lost when they come across a matter in which other faith people simply turn to their gods seeking help. In such cases Buddhists who are not guided by any sort of ‘beliefs’ tend to turn to various ways of remedies (mushrooming monks with different versions of Buddhism is a fine example), as all of them being weak human beings cannot enlighten them selves as have been instructed in Buddhism.

    This is why Hindu gods became their survival in day to day matters; but with so-called pure Buddhists triggered by Gangodawila Soma Thero etc about 10 yrs ago, that survival technique left for Buddhists was taken off making them completely exposed and vulnerable. Today, a weak human being belongs to Buddhism like their counterparts in other faiths, has no where to turn to in case of his/her daily matter at least as a short term solution, because they have been made guilty if they look for outside support other than Buddhism, while the Buddhism it self cannot answer these ‘weak’ and less informed human beings’ problems.

    Sadly this has caused a great philosophy followers to end up like a some uncivilized tribal group as they have no means of control on them that others have thanks to their gods. Though we have all sorts of mind relieving techniques that Buddhism teaches us, hardly anyone can practise them while being a component of this rat racing world. So the frustration goes out hitting other religious members for their uniformedness, organizing capability, strength as a community and non shaken attitude towards their faiths because of the sheer jealousy harboured by these lost Buddhists. That’s why I believe Soma Thero is mainly responsible for direct and indirect intolerance showed by Buddhists towards other religions today. He simply took off the security of humble Buddhists and now they’re totally exposed to danger.

  53. The posting of Radish.S illustrates the pathetic picture of sadly what’s happening in Trinco. When it comes to the removal of illegal buildings/occupation a ruthless Apartheid rule is practised in Trinco – the law of the land is not applicable to the majority community – the picture is very depressing. It’s very sad that DBS has only investigated whether the removal of the temple is complete or partial when the whole picture is very serious that this. However, I’m encouraged to see the response of DBS to Radish.S’s comment. I hope DBS would come up with the full story of what’s happening there.


    This short article by me is NOT about Illegal, unauthorised structures in Trincomalee. It was ONLY about the false claims regarding the Trincomalee Hospital Pillaiyar temple. News reports in the Tamil media stated that the UDA had ordered its removal for road expansion.

    I was angry that another place of worship belonging to a minority religion was being targeted even as the Mosque in Dambulla was being targeted.

    I immediately tweeted relying on the news reports. Later I tried to get more information to write a more detailed article.

    I did this on my own telephoning Trincomalee from Toronto. I pay for these calls out of my own money. I earn money through some part time writing (non Journalistic work) to subsidise my journalism

    By the way I dont get funds from any NGO like some other websites. I dont get donations from any one. I dont get
    major advertisements. The only ad revenue I get is a pittance from google ads. If some one clicks on a google ad in my blog I will get 1 1/2 or 2 US cents. That is all.

    The other Journalistic income I get is what the newspapers pay me for writing articles/columns for them

    I do not bleat about this or complain but simply continue because I love Journalism which I try to practise to the best of my ability. Journalism is not a Profession but a vocation for me. My only prayer is that I should e able to keep writing till I breathe my last.Being able to Depart with pen or mouse in hand is what I want.

    I am compelled to write this here because of people like you who accuse me of this failing to do my duty.

    What duty?

    Who assigns me duties?

    Who pays my expenses or how do I survive? Does anyone think of that? but you all are very quick to point out my alleged short comings and demand why I did not write this or that?

    I write to the best of my ability, available resources,information, time and health.

    No one has the RIGHT to make any DEMAND of me or have the RIGHT to reprimand me

    On the temple issue I started researching more to write an article criticising the Govt/UDA for trying to remove the temple. I found to my horror that the truth was different. It was like the Tamil saying “Pillaiyar pidikka Poi Kurangaanathu”. I was angry that the Tamil media &temple people were twisting the truth. Since I had tweeted wrongly I felt it was my duty to clarify the situation about the temple.

    That is why I wrote!

    I have neither the intention nor the capacity to launch an investigation from Toronto into all the unauthorised religious structures in Trincomalee.

    People like you who are from Trincomalee can do the investigation yourself and write instead of lecturing to me or lamenting about my failures.

    Also if you really wished I should write on this the proper thing would be for you to send me an e-mail with the request. Instead you write a public comment criticising me and then want me to write. Is there not something called tact?


    I will write on topics that I could write on or want to write on. I can choose not to write on anything too.The decision is entirely mine

    None can make demands except of course the Editors of publications who commissionn me officially to write.

    People can make requests but not demand. If a request interests me or seems reasonable I will write on it if it is feasible or possible

    I must also state that I will prioritise requests made by all those who stood by me or empathised with me when the LTTE forcibly stopped my weekly in Toronto. Those who kept silent or approved and rationalised the “ban” then have no right to make any request of me now.

    PS: I was made aware that UDA “authorities” had read my piece and are taking action.I hear that moves are on to resolve this temple issue satisfactorily. Iam glad.

  54. Quite an intriguing “thesis” of this Septo/octogenerian “Anonymous”.
    Love to read your articles if available. Thanks

  55. Kalu Albert

    You are twisting my words. Please refer to my actual post. In this also you are not quoting me in full.


    There was a rage all over the Hindu world that Pillayar is partaking milk at that time. People were talking with wonder about this incident.

    Later scientists came out with some scientific explanations for that, may be capillary action if I remember right.


    There are many things like fire walking before the Amman temple and piercing through vel etc in the Hindu religion which people deride often.

    I have done fire walking, not in an Amman temple, but in a personality development program which is aimed to boost your self confidence.

    Likewise the piercing with vel also is part of the personality development program. I have not done that, but it could be done by any body.

    Likewise they say pray to God, do this vratha or that vratha for 48 days etc.

    There is a scientific basis for this 48 days.

    The psychologists/psychiatrists say that if you visualize anything in your mind for 21 days then it will happen in the real life.

    That is the reason for all this vrathas for 48 days.

    Like this we can go on and on about the religious beliefs.

    But one should be able to put line between scientific beliefs and superstitions.

    without knowing anything about the true religion and the shastras and the science behind it people just condemn everything just because they have learnt some English words.

  56. Shankar

    Do you know one thing.

    I have heard that in Sri Lanka you can see in every nook and corner the statue of Budha.

    In India also it is said it was like that, until Budhism waned. When there was resurgence in Hinduism this statue of Budha was replaced with the statue of Pillayar.

    They say that the Pillayar is the first and complete God (Muzhu Mudhar Kadavul).

    He is the personification of Prana.

    Then again they say that you have to say this mantra or that mantra 108 times or 1008 times etc.

    Do you know the meaning for that.

    We breathe in and out approx 16 times per minute.

    In 24 hours we breathe in and out 16x60x24 = 23040 times.

    In this half is night. Then divide this by 2. You get 11520 times

    We just figuratively indicate it as 108, 1008 10,008 etc.

    In the Andhra Pradesh They give gifts like 1016 etc, which is a close figure of 11520, close in resemblance.

    I read this somewhere. Like this we can go and on.


  57. Thanks DBSJ for the information. Its is important not only to remove this unauthorized structure but all structures regardless of race/religion/political association !! this is the crux of the issue.

    Do you plan to write about the finding of cluster bombs in the Vanni ? Is there any truth in that ?

    Thank you

  58. Dear Dr.R.Narendren,
    Have you not heard of the ‘Samudragama’ unauthorized houses at all. If you had been to Trincomalee at anytime and visited Konesar Temple (If you go by a vehicle you have to give the vehicle number previous day to Temple Board President who will have to give it to Army and @ the checkpoint @ the entrance to Fort Frederik they will check your vehicle number before allowing yo to proceed to Koneswaram)you would never have missed it.Urban Council authorities are afraid to initiate any action against these builders and occupiers of the unauthorised structures. If you contact the Trustee of Veerakaththi Pillaiyar Temple at Madaththadi (This Temple was built in AD 1650 by Periya Rasakone Mudaliyar)he will give you all the info.about the cases he filed against the wrongful,unlawful majority Community occupiers of the Temple property When he approches the Police with the Writ in hand he is advised by the Police not to go near them. The Fruit Stalls and Cadjan sale points all unauthorised on govt. land next to the road is there for all to see. Even during the so called Peace days (CFA period) if you want to go to Keetheeswaram You have to show your National Identy Card at the Army Check Point at the top of the Road and if you were to stay overnight at the Tample Madam the Army Officer will take your I.D. inside the Campand after the Sr.Officer sanctions only you will be allowed to proceed to the Temple.I don’t know whether you had been to these places. Please dont base your advices on the air. But I agree with you that before you assert something you must be sure of your facts.

  59. Trinco temple people make lots of money because patients give cash and keep vows to get well. No proper accounts. I will be happy if Govt investigates accounts

  60. The sad saga of Buddhism being hijacked by the Racist elements and its credit should clearly go to the Freemasonic /Satanic members of H.P.Blavatsky, Henry Steele Olcott, C.W. Leadbeater & their ardent follower Anagarika Dharmapala gang. Blavatsky Olcott and Leadbeater established Buddhist revivalism mixed with their satanic rituals aiming to create a future expected mythological teacher by the name “Maithreya” fed the poisonous Theosophy into the then dumb leaders of Ceylon.

    Recently I saw opposite to Ananda college Maradana road, a huge sign celebrating C.W.Leadbeater. I suppose, he’s the first principal of this college. Leadbeater was a famous occultist worshipping the Baphomet (Satan) God with the mixture of esoteric practices that finally drove even Leadbeater himself and Blavatsky to insanity before their deaths. His picture with 33 degree sign Masonic attire will tell the whole story of his so called philosophy.

    So, if the nationalists calls that Buddhism is under threat by foreign forces, then it was already happened by the efforts of Western theosophists introducing their crazy idea of occultism to gain power to rule the world.


    For more details: pls check

    Few excerpts:From the article (of above link)”Freemasonry: Midwife to an Occult Empire”
    “…Blavatsky soon had a great host of admirers. The Theosophical Society had freemasons Henry Steel Olcott, George H. Felt appointed president and vice-president respectfully. Among the early members were high ranking masons Charles Sothern and Albert Pike….”

    C.W.LEADBEATER (Ananda College first Principal)
    “…Leadbeater was a mystic and clairvoyant widely regarded by both his masonic brothers and other occultists of his time. His works on the occult origins of the Craft are still widely read, and printed: Freemasonry and Its Ancient Mystic Rites and Hidden Life of Freemasonry being the most sought after…

    “…“In 1909 at Adyar, India, Leadbeater discovered a boy whose aura he judged to be completely free of selfishness. This was Jiddu Krishnamurti, who was 13 years old. Adopted by Besant and Leadbeater, he received intensive training, then 10 years of schooling in England. People in many countries were informed of his future role. At the age of 27, Krishnamurti had a personal vision which convinced him that the consciousness of Maitreya was beginning to overshadow him. Theosophists throughout the world had been waiting for this development.”

    “But when he was 34, Krishnamurti renounced his association with the Theosophical Society, declaring: ‘I do not want followers. My only concern is to set men absolutely, unconditionally free.’ He spent the rest of his years teaching humanity how to achieve that freedom.”
    Leadbeater’s image with Freemasonic dress/attire

    ALEISTER CROWLEY (The Satanic devotee)
    Aleister Crowley (12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947), the most controversial occultist in modern times, dubbed the “wickedest man alive.” There’s much dispute as to his official status as a mason. The Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon, however, admits to his initiation into Craft Freemasonry in Anglo-Saxon Lodge No. 343. Crowley was also conferred the degrees 33°, 90° and 96° of the Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry, Disciples of Memphis by John Yarker. Throughout his career, Crowley was as much influenced by Freemasons as he in turn had influence on them.


  61. Here are some more EXPLOSIVE news about how H.P.Blavatsky ( A Buddhist ) influenced Hitler to kill millions of human beings (Like what the Sinhala nationalists are doing it in a mini scale level).

    Michael Richards: Freemason, Shriner, Racist

    -The Great White Brotherhood
    Michael Richards is within the top echelon of Scottish Rite Masonry – a 33rd degree Sovereign Grand Inspector-General. At this level, he practices what has been described as White Masonry. What occultist and mystic Bro. C. W. Leadbeater, 33°, identified as the “highest and last of the great sacramental powers of the Mysteries” (Freemasonry and Its Ancient Mystic Rites, p. 42).

    Thirty-third degree Masons, according to Leadbeater, channel the “Hidden Light from the White Lodge behind” (Leadbeater, 43). As an avid investigator, being a mystic and a voracious reader with an insatiable appetite, Richards is thoroughly familiar with this concept. Leadbeater, besides being a high-level Mason, was involved with Theosophy.

    Albert Pike had insinuated the teachings of black magician Eliphas Levi* into official Scottish Rite doctrine, while Leadbeater’s corrupting influence had been Mme. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

    HITLER & THE NAZI PARTY party were influenced by Blavatsky’s teachings, especially her “Secret Doctrine” of evolving races (from inferiority to apotheosis). Blavatsky taught her disciples that the highest race was that of the Aryans, who were mystically directed from the Great White Lodge – or the Great White Brotherhood – into a state of perfection.

    Enjoy Buddhist revivalism!!!!

  62. Before we left Sri Lanka we lived near Trinco hospital. I used to go with my mother regularly to this temple for worship. It was a small quiet place. I hope the problem will be solved

  63. We should stitch the asses of the crows. When they do disposal all the Buddhs, Alla, Hindu god’s idols become ugly and these kaupto’s are very naughty bastards. No respect to Mighty powers.

  64. radish S,

    I am not aware of this specific scheme or land occupation. I was at the Koneswaram temple a few months back and noticed that a large number Sinhala tourists visit it, with no instructions or guidance as to how they should conduct themselves in a Hindu temple. I was annoyed enough to tell the leader of one group that they should wash their feet before entering the temple and the direction in which they should go around inside the temple. They thanked me. I also raised this issue with the policemen on duty. They responded by suggesting that written directions should be displayed.

    I am relating this incident to show that the ‘Fear factor’ prevents Tamils and Hindus stating their case in public, even on innocuous matters. There is a a lot of grumbling, but very little action. There is also much exaggeration and lies, because there is no one credible to bring out the truth in an objective manner, for fear of being labelled a traitor to the so-called Tamil cause.

    Further, there are many sinister forces at play in Sri Lanka and it is very difficult to identify who is up to what at the present point in time. The Sinhala polity is also the target of various forces with sinister ideologies and objectives, in the post-war circumstances. Difficult times are ahead for Sri Lanka and sanity and sobriety are required of the media, the people and the political leadership, whether we are Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims. What is ahead may be a more difficult war than what ended three years back. What emerges from what is happening now will influence the emergence Sri Lanka as a successful modern and democratic state.

    I am also aware that Trincomalee has become a city, that is no longer largely Tamil. This situation cannot be reversed and should be accepted. However, illegal or politically-inspired occupation of any kind should be exposed, with details in an objective manner.

    Sri Lanka, will, if current trends continue, despite the occasional distortions, become a more cosmopolitan nation- with a mix of all communities in different proportions all over. This would mean that more Tamils will move to the south and more Sinhalese will move to the north and east. Muslims are already dispersed widely. It appears to me this is the long term solution to the so-called ‘National Question’ the government is pursuing. This objective, is very laudable and in my opinion necessary. However, it bears in its womb also the space for sinister forces to engineer changes to suit their sinister objectives. We have to be alert to the latter and not fall into their trap. We have to retain our Tamilness- language and culture- within this heterogenity.

    You are well placed, even under the pen-name you use, to bring such matters to the attention of the larger public. As I had said before, in the age of the internet it is easy to give publicity to these matters and mount public pressure. However, such actions should shun partisan overtones/ undertones. The issue should be one of law and order, rights of individuals to the land they own and the principles on which state land should be allocated.

    DBSJ, through his websites, is doing what the media in Sri lanka should do. Educate the people with facts.

    Incidentally, the purpose of my one day visit to Trincomalee was to inspect some land for an Agro-Industrial project in Nilaweli. I was thus able to see the new Radha-Krishna temple and worship there. For me, this was a positive development that was inspirational. On the other hand, the huge Sivan statute installed or built in a forecourt of the Koneswaram temple is an artistic monstrosity.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  65. DBSJ, what is the point of your article?

    Give me a break DBSJ!!!!

    OK no point in explaining just take a break……….DBSJ

  66. Anti Racism says:
    The sad saga of Buddhism being hijacked by the Racist elements and its credit should clearly go to the Freemasonic /Satanic members of H.P.Blavatsky, Henry Steele Olcott, C.W. Leadbeater & their ardent follower Anagarika Dharmapala gang.
    Dear friend,

    Not only you most of people volunteraly make effort to teach us about BUDDHISM. We know buddhism and its toots rather than you.

    In short what people like you are trying to impart into our mind is,


    In nutshell, Henry Steele Olcott,came here after reading the text of PANADURA WADAYA.(which held between buddhists and cristians).His contribution towards buddhism was remarcable. He designed the buddhist flag,innougrated buddhist schools and so on. Very first ANAGARIKA DHARMAPA too his suporter. After few years Dharmapala realised that Alcoot’s performance was differ with SINHALA BUDDHISM, so he found his own way.

    If you kind enouth to go through my previous comments, you may know that I who firstly mensioned about ALCOOT BUDDHISM.



  67. w.m.k.samarasekara says:


    I never knew Buddhism is racially segregated, Sinhala Buddhism, Demela Bouthama,……….

    Did Buddha speak to each race separately and imparted different message to different race? I did not know Buddha’s teaching is racially motivated until you mentioned it above.

    It is like Pakistani nuclear bomb is popularly known as Islamic bomb according to western media. I also did not know nuclear bombs are religious.

    Could you invoke Parajika in Bikkhu Patimokkha to disrobe the entire saffron clad Bikku brigade who participated in the racially motivated attack on mosque.

    According to Vinaya lay people also has the right to take action against Bikkus whose behaviour is not compatible with the rules. Will you as a Sinhala Buddhist now take the saffron clad bukku brigade to task under Vinaya rules and not under Sinhala/Buddhist/Aryan/Sakya Muni/impunity rules?

  68. Dear Mr.DBS
    My heart felt thanks to you first of all for clearing the air of the Trinco Kovil incident and giving the both side of the coin facts to best of your ability to the readers. I have been ardent fan of your articles irrspective of what part of the globe I live.As you are aware we Sri Lankans have bad habit of making mountain out of molehill.Your timely article had prevented spreading rumors making more damages to the ethnic harmony after 30 years of internal conflict.You did yeoman service of clearing the Defense Secretary name who had become Bete Noire to the some section of foreign media without an iota of truth & the sinhalese comunity at large.
    I hope near future you will be able to visit & see for yourself the progress of the amity which is prevailing now throughout the country among the communities .I think this is self explinaatory by the visit by Dr.R.Narendran who had a narrow shave of death by Ltte (Stranegly not by Sri Lankan Security officials) thanks to timely intervention British Intelligence.


    Why do you pretend to be a Sinhala from Seruwila?…………DBSJ

  70. Oh, I remember something which is in fact a pathetic hypocrisy.

    During Taliban time, the two huge Bamian Buddha statues were destroyed in Afghanistan and the Sri Lankan Government referred it as barbarism. Laxman Kadikamar the then Foreign minister said that the religious harmony in the region is in danger because of the act of some Muslim religious fanatics.

    I wonder why is happening now in Sri Lanka is just as same as what happened in Afghanistan and what Kadirkamar said was correct in the opposite way.

  71. Any illegal structure whether religious or not should be removed from the state land. This should apply for all religions including Buddhism. States should not promote or make any religion in an advantageous position. Making any religion as a state religion divides citizens unnecessarily without achieving any value to the people.It promotes hatred and allow the selfish politicians to exploit the poor.

    If people want peace and prosperity in a country,they should make the country secular.The public officers , including, the President to be not seen promoting or practicing any religion in the course of the duty. Is this possible in SriLanka? Peace loving people should unite to achieve this.

  72. Native Vedda says:
    April 29, 2012 at 5:46 am
    Could you invoke Parajika in Bikkhu Patimokkha to disrobe the entire saffron clad Bikku brigade who participated in the racially motivated attack on mosque.

    According to Vinaya lay people also has the right to take action against Bikkus whose behaviour is not compatible with the rules. Will you as a Sinhala Buddhist now take the saffron clad bukku brigade to task under Vinaya rules and not under Sinhala/Buddhist/Aryan/Sakya Muni/impunity rules?
    Dear friend,


  73. Who gave authority to put up religious objects in public places?
    The doctors should have objected for this statue 60 years ago when it was first planted in the hospital premises. Then this problem wouldn’t have arisen. This applies to other religious objects and temples appearing in rest of the country. They are all time bombs ticking. Public places are for every one and not for any religious group to build their shrines.

  74. I agree with you 100%. Followers of religions seem to take undue advantage in the name of the God.This is totally unacceptable and should be prevented.Of all the deities “Pillayar” or Lord Ganesha is said to be the most tolerant and friendly according folklores. If Hindus take up frivolous issues of this nature in the name of their religion, may Lord Ganesha help them!

  75. w.m.k.samarasekara says:

    “Dear friend, GOOD QUESTION”.

    I am happy you got at least one thing right.

  76. S.R.Sivasubramaniam says:

    “The public officers , including, the President to be not seen promoting or practicing any religion in the course of the duty.”

    The bureaucracy, armed forces, right wing Sinhala/Buddhist bigots, thugs aligned to established parties, do the job while the national leader of one nation maintains a measured silence.

    This is not new this won’t change. Changing the status quo would harm their political health and wealth. Therefore they opt to maintain an undignified silence.

  77. Silva,

    You are referring to my brother-R.Jayadevan, who was imprisoned by the LTTE for 60 days in Puthukdiyiruppu. DBSJ has written about ths incident in detail in the Sunday Leader. DBSJ’s effort in publicizing this issue, inspired me to start writing and commenting on a regular basis. I had done this off and on, before.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  78. Atheist says:

    “Who gave authority to put up religious objects in public places?”

    Who gave authority put up posters of ugly politicians in public places?

    You may be an Atheist but you sound like a Sinhala/Buddhist Atheist. Please clarify.

  79. Native Vedda says:
    April 30, 2012 at 2:25 am
    w.m.k.samarasekara says:

    “Dear friend, GOOD QUESTION”.

    I am happy you got at least one thing right.
    Dear friend,
    Sorry to say due to deleat letter part of the comment You misleaded.


  80. Good of you to clear this matter DBS. I hear Sambanthan also admits pillars were erected on Road way and now wants Prez to close down road permanently

  81. Now the corrupt temple authorities want to close down the road and make temple encroachment permanent. Shameless Sampanthan is endorsing this rafty move

  82. Seruvila Senarath,
    Kinniya Thuraiyadi Pillaiyar Kovil’s name is ‘ootradi Pillaiyar Kovil'(Temple by the side of a spring).Thirukkonamalai Mavadda Thiruthalankal’compiled by Pandithar,Gnasironmani R.Vadivel which gives the Thala Varalaaru Histories of 65 Hindu Temples or places where the Temples are situate)in Trincomalee District published in 1982 February by the Hindu Cultural Ministry durin C.Rajadurai’s time gives the history of this temple. I happen to be the ‘de jure’ and ‘de facto’ Trustee of this Temple. Now my Cousin and Nephew are looking after it. There is a Madrasa next to it. We have absoultely no problem with them. The fact that my father (born in Sinnakinniya inthe land adjoining this Temple and the first Trained Teacher from there) and my mother were the Head Master and Head Mistress of the Periya KIinniya Govt. Muslim Boys School and Muslim Girls School respectively from 1945 to 1955 before proceeding to become the Head master and Head Mistress of Alaiyadi Vembu Tamil Mixed School and Akkaraipattu Muslim Girls School and the fact that almost every Teacher,Lawyer, Politician went through my father’s hand and their wives were my mother’s students also is an additional factor thqt makes the relationship smooth and easy in spite of many problems in the country. There was not a single Meelad Nabi celebration in Periya Kinniya in the Forties without my father’s participation. Those were wonderful period with complete amity between the communities.Our current problem with ootrady Pillaiyar Temple is that there are only a few Tamils(Hindus) living there. In Alankerny and Eechamthivu there are more Tamils. We are trying to renovate this Temple affected by the Tsunami with some money contributed by us but there are no Hindu devotees around there.

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