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Burnt Down “Madeena Muslim Hotel” Renovated in 12 Hours By Anamaduwa Residents of whom Majority were Sinhalese;Police Arrest 8 Persons for Arson Attack.


Camelia Nathaniel

The Anamaduwa Police had arrested eight persons yesterday in connection with the burning down of the Madeena Muslim Hotel in Anamaduwa last Saturday/sunday night.

The Police Media Spokesman’s office told the Daily News last evening that the police were in the process of recording statements from those arrested.

The eight arrested suspects are scheduled to be produced before the Anamaduwa Magistrate’s Court today.
According to police, the arrests were made based on CCTV footage recorded on a nearby camera.

Preliminary investigations hinted at a political hand behind these incidents. The Police is conducting further investigations to ascertain whether they were instigated by a political group.

Meanwhile, the Anamaduwa traders’ association and residents in the area with the assistance of the police had renovated the Madeena Muslim Hotel, which was destroyed in a petrol bomb attack, and reopened the establishment 12 hours after the attack.

It was reported that the majority of those who came to assist the repair of the hotel were from the Sinhala community living in the area.

Courtesy:Daily News